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Christmas ideas

so I was sitting here thinking of what I would want for Christmas, but probably would not get and was thinking of what may be on other peoples Christmas list. then I thought, this may be a great way to share ideas of what others may want, but don't know ...

dollar tree on cicero is open, just incase you were not sure.

so decided to stop in today and check it out, they have a pretty decent party section. the store is clean and has nice wide aisles.

Portage Park Starbucks Plan Moving Forward, Alderman Says

Portillo’s.... just in case you are a fan

We are excited to announce the first Portillo’s restaurant opening of 2017! Our Harwood Heights location will open at the end of January and will be located at 7308 W. Lawrence Ave. The Harwood Heights location will be our 39th Portillo’s in Illinois. Stay tuned for updates on a chance ...

mr submarine blown and bent sign

beware of falling sign, there is debris below and in the street. any other neighborhood wind damage to report?

crumbling down

and there goes the super shop.... is that where the culvers is going to go?

Carpe Librum

Just a reminder, Carpe Librum is open. when I stopped by books are in order by category at the time, no Dewey system here... lol. good selection of books, if not a book for yourself there were plenty of kids books, including chapter books, if you know kids that enjoy ...

Changes to City Sticker Grace Period Go Into Effect July 1

Changes to City Sticker Grace Period Go Into Effect July 1 Beginning July 1, 2016, changes to the Chicago Municipal Code regarding the grace period will make motorists eligible to be ticketed immediately following their vehicle sticker's expiration. For example, if your City Sticker expires on June 30, you are ...

ok, what is the chair for?

a) they are replacing blue light cameras with real cops sitting in big blue chairs b) just in case there is a flood there is a lifeguard chair ready c) I don't know what it is for, but I would lock my bike to it d) other _____________

Happy Mother's day

happy mother's day to all the moms out there.... for this post would not exist, nor would I without my mom... for those moms that put up with us, heal our wounds, give advise, keep us safe and especially those that keep their spouse's in check, we appreciate you on ...

How to Replace Blinker Fluid

Portage Theater Sold By Eddie Carranza To Investment Firm For $2.5M

ok, this is a test for neighborhood live chat

so, I thought it maybe interesting to have access to live neighborhood chat. that way if something is going on everyone can go to one spot and chat live. now I don't know much about chat rooms so this is just an experiment. if you have a better idea then ...

merry christmas !

merry christmas to all my every block friends. I wish everyone well, especially those that may be having a difficult time this time of year. if you received a gift good or bad and would recommend or not recommend you can post it below. this way all those gift cards ...

cassette car stereo repair ?

so I have this car stereo a sony xr-6450. I have had it for several years and it has some sentimental value. file photo as of late when I put a cassette in there it clicks and it looks like the auto reverse function is going back and forth. ...

happy thanksgiving

I know a few of you might have to work, but I just wanted to wish all my every block friends a happy and safe thanksgiving... also, you can share your favorite thanksgiving food items or recipes below

winter tech tips

share your best winter tech tips here.... what have you learned over the years, seen or do not want to go a Chicago winter without !! such things as silicone spray around your car doors to prevent them from sticking, powdered graphite to keep looks from freezing. something I do ...

Happy Easter

and for those that may not celebrate Easter, Happy Wester, Happy Souther and Happy Norther

josi's is open! now!

Josi's is open... closes today at 9pm still time to rush in for a josi's fix

josi's is open now!

Josi's is open now, closes 9pm today. Not too late to get your josi's fix!

happy valentines day take some time today to hold your valentine's hand, look into their eyes without a thought of a word to say.

the foot

so recently I was walking and felt a shooting pain in my foot, omg. I went to the doctor and he said that I got morton's neuroma and wanted me to wear a boot for 2 weeks and take prednisone. well, I did not want to wear the hobbly boot ...

happy new year!

wishing everyone a safe and good new year! anyone start on resolutions yet?

electrical advice

so lately when I turn any major appliance like the washer or microwave, toaster, on in the house (separate lines), the lights dim and sometimes even shut off my tv or reset my clock. sometimes it seems like the microwave is not operating on full power, and I can tell ...

urgent care open today 12-25-14

urgent care on 4211 n cicero open today xmas day til 4 if you got a bad cold like me, here now so I know they are really open.

merry christmas

Merry christmas to all my everyblock friends. Remember to stay safe this holiday and be on the alert for those that are not if you are out and about.

beware of the pump

so I went to buy a $12 item at a grocery store and my credit card was declined. I checked my email and it said that they suspended my account due to usual activity. I called and they asked me to verify purchases, one was for mc donalds in calumet ...

