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Where are you located?

— On the neighbor message Attempted Burglary
7:53 a.m.

No we didn't, I think it may still be for sale. We looked at it twice, and brought someone back with us to discuss concerns. We felt that the house for sale while we really liked the first and second floor- the basement worried us and the laundry room for me was really unworkable.
I loved the yard without alley but that pit - made me very nervous with small kids. There was also no way into it from above, the walls were leaning inward which could be major repairs. You are sharing the pit with neighbors so what if you have to repair those leaning walls - how would that go? There was an outdoor pump (read: fear of basement flooding). There was also a couple of other odd things relating the slope of some concrete work.
I really love that block - but the last factor was - the one car garage. And it was a small one car...and so tight between houses - you really would have to enter the yard through the garage with any furniture etc.
My husband was in love, I was on the fence - and having someone look at the structural concerns really turned us both away.

Sorry for the novel but those were our reasons - and a lot was due to the pit. No one (including realtors we talked to) could really explain the design and grating of those lots.

8:25 p.m.

Im glad they kept the original wood work.. .but overall kind of disappointing for the price. The kitchen is so dull, looks like the cheap black granite, builder grade cabinetry and I can't believe for over $700k they didn't put in a backsplash - it doesn't look finished. They tried to maintain the character of the home with the wood work but then the bathrooms look pretty modern. Im surprised they didn't stick with a more classic update in the baths...

7:48 a.m.

The blogger's focus was on restaurant row and improving overall walkability in the area and I totally agree- what's wrong with drawing people and businesses in to the community? I disagree with the 95th street corridor though - I think Western would be awesome if we it had more shops and restaurants. 111th & Kedzie area could also be improved with more shops, etc. His ideas would take a nice neighborhood and make it more appealing... Let's draw the right kind of new people to the neighborhood so the area stays strong, grows, and doesn't deteriorate. Change is inevitable, so why not make it a positive change?

P.S. Who really cares about Buona Beef? Its good food but its just another fast food place, nothing exciting and frankly nothing I see that's going to make people drive from far away to go get catering? That makes no sense. Lets draw in restaurants and retail that will both draw in the right kind of customers (those who spend money in the neighborhood) and also will appeal to all of the local families.

8 a.m.

So you're selling the old house and I assume the video is just showing what it could be?

7:13 a.m.

Hi Maureen, I think its actually called Beverly Park, its on 103rd just west of Western.

— On the neighbor message Beverly Park
9:04 a.m.

I definitely would not give her away especially on craigslist or even here. She will get into the wrong hands, dog fighting, etc, and someone would LOVE to make you think she will be a family pet but just take her to sell off and use those puppies.

There are several pit bull rescues in Chicago. I'd suggest making some calls and sending emails (do both) to the pit bull rescues locally and see if they will help. Often its hard because they tend to take from shelters... but CACC would probably be better for her than random strangers. They have a high euthanasia rate yes, but they also have rescue groups there daily who pull animals into rescue. Many rescues don't take owner surrenders because they solely pull from CACC.

Here are some I can think of, all of which can be found on Facebook and or by googling (try posting her photo to their pages, and emailing the photo as well as calling and stressing urgency). Chicagoland Bully Breed Rescue, It's a Pittie, Chicago Pit Stop Rescue, Pit Crew IL Rescue..

— On the neighbor message abandoned dog :(
8:16 a.m.

Thanks. If anyone sees anything by owner in the area... please post! There isn't much listed right now... :)

— On the neighbor message Freight trains in the area
6:20 p.m.

Thanks all. I took a drive up and down the streets in the area today and its a cute area... I like the unique houses. There were several homes between Narragansett and Oak Park that I liked... I think we will take a look so I hope OP Avenue isn't a really hard dividing line, lol! There isn't visually any difference that I could see. Great feedback though, it definitely makes me feel more comfortable!

— On the neighbor message Thinking of moving to the area
5:49 p.m.

Norwood park. Yes we have great public schools here but we are unhappy with the new normal of airplane traffic and are looking for a quieter area of the city that would be less affected by planes that rumble your home :)

— On the neighbor message Thinking of moving to the area
10:09 a.m.

Sorry my original post should say we are interested in Dunning / Galewood. I did post on Galewood every block as well.

— On the neighbor message Questions about the neighborhood
7:39 a.m.

We will have to go private school if necessary. We live in an area with great public schools but are unhappy with the plane traffic/house shaking/noise.

Unfortunately we have to stay in the city so we are looking for a good community /family friendly / safe place to live and we will pay for school if CPS isn't good in the area (which is much of the city anyway).

— On the neighbor message Questions about the neighborhood
7:37 a.m.

We are currently in Norwood Park. We'd like something a little more affordable, and also the new flight pattern OHare opened in the fall actually shakes our house... we would like to avoid that. :).
I understand what you're saying about about Roscoe Village -I love that area! Just way too pricey.
I would drive too so I have no need for public transportation. Thanks for your input Johnny!

— On the neighbor message Questions about the neighborhood
8:30 p.m.

Also forgot to ask about the plane noise. Is the flight pattern over this area enough to rattle houses, or impair conversations outside?

— On the neighbor message Thinking of moving to the area
8 p.m.

I honestly don't think there will be any big changes from this. It would be GREAT but - I just don't see them changing flight patterns in such a way that it will eliminate the house shaking changes that have taken place.

— On the neighbor message Airplane noise
7:58 p.m.

LOVE this idea!

— On the neighbor message Seeking local artisans
7:57 p.m.

Great review - you should really put that on yelp and report to the bbb so more consumers see it when looking for a service. Also Angie's list if you happen to be a member

6:25 a.m.

