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Where is this held ? Welles Park ?

— On the neighbor message Outdoor movie - ET phoning home in two weeks
1:44 a.m.

If that bothers you - it's gonna' be a long tough slog - this life.

The language doesn't advocate violence - it points out it's immediacy - gallows humor if you will.

Besides - it's Belmont... the humor matches the expectations of the clientele. It's not meant to sell to Wilmette shoppers.

1:31 p.m.

"You sound too young and hip to live in this neighborhood. ... may I suggest: River North, Gold Coast, and Lincoln Park."

Gold Coast ? Hip ?

Maybe - hip replacement ; )

— On the neighbor message Living near Paulina Brown Line Station
12:32 a.m.

Go Monti's !

— On the media mention Philly redeemed at Monti's
4:08 p.m.

That's great news ! More beer choice is always good - especially the local variety.

Regarding space: Have you looked into any of the Rockwell Crossing properties ? Nice spot (and relevant to recent EB discussion.

Brew me a great local Pils/Lager !
(I'd rather shop local than drink my favorite Berkeley,Ca produced Pils.)

— On the neighbor message New brewery coming in 2013...
4:05 p.m.

"Good times - good times."

— On the media mention In defense of margarine
3:50 p.m.

$0/sf is what they're getting now.

— On the neighbor message Rockwell's depressing storefront strip
3:16 p.m.

Another legal way to be inconsiderate to your neighbors.

— On the neighbor message Urban chickens
10:41 a.m.

I think of this every time I walk by - a few times a day.

Who owns these ? Are they available commercially ? Even studio space (the non-frosted/papered window variety) would be preferable.

It's not exactly blight - more like blight-lite -
but in the long term - blight begets blight.

— On the neighbor message Rockwell's depressing storefront strip
10:32 a.m.

Who are you disputing ? ; )

— On the neighbor message Urban chickens
2:25 p.m.

Yes. the 'owners manual' says we're a Democratic Republic. The fine print says - duopolistic oligarchy.

cheers : )

— On the neighbor message tuesday can't come soon enough..
1:24 p.m.

It was interesting to watch the local news coverage. The commentary was like hearing of the events after being strained through a suburban housewife's polyester leisure suit.

; )

— On the neighbor message tuesday can't come soon enough..
9:38 a.m.

@ Catbus
" I have to wonder, who raised these people?"

No-one raised them.

— On the neighbor message Crime in Albany Park
9:32 a.m.

"That is why they PAY you"

I pay me. : )

— On the neighbor message "Working" from home
11:41 a.m.

Really - whatever the families political bent - We don't need to be sending public funding to Wrigley. I'm perfectly happy going to games in a decrepit but charming stadium. If their is money to be had in a renovation then the owners and monetary benefactors can fund it themselves.

Repeal the Citizens United decision - Go Cubs.

5:46 p.m.

Yes. More tree please.

— On the neighbor message Lawrence Avenue Streetscape Art Identifiers
6:11 p.m.

The owner of the loud dog is the person who needs to review the 'empathy' concept - not the poor person with the ear plugs. : )

— On the neighbor message Constant dog barking
1:51 p.m.

If people don't understand this basic concept:

then 'talking to your neighbors' might as well be talking to a wall.

— On the neighbor message Constant dog barking
1:41 p.m.

Municipal Code of Chicago Section 7-12-100 - Excessive Animal Noise$fn=default.htm$3.0$vid=amlegal:chicago_il

Some reading material for your barking dog neighbors:

— On the neighbor message Constant dog barking
1:39 p.m.

Well I was 4-5 in the mid 70's - but, alas, not here ... let's see - I was in Canajoharie watching the Bi-centennial parade ! Still remember the 'indians' in full head-dress.

— On the neighbor message People Gas Inspection ?
11:08 p.m.

" hard would it be to just put a search box that searches within this page?"

It would be simple - but think of how it would change the site. Suddenly half of the conversations would be about muggings, street closures and lost Pomeranians - from 2009 ; )

9:06 p.m.

@ kenji - : ) I agree. I just with 'we' accomplished those civic goals with any type of efficiency here. We don't.

— On the neighbor message SummerChicago Fests in Chicago
8:56 p.m.

No idea - but my inspection was easy and went off without a hitch.

— On the neighbor message People Gas Inspection ?
8:41 p.m.

don't forget pensions, tiff boondoggles, 40k jobs paying 80k, etc.. etc...

If only it were used even somewhat efficiently - it wouldn't sting so bad.

— On the neighbor message SummerChicago Fests in Chicago
6:02 p.m.

The city removes one dollar from my pocket - every hour of everyday of every week of every month of every year.
So if you hear a quarter dropping into the city slot every fifteen minutes - that's me : )

They call it a property tax.
I'm still trying to get my head around what services that provides- for me.

— On the neighbor message SummerChicago Fests in Chicago
5:52 p.m.

"shouldn't a company owned by MSNBC be recommending their own search engine? :]"

Bing will just populate their results using Google anyway ; )

11:46 a.m.

I suggest guerrilla tactics.

— On the neighbor message The Parking Meter Saga Continues
4:52 p.m.

I lived there 3 years ago - right there. I thought RP got a bad rap - seemed Ok to me. Beach access was great. Just be smart.

— On the neighbor message Crime in RP
1:48 a.m.

I still think a 'no thanks' vote should not be 'count/ticker' based. It should actually shrink the font type of a post - while a 'thanks' would do the make the font 'bolder'. Forums -all of them - are overdue for an evolution in interaction - IMHO.

just sayin - now shrink my post away... ; )

— On the neighbor message No Thanks!!
1:39 a.m.

Paul... don't forget the over-compensating dog breeds. Ya' know - the ones with high pitched - never ending barking at absolutely everything that walks by ; )

If your 'fortunate' to find yourself parked next to one of these - you'll be a 'Google expert' on noise abatement procedures and materials in no time !

I'll take 30 more planes/hr in lieu of one of these genetic experiments. : )

10:02 a.m.

Just south of Lawrence on Rockwell (flight path is closer to me than where you, potentially, plan on being)

Plane noise is seldom an issue. They're 99% on decent into O'Hare and, so, less noisy. Some nights they come in like clockwork, one after another - about a mile apart but they're no bother.

I don't think I'd want to be camped in Mayfair - two neighborhoods to the west. That might have them coming over too low... but here is fine.

9:46 a.m.

Halstead spires and Humboldt PR Flag... low key ??
; )

— On the neighbor message Lawrence Avenue Streetscape Art Identifiers
1:13 p.m.

A1 looks too .... errr... 'Microbial'

— On the neighbor message Lawrence Avenue Streetscape Art Identifiers
1:07 p.m.

A2 and B

A2's simplicity and scale are nice - but I appreciate the textures and colors of B more (seem to convey 'the arts are important here'.

Throw away C - Looks much like the ill fated and dated Wheaties box 2016 Olympic bid designs.

— On the neighbor message Lawrence Avenue Streetscape Art Identifiers
1:03 p.m.

I'm a 70's era man : )

I have the school photos to prove it.

corduroys .. turtle necks .. stiff denim bell bottoms - with patches !

— On the neighbor message Albany Park Library Branch - closing :(
9:24 a.m.

I've been in the area for three years without seeing to many problems. The mugging @ Gunnison was surprising for just that reason.

Let's try to work together to keep it a rarity. Report anything that you're not comfortable with.

For what it's worth - the short three year trend that I've been been able to observe is upward for the area - in spite of the economic strains that tend to work toward the worse. The business being attracted are a big plus ! A great Pub, a cheese-steak joint, a physical therapist, grooming shop, etc... all point in a positive direction.

(lived @ 39th & 9th in 1991 - when nyc had crime : )

— On the neighbor message Just Moved to Rockwell/Ainslie. Safe?
1:44 p.m.

Humans and Chimpanzees are 98+% genetically identical.

All apologies for stating the obvious.

1:24 p.m.

Every time you read another horror story about pit bulls - remember not to stereotype pit bulls.

1:13 p.m.

Well, I'm sure it's been recycled into $1.25 in scrap by now. The soil was probably worth more than the scrap price. D'oh !

— On the neighbor message Compost Bin Stolen
10:07 a.m.

@ Steve B -"I always assumed that the iGO and ZipCar services were monthly fee only"

Nope (as for I-Go). I use to use it all the time but now very infrequently. They have a few different plans to suit your needs.

It's surprising how many different scenarios I've found it helpful for.

— On the neighbor message Transporting Large Items
4:13 p.m.

Too close. Glad to hear he's fine.

— On the neighbor message Just heard a single POP
11:22 a.m.

Jimmy's ( makes the best pie I've found. (methodically searched for years to find a decent pie)

-Apart ( makes a very tasty pie too - (if you can get around the cracker crust - the Capriciosa: ham, fresh champignons, artichokes was a great suprise!) Tip ++ Pick it up - their delivery is just not acceptable.

-Monti's (4757 N Talman - makes a respectable pie too (but where they really shine is their Philly Cheese Steak and friendliness)

*** As for any 'thin crust' designation - if it's marketed as thin crust - it's probably some Chef-boy-R-Dee type square-cut hacked up cracker crust that passes for pizza back home in East Stuckhere Junction. ; )

; ) just sayin' -

I know everyone has an opinion on pizza. It's a good thing that even bad pizza is pretty good.

— On the neighbor message Good Pizza (Delivery)
12:31 p.m.

So how will the 'revenue department' enforce ticketing on unregistered, unlicensed and uninsured drivers ?

This is - far and away - the greatest threat to pedestrian and motor vehicle safety. But it's not easy to set up a revenue generation machine with this - and so - NOTHING - will continue to be what's done about it.

Safety first !

— On the neighbor message Speed Cameras

These guys gave me a good number. Came in at about 60% the high quote for the same job/material.

Home Renovations

Good Luck.

— On the neighbor message Looking for someone to build a fence
11:24 a.m.

This is not a safety issue. It's a money issue. Who really believes that this is about safety ? I have an ice bridge to sell you.

— On the neighbor message Speed Limit Cameras on Foster
2:34 p.m.

This 'dog grooming and day care' - It's an all indoor operation, right ? I didn't get any mail on this one.

— On the neighbor message Corner of Rockwell and Lawrence
7:38 p.m.

They would benefit from more visible advertising - especially on the Lincoln side.

— On the neighbor message Support the New Hardware Store, Please
7:32 p.m.

Thanks - I already made the appointment. I'm just wondering whether to budget ahead for graft - or not ; )

— On the neighbor message People Gas Inspection ?
3:21 p.m.

Yes - someday the right-hand side of this page will serve it's purpose and we'll have the best of both worlds - with the ads in their place serving us with their plethora of useful though commercial information. : )-

— On the neighbor message The Cousins Restaurant
12:12 a.m.

@ Bob - this 'do-gooder' is all for displaying ID on the work vehicles. I suppose 'doing-good' is a very subjective thing ; )

— On the neighbor message Metal Scrapers
10:29 p.m.

Yes - interesting. I hope the influx it brings doesn't jack up the deli prices. We love HT deli !

— On the neighbor message HarvesTime - Lookin' Quite Spiffy
10:23 p.m.

Thanks for the reminder !

8:59 p.m.

Recyclables are a commodity and owned by the community. They should be treated as such and used to benefit the citizens of the community. It's very '20th century' to waste - or just give away this resource as we do.

— On the neighbor message Metal Scrapers
8:41 p.m.

Looks like a great store - popped in the other day. They need to make sure people understand that they've re-opened. Some might look at the hardware sign and believe that it refers to the previous business. Just sayin'. I want to see them thrive - I have a greedy self interest - being able to get a bolt or paint brush in a quick 5 minute trip ; )

— On the neighbor message Matty K's -- we have a hardware store again!
9:50 a.m.

@ Barb - Maybe they -are- sitting on 'belaying pins'. Arggg !

— On the neighbor message Jacobs Playlot pirate ship removed
12:28 p.m.

Anyone have any pics of the ol' ship they'd care to post ? It would be nice to have as a digital keepsake.

— On the neighbor message Jacobs Playlot pirate ship removed
8:59 a.m.

So far - so good. Let's take this to the River.

10:02 a.m.

Hipster cats have all gone vegan.

— On the neighbor message Mouse/Mice!
12:25 p.m.

Thanks Joan M. !

— On the neighbor message What a Waste.
12:20 p.m.


— On the media mention Deal At Seafood Garden: Pay $15, Get $30
12:18 p.m.

Wow! What was she driving ('She' - if that part of the comments is correct) ? A garbage truck ? Seems it would take something big to do that - and then drive away.

12:17 p.m.

"robotic face spewing jargon" art -
That would be Kraftwerk the band -
done 35 years ago -

— On the neighbor message Direct Energy SCAM!
10:13 p.m.

.. ohh - and your face is very nice too. I especially like what you've done with your hair.

— On the neighbor message Direct Energy SCAM!
7:04 p.m.

Conspiracy theory much ? There were no hidden meanings in my post - no innuendo - no accusations of anything. Just exactly what was said:
'Caveat Emptor - no matter who's doing the selling.'

Thank you for the research that you did Jay. Also - Thanks to Brandon for relating his consumer experience. I'm not ready to jump ship and switch companies - but when I am - rest assured - I'll be doing my own extensive research too. I'll add you take to that well rounded pile of information.

— On the neighbor message Direct Energy SCAM!
7:02 p.m.

I don't know whether or not Direct Energy is a scam. I'd just remind folks that no large company wants competition in the market. Those who benefit from less competition in the industry have it in there interests to plant the seed that these 'fly-by-night' competitors are painted as 'scams'.

Do your research and remember that the internet will show you examples that bolster -any- position you may have on any given topic.

Caveat Emptor - no matter who's doing the selling.

— On the neighbor message Direct Energy SCAM!
6:01 p.m.

@ Mega - Oddly, I read the entire article without subscription but the same url seems to prompt for one ? It's a good article and definitely comes down in the corner of Emanuel's proposal. It's also respectful of the difficulty in the labor.

I wouldn't send any money to Murdock - but it's a good story about a real local problem.

— On the neighbor message What a Waste.
7:37 a.m.

Good point 'R' - a six unit wouldn't fit the formula if it's street frontage were only, say, 45'. But then again - these units have never fit any parking formula. Perhaps a one free sticker per 15' frontage stipulation attached.

— On the neighbor message Parking in Northcenter
6:22 p.m.

Give each legally zoned residence one free city sticker. Charge $50/month for all others.

Please tell me where this approach doesn't make sense. To me it would seem an equitable approach to parking and to revenue generation. Aside from the old "that's just not how it's done here" 'argument - i mean.

— On the neighbor message Parking in Northcenter
2:13 p.m.

"writings of the people who created the term "Progressive""

Give us some citations, links. I'm sure they must be before the 1890s as the term was used in the parlance of many folks by then - and to mean many altogether different things. 'Modern' progressivism - the American political movement was clearly in reaction to the gilded age and has it roots... pick a time... pre-Rennessiance ? - depends how deep you want to dig.

Give us some citations to these writings you speak of - so that we can also consider the sources - thoroughly.

— On the neighbor message Excited about a progressive 47th Ward
11:46 p.m.

Perhaps it's not your take on the meaning of Progressive politics -
Maybe it's only Barry Loberfeld's. In that case - we should also hear from Jeanette Rondowski's take - she's a hairdresser in Omaha, Nebraska.

— On the neighbor message Excited about a progressive 47th Ward
2:33 p.m.

@ jo anne - that is your definition of Progressive politics. We can all pluck our own definitions of and construe anything anyway we like - according to our own tribal politics.

— On the neighbor message Excited about a progressive 47th Ward
2:27 p.m.

@ Jess M - ROI - Return on Investment

— On the neighbor message Kedzie/Lawrence
11:44 p.m.

"an education campaign in the elementary schools and at the community center." AP kids are probably the greatest ROI in this uphill battle. They can always help to educate their parents.

— On the neighbor message Kedzie/Lawrence
6:01 p.m.

John B - 100% correct - We're living in an oligarchy loosely disguised as a duopoly. Until 'the people' address that - we have only ourselves to blame - not some projection of 'them' we like to call by various it's bogeyman names - 'the government', 'wall street', etc., etc.
The problem is rooted in the 'we' not the 'them'.

— On the neighbor message Like Sheep To The Slaughter...
2:10 p.m.

"LSD certainly wasn't what I was used to, but it wasn't awful."

I concur.

12:54 p.m.

Sorry - my take is that the problem is not at some institutional level. It's at a community level. If it's the norm to just litter without regard then any amount of garbage cans and tax dollar clean-up are all for naught. I'm sure that you probably clean more than your share - but that get's back to the 'teach a man to fish' argument. Community education and instilling pride for a clean community (or even using shame as a tactic) is a much better use of energy than having an agency clean up behind those who should be doing it themselves.

— On the neighbor message Kedzie/Lawrence
11:11 a.m.

The sole responsibility (or even the majority of the responsibility) does not and should not lie at the feet of a government agency to keep the neighborhood clean. It's the responsibility of a civilized people to clean up after themselves. Should we call the Alderman to wipe for us too ?

It's not Ok to be slobs. Let it be known.

— On the neighbor message Kedzie/Lawrence
10:48 a.m.

Monday - October 31st - Halloween

— On the neighbor message TRICK OR TREATING - SUNDAY OR MONDAY??????
7:46 p.m.

Let Monsanto get a genetic patent - It'll be legal tomorrow.

— On the neighbor message Marijuana Decriminalization
11:58 a.m.

One free City Sticker per legally zoned residence. $50/month for any other city sticker (a bargain by parking standards - especially if it works to ensure that a spot will be available).

This will control parking congestion, approach parking equitably and generate revenue.

- but I'm told this type of thing can not happen in Chicago. It makes too much sense - and huhuuummm - "it's not how it's done here." Yes - that much is obvious.

— On the neighbor message Like Sheep To The Slaughter...
11:40 a.m.

What's the dog look like ? Might be helpful.

11:28 a.m.

Yes - This Anglo was marching with 6 million others - in the cold - when it could have mattered - January 2003.

Encourage those in your community to throw away their garbage in garbage cans - not the street. It's not Ok and it makes the offenders look like the slobs that they are.

— On the neighbor message Kedzie/Lawrence
12:27 p.m.

@ John G. -Please - No ridiculous 'Anglo' comments. It's as bad as if it were the opposite being said.

This conversation is about littering. We all know the world's full of other problems - we see that everyday - it doesn't go unnoticed.

— On the neighbor message Kedzie/Lawrence
9:29 a.m.

Sharpen the guillotines !

— On the neighbor message Like Sheep To The Slaughter...
11:45 a.m.

What are the going rates for this sort of thing ? Just curious.

— On the neighbor message Cat Sitter
12:52 a.m.

It was better made public.

2:28 p.m.

Advisement or Journalism ?

2 p.m.

I'd be less worried about what to do with the remaining bullets and more about what will become of the other 6.

9:54 a.m.

I like your approaches MK -
Introducing some shame into the equation is also part a whole solution. It may not be -the feel-good' part - but it is effective.

And yes - bring back the 'indian' ! (Indian/Native American/First American ; ) )

— On the neighbor message Kedzie/Lawrence
3:56 p.m.

Carrot and stick - Pride and Shame.

Rent a billboard. Get video each week of Albany Park litter bugs in action and post it to Community Access TV. Post three photos on the billboard each week - showing this weeks Albany Park Litter Stars.

That's the shame part.

Lead by example and clean up your block. That's the pride part.

— On the neighbor message Kedzie/Lawrence
1:26 p.m.

I haven't seen that 'indian' crying while looking down onto the trashed highway in quite some time. Maybe it's time to put him back into circulation. He was quite an effective spokesperson for the civilized - way back when.

— On the neighbor message Kedzie/Lawrence
8:04 a.m.

@ Eric - Ok - then it's not an ad hiding in the guise of a news story. I guess that if Mattress Outlet starts a blog with stories about unsold Sealy Posturepedic mattresses - then that would also be worthy of distribution here ? just sayin' ; )

11:18 a.m.

Ok - you peaked our interest. I'll bite. What type of surgical instrument ?

— On the neighbor message Man on bike left something odd on our curb
6:32 p.m.

Natalie - if you don't want folks to talk about these issues - then why do you make multiple posts regarding them ?

10:08 a.m.

Journalism or advertisement ?

10:03 a.m.

When these folks come around I like to beg them for help with my giant underwater mortgage ; ) They take pity on me - but seldom lend a hand to a pauper such as I - and, together, we settle on a beggars draw.

— On the neighbor message Female Con?
4:51 p.m.

Just saw this on the News Hour last night:

There are other web services that are similar.

— On the neighbor message Credit Union
4:38 p.m.

If we're thinking in terms of benefits to posterity - then 'home ownership' is one of the best investments one can make. The problem is that there is typically a 30 year span in that process where what we have is 'bank-ownership'. It's an uphill climb at first - but will pay off - for someone - maybe even you.

— On the neighbor message Real Estate advice needed...
11:40 a.m.

Anyone have any information about the perpetrators ?

How did they get in ?

— On the media mention 2 shot in North Side home invasion
1:41 p.m.

That's great Christopher - That's definitely a great value $/MB. I use and it's generally consistent at around 25MB/s (20-30) Judging by your results I'd sat they're about on par. (considering $59/mo gets me basic cable too) At 3MB/s it wouldn't be close.

— On the neighbor message AT&T U-Verse Experience and Opinion
1:08 p.m.

Huh ? Not sure I understand. If AT&T offers fast service for a great price - I want it. Isn't that what we're discussing here ? "Jeez Mr Everyblock monitor" ? Really ? ; )

— On the neighbor message AT&T U-Verse Experience and Opinion
9:56 a.m.

