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Joan, you misinterpreted my musing. I am completely against CCW permitting and allowing citizens to carry. More guns are not going to reduce violence, common sense tells us that. I am however, completely in support of federal all encompassing background checks, eliminating assault weapons and the oversize magazine clips. With CC I wonder how soon it will be before two asshats in their cars are involved in road rage and started shooting completely missing one another but hitting kids in a school bus...

— On the neighbor message You spoke too soon, eric
10:25 p.m.

The punks tagging don't carry weapons, especially firearms. Their weapons are spray cans. The ones with weapons display their courage by driving 30mph and shooting at their intended victims out the window of a vehicle.
And Joan, the 136 days mean what? That is when the City has to provide the State with it's process. I would imagine that the CCW permit will include an incredible permit fee, mandatory training at a licensed facility, a term limit on the permit (1 year for example) and then a repeat to keep license. So I don't see a permit to CC will be a very easy process for the citizen who wants to protect themselves.
However, If I ever catch a tagger I won't shoot him. But he'll most likely have some broken digits, a broken nose and spray paint in his hair and on his face.

— On the neighbor message You spoke too soon, eric
3:14 p.m.

Jesus...what is early? you didn't mention the time of morning in your OP.

— On the neighbor message Construction Noise next door
3 p.m.

For future posters if you do post like Todd did, please add "Yes, I called the police" or "No police were called"...we can then commend you or chastise you for not being a good neighbor...Thanks InCognito!

— On the neighbor message Suspicious car parked
5:11 p.m.

If you call the police and tell them there is a vagrant most likely it is not an emergency. However, if you call and say suspicious person, provide dispatch with description, color of clothes, etc...and more than likely a unit will be there in a few minutes.

— On the neighbor message Someone to be concerned with?
3:58 p.m.

Are you talking Christmas trees or general blue cart? Larry has the link above. Christmas trees are dumped at Warren Park and Margate Park today/tomorrow.

— On the neighbor message Recycling pickups
9:34 p.m.

Mell has denied the rumor that he is stepping down. And it is not up to the mayor, there is a legal protocol and it differs when an Alderman dies, retires, resigns, is indicted/convicted or removed from office.

Check out this info: Chicago City Council Chambers has long been the center of public corruption in Chicago. The first conviction of Chicago aldermen and Cook County Commissioners for accepting bribes to rig a crooked contract occurred in 1869. Between 1972 and 1999, 26 current or former Chicago aldermen were convicted for official corruption. Between 1972 and 2009, a total of 30 Chicago aldermen were indicted and convicted of federal crimes such as bribery, extortion, embezzlement, conspiracy, mail fraud and income tax evasion. Three additional aldermen were indicted for similar offenses but two died before federal prosecutors could bring them to trial and one, Anthony Laurino (39th) was too sick to stand trial. Between 1973 and 2012, 31 aldermen were convicted of corruption. Approximately 100 aldermen served in that period, which is a conviction rate of about one-third.

— On the neighbor message 33rd Ward - New Alderman
1:41 a.m.

Snot True...

— On the neighbor message Gruesome New Year's Eve Fight
11:15 a.m.

that's what happens when you put your nose in other peoples' business.

— On the neighbor message Gruesome New Year's Eve Fight
9:12 p.m.

Kenji, you can always make a big Caeser salad and flash sear your salmon. 3 minutes each side. Enough time to pour and drink Soju. And if you have any Kimchi left do that as the appetizer.

— On the neighbor message Any other kimchi lovers out there?
1:55 a.m.

Hopefully someone from Alderman's office will see this. The link from City of Chicago website for Christmas Tree Recycling is corrupt and shows the actual code and no readable information.

— On the neighbor message Christmas Tree Pick Up
3:40 p.m.

Obviously you can't use it indoors or inside your garage. Also, do not place it on your wooden deck if you have one. Keep it outside on your concrete patio away from any building, not on the grass or lawn as it will eventually burn through with the heat generated. Make sure your windows are closed because smoke will find a way into your abode. Read your manual and follow the fire safety instructions. Pick up your wood at any of a number of firewood outlets including Meinke's on Touhy. Here is a great reference for types of wood and characteristics...

— On the neighbor message Fire Pits
6:45 a.m.

Sounds like it's working now. Another tip may be to go online with the make/model/SN of your unit and download the manual and look at troubleshooting and maintenance tips. The previous poster regarding vacuuming under and in back on the coils may be the biggest problem. Short term for a few days is coolers and bags of ice and save receipts. Good luck.

— On the neighbor message What am I to do!?
9:19 a.m.

We've already responded to your "...CPD---FINALLY..." diatribe. You suggested road blocks unannounced and in a patterned grid of the city. The response was we don't have the manpower and resources to do 'traffic' stops for unlicensed/uninsured drivers. There were periodic and rare instances of road blocks checking for seat belt use but that didn't prove worth the effort because I think someone sued. Legally our Constitution provides us with rights for search and seizure in 4th?? amendment I believe.

It's great when someone complains and whines about lack of services or the way things are done so unless you have a solution or a viable suggestion you can share with us I can't put any weight or merit to what you have added.

— On the neighbor message car accident
4:13 p.m.

They can be used on private property, ie, cutting lawns, plowing snow...joyriding on the public way and in a dangerous fashion?? Call 911 and report it.

— On the neighbor message Underage kids speeding on ATV
4 p.m.

Q of A opens up after 6pm. Kids are in school during the day. Negotiate. These are the last few days and they don't want to have any trees left. I already bought mine but in previous years a $90 Frasir will go for $50.

— On the neighbor message Where to buy a Christmas tree?
4:35 p.m.

One question for would CPD stop hit and run accidents?

— On the neighbor message car accident
1:51 p.m.

SJ. You don't have to call the police only because someone is doing something illegal. If it looks strange, unsafe, or possibly illegal make the call. Let the police ask the questions. It could very well be a dad driving around slowly listening to music waiting for school to end to pick up his kids; or it could be someone who is intoxicated, no DL, no insurance or possibly with outstanding warrants, or a group of gangbangers looking for rivals. You apparently thought something was up as well as the other moms who witnessed it with you...and you felt enough to post. The suggested 'unwritten' rule here is if you want to share or expose some illegal activity or possible suspicious actions you first call 911 and then tell us your story.
How would you feel if an unfortunate crime were to have occurred and this 'van' was involved and you did nothing but tell all of us that you did nothing...sorry, not acceptable.

8:40 p.m.

Please, please provide more information LIKE DID YOU CALL 911?. You provide great detail that needs to be shared with police and not so much with us on this board. Did you make the call?

5:54 p.m.

If all else fails...

— On the neighbor message Battery Recycling?
2:48 p.m.

Gee Tim...reading is a skill, comprehension even further enhances it. Who's criticizing and where did I say crimes won't be committed in my post? Walking in other's shoes? Huh? And if you also read up on the undocumented license issue no one is giving anything away, but that was not part of the OP either. It may be a ploy to get all registered, and in a way 'documented', but the intent is to make all who want a DL take the test in English, pass it and then they have to get insurance. But if that is what you call giving it away...again comprehensive reading skills!

Walk in shoes? Try being a CPD officer before making such statements.

— On the neighbor message car accident
1:41 p.m.

Crusty Pirate. You obviously don't read the latest news or keep yourself updated with what is happening in the neighborhood or city. There are not enough cops on the street to do what you propose. We can't even have enough to patrol with two in a car so gunshot reports can be attended to. And you want roadblocks? The laws are in place already as previously mentioned, to drive legally in the State you must have a valid driver's license and insurance. She probably bought the vehicle from a relative or was using a car that was not registered to her anyway, hence no license or insurance.

And if we did get a great Christmas gift of 3000 more uniformed police officers who will pay their salaries? We all complain about higher taxes, where do you think the money will come from? Oh wait, let's increase city sticker and license fees...a vicious circle.

— On the neighbor message car accident
11:28 a.m.

Cops got one guy. He won't be doing any more robbing - ever.,0,6774873.story
Three others in suspect vehicle got away.

— On the neighbor message Robbery in Brighton Park
4:17 p.m.

Yes the court ruled that it is legal in the state but the city/county can still put a lot of restrictions from mandatory class, licensing, application and approval process and red tape. My guess is two years from now maybe...

10:18 a.m.

Obviously HM doesn't have a 15 yo daughter who came F2F with a punk holding a gun. Go find Fido...

9:44 a.m.

Luckily this was just a robbery. It could have been much worse. As every news outlet, police suggestion and common sense tells us just as nkot says, pay attention to your surroundings. Someone not paying attention walking/talking on the phone is the target these punks are looking for...And neighbors, if you see someone suspicious call the police. Someone who you don't recognize hanging around your block or near your home, don't wait until a crime is committed. And after you make the call, use your phone to take a picture of them. Sure helps when police ask what were they wearing and what were they driving. Pre-emptive strike? Maybe but the worst case is the cops question the stranger and let him/her go on their merry way or they find out he/she has a warrant out for their arrest. Take back our once safe area!

10:01 a.m.

And here I thought is queuing up for the Twinkies being sold.

12:16 p.m.

I lived in Seoul for two years back in the early 90's. My love for Kimchi only exceeds that of Soju...well almost. Cho Sun Ok on Lincoln and Berteau? is a great restaurant that serves Kimchi as well as all other garnishes with your meals. I love all Korean food from Kalbi, Bulgogi, Bipinbop, SanGaiTon (obviously phenetic spellings). Although some local Kimchi may be only in the clay pots for a few weeks, true purists won't touch any unless it's been fermenting at least a few months. Enjoy.

— On the neighbor message Any other kimchi lovers out there?
1:04 p.m.

Plans are meant to change?? Really? That 'Plan' is the base design for all airports these days. Multiple runways running EW in North America. Has everything to do with prevailing winds and keeping planes from running into each other. Amazing concept. Please explain how shifting 60K landings a year to east side wastes fuel and 15-20 per flight? 90% of the prevailing winds are from the west. Any time west winds are over 20mph they usually don't land on NS runways. So I really have to question where you get your data from.

5:42 p.m.

Sorry to bust your bubble...but the ORD plan to increase efficiency is to build and maintain 5 EW runways. This eliminates the 'triangle' design most airports were modeled after by having 3 intersecting runways. The 5 EW runways allows the airport to eliminate the stacking of waiting aircraft over our skies and lets them land quicker which saves fuel in the long run. However, new neighborhoods that never had planes overhead will now have them and unfortunately it is how it's going to be. Ask the Bensenville folks how their homes are doing? Gone.

11:54 a.m.

Hmmmm, Santa on a training run...

— On the neighbor message Orange Lights?
10:20 p.m.

How far away did Mother in Law live before she passed. Dogs have a keen sense of going back home...and knowing how to get there. If she lived nearby to you I suggest looking in that area.

— On the neighbor message Lost dog in Artesian and Sunnyside area
11:33 a.m.

Are you sure it's not the coyotes?

— On the neighbor message 2 medium brown dogs running loose
12:24 p.m.

you couldn't keep them inside? An outdoor enclosure with plastic windbreaks? I have to question who came up with this bright idea.

— On the neighbor message Cats at Work - Absconded!
3:10 p.m.

Great job Amanda. The other new 'ploy' is found in shopping mall parking lots. Someone will target a vehicle and place a document/flyer that may resemble a ticket either on your passenger side window or on your rear window. You get in your car, start it up, and then realize some paper may be blocking a portion of your view. You get out of your vehicle to take it off or read it, and wham, your car door is shut behind you and they are driving off. Imagine if you had put your child in their car seat. So, suggest if you arrive at your car in a lot inspect your windows prior to unlocking and entering your vehicle. Stay safe especially around the holidays.

— On the neighbor message (Not so) dark alleys
1:38 p.m.

And who will be paying for all of this? Also, if you want stop signs you'll have the same congestion for traffic we have at Montrose and St Louis. More stops signs on Montrose slow down the CTA public transport even further and more people will start taking their cars. The crosswalks are all freshly marked with paint and if additional small plastic upright median stop signs are put up I am OK with that but pretty soon they will be run over. I am waiting for someone to suggest speed bumps. Holy deadbody Batman, stop the madness!

— On the neighbor message Stop Signs Needed
12:58 p.m.

Every 25 seconds the traffic lights on Montrose at California and at Sacramento are RED for 25 seconds. When those lights are red the remaining cars that made it thru those lights will pass Francisco in a few seconds. So is this really an "I can't wait that long post" or are you simply afraid of cars?

— On the neighbor message Stop Signs Needed
7:06 a.m.

Sunnyside, I am not quite sure what you mean with your response. Your first part mentions large percentages being killed off or deported. 1% of 60,000 is a very small number. A tax rate of 38% is not but that's a different thread, however, any number of kids or adults killed because they are in the wrong neighborhood, have the wrong color clothes on, or as part of any initiation - is one too many. The source for the spreadsheet is from redeye: Deported? These punks are from our own neighborhoods and although demographics may show that the majority of gang victims are either black or hispanic, many white kids are part of this problem as well. It stems from what is happening or lack of happening in the home, the family.

Your second part mentions a book on gangs. I used the Chicago Crime Commission stats and not a book or figures created by social media or any gang member and the CCC stats states over 68,000 members in hundreds of gangs.

— On the neighbor message Albany Park gangbanger bites the dust
6:56 a.m.

When the estimated gang population is at 60,000 - sure that number can easily be believable. In fact, check this out
It provides a detail on every homicide thru Dec 1 in Chicago. There are hit & runs, strangling, stabbing but a huge majority is gunshot. My guess is 90% or higher of gunshot crime is gang related.

— On the neighbor message Albany Park gangbanger bites the dust
9:39 p.m.

What a lot of us don't know is the law. Standing on the curb at the cross walk means nothing. You must step into the street within the crosswalk as this is what triggers the law that cars must stop. What I do is step into the street and go as far as the edge of the imaginary line of where a parked car is or about 5' or so. Then I point to the car approaching and point to the ground and make a step forward. You'd be surprised how drivers stop. This is the same method used in Toronto and many European cities that use the pedestrian invoke system. So don't stand on the curb wondering why no one is stopping. Make yourself seen and then indicate your intention. Very similar to using your turn signal when driving. Try it and you will see. Be safe.

— On the neighbor message Stop Signs Needed
11:12 a.m.

Short time last Long time...

— On the neighbor message Police activity @ Archer & Paulina/Robinson
9:05 a.m.

That means that all NB Lincoln Ave traffic would have to make a WB left turn onto Montrose, continue WB on Montrose to Western and then turn NB (right) to continue on Western. Maybe you should walk Montrose to Western and then to LSAC during the normal afternoon rushhour. You will change your mind immediately with your suggested retasking of Lincoln Ave.

— On the neighbor message Lincoln Avenue
10:18 a.m.

Here is a nice link that explains the history of it all that Shanarang had posted.
Many of the POD's (Police Observation Devices) are also equipped with gunshot tracking so it shots are fired it can hone in to capture the immediate area, car make/model, etc. A good tool which invariably could nail down a prosecution's case. And if you're not doing anything illegal then your right to privacy really shouldn't be an issue. If you are running around naked in your own home Sunnyside I hope you have drapes, curtains or if you don't care you are showing it Sunnyside up...!!

— On the neighbor message Flashing Blue Lights
1:39 p.m.

More than likely Christi the 'who done it' didn't have insurance, a valid driver's license and/or quite possibly had been drinking. Probably had no reason to stop to see what he/she hit or how many.

1:32 p.m.

Animal, vegetable, mineral are the categories. Humans would be a sub-category and would fall under animal. Teacher, Policeman, Accountant, Fast food worker are a sub-category of human as would criminal, terrorist, deviate but all too many times they can simply be canned into one category...animals.

— On the neighbor message Albany Park gangbanger bites the dust
9:37 a.m.

Jennie! You waved at them from your window...please don't do that. There are lurkers who prey on innocent, attractive women who unfortunately have a great, trusting heart.

As AlbParkMom says if something doesn't seem right, call 911. The van's occupant(s) may have warrants, have stolen property, have weapons, have incriminating evidence... or are just picking up their daughter from a babysitting gig. Let the cops ask those questions so we don't see a future post about a burglary, robbery, assault, etc.

— On the neighbor message White van on Kimball & Sunnyside
10:33 p.m.

I think Sunnyside is still up at the rooftop 'bout tangential thinking!

— On the neighbor message Albany Park gangbanger bites the dust
3:33 p.m.

There are lots of ordinances that are on the books that we either are not aware of or don't obey. Such as opening your street side door into traffic is illegal. By law, you must wait until no cars are approaching in that lane or until it is safe to do so. I check for bikes more than I do for cars. And then of course the pedestrian in cross walk law. My guess is 80% of the drivers I see don't stop for peds even when huge new yellow signs are posted.

— On the neighbor message Selling a car in Chicago
5:57 p.m.

CarMax is painless and very competitive pricing. You get your money's worth in my opinion. Chicago Muni Code 9-80-808 (a) It shall be unlawful to park any vehicle upon any roadway for the sole purpose of displaying the vehicle for sale. The vehicle shall be subject to vehicle impoundment under Section 9-92-030(c). Any person that violates this subsection shall be fined $100.00. Each day the vehicle remains in violation of this subsection shall constitute a separate and distinct offense for which a separate penalty shall be imposed. Now, I would counter to say the words "for the sole purpose of displaying the vehicle for sale". If you can prove you are commuting to/from work or otherwise are using that vehicle and not parking for sole purpose of selling...
So put sign away when parking but when you are driving it's OK to post in window.