Happy thanksgiving!

i just wanted to say that I am thankful for my neighborhood, neighbors and every block friends. it is good to have neighbor's to reach out too, talk to and share tips, advice, events, new businesses, neighborhood news and happenings. post your shout out thanks below

mcdonald's fried apple pie

does anyone know a mcdonalds around here that still makes fried apple pies, golf mill was the last one I used to know to still make them about 5 years ago. they are still available, but do not know which mcdonalds carries them. anything around here or something of similar? ...

peoples gas meter install what to expect

they installed my meter outside today, they said one pipe and about 45 minutes..... 1 hour and 45min later they were done with the install. -first they shut the gas off -they removed the old meter -then they cut a hole through the house and put a pipe thru -they ...

everyblock test

They say every block is down, but I still have access. I am posting this at 7:50pm 10/02/14 to test. If anyone sees it respond.

steak burritos, who's got the best around portage park?

so I am pretty routine and been getting my steak burritos from el gordo its pretty good to me at least, and you get it with beans and rice for 7.75 and it is a chunk of a meal too, you can also melted cheese on top for an ...

you must not wear the button

ok, chime in. was anyone there?


Just thought some would like to know the original series of Chips is coming back on the air September 1st. on me tv

what is jewel doing?

sometimes I will walk to jewel to get a 2 liter or case of pop, just one 2 liter or one case. lately I went in and it said 24 packs were 5.99 when you buy 8 and regular price if you buy less then that. then another 2 liter ...

no power

Est. Restore time by come ed 1:45am.

be careful with fireworks !

I remember this picture from one of the fourth of july postings and saved it. if you are shooting off fireworks, be sure to be safe. have a bucket of water, use punks or innocence to light fireworks, do not light in confined areas, beware of small children, use a ...

Milwaukee Avenue Bike Lane Plans: 'Nobody Wants This,' Neighbor Says

remeber to put on your city sticker

You may have already purchsed it, just remember to put it on. A good time to check your plate sticker too and put it on the calander when it is to expire. You can also check your lights turn signals, and fluids as well.

flood control

ok, so I was at a friends house and seen a version of flood control for water coming up basement drains,00S1vWx,QYcjpwl,4H3iXuL,PnTks0P for the sake of the flooded it you have a type of flood control post it here how it works and pictures if you can. if you have ...

check your basement

had some water coming basement drains, was able to pump it out as it came in. if you have issues with heavy rain... check your basement

fire? portage theater?

4 fire trucks at portage theater no, make that 5 I am not sure what is happening. anyone there to check it out?

six corners bbq fest

post what you liked about the fest. if you have suggestions for next year, post those here too, but keep things positive. would rather focus on what could be done next year instead of what could have been done this year. ie. would like to see the bike parade next ...

josi's grand opening june 1st 11:00am support local business

We had our soft opening now lets have a GRAND OPENING! Come on by June 1st to celebrate the opening of Josi's Frozen Yogurt Cafe We will have the CaboJazz Trio playing a little music in the corner. They have a soft trumpet, guitar and percussions. We will have a ...

com ed call

just got an automated response call from com ed stating that service will be interrupted in my area for approximately 2 hours between 5pm and 8pm for emergency repairs in the area. I got my tv dinner in the micro now, phone is charging and everything I need out of ...

it is offically dog losing season, time to revive an old thread

i see a lot of post for lost dogs in portage park ? for those that have lost and reunited and for those that were not so lucky. what advice can you give not to lose a dog? is there anything that you can share so that someone can limit ...

what are you going to be toting in your groceries in ?

ok, now that the ban is official for plastic bags. what are the best reusable grocery bags out there? post pictures or links please and price if known. best? cheapest? most compact? most durable? microban? here is a good example of a premier tote for perishables, I like that it ...

chubbrocks support local business, amazon deal $30 Punch Card to Spend on Pet Supplies Chubbrocks The Pet Store Is this near you? Set your location preferences We all love our pets, so it only makes sense to love our favorite pet store, too. Chubbrocks The Pet Store carries food and accessories for dogs, cats, fish, ...


so the city just chopped down my neighbors tree and left the stump. does the city come back at a later time to take the stump out or do they just leave it? if they remove it, what is the average time they come to remove it after they chop ...

crystal's oils and candle's

I just walked past 4904 w irving park road and seen this sign, is this place really coming? I know there are a lot of people asking for a candle oil shop so I thought I would post up.

drive thru

Hear a van just crashed into the dunkin dougnuts on cicero, by byron

speaking of bike lanes, portland oregon bike laws

so I just talked to a friend that lives in Portland Oregon he said that they are pretty tough with bicyclist over there and some people are petitioning now for bicyclist to have bike insurance even thou it is very bike friendly, there is limited traffic and bicycle laws are ...

road diet or not diet, sign a petition

Improve Milwaukee Ave from Lawrence to Elston WITHOUT the use of a “road diet” that would reduce Milwaukee Ave to one lane of traffic in either direction Improve Milwaukee Ave from Lawrence to Elston WITH the use of a “road diet” that would reduce Milwaukee Ave to one lane ...

where is the fire?