"... and much faster internet."

Compared to what other service ? All is see is a 3MB/s offering ?
I'm currently running 25MB/s with Comcast with an option for over 100MB (price prohibiting). I'm no cheerleader for Comcast but I'm not sure AT&T competes on speed. Maybe that's just where I'm located though. Bundled with Basic Cable I get this for $59/mo. total.

(With my Google TV / Logitech box ($99 one time) I have everything I need here.)

— On the neighbor message AT&T U-Verse Experience and Opinion
12:09 p.m.

@ AtG - Can you do the whole chart so I don't have to do simple algebra ? ; )

— On the neighbor message The facts are in....
7:28 p.m.

Oh yes - there they are - support mounts for the banners:

— On the neighbor message Old Town
10:46 a.m.

I like the artwork on the front plaques - it'll look even better given some time and weathering. What are they mounting about 30 feet up the wall - I see horizontal posts up there - for a big sign or what ?

— On the neighbor message Old Town
4:54 p.m.

Personally I like 'Northcenter'. It forms the image of a place more than North Center which sound more like a compass point.

I also don't see anything wrong with 'NorthCenter' with the 'C' capitalized for readability and 'branding'.

I'm sure there are grammer police somewhere who would take offence to the mid-word Cap - and that's great - because language is fluid and evolving and needs it's grammar marms to coagulate the mix a bit.

— On the neighbor message North Center, not Northcenter
12:48 p.m.

"I have lived in Albany Park all of my life"

Sounds pretty 'sheltered'. Go see the world An. ; )

— On the neighbor message Berteau and Whipple
9:11 a.m.

Great tip Al K. No reason to wait but it seems we're about to undergo a home automation 'revolution' that will include many security options. The industry is attracting big players now.

— On the neighbor message Any good do it yourself burglar alarm kits?
4:40 a.m.

@ BB "I thought I was me."

You are you. ; )

— On the neighbor message North Center, not Northcenter
8:59 a.m.

Thanks for posting this - you must be reading my mind today.

I'm looking for someone to install a simple 65' x 6' chain-link - in concrete. I'll purchase the materials - they install.


I may purchase something 'nicer' than chain link - not sure yet. It's a between properties run - not very visible.

I do most of my own work - but not this particular job.

2:03 p.m.

"How can we organize to better share information with the police?"

We can begin by giving citizens access to crime prevention tools - as discussed here:

A -->real<-- crime reporting web site is a key first. Better yet - A Crime Preventing web site - as 'crime reporting' is not enough if that reporting goes unheeded.

— On the neighbor message Reductionist Theory
1:56 p.m.

@ Bob -
As for porting these video feeds to the public - not very difficult. Even inexpensive home security systems are set up like this. The camera has an ip address - just like our computers do and the hardware connected to them and the internet.

Now take those ip feeds and plop them down into a Google Map mash-up. I know of some folks around here are very good at that sort of thing ; )

So a -->real<-- crime reporting website would have a Google Maps Crime Camera mash-up built within. Any crime info could be reported, recorded and dispatched with help of this set-up.

Mobile tools would also be a great asset to a -->real<-- crime reporting web site.

— On the neighbor message Blue light camera
1:31 p.m.

"If you want a genuine decrease in crime you need steady and or permanent employment for families who struggle to make it."

This is true. If we're commenting on a federal level - it's also true that America does not have the resources to make that possible for 310 million people - let alone 7 billion. So where do we 'circle the wagons' and make a stand. In other words - what are problem are we attempting to tackle ? The global problem ? Too many people in an ecosystem that will not sustain further growth ?

The problem is obviously global. Migrating poverty can only be dealt with on a global scale.

— On the neighbor message Reductionist Theory
12:01 p.m.

"So the question is why can't they put up cameras without lights? Why do they have to look like neon lighthouses."

I agree with this point. I understand that the blue light is meant to send a message - but the message would be better conveyed by using the tool proactively and enforcing the law based upon the information that tool provides.

Again - Make these video feeds available to the public via a public web feed. Let the citizens affected by an areas crime take an active part in monitoring - They will be more vigilant that any 'department video guard' - I promise you that - just look at EveryBlock for signs of that vigilance. Tie it into a -->real<-- crime reporting web portal and give the citizenry tools to participate in their own community's well being. Assign a small CPD squad to function as a CPD-Citizen go-between and watch this modern approach pay off ten-fold.

— On the neighbor message Blue light camera
10:58 a.m.

"How in the world is anyone going to be sitting there (at 911 center) watching that one camera when there are HUNDREDS of cameras already installed all around the city."

These cameras should all be ported to a public access ip so that those most interested (the communities citizens) can make a proactive difference - at least in monitoring.

This is just one tool that a -->real<-- Chicago crime reporting and monitoring website would employ.

— On the neighbor message Blue light camera
11:33 p.m.

I agree 62%H2O - No matter the construction it comes down to realizing their are others that live around 'you' - and behaving accordingly.

9:14 p.m.

Hey Bob - I'm designing one with high parapet walls for the very opposite reason. But it'll work both ways. Perhaps an exclusion for those of us who practice empathy ? I'm also using the square footage in a tandem geometry to further block the noise of those who obviously don't (practice empathy - that is). ; )

6:58 p.m.

I think I'll start answering my front door by first snapping a shot through the glass door with the camera phone and emailing it off. Then chat with the folks on the other side. If they had bad intentions in the neighborhood - chances are they'd alter their plans.

5:34 p.m.

"Previous Pedestrian Panic Provokes Proposal"

Please people - Poke Patrick !

— On the neighbor message Previous Pedestrian Panic Provokes Proposal
8:47 p.m.

"(As said above the city requires apartment buildings over 4 units to have an adequate dumpster that is picked up."

They're also required to arrange for a private hauler, correct ?

— On the neighbor message Alley neighbors and garbage challenge
7:09 p.m.

"I admire Pawar's innovative approach, but I do agree, that he needs to continue to broadcast information the good ol' fashioned way so that all of his constituents..."

Yes - stone tablets please !

— On the neighbor message Aldermanic Transition Process
7:03 p.m.

As for the commercial side - it's already on the books-
(Chicago Municipal Code - 10-8-270 Distribution of commercial advertising matter.) as DebM posted previously.

That's the portion I'm concerned with - the piles of ads/'newspapers'.

I suppose I'll just start picking-up each item and calling 311. Maybe I'll pick one a day. Seems foolish - but then, so are piles of wasted paper that are never read - everyday for years.

As for political and theological debate - sure - bring it to my doorstep. Why not ? It would seem we all actively seek it out on our own. ; )

— On the neighbor message End all door-to-door solicitation
5:50 p.m.

@ Craig
Interesting read -
Commercial canvassing restrictions appear to be upheld. We're talking about commercial handouts - at least 95% of the content is commercial. Most political handouts are mailings.

As for the courts decision that 'we don't have to speak to political/religious canvassers but do have to afford them equal access to our properties' - fair enough - though I disagree.

A parallel argument was recently fought over phone solicitations. We can now opt out of these. We should be able to opt out of allowing access to canvassers on our own properties too.

I don't buy the business community's argument that a citizen must structure their life so that we conform to their desire to access another set of consumer eyeballs. If folks need these services - we can find them. They can try to sell me all they want in the public sphere - and certainly do. Protection of each citizens private life should be the first concern. One small step in protecting that private sphere would be letting us decide what we want piled on our front steps.

I appreciate your points about the 1st amendment - provided the 4th is also considered.

— On the neighbor message End all door-to-door solicitation
1:32 p.m.

@ Craig
"the moment you start talking about making things unlawful, it's not just about your private property anymore; it's about the government restricting other peoples' activities."

Craig - I'll be right over - I have some recyclables to get rid of - mounds of them. Just let me know where your private property is. I hope the government doesn't try to restrict me in this action. ; )

— On the neighbor message End all door-to-door solicitation
12:12 p.m.

Another reason it pays to have a home office.

The bad: I'm always here.
The good: I'm always here.

Make sure you don't let people 'prop the door open'. If need be - install a pneumatic/hydraulic door swing.. you know - one of those do-higgys that holds the door open for a bit and then slowly closes it. Also - the Schlage works great.

(do-higgy is apparently ungooglable)

— On the neighbor message Bike Theft Maplewood and Wilson
11:44 a.m.

Well - Tom's approach comes closest - so far.

— On the neighbor message End all door-to-door solicitation
10:39 p.m.

In the past I've thought of actively seeking out junk mail - bring it in by the bucket load - dump it straight into a wood stove and heating my home with it ; )

Yeah, probably not too 'green' - but plausible. Sort of a 'Mother Earth News' meets 'Anarchist Cookbook' approach to home heating.

— On the neighbor message End all door-to-door solicitation
2:36 p.m.

@ Joe "I think you are up against the first amendment."

Really. Freedom of speech on our private properties ? Are we going to have to house militia men too ? ; )

— On the neighbor message End all door-to-door solicitation
2:25 p.m.

@d3 - Yes - that's a depressing percentage, isn't it. That's one of the reasons to take issue with the sales pitch about Chicago being on the forefront of 'Green urban cities'. We have some good programs but mostly they're window dressing -we do a lot of 'stepping over a dollar to pick up a dime'.

Maybe we should have 'opt in markers' to put on our front door (or fence or lawn). And those 'opt in markers' would pertain only to businesses that we've struck up a relationship with. Penalize offenders and send those penalty revenues to community recycling programs - or to lower the Street and San budget.

— On the neighbor message End all door-to-door solicitation
10:23 a.m.

Don't you find it rewarding to load all those unread newspapers, menus, real-estate flyers & phone books and carry them from the street side to the alley side for recycling ? Doesn't it instill a sense of purpose in your life ? "Hey look at me - I'm recycling! - I'd rather be reducing - but I have no choice in the matter." ; )

— On the neighbor message End all door-to-door solicitation
9:12 a.m.

Here's a nice garage - and it's local:

— On the neighbor message Snow and living with "build outs"
1:35 a.m.

Great Hank ! We look forward to it.

1:28 a.m.

"Sunny California has PLENTY of 'shady' shady areas. It's not all 'Beach Blanket Bingo'. Never has been.

— On the neighbor message Moving to Chicago
9:29 a.m.

Post - taken down ? Perhaps EB could implement some fancy new html5 where posts are literally dragged off into an animated burning pile of books ? ; )

9:24 a.m.

"how was that harmony achieved before?"

I'm pretty sure it had something to do with the roles of each not being switched.

— On the neighbor message DOG FRIENDLY AREA FOR 47th WARD?
10:03 p.m.

haha - the great kids vs dogs debate of 2011 - it's now consuming EB on multiple threads.... too funny.

Well - kids, dogs and adults have lived together for at least 10,000 years (probably much, much longer). Since those social arrangements worked for 99% of our time here on this giant blue ball - how was that harmony achieved before ?

— On the neighbor message DOG FRIENDLY AREA FOR 47th WARD?
9:45 p.m.

Try a Schlage handle lock (four number key code) - It locks automatically - unlike the similar deadbolt door lock. A good investment.

— On the neighbor message Bike Theft Maplewood and Wilson
7:42 p.m.

You load your argument with false assumptions; that anyone here embraces the lease of our parking meters, that anyone embraces the lease of the Skyway or the proposed Midway lease. No one here has.

If there is revenue to be generated by treating 'garbage' (your term for recyclables) as a commodity - then the city should be perusing just that - as other communities have done successively. It's our 'commodity' just as those parking spaces were also our collective assets - now spent.

I'm sorry that you've become so used to things being run so poorly.

These are also our homes and, back to the original point, it's not too much to ask those choosing to be industrious in our backyards to be required to be less anonymous while going about their business. A number with 3" numerals on both sides of the box and a permit to track that number to - that's what were talking about. Oh the humanity.

Please save the 'man's inhumanity to man' stuff for your late night orations at the pub.

— On the neighbor message Identification required on junk trucks
5:58 p.m.

"Studies by New York City’s Bureau of Waste Prevention, Reuse & Recycling (within the Department of Sanitation)
may inform us. New York City transitioned from paying Waste Management $40 million annually to haul away all
recyclables, to generating revenue from a contract with Hugo Neu/Simms that treated the materials as commodities
rather than wastes. Within two years, New York City was generating $4-7 million annually from their agreement.
Why must Chicago continue to fail on the economics of recycling while watching other cities succeed?"

Why must we Jim ? Perhaps another Melville quote will help us understand why we must fail.

— On the neighbor message Identification required on junk trucks
4:45 p.m.

No one said turn a profit Jim. Generating revenue was mentioned. If that's not possible then why are their scrappers in the first place ? I'm glad you had your laugh. Solutions would be even more helpful.

— On the neighbor message Identification required on junk trucks
3:34 p.m.

I can think of better fates for 'junk in the road parking spot holders'.

“Give a man a fish, and he’ll eat for a day. Give a fish a man, and he’ll eat for weeks"
– Takayuki Ikkaku, Arisa Hosaka and Toshihiro Kawabata

— On the neighbor message Identification required on junk trucks
3:31 p.m.

Man - I hope they don't want to trick out their STIs with my Outback ! ; )

3:27 p.m.

If there is revenue to be had from the metal and raw materials we're no longer using it should first be used to generate that revenue for Streets & San - thereby lowering the city's bloated budget. If that's not being done - it should be. Given that we're swimming in red ink and looking for solutions - the city should be implementing this one.

If these scrappers can be employed/contracted by the city as 'independent vendors' than so be it. Streamline the rules and regs if need be -

We all follow rules everyday - why should anyone be excluded from those rules if they make sense ? Does it make sense for the community to have some means of identifying those working behind our homes everyday ? I would say yes. It's a fair price to pay - part of a social contract.

— On the neighbor message Identification required on junk trucks
11:20 a.m.

"that is why i rent."

Thanks for lending credence to an old point.

— On the media mention 2 dead in chase, shootout in Albany Park
1:41 p.m.

As previously mentioned: it would be great if Clark-Devon Hardware opened a Lincoln Square store. That place provides a great service - just a little too far away.

3:53 p.m.

"At a time when so many are struggling, and our neighborhood faces so many huge challenges"

It's times like this that we need to find every means of generating revenue and lowering each and every citizen's load share. If that can indeed be happening - it should be - that's where 100% of any generated income should be going.

— On the neighbor message Identification required on junk trucks
3:43 p.m.

That's great !

12:53 p.m.

Really ? Do Streets and San implement that ? When I'm recycling I often wonder about the 'big picture' behind that recycling. All that I know is that there is a giant (impressive) sorting/recycling plant somewhere out in the burbs (saw a video about it somewhere?). It would be nice to have some stats on how the raw materials are handled, where they end up (I'm guessing 13k miles away) and how the fiscal elements breakdown. If Streets and San can and do convert this material to income and thereby lower their own operating costs - conceivably (though not likely) lowering our taxes - then it's a no-brainer. They should be converting ALL of that raw material to revenue - lowering their costs and our load share.

— On the neighbor message Identification required on junk trucks
11:15 a.m.

If you'd like lots of junk in your garage shoot - I have one for you.

— On the neighbor message Garage needed for local short film project
7:29 p.m.

Idea # 36498.e :
Put all city service sirens on one frequency and offer access to an in-home noise cancellation device that cancels out that frequency.

Full-o-holes, I'm sure - but worth price charged.

— On the neighbor message Ambulance Siren Decibel Level
6:42 p.m.

"Permits, laws, license fees, reporting, citations, rules, safety, etc etc etc."

Have you (anyone) ever driven in a 3rd world country ? Having driven all around Manila and the whole of the PI - I have a new found respect for those rules. Having been the recipient of two hit-and-run collisions right here in Chicago (both while I was at a complete stop) I'm all for making sure that everyone on the road has a business being on the road - and an avenue for recourse is available should they prove that they're not capable of competent driving on that road.

That said; my main concern, my 'beef', the battle I pick - is that all drivers are insured. A random spot check on Chicago streets would show that to be a distant dream. So - strict auto insurance enforcement is the 'battle I've chosen'.

Laws are a real inconvenience - until you find yourself beyond their protection.

— On the neighbor message Identification required on junk trucks
4:51 p.m.

"But the more good people are there, the less room there is for bad people."

So buy a house - now ! ; )

— On the neighbor message Moving to Chicago
1:54 a.m.

@ Laura - That would be the Buena Park (a smaller sub-section neighborhood within the greater Uptown neighborhood.

Montrose south to Irving Park - between the lake and the cemetery.

Real Estate Agents may call in LakeView North or Lincoln Park Really Way North (official term). Buena Park has promise (IMO).

— On the neighbor message Getting to know the area
8:10 p.m.

Having moved to NYC straight out of HS from a one traffic light town (upstate NY) I can relate to this too (@ Amy).

Just make sure he doesn't listen to Jesse and get that triplex in Hell's Kitchen - and he'll be fine ; ) ((sorry - flashback))

Even a tiny efficiency apartment in a safer area is fine. Ravenswood is great - wonderful in fact - for folks like me. 30-40 parent.

My first exposure to Chicago was Lake View - way back when. It's more 'on the beaten path' locale allows for more exploring of the 'greater' city. Then he can choose for himself after seeing a little for himself.

Either way - the two neighborhoods you mention seem to be good choices.

— On the neighbor message Getting to know the area
9:06 p.m.

Try this:

All Crime - All the Time ! 24/7 !

— On the neighbor message What Happened to this Site?
8 p.m.

I would reserve the "Soul Crushing" description for the Post Office just west of Western - on Lawrence. Now that's soul-crushing ! - in an almost funny 'soup-nazi' episode sorta' way ; ).

10:57 a.m.

@ Matt - I've never had my soul crushed at Elston ; ) It seems to run smoothly but maybe I'm just comparing that to the DMV of the past - it seems that the DMV has gotten better over the years.

That said - it's ridiculous that someone goes through several lines, albeit smoothly, and then is told they will have to trudge down the street and be gouged by an ATM in order to go back and get back into the pursers line. They don't take Visa. Wow - really DMV ?

In any case - have a cup of herbal tea (or something stronger) before going to any DMV.

10:54 a.m.

5401 N. Elston Ave. Chicago, IL 60630

Make sure to bring any Credit Card but a Visa for your payment - or cash. Oddly - they don't except Visa and that can make a trip to the DMV even more aggravating.

(or - I suppose you could do it by mail - but you'd have to look up just how that works)

Good Luck.

1:23 a.m.

Yeah - I could probably stoop to living there - the shower room is key !

— On the neighbor message Unfinished Huge Property 2200 W Grace ?
1:08 p.m.

There you go again Littleton... tsk tsk tsk...

No - perhaps you misunderstood. I did mention that Uptown is divided geographically into patches that are very different from one another - and that one of those dividers are cemeteries.

Cemetery grounds are fantastic places - carved out nature forcing urban encroachment to step back a bit. I also appreciate memorial art (more than you know).

tsk - tsk - tsk .... so quick to assume - again.

12:47 p.m.

"Seems to me the greatest population there is dead people."

Some of the best behaved folks in our city - and they're quiet !

11:49 a.m.

Just a shot in the dark because of the seasonal timing -

Has your heating system kicked on recently after a long lull ? Do you have a hot water heat ? The system may be mostly closed but is fed/regulated from your main supply - perhaps intermingling some of this 'stale' heating system water. I'm not a heating specialist - so this is just a semi-educated guess.

Good Luck. I have a simple filter system anyway - I'm not to keen on drinking water straight from the tap.

— On the neighbor message cloudy tap water in Lincoln Square
11:43 a.m.

Halloween - October 31st - Usually 5-6 until 8ish.

— On the neighbor message trick or treating in Ravenswood Manor
9:35 a.m.

"...but it always reminds me of 1984 when I go in there..."

Perfect ! Bowling alleys have to be decades out of date - for the balls to role right. ; )

7:36 p.m.

Relatively safe and quiet. Lawrence is a bit of an eyesore - just bland treeless commercial drag - let's hope that we get that fixed soon - plans are in the works. The side streets around this locale are very nice. Parks in every direction - including giant River Park with trails etc. Swedish Covenant Hospital and Galter Life Center (Fitness) just a quick walk to the north. Harvest Time grocery just to the east.

— On the neighbor message Lawrence and California
5:12 p.m.

Another neighborhood hardware store ? We should only be so lucky. Fingers crossed.

4:02 p.m.

Just as long as the re-entry window isn't, literally, through mine - it's all fun and games. ; )

12:47 a.m.

@ Gabriel

Galter Life Center

— On the neighbor message Chicago Park District - Lap Swim
3:40 p.m.

They recently (a few days ago) plastered the neighborhood with "Kimberli Sushi" menus. Can't wait to try it. The facade was stripped last night when I drove by - I'm assuming we'l see the new "Kimberli Sushi" very soon.

— On the neighbor message Broken Plate Sushi?
12:44 p.m.

@ Jeff - I especially liked the Onion article linked within that other article.,11249/

funny : )

— On the neighbor message Kedzie between Lawrence and Montrose
12:28 p.m.

@ Albany Parker -

"@Josh I am aware they are occupied but the thing is many of the occupied gardens units/basements are not legal living spaces."

- You're preaching to the choir ; ) That was exactly my point. It also effects parking, over-flowing garbage, city services, school funding, property taxes.... and on... and on.

— On the neighbor message Kedzie between Lawrence and Montrose
12:22 p.m.