— On the neighbor message Selling a car in Chicago
2:46 p.m.

Sunnyside besmerks the police and likely most authority and this is what you are possibly (based on your opinions posted) teaching to your child. Fantastic. But when some gangbanger or other miscreant throws you down and attempts to steal your purse, your ipod, your phone...then the "where the heck are the cops?" would surface right here on FB. Until you walk in someone's shoes I don't think you have a leg to stand on.

— On the neighbor message Albany Park gangbanger bites the dust
11:53 p.m.

One question Chris. Do you have kids? Don't call my comment 'flippant' and then say we all should get along. The victim made his choices. The sad and tragic part is in addition to his family suffering it is the real possibility that an innocent kid will catch a stray bullet. My tolerance and those of our majority in our neighborhood has reached the threshold. I appreciate and respect your participation here as well.

— On the neighbor message Albany Park gangbanger bites the dust
2:17 p.m.

What MandaLeigh?? Your post is completely off base - "learn how to use their guns properly". Really?? How about enforcing the gun laws in place now and do a background check of any one purchasing guns. As is now I can go to any gun show and purchase anything and any number of weapons I want. Then sell them out of the trunk of my car. Learning how to shoot by gangbangers is about as irresponsible a comment as I have heard. Or maybe you were simply being sarcastic...if so, I will apologize now.

— On the neighbor message Albany Park gangbanger bites the dust
1:23 p.m.

As mentioned many times in previous posts: you see something suspicious, dangerous, illegal or unsafe call 911. Let the police handle it. Additionally for those who may want more police presence the calls to 911 are logged so proper tasking of officers depends on your involvement to call 911. Get involved. The last thing we need is a stray bullet in our living rooms, cars, pets or worse, our kids.

12:54 p.m.

Very true that more police on the ground helps but that is only a band-aid. The shooters will still shoot but may get caught. It starts at the home with parenting, loving and caring.

10:49 a.m.

Jeff, 311 and not EB gets things done with City Services. EB'ers in the area could or should also call 311. Squeaky wheel gets the grease. Also call the Alderman's office. You should provide an approximate address such as alley between N Kenneth and N Kilbourn at 4550 North. Please be a bit more specific and then EB'ers will get the calls out.

— On the neighbor message Streetlight out at Kenneth & Wilson
12:16 p.m.

Addendum...I found out that yes the schedule is not correctly done, they missed a day. But I also found out it is illegal to put your leaves in the street, you can get a ticket. A Bagging here I go...

— On the neighbor message Oops - Street Cleaning
8:39 a.m.

Start searching Craigslist and Backpage for items that were taken. The police just busted a big ring that used CL/BP and they also are having a huge stolen property inspection at one of their facilities, not sure which one. If you see one of your items contact the detective(s) but I am sure they told you that. Good luck. Also suggest everyone to get some 1" dia. wooden dowels to jam into your window from top of lower sash to upper sill. Measure that distance and add no more than 1/8". If you don't have tools you can go to Home Depot and cut them yourself. The windows can not be opened from the outside unless they break the glass pane or use a crow bar and pry the window out.

10:39 p.m.

You have just described an area that includes side streets Mozart, Francisco, Richmond, Sacramento, Whipple, Albany and Troy NS; and Cullom, Berteau & Belle Plaine EW. Suggest you check with Streets and Sanitation to see if they moved it for any street cleaning although that usually never happens. Francisco north of Montrose has had some street water pipe work and I don't know if it extended south of Montrose as well. They would tow you since signs were up on that street telling you of intended construction. Were you 'Blind as a Bat' when you parked it. I would be concerned for fellow drivers and pedestrians if this blindness is ongoing...try and for your vehicle.

— On the neighbor message Have you seen my car?
9:22 p.m.

Both of my kids attended Lycee Francais. Highest marks.

— On the neighbor message Live near the old Ravenswood Hospital?
4:27 p.m.

Well at least you contacted Old Town SFM lost and found to let them know if anyone calls for a lost Toyota key they can be found in a tree behind the facility on Oakley Ave. Whew. Just sure seems like if it were my keys I would hope someone would turn them in to the OTSFM or other local business because I would be making calls in hopes someone did turn them in. But that's me.

And being me and knowing how much I would have appreciated that simple gesture from someone else and since I am working from home today I ran a few errands and drove up to the infamous Oakley Maple. Sixth one just like you said. However, unless you are very tall the key was embedded into the bark at about 6'3" above ground. I'm 6'2" and they were above my head. And because the single silver key was embedded into the bark the only two items visible were the black key protector and the black FOB. The white Dominick's slim convenience card was resting between the bark and the FOB and rendering it pretty much out of sight. There is no way anyone walking around looking for keys on the ground would have seen these unless Rocky, Bullwinkle, Boris or Natasha were with them. "I watch Moose, you get Squirrel".

So I engaged my smart phone, yes even a dummy can have a smart phone, and found the closest Dominick's which is on Lincoln just north of Foster, a very long jaunt of 7 blocks. Actually I drove it in two minutes. I delivered the keys to customer service. They will email corporate who will make an attempt to contact owner via the current phone or email they have on file. But knowing some folks don't keep their cards current, as you noted, a quick call was made to OTSFM lost and found (yes using the same smart phone) to let them know if anyone calls regarding a lost Toyota car key it is at the said Dominick's Customer Service counter.

Writing this took longer than doing the deed...Have a great day, hopefully problem is solved.

— On the neighbor message Did you lose your Toyota car keys?
1:14 p.m.

Did you realize every Dominick's, Jewel's and pretty much most convenience cards are tied to a phone number, an email or both. By now the person would have had their keys, this is all I meant by my post. I know what I would have done.

— On the neighbor message Did you lose your Toyota car keys?
7:07 a.m.

Becky, what stopped you from taking the keys with you, calling or going to a Dominick's store where they can find the name of the person who's card was on the ring? Wouldn't that have been the more neighborly thing to do? My guess is someone else found the keys and put them on the tree. Maybe that tree has a lost and found sign on it. Not everyone unfortunately is on EB...just asking.

— On the neighbor message Did you lose your Toyota car keys?
7:39 p.m.

May I suggest you contact the Contractor and ask to sit down with their Proj Mgr and request a schedule explaining that as part of developing and building a relationship with the neighbors during the process it could serve as a great benefit to share that info right here on EB. I would also recommend contacting Lycee Francais and get a perspective on how their interpretation of schedule and scope is impacting their timeline. After all they are moving in as new neighbors.

— On the neighbor message Live near the old Ravenswood Hospital?
11:07 a.m.

Male 'cougars' = Lions

— On the neighbor message Coyote Sighting
9:51 a.m.

Coco, suggest next time this happens. Get your cell phone, walk outside locking your door behind you. Take a picture of them and their car license plate. Ask for their identification, business card and tell them next time they show up you will call the police.

— On the neighbor message Strange People at My Door
8:20 p.m.

Be sure to check the inlet filter screen on hot water heater and your washer as well. The washer usually has it in the inlet. You'll have to remove the hose after turning off your valve.

— On the neighbor message Water Pipe issues?
7:33 p.m.

Most coyotes do work in packs. Many may look harmless but once they get their eye on you watch you wallet, drinks and cell phone. Surprised at the late time of evening you encountered one though. They are nocturnal but normal feeding is much earlier in the evening. This particular cougar may have been caught red handed in a 'walk of shame' trying to make it back to her nesting ground before the sun rises...

— On the neighbor message Coyote Sighting
7:29 p.m.

Yes. You hit it on the head, you can't convert to a residence. But you can rent it out for anyone to use as workshop, storage, etc...

— On the neighbor message Advice pls! Renting out garage?
12:56 p.m.

I think we should all question items like not being registered or not being registered in the area you presently live. Like Marnster who treks to suburbs to vote on referendums and issues pertaining to that school district or tax appropriations but lacks a voice in their own neighborhood when it comes to local ward/aldermatic issues that affect them. And you are good with this?

— On the neighbor message Is it too late to register to vote?
12:48 p.m.

You must bring your photo ID & proof of residency (utility bill in your name) so if your Driver's License is still with an old address and your utility bill is part of the new address you may have difficulty. You're not on the registry roll in your new precinct and yes you should ask for a provisional ballot but now one has to ask the question...why are you only thinking about this now? Look at the potential hassles created, that is not too neighborly, but I always say better late than never. But you're awfully close to never. Good luck.

— On the neighbor message Is it too late to register to vote?
12:20 p.m.

You may encounter lunch with some long lines at Hot Doug's so get there early...

— On the neighbor message New to Avondale
10:27 a.m.

Dear Dad, never mind.

— On the neighbor message Clogged sewer in front of my house!
6:24 p.m.

Julia, Dad of 3 is who is hurt by our missives, not me. D3 so you are saying you have cleaned the curb and sewer? No apology from me because I wasn't implying you were lazy or otherwise derelict of any neighborly duties. Your initial post didn't tell us the whole story so if you did try to clean and open up the sewer good for you. I was just trying to say that sometimes you have to do things yourself to get them done. Have a great evening.

— On the neighbor message Clogged sewer in front of my house!
5:44 p.m.

What street in the Manor do you live on Sara? Just a few years ago both Francisco and Mozart from Sunnyside to Wilson used to be blocked by Ald Mell to prohibit automobile traffic for th evening because of all the kids. That stopped because of safety and EMS access...

— On the neighbor message Trick or treating...
2:49 p.m.

What is wrong with getting a rake and hoe and some elbow grease? You let it sit for a year and nothing is done? Move all the debris and see what the problem is. There could be a huge piece of via queen or plastic that is stuffed in there blocking everything. Or call 311 daily and play the squeaky wheel.

— On the neighbor message Clogged sewer in front of my house!
1:35 p.m.

SUV was parked on southbound side Kimball south of Wilson. I was at light when car alarm and flames engulfed vehicle. 911 was called. My guess is something smoldering inside vehicle. Total loss...or as Larry the Cable Guy says "it burned up real good"

— On the neighbor message Car on fire at kimball and Wilson
1:27 p.m.

Francisco and Mozart south of Wilson in the manor. I live there. Bring a big bag.

— On the neighbor message Trick or treating...
1:11 p.m.

I bedroom apt you can probably get by with U-Haul 14' truck for about $30 plus mileage. Get a few friends, some pizza and beer and it will be alot cheaper than hiring movers. Check but a 14' truck can take up to a 2 BR apt.

— On the neighbor message Looking for inexpensive movers
10:39 p.m.

Rachel, I don't know what your nationality is but if you can come up with a treat that is custom to your particular ethnicity that would be my suggestion. For example, I am Lithuanian and would come up with a specialty to my nationality and then explain it as I deliver it. Same goes for Polish, German, Greek, Russian, Indian, etc...go with your roots, be proud of them and then share that with your neighbors. In my opinion if someone came to my door and explained that I would love it.

— On the neighbor message Ok this probably sounds dumb but..
9:57 a.m.

Wed Oct 31st look for littlest kids w/moms after 4pm and will go until you run out of candy, kids or when you turn out your lights!

— On the neighbor message Trick or Treating
12:12 a.m.

If you do go route of exterminator check on how they plan on catching and eradicating. If they use a poison don't hire them. Mice will eat pellets and then go back in hiding and then die. The smell will be incredible. Traps are the only way to go. Also, do you buy farm vegetables or have neighbors that do. Those boxes of mixed fresh farmer's market produce bring mice in. It's how we had ours years ago as well as what someone else posted, construction/demolition. Stirs em up and first frost they start looking for new homes.

— On the neighbor message Mice Extermination
10:47 p.m.

In Ravenswood Manor we have anywhere from 400-600 kids visit. Yes that's right and with the Tribune posting story last week about best places to bring kids we are expecting an onslaught. However, gauge by the amount of candy you have and at 9pm lights out. Our young kids have school next day...

— On the neighbor message Trick or treat hours
10:43 p.m.

There is no law that requires recycling bins to be used. City of Chicago provides the services as previous posters state for residential homes and multi-family units not to exceed 4 units. Condo associations hire both regular waste and recycle haulers. Rental units are all up to the landlord. Your rent as well as all the other tenants will likely go up if you request your landlord to provide that service.

— On the neighbor message No option to recycle! Help!
7:02 a.m.

could have been a cougar sighting...

— On the neighbor message Large Gaggle of Middle Aged Guys at Capitol
3:38 p.m.

As Taras mentions the flight path for the three runways running east west are aligned with Pratt, Bryn Mawr and Lawrence. In a few years all six east west runways will be completed and although the planes won't be coming in any lower there will be more of them. The glide paths which are the angles the planes are descending change with type and weight of aircraft and the additional noise you may hear may simply be the wind or echo caused by the planes themselves. But the future plan is to increase the amount of takeoff/landings by eliminating the crossing path runways we now have at ORD.

— On the neighbor message O'Hare Traffic
3:31 p.m.

Step outside any morning before 11am and walk around your block. You'll see half a dozen companies doing work. Watch and pick a few, get their contact info and ask for a quote for the work you want done. Good luck.

— On the neighbor message Desperately In Need of Landscaper
10:44 a.m.

AKON, please respond to Pugmama's comment. We as neighbors are here to share and watch over one another, our properties and our general well being. If you did not make a call please, in the future, this is the FIRST THING you need to do, then go post on a blog. If you did call, great, thank you.

7:32 p.m.

That's correct. In fact in 60's & 70's taverns were used as polling places and no alcohol was allowed to be served. Too many folks complained so that is why the city went to public buildings.

— On the neighbor message Where to vote
7:10 p.m.

Ours has changed. In fact, for the last 9 years that we lived in the Manor we've gone to Horner Park Field House. I checked the link that Britt provided and now we have to go to Angelo's Pizza. I don't believe I can order pizza while I wait in polling booth but I always thought only public buildings; schools, park districts, post office, etc., were to be used. Very interesting.

— On the neighbor message Where to vote
7:57 a.m.

I have been laughing for dog review, really? It's not like going to Everest or Mortons or any other top notch restaurant that you'll pay min $100 per person. You're talking hot dogs...if you can't make your own judgement on such a simple yet traditional fare such as tube steak, maybe you should not go out of the house. Too funny. Home depot has some great dogs...

— On the neighbor message just wondering
9:57 p.m.

Home depot has lead check sticks. Do a test on all window sills, painted molding inside the home and your water. Although our water is purified and filtered 95% of our underground piping to the house is lead pipe.

— On the neighbor message Lead levels
8:50 p.m.

The purpose of this site is for well intentioned, caring and concerned neighbors upgrading and maintaining their neighborhood and sharing those thoughts and actions with like-minded others. But if folks come on here to ask if they heard what happened on their block or they know a dangerous or otherwise unsafe or illegal activity is going on and then post a question if anyone else heard or saw it...BUT DID NOT CALL POLICE FIRST, then the whole purpose of this EB has failed. Too many of us hide behind the keyboard and don't even venture out to meet their own neighbors. I have phone numbers and emails of both families on both sides of me plus others on my block. I make the effort. I have shared my keys and have the keys to one neighbor for their home. Sure it's not a requirement to know your neighbors but maybe that is what is causing our social problems not only in our hood but across the board from city hall, to national elections to foreign policy. We are all so quick to shut our doors, ignore or otherwise neglect to reach out. Just sayin'...

10:14 a.m.

Loraine this isn't the 60's and it is not the South Side. Call the cops, turn on your lights and make an effort to show that this crap doesn't belong in the neighborhood. Speak with your neighbors about doing the same thing. Do you know your neighbors? Yikes.

9:08 a.m.

If no one calls police then we may never know. Are you right in that area and if so, did you make the call? If you are not sure all you need to do is call 311 and say you think you heard gunshots. Otherwise if you are in that area and did nothing, then come on this site to ask...

8:48 p.m.

You should get on the 33rd ward mailing list.

— On the neighbor message Montrose closed?
3:12 p.m.

One last question, have you had your inspection of the property yet? Your inspector should have noted this and the seller would need to repair that damage to the garage or you get estimates and reduce your purchase price by that amount.

— On the neighbor message Protective Barriers/Guard Rails in Alleys
11:16 a.m.

As Anne aludes to if the posts you want to install are within your property line you have no issues. You need to have your plat of survey in hand and walk out to your alley and see for yourself. If the proposed posts are outside of your property line you can do one of two things. Contact the alderman and show pictures of the area, the damage and see what that office tells you, or install posts but you have to be sure garbage trucks and emergency vehicles can make the turn. If the city takes them down you may get a bill for them to remove it.
The posts install would need a core drill of the asphalt or concrete deck surface and then a total dig of about 36". You can then purchase a 4" black iron pipe about 7' in length for each post. Set it in your hole and fill hole and inside of pipe with concrete. Or you can use an 8" dia cardboard sonnet tube (home depot-that is the cardboard tube you can fill with concrete) and make your hole a bit wider in diameter. Pound in at least 3 rebar lengths about 12" less than the total height of your post. Fit sonnet tube over assembly, secure it and pour concrete inside tube. Once concrete is cured cut away cardboard. 99% of alleys don't have any underground utilities but you may want to check that before you start coring holes.

— On the neighbor message Protective Barriers/Guard Rails in Alleys
11:14 a.m.

You also could put him in a whole different world of fantastic physical, mental and social outlet...youth rugby. I am one of the founders of Chicago Wapiti Youth Rugby. It's touch, no tackle but we teach the kids basic skills, running, passing, evading, team work, expose them to comaraderie and most importantly sportsmanship. In the fall we do monthly Sunday clinics but our season plays in the Spring with weekly sessions from April to June at Revere Park. We are the only youth program in Chicago right now but we are teaming up with satellite programs in a few Chicago Public Parks. Many high schools have picked up the full version of the game and we support that effort since rugby will be a medal sport in 2016 Olympic Games in Rio.