Several fire trucks went west on irving, with police, anyone know whats going down?

wonder woman on me tv right now

for those that were fans, the old wonder woman series is on me tv right now. linda carter

world of wheels

february 28th -march 2 2014 donald e. stephens convention center. Friday: 3:00pm - 10:00pm Saturday: 10:00am - 10:00pm Sunday: 10:00am - Show closes immediately after the 6:00pm awards.

what happened to be smart resale shop on irving ?

just drove by, had a quick glance, looked empty. is something else coming?

winter is here, where do i take my sled?

so i want to be ready for the big snow if it comes what is the closest place to portage park that one can go sledding on a decent size hill? anyone have any favorite spots that don't get too crowded?

10:25pm police activity on lamon/byron

seen an unmarked police car with flashing blue lights on lamon by byron. they had about 6 people with hands on the hood checking them out. glad to see the police is out in force, also i wanted to beat chicago girl to the punch at least once.

what places by 6 corners are open chrismas day?

need some last minute things, such as groceries and last minute add on gifts. so what is open christmas day around here?

what happened @ 4950 w irving at 6:30 in the morning?

a neighbor called me and told me she seen cops outside the puppy store on irving this morning around 6:30 am, then another neighbor called me at 8:00 am and asked me if i knew what was going on since there were cops outside the puppy store on irving. for ...


any good baklava near portage park, jeff park?

art galleries by 6 portage, jeff park?

any place around 6 corners that i can pick up an oil painting of a rainbow that is reasonably priced? any place around portage or jeff park would also be fine.

no soup for you?

it's that time of year in which sitting down for a nice bowl of thick homemade soup or stew will hit the spot. so any restaurants around portage or jeff park that have it? if not what is the closest, best? if you have a homemade soup recipe, now is ...

what is the deal with leaves in the 45th ward?

so i get this e-mail from alderman arena: "with leaves falling all over the ward, i want to remind you that it is a violation of city ordinance to rake or blow the leaves on your lawn into the street. they clog sewers. please be a good neighbor and dispose ...

whatca doing in the old bank of america lot?

seen two dudes in the old bank of america lot looking at the old super shop location, one was driving a silver porsche cayenne. snapped a pic as i walked by. anyone know anything about these guys?

super shops automotive performance centers

at 4939 n irving park road, super shop closed in the late 90's. the property has been vacant for more than 12 years, there is no visible signs for sale, lease or rent. the brick and fascia is deteriorating on the front of the building, there is bottles of chemicals ...

where can i get a relief valve for a hot water heater near 6 corners?

i have hot water radiator heat, clicked the power, cleaned the burners, filled the water, lit the burner, turned on the thermostat and waited for the heat. as i heard the burners roar to life and the flowing of the water through the system as i seen the pressure gauge ...

where to get a pulled pork sandwich near portage park?

closest places near portage park to get a pulled pork sandwich? wanted a pulled pork sandwich today and was told smoque was good, well i guess they are closed on mondays, so i tried the only other place on yelp for 60641 and came up with "mom's bbq" 5805 w ...

any old fashion car guys out there advice needed portage park

have a 1996 blazer 4x4 everytime i turn on a turning signal, hazard, or hit the brakes it blows the fuse (stop/hazard 20amp) i have replaced the turn signal switch thinking that may be the cause since it was melted by the harness and some of the wires to the ...

best restaurant near six corners to get something to eat at 2 am

what are my options if i am by six corners and want to pick up something to eat at 2 am? something quick that i can pick up and bring home other than susie's or pizza (not that they are bad, but is there anything else around?) and not something ...

where do you picnic?

you are going on a picnic and taking a portable grill with you. where do you go and why?

best fried chicken in near jefferson park

where is the best fried chicken near jefferson park?

down with the bushes

the benches and bushes on the southwest corner of lamon and irving park need to go. it is constantly frequented by unsavory types, creates cover for unsavory activities and creates safety concerns at night as a potential ambush point. at minimum the bushes need to be chopped down so one ...

losing dogs

i see a lot of post for lost dogs in portage park ? for those that have lost and reunited and for those that were not so lucky. what advice can you give not to lose a dog? is there anything that you can share so that someone can limit ...