Not to beat a dead horse - er.. um.. yes - to beat a dead horse:
Uptown is a big neighborhood. Way back when - the OP asked about a very specific locale - the 4700 block of Kenmore. Although it's been repeated many times - perhaps it bears repeating again: Uptown has many nice areas. It's really a patchwork because of several geographic boundaries - including the Lake, Cemeteries and major arteries.
I suppose a more proactive way to grade 4700 Kenmore would be to take Uptown as a whole and grade it within that framework. If the corner of Wilson and Sheridan were a '1' - bottom of the scale and my pal, Jeff Littleton's, favorite spot in all of Uptown were a 10! - well, I suppose, that would put the 4700 block of Kenmore at about a 2.5 Not that that's bad - mind ya' - because Uptown is a wonderful, magical place ! It's just not quite as unbelievably wonderful as some other parts of Uptown obviously are.

— On the neighbor message Moving to Chicago
5:08 p.m.

With this website anyone can 'troll around' any neighborhood and judge from actual factual information.

Of course - this site only tells about crime - and a neighborhood is defined by more than just the amount of shell casings on any given street corner.

-very un-anonymous guy (with actual human photo ; )

— On the neighbor message Moving to Chicago
1:06 p.m.

more precisely - the eastern rectangular jut just to the south of the 12th street beach - with a terra-scaped green roof that slopes to meld with the park and an expansive arced glass atrium that faces the lake.

— On the neighbor message My Views on Chicago Casino
12:55 p.m.

@ Ryan " Is there such a place? I have no idea, probably not."

Northerly Island. The parking and transit solutions are already in place. Provided the footprint were scaled as to not overwhelm the the peninsula - Keep is small - focus on quality not quantity - great destination setting.

— On the neighbor message My Views on Chicago Casino
12:49 p.m.

" about those gadgets they have out there for barking dogs..."

Way ahead of ya'

Muhahahahahahhaha a aa !

8:05 p.m.

@ Bob - I probably had a similar upbringing. "Mom - be home at dark"- "where you going?" - "around" - " Ok"

If all the things we did were filmed and screened for modern parents they would have to up their Zoloft prescriptions.

-that said - as a parent - I do appreciate the concern.

— On the neighbor message Kids walking by the river
8:04 p.m.

I read this article too. I kept thinking of writing an article myself titled: 5 reasons bored Hipsters in Chicago obsess about the yuppies and their cliche underpinnings.

-a reformed Yupster

7:52 p.m.

I've decided that until I can do something about the 20 hours a day of yappy dog bark - I'm not going to let one more decibel of him into my home. ; ) So the wall stays as is for now.

2:42 p.m.

@ Becca. "I'm trying to visualize it (unsuccessfully)"

With a 'conversation - map pin' you'd know right where it was - with one click. - just sayin' (again) ; )

— On the neighbor message Walgreens Opens
2:40 p.m.

Yes - she did win a McArthur Fondation 'genius grant'. The recipients are free to do wit the money as they choose. She's said that a large amount of that money will be used for river restoration projects.

We are in a financial mess. We had better find creative ways to extricate ourselves. Because our economy is in shambles - the percentage taken from gains amounts to less - and we've decided to take less from those who do make it - and we've signed onto decade long 'projects' ten thousand miles away without funding them. Yup - we're in a hole. Hmmm... how did that happen ?

1:05 p.m.

Yes - Trulia offers this as does EveryBlock in a round-about way.

(Both efforts share the same programming pedigree. ; )

— On the neighbor message Moving to Chicago
12:36 p.m.

Well gerigirl - if the projects don't 'win' their money back plus more -for the community - then, yes, it's wasteful. I suppose that's the measure we're all after - will they ? I can envision them more than earning their keep. You disagree. I wish we had some renderings and community/economic impact studies to look at. It's my opinion that before they make any announcement like this they SHOULD release all the pertinent to the public.

Yes - for 4 million I would expect more than an pontoon dock too. These are being designed, in part, by the lady who designed Aqua downtown. If that's any indication I'd expect a very nice outcome.

Also - I'm all for strengthening the CPD provided they get out of their giant SUV cruisers and enforce the law.

9:27 a.m.

Dan's Plumbing Service
3010 W Wilson

I've used him twice and he's prompt, skilled and inexpensive.

— On the neighbor message SOS Need GOOD HONEST Plumber!
9:11 a.m.

"My suggestion to make Albany park more desirable for renters is landlords putting in laundry rooms in their buildings. I never seen so many laundrymats in my life."

Most of the basements are currently occupied.

— On the neighbor message Kedzie between Lawrence and Montrose
8:59 p.m.

We've been 'broke' for a long time - and now we're broke financially as a result.

If we can spend money that, in-turn, benefits our local economy - we should. We just have to be sure we're putting that seed money into the correct projects - because - we don't money to waste - nor time.

6:11 p.m.

" takes time people!!!"

It takes people - people. The pols wont be accomplishing much at all if the people aren't educated and engaged.

11:35 a.m.

"the only reason he voted against the Children's Museum move to Grant Park"

Smart vote regardless of the reason. Burnham would be spinning in his grave if he knew our parks were being converted to campuses.

11:31 a.m.

I've read (perhaps the information wasn't accurate) that the feds will be funding half/ the city the balance.

Anyone have a link to some renderings of the proposals. Also - any links to the economic impact studies that were probably done ? These should be posted for the public - but I couldn't find anything.

11:13 a.m.

correct to: Personally, I'd like a boathouse on Argyle and the River..

9:41 a.m.

If they generate 10 million in commerce and tourism then I suppose 4 million is a bargain. We still (even today) need to make investments in society in order to get anywhere. Or we can stagnate in a state of fiscal lethargy and resign ourselves to eventual decay. It's only a question of what makes sense to invest in. Do these offer a good return on the dollar ? They would certainly improve the livability of the communities.

I'm sure 'they've' done impact studies. Where do we, the public, access these studies ? Personally, I'd live a boathouse on Argyle and the River (one of the proposed 4 sites).

9:39 a.m.

Ward - It's possible to hold a full-time position and still hold another /other positions. Look around you - the community is full of folks that do this.

My wife is a full time student. She's also a full time employee. Hard work - sacrifice. Welcome to the new state of affairs.

But, alas, an answer to the question was surely not your end-game.

7:02 p.m.

Reinforcing Jeffreys O's points: (Montreal ! Yeah !)

Montreal has a set-up that Chicago could emulate. The casino actually sits on an island in the St Lawrence River. It's a great way to isolate the industry and insure that it does not develop a satellite community of less desirable 'feeder' occupations.

Absolutely - create a destination high end casino - more Monte Carlo - less Reno.

* It's all for naught if the needed tight regulation does not extend to the politicians who will inevitably be extending their graft-dirty fingers into the pot. If this casino does not have a 'carved in stone' mission statement that will benefit the citizens of Chicago - then it's not worth it.

It's gotta' work for us. Maybe we should take some pointers from our nation's 'First American' peoples and create a Chicago tribe (the People of Chicago tribe) that will command oversight on any casino operation. ; ) (half kidding)

— On the neighbor message My Views on Chicago Casino
11:58 a.m.

"I want to move but my husband says you can't escape violence, that it's everywhere, but wtf!"

Different neighborhoods definitely have a greater share of the problems. Your husband is ignoring that for his own reasons.

I live in an adjacent community so - it does matter to me what happens there. Where do these crime issues stem from ? Attack the issue at it's root.

— On the media mention 2 dead in chase, shootout in Albany Park
11:14 a.m.

Yes, don't get sloppy drunk on any given night on the Gold Coast - or you may be attacked by a vicious cougar !

— On the neighbor message Moving to Chicago
7:17 p.m.

I'm amazed by the great trick-or-treating in the Rockwell Crossing-Ravenswood Manor neighborhood. Reminds me of 'way back when'.

— On the neighbor message Trick or Treating in Chicago
2:09 p.m.

Great concept - I've been an advocate for something similar. I'd argue that the greatest potential of a system like this is to allow public access to the entire system. Allowing the public to take a proactive hand in monitoring their neighborhood - and bridging that online monitoring center into a modern, revamped and BETTER crime reporting web site will reap great benefits. Create strong mobile apps for the system for 'frosting on the cake'.

Chicago needs to employ technology to allow citizens to engage in our solutions.

— On the neighbor message Chicago's Security Cam Plan
1:56 p.m.

"first solar awning in the US" ???

— On the neighbor message What's missing in Lincoln Square?
10:44 a.m.

Dan's Plumbing Service
3010 W. Wilson

I've used this guy twice and have had quality service for the right price. I keep his number around now.

Good Luck.

— On the neighbor message Recommendation for Plumber?
10:37 a.m.

@ LAiU - I don't live right in Mogadishu or Grozny or Kandahar - but I do know enough about those places to form an opinion of their relative security.

Uptown has some ok areas - some are even nice. The corner of Kenmore and Leland is not one of the nicer areas - no matter how under-water your mortgage is or how strong your desire to boost the 'brand'. ; ) I hope that changes - I believe it will - eventually.

I suppose Don will have to gauge for himself.

— On the neighbor message Moving to Chicago
1:47 p.m.

I agree with Dan - I love Casino de Montreal too...

Like the Montreal Casino (not downtown) I think it's a good idea to isolate the venue - so that it doesn't develop a satellite area of those who would feed of the industry - hustlers, prostitution, pawn, etc. Regulate it tightly - including the politicians who will inevitably be in the coffers - isolate it and make it 'classy' - Stress the urban casino experience - a Chicago meets Monte Carlo atmosphere. It could be a good thing.

Some might take issue - but I can see it working on Northerly Island - provided it's a smaller casino and doesn't swallow up the peninsula.

— On the neighbor message Casino Vote Error
11:03 a.m.

Uptown sure has a nice lake front - and Buena Park - and Argyle (Viet Hoa) - and Sheridan Park homes/streets - and great cemeteries - and historic recently refurbished buildings on Broadway.

My home is in LS - but, for family reasons, I find myself in Uptown nearly everyday - so yes - it is a part of my community. Uptown has enormous potential that I hope it reaches. I believe it's been the victim of an unrealistic urban social plan for quite some time. Aside from the Great Recession and it's resulting social upheaval - Uptown has made some courageous steps lately. Great ! I'd rather not worry about my child when he visits the Wilson/Sheridan area - especially as he gets older.

Go Uptown !

— On the media mention Hey, Public Pooper, We Can See You
9:13 p.m.

@ Little - thanks for the advice. I'll file it accordingly. Uptown is my community - I'd just rather fix things than paint them with rose colors.

— On the media mention Hey, Public Pooper, We Can See You
12:56 p.m.

Personally, I don't care whos sitting on the throne - as long as we all do something to improve Lawrence Avenue.

4:32 p.m.

No - it doesn't help the "mentally retarded" - nor does it hurt them. It does, however, help the community identify the source of a problem. Remember ? the community. There are two sides to the issue - don't forget the other 2 million of us while you're protecting Mr. Poo.

I say: Re-post the photos - everywhere - digitally enhance the shot first though.

— On the media mention Hey, Public Pooper, We Can See You
3:51 p.m.

I don't believe that poop is classified as a narcotic - but I could be wrong.

— On the media mention Hey, Public Pooper, We Can See You
3:45 p.m.

Well said. Thank You. Please - for the love of all that is good - let's have an avenue for citizens to address chronic endless barking nuisances.

— On the neighbor message Neighborhood Dog Problems
2:03 p.m.

On a side note that is related: How tall can I make a side fence ? The code reads about as clear as mud. I know that a flammable (wood/vinyl) fence can only be 6' tall. I'd like to put in a taller chain-link fence and then add noise insulating material to it at a later date (maybe cement board based - maybe not). Anyone here speak municipal building code language ? I think I can go taller with fire-code fencing but want to be sure. This absolutely relates to the original topic - if 20 hours per day counts as nuisance barking.

— On the neighbor message how to handle a noisy neighborhood dog
1:54 p.m.

Personally - I prefer to think in stereo.

— On the neighbor message Human Rights Ordinance
1:28 p.m.

@ FGFM - I'd consider it unethical to not post his photo. The affect on community has to be weighed into how we dish out our ethics.

— On the media mention Hey, Public Pooper, We Can See You
1:19 p.m.

When was EveryBlock hijacked by AM radio ? Is EverBlock now an AM channel ?

— On the neighbor message Human Rights Ordinance
1:13 p.m.

@ Bill (near Rockwell) - Surely you know what dog/owners I'm talking about ; )

— On the neighbor message how to handle a noisy neighborhood dog
10:26 a.m.

The Google Map Street View looks like it was taken on a nice spring day. The July and August view would be altogether different. In fact the Google camera car might stolen and out for a joy-ride then. That church sign (pan way up) reads: CHRIST DIED FOR OUR SINS in giant letters. Regardless of your thoughts on the afterlife - that cant be a good sign for the neighborhood. That said - this particular corner is the armpit - within 5 minutes in many directions you can be in some nice areas.

— On the neighbor message Moving to Chicago
9:43 a.m.

Ok - So what do you do if this goes on for years and is never addressed by the owner whether they are home or away - night or day ?

— On the neighbor message how to handle a noisy neighborhood dog
8:56 a.m.

Sorry to hear that JP. Sounds like some country mice visiting the city, maybe - and not the typical variety. A while ago I saw a jeep full of 'rural types' harassing a poor kid on Rockwell - gender stuff. Had I been a little closer I would have harassed back - for him. Some people have family trees that resemble telephone poles - what can you do. Oh well - their numbers slowly dwindle.

— On the neighbor message Suspicious activity on 4200 N Ravenswood?
6:17 p.m.

If you're moving from some of the areas of Oakland - you'll feel right at home.

What Dan said: 'Gritty'

— On the neighbor message Moving to Chicago
6:03 p.m.

Doesn't look too bad (from the photo anyway).

Find some talent and have them refurbish it. The door bottom (like mine too) seem to take the brunt of the weathering. A nice antiqued brass bottom plate would cover the majority of any ascetic issues unresolved by a good refurbishing job.

-Not to mention you'd have the same dimensions for ease in 're-hanging' it. I'd get it refurbished. In fact I will - on my own.

Good Luck.

— On the neighbor message New Front Door for Two Flat?
11:50 a.m.

A service I don't need:
The Tribs Editorial.

Services that I do need:
1) a car wash ! The Subie needs it - I'd rather pay kids than Exxon Mobile or BP.

2) a school based employment pool (I took part in this way-back in HS - great!) For small odd jobs - in groups for safety maybe (here).

3) Community Litter cleanup - I'll pay by the bag. Win-win.
etc.. etc... etc....

— On the neighbor message Rockwell El Stop solicitations
11:19 a.m.

and yes - aside from the whole cynical use of our youth by a giant corporate entity aspect - I am projecting "my own uncomfortableness". Has that ceased to be a factor somehow ?

That 'uncomfortableness' is very healthy response to the realities playing out everyday in our communities.

The educators who send these children out should go out canvasing with them - make the institutions presence felt. The cause may be great - but lazily hiding behind kids is probably not the best way to achieve the desired goals.

That said - your point about honing these 'engagement skills' is well taken. I'd just argue that there has to be a better way.

— On the neighbor message Rockwell El Stop solicitations
10:58 a.m.

@ Dan S.
I respect your points - and second the complete disagreement.

— On the neighbor message Rockwell El Stop solicitations
10:40 a.m.

Post a pic of your door and front of your building so we can see what you're trying to achieve. I'm sure there are different avenues for you to search depending upon your building and door.

— On the neighbor message New Front Door for Two Flat?
7:20 p.m.

Dave - I run my own business too - for many years. I hope to provide my services to you soon.

— On the neighbor message Human Rights Ordinance
5:23 p.m.

Becca - Thread solutions - we'll talk this Thursday : )

— On the neighbor message Human Rights Ordinance
5:09 p.m.

Yes - a cold case merits an old car.

"Over and out" Adam-12

— On the neighbor message Old chicago Cop car in pursuit
11:21 a.m.

"I wish I could! No Satallites allowed at my apt complex. Options are Comcast and RCN"

- be thankful that you, at least, have RCN as a choice.

Consumers get screwed because consumers don't yell loud enough - IMHO

— On the neighbor message U-Verse
11:19 a.m.

Is it a 'Scam' - is it not a 'scam' ? Well, putting aside that from the Tribunes perspective it's a cynical engagement of our youth - it's also, obviously, more disruptive than it's worth to the schools. Surely there are better, more effective ways for these institutions to be reaching out to their communities - than by sending out squads of heart-string yanking panhandlers into our midst.

— On the neighbor message Rockwell El Stop solicitations
11:04 a.m.

Our city's roadways are not designed for bicycle, automobile and pedestrian traffic - even with the 'half hearted' notion of lane divider lines. And even if all parties were to follow the traffic rules we will continue to encounter the obvious shortcomings of our urban planning. Get used to living in fear as a motorist a cyclist and a pedestrian - because we don't do big things here anymore.

— On the neighbor message Bikes have the right of way always
10:39 a.m.

Bill is correct - and I'll be there to skew the sample.

8:16 p.m.

Brian A. - Welcome. Haven't seen you around these parts before.

— On the neighbor message New business east of Foster and Western
1:19 p.m.

regarding above comment:

In fact - the solicitations for very targeted educational needs that we see posted right here on EveryBlock is a much wiser approach.

I'm sure that the EB postings are just one of many better approaches to the problem.

— On the neighbor message Door to door "sales" person
1:17 p.m.

So basically a flailing Tribune is using kids to solicit subscriptions and thinly disguising it as a corporate youth outreach program - that they'll just write off anyway - with the rest of the mounting losses.

They're are many ways to give to our schools if we choose to. The school based directors of this program might want to find another means of communication with the public. Using techniques that are simultaneously being used to 'case' our houses is probably not the brightest way to achieve this goal - and not the best position to be putting these kids into either.

Get the name of the director of this program. Get some contact information for an adult in charge - so that the community's adults can communicate back and forth regarding the institutions needs and the neighborhood's concerns. Perhaps there is some synergy to be had by all - but not like this.

— On the neighbor message Door to door "sales" person
1:12 p.m.

Unless there are emails being exchanged behind the scene - I'd have to weigh in and call some of these responses just a bit much. Crave drama anyone ? ; )

Now what was that original topic anyway ?

— On the neighbor message New business east of Foster and Western
10:20 p.m.

Pho Lilly is Vietnamese. Most places 'on Argyle' are Vietnamese - but not all. - just sayin' ; )

Viet Hoa is a great little grocery store too. You can stretch your food budget in a big way by spending about $50 there once a month. The deli ? Well - that's up to your personal preferences.

— On the neighbor message What do you think of Argyle?
4:17 p.m.

@ Patty - Yeah - hadn't given all that much thought to bringing the walls and ceiling back to the wall. Thanks - I'll budget that into the considerations.

— On the neighbor message Exposed.
3:53 p.m.

@Saul - If I could achieve the same 'authentic' look with sliced face panels or the like - I'd do it - since they are real (just not really thick. One of the options.

— On the neighbor message Exposed.
3:47 p.m.

ooops... (tabbed & hit enter by mistake)
I've been looking into 'green walls' lately - for lots of reasons - one being it's graffiti deterrence. No punk kid's gonna' want to Tag a wall of greenery. Doesn't help much for the glass though.

check it out.

— On the neighbor message Taggers Spoted Last Night`
5:48 p.m.

I've been looking into 'green walls' lately - for lots of reasons - one being it's graffiti deterrence. No punk kid's gonna' want to T

— On the neighbor message Taggers Spoted Last Night`
5:45 p.m.

@ Laura "Not to mention, brownies are awesome."

That's true. I suppose you can eat brownies and wear camo at the same time. ; )

— On the neighbor message Street Harassment
5:32 p.m.

" interested in getting together to talk about ways to stop street harassment in Albany Park?"

I would suggest a guerrilla style campaign (no I'm serious) Harass back! Form flash mobs that take it right back to the offenders - get ridiculous - get licence plate numbers - shame them into the 21st century (or even the 20th for that matter) Never mind eating brownies in a coffee-shop and talking it through like gentility. Put on your camo !

— On the neighbor message Street Harassment
11:32 a.m.

"youv'e been EXPOSED....for being a DIYer!"

Yes - sometimes it would seem to be some sort of mental illness ... DIY crazy-people exposed ! Thanks.

I'm not one of 'those' brick painter types - though ; )

— On the neighbor message Exposed.
11:04 a.m.

Sorry to hear about the BS these people are dragging you through.

— On the neighbor message Street Harassment
10:54 a.m.

Some folks missed the memo or weren't around to receive it through the past 100 years of societal evolution. They'll need education on this matter too -

Goes hand in hand with the 'Nepoleon complex' - of both the vertical and horizontal variety.

— On the neighbor message Street Harassment
10:53 a.m.

Well my gas bill is one thing - but sure don't want to hear my neighbors everythings - at least not all the time. ; )

( I hear them enough)

— On the neighbor message Exposed.
11:53 p.m.

@ kandie - no it's the North wall. Bigger room (2") vs. less efficient... hmmm - I wonder how 'sealing' it would impact that ?

@ Beleve - we'll see. Depending upon the headaches involved in this project ?

— On the neighbor message Exposed.
10:40 p.m.

The majority on desktops wont be reporting in.

No issues at Rockwell & Lawrence - just good beer ; )

— On the neighbor message Power out?
7:34 p.m.

Also - just another possibility - since you mention that this hasn't happened to this extent in the past --- check to see that your neighbors haven't done some landscaping or other alterations to their property that might lead to your property receiving the 'brunt' of the water runoff.

-my 2 cents - worth price charged.

— On the neighbor message Garden Apartment Flooding?
12:25 p.m.