8:17 a.m.

Was that the video from Roscoe Village two years ago?

— On the neighbor message REAL Cougars spotted just North of Chicago.
9:52 p.m.

Go to city of chicago website and search there. Every CAPS meeting in every beat can be found if you just do a little searching. I did the first part of your homework for you...

— On the neighbor message CAPS meeting
9:32 p.m.

I tell you what. If my kids are in the back yard and I see the cougar or any other animal or human posing a danger to them, simultaneously as I try to handle it myself a call is made to 911, and in the case of an animal I sure am not going to wait until animal control can get there to handle the situation. Some idiot had an exotic animal as a pet and now either can't feed it any longer or is afraid to own up and tell the authorities that it is loose. Too bad too sad but it is a danger to us and to itself so unless animal control is right there unfortunately that animal will be put down by the police.
Now as far the cougar sightings go why don't we hear more about those down on Division/Rush Street? Do we feed them Cosmos in a bowl or dish?

— On the neighbor message REAL Cougars spotted just North of Chicago.
9:29 p.m.

Ruby's is great but a bit higher priced. Manor Cleaners on Manor just north of Francisco L stop is fantastic. Great Korean lady and her mom run it. Great service, great prices.

— On the neighbor message Dry Cleaners around Albany Park, Lincoln Sq?
9:23 p.m.

I think everyone will wait a week and a half to answer this...

— On the neighbor message Police Presence
2:38 p.m.

try girtas1@hotmail

— On the neighbor message Hit and run
9:51 p.m.

Home Depot has moving boxes as well. Buy two huge ones and make a booth out of them. Not a very difficult project just have to tape and mask and protect from overspray, but I think you get the idea.

— On the neighbor message Who can paint my radiators?
8:23 p.m.

Steph I suggest you email me as you do not have an email in your profile. The email is annonymous in your profile so I suggest everyone should put an email contact in your profile for instances just like this one.

— On the neighbor message Hit and run
7:47 p.m.

There is a white Dodge caravan with right front end damage parked on Manor on the west side of the street just south of Wilson. I was doing yard work and noticed a group of people in another car trying to start it up. It wouldn't start so they left. I will email you pictures of both the plates, damage and city sticker. If you don't have an email in your profile email me please. License tag is N57 9779. Suggest you get down here and see if it is the vehicle you think it is.

— On the neighbor message Hit and run
7:46 p.m.

You could use a chemical treatment to melt the old paint off. Use a long wire brush (like a grill cleaning thin wire mesh) to scrape off any paint in between the sections. You don't want to or have to remove your radiators. Obviously tape down a few layers of brown wrapping paper under your radiator. Once all or most of the old paint is removed, pull up and roll away the old paint and paper. Lay down a new double or triple layer of paper. Make a card board booth which runs completely down from about 12" above radiator down to floor and 12" clearance on both sides. Use a rustoleum primer for high heat surfaces. Then use a high heat spray paint for the color of your choosing. You will have to go to a suburban home depot as you can't easily get spray paint in Chicago.
Or build oak radiator covers and stain or paint them. These are both DIY projects anyone with coordination can do so long as you measure twice and cut once type of thinking. Plenty of online video help for both as well. Good Luck.

— On the neighbor message Who can paint my radiators?
6:52 p.m.

This could easily expand to a great political and legal debate. Just as easily as we see how our own US States have legislated with marijuana (CA has increased its medicinal use while NY has increased penalties for minor amounts possession) the same can be said for the 'oldest profession in the world'. See how our states also penalize it and in many counties in Nevada it is legal. Many countries also have legalized it or like in Canada if it's indoors it's OK. I think legalizing may be the answer if there is a way it can prevent the forced underage drug addicted mess that is out there now. Many of therse poor girls don't have a chance and that has to stop.

— On the neighbor message Awkward.
9:03 a.m.

One thing to always remember, if it looks suspicious, dangerous or illegal to YOU, call 911 to report it. Let the people we pay look into it and they will determine the appropriate response and next steps.

— On the neighbor message Awkward.
8:42 a.m.

I also hope they are looking for cellphone ear-itis and text-itis.

— On the neighbor message Safe travels
9:14 a.m.

Does your condo association rules allow for it. That is the first place you need to check. Many condo by-laws allow for only a certain percentage of units to be non owner occupied.

— On the neighbor message Advice for renting out a condo
9:10 a.m.

Was your friend ever a Chicago resident? Did she purchase her car while at that address and never notified state of address change along with her drivers license/registration as previous poster states? If she has her car and her DL as registered outside of the city...then she needs to make copies of her docs and mail in with ticket using the 'contest by mail' feature. Something sounds screwy because the ticket walkers or van drivers have handhelds that go to a database when they input vehicle tags.

— On the neighbor message Ugh, Must be a ticket quota
9:08 a.m.

My comment was meant to be tongue in cheek. Look at my other comments here on this board. My apologies if you took it the wrong way from the intention.

— On the neighbor message Awkward.
10:39 a.m.

I agree JeepL, I don't care what your economic status is, if I see you stealing you will be dealt with. Simply principle and knowing right from wrong.

— On the neighbor message Dairy Abduction!
9:10 a.m.

They could just be ghetto trash waiting for next train although Lawrence avenue from Damen west to Pulaski was historically the 'stroll'. I had heard at one time one 'lady' was pulling a weapon on men alone in their vehicles stopped at lights. I've not seen this boldness but it is out there. But from what media reports most workers now use online services to sell their wares, hence the busts we hear about on Craigslist, etc. With police presence at the Kimball L stop I find it hard to believe these gals were doing what you were thinking.

— On the neighbor message Awkward.
9:07 a.m.

We used to have Oberweis driver ring our doorbell when they delivered (usually between 5:30a and 6am). It was like clockwork, bell would ring, I would come down and move it into the foyer behind a locked door. But that really sux...what time of day is your delivery? Can you check with any of the neighbors if they are home during that time and just have your delivery sent there and then you pick it up when you get home. Add some ice cream each time and leave it for that kind neighbor...just a thought.

— On the neighbor message Dairy Abduction!
2:12 p.m.

Is you deck then at eye level next to the street? or alley? are they installed on your hand rail? You may want to get a ladder and put them up higher so passerby can't reach them? Eliminate the temptation...or wire up the railing to a 220v outlet and then a one time touch and they won't be doing that again...

— On the neighbor message Cutting wires on Decorative lights?
5 p.m.

You can also simply call for a dumpster being sure you tell them your debris contents. Your group would need to shovel or move it into dumpster but that would be most affordable option.

— On the neighbor message Need a Hauling Service
12:04 p.m.

Who did the work in the first place. I would check the contract because most all contractors have a 'remove and dispose of' debris clause. They should take this away especially if your association has already paid for that otherwise you'll be paying twice. Another suggestion (not knowing the layout) is to build a terraced flower bed using cedar boards. You'll have to till and remove the rocks in your dirt, but if you do this now and put the dirt into the flower beds, plant bulbs in October/November, by next Spring you'll be amazed at the beautiful colors.

— On the neighbor message Need a Hauling Service
10:47 a.m.

I had to chuckle...reminds me of the famous line by the Hippy Dippy Weatherman (George Carlin RIP). "Tonight's forecast, Dark. It will remain Dark until Morning."

— On the neighbor message New Neighborhood
9:20 p.m.

So was it stolen? Please give us feedback.

2:33 p.m.

Was your muffler/catalytic converter stolen/removed from your vehicle? Hondas are the prime victims of these thefts.

7:54 p.m.

No it was a rusted blue piece of crap...

— On the neighbor message Van Crash on Manor
4:11 p.m.

When you first said track I thought you were going to do some speed work but then you added walking...Welles Park and larger Horner Park have great walking paved and grass areas around the complete perimeter and in Horner's case throughout the park. Once around Welles is about 7/10 mile so if walking is all you're looking for this should do it fine. Plus the monotony of walking around a track in my opinion is not nearly as fresh as 'once around the park'. For bigger challenges you can do the 75m sprint up the hill at Horner. That gets my cardio going and if you can do 10 reps you are a star.

— On the neighbor message Track for walking/running?
7:17 p.m.

Do a search of all local eateries and print out phone numbers and website addresses present them with the compilation Get them a visa gift card and let them make their own choices

— On the neighbor message Best takeout in Ravenswood Gardens
10:58 p.m.

Call your alderman.

— On the neighbor message Help with Roosevelt High School
12:28 p.m.

Certainly one that has no herp derps but does accept hemp dumps.

— On the neighbor message Planning to Relocate to Chicago
8:07 a.m.

That's great and you'll love Our Town. Suggest going to, input your number of BR/BA and max rent you want to pay and then just move the map around. Obviously the better areas will cost more - this is your best gauge and will give the best insights on where to look and where stay away from. Good luck.

— On the neighbor message Planning to Relocate to Chicago
11:03 p.m.

Kenji, Moose's link allows one to search by area or street address. Cover page was of Englewood which can confuse all. I do have to question Miss Tangier as to her not knowing anyone of her friends, acquaintances, distant family, friends of friends...who may have info on Chicago or who actually live here? Tough to fathom!

— On the neighbor message Planning to Relocate to Chicago
9:31 p.m.

Your leak could be from a couple of things. First, how many water closets (toilets) do you have. Are any of them not fully closed. One leaky toilet that drips a cup of water (8oz) an hour dumps 45 gallons per month! Same goes for any dripping faucet. If you have more than one leaky faucet or toilet, do the math. If you had any other leak you would see it, feel it and hear it if it's buried in your walls or ceiling. Also, if you look outside on your front lawn and see the city water valve (that's the small iron circle in the grass on your parkway normally) and run a perpendicular line to your nearest wall that is where your shutoff valve would be give or take 12" in both directions.

— On the neighbor message Plumber recommendations
8:31 p.m.

Sophia...really? Boy that sounds like a great neighborly thing to do. Escalate so the problem then bothers other neighbors with your loud music.

— On the neighbor message Quiet Enjoyment laws?
11:22 p.m.

Is this activity during the day or in the evening? You didn't paint the full picture for us. Do you work from home and are there all day?

— On the neighbor message Quiet Enjoyment laws?
8:53 p.m.

The county assessors website has all the information Gina for questions on how to and when...

— On the neighbor message Condo owners - Jefferson Township
9:55 a.m.

Once you get your tax bill go here.

— On the neighbor message Condo owners - Jefferson Township
8:35 a.m.

Always contest your property assessment!

— On the neighbor message Condo owners - Jefferson Township
10 p.m.

Noah, the building owner may be installing a security camera system in the courtyard which then needs to be wired into everyone's unit so the CCTV feed can be accessible to all residents. Many apartment buildings have CCTV that you can view via your own TV set. Please call the landlord in lieu of asking the board for what we think.

9:31 a.m.

There is a company out there called FBI Security systems. it is probably who called you.

4:07 p.m.

If you plan on purchasing boxes don't go to the UHaul store, instead hit Home Depot. Yes, HD sells moving boxes and they are cheap.

— On the neighbor message Another request for boxes!
9:34 a.m.

Sorry you feel that way KCandCO. But the fact is all police 911 calls are captured in a database with address/location and coded offense. These are then distributed to the district command who then determines beat 'hot spots' based on that data. So if there are problems but residents feel not enough to warrant a call to 911 then no call is logged and no additional patrol(s) can be added or re-tasked. Blame all your neighbors and not the police for not coming to a call.

— On the neighbor message What's an emergency?
10:32 a.m.

I would not say 'gun' unless you know or see one. However, if you simply state a gang fight is going on I believe the PD anticipates weapons on hand and will respond accordingly. But if you say kids are arguing in the middle of the street you don't get the primary if something else is going on that the PD is working on. Great job on getting vehicle info because even if they leave the area the cops may stop them an hour later and find weapons or contraband.

— On the neighbor message What's an emergency?
10:46 a.m.

Simply comes down to displaying common courtesy and engaging common sense. That blended mix is not found as often as it should be and I believe that is why sunnyside posted in the first place.

— On the neighbor message For Dog Owners
8:43 a.m.

Bob, that is just littering and very surprised to hear that from you. Al, you obviously don't live at a corner and have 20 bags dumped into it daily but please feel free to post your address and we'll be glad to dump our dog's bags in your garbage can for a month, then you can chime in. Borders on entitlement!?

I am also a bit surprised no one touched on having your pet do his business on your own yard (back or front) then going for your walk...

— On the neighbor message For Dog Owners
8:49 p.m.

Put yourself in his shoes. If you had a corner dumpster or garbage can and everyone put his/her little bag of poop in it you would not be happy. First off, be cognizant of where your pet is being led. Have your pet go in your own backyard or front yard, then pick it up and put it in your own garbage can. Then take the pooch for a walk on your neighborhood because once a dog does his #2 all they will do now is mark their territory with urine. Not too difficult to understand and do.

— On the neighbor message For Dog Owners
2:32 p.m.

Great stuff, I was going to suggest the 'find my iphone' app and/or get another phone and keep calling your number while you were looking. Good that you found it. Duct tape always works as well...

— On the neighbor message iPhone lost at Horner Park this morning
5:06 p.m.

Don't just call precinct captiain. If you see something suspicious , illegal, threatening or unsafe to you, your neighbors, call 911. Don't delay, don't post here and then make a decision based on comments returned. If not sure, call 311 and explain the situation and they will most likely send you to 911. Disturbances, noise, gang loitering. Get car makes and models/colors/plate numbers if you can. We all have to be dilligent...if you don't put the heat on now it will only get worse.

9:34 p.m.

Try Zillow as well.

— On the neighbor message Houses for rent in Jeff Park?
9:30 p.m.

Simply put, punks with no direction, no courage to be their own man/woman. A bunch of weak followers who have no spine who either have no father figure in their lives or have no family values. If ever there should be 'censorship' it is for those who post their illegal activities on the internet for others to emulate. Granted, the videos taken can still be used by the police to assist in identifying and charging perpetrators of crimes without the need to post on the net. No respect from me ever!

However, there are other ways and their is hope. I am part of a youth program for kids 4-14 which uses rugby to channel those who need guidance, strength and to learn how to respect one another through sport. Additionally we are all very happy that one day one of our kids may have a shot at being Olympians with rugby being re-introduced to the 2016 Games in Rio.

— On the neighbor message More tagging near Argyle/ Leclaire
8:38 a.m.

I built a huge 8' x 4' cedar table that is available. I am in Ravenswood Manor (Mozart/Wilson). I have a furniture dolly you can borrow and push a few blocks to LS as this won't fit in SUV unless you have access to pick up truck. Contact me thru my profile.

— On the neighbor message Picnic Table Wanted
9:59 p.m.

I wish we had the option to 'opt out' of receiving phone books. You might be happy to see your name in print but in today's world if you do not have an online presence, things won't start happening now. Waste of paper and ink in my opinion and they just go right to recycling so there is no win-win with printed phone books.

— On the neighbor message The new phone book's here!
4:27 p.m.

Don't get our underpants (or panties) in a knot. Everyday occurance in inner city whether it's gangs or pranks. But once said underpants or panties start showing up on those power lines...then as Ricky used to say, "LUCY, you gots somesplaining to do"

4:33 p.m.

In an emergency no notice can be given. They were waiting for gas company to verify underground lines before starting today. Water is out on Wilson from Bridge east to Sacramento is my understanding. Should be completed this afternoon but the leak was evident for a few weeks. Same area as last time.

— On the neighbor message Water outage
11:32 a.m.

These guys work at Wrigley as grounds crew! They cue up together at night, prene their stashes, have a few cold ones and then go trim the ivy.

— On the neighbor message Possible Gang Activity?
9:26 a.m.

Are the trucks abandoned there or are there actual humans inside? Why don't you walk up and strike up a conversation if you think there is a live person inside...

— On the neighbor message People's Gas take over street
3:01 p.m.

So, what is the update? Do your neighbors have water or just your apt?

— On the neighbor message Water main?
9:55 p.m.

Lunker, I must have missed the memo explaining that rule. At best it's called common courtesy but more than likely the person who is parking a car in front of your house is trying to get as close as possible to the destination he/she is attempting to reach, agreed? So they may be going next door or across the street...or in spite just taking your spot knowing it will irk you.

— On the neighbor message neighbor with 2 cars
8:20 a.m.

If you're in Old Irving I would take Kennedy down to Stevenson east to LSD south to Hyde Park. You'd not only be missing the lights on LSD but also the lights on Irving heading east to LSD. But it boils down to construction, accidents, etc. that could affect you. Good luck.

— On the neighbor message Commute to Hyde Park from Irving Park?
7:58 p.m.

Do you have kids? Are you looking for schools? Or are you single and looking for nightlife/safety and commute friendly? Where will your job be? From home or downtown? Obviously you better have all of these items in your checklist along with Justins and then you can start parsing them down.

— On the neighbor message Planning to Relocate to Chicago
4:52 p.m.

Alex M, just to clarify, your property does not end at the curb. It ends at your side of the sidewalk. The parkway and land to the curb belongs to the city.

— On the neighbor message neighbor with 2 cars
3:04 p.m.

Andy has it down pat except for the not to help part. Too many posters I believe, like seeing their name and post. We have all seen moronic, idiotic and plain no common sense type of questions. How many times have you answered a question by simply looking up a search of that very item. I call that laziness or back to my initial point...they like seeing their name in print.