Yes they've been by our house for 2 days in a row, I wondered why. So will they be tearing things up? I'm hoping not

— On the neighbor message Sewer cleaning and updating
4:20 a.m.

Can you send the photo and report on lost dogs of Illinois website? They also have a Facebook page. They reunite a lot of people with lost pets

— On the neighbor message Stray dog. Is he yours? He looks scared :(
4:53 a.m.

I was hoping we were safe with a fence but sounds like we aren't! A little scary.

— On the neighbor message Fox or Coyote?
5:04 a.m.

I also think ivys for burgers and superdawg and dear franks!

— On the neighbor message Best burger and hotdog in the ward
3:59 a.m.

Yep but there is nothing we can do!! It sucks but we are stuck, aren't we?

— On the neighbor message Air Plane Noise
8:48 a.m.

There was a horrible crash, resulting in a death... that may be what you heard. There was little left of the car.

— On the neighbor message Loud Boom Heard
8:47 a.m.

We have actually been receiving mail every day for the last couple of weeks, and it comes in the afternoon now, not 7pm. Maybe they have new staff?

8:42 a.m.

Make sure he keeps in touch with animal control and I would also get that flyer on the Facebook pages of all the pit rescues in the area.

I really hope he's found and if so tell your friend to please chip and neuter. Try are also Stolen for breeding plus fighting.
Nt to state the obvious but never leave your dog in the yard unattended... Especially a sought after breed.

The lost dogs Illinois web page and Facebook par has been great

— On the neighbor message Stolen Dog
8:31 a.m.

We've been in Edison park for about 9mos now and love it! You should check out that and Norwood. I would choose both of those over Jeff park. Real estate market is hot though in this area so be ready to shop fast!

— On the neighbor message Jefferson Park vs Norwood Park
12:47 p.m.

I understand your issue.
At our old house - we had neighbors across the alley that ALWAYS left their dog outside to bark its head off. It ruined our outside life. Couldnt be in the yard or even have windows open. Thankfully for the most part - our new street is quiet. We have one dog that barks occasionally but it seems to be rare.

David - I understand your situation - but all of my experiences with dog barking issues have involved people leaving them outside and ignoring the dog. And - having the dog inside, with the windows open - barking non stop with the windows open - so we can't keep our windows open. There was never a security issue. There are just a lot of rude people out there who don't realize, or don't care, that the neighbors have to listen to their dog.
So - I can see where it becomes an issue.

— On the neighbor message Dog Barking
9:06 a.m.

This was our first year for the fest. I have a couple of comments. First, I was hoping there would be more food options - specifically more neighborhood food booths. It would have been a great way to try more restaurants in the area rather than the carny food - or the one Chicago Prime that is from all the way in Wheaton. Who's going to go all the way to Wheaton for that?

Why aren't area restaurants taking part in EP fest?

As far as crowds- it seemed like a typical fest crowd to me.

Also - I am bummed there wasn't more information on things ahead of time - and more to do. For example- there's a really nice flyer put together - but its mostly just a detailed band schedule for the weekend. I didnt see anywhere -including the web site and FB - when the craft show was. Was it Sunday too? What time, etc.? The music is cool - but we aren't much for standing around for hours listening to music - so I do with there was a bit more to do.

And again - food is a big draw to us - and there wasn't much reason to go a second time. Is there a reason local places don't participate?

— On the neighbor message Edison Park Fest
9:01 a.m.

Bucky, I would handle it the same way.

— On the neighbor message Rain Barrels over flowing
3:28 p.m.

I agree. A tiny holed drilled into the barrel to drain it sounds like a great plan. There's no point in having the rain barrels if she's not using them to water. Time to take matters into your own hands.

— On the neighbor message Rain Barrels over flowing
8:30 a.m.

Is there a website with more info on this show?

— On the neighborhood event Crafter's Wanted
9:08 p.m.

I heard about that - really scary because as a 14 YO she's old enough to almost look adult.
One of the things I love about the area is the kids running around playing and now i can't imagine parents letting the younger kids run free. Sad.

Here's the news story:

— On the neighbor message Abduction attempt on Harlem
8:37 a.m.

This is scary! Does anyone have the details on this?

— On the crime report Kidnapping: Child abduction/stranger
2:38 p.m.

Thanks for posting this - I had no idea but look forward to taking advantage of this program. I noted the program ends Dec 31st so anyone who is interested should get moving on it this summer!

— On the neighbor message City Rebates Can Help You Green Your Yard
2:37 p.m.

Oh I'm a different Amy that is amused by the drama. I don't think Amy R, the garage sale holder, is amused.

Personally I agree it is ridiculous that you need a permit but welcome to Chicago, the city where breathing costs you money.

— On the neighbor message Sign Stealer
11:16 a.m.

I can't believe the drama caused by garage sale signs that were taken down! Wow, this provides a replacement for day time tv, lol.
Good points all around, well done folks.

— On the neighbor message Sign Stealer
8:17 a.m.

oh yes, we had them, same size as our regular garbage can.
it sickens me how much recycling has been going into the garbage since moving north! glad to hear it may be changing

— On the neighbor message Recycling
1:23 p.m.

We just moved to the NW side and I'm wondering, doesn't Chicago have a home recycling in this area (blue cans?).

— On the neighbor message Great turn out at our new recyclying center!
10:56 a.m.

Bridget - do you have an alarm system? I would recommend one. I think just having a basic system and advertising you have it, decreases the odds they would choose your house. Seeing an alarm I have read they are likely to go to the next house that doesn't.

10:23 a.m.