At least those hipsters weren't packing guns. ; )

12:15 p.m.

Good first step.

— On the media mention A More Secure Truman College
12:13 p.m.

Several months ago I viewed a pdf (buried somewhere on the former Alderman's web-site) that also showed a Phase 2 - Western to the River proposal. It was drawn up in the mid 1990's. I hope that's not the same plan. If it is - I hope it's graduated to - reality - and not merely dragged out for another public viewing. I'll try to stay positive.

I'm game on the litter pick-up... already working on it.

Trees ! Imagine that - real trees! - with oxygen, shade, leaves and all that good stuff.

— On the neighbor message Lawrence Ave. Green Team
3:59 p.m.

That's great ! What kinda' time-line are we talking about with the 'to the river' portion' ?

— On the neighbor message Lawrence Ave. Green Team
1:30 p.m.

A wooden spindle is not the best theft deterrent.

11:34 a.m.

"Screws fall out all the time, the world is an imperfect place."
-J. Bender (1985)

11:27 a.m.

I suppose utility line breaks and malfunctions don't keep daytime hours.

9:21 a.m.

If only an Alderman were like a 'god' - we could all sit around while AlderGod handled everything - But since we're all still just normal ordinary citizens in a normal ordinary world - we sometimes have to step up to the normal everyday plate and do something about things ourselves.

— On the neighbor message Richard's Body Shop blocking alley
5:25 p.m.

@ Wendy Thanks. We purchased it later but I'll keep that in mind.

Also - as a side note for the public: If a child seat has been involved in an accident it should be discarded and a new one purchased to replace.

— On the neighbor message Child seat safety check
12:35 p.m.

@ Everyone - Yes - as Wendy mentions - check your car specs. My car does have an upper LATCH system as well as two at seat level and seat belt pass throughs . Nice and snug.

@ Wendy - my Marathon's rating and the current specs on their web site shows a 65lb capacity (of course with height restrictions). Thanks for taking the time to educate the public about this issue.

— On the neighbor message Child seat safety check
9:02 a.m.

Thanks Bob -
Use those safety latches and center seat is better. The Britax Marathon can accommodate your child to 65lbs.

-a parent who's been in an accident (rear-ended on Lake Shore Drive at a stoplight- 8k damage) with my 3 year old who is now, thankfully, a happy and healthy 6 year old.

— On the neighbor message Child seat safety check
9:58 p.m.

@Liz F. I agree - it is commonsense - and it's a good idea to employ it in AP.

— On the neighbor message Moving Help
8:23 p.m.

I think that's how the real estate guides advertise a charming safe area. ; )

— On the neighbor message Moving Help
6:24 p.m.

"If you are smart about your personal safety (e.g. don't wear headphones, don't spend time walking around with your head buried in your smartphone, don't wave around expensive things like iPads, be aware of surroundings, take your keys out before you get to your door), then you will be just fine in this area."

D'oh !

— On the neighbor message Moving Help
6:15 p.m.

@KM - I know you're probably busy doing better things - but you could have contested the ticket. I think you would have gotten it thrown out - even contesting by mail.

— On the neighbor message Richard's Body Shop blocking alley
5:15 p.m.

Come on Becca - throw some Pizza into the mix and I'll pencil it in. Make it Jimmy's for the Ravenswood meet-up.

— On the neighbor message We want to hear from you!
1:57 p.m.

Your points all make logical sense. But the time stamp on the ticket should always be a prompt for the owner to contest the ticket AND a city judicial mechanism should be in place for the ticket to be 'forwarded'/reissued to the owner of the shop. In a well run -adult run- world that's how it would work anyway ; )

— On the neighbor message Richard's Body Shop blocking alley
11:13 a.m.

Police need to focus on both. If the CPD doesn't have the resources to do their job - they either need more or the city needs to give it's citizen's common sense tools to actively engage in the policing of their own neighborhoods.

No- of course I don't mean strong arm work - I mean common sense tools to help us do the jobs the CPD cant seem to do.

Start with a crime reporting website that isn't a joke. Add an effective mobile app to the equation to multiply it's effect. Place cameras in appropriate public spaces and give the community access to monitor them - and tie this into the crime reporting solution.

The tools are there. It just takes a (slight) imagination - nothing drastic.

— On the neighbor message Richard's Body Shop blocking alley
11:04 a.m.

I too have armed my home - but an OAK security system.

9:33 a.m.

IMHO - It's Ok to put these out there as questions. They don't appear to be directed as a sarcastic loaded question directed at one particular Alderman (perhaps I'm wrong?).

I agree with Terry that Alderman Pawar is working hard. I also believe that -message- has to begin to become reality at some point - even if you have to trim back and make real concrete changes in tighter focus.

Show me some real action on Lawrence Avenue and I'll be happy. That's certainly my pressing 'hyper-local' issue and I know many others feel the same. I look at that street with two possibilities: as a spring board for success or as a symbol of failures to come.

Lawrence Avenue - River to the Lake. Let's do it.

— On the neighbor message 100 Days
9:26 a.m.

@ monica - turn on your EveryBlock email.

— On the neighbor message Police Activity- Rockwell & Lawrence
12:32 p.m.

Wow. Really Bill. Not sure how I missed that. Maybe they finally busted the drive-through ?

— On the neighbor message Police Activity- Rockwell & Lawrence
11:33 p.m.

I already read it Patty - great article !

— On the neighbor message Lawrence Ave. Green Team
3:03 p.m.

Just called and asked for the manager - got the owner.

He was actually cooperative and mentioned that a hailstorm had overwhelmed them hence the parking situation - and that "I'll talk to the guys."

We'll see - maybe this will take care of it. Maybe.

— On the neighbor message Richard's Body Shop blocking alley
2:55 p.m.

Here it is:
(773) 588-3301

Here's the Yelp link if that get's us nowhere:

Make use of it neighbors - stick together and get things done !

— On the neighbor message Richard's Body Shop blocking alley
2:50 p.m.

Post the phone number for Richard's body shop so everyone can give them a call and remind them how to be neighborly - lest they get 'Yelped' into oblivion !

— On the neighbor message Richard's Body Shop blocking alley
2:47 p.m.

Lot's of construction on the alley side could have you reaping the sharp 'benefits'. Also any truck rolling through with lots of unsecured metal (not pointing any fingers, mind you) could be dropping some in it's travels.

Go to a home improvement store and pick up a handheld magnet pole (not sure what the technical name is). Good contractors use these during and after jobs to ensure that no sharp nails, screws, etc are left behind to cause harm. If you have a neighbor or two who are willing to help you could periodically 'sweep' the alley of metal sharpies - you could make short work of it.

Good Luck.

— On the neighbor message Flat Tires due to Alley?!
6:51 p.m.

Looks like lightning damage to me.

— On the neighbor message Tree in Winnemac Park
11:15 p.m.

@F.R. Johnson

Both. Sorry - I work alone in a home office. Need to get out more ; )

— On the neighbor message Airshow jets sighted
6:21 p.m.

Three brothers watching the airshow from mom and dad's back deck in Ravenswood - one a Humboldt Park hipster - works for the Reader, one a part time National Guardsman/mortgage broker who drove in from Gurnee and the third and events coordinator for Spin on Belmont and Halsted:

Spin Bro: "So exciting ! Fly over here Blue Angels !"
-sips London Dry on the rocks

Guard Bro: "That's an A-10 Thunderbolt - You wouldn't want to be a tank driver in his path!"
-swills an Old Style 16 ounce can.

Hip Bro: "Yeah , the military industrial complex has to advertise her goods. How else you gonna' sell it to the proletariat masses?"
-pours another PBR and HalfAcre 'black and tan'.

Spin Bro: "Is that a biplane?"

Guard Bro: "I don't think the Russians are making one of those yet - probably the Chinese are though... all I've got to say is one thing - Thrust Vectoring!"
-beltches and adds Plotchman's Mustard to cheese brat.

Hip Bro: "About the time one of those war machines barrel rolls into Gene's Sausage shop - you'll be thinkin' twice about it..."
-gnaws on last half of Portabella burger.

dog, tail between legs, whimpers and attempts to hide under grill cover...

(This has been another installment of - Adventures in Chicago Airshow Stereotyping !)

— On the neighbor message Airshow jets sighted
3:19 p.m.

"What are the odds the same tree would get struck twice? "

Tip: Don't sit under this tree and have a picnic - especially if there's a chance of rain ; )

— On the neighbor message Tree in Winnemac Park
2:31 p.m.

Us neighbors all love Nhu Lan ! Nice people too.

Yummmm # 4

— On the media mention Best Vietnamese Sandwiches in Chicago
9:34 a.m.

I've watched a large pine get struck by lightning producing similar results - a vertical split from ground to tree top. (I was closing a window to keep the driving rain out and looking out at the tree just 40 feet away when - boom - like a bomb going off - check that one off the list of must see in a life-time!)

— On the neighbor message Tree in Winnemac Park
9:32 a.m.

Amy - I'd recommend Harvest Time. 'Judging by the cover' I might drive by too - but the inside is where it counts and where it shines.

Great Produce and a great (bargains!) deli.

— On the neighbor message Lawrence Ave. Green Team
3:43 p.m.

Spyro - there are lots of older Neighborhood Messages regarding Lawrence Ave and bicycle commuting. I wish Everyblock has a topic search feature (maybe they purposely don't to keep things timely). Becca can tell you how to search for them - if you dont already know the Google site search process.

— On the neighbor message Lawrence Avenue Road Diet: Project Update!
8:55 p.m.

Right - a converter wont help because new TVs have them built in. If you have your antenna inside the brick structure - that might affect your reception. Have you tried getting your antenna outside ? Roof will help if possible. I just got Google TV and I'm considering dumping my cable bill and just relying on digital antenna service and internet based TV.

I'm tired of paying the monopoly - Comcast for 3 services - like to take it back to one - internet.

— On the neighbor message Local TV Channels Ravenswood Manor
9:58 a.m.

Do you live in the basement of a brick structure ?

Your antenna should pick up practically all Chicago digital stations.

— On the neighbor message Local TV Channels Ravenswood Manor
11:39 p.m.

"Do I have to keep reminding posters there is an etiquette on this board?"

No. You don't.

— On the neighbor message Lawrence Avenue Road Diet: Project Update!
11:15 p.m.

I'd love to see a crime reporting app that addressed this type thing (and many other situations)


Same car alarm going off again ? Pedestrians walking by or neighbors snap a shot of the plate (or type in the number) - click a 'Chronic Car Alarm Annoyance' button and off it goes to the CPD database. If the plate meets a certain threshold number of unique reports in a certain time frame - the plate is ticketed.

My 2 cents ? We need an updated Crime Reporting web-site and app. Not enough money for enforcement ? Let the people help. We'd be glad to help. Two much money for this to happen ? Eliminate five salaries citywide - that'll cover it - and give us better crime enforcement in the process.

— On the neighbor message Car alarm on Albany
1:25 p.m.

" I think it would be great to establish a safe link from LS to the Lake!"

Indeed. But make it the river to the lake and get miles of riverside bike-trails linked into the system in the process. Have a look at Google maps.

— On the neighbor message Lawrence Avenue Road Diet: Project Update!
9:41 p.m.

Yes Becca - I'll be there (I'll bring some Pizza from Jimmy's ; )

4:02 p.m.

I've parked in this small lot twice and got the last spot both times. You enter the lot from Foster - directly behind the pizza place.

my 2 cents - speaking of Deep-Dish and Pizza (note no 'thincrust' descriptor needed) is akin to talking about Lasagna and Pizza. Both are great ! But they're two different animals.
-just sayin' - Capiche?

— On the neighbor message New Neighborhood Pizza Place
4:51 p.m.

Perhaps these double-wide strollers could be redesigned to be double-decker ? Add a breathalyzer wheel-lock and - whalla - problem solved.
; )

— On the neighbor message Double wide strollers and designer dogs
12:12 p.m.

After that block-party stop by this one on the 20th:
Leland - between Rockwell & Campbell
Saturday August 20th

a-m bring a side dish
n-z bring a dessert.

see Greater Rockwell Organization website for more info.

— On the neighbor message block party
11:56 a.m.

In addition to all the rest of the actions - send them a link to this thread so that they might see that it's NOT Ok to be that kind of neighbor.

— On the neighbor message Local restaurant
1:20 p.m.

My one improvement would be the revitalization and beautification of the Lawrence Avenue corridor - start at the river and head east.

1:18 p.m.

Glen - are you working PR for free pizzas ?

; )

— On the neighbor message New Neighborhood Pizza Place
4:24 p.m.

Gave it a try last night. Yes! Someone finally gets the crust right. And just the right amount of 'crust bubbles'.

I started with a 20" cheese - straight up. Very nice.

Did I mention that it folds ? It folds!

— On the neighbor message New Neighborhood Pizza Place
1:04 p.m.

<dreaming> One of these days - I'm going to redo the entire basement - and build a wood/gas fired pizza oven into the corner wall. - With Trumer Pils on tap, ahhh <ok - back to reality>

Very glad to have some more pizza options. Apart has fantastic flavors and I give it a thumbs up 'apart' from the cracker crust. Cant wait to sample Jimmy's !

— On the neighbor message New Neighborhood Pizza Place
9:57 a.m.

Never mind. I see that Heidi answered that one.

Now if the slices fold we may be on to something.

— On the neighbor message New Neighborhood Pizza Place
4:57 p.m.

Do they hack up a pizza into squares ? Just curious ?

— On the neighbor message New Neighborhood Pizza Place
4:41 p.m.

"That's politics for ya."

Yes. It is. And I'm not politicking here when I say - if you don't like money in politics don't send thank you notes to the supreme court. They're not helping matters.

— On the neighbor message Obama just flew over our house
12:31 a.m.

Yes. He's the President of the United States of America. That requires a travel budget. The expenses involved are security related - because he's The President of the United States of America. As it has for all Presidents and as it always will.

His wife will travel too - as will his children - and there will be expenses also related to security - because they're related to The President of the United States of America.

Did I mention -
He's The President of the United States of America.

— On the neighbor message Obama just flew over our house
11:08 p.m.

Oh I should add... that was last night @ 11:30 pm (Saturday).

— On the neighbor message Found cat?
10:59 a.m.

I saw this cat while I was leaving (driving) out of the Rockwell alley near the new 'massage/chiropractor/therapy' place. She went under the new metal gate there by the new metal stairs along the backside of that establishment. I assume she's ok now ? Found ? Never lost - just free range ?

— On the neighbor message Found cat?
10:58 a.m.

"What are "Rain garden street bump-outs"...."

These are the side street turn ins that narrow because the sidewalk is designed to protrude into the former 'side street area'. They're planted with native plants, generally, to absorb and slowly release rain water and keep it from overwhelming the sewage/runoff system and discharging into the river and lake - with sewage hitching a ride.

— On the neighbor message Preview:This Week's Newsletter
8:37 p.m.

"But I have another place to add to the list... Jeri's Grill, the diner on the southeast corner of Montrose and Western."

Isn't that the place that has a big sign advertising "Ham on the bone"

That alone makes it a classic.

— On the neighbor message Need "All-American" Place for DInner
5:50 p.m.

'Dogs' is a broad term. The issue with dogs is that, without being around the particular dog for sometime, it's difficult to know anything about the dog. My neighbors on the south side of me have a dog I'd be happy to include in a lease - a great dog. My neighbors to the north have completely the opposite.

Why would anyone want a dog that barks a high pitched yap for 16 hours of everyday. Do they think that's fair to their neighbors ? Or do they just not care ? My guess is that they never give it a second thought.

Empathy - try it.

12:49 p.m.

Is this the cat in the more recent post ?

Also: maybe a code glitch - when I click on this pic for a closeup - I get the other cat - from the more recent post ?

Lots of gray cats around Rockwell/Lawrence area.

— On the neighbor message Have you seen Lady Jane?
10:33 a.m.

Is that the name ? "2 Asian Brothers"

I like it !

— On the business license 2 ASIAN BROTHERS
5:01 p.m.

Who's the last person to 'pile on' the OP ? No one in quite sometime on this thread. And very few at that. The thread was quite 'tepid' actually.

-Very Un-Anonymous

— On the neighbor message where are these total thugs coming from??
4:29 p.m.

Since you'll be living in one unit you have a bunch more latitude in choosing your tenants - that's according to law.

Be fair and choose well. There are great tenants to choose from - make sure they come to you through smart marketing.

4:18 p.m.

Put together a checklist. Make sure it includes:

Granite, Stainless Appliances, Gas Stove, Hardwood - no carpeting, in-unit Laundry - if you can, and an updated bathroom - nice shower hardware goes a long way.

I know these aren't for everyone - but they are on the list of most credit worthy tenants.

Make sure you place a maximum occupancy in the lease.

Use a service like SmartMove ( to help you vet your potential tenants. I used this - worked great!

If you use a standard lease make sure that you attach an addendum that discusses any issues directly related to your property.

Do an 'Apartment Condition' walk-through with checklist (and, perhaps, photos) - with your tenants before handing over keys. Get signatures on the checklist.

Get a Schlage key-code entry front door lock - the one with the handle because it auto-locks when closing. Consider the same for backdoor and garage. You can have your tenants give you a # code to put into the lock(s) - when they move on - you take there # out.

Advertise outside the building - if you don't want 'walk-ups' put that on the sign. Use Postlets service (or similar) to build your Craigslist ad. Take great photos - with sunlight !

After computing a budget for all work - double it. ; )

Good Luck.

2:12 p.m.

"I can't imagine they would ever allow livestock..."

There is nothing that I can't imagine. I can certainly imagine that scenario being pushed - or at least some variation of it.

Again - 100% behind the plant kingdom invading the city. We have quite enough from the animal kingdom already. Just putting it out there.

Go green !

— On the neighbor message Chicago City Gardens - Rahm's Initial Plan
1:36 p.m.

Well urban gardening and agriculture gets my vote. When 'farming' begins to include domestic animals - it'll lose my vote and find a very active dissenter.

"Let it grow !" By all means.

— On the neighbor message Chicago City Gardens - Rahm's Initial Plan
1:25 p.m.

Marcel - Good point. Directness does work. If young-people are not confronted by their community when they do ignorant things - they'll just continue to do it. I yell out the window (not loud) even when I see a kid litter. Why ? Because I don't want to live in a pig-sty and I want him/her to know that his/her community does not think it's Ok. I was 'barked' at when I was 15 for the same thing - and I remembered. If parents - for whatever reason - have failed in these basic child rearing tasks - then it's up to the community to assume them for that moment.

"Hey dumb-ass - stop pissing in the street ! - What are you - an animal ?"

Word it anyway you like. The point will be taken

— On the neighbor message where are these total thugs coming from??
6:29 p.m.

I rarely hear of the unruly cubs fans shooting at each other or civilians caught in the cross fire. I hardly ever hear of unruly cubs fans breaking into garages and homes - both unoccupied and occupied. I rarely hear of unruly cubs fans tagging every open wall with 'Go Cubs' tags. Maybe I'm not watching close enough - I don't really hang out in Wrigleyville anymore.

I do see and hear these things happening all around me though -

Damn Cubs fans !

— On the neighbor message where are these total thugs coming from??
3 p.m.

A side note for moving - correct me, neighbors, if I'm wrong;
A standard Chicago lease states that all move-in/move out must occur from the alley side of the residence. You may want to double check that - I've seen it attempted from the front and heard the resulting horns.

Good Luck with your move and welcome to this end of Route 66.

— On the neighbor message Moving Trucks in Chicago (and routes)
7:13 a.m.

Do you have a lease ? An electronic bank statement you can print out with your address ... ?

DMV is obviously closed at this point. Wish you luck.

— On the neighbor message White Pages
9:26 p.m.

Speaking of carts:
Anyone had their black cart (regular garbage cart) stolen lately ?
Annoying issue - just another 311 call.

— On the neighbor message Blue Carts
11:25 a.m.

Thanks Stan. My guestimation is that once the city hits a given percentage of participants in the program they'll begin to hike the rate for un-metered accounts assuming that they're probably over the 4 person threshold.

At that point - I won't hold my breath in assuming they'll adjust the rate downward accordingly for metered accounts.

All in all - for me - it looks like a good deal.

The next step would be to insure that un-metered accounts have un-zoned apartments factored in.

— On the neighbor message Water Meters, are they worth it?
4:04 p.m.

Thanks all - for all the suggestions. If I find anything great - I'll update you all.

— On the neighbor message Local Vintage Art and Prints ?
9:39 p.m.

I'm here too - no problems so far. Let's hope it stays that way.

Seems like we're cooling down a bit for a few days. Maybe that'll help.

— On the neighbor message Brownouts in Lincoln Square/Rockwell Area
11:29 p.m.

Just a thought: Will a cat or dog know enough to go to the area of an apartment that's cooler ? I assume they would. In that case you could put your AC on low in a smaller area that has access. If you live in a studio apartment - this probably won't help.

2:18 p.m.

"JoshT, how is your Lawrence Avenue Green Team idea coming along?"

Wasn't my idea - it was Patti's - though we've been thinking alike regarding the same strip of Lawrence for some time now.

I'd like to put a bunch more effort into it this fall. I've been hamstring-ed and hemmoraging money and time in a renovation project - but that's wrapping up. Wheeeewww !

We have some great businesses popping up at Rockwell and Lawrence - if this trend could turn the corner (literally) we'd be off to the races !

2:03 p.m.

I schpell everything wrong. Once I spelled 'out' ought. Must be the old english creeping back. Hope we're not judged on spelling - if so - put an edit function on EB. = )

... and we pivot back to "Northside Summerfest" discussion.