Many if not all city services or city legal questions can be addressed by calling 311. In an emergency we all know to dial 911. If you see strange, potentially dangerous, suspicious activities going on DON'T GO ONLINE TO EB and ask about it...Help yourself and your neighbors and call 911.

Bottom line in my opinion is to display common courtesy, common sense and a little bit of class, and as much as I'd like to sometimes respond to a few posts "how do you survive in this world?", I don't.

— On the neighbor message neighbor with 2 cars
2:43 p.m.

Yes. Go to google translate and type in a request. Print it and deliver to his home. I did a sample for you.
Hello. Twoje urządzenie elektroniczne sprawia dużo hałasu i jest bardzo uciążliwy. Czy możesz regulować głośność lub wyciszyć go po 8pm. Dziękuję.

— On the neighbor message Electronic Pest Controller
2:33 p.m.

Probably the same people who only shovel a space in front for their home and put out their priceless plastic lawn furniture to save that spot...but since you mention that he has no stickers that is an ordinance that all city residents who own vehicles must adhere to. Call 311 but since LMK mentions that it bugged them because they parked for so long in front of their neighbor's house...if it doesn't bother your neighbor...

— On the neighbor message neighbor with 2 cars
9:59 a.m.

Here is the city website explaining everything.

— On the neighbor message Truck Parking
3:10 p.m.

FarNWside...check out the sticker on your car. It has the make/model and plate/tag number right on it. Impossible for theft and or multiple use. Great idea finally fromt the gnomes who design these things, the graphic artistic contest is another story altogether. And weasel, hopefully your driver's license, vehicle insurance and permanent residence is in Wisconsin because if you have a reason to be stopped, bad turn signal, no brake light, rolling thru stop will have multiple tickets because you failed.

— On the neighbor message OK, Who Got a Parking Ticket Today?
3:04 p.m.

Jo should maybe move to a less police state...go ahead and pick one!

— On the neighbor message OK, Who Got a Parking Ticket Today?
12:48 p.m.

Local guy is at Master Pro Auto located on Montrose at Mozart. He has worked on my car, I will always use him but because he is good he is always busy.

— On the neighbor message trustworthy mechanic?
11:14 a.m.

Kelly you shoud probably change your profile addy to "the one with the chewing remote obsessed pit bull"

— On the neighbor message new remote?
8:46 a.m.

Privately funded for the most part. Read up on some history... which explains what is happening and why. In 15 years the increased truck traffic will have capped out I-80 going E-W. Plus I am sure that this will become an interstate so Federal Funds will supplant what can't be garnished privately. And this puts a lot of people to work, will add businesses at exits and make your travel times better. Win - Win.

8:44 a.m.

Here you go all....

— On the neighbor message no folk & roots fest this year!?!
10:29 p.m.

Call 911 Identify yourself and your address. This is the only way the police can follow up, the only way the area can be monitored for future tasking of officers. An anonymous call does nothing to help you or your neighbors.

— On the neighbor message never called 911 before but..
1:44 p.m.

It's the Religious parade from St Iglesius to Horner Park. It started at 11am. There was a previous post about this as well.

— On the neighbor message Police Lines by Montrose
1:24 p.m.

First off, let pooch watch the shows he wants! You have to share the TV as I am sure he likes Food Network Stars as well. Also, stop tossing the remote to him and play fetch with a pillow, a doll or the cat!

— On the neighbor message new remote?
1:20 p.m.

Yes, from Wilson south to at least Sunnyside and quite possibly to Montrose. I don't know if the parking lot will also be utilized for vendors or activities. It will be basically the same traffice pattern changes when the annual Roots fest was set up. Why is everyone going bonkers on this? It is a neighborhood festival, Chicago prides itself on our neighborhood festivals. Also, to comment on previous poster, for any festival to attract people you need both local talent and headline acts. A good mix helps in making it a successful event.

— On the neighbor message no folk & roots fest this year!?!
8:19 a.m.

You will still be able to sit in the park, it's open all during the festival. And the electricity the bands use is gleaned from generators and not from outlets from inside any one building. They all have their own little power plants....gas run yes but self sufficient nonetheless.

— On the neighbor message no folk & roots fest this year!?!
1:07 p.m.

Now the question is why do you ask? Are the existing bins overflowing? Or do you just feel that they should have bins that don't look like yours? I feel like a dentist pulling teeth...

— On the neighbor message Cans vs. Dumpster
6:55 a.m.

Yeah, I sure wasn't going to go thru it. What kind of business is it? Restaurant, Convenient store, Hair it out of the home?

— On the neighbor message Cans vs. Dumpster
10:32 p.m.

Try one of these resources.

— On the neighbor message Cans vs. Dumpster
5:28 p.m.

Meter maid and not cop issued the ticket. What does it say on the ticket? It should be clear. If a picture of your vehicle is also there then you know it was one of the vans that they use. Same with parking in street cleaning zones. They drive by and take time stamped photos. What you did was admittedly illegal...why the beef?

— On the neighbor message Don't cops WRITE tickets anymore?
9:36 a.m.

MM I would kindly disagree with your thought process. One call?? Who knows who called? If you see it, call it in and email it in. The more calls the more urgent the S&S and Ald office sees our intent. Put the shoe on the other foot. You are the receiver of one call v twenty calls...which one will you attend to first? Happy Independence Day to all.

9:16 a.m.

Although a few responders expand their thoughts and admittedly don't have kids, hopefully you'll make sound decisions not based on where a dog can be walked or which restaurants allow kids in to eat/play. Start here and get concrete facts about schools, this was your first concern and as parents should be a top priority. Blaine is among the highest...but you can make that decision based on data. You should also look at the crime stats right here in EB as well. Good luck.

3:23 p.m.

Nothing. The weak trees and branches have been snapped off already.

— On the neighbor message Jul 1st Windstorm Damage
3:12 p.m.

I realize Clyde that you are being sarcastic with the 'artwork' comment. But in reality and in all of the postings, past, present and future, this is nothing but pure vandalism. It has nothing to do with art, has no artistic value and should be treated as such. Punks with markers causing damage to property and taking money from our wallets to get it cleaned up.

9 p.m.

Travis. The signs are very self explanatory as many of the posters have described. You can't park at all to the right and restricted time period to the left. And Kenji hits it on head...commuters who drive to the station and don't want to pay to park.

— On the neighbor message Parking Question
11:47 a.m.

Jessica and DA have it correctly deciphered. And although there may only be one sign for the entire block, it applies to the whole block. It is up to us to know that we should look up and down the whole block for signs that may impact us. I had to fight a ticket (and won) because the signs were along a three block stretch except the one I parked at. The cop who wrote the ticket said there 'should' have been a sign posted but for some reason was not replaced/installed so he wrote me up. I took a picture and was able to beat it.

— On the neighbor message Parking Question
9:51 a.m.

Lawndale is the dividing line for 33rd and 39th ward. If you have an even number address on Lawndale = 39th. Odd number 33rd at Wilson. You can see by just going to the map in EB. Link yourself to the 39th and 33rd ward groups as well.

— On the neighbor message What's my ward and etc?
9:13 p.m.

Sometimes these rats will actually ask for change, or say they will work for food, or simpy ask for a cigarette. Damn rats.

— On the neighbor message Rats
2:55 p.m.

Thanks Tim but really there was no indication if galte called or visited Dunham Park supervisor to simply ask...

— On the neighbor message Dunham Park Tennis Courts
8:23 a.m.

Central AC means the condensing/compressor unit is outside. Is that what you have? If it's a window unit check the level of the unit. It should be tilted ever so slightly to the outside of your home so the moisture taken out of the air can drain to the outside.

— On the neighbor message Air conditioner
8:20 a.m.

Getting involved is the only way. Attend your local CAPS meetings. The officers and attendees are in the same mode as you! Share their knowledge. Join your local block or neighborhood watch. If none exists, print up some flyers and go door to door and knock on doors. Meet your other neighbors. With regard to observing illegal activities call 911 each and every time! EACH and EVERY time. 911 calls are captured in data management system. Each watch period the commander gets the reports which show volumes of calls in specific 'hot spots' and then they task officers to those areas. You don't call and no additional police will be tasked. Simple as that as a start. It is a long war and you have to win little battles.

— On the neighbor message Gang Issues
8:34 p.m.

Don't kick yourself. You stated you thought the biker was unconscious. As a trained CPR responder you know that unconscious victims still are breathing. You can't perform CPR on someone who is breathing. Fire truck most likely came from Wilson Ave station. Stop by, introduce yourself and ask the guys if the victim was OK.

— On the neighbor message Biker possibly hit by school bus?
12:27 p.m.

installling a camera on under your roof soffit will at least give you an idea of how many and possibly what car they may have been driving. My guess though is these were most likely 16yo punks on their bikes. Oh to be able to nab one of these guys, tape their hands to their bikes, tie a rope to the bike, anchor the rope to my car and give them a ride...take them around the block a few times and then off to the police station.

— On the neighbor message Tagging cars?
3:11 p.m.

To lift something really, really big...

11:24 a.m.

There is a great attachment you can buy that clips on to your shop vac. The vacuum spins the cutter and sucks the hair all in one application. Sit in your backyard and cut away!

— On the neighbor message Hair Stylist
10:13 a.m.

you are right Kenji. The autoshop would have no liability whatsoever unless the ticketed person has pictures, receipts with dates work on car was done and then you would have to go to court to contest ticket. Also, JP simply call them and tell them next time a car is parked on sidewalk a call to 911 will be made. You don't need to comfront F2F is you feel threatened.

— On the neighbor message Richards Auto Body parking cars on sidewalk
10:57 a.m.

Michelle, did you know that typically the tree roots extend at least as far as the branches above? How big and what kind of tree is it? Pay the couple hundred bucks for a video insertion in your drain line and find out what it is and get rid of your headache.

10:53 a.m.

Suggest you visit potential areas at 6pm and after midnight. Also, does anyone in family need public transportation to go to loop or fly out of ORD? Hopefully you are taking all of this into account and not just finding someplace that has a fenced in yard for the pooches.

— On the neighbor message Moving to Chicago
10:32 p.m.

I am not quite sure what the rose bush has to do with anything. If you have an underground water leak you will see a small quagmire building until eventually it becomes a small swamp in your yard. My guess is it's not the water supply line but the drain line has a break possibly due to tree root problem. The leaking drain can undermine the sidewalk above because it is eroding the sand/underpinning below sidewalk. Again, if you see a lot of dampness and standing water it's a water leak.

In either case search "Chicago Water Leak Detection". There are plenty of firms that you can contact. Have them give you a price to do a leak detection and to also do a video run from your basement out to the street on your drain line. Use the best price you can afford but the contractors will tell you exactly where the leak is and can flag/mark it on your lawn. If it's within your property line (front lawn as it meets sidewalk) then it's your dollar but if it's under the parkway the city pays.

We had a tree root from our parkway Maple inundate our drainline to the street. Had a camera and rodded it from basement, they found the problem and told us exactly where it was. Called Streets and San and they came out and fixed it including tearing out sidewalk and putting in new.

10:29 p.m.

Ahh, that must mean that Armenians also make great home videos.

— On the neighbor message Cadylic converter
9:50 a.m.

Armenian. Heck I thought she meant Asparigus, or was it my vegetables and pills all mixed up.

— On the neighbor message Cadylic converter
8:12 a.m.

Contact manager there to see if they have a camera installed inside.

— On the neighbor message iPhone Stolen From Starbucks
10:23 a.m.

As this is a neighborly site why can't you ring the bell or knock on the door during daylight hours and ask them to turn it down or play acoustic. Don't go with an attitude or in a confrontational manner, simply ask to turn the amp down. If that doesn't work then call 911. Why is everyone afraid to meet your neighbors?

— On the neighbor message Stupid loud music
9:53 a.m.

Find a Draugas newspaper. You might be able to find an ad for people looking to do this or just put an ad in yourself. and 4545 W. 63rd St. Chicago, Illinois 60629, 773-585-9500. Labai Gerai

9:41 a.m.

I have to chime in here but if you are looking for a home or area simply because of your love for dogs hopefully someone is home during the day with the dogs. I think it is one of the cruelest things to do is leaving a dog or dogs home all day for over 9 hours (assuming an 8 hour shift at work and half hour commute). Unless you've taught your dog how to use a litter box...and having 4 animals in an urban area is also in my opinion not neighborly. Go further out, get some green space and enjoy life with your dogs as best you can.

— On the neighbor message Moving to Chicago
7:02 p.m.

Incredibly brazen. As others mentioned get the bank security film and get an ID on the suspect. Also,
here is more information for all.

— On the neighbor message Cadylic converter
6:57 p.m.

If the condo board wants the dog out have them find a new home for Snoopy.

— On the neighborhood event AIN'T TOO PROUD TO BEG, PLEASE HELP!
6:53 a.m.

Your block is June 11 & 12 for street cleaning. So there is no city agency listed just simply No Parking with a Date/Time Period? Could they be trimming trees? Curb cutting/demo for street upgrade? Movie equipment truck parking? Lots of sewer work has been going on in many of our areas but to not have any city agency listed is strange.

— On the neighbor message No parking Question
11:10 p.m.

The grid system is being rolled out a few wards at a time. The city expects to have it all by grid by end of 2012. Call your local ward office or streets and sanitation office. Or ask one of your neighbors...

— On the neighbor message Garbage pickup
11:03 p.m.

A-Squared, too bad you don't have access to search engines. Use this blog to have all of your questions answered. Jack, Ult Frisbee, which I am sure you know, is a non contact game of using the disc the normal manner passing it to your team mate(s) advancing down the field, not as a seed catcher...when I retire from rugby I may take it up at age of 60. Or go back to catching seeds...

— On the neighbor message Ultimate frisbee
10:49 p.m.

Like most everyone else said, call 911. you took the time to observe and got a great description of a vehicle...relay that info to PD dispatcher. you have no idea if they may be looking for this car and driver for another incident earlier that evening, day or week. Don't go on this 911. thanks.

— On the neighbor message Intense Yelling in Alley by L @ 5AM
9:58 a.m.

I personally do all my own work but after years of doing personal home remodeling projects you do get comfortable. I would not put a TV above fireplace. The fireplace should be the focal point in the room and not the TV but that is my personal preference. Is there an outlet there for you? If so the rest is easy, if not, then you need to tackle electrical work.

— On the neighbor message TV Mounting
7:16 a.m.

That's too bad Gee. I think many of us had thought you had called the police then gone onto this forum to discuss other's experiences. Many threads and messages have been discussed thruoghout EB to stress that if you see something suspicious, threatening, illegal or if you have the 'gut feeling' that something is not right, Make the Call to 911. And if you would have mentioned to the door knockers that you are calling the would immediately see the reaction if they were scamming, if they were on the up and up an ID and credentials would have been displayed. Let the police handle these things. I can only imagine yours or anyones thoughts if no call is made and two doors down they ring the bell, push an old lady down, she breaks a wrist and they ransack her home.

— On the neighbor message adt salerperson
7:52 a.m.

Be very careful. One or two women will knock or ring your front bell while two men will come into your back door or basement and take what they can see. Tell them you don't accept or engage in any door to door solicitation and send them on their way. If you are elderly or otherwise frail do not open the door. There's been instances where they will simply push the door open once unlocked. The days of door to door sales are gone.

— On the neighbor message adt salerperson
9:47 a.m.

Does the baby gate really keep the cat from going over,under or around it? Must be an old kitty. Go to UHaul and purchase a 24 or 30 inch wide roll of visqueen plastic. Wrap it around the columns of the stairs and the cat won't go anywhere and no one from down below will be able to tell it is a gate. Besides if there is a fire it will be the first thing that melts or you just walk thru it. The only issue is you have to wrap it every time you want your cat out there.

— On the neighbor message Question regarding porches and exits
10:49 p.m.

You've got about a dozen great beaches up and down our side of the Lake and another dozen along Indiana Dunes and Michigan shores. Try them all...

— On the neighbor message Beach
5:03 p.m.

There was no mention of height until now so at 200' it definitely was nothing involving the Edens.

— On the neighbor message Helicopter over Ravenswood Manor this morning
12:17 p.m.

George F, doubt that they were prepping at Damen/Leland to go to Belmont/Western. I do know that the high brass, McCarthy et al had lunch late Saturday in Lincoln Square once the Rahm protest finished.

10:48 a.m.

Most likely traffic copter. In the AM if there are Edens problems the choppers have to hover east of Edens so sun is not in face of cameras. You've never noticed this before?

— On the neighbor message Helicopter over Ravenswood Manor this morning
10:42 a.m.

I don't disagree at all with your points Mark, and I especially can concur that at no point was any one in danger going to Rahm's house. But why not go to where the decisions and policies are made and discussed, City Hall. No reason to bother all his neighbors, they didn't sign up for it.

6:51 a.m.

Another big issue with allowing protesting at any public officials' homes is the simple fact that if it continues who in their right mind in our future would want to step up and lead? There has to be a separation and it has to be maintained.


Voting is the means of change. Protesting may bring points to the forefront but I would venture that the majority of the "99%" who were protesting outside Rahm's home were not registered voters in the City of Chicago! They congregated, massed, moved, littered and then boarded their bus to return to mom's basement.

11:57 p.m.

Permit for what exactly? They are not building anything, nor tearing it down, were they selling anything? Sitting at a table with chairs, didn't know a permit was needed for that.

— On the neighbor message Lawrence and Long
8:50 p.m.