good old fashion storm windows in portage park

a neighbor of mine wants some good old fashion custom size storm windows, he said he got some on pulaski somewhere years ago, but does not remember where. he would prefer a local business over a big box, but is open on the basis of affordability. he does not want ...

check your neighbor

make sure you are checking in with your neighbor(s) in this heat, offer to stay at each other's house during a few hours a day to give air conditioners a rest and save energy. stay hydrated and if outside carry a wet towel around your neck to keep you cool. ...

legal advice for aparment complex overflowing dumpsters

my neighbor pete in the 55XX block of dakin has been having issues with an apartment complex by his home on irving park with overflowing garbage that blows into his yard. he has complained to the alderman and 311 over the last 7 years. what can he do legally against ...

where do you shop outside of portage park?

where do you routinely shop outside of portage park, list chains and independents ? be specific (not golf mill or hip). i see a list of places in which a lot of people list they want, but not necessarily need. what do we realistically need and routinely travel outside of ...

old bank of america building

saw workers there yesterday and today at the old bank of america building, did not see a building permit, so i assume they are just cleaning it out, there is a dumpster outside, also, saw a van from jones lang lasalle across the street in the fenced lot with ...

neighborhood mobile watch patrol

this is from another area, but it would seem like a good idea here too. Mission Statement: To help our local police department by becoming the eyes and ears of the community. To establish a power of presence and thus increasing the visibility of our enforcement services. To establish a ...

air conditioner

is there a place near portage park that fixes window air conditioners? we can take it to a shop if needed. so i am helping an older neighbor put in his air conditioner, we secure it in the window and turn it on and it just blows air and does ...

repost to 45th ward

almost seen a fight today/door to door

seen people going door to door selling something across the street from where i was walking, did not think much of it, then i seen some short guy chasing them and yelling at them, pointing at them and telling them to leave, the salesman was argumentative back and i thought ...

where to kart/mini bike

where is the closest place to portage park where you can take your own go kart or mini bike and drive it. are there any approved areas or kart or mini bike trails nearby?

shared sidewalk program

my neighbor applied for the shared sidewalk program in january and he has yet to receive anything from the city. has anyone else in portage park applied for the shared sidewalk program? any information on when they start this? he is also concerned about the new gas lines that they ...


my garage concrete slab has a crack down the middle and has dropped 3 inches on one side and 2 on the other, this leaves a garage door that has a 3 inch gap on one corner, fine in the middle and a 2 inch gap on the other corner. ...

wheres the beef?

where is the cheapest grocery store/place to buy decent quality beef near portage park? it does not have to be restaurant quality, (just cheaper in price than Jewel) but has to be near portage park. we are getting "slaughtered" with some of the prices out there as we eat beef ...

Tree trimming

have a friend that has a neighbors tree branches over their property (the tree is on the neighbors property and not the city). it is a pretty big tree (bout 3 1/2 stories) and the branches that are over his property at the thickest points are about 12 inches in ...

flooding from basement drains under heavy rain

have 2 floor drains in the basement that under a real heavy rain, water will come up through the drains... we have stand pipes, but always have to put them in when it rains. what is the best long term solution if i want to keep my drains? how much ...

how do you defend yourself and your family?

what would you use for protection during a robbery? if someone broke into your house? with things the way they are, you need to be prepared. how are you prepared to defend yourself and your family and chilidren from harm? self defense course, mace, knife, personal or home alarm system, ...

graffti blasting

what are some ways that you got rid of graffiti before graffiti blasters? do you have any tips or tricks you use to get rid of graffiti? what works best on a garage? paint thinner, magic eraser, brake cleaner, brass wire wheel, particular brand of graffiti remover, etc post your ...

what business do you want to see at 6 corners

write down contact information of a business you would like every blockers to write or email to bring to 6 corners, if there are enough of us, we may just get what we write for. if you are an independent and want to open a business at 6 corners please ...

Graffiti blasters cuts will impact how often gang graffiti is removed in your ward--every 12 days. Petition below.

This is a repost to the 45th ward from Old Irving Anna. In the name of efficiency, the graffiti removal trucks will rotate thru a citywide grid system. That means one will be in your ward only every 12 days, allowing gang tags to stay up longer. here's the 33rd ...

6 corners area...what are you doing ?

anyone doing anything about getting businesses to come to 6 corners area? specifics please not "reaching out to several businesses", not the problem is, or what happened in the past. e-mail anyone, letter, etc see alot of people complaining, but is anyone doing anything? if we cannot even get a ...