— On the neighbor message Northside Summerfest
1:43 p.m.

And back to the Lawrence Avenue Rejuvination Project ...

Any information would be great.

1:37 p.m.

"I like to eat bunnies!" ? Ok.

A side note: How does a landlord stop mail coming from tenants who lived here 10 years ago. I'm very familiar with these people by now... I'm sure they're off leading their lives somewhere - maybe even passed on by now...

Shhhhhh ... I recycle it all !

— On the neighbor message The New Phone Books are Here! Really?
6:47 p.m.

I haven't noticed it, but I do appreciate that you used the word "miasma."

Yes - great word.

Oh yeah - sorry about the stink !

— On the neighbor message Reeking River Miasma?
6:38 p.m.

Great idea. Many new AC units have this built in functionality too - even some less expensive models. They're usually more energy efficient than the older models too. You may save enough for the new unit in 1-2 seasons of savings.

5:34 p.m.

"That's what some of us grew up with."

Yes - I remember.

— On the neighbor message El Trains Stopped without AC
5:27 p.m.

I'm grateful for CSJ. I've followed both (EB & CSJ) from inception.
EB has more 'social network' appeal - by design. Posting a comment to CSJ would be more like posting to the Trib boards... just throwing it out there - while EB would probably fetch more immediate interaction on a particular message within the post.

I see them as two different animals - both important formats. If CSJ chose to cultivate their forums, chats, etc. - you may want to forge some ties with 'social networks' such as this one (albeit a 'micro-local' news driven social network).

— On the media mention Lawrence Ave. Sore Spot For Sale
11:52 a.m.

I'm going to put a wood stove in my basement and heat the place with these old relics of the past. Think of the savings in a well insulated building ! ; ) half kidding.

— On the neighbor message The New Phone Books are Here! Really?
11:20 p.m.

The best way to kill a thread you don't appreciate is to 'mute' the thread.

To help out with modern 'sensibilities' perhaps the mute button could also automatically make one last post - a post only view-able by the particular user doing the muting.

It would state "LAST WORD !"

— On the neighbor message Bike Trailers in the City
2:18 p.m.

I keep one on my deck - and cook on it when my neighbors decide to be too loud. ; )

The cow requires some upkeep - but overall - worth it.

1:51 p.m.

Some choices for cooking -

Gas stove-top or oven,
Electric stove-top or oven,
Electric Wok,
Hot Plate,
Toaster oven,
Open fire (wood)
Outdoor grill (propane or briquets)
Waffle Iron - sandwich cooker (think George Foreman)
Electric skillet,
Cow Dung oven (may turn your neighbors off),
Solar oven,
Deep Fryer (keep away from kids - especially outdoor variety),
Rice cooker,
the sidewalk (this week especially),
Sterno - Alcohol burners,
... ... ...

and on and on.

12:54 p.m.

"none of you cook?"

You don't necessarily need a connection to "People's" Gas' to cook.

There are a litany of options - most, but not all, involving electric.

Sure... I won't give up my gas flame stove-top - but for others it may be a smart sacrifice.

12:39 p.m.

Try posting to Craigslist - Housing Wanted.

— On the neighbor message help
10:29 a.m.

Close comparison - brownshirts and TP. Both populist ignorance who open the door for the real menace.

— On the neighbor message Gang tagging in Ravenswood
10:25 a.m.

"There's little difference between this graffiti and dogs marking their territory."

Thank You - "Territorial Pissing".

— On the neighbor message Graffiti & 4000 block of N. Spaulding
6:47 p.m.

Hmmmmmm - would a deposit on each spray paint can help at all ?

Too bad the contents of each can couldn't be tracked back to the purchaser in some way. I can see this down the road - but not yet.

(the worlds not ready for my molecular chemical RFID tags - yet)

— On the neighbor message Gang tagging in Ravenswood
6:37 p.m.

Yeah - cancel - especially if you have room for a grill somewhere (a well ventilated place of course- not inside) .

On those rare occasions you need a flame to cook - cook out on the grill ! My brother seems to do this year-round.

Tell em' where they can put their 'delivery charges' & 'Infrastructure Adjustments' !

And yell out the window "I'm mad as hell - and I'm not gonna' cook with your gas anymore - the man !"

6:22 p.m.

I'd cancel - but good luck lighting your cigars on the hotplate !

; )

4:23 p.m.

Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrreat !

Let's get going on Lawrence Avenue !

Alderman Pawar - you have a partner in your constituents.

— On the neighbor message Adlerman Ameya Pawar
3:26 p.m.

I just hope the #4 sandwich is ok - as well as all the folks over there.

— On the neighbor message Lawrence Fire
1:12 p.m.

Luckily - I have some anthropology/archaeology studies to fall back on.

Loosely translated these hieroglyphs mean "I'm still going through puberty"

— On the neighbor message Gang tagging in Ravenswood
12:06 p.m.

Go to Ward Night.

— On the neighbor message Our New Alderman
2 a.m.

This also happened to my wife. She cancelled her cards and, still, within an hour - two of the cards were already used. It's a real PITA having to get new cards and ID, etc. Sorry you're having to go through it all -

I'd recommend keeping cards and ID separate from all the other purse/pocketbook type items (spoken from my vast experience with purses - yeah - I know ; )

— On the neighbor message Wallet Stolen
12:16 p.m.

I've sent a few emails and received a reply to tow out of three. So - not too bad in the communication department. I know they're extremely busy 'ramping up' operations, climbing the learning curve and all the other things that come with stepping into a new office.

— On the neighbor message Our New Alderman
11:53 a.m.

What I've been seeing and hearing is no bat - I guessed it was a hawk. This post seems t confirm that.

— On the neighbor message Those nighthawks are noisy (but cool)!
12:52 p.m.

I've been in many a cave with many a bat. They're harmless - at least the varieties found anywhere around here.

— On the neighbor message Those nighthawks are noisy (but cool)!
9:23 a.m.

Great Article Patty. Thanks !

9:22 a.m.

Oh - I should add. Don't get it delivered. Their delivery won't be in 'a New York minute" The pizza's great - the delivery - ehhh, not so much- capiche?

— On the neighbor message Ravenswood Area New York Style Pizza?
12:34 a.m.

Easily the best I've found after an intense search:
Apart Pizza at Montrose and Lincoln.

The flavors are dead on - though the crust is still too cracker thin. You can still fold it - though it will be more cracked angles if you know what I mean. The flavors make it worth it !

I highly recommend:

The Capriciosa
10":$6.20 14":$13.95 18":$16.95
Ham, fresh champignons, artichokes.

Wow - don't knock it - try it.

Also: On Monday and Tuesday they have a two for one special. Call and request the deal.

“Mangia, mangia!”

— On the neighbor message Ravenswood Area New York Style Pizza?
11:18 p.m.

I have one that circles above my place. Sometimes I get the feeling I'm intruding on his hunting.

— On the neighbor message Those nighthawks are noisy (but cool)!
11:06 p.m.

@DarkAngel - 6' is for side fences. 8' for back fences. I believe there are variances allowed depending upon materials, fireproofing, etc that may allow for a higher fence. I've been looking into a 60' (vertical) soundproof fence on one side - but so far - no luck with code loop-holes ; ) Also, creative work with the code, garage geometry, etc. can help... after all - a garage -can- be 20' high and be built right up to the line if made of fireproof materials. A portion of the garage can also be a tandem setup and extend to the main structure. I've put some thought into this - for a reason. Correct me on any points anyone - I'm here to learn.

— On the neighbor message Any fencing recommendations?
6:51 p.m.

Great ! Thanks Patty ! And if Red Lion people are reading - You're a big plus for the neighborhood. 'Hand draws' would only be icing on the cake !

— On the liquor license application The Red Lion Lincoln Square, Llc
3:43 p.m.

@DebbyV - Yeah - I thought that Lawrence was a visual they used on approach - but I'm sure they do it all by computer now. I don't mind them though.. I hardly hear them inside. Some nights they seem to come in one a minute. I sit on the back deck and watch the 'white bellies' appearing over the edge of the roof line. Any lower and I might mind. Since they all seem to be on decent they're somewhat quieter. If I were further west - 4-5000 west - they would be much lower and probably more annoying.

— On the neighbor message crowing rooster?
10:24 a.m.

"Excessive animal noise (including crowing) is prohibited - you can look it up in section 7-12-100 of the city code."

— On the neighbor message crowing rooster?
5:12 p.m.

Hmmm... that would work for me !How would that be setup ? Would it be a web-based setup ?

— On the neighbor message Would a barter co-op work in Ravenswood?
5:06 p.m.

Diversity is Grrrrrreeeaaaattttt !

Dragging your neighbors with you back to 9th century - not so much. That's why 'we' wrote these codes into the cities bylaws - a century ago.

— On the neighbor message crowing rooster?
2:57 p.m.

Don't give up on biking. Do it somewhere safe while you're with your kids. That's all. It's up to you to decide what's safe for your children (at least in this matter). If you believe that biking through traffic with them is safe then that is, of course, your right - at least according to the law. I believe the opposite. I take my boy to RiverPark and have miles of safe trails. Luckily I'm close enough to do that.

Happy Trails !

— On the neighbor message Bike Trailers in the City
2:47 p.m.

That's nonsense. Report them. Have the city remove the bird and fine them. If they continue the nonsense - continue to use the resources at your disposal to make them stop. These people have to be dragged off the cloud they live on and be educated forcibly about empathy for their neighbors.

— On the neighbor message crowing rooster?
2:38 p.m.

"...the issue is not the trailers or "those" parents who put their children at risk by using bikes for transportation. The issue is about the dangerous way many motorists drive (and how some cyclists ride), unawareness and ignorance of sharing the road with bicyclists, and a road infrastructure that is often unfriendly to bicyclists."

100% agreed. Which is why, after factoring in those realities, I'd never put my child in a low slung 'trail-behind.' Of course it's not an issue about the biker or their intentions as a parent. It's about two tons of rolling reality.

After a disaster - it will help no-one to argue about who's at fault.

We all just want the kids to be ok.

— On the neighbor message Bike Trailers in the City
12:37 p.m.

Just a side note neighbors:
If you deem a conversation 'not worthy' or 'not worthy anymore' ... just Mute it & poof - gone.

11 a.m.

Yeah, I was hoping for pump. Really enjoyed that in the UK. That may be asking a lot - I'm not sure how readily available those systems are here. My relative knew the owner in Peterborough (UK) and I got to check out the pump room behind the bar. Wow ! Elaborate system. Good beer.

— On the liquor license application The Red Lion Lincoln Square, Llc
12:46 a.m.

"sheezy peet!" Wow. That expression has to have it's roots on a grandparents knee." I even Googled it. Nothing ! Very 'hyper-local' colloquialism somewhere I imagine. But I digress...

9:19 p.m.

Inventive ! Yet not weighted down by balanced reason. I give it an 8.

— On the neighbor message Bike Trailers in the City
7:53 p.m.

I see that this conversation has officially disintegrated into a 'blame the victim' stream of thought. I've been watching from the beginning - doing an unofficial scientific study on how long that would take. Hurray ! Now I know ! And knowledge is power !

6:23 p.m.

I cringe when I see these things. So much opportunity for a tragedy - especially given how low they sit in traffic. IMHO these should only be used on park trails within the city.

— On the neighbor message Bike Trailers in the City
10:10 a.m.

Very good. I wonder what type of tap system their going to put in ? A pump system like in England or the normal American setup. Hmmm... either way - good.

— On the liquor license application The Red Lion Lincoln Square, Llc
10:53 a.m.

Did I hear correctly today while mowing my lawn ? Has the licence arrived ? That's what I thought I heard.


— On the liquor license application The Red Lion Lincoln Square, Llc
11:44 p.m.

"Love the vigilante spirt!"

Yes. Vigilantes fill a role - the role neglected by society.

— On the neighbor message The scumoids were at it again last night
8:16 p.m.

I'll bring my boy - teach him and possibly inspire other young ones.

— On the neighbor message Lawrence Ave. Green Team
12:36 p.m.

Great Gabriel ! Action !

I'll hit Rockwell to the River - tomorrow morning (showing my rental today.) Unless Patty or someone else gets to it first (in which case - I'll hang my head in shame - but enjoy the clean street.)

— On the neighbor message Lawrence Ave. Green Team
12:33 p.m.

We should all plant the seed and spread the rumor:

"Spray paint fumes lead to shrinking .... errrr, ummm ... feet."

— On the neighbor message The scumoids were at it again last night
12:19 p.m.

Spray-painting over graffiti ? I like the gesture. Maybe I don't quite understand. Wouldn't that make the owners job of removing the paint - all the more difficult ? Again - I appreciate the gesture.

Spray paint companies should market a spray eraser.

— On the neighbor message The scumoids were at it again last night
12:16 p.m.

"this was New York's approach to reducing crime in the 90s (famous technique of arresting turnstile jumpers)."

Oh - do I remember this technique. All too well ; )

— On the neighbor message The scumoids were at it again last night
2:44 p.m.

I do like to see the Marine Copters though. Impressive machines swooping over.

9:56 p.m.

It was a little joke - the ongoing Lawrence Avenue theme.
(yeah - not a funny joke)
The traffic wont bother me though - I just wont drive that night.

9:55 p.m.

Let's rejuvenate Lawrence Avenue - as a birthday present.

7:01 p.m.

How 'bout 'smart bumps'.

Speed bumps that optically measure the speed of an approaching vehicle and that instantly increase in height according to the speed. Technology that persuades offenders to comply without punishing those who abide. It could even be powered by the action of the vehicles rolling over it.

Someone go invent that please.

— On the neighbor message New speed bump alert:
2:28 p.m.

"Or the Flower shop on Montrose just west of Western?"
The one with the great signage.

I suppose it's all relative to where you live within this 'thread map' whether or not you feel that a particular service is under represented.

— On the neighbor message What's missing from that retail space?
2:04 p.m.

@Becca - No I hadn't. But great idea ; )

— On the neighbor message What's missing from that retail space?
1:48 p.m.

Speed bumps are fine - unless you live right by one and have to listen to the loud crash every time a ladder truck, speeding low rider or delivery truck go by. Ohh - 387 times a day or so ...

I don't know of a better alternative - but I wish there were one.

— On the neighbor message New speed bump alert:
12:53 p.m.

Or you can pick a stretch of road and go pick up the litter on it. ; )

— On the neighbor message Lawrence Ave. Green Team
12:33 p.m.

Hmmm... I didn't notice very many "ignorant" nor "enabling" comments. Just normal EveryBlock measured conversation - until now.

— On the neighbor message Smokers/Non-Smoker Apartment Previsions
12:31 p.m.

"I know I and my wife are not alone when we choose to walk down Leland and not Lawrence when walking from our house to Lincoln Square."

I make this detour every time with my son.

I agree that starting small is the right way to go - hence one tree, planters, cleanup, etc - but I wouldn't be so quick to give up on larger revenue generators. As for business parking - I'm all for it. Big change does require big change - and maybe a separate parking discussion would be a better place to begin to hash those out.

In any case - let's do something - sooner rather than later.

— On the neighbor message Lawrence Ave. Green Team
12:19 p.m.

Ban hypermiling (see: )

This driver watches out for and gives right of way to pedestrians at all times. (even when I'm hypermiling a california roll)

11:07 a.m.

@ Sheila - Unfortunately, the plan you're referring to for Lawrence Avenue has been around forever - decades. When some part of it does get accomplished it will be centered between Western & Damen. That's great - but I think some folks, I'll include Patty and myself, would like to see improvements on Lawrence include the stretch from Western west to the River.

Giant unused heat magnet parking lots would be a great place to start !

But I digress - back to this great thread.

A permanent 'Food Truck' station with rotating (non permanent) trucks, a dining area with amenities and hookups for the food trucks. Serve swanky to common grub.

What I'd like to see nearby.

— On the neighbor message What's missing from that retail space?
10:52 a.m.

"I kinda doubt parking revenue is going to work. I'm guessing the city's deal with Laz precludes that."

I'd like to see some details on the Laz lease deal. I'm pretty sure that regular permit parking has nothing to do with the deal. Also - the meter deal must be for existing metered spots, correct ?

I'd guess that the greatest hindrance to generating revenue through parking would come from the city itself - the Department of Revenue, etc.

I'd say you're right about the difficulty in getting it done. It would take a group of like minded Alderman to push the city to allow for a Ward Centric parking revenue structure. That group would have to build the Department of Revenue's expected 'take' into the formula.

It would be difficult - but could be done.

Another idea might be to set up a 47th Ward Long-Term Parking Pool wherein owners of private parking spots (garage spaces, alley spaces) could place their spot in the available pool and let the ward market, and allocate the spots for a cut (20%?) of the proceeds. A Google Maps Mashup might make the process more efficient and make the task worthwhile for all parties.

Any other ward focused revenue generating ideas ?

— On the neighbor message Lawrence Ave. Green Team
10:17 a.m.

Hi Kristopher -
Here's the information for the meeting you're writing of, and that Patti mentioned:
"We will have our first "Ward Night" on Wednesday, July 13, 2011 from 5:00 PM to 7:00 PM." - from Alderman Pawars (47th ward) newsletter.

47th Ward Public Service Office
4243 N Lincoln Ave
Chicago, IL 60618

Monday - Friday
9am to 5pm

Ward Night
Begins Wednesday
July 13, 2011
5:00pm to 7:00pm

Since the 'strip' we're referring to falls in Ward 47 and in Ward 40, it might be a good idea to work actively on/with both Alderman. As a group we can petition both.

Any 40th Ward information anyone ?

— On the neighbor message Lawrence Ave. Green Team
9:56 a.m.

... but that's more macro focused, long term stuff.

I'm all for planting ONE tree - just ONE tree - on Lawrence Avenue between Western and the river. Gotta' start somewhere.

— On the neighbor message Lawrence Ave. Green Team
10:30 p.m.

Thanks Pete - These plans have been batted about for at least 15 years now. Schulter had a pdf on his site with plans from circa 1995. I'm sure the 'great recession' and it's resulting revenue woes won't help to 'speed up' the geologic time scale of the process.

At this point, in my opinion, it's going to require a very concerted grass roots effort to get anything accomplished.

I'd like the Alderman's office to begin working with the community to help open avenues and streamline processes so that we can generate revenues from within the community. The main revenue generator that I see is parking revenue.

One for instance ; issue free parking permits in the 47th ward - one per legally zone residence and charge $50/month for other parking permits. Also - add additional hourly meters, especially in commercial areas. This would solve some parking problems and generate revenue.

I'm sure there are many more opportunities for revenue - if we think outside the box.

We could fund our own community initiatives.

If we can't get revenue from elsewhere - we should, at the very least, have the red-tape cut and be allowed to generate it from within our own community.

I'm told this is not how city government works. Perhaps this should be how city government works - for us.

-just sayin'

— On the neighbor message Lawrence Ave. Green Team
10:26 p.m.

Jassy - Good Points - but if I see a tagger I'll walk up to said tagger and call him out for being the little boy he is. I'll take my chances. Adults are still the adults - and children are still the children. My guess is that these little boys are more posers than anything else - hence the act that is essentially 'territorial pissing'. I'm sure that 'real bangers' are out being the young entrepreneurs that they are. Purveyors of ditch weed and the like.

— On the neighbor message "Bank" tagger?
7:42 p.m.

I'll go. Anyone else ? Make your profile - 'e-mailable' or contact me through mine.

— On the neighbor message Lawrence Ave. Green Team
2:48 p.m.

Yes please - a hardware store.

— On the neighbor message What's missing from that retail space?
2:42 p.m.

Yes - good post. And for any budding entrepreneur - valuable market research - straight from the community.

— On the neighbor message What's missing from that retail space?
1:53 p.m.

We 'preside over' a smoke free residence - and hope to attract renter just like you. As a former smoker myself - it's difficult to gauge the smell when you are a smoker. It reeks - and permeates everything.

Not that freedom to reek should be abolished - mind you.

— On the neighbor message Smokers/Non-Smoker Apartment Previsions
1:36 p.m.

Nice sign. Let's hope it's nice inside. Keep us posted Adrian.

— On the neighbor message Sweet Pea's Bar and Grill (on Montrose)
1:30 p.m.

Isn't there any way to actually catch taggers - and make examples of them ?

— On the neighbor message "Bank" tagger?
1:27 p.m.

I'm interested Patty - I was thinking last night that it might be a good exercise to put a group together to plant one - just One tree - on the strip. Organize the group, finance the undertaking, coordinate with the Alderman's office, plant the tree - and see to it that it grows.

If that can happen - then it's just a question of replicating the task.

We can be the "One damn tree please - committee."

— On the neighbor message Lawrence Ave. Green Team
12:45 p.m.

@Katie K.
"The city however will not credit us or refund us anything on the obviously gross overcharge that we had previously."
-that's a given ; )

— On the neighbor message H2Ohhhh ?
12:35 p.m.

We can also call the roving youth armies decimating populations around the world - 'teens'. I'm sure their not especially fond of their situation either.

Since their family situation has essentially made them wards of the community - it's in the communities interest to solve the problem - with the most effective means available to that community. Somehow I don't think that another unused ping-pong table in the corner of a youth center is going to solve anything at all.

1:07 p.m.

@Cash I do hear you. As soon as I finish the monster renovation, in the home stretch - it's game on for the meter people.

— On the neighbor message H2Ohhhh ?
10:41 p.m.

Thanks everyone for weighing in.

By most accounts, making the meter plunge seems to be a great idea. I'll probably be doing just that at the end of the summer and when I do I'll 'publish' recap of the process and anything I might add for others thinking of doing the same.