Ravenswood Manor annual garage sale, over 200 families at their own garages. Don't drive you won't find a spot anywhere.

— On the neighbor message Garage Sales Anyone?
12:45 a.m.

Here you go Ninny...

— On the neighbor message Not cool to protest at Mayor's home
7:01 a.m.

I disagree Marcel. He is a government official and the protestors are disagreeing with his policies. Go to City Hall not his home or his family. Two completely separate locations and should be that way.

— On the neighbor message Not cool to protest at Mayor's home
7:33 p.m.

Down here in the ward Kenji probably refers to was the rash of tagging on Milwaukee Ave south of Lawrence last week.

— On the neighbor message new graffiti hit.
1:11 p.m.

Also, please leave the clippings on the grass. The grass clippings degrade faster in our area due to our higher humidity. Sweep off sidewalk if you want to keep the walk clean and sweep right back onto lawn. Plus close to 15% of our landfills are being stuffed with grass clippings...or use as compost.

— On the neighbor message Lawn Mowing
1:08 p.m.

They won't get near his home and I am sure a few buses will be there to take those who may be disguising themselves as protesters, but who really are here only to make trouble, down to Joliet's Stateville which was proposed as a holding area for those who cause trouble. But Greg just as you can't block a street for a block party without all the neighbors aware and in agreement and with proper requests, if these folks block the street which is a public way and needs to be open for ambulances, fire trucks, and for those who live on that block free access to get to their homes...well, I disagree with your public property thought...

— On the neighbor message Not cool to protest at Mayor's home
10:57 a.m.

Cat it's not my map, I was just trying to show that prices are the same in both areas. Obviously with digging around a deal could be found, but this was just quick snapshot. Lots of vacancies but sure the prices have gone up, prices for everything have gone up. Also keep in mind that rent is negotiable, just because a landlord has a listed price any smart landlord would rather lock in a year lease at $100 less a month than to let a $1200/mo apartment go vacant for three months. With lots of vacancies the renter has some options, price listed is just a number.

— On the neighbor message Safety and Monticello/Lawrence
8:33 a.m.

I'll put some facts up just to show Catbus that actually the rents are about the same depending on quality and size of units you are looking for and can afford. Here's a quick snapshot and you can see that availability is plentiful and price the same for units near Kimball and they are near Western.,-87.661972,41.960671,-87.744112_rect/13_zm/

— On the neighbor message Safety and Monticello/Lawrence
8:34 a.m.

by the hour....??? Lincoln Avenue. I know, it's late.
Closest would be here quite possibly. but that is what Google knows.

— On the neighbor message Hotels near Lincoln Square?
11:53 p.m.

here you go.

— On the neighbor message Street cleaning parking ticket
11:47 p.m.

Very weird. I would have suggested to check the metal signs on street lamps. All major streets never have paper temp signs put up for street cleaning. They all have no parking once a week on a given day at a given time period. For example, Irving Park road west bound from Lincoln/Damen is not parking on Tuesdays from 9-11a from April 1 to Nov 1 for street cleaning...but you are not on a busy street. Contact the ward office for street cleaning schedule.

— On the neighbor message Street cleaning parking ticket
11:42 p.m.

You will have a lot more fun in Lincoln Square. In my opinion worth the extra money you may have to pay in rent but it's a renters market. You have to be careful when alone at night wherever you live but since you know the LS area not sure why you want to go.

— On the neighbor message Safety and Monticello/Lawrence
11:35 p.m.

Aye Laddie. The Scotsman is quite unlike any normal plummer. Not only will you never see the plummer's crack, but if the wind blows rightly you'll see his arse from down under.

— On the neighbor message Sewer Gas Smell in House
11:20 p.m.

I am sure then this will morph into levels of No Thanks. Maybe we'll soon see "Stick Finger in Eye"; "Put staple in Forehead", "Eat a Jalepeno", "Place Tongue on 9V Battery"...

— On the neighbor message No Thanks!!
3:49 p.m.

Aoife, I am sure you are a very sweet and likable person and I don't want you to take my response as anything but my attempt to help you. My questions I have right away and probably 95% of others who read your post would be: It's May and is the question referencing school year next fall? Or is the child there now and the parents are asking about the curriculum? Or, so the parents have enrolled their child into a school they know nothing about and are only now checking? Everyone else is probably already going to the State of Illinois Schools website where you can check everything from test scores to attendence patterns. But to assist you, please forward the 'parents' this link:

— On the neighbor message Bell School Curriculum
3:44 p.m.

I would prefer No Thanks be removed. In its place "REALLY??!!"

— On the neighbor message Thanks and No Thanks ?
5:36 p.m.

Jen, I am not an attorney and don't practice law. Chris is exactly spot on with the resources and help that is out there but as you know the best and easiest way is to talk F2F with him. But you have to approach it as he is on your team and not confrontational at all. I personally would not have asked for money back, you've given it to him for the term of the parking arrangement. What's in his pocket is not coming out of it, however, knowing that future payments to his pocket could be shorted due to his inability to keep his part of the bargain is what should be noted. And if he doesn't use email just email the notes to yourself so you have an electronic copy, print it and send it to him if he is not living in the building with your next rent payment. You never did answer if you are paying rent via check. I would just let him know you are no longer comfortable with paying cash for the parking space, you will be adding it to the rent check payment.
Bottom line though is he is not the bad guy. You need to address and confront the illegal (no Kenji not an immigrant) parker. Maybe it's the landlord...

— On the neighbor message Towing company contracts
4:34 p.m.

Larry is right on with Old Town School. But 4400 N Lincoln at Montrose is Welles Park. OTSFM is just south of Wilson two blocks north. Just in case.

— On the neighbor message Guitar teacher
2:08 p.m.

Any attorney would tell you not to pay cash. You don't pay rent via cash do you? I would start paying him via check and in memo state "Monthly Parking". A mole hill into a mountain is brewing and with regard to recording a conversation, can't do that. But what you can do is send him an email (copy yourself) with a simple "To confirm our phone conversation of date...and list what you talked about".
I am a project manager (and at one time had a RE license too) dealing with contracts and specifications all the time and unless you have a paper trail people will walk all over you. Another tip is to state to landlord the simple "put yourself in my shoes" scenario so he gets a better understanding. He sounds like he thinks its a you v him mentality when it should be the both of you v illegal parkers.

— On the neighbor message Towing company contracts
10:13 a.m.

No. Illegals as in illegal parkers.

— On the neighbor message Towing company contracts
9:35 a.m.

I imagine that your lease states that a parking space is included. If he is storming off like a 5 yo, state that he is breaching a contract by not providing services as contracted and that for everyday you can't park there an amount will be prorated from your next month's rent payment. Once he realizes that he will be losing income he will do the right thing. There are plenty of rental tennant advocacy websites you can peruse to actually find the right way to formally submit this to him.
Lastly, take a bit of initiative yourself and create a word doc with simple English and Spanish "Private Parking Space - Last Warning, Your Car Will Be Towed" and print these on standard letter peel off stickers full size. Peel them off and stick one on side window, front windshield and passenger window.
Mention also to landlord that he can't touch the car unless he is an officer of the court or licensed to do so. The owner althought illegally parked on private property has to know he is on private property, hence signs/stickers. If your landlord takes things into his own hands and moves the car he could get arrested. Yes, these are the laws of our state protecting the illegals with their rights. I personally would remove free air from his tires.

— On the neighbor message Towing company contracts
9:11 a.m.


— On the neighbor message Towing company contracts
4:13 p.m.

Three ducks walk into a bar...

— On the neighbor message Goose on roof of Cafe Selmarie
7:07 p.m.

Of course the goose is upset, quit bothering him. I think Geese 'honk'. Actually, next time he honks look up...he may have something for you.

— On the neighbor message Goose on roof of Cafe Selmarie
4:38 p.m.

Best thin crust in Albany Park in my opinion is Golden Crust located at 4620 N Kedzie at Eastwood (SW corner). Right on Sporto. Fantastic pie. It rivals Connie's and Homerun Inn.

— On the neighbor message Bellonas Pizza - YUM
4:28 p.m.

Mike D, who's shame would it be if this illegally rented space had a fire and without two exits the family was killed. What if the illegal unit had electrical all tied in to one 100amp panel. The building goes up as well as your house next door. You lose your belongings if not your family and maybe your life. Look at the big picture. Oh, but they are really not bothering anyone. Shamefull post.

— On the neighbor message Is this illegal?
3:10 p.m.

Sort of on the same level as someone who moves close to the airport and complains about the planes, or lives next to L tracks and wants the trains to not run...really??

— On the neighbor message Fireworks at Sox Park?
3:04 p.m.

What actually do you need done? Do you have an existing lawn that needs to be scraped or scarified and then leveled? How much of the area is prepped for laying sod? Also, are you completely against doing the work yourself, I completely understand time constraints, comfort level and physical abilities/liabilties but you can go online and find lots of instruction and hints and there is nothing more rewarding than doing it yourself. OR, just look out your window on any given morning and approach any of the crews doing landscaping. $100 bill will get 'er done. Good luck.

— On the neighbor message Someone to lay sod
10:47 a.m.

Chris has great suggestions. Barb, do you rent or own there? This will determine what you should do, who should do it and why.

— On the neighbor message Apartment Break-in
11:31 p.m.

Search for all local pawn shops on Google Maps in the area. PD usually sends reports to these guys to keep a look out but it may take a week or two. Be dilligent, call each and everyone. If you have a picture of it make dupes and send to each pawn shop. But you have to act fast because most likely these jerks have already or will most likely be doing this today or tomorrow. Good luck

— On the neighbor message Banjo Stolen
12:33 p.m.

What do you consider safe? What time do you go to/come home from work? Check this EB site's crime stats, check out the area at night. What you may think is safe may be too wild for someone else.

— On the neighbor message Montrose and Central Park
9:21 p.m.

DO NOT LEAVE IT ON THE STREET. It will not be there in the morning. Take it into your backyard/courtyard, lock it up and cover it until you get an indoor spot. Check your next door neighbors with garages. Don't leave a note just watch when they are around and ask them up front. Drive up and down your alley on Saturday morning. You'll find something near by.

— On the neighbor message Scooter parking
9:17 p.m.

Jane, Don't fret the ghost of Harold Washington. He doesn't understand that codes and statutes are our laws. Both our state and those specific to a jurisdictional municipality.

— On the neighbor message Is this illegal?
11:39 a.m.

So what some are saying I can obey laws, ordinances and rules that fit me or make my life easier. So I don't need to collar and leash my dog, pick up his doodie, get a city vehicle sticker, drive the speed limit or follow zoning and occupancy codes. Sounds like a very organized society is on the horizon.

— On the neighbor message Is this illegal?
9:37 a.m.
Ron, the hero, plays on our softball team. Great work buddy.

— On the neighbor message screams at 2 am
10:22 p.m.

Call the police for disturbances, don't call 311. You'll get a faster response. The noise (music) could also be coming from a car or cars in their lot. Tough to believe you can hear noise from inside a building two blocks away. Most likely the noise is eminating from outside.

— On the neighbor message TBS African Restaurant--noise issues
8:27 p.m.

The toughest thing sometimes is what to do when you see something like this. If you have a cell phone take a picture, take a couple of pictures. More than likely the cops can get the make, model, color and license tag of the suspected vehicle and pics of perps. That's all they need sometimes. Thanks.

— On the neighbor message Beware of Bike Thieves!
8:24 p.m.

I've seen a few walking there dogs with ipods and ear buds singing along with the music. Tone deaf and out of key...

— On the neighbor message screams at 2 am
3:30 p.m.

That's great that you do volunteer. On Sunday, 4/15, our Wapiti Youth Rugby season starts for kids 5-14. Pre registration is required but walk ups will be handled tomorrow as well. Touch rugby, no tackle no contact. We have 100 kids set to go tomorrow 2pm at Revere Park. We are a non profit 501c3 org and the fee is $100 kids 7+ and $30 fur U7 for a 9 week season that goes thru end of June. for more info.

— On the neighbor message Tball League for a 5 year old
3:21 p.m.

Why can't you or your husband volunteer as coach? or assistant coach? Without knowing your specific situation too many parents expect others to coach their kids and then complain when not enough volunteers are out there to coach their kids. I coached in both Welles Park (great baseball program) and then AYSO. I never played soccer in my life but got certified (free) and then grew into the position and became director of the AYSO U8 program. Did that for three years after my son got out of U8. Get out there and enjoy physical activity with your child. Hopefully you volunteer for other kids' activities and my apologies if I read your post incorrectly.

— On the neighbor message Tball League for a 5 year old
8:49 a.m.

Jen, the police camera has nothing to do with eliminating or preventing accidents or traffic control itself. It is to monitor crime, gangbangers hanging out. Now if they jump into a vehicle or shoot from one then maybe the camera will pick it up. But the idiots who don't stop at the stop sign just have to start obeying signs.

— On the neighbor message Sunnyside and Kimball
9 p.m.

New Kid. Incorrectomondo. Writing letters or calling the Alderman and Mayor will only increase your literary skills and the use of spell check or just use up your minutes. These acts do almost nothing to prove police are needed in an area or beat. Calls to 911 do. If you see something suspicious, unsafe, dangerous or illegal, call 911. Go to your local CAPS meetings, they will support and reiterate what I just said. 911 calls are logged and schedules and beat assignments are created and adjusted using this data.

— On the neighbor message Chicago Police Staffing 101
3:50 p.m.

Lots of Blackhawk fans in that area. Beware...

— On the neighbor message Area of Argyle & California
9:23 a.m.

A rabbit came into a shop and asked, "Got any carrots?" The seller answered, "No!"
The next day the rabbit came again and asked, "Got any carrots?" The seller replied "No!"
Next day the rabbit came and asked, "Got any carrots?" The seller shouted, "No! And if you come again and ask for carrots, I'll take some nails and hammer you on the wall by your ears!"
Early next morning the rabbit came back and asked, " Got any nails?" The seller answered, "No!" The rabbit asked, "Got any carrots?"

— On the neighbor message Rabbits at Sunnyside and Damen
11:48 p.m.

Call Elmer Fudd, Call Yosemite Sam, Pepe Lepew...

— On the neighbor message Rabbits at Sunnyside and Damen
2:20 p.m.

definitely not prairie dogs or moles. Rabbits dig and burrow but Urban rats are ingenious and very resourceful.

— On the neighbor message Animals burrowing in lawn?
6:44 p.m.

Elmer Fudd, hat and shotgun. Silly Wabbits.

— On the neighbor message Animals burrowing in lawn?
10:42 p.m.

Poor conductor who had to witness this cowardly and selfish act...

— On the neighbor message Francisco El Stop Activity
5:20 p.m.

The best around is Degenberg Academy. Two locations They teach many styles not just TKD, a very well run program. Check out the Lincoln Sq facility - old, classic and looks like a museum with all the awards, pictures, etc. Lots of history.

10:59 p.m.

Try for rentals (and purchases).

— On the neighbor message 1BR in Ravenswood wanted.
6:55 p.m.

Keep your eyes in front of you and not texting or emailing and you should have no issues with seeing holes in the sidewalk or huge equipment in front of you...

7:34 a.m.

Next time take a good look at the tree. Most are void of 'meat' inside due to the years of bug that have feasted on them. Most may already have had large branches crash down during the storms we've had last year.

— On the neighbor message Many Trees Being Cut Down
7:31 a.m.

Are you completely already set on the unit you are looking to purchase? If not, find one with a deeded parking spot especially if you're going to purchase one on a major thoroughfare. Many parking restrictions from street cleaning to snow limit parking exist. If you buy one on a side street parking is usually never a problem unless you go to Lincoln Park. good luck

— On the neighbor message Looking to buy
7:29 a.m.

It's always the Sunday after Mother's Day. Second Sunday in May.

10:57 p.m.

You are kidding right? New Year's Eve and St Paddy's Day in Chicago are the two times of year you don't want to mingle in bars because it's amatuer night. If you're having dinner in a restaurant just stay there for drinks, otherwise you are heading into loud, drunk and a wild a crazy time. It's up to you to decide if you can handle that but based on your initial post it's exactly what you want to avoid.

— On the neighbor message Mellow Yellow in Lincoln Square
12:25 a.m.

All we need is a PSA that will be broadcast for one week-end on all local stations paid for with moneys from the cameras. Show people what a crosswalk looks like, what driving while texting looks like and explain why the general public is concerned.

8:51 p.m.

If you go online to the manufacturer's website it will most likely say that the lifecycle of your unit is past due. I would consider new hot water heater that are now energy efficient and green. Go to Sears, mostly American made and easy to install. Most all mfg's suggest purging the contents annually but in my experience doing that may cause sediment to contaminate the valve seals unhibiting the valve to fully close. i install my own and consider myself a Bob Vila wannabe. But for the home improvement buff there are plenty of DIY websites that provide step by step instructions to get the job done.

— On the neighbor message Water Heater replacments?
8:49 p.m.

Gas Leak on Montrose and Leaky Pole going to Pokey...

— On the neighbor message Helicopters
5:45 p.m.

The Black Crowes don't sing Boom Boom Pow, that's the Black Eyed Peas. Maybe ask someone who plays Angry Birds...It was most likely a squirrel doing an imitation.

— On the neighbor message Loud Birds
12:53 p.m.

If you call 311 and explain what you may think is a non emergency situation they will forward you on automatically to 911 if they feel appropriate action is needed. In either case all calls whether 311 or 911 get logged for future tasking of manpower as needed. Obviously 99% of 311 don't need retasking of resources. The biggest thing to remember is to call. Don't sit on your hands or go on this or other boards to discuss first. Thanks.

— On the neighbor message Chicago Police Staffing 101
11:31 p.m.

Lou, this isn't facebook...hahaha and LOL...(really?) If you can't make a comment that is constructive, intuitive, witty, thought provoking or otherwise of a little bit of value then maybe just leave it alone. Thanks.

— On the neighbor message Speed Limit Cameras on Foster
10:11 a.m.

You are correct. Drivers are required (not suggested) to stop if pedestrians are in the cross walk, noted, this does not mean still on the curb waiting. You must be in the street within the crosswalk. However, on intersections controlled by lights you have to obey the lights. Likewise if you have crossed one half of the street in the marked crosswalk you must now make an attempt to show intent of crossing so cars can see this. The problem is too many folks aren't paying attention, they are on their cell phones or texting and although peds have the complete right of way you better be sure that both lanes of drivers see you and acknowledge you before you step out in front of a 3000# mass. And your mother did the right thing by making it known of her intention because it got the attention intended. Bravo for her.

4:10 p.m.

I was all ready to paint the mess on Artesian (at Montrose) this morning and wouldn't you know it, the graffitti is gone. Great job whoever did it!! Thanks for jumping on this.
And if you get delayed on 311 just hang up and dial again. I've never had to wait more than 2 minutes - if you're waiting for 20???

4:04 p.m.

Any architect will tell you that part of a building design is to incorporate the parking lot requirements for both standard use and ADA for handicap spaces. However, since there is a public parking lot associated for the area which I find to be underutilized by the OT school users who would rather park free in front of your home...well, seems like residential permitting is needed and not far in the horizon.

— On the neighbor message Old Town School and parking
4 p.m.

Many times I consider myself reasonable, but if you ask my wife she would disagree.
Back to fencing - chain link with concrete post holes? Cedar? Metal welded? Are you tearing old one out??

— On the neighbor message Need new fencing
3:56 p.m.

The coyotes in Ravenswood have nothing on the Cougars down near Division...

— On the neighbor message coyotes in ravenswood
5:25 p.m.

Oh and Paddy's address is 2434 West Montrose for the 311 calls. It is under 6' high (the dispatch needs this information to know if a basket needs to be sent)

4:19 p.m.

Folks, as Matt as noted, call 311. You can also go online but calling is immediate and the more calls logged the better. Graffiti Blasters does not come out based on calls, they have tasked the units based on a grid system geographically but if lots of calls are placed they then retask the unit(s). I live in R Manor but you can't help but notice the huge mess plastered on the Artesian side of Paddy O'Splain's. I understand the business is going thru a transition and may actually be vacant until the new owners come in. Anyone know about this? Artesian neighbors are you on this board. I am willing to spring for a gallon of paint to go and cover this mess Thursday morning. Anyone up for a little roller derby action? I'm thinking around 9:30am. My profile has my email link or reply here but I am hoping the immediate folks who live on the block can take action.

4:12 p.m.

Just like the gravel trucks if you have a rock fall off the truck, contact truck company and they usually have your damage taken care of. With snow, however, it is an act of God that put the snow there unless they are hauling snow. I've never seen a semi trailer get scraped off of snow, they simply get to 60mph, hit a few bumps and off it goes. Just don't tailgate and be careful as there is nothing else you can do. However, when did this happen as we have not had snow in a while that would cause any damage?

— On the neighbor message IL Snow Removal From Cars
4:23 p.m.

What is the address please?

— On the neighbor message Graf
11:20 a.m.

Agreed Tino, semantics. I mentioned vermin - cut off the head. But we have to agree that if you're not part of the solution you become part of the problem and 99% of all folks here don't want any more problems and are working toward finding solutions and resolutions. Going back 10, 20, 30 or more years does nothing. It is today and tomorrow that needs to be addressed. Sounds like you are on board with all of that and we move forward. Thanks.

2:04 p.m.

tino - your comments are welcome as this is a free board but they make no sense. As all concerned neighbors that see, hear, and sense any crap or illegal activities going on we act. It is only too bad we can't preempt or do a first strike. In my limited knowledge of the law I firmly believe that since all convicted child molestors must register with the state of IL to provide information on where they live, etc,, all punk gangbangers should be required to do the same. Identify the vermin and let everyone know where they live. I also like how our CPD is now creating the accountability law that states if a known leader of a gang has one of his underlings commit a crime then the leader is going to jail. Cut it off at the top.

12:08 p.m.

Jane/KL: Did you get the exact address(es) and call it in to 311? In future when posting please identify both as we are all concerned neighbors and need the address and we can also call it in to 311. The more calls they get the better. Thanks.

10:05 a.m.

Thanks Matt for the correction. Both my kids attended that school a few years ago when the concept was just that, a concept. They must have also received a few hefty private donations which is great.
FRJohnson - How would a private high level school cause problems for the neighborhood? Do you know anything about the Lycee? All kids are taught all lessons in French. By the 4th grade the kids are fluent in two languages. No gangbangers and no drop the pants below the butt line either. A class act all the way.

— On the neighbor message Old Ravenswood Hospital - Problem Brewing?
10:20 p.m.

So Anne the car was towed away by thiefs?

— On the neighbor message Auto Theft
5:05 p.m.

I may not be completely correct but the Lycee Francais is converting the building to the school, they are not in a position to afford tearing it down and rebuilding it.

— On the neighbor message Old Ravenswood Hospital - Problem Brewing?
1:37 p.m.

Don't waste time trying to get online to report graffiti. Call 311 and keep calling it. It gets logged immediately. Then call Mell's aldermatic office and report it. Also, if you heard the ruckus at 1:30am I am sure you immediately called 911 as well to report suspicious noises?? It is instant attention to these matters that will get a cruising squad car come up on these punks. Good luck.

1:35 p.m.

Stroll into the lobby of Old Town School of Music. There are post its on the board for lessons, instruments, etc...

— On the neighbor message Violin lessons???
10:01 a.m.

Please post year/make/model/color. Half the time the gangbangers use stolen vehicles to do drive bys and then abandon them after they've done their 'hit'. Reason is that many older cars rear windows go all the way down unlike many new child safe vehicles where rear windows only go 1/2 way. Also, an older vehicle that may be dented, rusted or otherwise blends in with traffic unlike a high end Escalade for example.

— On the neighbor message Auto Theft
9:59 a.m.

Or just go out to ORD and get on an active runway like the Bozo in Philadelphia did.

— On the neighbor message Good, Empty Place To Practice Driving
5:11 p.m.

Check your roof. Aliens may have arrived.

— On the neighbor message Brownout/Power fluctuations?
4:54 p.m.

Here is some more info for you.

— On the neighbor message Help me understand please....
8:41 a.m.

There most likely is also another clause regarding your rights and the activities of common neighbors. Gerard's link may provide further info on that as well and could very well cover a written notice of complaint for the landlord to act to resolve that issue because in the long run he will not only lose you as a tennant but at some time in the near future the troublemakers will be gone as well and now he has two vacant units. There is plenty of free legal assistance out there and I suggest you secure it, we are not attorneys.

— On the neighbor message Help me understand please....
8:38 a.m.

I want to also point out that the beat assignments and district staffing is all based on 911 calls. So if you see something don't go online to EB asking about it until you make the call first. Then discuss or share knowledge. I am sure all of you are like me and when someone posts an "I saw a group of strangers looking like they were up to no good, anyone else out there see the same thing?" message I surely hope that the call to 911 was made first with descriptions, height, weights, color of clothes, type of vehicle, etc. It is why the other districts are getting saturation help is because those residents have had enough. The calls are databased and assignments made based on geographic coverage. Thanks all.

— On the neighbor message Chicago Police Staffing 101
4:48 p.m.

These gang bangers are not going to harm you or your kids at RS Park. The last thing you all need to do is abandon your efforts to enjoy the frills and opportunities the park provides. They don't go around tagging in broad daylight and if more than three punks who look suspicious, are acting in illegal activities, or anything that seems unsafe (it's called gut feeling) - your have your phone CALL 911 and let the cops handle it. While you're at it snap a photo so the cops know what they are wearing or what car they jump in to just in case they scatter...

— On the neighbor message More tagging near Argyle/ Leclaire
8:42 a.m.

OldIrving Anna, I couldn't care less if any punks are reading our posts (if any of them can actually read) or their girlfriends or their families. In fact, it is a sad case of complete parental failure that they have let their kids run their lives and it is more than likely a generational legacy.

Brave little boys sneaking around in the middle of the night/early morning with a spray paint can or shoe polish. My turf, my azz. I would be willing to bet 99% of them don't own property themselves. Every tagging incident is considered damage to property/vandalism and depending on whether it's over or under $350 (correct me someone) it becomes a different class of offense.

I do know one thing though that my vehicle's air bags will probably deploy if I ever get a chance to pin one of these punks against the garage he just finished tagging. I'll consider that an exclamation point!!

— On the neighbor message More tagging near Argyle/ Leclaire
4:14 p.m.

The fourth garage south is the alley between Ainslie and Strong. We need more info please.

— On the neighbor message More tagging near Argyle/ Leclaire
8:31 a.m.

Get a Grip...literally.

5:54 p.m.

As a previous poster mentioned go to the best Hospital. If your BCBS has coverage at NWMH then it's a no brainer. It's not the doctor but the support staff and facility that is key.

— On the neighbor message Doctor recommendation?
7:51 p.m.

Matt, next time it happens collect the bags and stick in the building's lobby/hallway.

— On the neighbor message Kimball & Berteau GOTTA GO
3:58 p.m.

Give us a little better clue such as the between Long and LeClaire and Irving and Berteau or just the 4000 block of Long. We are all here to watch, defend and mitigate risks to our families and property. Hopefully a police report was filed.

— On the neighbor message Alley Speed Bump Scam
11:59 a.m.

As it stands now the proposed law states: The cameras operating in school zones could only be active between 6:00 a.m. and 8:30 p.m. Monday through Thursday and from 6:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. on Friday. The cameras operating in park district zones could only be active from one hour before park opening to one hour after park close.

Speeding violations between 6 and 10 miles per hour over the speed limit would be subject to a $50 fine and speeding violations more than 10 miles per hour over the speed limit would be subject to a $100 fine.

If the state law on the books doesn't change which I don't think it will, as the city and state has lots of school zones that will not have cameras installed, most likely if you get a ticket in the mail on a school day when NO kids are present (as the picture will indicate) or on a HOLIDAY that falls on a weekday you have grounds to contest the ticket. But this is just a hassle. Hopefully they will be able to program the holidays at the very least and reduce the time to 5pm as most kids are done with school by this time - after school activities notwithstanding.

— On the neighbor message School zone speed cameras
11:55 a.m.

Find out the address and go back during the day on Saturday. Stopping by late at night may seem confrontational to some. Speak with the folks during the day and give them your feedback. If they ignore your calm tone and request, now it's their problem when you have to call the police. I don't quite understand why people are afraid to meet their neighbors. If you really want to give them a 'dig' on an evening when they are playing late go visit them at 7am the next morning...tit for tat.

— On the neighbor message Drumming/loud music
11:33 a.m.

Curious as to your price range and if you are willing to spend $1200-$1400 it is a great buyer's market. Go to and search both single family and condos all over NW side. Lots of great deals but again not knowing what your price range is this is the time to buy...just saying.

11:27 a.m.

So garbage tied up in bags. Could be worse, they could have omitted the bags.

— On the neighbor message Kimball & Berteau GOTTA GO
11:20 a.m.

Can you provide some approx coordinates N and W for us please? These guys usually hit one neighborhood at a time then move on. Would love to catch this in the act...won't be pretty.

— On the neighbor message Alley Speed Bump Scam
11:18 a.m.

Great answers and insights by all. Safe is a strange word to define. To repeat what someone previously mentioned where are you presently? If you're coming from Humboldt Park your definition of safe may be different from those in Lincoln Park or West Loop. Is this your first home purchase? On average people buy and sell every 7 or 8 years which coincides with an elementary school tenure. How many kids do you have and what ages? First check the schools. It's all about location, location, location when it comes to your kids. it takes very strong parenting to protect your kids in an environment and area that has gangbangers and recruitment going on all the time. It all comes down to how strong you and your partner are, your values and your principals. Many folks here live in the area and strive in it. Others have had it and no longer want that exposure - both credible and viable reasoning. Good luck.

— On the neighbor message Likes/Dislike of Albany Park
10:34 a.m.

Answer the door and say we don't accept door to door solicitation. Or simply post a sign but I don't like any signs on my front door so I just tell them, thanks, good luck and send them off.

— On the neighbor message An increase in school aged 'solicitors'?
6:19 a.m.

Sean is right on. Communicate. Simply mention that if you are going to be burning a doobie you may want to turn off the car cause now both the pot fragrance and the loud muffler are sure to spike an interest an someone will be calling 911.

Fran, you can get a ticket for an unsafe vehicle meaning loud muffler.

— On the neighbor message How to Handle...
6:16 a.m.

You mention bars and liquor establishments as part of the turn around and forward momentum. Drunks at 2am leaving the establishment is forward momentum? And a Chase Bank. Don't people rob banks? Someone could easily come up with a negative reason why any business should not open up on Irving. However, it's a commercially zoned area and always has been.

Sorry, but your argument doesn't hold water for a business not to open and operate.

4:16 p.m.

What did they tell you when you asked "Who are you guys and is there something we can help you with?". If you don't get a response you are happy or comfortable with tell them your next call is to 911 for a disturbance. There is utility work going on as well and if they are with any utility they have ID's hanging from their necks on lanyards. Many times if the gas main is turned off the utility has to go inside every home to be sure all pilot lights (if applicable) are lit.

— On the neighbor message Door-to-door Solicitors late this afternoon
10:37 a.m.

I pay my property taxes and would presume other home owners do the same. My wife and I both own vehicles that have valid city stickers on them. Luckily we have a two car garage but we live in a complete residential area whose street is not used for temporary parkers who use a nearby restaurant, school, shopping, or CTA. I used to live in Jeff Park on Argyle which had residential parking during the day (ending at 6pm) because many nearby folks drove their cars and wanted to park in front of our homes while they jumped on Metra or CTA to complete their commute. Back then we didn't have to pay any additional fees for our residential permit but did have the opportunity to buy a book of temp stickers for guests.

I completely support residential parking stickers for those who don't have the option of a garage, or are living in an 8 unit condo building with no guaranteed parking or just those folks who want to come home after work and not park 3 blocks away because cars are using the street instead of a pay lot for their night out for entertainment.

— On the neighbor message Old Town School and parking
6:19 p.m.

Get the address and call 311. Some neighbors don't know who to call, or are afraid. Just call 311 and the alderman's office as well. The city has set up a new graffiti blaster initiative by attacking all known and reported incidents in a grid pattern ward by ward. This may be why you may be looking at a 7-14 day period because they want to utilize equipment by concentrating in one area. If I was running the crews and equipment it makes a lot of sense doing it this way - if it was the side of my house or the whole of my garage door I would want it removed right away and just do it myself. Since it is not your property could be a great way to meet your neighbor, mention that you have contacted the city but you'd be willing to help remove it with their lead. Support goes a long way.

— On the neighbor message Graffiti in alley 5300 block N. Luna
6:05 p.m.

Great job AW, this is what great neighbors are all about.

— On the neighbor message Resident Run Graffiti Blasters Program?
5:59 p.m.

...girl scouts??

— On the neighbor message girl scout cookies
5:58 p.m.

Curious as to what was the result. We all appreciate follow up and closure.

If still outstanding suggest why don't you go to the building that it is connected to and contact the owner. If it's a line down between poles and not to any building take a look where it is. Top upper most lines are always power lines. These are hot. Lines below are both cable and phone lines. Chicago code always states that power goes into the property from the highest point. Phone and cable lines are below it. If it is not the top line as you mention it has to be phone or cable. If it's coaxial (do you know what a cable TV line looks like) then contact Comcast, RCN or whatever cable company services the area. If it's a flat insulated wire it is a phone line. We're hanging on...

— On the neighbor message Down power line in alley
5:56 p.m.

Don't jump on Chris. All of a sudden a suspected gangbanger posts on EB and everyone is throwing him under the bus. Going thru a lineup is anonymous, you may have actually seen a face. No one sees your face or your identity.

The meeting minutes posted could be garnished by contacting the CAPS coordinator as well. Public knowledge. Full disclosure, why would PD believe gang affiliation Schwag. You neglected to comment on that. So unless you fully cooperate you are not part of the solution, but part of the problem. And anyone who thinks snitching is bad - get a life. Unbelievable, we're all working hard to eliminate this cancer in our neighborhoods and now we cower??

— On the neighbor message 1724 CAPS 2012-02-13 Recap
1:38 p.m.

Kenji - I didn't quite understand (or is it undersand) either!!

I completely agree with R W post as well and not only directed to Hathaway. There are plenty of boards and outlets (Tribune for example) that one can vent, bully, threaten, etc., and I think the 'preview' to posting is a great example of how EB wants to curtail the negativity that surfaces at times. But maybe I am beating a dead horse...

I am curious to know how the roll call worked out.

— On the neighbor message Here we go again...
8:42 a.m.

Matt I think it's just the opposite. Most taggers are gangbangers as this marks their turf. Just like a dog does. And yes we do see some non gang pictures and graphics here and there but whether it's a crown with pitchforks or mickey mouse smoking a blunt, if it's on a garage door or side of a house that is not put there by the owner - I agree with your thought that it has to go.