Thanks neighbors. Stay cool !

— On the neighbor message H2Ohhhh ?
6:16 p.m.

..."So USA needs to reinvent, reeducate and restructure itself for the new economy."

Yes - the US does need to reinvent it's economy - and manufacturing must be a part of that equation. High end manufacturing with advanced manufacturing processes and the skilled workers to match.

Also, the US needs to concentrate on what we're good at - innovation and entrepreneurship. Our educational system should hone these two skills if we are to find our new place in the modern world economy. We certainly haven't found it at the moment - but we've been in worse positions - ask your grandparents if you're lucky enough to still have them around.

But I digress... back to Wal-Mart chat.

— On the neighbor message Second WalMart in Lake View?
2:09 p.m.

My child's toys are mostly Legos - a rare piece of plastic not made in China (for the most part anyway). I'm actually amazed that the Western World can still produce such an advanced item !

— On the neighbor message Second WalMart in Lake View?
2:02 p.m.

"inside job" ? how so... ?

— On the neighbor message Apartment Robbery - 4309 N. Winchester
1:51 p.m.

As for motion detector lights - they're great for the back areas and, as Jeffery O mentions, they probably do have a greater impact due to the instant on and because maybe someone flicked the switch personally. They're not to expensive or difficult to install.

1:13 p.m.

You're very positive ! That's great. Your post makes for a good juxtaposition with the more surly, though mostly well meant, comments here on EveryBlock (including some of mine).

I'd say 'Have a great Day!' but I'm sure you've got that covered. ; )

— On the neighbor message On the (+) Side
10:20 a.m.

I do this every night with CFL's and LEDs. Burns very little juice and provides a little light for the sidewalk as well as acting as a persuasive argument for a crook to keep walking. I hope they would never try - that would not end well.

9:55 a.m.

I hope they don't steel the anti-personnel mine I have in my garage !

6:21 p.m.

Rubs are ok on granite - please take a photo of the marble and limestone pieces - too soft and easily damaged.

(i don't know how this fits in to the thread - but I read the rub comments - and so...)

; )

2:45 p.m.

Rockwell's Neighborhood Grill - corner of Eastwood and Rockwell.
Great place for adults and kids.

6:23 p.m.

I won't call it blight anymore either. It's a plywood sector.

I'd love to see these areas improve - by any method. The Alderman's office can and should play a role too.

— On the neighbor message Starting a social club
5:14 p.m.

I had EveryBlock double post earlier too... hangs up then double posts. But I digress - back to the ideas !

— On the neighbor message Getting Things Done In Chicago
5:08 p.m.

And another tip Becca has recently clued me in on:
If you don't care to follow a thread anymore, deem it worth being a 'dead-thread', or just don't want to participate anymore - you can always 'Mute' the thread by clicking the little tiny button in the bottom right corner of the 'story header box'. In your personalized EveryBlock world the thread will be gone. ; )

— On the neighbor message Shots Fired at 4:20 AM?
2:27 p.m.

I'll try to refrain from the term blight though - as blight begets blight. Instead I'll try to refer to it as a plywood sector.

— On the neighbor message Starting a social club
2:09 p.m.

I'll try to refrain from the term blight though - as blight begets blight. Instead I'll try to refer to it as a plywood sector.

— On the neighbor message Starting a social club
2:09 p.m.

I don't think the strip needs any declaration of blight - just witnesses.

I agree with part of the developer argument - but wasn't 'Lincoln Square proper' a development in the 1960's-70's ? Any business person developing an area is development - we can only hope to keep it local and on a scale that stands to benefit the neighborhood more than outside interests.

How is the block just north of Lawrence doing ?

— On the neighbor message Starting a social club
2:06 p.m.

Maybe local artists could treat these in such a way as to make them more permanent and install them in place. Art as a memorial - memorial as a reminder.

-my 2 cents - worth price charged.

— On the neighbor message Ghost Bikes
1:55 p.m.

"Graveyards are such an eyesore in the winter too."

I appreciate and understand the sentiment and add that graveyards are the greatest place in the city - any season. Great stone art, quiet, most civilized residents in the city. Can't beat 'em.

Thanks for the education on 'Ghost Bikes' - I had no idea. Not sure how that escaped me.

ps- No need for Ghost bikes on a Velo-L

— On the neighbor message Ghost Bikes
1:49 p.m.

Citizens just want results from law enforcement. If we reach for a bullhorn - it's because we're expecting at least a whisper of response.

9:35 a.m.

"There's so many vacant storefronts on Lincoln west of Western and Lawrence west of Western."

According to some - this does not qualify as blighted. I hope that our new Alderman's office works to address this issue. Whatever the section of road's 'blight status', it could use some help.

— On the neighbor message Starting a social club
2:20 a.m.

Also - any proceed would/should, or course, be plowed back into the same adjacent community for projects like - Rejuvenating Lawrence Avenue-

— On the media mention Schulter’s Last Minute Parking Zone
1:54 p.m.

Let's make it work that way - or try anyway...

— On the media mention Schulter’s Last Minute Parking Zone
1:51 p.m.

Great work FP. Especially the meetings on the corner (kinda' like positive loitering) and the phone tree (which commands results).
Keep it up !

— On the neighbor message What works for your community?
1:23 p.m.

Why not have one ward-wide plan.

How about something like this:
Issue free parking permits in an amount corresponding to the amount of legally zoned residences per building - one free permit per zoned residence.

Charge $50/month (what a bargain) for any others and allow for more hourly paid/metered spots within the wards jurisdiction (not parking lease company!).

The crux of the problem is too many vehicles per amount of zoned residences.

— On the media mention Schulter’s Last Minute Parking Zone
12:53 p.m.

"The only helpful parts of this thread were..."

Thanks for letting me know what the only helpful parts were.

3:23 p.m.

Sometimes wells are 'shocked' with 'bleach' to keep down bacteria. I cant imagine why the municipal water supply would be 'shocked' in this manner ?

Any new plumbing done lately ? New filters or water treatment installed that may be leaching back into the supply ? If you don't think it's localized to an in-house cause - call Water Management:

Department Main Office
Water Management
Phone: 312.744.4420 or 312.744.4h2O

— On the neighbor message chlorine?
12:01 p.m.

I have APMs placed strategically.

— On the neighbor message Garage thefts
11:42 a.m.

Jassy - Much agreed. It would be great to see some community force to help (or shame) the CPD in doing more.

— On the neighbor message Gunshot June 23 @11:15 pm
11:13 a.m.

I heard both from Rockwell and Lawrence - clearly fireworks - probably M-80s. (unless they're making home-made cannons)

— On the neighbor message Gunshot June 23 @11:15 pm
11:11 a.m.

I'd say it was more private property than either.

11:04 a.m.

Wow Paul ! You gotta look out for those folks ! Thanks for keepin' us posted.

12:01 a.m.

@ Jeremy -
It's great to 'hear' you approach it from that 'anthro' perspective. Dead on.

Young lions can either be persuaded by the inner group - or they can form child armies and decimate the greater tribe. The tribe decides - or sit's on it's hands and waits.

-just sayin'

— On the neighbor message Neighborhood "Watch"
2:02 a.m.

Well - that's good to know Jenn. Then your degree of commitment to your neighborhood is not at all influenced by your ability to pull up roots at will. That's great. My guestimation is that you're in the minority in that unalterable degree of commitment.

I suppose we'd all have to wear both 'pairs of shoes' in order to gauge that with any accuracy.

By the way - I appreciate your (selfish) desires for community.

— On the neighbor message Neighborhood "Watch"
4:32 p.m.

I'm certainly not arguing any socioeconomic point - pretty sure I pointed that out. I'm simply stating that the proportion of civic minded, community oriented renter would be -all the more- committed if the did find themselves tied to the property - if for no other reason than selfish self preservation.

Indeed money talks - and it says lots of things. One very loud thing it proclaims is:

"Damn! You're gonna' be servicing me for one lonnnnnng @$$ time Mr. 'Had to buy a' house of my own' - sheaaa - you better make it worth your while - cause' you're here for the long haul ! hehe"

-in layman's terms

— On the neighbor message Neighborhood "Watch"
3:02 p.m.

"The idea that renters care less than homeowners is outdated and outmoded, and it's been in the news in the last two weeks that studies show renters care just as much. There's no significant difference."

Decades of mortgage to pay versus 'my lease is up in 5 months.'

I've been a member of both parties - renter and owner - rented most of that time and certainly don't place the two groups on any pedestal - one or the other. Unless you're an atypical renter who stays put for 10 years in one place I find flaws with this theory - and that doesn't mean I find flaws with the renter or a renters priorities. One of the fantastic benefits in renting is mobility. If the neighborhood does not suit your particular needs or match up well with your 'stage in life' - you can pick up and move to one that does meet them. The situation is just not that fluid for an owner. For me - it's just simple logic - that an owner would be more inclined to try and 'mold the neighborhood' long term rather that pick up and go.

I don't think that any poll will tell this story either. When we participate in a poll we're all in the present and respond accordingly. The owner and the renter can not help to have different projections of future possibilities.

— On the neighbor message Neighborhood "Watch"
12:51 p.m.

Sounds like is more to 'drone' scale than to toy scale.

— On the neighbor message Remote Controlled Helicopter flying
12:45 p.m.

Who's going to be playing ? Weekly ? More info please. : )

— On the neighbor message Concert in Ravenswood Manor Park
9:30 p.m.

Can sorta' close neighbors come too ? I want to get to know some of these riverbank folk. They're like the Cajuns of Chicago. ; )

9:26 p.m.

Experiment with RF jamming devices ? But if you do - wear a hard-hat.

— On the neighbor message Remote Controlled Helicopter flying
9:22 p.m.

Battle him with your own remote controlled fighter jet ?

— On the neighbor message Remote Controlled Helicopter flying
6:26 p.m.

On second thought - I'd rather not hear the music that someone else deems worthy of projecting onto the world - whether it be circus music, country music, classic rock or the music that I enjoy. I'd say that being neighborly involved being empathetic toward your neighbors. Force feeding them our musical choices - or making loud cultural statements as we drive around the neighborhood strikes me as the complete opposite of empathy.

But most of the other ideas are spot on !

— On the neighbor message 4600 Block N Central Park
2:44 p.m.

These are good ideas PJ - i try to do most of them.

I wouldn't advise leaving the first floor window open though and would prefer Jazz to Classical.

— On the neighbor message 4600 Block N Central Park
1:02 p.m.

Regarding residence zoning:
The interesting thing is that these same battles were fought a century ago. They resulted in the residential zoning that we have on the books now - and for the same reasons.

— On the neighbor message 4600 Block N Central Park
8:32 p.m.

So- where did that manhole cover go ? Did it really just collapse - or had it been sold for scrap ?

— On the media mention Pictures: Lincoln Ave. Manhole Collapse
8:29 p.m.

A Subie should be able back out of that hole.

— On the media mention Pictures: Lincoln Ave. Manhole Collapse
4:58 p.m.

Since we have very little money in the coffers to throw at our local problems and concerns - I'd stress that the most important move for the Alderman's office to make is one that builds a strong self sustaining structure for leveraging citizen-neighbor 'feet on the ground - physical activism'.

We really don't need to be polled, yet again, about how how our local government may help us - sure that's important - but if creating a solution on paper is it's only result - it's all for naught.

* If the Chicago Police Department does not have the budget to protect it's citizenry - then give the people tools to help make it happen. Instead of only being able to monitor the crime around us - give us tools to make a difference. Give us a REAL crime reporting website with a community representative that works with the CPD to make sure these concerns are followed up on. Where it's a responsible solution - lets put cameras that can be monitored by the citizens via an internet ip address - and lets tie it into the crime reporting site.

Do you really think that looking out the back door every-night is going to help ?

* If we don't have the money to implement street improvements - give us the tools to gather those funds within the community and let the citizens put shovels in the ground if need be to make it happen. Why is Lawrence west of western a treeless, uninviting highway with no little pedestrian shopping ? What paid parking opportunities are still in the communities chest (that haven't been leased away) ? How about a resident/ward co-op parking space leasing organization that uses the ward part of it's proceeds for improving the streets adjacent to those residences ?

There has to me a thousand 'out-side the box' solutions waiting to be implemented. The voice connecting those ideas to levers of power has to come from the Alderman's office.

The community is here - ready - waiting. It only lacks the cohesion that the Alderman's office can help to provide.

Help us help ourselves.

— On the neighbor message Preview from this week's 47th Ward Newsletter
2:39 p.m.

Yes - transparency-good , solutions-even better.

— On the neighbor message Preview from this week's 47th Ward Newsletter
1:41 p.m.

These concerns also come to head regarding garbage disposal (walk or drive in alleys behind 'over zoned' residences), street parking, and property tax dollar allocation. They're very real concerns and they do need to be addressed.

— On the neighbor message 4600 Block N Central Park
11:16 a.m.

Lawrence Avenue does have a bunch going for it - or could. I don't think we'll hurt it's feelings in pointing out where it needs help.

And it does need help.

— On the neighbor message A Positive Note About Lawrence Ave.
7:26 p.m.

@ Cold

Wait five minutes. By the time Becca were to set something up - even if it's very soon - chances are it will be ridiculously hot.

— On the neighbor message Teen Discrimination
11:59 p.m.

"Ice Cream Flash Mob" ! I love it ; )

— On the neighbor message Teen Discrimination
11:20 p.m.

That's a great idea Joe ! And Cullens Bar and Grill is right there for those who appreciate a good after ice-cream beer in a nice setting.
Perhaps Becca ??

— On the neighbor message Teen Discrimination
11:15 p.m.

@ MMiller
I was just pointing it out. Please direct all accolades to local historian Mark Dawson and the Greater Rockwell Organization for hosting it on their website.

It is interesting.

10:19 p.m.

Monica - I take it you grew up in a less urban environment where there was an element of 'the village raising the child'. I can certainly relate.

Basic civilized behavior tends to get lost in the sea of anonymity here, where we are basically anonymous. Empathy also takes a back seat where it's easy to dismiss the concerns the of the 'amorphous beings' walking around among us. In a community more scaled to humanity - these 'beings' are called people - or neighbors or even friends and family.

I was listening to the radio the other day and they were mentioned that a person can only really know about 150 others in any appreciable way (probably ingrained by thousands of generations of extended tribal groupings). Above that 150 group the social structure tends to breakdown - the fabric of mutual support begins to fray.

I suppose that a modern parent has to work to create some semblance of that community for their children - especially in a large urban setting. That doesn't appear to be happening.

- just sayin'

— On the neighbor message Teen Discrimination
5:25 p.m.

As a resident of that 1/4 mile strip - I (perhaps selfishly) vote for the one way - one way NORTH !

12:59 a.m.

'of our development as a civilization.'

Yeah - scratch that -flip it - that's what I meant to say.

(Edit capabilities please)

— On the neighbor message Teen Discrimination
12:50 a.m.

"So if it was your business, what would you do? (Within the law of course.) Suggestions, anyone?"

I'd close my business, liquidate and open somewhere else where the adults and the youth still maintained a relationship that more closely resembled the relationships maintained in the past fifty-thousand years of development our as a civilization.

; )> 'just sayin'

— On the neighbor message Teen Discrimination
12:46 a.m.

@ Kristi
"I'm anxious to see if concerned residents bring their concerns and solution..."

Most importantly - solutions.

— On the neighbor message Ribfest 2011
11:51 a.m.

"I'm sorry did you say "just"?"
I read the sarcasm in BFK's statement. Hard to convey in text - but I heard it clearly.

— On the neighbor message Ribfest 2011
11:50 a.m.

regarding eating worms:

I guess I'm more of an Anthony Bourdain type diner than an Andrew Zimmern type.

Beer = Good
Worms= good for fishing, not eating. ; )

— On the neighbor message Thai Restaurant
11:23 a.m.

A big thanks to GRO for keeping this e-history available to the public. Mark should re-package the work - add some photos, links, etc get it out there in front of some eye-balls again.

10:56 a.m.

If the CPD continue to be lax regarding uninsured and unlicensed drivers and following up on hit and runs - even when plates are reported - this will continue to happen.

I've been involved in a hit and run, reported plates and been ignored on two separate occasions - Once with over 8k in damage (that was only my vehicle - stopped at red-lights and rear-ended by a driver who then fled).

If this real crime is continuously ignored then this will continue to happen.

— On the media mention Man Charged in Logan Square Hit-and-Run
9:35 a.m.

Good news just in on this story.

11:58 p.m.

It's good to hear now (in the latest news) that this ended well - as well as can be expected.

— On the neighbor message kids missing near pulaski & wilson
11:57 p.m.

@ ec Not sure. I guess 'it is what it is"

"This means that Lawrence is not wide enough to really work properly as a major arterial, but it is too wide and too busy to function comfortably as a pedestrian commercial district..."

Personally, I'd like to see the street 'demoted' to a street more suited to a "pedestrian commercial district".

With some trees.

9:17 p.m.

Keep in mind that this was written in 1995 - in my opinion - making it all the more interesting.

7:15 p.m.

Another interesting section:

"The people who had lived in the community for decades, however, refused to give up and move away. With the help of the Ravenswood Community Council (then known as the Ravenswood Conservation Commission), a group of residents lead by Harriet O'Donnell met in 1976 to start a new organization called the Rockwell Task Force. The Task Force members painted over graffiti, went to court against gang members, and even started hanging out on street corners across from gang hangouts in order to send some intimidation in the other direction. The organization offered a $100 reward for any victim who was willing to sign a complaint and testify in court. Within a few months, with the help of the police and the courts, the Popes were beaten into submission, both figuratively and, well, literally, by police, who were known to use their night sticks to whack errant shins."

7:09 p.m.

The section I've quoted is not the 'riveting' read part ; ) but the dry information highlights a long standing problem that is overdue for a solution. The only solution will come from the residents - us neighbors.

7:02 p.m.

Sticky Rice itself is mostly northern - Laotian.

How's the Tom Yum there ? My favorite soup.

I will be skipping the worms though.

— On the neighbor message Thai Restaurant
3:31 p.m.

Up until a couple years ago - when I moved - I frequented this park often. It was a great park then too - but their was always that crowd of deviants who seemed to bunch together at the Morse part of the park. It seemed as if the head deviant was a blonde woman - as she was always in the middle of anything loud. She may have been tricking as I saw her disappear behind buildings a few times in the neighborhood with company. I think I saw her recently across from Truman College on Wilson. Maybe she moved the tribe south.

— On the neighbor message Loyola Park
3:31 p.m.

"Sorry to keep a dying thread afloat, "

That''s my hobby.

— On the neighbor message Albany - near Kedzie Brown
12:04 p.m.

@ Sheila - : )
You wouldn't have to be Wonder Woman - or any of the other Super Friends - not even 'Gleek' the Wonder Twin's blue space monkey. You'd just have to use your best judgement, as I'm sure you do everyday, and report from a safe distance in a reasonable time-frame.


— On the neighbor message Get rid of basketball at Gross Park
12:01 p.m.

More importantly - just an modern usable web-site for crime reporting. One that the CPD pays attention to, one that acknowledges the reporter, one that has a public rep to make sure that the reported information is followed up on and one that is user friendly and complete. That would be HUGE on it's own.

The Clear Path site is neither clear nor a path to any resulting action.

— On the neighbor message Get rid of basketball at Gross Park
11:20 a.m.

If it could actually be used to aid crime prevention - I suppose it would be more like a modern e-911 and because these smart-phone apps can integrate GPS they would give one more instantaneous advantage to responding units. Also - camera/video could be part of an Crime Reporting App to at least help document some aspects of the scene - safely. Stuff like that.

— On the neighbor message Get rid of basketball at Gross Park
10:56 a.m.

Depressing (and angering) News.

Everyblock staffers.

Please help the CPD set up a real Crime Reporting web-site. One that doesn't so closely resemble some early html experiment from 1992. One that directly involves the community and works in conjunction with smart phone apps - allowing real-time crime reporting. And when you do - make sure that a public representative is integrated into that system so that it's ACTUALLY USED.

Pro Bono work ? I'm sure it'll help you get your wings - or real find karma - whatever your flavor.

Seriously. It's needed and you seem to be eminently qualified.
You can even tie it into EveryBlock.

-just sayin'

— On the neighbor message Get rid of basketball at Gross Park
10:23 a.m.

errr.... maybe I confused this post with another... I think so.

— On the neighbor message Looking for a studio in AP area
7:22 p.m.

How about a roommate to share your costs with ? Maybe the school could hook you up with someone with similar concerns. $1200 shared might (will) get you something much nicer.
-my 2 cents - worth price charged.

— On the neighbor message Looking for a studio in AP area
7:21 p.m.

Becca - I suppose general location is important, right? As in centrally located.

— On the neighbor message Neighborhood Meetings
6:26 p.m.


Most of these concern you mention are discussed above.

regarding #1) Legal challenges.

Definitely a concern. A center median approach would help steer away from that concern.

regarding #2) Engineering challenges
-supports would go either where light posts go or in the center median
-water runs down onto the street - as it would anyway.
-ice? On the path itself ? it's covered - with an arc roof structure (like some bus-stops) the ice would not build up.
-repairs - well it's a light weight structure so no paving machines - a basket scissor crane truck or on foot - or even a utility box 4 wheeler - up the ramp. The simple construction would require abot as much maintainability as a bus stand
-how do bicycles get up - the inclined plane
-ramps - descending down to commercial area of side (North/South) streets

regarding #3) Traffic-flow
-street beneath become a viaduct ?
def. viaduct - A viaduct is a bridge composed of several small spans. (?) not clear how that would make the street a viaduct?
But the structure itself would be, essentially, a narrow viaduct.
-emergency vehicles getting on to Velo-L
the same way they would get onto a subway platform - but in this case - up a ramp - not stairs.

$200 million quote ? Only in a no bid scenario. Maybe we're thinking of two very different projects. I'm thinking of a 2 mile stretch along Lawrence Avenue - from N Francisco to N Marine - connecting the communities along the north river trail system to the Lake trails, express transit and communities.

All of the above points are valid - and like any project they would all need to be tackled. One hundred years ago (or for that matter - 50) we did lot's of things like this. That's why we have elevated trains in our city, an interstate transit system, etc., etc.

Or we could just wait a few years and read about being constructed in China where that will to move forward seems to have migrated.

: )

— On the neighbor message Lawrence Avenue Velo-L
5:55 p.m.

"I've got a %@&#*&@ golden ticket here" ; )

— On the liquor license application The Red Lion Lincoln Square, Llc
2:45 p.m.

I rec'd my Public Notice today - being a neighbor within 250' of the establishment requesting a liquor licence.

Any idea on how I can parlay this into free beer ?

— On the liquor license application The Red Lion Lincoln Square, Llc
2:44 p.m.

"...gets together offline..."

Off line is good.

Since EveryBlock does seem to foster great conversation it might be interesting to consider some real world satellite project(s). Any ideas EveryBlock staff ?

Good beer is always good for the real world. Just sayin'.

— On the neighbor message Neighborhood Meetings
12:39 p.m.

@ Ivan -
A loop sized 'velodrome'. Interesting.

— On the neighbor message Lawrence Avenue Velo-L
10:21 a.m.

Thanks Pete - for the newsletter link.

— On the neighbor message Alderman Pawar's 47th Ward Newsletter
10:14 a.m.

Related links:

Ahead of it's time ? Maybe this one:

Interesting - though inviting fiscal ridicule - this approach would need a bigger rethinking than may be possible any time soon.

— On the neighbor message Lawrence Avenue Velo-L
2:01 a.m.

@ Michael and anyone interested -
Michael asked:
"Does anyone happen to know of any other densely populated / landlocked cities (either US or internationally) that has a piloted or employed a similar concept that we can research?"

Before making the original post I had been thinking about this for a little while. I looked all over the place and the below link is the closest I came to a similar concept. I believe they're based in the UK. I contacted them and did get a receptive response. They offered to 'help out' and seemed to have a strength in the scientific data studies behind such a move (traffic, usage, etc). Very useful if anything ever did/does come to fruition.

here's that link:

The simplest and least costly structure to build would probably be something that had no considerable cantilever - just shoots straight up from a central 'planted median' area of the street (like Ashland's median) An elevated path could be supported by simple aluminum pole structures, protruding from that median center, with an aluminum flattened 'Y' shape support structure (similar to the 'flattened Y' shaped cement structures that support raised highways sections) mounted at the top of each - forming the base for a path. The aluminum needn't be stark and modern either. Just look at some of the simple throwback vintage lines they used in remodeling the brown-line stations - modern material but with vintage character.

Since the city has a 13' 6" height maximum for vehicles and their loads (correct me if I have that # wrong) and a generous safety buffer would be desirable - these would probably need to provide 15' of clearance. But if the lane median itself were 6' wide - these structures could be lowered as traffic would not proceed directly below them. Only accidental median jumping (a traffic accident) would have to be considered but this would have to be considered regarding the pole riser structure anyway. A taller median would negate the issue.

A much lower path height would work great for 90% of the structure - only intersections would dictate the need to keep the structure at a 'clearance height'. Since the intersections would have a determined height based on clearance and the path over medians could be lower - the next step would be in evaluating rider comfort in negotiating those differences in heights.

Again - the support structures could also serve other purposes. They could serve as hidden utility runs to help on the fiscal end, as platforms for street lights and traffic aids, and as an extension of the planted median - vertical greenery.

Just another approach to 'chew on'.

— On the neighbor message Lawrence Avenue Velo-L
1:26 a.m.

So where would you be going to school (thinking about transit) ?

Have you looked at the area around the Francisco Brown Line Stop ? Being from the adjacent community I'm sure 'true' AP folks would have more block-by-block knowledge - but this area - Ravenswood Manor - is a nice little nook in the city. Whether it works or not with your plans is another matter.

Good Luck with your move.

— On the neighbor message Albany - near Kedzie Brown
1:34 a.m.

I'll be at the Pritzker tomorrow evening (yeah!) but would like to come to a meeting soon.

Thanks. I'll contact the secretary.

— On the neighbor message Greater Rockwell Organization Yard Sales!
10:28 p.m.

I know it's too late for the map but I'd still like to take part. What's the easiest way? Where do I sign up - how much ?
Thanks in advance.

— On the neighbor message Greater Rockwell Organization Yard Sales!
9:22 p.m.

So where CAN I find that last newsletter ?

— On the neighbor message Alderman Pawar's 47th Ward Newsletter
8:39 p.m.

"perhaps even overly generous demeanor in dealing with the juvenile criticism"

Text alone couldn't capture the nuanced flavor in that response. How do you strike a Cheshire Cat smile, grit your teeth, rub your hands and flash a gleaming fang through text ? I can only do it in person : )>

AM&S just needs a long camping trip. And whatever my 'idiot' status - the formal side of my education is far too mediocre to have made much of a contribution.

My beef is with the neglect of Lawrence Avenue. That's my backyard. If anybody's got any fiscally responsible ideas for turning the strip around - I'm listening.

<but I still think that a Velo-L shows some (fiscally responsible) promise>

— On the neighbor message Lawrence Avenue Velo-L
6:43 p.m.

No- You are : )

— On the neighbor message Lawrence Avenue Velo-L
2:13 p.m.

AM&S -
A BIG Thanks for the Tips !
Without your fiscal discipline - where would we be ?

I appreciate your concern and would further add that I'd like any project to stand on it's own fiscal merit - no use even building without that weighed into the equation.

Thanks Again ! Your the best !

— On the neighbor message Lawrence Avenue Velo-L
2:12 p.m.

Great !

Let's talk about rejuvenating Lawrence Avenue in that newsletter.

— On the neighbor message Alderman Pawar's 47th Ward Newsletter
11:40 a.m.

"Everybody wants to scream that I am violating some free speech right by pointing this out."

I'd say Gene has the right to exercise that very same free speech - by doing exactly what he's doing.

<<I'm recalling my brother deciding he was a Tea-Party person and then being dismayed when, upon hearing this, others decided to call him out on some of his views. His wife wondered out-loud why those speaking up would not just let my brother exercise his free speech in peace - oh - the irony>>

*Yes - this is a late post - couldn't resist.

— On the neighbor message hammer and sickle
2:17 a.m.

@ Jamie
I 'feel' your concerns about any shadowing. I'm also concerned about sun and shadow rights and light pollution, etc.

For most of the year and most of the day the sunlight would pour in under the structure -from a southernly point. Only in the summer would this create much of a shadow and at that point any shadow might be appreciated. The footprint (or skyprint) of the structure would probably be smaller than you would imagine - a 6' base lying flat. I suppose to keep that opaque area down even further - transparent or translucent materials could be used for the wall and canopy elements.

Also - placing the base at 16' would place it below the roof level of the structure already blocking the lower angles of the sun.

In any case - I agree that any placement would have to take care to weigh this factor - with all the rest.

Leaving on a positive note - the resulting small improvement in air quality would leave it be all the clearer for the sun to shine through.

— On the neighbor message Lawrence Avenue Velo-L
10:49 p.m.

"...if any street needed it for bike traffic..."

Room for more than one - they would work together all the better !

— On the neighbor message Lawrence Avenue Velo-L
7:11 p.m.

Perhaps a plywood retailer would do well in that spot ?

3:49 p.m.

I mentioned this previously but it's interesting so I'll repeat it more clearly:

Check out how this map works with the red-line stations - especially from the loop proceeding north. You'll find lots of heat islands surrounding almost all the stations. I'm curious how that works... population density ? transit related crime travel ? rental density ?


— On the media mention Trulia Introduces Crime Index Map
10:28 a.m.

In reading the blog I couldn't help but agree with a few points - areas that could use clarification in the mapping data.
The main concern is that areas that have a highly concentrated population and/or activity seem to weigh too heavily in the heat map.

-Like the Mag Mile... lot's of activity - lots of red - but would I dissuade my country mouse aunt from visiting there - probably not.

I wish there was a way to parse the data to show a map that better represented certain realities - like whether or not you're taking chances with your life in venturing into a certain area.

I see that its possible to de-select non-violent crime but that doesn't give a readable heat-map presentation of that altered data.

-just sayin'

Good work though.

— On the media mention Trulia Introduces Crime Index Map
12:38 a.m.

"EveryBlock provided the historical crime data seen on the map"

I betcha they did - Adrian eats crime maps for breakfast ! ; )

— On the media mention Trulia Introduces Crime Index Map
8:11 p.m.

Interesting map.

Make a mental note to transpose the red-line onto the heat map.

— On the media mention Trulia Introduces Crime Index Map
5:57 p.m.

Yum ... two of MY favorite things !

If you haven't tried Isla Pilipina - what are you waiting for folks ?!

The food is great and even my adopted Lola will attest to that - Grandma proof authentic quality test.

11:55 p.m.

I've had kids (teenagers) come to the door and ring all the bells. When I come to the door they say "Oh - I' just looking for my little brother - we can't find him"

I suppose if no one came to the door they might look for him through my back gate. I hope we don't ever come home when their looking for him - that would not end well.

— On the neighbor message condo breakin
11:26 p.m.

I second the last comment and add:

Let's not forget Lawrence Avenue from Western west to the River !

If Lawrence Avenue revitalization is to be realized it would be a mistake to leave this stretch out of the equation. The river parks and bike trails could work well in a cohesive plan. The Rockwell business area (little Mayberry) in conjunction with Lawrence businesses could form synergistic anchor along the western stretch of a greater Lawrence Avenue revitalization.

We have lots of neighbors over here who want to help and are invested in the improvement of this area - this includes many who live in the neighboring 40th Ward (north side of Lawrence from Rockwell west to the River)

10:37 a.m.

Regarding the posted article:


and the quoted section:

“I’m not a planner,” said Pawar. “Something needs to happen on Lawrence Avenue. There’s no doubt about that.”

It's my bet that Alderman Pawar is taking note that neighbors r-e-a-l-l-y want something done about the Lawrence Avenue Corridor.

Further, I'd say that his office pays attention to the posts on as well as

So keep up the good work people. If Lawrence Avenue improvement is something that's important to you - keep that squeaky wheel squeaking ! Talk to your neighbors. Comment on these sites and others. Let other (like me) know what else can be done.

And remember - "It's the squeaky wheel that gets the oil"

3:48 p.m.

Regarding the posted article:


and the quoted section:

“I’m not a planner,” said Pawar. “Something needs to happen on Lawrence Avenue. There’s no doubt about that.”

It's my bet that Alderman Pawar is taking note that neighbors r-e-a-l-l-y want something done about the Lawrence Avenue Corridor.

Further, I'd say that his office pays attention to the posts on as well as

So keep up the good work people. If Lawrence Avenue improvement is something that's important to you - keep that squeaky wheel squeaking ! Talk to your neighbors. Comment on these sites and others. Let other (like me) know what else can be done.

And remember - "It's the squeaky wheel that gets the oil"

3:46 p.m.

Looks like Google has put the 'A' Team on this one ! ; )
- at least that's what the canned response tells me.

The folks in Mountain View are working furiously on this one - they even canceled morning Pilates !

Problem FB59-C941-9438-76F6 is a priority now. Rest assured.


Hi Josh,

The Google Maps problem you reported has been escalated to the appropriate team. We don't have an immediate fix but are working hard for a resolution.

Report history
Problem ID: FB59-C941-9438-76F6

Your report: The Rockwell Train Station is missing ! Gasppppp ! We have a stop here - between the Western Stop and the Francisco Stop. It's a beautiful street level station in a great little neighborhood.
Thanks for your help,
The Google Maps team

10:17 a.m.

...but then again, Rogers Park Montessori isn't in Rogers Park either.

Must be a free-range thinking Montessori thing. ; )

1:39 p.m.

2953 W. Lawrence Ave = Lincoln Square ?

Must be a Real Estate agent's map.

1:31 p.m.

Maybe this will help:

— On the neighbor message Power Washer?
9:48 p.m.

Hmmm... I appreciate the idea - but personally leery of the blue light. To me, these blue lights are like a stain on the area they're placed in. Nothing says 'blight' like a 'light' and once you get that image out there for those passing through and only casually familiar with the area - it's a hard image to erase and maybe a little self fulfilling. Seems there should be other options tried before the big bad blue light.

-just sayin'

Classical music ? Maybe - I'd prefer jazz - some others may prefer gypsy classical guitar. Now that might be the way to go !

— On the neighbor message Get rid of basketball at Gross Park
6:16 p.m.

I bring this up only because I'd consider Google Maps to be pretty pervasive.

Not having the station mapped could be detrimental to our local real estate (rentals too), local businesses, meet-ups, etc, etc.

-yeah - it is weird...

Please report : )

11 a.m.

Regarding the last two posts:

Here's a good mapping tool that may help to visually explain the 'border' you were both referring to.

Maybe us 'border folks' should start our own ward - the Fighting 51st! - to address the Lawrence Avenue corridor and its need for friends.

— On the neighbor message Ald. Pawar - Demystifying Govt
10:35 p.m.

Here's the proper link - (not 'zoomed' to the 47th ward)

— On the neighbor message Tools for democracy - the local variety.
5:25 p.m.

"We only need to consider one person in our recent news (and hearts) to really understand what taking away an activity of distraction from harmful behavior may result in..."

Actually - we need to consider many people - namely the neighbors affected by the behaviors originally mentioned.

I appreciate Derrick Roses humble demeanor - and his family. Just as soon as he's willing to chip in and help with my tax bill - I'll factor him up high in my own personal opinion about Gross Park basketball.

It's important to remember that the people who are being affected by the adverse behavior ARE important too.

— On the neighbor message Get rid of basketball at Gross Park
3:22 p.m.

I advocate this if the landlord will not take care of his/her garbage:

Find out exactly how the building is zoned and for how many apartments, etc. - find out how many are actually contained in the structure (mailboxes, doorbells, etc). Then have a chat with the landlord based on those findings. "Either you clean up your garbage or we all go have a chat with the zoning department." Something along those lines.

10:27 a.m.

More police involvement.

Get out of the cruisers - and on to the street.

— On the neighbor message Get rid of basketball at Gross Park
3:27 p.m.

So - If you want to eat and drink with some friends at a BYOB place - what's the proper etiquette:

A.) Just bring a few (in a cooler?)
B.) Bring a whole bunch - get crazy ! ?
C.) Bring a couple and make frequent excursions to get more?
D.) Roll in a barrel and close the place down at 2am ?

Just curious. If it was a wine kinda' night it would be pretty simple - but Lager opens up some questions.

How do you handle BYOB ?

— On the liquor license application The Red Lion Lincoln Square, Llc
3:26 p.m.

"One problem making this worse is overcrowding and making the neighborhood more dense."

Exactly Bob - and this gets to the heart of several other posts found on Everyblock - Garbage overflowing - rats, lack of parking parking, the crime you mention, etc., etc....

— On the neighbor message The scumoids were at it again last night
12:17 p.m.

Alderman Pawar - Please actively support the rejuvenation of the Lawrence Avenue corridor - all the way west to the river.

Please throw the weight of 'our' office behind this community goal. It's important and will help foster growth throughout our community.

— On the neighbor message Ald. Pawar - Demystifying Govt
11:57 a.m.

85% chance that it was barking when found.

<disclosure: my neighbors have one of these 'cute little doggies'. The cute little guy barks outside my bedroom window every morning,like clockwork, at 6:10 am. Cute little #@ck&%# doggie... >

3:47 p.m.

Call that office today and remind our Alderman to support rejuvenating the Lawrence Avenue corridor.

3:33 p.m.

Call that office today and remind our Alderman to support rejuvenating the Lawrence Avenue corridor.

3:31 p.m.

"Glad this place has a liquor license now"

Does this mean that the application has been granted or that it was filed and pending ???

— On the liquor license application The Red Lion Lincoln Square, Llc
1:04 p.m.

Yes ! Finally I see proof of intention. I can taste the Boddingtons now !

I'm pulling for this place - and not just because I can crawl home from there.

— On the liquor license application The Red Lion Lincoln Square, Llc
1:02 p.m.

"marshmallows and delayed gratification"

I've watched this (on one of the good channels) and heard it again recently on the radio (on the good channel).

Interesting stuff. I probably would have been the kid who got up after the lab tech left the room, found the whole stash of marshmallows - squished the one on the table - and high-tailed it outta' there laughing.

I think that most kids who know anything about hunger understand full-well when their being 'played' and probably 'get the gist' of the experiment too.

They're too busy surviving today to worry about setting themselves up down the road.

-just sayin'

— On the neighbor message The scumoids were at it again last night
10:23 a.m.

Well, that's good news ! Kudos to the CPD and to those who got the plate number.

Good Guys: 1
Sickos : 0

— On the neighbor message Bowmanville/Ravenswood Flasher
9:12 p.m.

Gravis - a Google search of your email address yields basically nothing.

EveryBlock will soon be rolling out a means of communicating directly. Until then - I wont be handing out email or telephone information when I can not independently verify the request.

I'm sure your a swell person - either that or you're sitting in a Lagos internet cafe trolling for information. In either case - have a great day. : )

11:33 p.m.

It's probably wrong - so I wouldn't dare advocate it - but if I did - I'd say - gather up a bunch of the spill-over and dump it on HIS lawn. Of course, that would be wrong - just wrong.

4:05 p.m.

Get the landlords mailing information from tax website - tell them about the problem.

I understand that you may be far past this step -

2:39 p.m.

I'm all for HeadStart and it's ten fold return on investment. As for it being the solution to the current problem - I'm not sold.

We would have to wait a decade to see a partial improvement - and in the mean time the neighborhood will still look like a Jackson Pollack painting.

The original stated problem is that private and public property is being defaced. I don't believe it helps the problem to belittle it's effects. Where will the job's for this youth come from if the community is bypassed as blighted by small business ? Where will their future come from if we simply 'write off' the present.

The police and the community should be working to address all of these issues - because they're all tied together. It's not Ok to dismiss the concerns and needs of the greater community who work hard only to watch that work destroyed. It is the community's right and responsibility to try to solve the real world issues that effect us all.

If we sit back and embrace diminished expectations we're not helping the youth or the community as a whole - we're only guaranteeing our own mediocrity.

— On the neighbor message The scumoids were at it again last night
12:44 p.m.

"...there is an apartment building with at least six units and a couple businesses and one dumpster."

Looks like it's 8 units all together Judie. As you originally stated: Why is the city picking this up ?

12:24 p.m.

Kitty - If I see someone resembling a parchment colored flag on the sidewalk - I'll say 'hi !' (just kidding - see your icon).

— On the neighbor message What would you like our community to be?
1:20 p.m.

I hear lots of problems with suggestions - but not many real world suggestions - got any ?

As for jailing the 'artist youth' - not my idea. Put 'em out in the street cleaning up their own mess and the messes created by others - compound that with community service/education (doesn't have to cost tax dollars - I've seen it done with volunteers from the community who put the kids to work and educate them a bit while their at it.)

As for the text - 'flash mob' - still think it's a good idea. Of course - the participating adults would have to know to behave as such - 'adults'. Just the presence of a large group of people will make a point - similar to neighborhood organizations 'holding' street corners late into the night sometimes - making a positive point.

"who the heck among us thought it would be a good idea to defund it?" Your preaching to the choir on this one.

— On the neighbor message The scumoids were at it again last night
1:12 p.m.

I like your 'slogan' Alvarez16:
"Bad Things Happen when Good people Dont do Anythin"

and, mostly, try to live up to their meaning -

‘The only thing necessary for the triumph [of evil] is for good men to do nothing.’ -Edmund Burke

and ladies !

— On the neighbor message Neighborhood Paper Drive
1:29 a.m.

PS - I grew up in Upstate but lived in NYC too on own accord. ; )

— On the neighbor message What would you like our community to be?
12:48 a.m.

Kitty - how old is you son ? Mine's just turned

— On the neighbor message What would you like our community to be?
12:46 a.m.

My thought: it would be great to pitch in and help out the Lawndale-Kimball Lawrence Avenue project. It might also be a good way to develop ideas and trouble shoot the same concept to the east (River to Western area of Lawrence).

— On the neighbor message Greening Lawrence Avenue
1:35 p.m.

Beth - Yes! That group is us. Me you and a some others (see previous Lawrence Avenue posts) I'm @ Rockwell.

— On the neighbor message Greening Lawrence Avenue
1:32 p.m.

Great Liz. I like to know more - We have some interest in doing the same on the Western to the River stretch of Lawrence too. Synergy !

— On the neighbor message Greening Lawrence Avenue
9:54 a.m.

There, they're, their.

Adrian needs to code in an edit option for poor spellers such as myself.

I once speller 'out' - 'ought' - poor wiring in the spelling part of my noggin.

— On the neighbor message The scumoids were at it again last night
6:39 p.m.

I'd say the tricky part is enforcement. If their is no will by those who yield the authority- the CPD - then nothing will ever happen.

What happens if they don't show up for community service ?

Well - then they're perpetually flying under the radar. Eventually they 'pop up' and are made to make amends.