— On the neighbor message Resident Run Graffiti Blasters Program?
8:30 a.m.

time2move and time2stop bashing folks here. If an opinion is not the same as yours, it's just that, an opinion. Your heart is in it and we all want the same results. Don't get yourself muted.

— On the neighbor message Here we go again...
7:34 p.m.

Great idea but we have too many lawyers, insurance issues. I can see calls now saying "Hey, you came out and washed off not only the graffiti but also you've ruined my vinyl siding." Or, "Thanks for ruining my tuck pointing job. Now I have to redo it." Our 311 program is solid, it works and so long as we as a community of caring neighbors continues to be dilligent, active and aware, we keep making strides in the right direction.

I think part of the punishment for any taggers being caught is to hand clean graffiti with scrubbers and chemicals.

— On the neighbor message Resident Run Graffiti Blasters Program?
2:33 p.m.

Ms Hathaway - Fascinating that you post without thinking. As SBV states this is part of the acknowledgement these punks strive for. Please remove that post. You want fascinating, go visit the Cook County Jail!

— On the neighbor message Here we go again...
6:55 a.m.

Noted. I thought you had meant all gangs shenanigans. Definitely CNotes were around back then.

— On the neighbor message Here we go again...
8:36 p.m.

kenji - I lived on the 5300 block of Argyle back in 1995 and it was around before I even got there.

— On the neighbor message Here we go again...
7:56 p.m.

If the question were 'has anyone been to Soroni? Or what is there specialty? Or is there parking available?' Then this post has some merit. But I am sure that 99% of us who get our EB posts in our email were all probably wondering maybe take the initiative and do an internet search. I don't want to sound brash or put you off but all you were looking for is the location?? Come on now do a little bit on your own. Did you note that no one provided an address only links so you still have to take the extra step.
Cafe Soroni 4945 N Milwaukee ave two blocks north of Lawrence in Jeff Park. .

— On the neighbor message Cafe Sorini
3:45 p.m.

Folks talk about putting up fences in the parkway. Can't do that. You can put up a fence on your property. But that is not very neighborly.

This type of talk is putting a bandaid on every time you are walking thru the roses. Solution, stop walking thru the roses. Root - Cause. Solve the problem by curbing your pup.

Do you realize that how your dog would love you if you walked him/her down the alley? The scents and smells are what they are looking for. So much easier to pick up #2 and then deposit in nearest can and not one on the corner after you've walked your dog on people's lawns.

And for those who are 'threatening' or 'marshalling' action or reaction? Tough talk in front of a keyboard, relax and be civil.

6:18 a.m.

Many times both in basement bathrooms that are not used often and basement floor drains, the P trap (this is the over under pipe that always traps water so the smell is blocked) may be low or out of water. Flush the toilet a few times and/or run water for about 30 seconds into floor drain. The dryness of winter and lack of humidity evaporates the water in P traps. It's a common occurence.

— On the neighbor message Sewer Gas Smell in House
4:37 p.m.

I didn't know that we are now expected to discuss consumer products. Do you realize that Auto Zone and Advanced don't manufacture batteries? Go do a search online to determine what starting load your vehicle needs and your own budget as to which battery will be best for you. Good luck.

— On the neighbor message Car Battery Replacement
2:12 p.m.

Hopefully everyone who drives by or notices it is calling 311. Three weeks ago I did when I drove by. Folks, you have to be dilligent and as JPJohn says, call each and every time. Although as EMR states some of the 16th PD are being redeployed in the new 7-11 initiative but if people keep calling 911 for suspicious activity and 311 for post activity tagging, the deployment shifts to 'hot' areas of each district. Call.

— On the neighbor message Here we go again...
9:55 p.m.

Simple resolution is to have residents only parking after 6pm so folks who commute to work have a place to park when they get home. Those using OTSM can use the pay lots on Lincoln. That was the intent.

— On the neighbor message Old Town School and parking
11:40 a.m.

Here is a master plan of the area.

— On the neighbor message Old Town School and parking
11:33 a.m.

The plan is to demolish the Autozone and Dollar Store on Western just north of Leland and build a multi story parking garage for Lincoln Square. This is why the Autozone built the new store on Western at Waveland. Don't know the time frame for when this will start but this is the future planned construction.

— On the neighbor message Old Town School and parking
4:35 p.m.

Although the area of the street to sidewalk (parkway or public way) is city property you, as home owner, are required to maintain it. It is a city ordinance. This means watering, pruning, maintaining grass, etc., same goes for the tree in the parkway.

4:29 p.m.

BobK, there is not one pedestrian crossing on LSD except for the lights from Balbo to Monroe and down near 55th. Everywhere else it's either under or overpass.
To get back on topic great question. It is my understanding that school zones (20mph) will be set M thru Th from 7am to 8pm and F from 7am to 9pm. I think this is way overdoing it as the sign only requires "On School Days when Children are Present". Granted the internal clock can be set for 7am to 9am and again from 2pm - 4pm as this is typically the times kids are dismissed. I am for the cameras but they need to be set properly. Also, I don't know how they will handle Holidays that fall on weekdays as well as winter, spring and summer breaks. I would imagine if a ticket is mailed the date and time is on it and you'd have to contest it showing proof that the particular school was not in session. What a hassle.

— On the neighbor message Speeding cameras question.
11:50 a.m.

Here's a better history of MLD's.
Lula and Pete, did you get the opportunity to look further up in this thread to see the links to both FB sites of son and father? If you didn't then please do and comment again. Nothing more needs to be said.

I will repeat that the handling of this fiasco was the worst. Mendoza and Weis made their decision with even Weis saying "if we would have had a chance to speak with him, to see what is in his heart"...and Mendoza's spokesperson saying we haven't had a chance to speak with the child yet, well, they should have driven to the Lawrence Juvenile Hall, and discuss with himtheir reasons before making any public media decision.

And to take away the recognition but giving him the reward? What kind of message is that? I would have liked to have seen a set up of a trust or education fund for him as an incentive to leave the Hall and possibly get to college or trade school. Because you need to leave the Hall, graduation means you go to Cook County Jail. This is just a mess all the way around.

— On the neighbor message New City Sticker Sporting Gang Signs?
11:09 p.m.

Just so everyone knows, he is not a special ed kid. He is in a high risk institution located just north of Lawrence along the river. The other location is the Jefferson School near Ogden and the Juevenile Correction center.

What bugs me is the lack of balls our media have and interviewing the mom and how she is devastated, but yet no one asks her about his FB page of him smoking dope and wearing the gang ensemble. The school is a hard knocks juevenile detention facility.

He is not as innocent as some are portraying. Complete jeckyl and hyde type because what you see on the TV is not coinciding with his writings and postings on social media. Too much drama, go to the next sticker...
Catbus - do you fantasize about firemen?

— On the neighbor message New City Sticker Sporting Gang Signs?
9:04 a.m.

Kenji, just remember as you enter the confessional and close the door, listen to when the priest says, "you may now confess your sins". When you hear that, immediatley reply to him, "you first"!

— On the neighbor message Possible Drug Dealing
7:48 p.m.

Based on what the media has offered, our network, print and social, we know that the son was involved with gangs. The father's FB site is filled with booze, drug references, guns, bullets, half naked women, thug buddies, and his family.The pictoral reference and coincidence with MLD is very real and legit. The boy goes to one of two high risk youth schools in the city, Lawrence Hall. The other used to be Audie Home for Boys. These instututions are known by all educators as the 'last chance' opp as the next step is prison. He didn't ask to be there, the obvious lack of parenting and abandonment by his family have led him here. He is in a very tough spot.

It sure looks like taking the prize away for gang reference may indeed be warranted, however, I am completely against the way it was done. The CIty Clerk, based on admission of her spokesperson, has yet to actually speak one on one with the boy. This should have been done this afternoon with the Father and Mother present BEFORE any announcement of suspension or termination of this award. Really dropped the ball twice now and that is inexcusable.

I am actually wondering if there is a voting audit available. As you may know, the finalists for this art work (20 of them??) were allowed to be voted by the public. Herbert was crowned as winner but I actually wonder if with him being from the high risk environment and school, the administrators said, 'This is a great PR win" and tilted the votes to make him champion. If that is the case and the rush to judgement really blew up in everyone's faces.

— On the neighbor message New City Sticker Sporting Gang Signs?
7:40 p.m.

Hey Chyanne, no stalking. This is what is posted for all to see - social media at its best. The Dad is a great guy. Nothing but posts of half naked women, guns, piles of money, his fighting roosters (fullerton is a killer) and of course his praise of his family while he is fighting the supreme court for deportation. It's all there for everyone just as he intended it to be. I feel sorry for this kid though as he had no chance being brought up in this manner. If this is all a mistake and our own misguided venture into interpretation of what he drew, I apologize and only hope this award can get him moving in the right direction.

— On the neighbor message New City Sticker Sporting Gang Signs?
1:55 p.m.

I am going to retract what I just wrote. This may be his brother with the tatoos. But I still believe asking the kid to tell the clerk what his thoughts are and to answer a simple question.

— On the neighbor message New City Sticker Sporting Gang Signs?
1:20 p.m.

If you watch the video when he was with Rahm accepting the award and actually speaking, you will notice his very long sleeve shirt covering his tatoo on his left hand. If our city clerk is reaching out to gang experts why doesn't she just call in the boy, ask him straight up. If he denies any involvement or link to the gang then have him take off his shirt and show us all his tatoos (at 15 yo). Then we can make a decision...

— On the neighbor message New City Sticker Sporting Gang Signs?
1:16 p.m.

Actually the skyline looks like the (abstract) pitchfork used in MLD tag in addtion to the heart. Also take a close look at hand number 3 from left (white hand). It is the only one with the start of 'throwing up a sign', the other three however, all have a different profile. A poster in Trib comments section mentioned that both the father and son's (art designer) FB pages are full of MLD gang graphics. If that is true, FB profiles have been suspiciously removed, I am sure his dad had a lot to do with this design. Did you hear the boy talk? Complete gangsta lingo and mannerisms. This was almost an unbelievable coup, imagine if every car in the city had this gang logo on it and all these gangbangers knew it?
Give the design to the second place finisher who I believe is a girl at a Catholic Girls HS. Probably less of a chance she's affiliated with MLD, Latin Kings or Punks with Pens.

— On the neighbor message New City Sticker Sporting Gang Signs?
9:37 a.m.

Sarah, how many units the building and are the alleged dealers owners or renters to an absent or non resident owner? Eviction for a tennant that is renting is a whole lot different than the County confiscating property being used in illegal operations. You never mentioned these particulars which when made known to the owner will make them think twice about what is happening.

Also, since this is a condo the common areas: patio, entrance ways, hallways, backyard, etc., are shared property so it is well within your rights to be concerned and if a stranger or suspicious or unsafe situation is happening in front of your eyes on your shared property that your assessments maintain (and Rich as well) please call 911. The last thing you need is for this to continue and some disgruntled user or just guys who know drugs, money, weapons or all three come calling some night and stray bullets come flying or they mistake the unit and enter your abode.

Like DebbyV says, call 911 and let those who work for us sort this out.

— On the neighbor message Possible Drug Dealing
12:56 p.m.

Call for suspicious characters at the unit to 911 the next time you see it happening. I don't know what your vantage point is but if you see any weapon (i.e., bulge or handle sticking out of waistband) now you can safely tell police 'man with a gun' and watch the response you get. Be sure to pay attention to what they are wearing, color of coat, hat, hoodie, etc. Because more than likely the perps will be gone by the time the cops come but with a great description they can stop 'em on the street. And if they just purchased dope, guess what - they will be busted and 99% of time if they have any outstanding warrants or have been busted previously they will rat out the supplier.
Also, if this a condo unit do the occupants rent or own? When is next condo board meeting? Are you president of the association? Get the board involved, they may already know as well. Your association by-laws cover all provisions, pull it out and read it. The law is on your side.

— On the neighbor message Possible Drug Dealing
6:47 a.m.

Quinn signs ordinance into law this morning. If driving 1-5mph over limit in school zone areas and park areas where cameras will be installed, you get a pass. If you are speeding 6-10mph over posted limit it is a $50 ticket to owner of car and over 11mph is $100.

Initially all of these cameras are to be installed and used in school speed zone areas and along parks for kids' safety. Can't argue with that logic. But over time I am sure the red light cameras will be outfitted with the hardware and software needed to do the same.

So if you are the typical 95% of drivers who obey or hover at or above the limit you don't have anything to worry about. Please pay attention to the time of day near school zones, don't text while driving (now I wonder if the resolution of the cameras will also find a speeder and a texter at the same time!) and signal your intentions.

— On the neighbor message Speed Limit Cameras on Foster
10:43 a.m.

Gene are you still at the bar?

— On the neighbor message Speed Limit Cameras on Foster
8:55 a.m.

Use this...

— On the neighbor message CAP meeting

One question Andrew: Have you attended your local CAPS meeting lately?

— On the neighbor message Arrests in the 4900 block of N. Lawndale
11:57 a.m.

Keep in mind that the remapping of the Wards does not go into effect until 2015...plenty of time to get caught up with updates and history and quite possibly new aldermen! Funny though that no update since 2006!? Are you on the current website for the 39th?

— On the neighbor message remapped from 45 to 39
11:48 a.m.

Gene I find it confusing that you say I misspoke. I stated that in the St of IL, all vehicles must yield to pedestrians in the crosswalk. You then posted from the IDOT code which confirms what I said and then say that I misspoke. Can you read and comprehend what it is you sent? Here is the very first item so you don't have to go all the way back....
Pedestrians' right-of-way at crosswalks.
(a) When traffic control signals are not in place or not in operation the driver of a vehicle shall stop and yield the right-of-way to a pedestrian crossing the roadway within a crosswalk when the pedestrian is upon the half of the roadway upon which the vehicle is traveling, or when the pedestrian is approaching so closely from the opposite half of the roadway as to be in danger.

Pretty self explanatory. Nothing has changed here if you are driving and a ped is IN the CROSSWALK you must YIELD to that PEDESTRIAN.

— On the neighbor message Speed Limit Cameras on Foster
7:34 a.m.

TGS, sure it's a money going to the city but think about this also. If you get three moving violation tickets in a year your license can/will be suspended. This is by police in person or via camera. The folks who ingnore the laws that are in place will eventually have to take responsibility and accountability. So whether it is an actual policeman with a speed gun or a camera that snaps you going 40 in a 30, if you are a consistent lawbreaker behind the wheel, your car driving priviledges will be suspended or taken away. I don't look at this as a money grabbing issue under the guise of safety at all. Weird logic...

— On the neighbor message Speed Limit Cameras on Foster
4:53 p.m.

Mark, in the State of Illinois, actually ANYTIME a pedestrian is in the crosswalk motorists MUST yield to them. It is not only at those intersections that have the yellow pedestrian crossing sign. Obviously if I am crossing Western Ave I would not just walk into traffic, if I am in the crosswalk, but technically if someone did and you did not stop and yield, you are subjecting yourself to a ticket.

And for those who feel our civil liberties being trampled upon with installation and use of these cameras, I can take a picture of you at anytime if you are out in public. For some, this may be a nice compliment, but if you take my pic please use PhotoShop and make me 20 years younger and 20 pounds lighter...

And keep in mind more of our 'liberties' and personal information is taken from us using our ATM cards at Jewel than from a photo of you travelling in a car (taken only when you are speeding or running thru a red light).

— On the neighbor message Speed Limit Cameras on Foster
1:36 p.m.

Joan has a great idea. I would take it further. Sit out there with the super soaker and get the homeowner a little wet...

— On the neighbor message STOP Feeding the Squirrels
5:21 p.m.

Touchy situation Luis. What does your neighbor's front lawn look like, same as yours? You have to start somewhere and the best is still communication. Maybe ask him to feed only in his backyard. But if that doesn't work, watch CaddyShack and take defense of your property. Start feeding them yourself but put the food on his lawn, on his porch, toss it up on his roof. If he likes them that much wait until they start burrowing into his attic.

— On the neighbor message STOP Feeding the Squirrels
4:55 p.m.

Better solution...don't post five or six consecutive posts, just give us the link. We can read on our own.

Even better solution...obey the posted speed limits, control your vehicle, put your cell phone down and pay attention, let the peds walk at crosswalks and use your signals!

— On the neighbor message Speed Limit Cameras on Foster
5:29 p.m.

Jacquelyn, no disrespect or meanness was intended. But your initial post sounded like you were in a car driving since you were talking about Yellow lights going to Red. Had you filled me in with where you were while you experienced this timing lag I surely would not have said "does this mean you speed up on Yellow.."

Sorry for making that assumption.

— On the neighbor message Traffic Cameras - Milwaukee & Montrose
3:24 p.m.

Control what you can control. A mother with a stroller and two kids walking or a few kids kicking a ball around. If one darts out in between parked cars yes, we are all taught not to do that, but does it happen? There are strays out there that have no owners pulling them on a leash. Control what you can control which is your vehicle.

— On the neighbor message Speed Limit Cameras on Foster
1:28 p.m.

I like the countdown too. You know exactly how much longer you have.

Kenji, You got 50% on your test. Flashing yellow means proceed with caution which means be ready to stop if you have to, Solid Yellow, follows Solid Green. So what happens on Solid Red? Obviously if you have not yet reached the intersection and the light turns Yellow you have to make a decision. If you estimate you will not be in the intersection (the intersection begins at the solid white line just in front of pedestrian walkway) when light turns Red you better stop. However, if you are in the intersection and the light turns red you are to proceed and not stop. Simple logic. Are you really asking this question?