Another great barrier is that some in the community attempt to vilifying those who would try to fix the problem. It's not the community reaching out to damage these kids - it's the other way around. Their just kids, yes - and they need just adults to steer them in the right direction. That will not be accomplished by making excuses for behavior that damages the very communities they call homes.

-just sayin'

— On the neighbor message The scumoids were at it again last night
6:13 p.m.

You have good points Rob - I can personally relate to the single parent argument (yet another reason I take my humble role as a generational 'chain-mender' seriously.

Basically, the situation you describe places a portion of the parenting role into the communities realm of responsibility. Fair enough - but with that being said - the community would then have the responsibility to dole out a punishment/learning opportunity to our new 'ward'. So tripling the time directly involved in that 'learning opportunity' seems fitting.

So triple the community service - one third cleaning their own messes - one third learning what it's like to clean the mess that others have created - and the last third in a program involving a "community outreach to educate youth."

— On the neighbor message The scumoids were at it again last night
2:52 p.m.

Easy - triple the community service hours and the fine if the 'artist's' parents don't get involved.

— On the neighbor message The scumoids were at it again last night
1:45 p.m.

"...starts getting closer to BBQ season."

You're suggesting killing two birds with one stone ?

Tastes like chicken - or so I hear.

— On the neighbor message Rats
1:39 p.m.

Idea # 822b:

How about pushing for a city ordinance that makes the parents of those caught tagging serve a mandatory graffiti cleaning community service along with their children ? That would lead to some parental soul searching - as well as some 'good wholesome time' with their kids !

— On the neighbor message The scumoids were at it again last night
12:50 p.m.

The Ravenswood Manor sub neighborhood. A real Trick-or-Treating neighborhood - just like I remember as a kid. The ground level train, though I have that too @ Rockwell.

— On the neighbor message What do you love about Albany Park
12:38 p.m.

Mint oil ? Where do I get it ? I think that it also repels ants as I remember... some other common 'spice' does too but I can'r remember which. ?

— On the neighbor message Rats
12:17 p.m.

"I wonder what's going on.

Neighbors, is anyone else experiencing rodent problems?"

Yes - the other day I witnessed a scene from, either, Ratatouille -or- the modern incarnation of the Plague.

In addition to the city cutting funding for rat control - it's my observation that we have too many overflowing (and thus open for feeding) garbage containers.

Why ? Not enough containers to service the amount of people living in some residences.

— On the neighbor message Rats
10:23 a.m.

"Personally, I don't go to Taste because the prices are too high and lines too long. It has nothing to do with fear."

Agreed. While crime may be an issue it's the whole environment that keeps me away.

Stand in a shadeless line to overpay for tickets that will get me small portions of the worst examples of an establishments food - and then shuffle through a maze of people who have no consideration for anyone else in the crowd... probably because their equally frustrated with walking down the sheep walk of shadeless pavement. A fun afternoon... mehhhh... not so much.

9:55 a.m.

... but if you enjoy the Taste - then that's exactly where you should be.

9:31 a.m.

Honestly - I don't care if the taste is never held again. I remember enjoying this event circa 1995. It's not the same event anymore. To each their own. I'll stick to more local enjoyable festivals.

9:30 a.m.

It's early. When I see something done with the Lawrence Avenue corridor - I'll begin to believe.

-one issue guy.

— On the neighbor message Ameya Pewar Inaugaration Celebration
9:20 a.m.

"Why would they be hugely different than the majority of teenagers?"

Because they have absentee parents.

— On the neighbor message The scumoids were at it again last night
8:53 a.m.

I'll probably be doing almost everything myself - design and build. I have some school and work experience in the area - and, besides, I really like to develop a space from paper to built. The Green Garage concept looks close to what I would be going with in any case. It fit's most of my criteria.

12:30 a.m.

"For uniform sameness we still have our neighbors in the suburbs to visit."

True. And we can always head for the country if we need some sun. ; )

— On the neighbor message The Old Town Abomination
9:15 p.m.

A body armor vendor might do well at the Taste.

1:04 p.m.

Here's an idea:

Round up (develop a text message contact list) a group of 50 people or more who share your concerns. When someone in that group see activity that raises a genuine concern that person can send a group text message to all fifty explaining the issue. If a majority of the group show up quickly and each call the 'authorities' while on their way - this will send a message to two groups - those creating the disturbance and the 'authorities' who are suppose to be doing something about it. Something tells me that the CPD will quickly get the message.

Someone smarter than me could even develop an App to handle this !

Kinda' like instant crowd-sourcing (what's that other term?).

Just an idea. Worth the price charged. ; )

— On the neighbor message The scumoids were at it again last night
12:40 p.m.

"Seriously do these police even care?!"

From personal experience - I'd have to weigh in with a resounding NO.

— On the neighbor message The scumoids were at it again last night
12:03 p.m.

Hurray !

Now it's time to reinvigorate the Lawrence Avenue corridor !

Don't forget - Western to the River !

— On the neighbor message Ameya Pewar Inaugaration Celebration
9:19 a.m.

I'd like my neighbors to use a little empathy in their daily lives - to ask themselves "is what I'm doing a nuisance to my fellow neighbors". This could be regarding any number of daily activities - most of them dealing with noise.

I try do do this - actually, I don't try - I just do it - it's not difficult. I just wish this was a natural thing for most folks.

There - that's my 'downer' statement of the day. ; )

— On the neighbor message What would you like our community to be?
7:25 p.m.

Was this in the original lease or an amended lease you've recently signed ? If not - threaten to break your lease based on the mid lease policy change. Better yet - get a list of those who will follow you out the door.

PS - I've had a phob key apartment too - and they supplied two.

— On the neighbor message I need some advice or comments regarding....
6:57 p.m.

Welcome Tim.

— On the neighbor message The Old Town Abomination
8:54 p.m.

Sounds like a good plan. Congrats in advance on the Masters.

— On the neighbor message The scumoids were at it again last night
4:33 p.m.

I agree - I'm sure the buildings interior will get lots of sunlight. It's the areas in it's shadow that will not.

I'm sure it'll be fine. I'll take improvements over decay any day. Just a little jumbo for it's surroundings. As for Rockwell Crossings - nice building - but also jumbo in it surroundings. I still wish I had a penthouse and balcony on the building's east side. I'd get lots of light !

— On the neighbor message The Old Town Abomination
2:05 p.m.

"They said it didn't bother them at all as it didn't bother their parents or grandparents."

Wow. I don't know if that makes me sad or angry. How 'bout both.

— On the neighbor message Fifthy Kedzie Avenue
1:28 p.m.

Looks proportionally out of place to me - but, oh well - who needs sunlight. Strike up the band.

The community does greatly benefit from the OTSoFM's presence. Perhaps they have a better ear for beauty than an eye for it. I'm sure it will eventially 'root itself into the neighborhood' architecturally.

— On the neighbor message The Old Town Abomination
1:09 p.m.

I have a giant pothole in my alley too. I'm thinking of stocking it with fish and calling it a fishing hole.

— On the neighbor message Pot Holes
11:13 a.m.

Welcome Alderman Pawar !

I'm anticipating great things from you !

Especially in Rejuvenating the -blighted- Lawrence Avenue Corridor.

Don't forget the stretch from Western to the River !

— On the neighbor message New Alderman - Ameya Pawar
9:25 a.m.

"Perhaps I should start ranting about the ubiquitous amount of animal waste that owners fail to pick up?"

Yes An, perhaps you should. Start the thread. That's another real-world issue that should be addressed.

— On the neighbor message The scumoids were at it again last night
9:11 a.m.

And perhaps parents should take the time to do some parenting.

Ignoring the problems or the root of them - wont make them go away.

— On the neighbor message The scumoids were at it again last night
8:42 a.m.

Never wait for a renaissance. Instead, go find one.

— On the neighbor message Is Uptown changing?
7:40 p.m.

This one.

7:35 p.m.

Busy thread. ; )

2:25 p.m.

" I agree with Josh that there needs to be some sort of program that will educate and instill pride in the neighborhood. I'm just not sure who would do that and how."

Practically speaking - I'd say it involves instilling a sense of shame in those that choose to litter just as much as it's important to instill pride for community - a carrot and stick approach in a combating the problem.

When I was about 15 years old I remember littering on the sidewalk. An older gentlemen stopped me in my tracks and let me know that "we don't do that in this neighborhood". It worked. Of course - commonsense should be employed here. Some 15 year old kids can be a little more dangerous than others - but, then again, we have bigger things to worry about than littering from that bunch.

— On the neighbor message Albany Park Green Team
2:21 p.m.

"...but - I can IMAGINE a public..."

Boy - I appreciate EveryBlock but it sure does need an 'edit post' option - for folks like me who think faster than they type ... er... or is it type faster than they think ; )

— On the neighbor message The scumoids were at it again last night
2:05 p.m.

I'm not sure how I feel about Orwellian cameras everywhere - but - I can imaging a public camera network monitored via the internet by the public. The key to it's effectiveness, in my opinion, would be the public monitoring. Folks like us with a vested interest in the community could probably do a better job monitoring our own neighborhoods and working closely with the CPD to ensure that the laws that govern our communities are enforced.

— On the neighbor message The scumoids were at it again last night
2 p.m.

"Perhaps we should organize community outreach to educate youth."

Perhaps. And perhaps their parents should take the time to do some parenting.

— On the neighbor message The scumoids were at it again last night
9:20 a.m.

Good for you Chigirl - it's time that people began to speak up and address these issues head-on. Thanks for speaking up. I try to do the same.

— On the neighbor message Albany Park Green Team
11:37 p.m.

"Why do we believe we have an extraordinary amount of trash in our neighborhood?"

Some practical considerations:

Perhaps many residences are occupied by more folks than can be serviced by the amount of trash receptacles provided.

Perhaps some of those residents need to be educated about community pride and how creating a trash bin of your own neighborhood is a testament everyone living there.

Perhaps we need to start running those old commercials again of the Native American on horseback - shedding tears at the site of the modern landscape turned into a trash heap.

-just sayin'.

— On the neighbor message Albany Park Green Team
1:51 p.m.

"I guess the police haven't run the plate number I provided yet..."

Good luck.

— On the neighbor message Bowmanville/Ravenswood Flasher
1:01 p.m.

A local option that really shows potential:

11:33 a.m.

sorry - that's 15' height limitation - not 15" (that would be extra challenging)

10:09 a.m.

"In 1967, the US Patent Trademark Trial and Appeal Board ruled that “the term 'Montessori' has a generic and/or descriptive significance.”[29] Therefore, in the United States and elsewhere, the term can be used freely without giving any guarantee of how closely, if at all, a program applies Montessori’s work." - Wikipedia entry.

Just hope it's a good one.

— On the building permit Permit issued for renovation / alteration
8:27 a.m.

Sorry - I meant TIF (I come from a graphics background hence TIFF).

— On the neighbor message Storefront Spaces on Lawrence
10:07 p.m.

"As for Lawrence i'm all for trying to get a meeting with the new alderman. Lawrence is about the only stretch in the ward that could carry the term "blighted". I'm afraid our renting alderman may care too much about confining to improve Northcenter and forget the northern stretches of the ward."

I'm hoping this is not true - it's early and we shall see. I wasn't encouraged by the answer Pawar gave at the last candidate forum. I'll paraphrase:
Q: What would you do about Lawrence Avenue's problems.
A: Lawrence Avenue is not blighted - so what if a few buildings are boarded up. TIFFs should be used in truly blighted areas - outside of my ward. Next...?

I honestly do not know enough about the inner workings, problems, benefits and nuances of TIFF programs - I wish I did but I'm afraid the general public is not privy to the inner workings of that school of knowledge. TIFFs are a city-wide macro issue - while Lawrence Avenue's -BLIGHT- is a very street level, hyper-local issue for the neighbors who surround the thoroughfare. The solution begins with recognizing the problem. I hope that our new Alderman will do just that. Perhaps I misunderstood the scope of his answer. It is possible.

In any case: It would be great for concerned neighbors to have an cohesive outlet to express views and offer solutions and vet possible options. I'd hazard a guess that if neighbors do not get involved - we'll be looking at 'pretty' pdf renderings of 'The Lawrence Avenue of the FUTURE!' come 2025.

Becca, Patty, ARM, Saduros...all other neighbors ... I'm all for an informal discussion about Lawrence Avenue's future and how we might get there.

(sorry 'bout the topic hi-jack Jeff : )

— On the neighbor message Storefront Spaces on Lawrence
12:04 p.m.

"What I've gathered from this thread, and another one that discussed Lawrence, is that a lot of us would like to see some improvement on this street. There has to be a way to coalesce and channel this interest."

Patty - I'm all for it. Let's get something going and help channel that interest.

— On the neighbor message Storefront Spaces on Lawrence
7:23 p.m.

Probably too far west for your needs but the south west corner of Lawrence and Rockwell has a great architectural gem up for lease. I love this building - and it's close to the brown line (Rockwell). Does the surrounding neighborhood hold the potential for fitness traffic ? Not sure - some research might surprise you. There are some similar business nearby (Womans Workout World, Yoga ( down Rockwell) and the Galter Life Center.) The corner could use a good anchor property.

— On the neighbor message Storefront Spaces on Lawrence
7:18 p.m.

As for me: I'd like to talk about all of Lawrence Avenue - from, at least, east to Ashland and west to the river. I can't help but see it as one beast needing a cohesive, active, and, above all, -real- plan. I've thought of canvasing the entire avenue (and the blocks North and South of the avenue) to stir up neighbor involvement*.

* and/or ward secession ;)

— On the neighbor message Storefront Spaces on Lawrence
12:50 p.m.

I would suggest contacting the Alderman - both the outgoing and incoming - for information. While you're at it - let Alderman Pawar know that the neighborhood would like to see the Aldermans's office actively engaged in helping revitalize the Lawrence Avenue corridor from Ashland all the way west to the river.

Just so know - Lawrence Avenue has been under evaluation for improvement for at least 20 years. You can go online (former Alderman's site) and see pretty pdf documents from the mid-late 90's showing all the improvements about to take place. Maybe it's time we put some shovels in the ground and make something -real- happen.

-just sayin'

— On the neighbor message Storefront Spaces on Lawrence
11:57 a.m.

How about smarter car alarms ? What purpose does an alarm serve after 60 seconds ? Only to annoy the neighborhood.

"Better yet, have the car with the offensive alarm that keeps going off towed - this would be a great money-maker for the city!"

Sounds good. Maybe a licence plate reporting app that will trigger a tow after three reports in a given period. Something along those lines...

— On the neighbor message Car Checks and Car Theft on Ainslie.
3:23 p.m.

Also: If the Chicago Police Department is serious about community involvement in policing - then FIX the crime reporting website ! This is the buggiest interactive site I've ever experienced. I think it was built in 1996 - judging by the user interface. It is simply not a serious initiative on behalf of the CPD.

I don't mean to throw attitude around - it's just that this is important stuff. We have a social contract with our government - and this part of it is broken.

(Adrian should write them some real code.)

— On the neighbor message Car Checks and Car Theft on Ainslie.
1:24 p.m.

"I wish more people would. I am in no way amazed that the CPD responded."

I wasn't just throwing that out there. I have some very concrete reasons for taking this position.

I've been rear-ended twice in the past 5 years with kids in the back - at stoplights. Both were hit and run - and in both cases I gave the police on the scene licence plate numbers to work with. I even tracked the car to a particular parking lot (my own detective work) by myself and took photos of the wrecked front end. In both cases - the CPD let me know that the basically could not be bothered with pursuing the issue. One of these accidents caused $8000 in damage - not a love tap.

So - every time you hear of of an unlicensed driver running someone down - or a local hit and run - know that your CPD contributed to the problem with their indifference.

Until the CPD begins to take their duties seriously - I will not be heaping accolades on them. This still really bothers me.

It's time to actively police the neighborhoods.

— On the neighbor message Car Checks and Car Theft on Ainslie.
1:06 p.m.

I'm AMAZED that the CPD even responded.

— On the neighbor message Car Checks and Car Theft on Ainslie.
3:01 p.m.

This should continue West to the River.

— On the neighbor message Chicago's Lawrence Ave to Get a Trim
2:27 a.m.

I'd recommend the area around the Francisco or Kedzie Brown Line stops. If it's a rental you're looking for - the Kedzie stop area might have more to offer (as the Francisco Stop (Ravenswood Manor sub-neighborhood of Albany Park) is generally more owner/long term occupied.

— On the neighbor message Pros and Cons of Living in Albany Park
1:35 p.m.

My CPS 5 year old is reading quite nicely (and he thanks you for the encouragement : )

It's parenting that makes the difference - as we all should know.

Here on 'Planet Wal-Mart' I'm betting he'll do very well.

— On the neighbor message box store in LV
9:06 a.m.

"It's a Walmart world out there... this is the new factory job."

Whatever it may be - this is certainly not the 'new factory job.'

That old factory job we're measuring against once held the potential to support an entire family. The jobs that Wal-Mart hopes to bring will likely not be able to support even that single wage earner. Those old manufacturing jobs are now housed 12,000 miles away and Wal-Mart is the greatest importer of that new factory worker's toil.

Just sayin'.

— On the neighbor message box store in LV
6:03 p.m.

"I know many hate Wal-Mart"
I certainly don't 'hate' Wal-Mart'. I'm not sure what sense it makes to 'hate' a giant corporate entity.

As a property owner I can certainly appreciate not having new additional requirements foisted upon me.

Sure, it's always a question of balancing the rights of the individual (the property owner in this case) and the community as a whole. It's within the community's province to work toward bettering the quality of life within. I'd argue that it's Wal-Mart's responsibility to demonstrate to the community just how they would serve to better the quality of life within. If they can not work with the community to insure this then they will face resistance at every step. Every big-box entity should be measured by the same stick.

— On the neighbor message box store in LV
9:44 a.m.

Maybe not in Lakeview - maybe in Lakeview but:

One interesting concept might be to zone for cohabitation. By that I mean a hybrid zoning that would require any big box to cohabit a space with community based endeavors with their success or failure intertwined. Sure - a purist capitalist might baulk at this - but very few of us living in communities would share that purist ideological notion. If big-box purports to work so well with the established community - then surely this is exactly the arrangement they might hope to thrive in.

— On the neighbor message box store in LV
1:24 p.m.

Lakeview can do better than Wal-Mart. Lakeview hosts a variety of mom & pop one-offs and small businesses that not only add to the neighborhood - they lay the cornerstone for the neighborhood's quality of life.

We largely choose our neighborhoods in keeping with the time we imagine spending outside in them - just walking for walkings sake - to take in the activity and the latest small shop windows - importantly - interacting with those who own those small shops and who live and work and are vested in our communities. Sure, Wal-Mart is just the biggest example of big-big-box - but it's just another that does not lend to that neighborhood feel - it takes away from it.

Just head west on North Avenue - you'll find big-box heaven - and that's a great place for it - a once decaying warehouse zone. East Lakeview it not that ideal place. The people who have chose the neighborhood have also built the neighborhood - without a corporate directive spelling out how the community will move forward.

So, we want to fill all the vacant shops ? Then get the community together with local government and implement local tax, insurance and leasing initiatives that create the opportunity for the local entrepreneur. Our neighborhoods have great ideas swimming just beneath the surface that only need to be plucked up to see the light of day. For a better quality of life - say no to big-box in the neighborhoods. You'll only get one chance to say no. And after that chance has passed ...

— On the neighbor message box store in LV
11:25 a.m.

So - how does one send messages to one particular person - such as - a design suggestion, etc. ?

— On the neighbor message Ravenswood neighbor introductions
7:31 p.m.

Yes - like the new design ! Good work coder/s.

— On the neighbor message Ravenswood neighbor introductions
7:52 a.m.

I love the CS Journal ! Hyperlocalism at it's best ! Yes.
I'd say the Lawrence rejuvenation opportunity is one for the 40th and 47th ward neighbors - for sure.

— On the neighbor message Lawrence Avenue Rejuvenation Project ?
12:24 p.m.

Yum - Shepherds Pie and Boddingtons! (BYOB still)

— On the business license THE RED LION LINCOLN SQUARE
1:34 a.m.

Patty -
I've considered the Ward boundary situation too. Perhaps a joint approach with our neighbors in Budlong Woods (40th Ward) might be a good way to go forward. I've thought about the possibility of canvassing the areas between Western and the River - Foster and Montrose - to see who might also be interested some action regarding Lawrence (particularly between Western and the River).

Patty, ESinclai,
I'm not sure what plans, if any, Alderman Elect Pawar has for the corridor. I'm hoping (against the answers that I heard at the recent election forums) that Pawar will take on a more hyper-local approach to the Ward - and not get tangled up exclusively in city wide politics. For now I'm taking a 'Jeez - give the guy a chance' position) "Perhaps if enough of us bombard his office with requests?" - I think this is a great approach.

As for the long term plans - I was excited to hear about them - until I stumbled on a pdf of the plan posted in the late 90's ! I was hoping for some movement that didn't so closely resemble geologic time frames. ; )

I'd love to hear more of your thoughts. As for me - I've begun to think that the best approach to positive change is jumping in very local (hyper-local) and I'm all about this particular local issue. It's great to hear others are interested too. I'm sure that some of you have been at it for a long while.

— On the neighbor message Lawrence Avenue Rejuvenation Project ?
11:21 p.m.

"How did the Wisconsin union-busting move sit with you?"

Not well. Recall the Walker 8 - then Walker.
-Independent business man who values employee rights and dignity.

— On the neighbor message Garrido vs. Arena
3:25 p.m.