This brings up a whole new tangent. How many times do you see drivers at six corner intersections (Lincoln/Irving/Damen or Irving/Cicero/Milw) stop at a red light AFTER they have already passed the solid intersection line and are also either beyond the pedestrian cross walk line or in it? Don't they realize they are sitting in the intersection? I guess they missed that page in their rules of the road book.

— On the neighbor message Traffic Cameras - Milwaukee & Montrose
1:22 p.m.

Taras, let me be the first to hail you of the many reading your post as either 1) you don't have kids; 2) you don't have pets - specifically dogs; 3) you are not very intelligent and 4) you lack common sense. Three of the above can be rectified by procreating, securing a pet and going to school...common sense however, can't be taught.

Going 10mph over the 30mph limit is illegal regardless of how many people you think are doing it. In fact, by going 25% faster than posted limit you obviously are clueless with response time. Say your child (which you have none) or your dog (which you don't walk) were to jump out into the street chasing a ball, a squirrel or just simply because they can. At 30mph your first reaction is two fold. You hit the brakes as you turn your wheel to avoid that which ran in front of. If other cars, pedestrians or bikers are on the shared roadway you are on, this means your reaction has to be spot on. At 40mph you have hit someone, something or are about to. As you may not realize hard braking and hard turning are the recipe for an uncontrolled vehicle.

Brilliant comment but I guess you are making such statements only to see who and how many readers you can rile up. I just chalk it up as one or all of the four aforementioned maladies I listed.

— On the neighbor message Speed Limit Cameras on Foster
11:12 a.m.

So does this mean that when you see Yellow you speed up? Yellow means slow down and stop for the oncoming Red that is imminently next up on the list of colors.

— On the neighbor message Traffic Cameras - Milwaukee & Montrose
11:02 a.m.

Incorrectomondo.,0,5488047.photogallery Once you are booked on charges meaning you have been arrested and processed and photo taken, it is now public record. You are of course innocent until proven guilty but once you are taken in and ARRESTED your name and photo can be published. Just like the beautiful men and women on the link provided. It has nothing to do with charges being approved by the SA. The SA will add or modify the charges if warranted.

— On the neighbor message Arrests in the 4900 block of N. Lawndale
11:41 p.m.

F.R., Amanda is talking about the canvas reusable bags available at every grocery store. Also, if you are taking the bus check with the customer service desk to see if any of the employees or others have a delivery set up. Unlike Peapod which you can shop directly online from and they do a great job, many stores have employees with kids that like to make some extra money and would deliver your groceries. A few bucks and a tip is all they expect.

— On the neighbor message Bring on the ALDIS!
9:48 p.m.

George, when you are arrested you are charged with a crime. Your name and photo is put out there if made available.
Kelli, pull out your lease and read it. It should tell you what provisions are there. And then contact the tenant rights folks.

— On the neighbor message Arrests in the 4900 block of N. Lawndale
9:44 p.m.

Kelli and Joan, no one needs to or wants to live with this type of crap going on. Lots of things you can do but don't just lock your doors at 9pm and hope nothing happens. Please seek guidance from the numbers previously posted, get a meeting with your landlord at your place (not his/hers). There are horror stories of guys who knock on the wrong door exacting revenge for a drug deal gone bad, a retribution for gang BS, etc., don't be that wrong number. Even a stray bullet shot into the ceiling from down below will enter your apartment. Discuss with landlord that unless they do something you are out of there and you have already contacted a lawyer. Email me separately and I can provide an attorney's name if you don't have one. There is also a tenants rights site here Get aggressive and take control. Good luck.

— On the neighbor message Arrests in the 4900 block of N. Lawndale
5:05 p.m.

Pitz, really? You should check out an Aldi's. No frills, smaller selections, you box or bag your own stuff and prices are much lower. I helped my mom shop there when she was still with us but I prefer Jewel. Have checked Mariano's and prices comparable to Jewel. I will go back there again.

— On the neighbor message Bring on the ALDIS!
6:47 a.m.

Tell us the truth Gene, you are at Nick's right now...

— On the neighbor message Very depressed; Gang graffitti near Beaubien.
2:40 p.m.

Since you are a renter (assumed) I would definitely contact your landlord. Most leases have contigency clauses regarding illegal activities and if they are going on and the people are not evicted, then I would think if the landlord is ignoring that provision it gives you an out if you want to break your lease. Sounds harsh but you have every right to know for your own safety and well being. Contact 17th District and ask to speak with one of the Detectives working the case for information. I didn't even think to check the 'Crimes' section of this site for any information. Good luck.

— On the neighbor message Arrests in the 4900 block of N. Lawndale
2:37 p.m.

Have you tried calling Metra...this is the Metra station on the Metra line, correct?

— On the neighbor message Norwood Park Train Station for Event
5:26 a.m.

Chigirl has it down pat. What you didn't say jeff parq is what year and/or age and condition vehicle is in. You also didn't say if it has valid plates and sticker. Check to see if sticker has the plate number on it, all City stickers have the license plate of the vehicle also on them for easier cross reference. Then call 311 and let the big boys handle it.

— On the neighbor message Abandoned Car
2:30 p.m.

A simple solution is to designate the residential streets around Old Town with a Residential Parking Permit that allows only residents to park from 6pm to 6am. Wrigley Field has them for ball games, Leland has them from 9am-11am near Western to discourage those driving and then hopping on the L to go to work. You can buy a coupon book for $20 that has 20 stickers for your guests. Your city sticker is emblazed with your residential permit letter or number. I would think that getting a petition signed by neighbors similar to getting speed bumps is what you may have to do. Check city website or call alderman. You pay taxes you should be able to park in front of your home when you get home from work.

— On the neighbor message Old Town School and parking
8:55 p.m.

Joyce I applaud you but I defend you as well. Many folks simply go online to this blog, post a question that I would think "can't you find this out on your own" but I don't snap back but many times want to. Some just like to see their name and that they have posted something.

We all have great information at our fingertips but just to prove that many would just rather sit in front of screen and keyboard, go out and meet your next door neighbors. How many of us reading this have the phone numbers of both parents next door, across the street? How many have yours? Just saying...

— On the neighbor message Very depressed; Gang graffitti near Beaubien.
5:42 p.m.

painhertz - bunnies are OK, I prefer cougars...

— On the neighbor message STOP Feeding the Squirrels
11:45 a.m.

I neglected to add one more item. As I was talking to the dispatcher she asked if I wanted to leave my name. I did, but told her I am no longer living in that neighborhood, just driving by and noticed this tagging. She said if more people did that the subsequent response time by Graffit Blasters would increase. So if you are driving and see tagging going on or a newly tagged property call from your cell. Be sure you get an address or intersection (while using your handsfree of course). Thanks.

— On the neighbor message Very depressed; Gang graffitti near Beaubien.
2:49 p.m.

As far as I am concerned one crime is enough to make my neighborhood a high crime area because I want my neighborhood to be a beautiful, vibrant and no crime . I am dilligent and tireless in making sure I know my neighbors and be in your face if you are doing something illegal, unsafe or threatening the wellbeing of people or property. I used to live on the 5300 block of Argyle for ten years. I know Roberts Sq Park and Beaubien School.

This morning I had to drive to Schaumburg for an 11am meeting. So I took the time to drive by my old 'hood and went right to the LeClaire/Argyle intersection. Incredible, not only is the brick bungalow on the NE corner tagged but the house across the street at the NW corner (a vinyl sided three flat) is also tagged. Both of these are corner properties and the complete sides of both buildings are tagged. And this is not a simple LK or one logo tagging. It is massive on both buildings. It had to have taken 10-20 minutes to do. I called 311. The dispatcher told me I was only the second caller for the brick bungalow with the 5058 address, this was at 10:15am. The 3 flat had five previous calls, I was the sixth. My guess is that building may have been tagged a few days ago and the bungalow last night. The 3 flat had always been tagged in previous years while I was living three blocks away. This tells me that the building is either still owned or is catered to by a gang member, family or supporter.

Joyce is exactly right! Get involved, get to know your neighbors, share contact information. Be a good neighbor and the fruits and successes of your neighborhood grow.

— On the neighbor message Very depressed; Gang graffitti near Beaubien.
1:50 p.m.

Maria, my apologies up front as I don't mean to be harsh. "you thought to call 311"?? What is holding you back? Are you afraid that when five more taggings are done tonight, tomorrow? Or are you waiting until the whole block gets tagged and then you want to move but now no one wants to buy because the values have gone down? Again, I don't mean to be harsh...CALL 311 now. When the city gets numerous calls regarding one location they will do something. Call the Alderman after you've called 311. The numbers for him are already on this thread. Everyone needs to take ownership of your own neighborhood, your own area. Otherwise you will be giving it away.
I still love you Maria...

— On the neighbor message Very depressed; Gang graffitti near Beaubien.
9:55 a.m.

I should have written "...can not let it linger." Fat fingers, small keys.

— On the neighbor message Very depressed; Gang graffitti near Beaubien.
9:08 a.m.

Call 311 immediately ten times a day, call your neighbors to call them, have the school call them. Call the Alderman. The sooner the tagging is taken off the better. You can not let in linger.

— On the neighbor message Very depressed; Gang graffitti near Beaubien.
8:58 a.m.

Insanity is right that the parkway is not the homeowner's property it is City owned but it is not necessarily deemed 'shared' property. Homeowners are required by the City's landscaping ordinance to provide "Maintenance of landscaped areas includes weeding, mowing, trimming, pruning, edging, cultivation, seeding, fertilizing, watering, pest control and anything else necessary to ensure healthy, vigorous plant growth." Dog urine burn is not conducive to vigorous plant growth and there sits the rub. The CIty is responsible for the tree in your parkway as far as trimming overextended branches or cleaning/removing limbs broken from storms, etc. The homeowner is also responsible to shovel the walk or prove an attempt was made during snow season.

When I use fertilizer, chemical treat my lawn or any other item whether I do it or I have a contractor do it, I pay for it as I am responsible. I keep dogs off because they do tend to burn grass and then other dogs remark that territory. Hopefully you'll be able to read the warning sign that the grass is chemically treated, since your dog probably can't read. Dogs have much for fun walking in the alleys as the scents and smells are much more exciting. Try it and you'll see his tail wag and wave a whole lot more and his step more bounding as you walk. I find it is just obstinate and rude if a homeowner requests the dog owner not to direct his dog onto his parkway to do his business and the dogowner ignores that request. More stuff can be found here.

— On the neighbor message STOP Feeding the Squirrels
8:44 a.m.

When I see something illegal why would I call NBC? I see enough TV trucks and choppers whenever Blago goes out for a jog.

— On the neighbor message Neighbor running a business out of her home
6:46 a.m.

Boris, you get moose and I'll get squirrel.

— On the neighbor message STOP Feeding the Squirrels
5:15 p.m.

cabmamma, they didn't knock on the door...they were kicking in both front and back doors simultaneously. As howie mentioned, the news about re-tasking officers from lower crime areas to higher ones is well known. Most of these hoodlums can't read very well but they understand the streets. They are also dumber than a box of rocks because they don't realize how many in the area are armed...

9:30 a.m.

Some folks need to understand zoning ordinances (again). The idea of creating zoning districts; commercial, business, manufacturing, school, public park, residential , etc (see map link) is to allow both businesses and residents to find and use property earmarked and designated for such use. Some folks may be using a NIMBY attitude that show support for this illegal operation so long as it's not on their block. This holds as much water as those who move near the railroad tracks, airport, Wrigley Field and complain about noise...I've also linked a reference sheet that identifies a business use, which zoning district this business can be operating in and what type (if any) permit or license is needed.
Holy Crap Batman....

— On the neighbor message Neighbor running a business out of her home
9:05 a.m.

Sorry I confused you Jeff. I didn't suggest or mention anything about policing grammar or syntax. Read slowly and comprehend please. I stated that in an earlier post today (33rd ward amateur hour, day 2) where the comments started to attack grammar and spelling and folks started to complain and critique that instead of the commenting on the message. Just like I said "about posters who get off topic and submit spelling, grammar, and english usage mistakes instead of keeping to the thread". This was not directed at you so don't be so defensive. I did though direct my ire at those who don't know our cultural and historical places, hence the Soldier Field bit.

Also, at no point did I say you are not entitled to your opinion. It is your opinion and those of others that make this whole game possible.

— On the neighbor message Pawar votes for anti-protest ordinance
9:53 p.m.

Jeff, I submitted a post earlier about posters who get off topic and submit spelling, grammar, and english usage mistakes instead of keeping to the thread. However, when someone continually misspells proper names and Chicago landmarks, I have to correct it. It is SOLDIER FIELD. It is not plural nor possessive meaning it's not Soldier's...
That being said the total cost was $325M from the facts I have here which ranks all NFL stadiums. Soldier Field ranks in upper third polls around the league: and I believe our NFL entree needs to play on grass the way it was meant to be played and not indoors. I agree that our capacity is poor when compared to our population but mostNFL franchises have stadiums with a capacity in the mid 60K to 75K. Only 4 have over 80K capacity. There was an outcry for indoor format but the outcry to keep outdoors apparently won out. My apologies for those following this thread that I took it off topic.

— On the neighbor message Pawar votes for anti-protest ordinance
8:17 p.m.

Let's stay on topic please! If each one of us were to begin dissecting, analyzing and correcting grammatical, spelling and english usage mistakes with your, you're, lose, loose, its, it's...etc, nothing would be discussed. If every one of us were to presume that either the poster did not draft a response in Word to do a spell check, know that EB doesn't have an embedded spell checker or the mobile phone app being used doesn't support it. Assume that if you can understand the intent, respond to that.

Or use this...Aoccdrnig to a rscheearch at Cmabrigde Uinervtisy, it deosn’t mttaer in waht oredr the ltteers in a wrod are, the olny iprmoetnt tihng is taht the frist and lsat ltteer be at the rghit pclae. The rset can be a total mses and you can sitll raed it wouthit a porbelm. Tihs is bcuseae the huamn mnid deos not raed ervey lteter by istlef, but the wrod as a wlohe. Amzanig huh?

— On the neighbor message 33rd Ward Amateur Hour, Day 2
1:47 p.m.

Passive resistance is one thing but if you're sitting in the middle of the street blocking traffic "passively" and the police tell you to move and you don't...well, you get what you deserve. Protesting by causing confrontation and civil unrest is not the recipe for change. Promote candidates that share your ideals, support them and vote them in. I had to register for draft lottery in '72 so I am an old hippie.

— On the neighbor message G8 side line
11:37 p.m.

The Old Town School of Music has a great reference list as well. We used a guy who charged us $80 a few years ago.

— On the neighbor message Piano tuner in Albany Park/Irving Park area?
11:14 p.m.

Jeff, SOLDIER FIELD (how long have you lived here?) along with the home fields of GB, NYJ, NYG, NE, PHI, PITT, DEN, CINN, CLE, BUFF to name a few all can't host a Super Bowl either as they are open air stadiums, unless they scheduled the game in May.

— On the neighbor message Pawar votes for anti-protest ordinance
11:11 p.m.

The next time it snows 4 or more inches how about putting a flyer together to distribute to all on block that basically states let's all pitch in and get the snow off the street. Do you have summer block parties? Meet with shovels, snow blowers, schnapps at 7p or if Saturday use a 10am start for example. Ask everyone for one hour, that is all this will take. Not only will you rid the street of furniture but when folks do shovel only their own personal spot it actually takes a way another full spot because of the manner in which they usually pile snow. Get to know everyone, make it fun. All you need is one person to coordinate and once people look out their windows they will come out.

10:52 p.m.

Windy City Couple have pretty much explained the status to date. As Linda and Jeffrey mention, this one is over for me. I'm moving on. Thanks all.

— On the neighbor message Neighbor running a business out of her home
12:08 p.m.

Johnny says it like it is...

— On the neighbor message Snow removal!!!!!!
12:31 p.m.

Great comments and thought Craig. The only thing I will mention is the 4am - 6am provision is to put more teeth in the ban for overnight camping in the parks. I have to agree with that because if the protestors camp out in our parks who pays for the clean up? There's an 11pm curfew presently in all parks so the protesters would only be cited for a curfew violation if they camped overnight.

— On the neighbor message Pawar votes for anti-protest ordinance
12:10 p.m.

Dan, the city is not resonsible for plowing I-94. That is IDOT's responsibility.

— On the neighbor message Snow removal!!!!!!
11:59 a.m.

As Fran suggests call the company who owns dumpster and contact the Realtor who is handling the property. However, are you positive no further interior work needs to be done? Dumpsters need permits and as Missy mentions as soon as a dumpster hits the street everyone dumps their personal stuff in it. The contractor would have a valid permit to keep dumpster until no longer needed. But if it is full mention this to company when you call them.

Years ago I had renovated my home in Jeff Park, had a dumpster on my property next to my garage (had wide lot) and saw a guy dump about 300 pounds of 2x4's. Never had seen or met him before but I followed him to his home and told him to get that stuff out of my dumpster. He ignored me so I took his lumber and laid them neatly in front of his garage door. Didn't bother me again.

— On the neighbor message Dumpster in the street
11:56 a.m.

Michael, Do you mean 'by noon' as in Yesterday? We didn't have any snow of substantial accumulation until about 2pm yesterday. That's when it hit the 3" mark (ORD) and then got heavy coming down at 1" per hour from that point. You had trucks stuck in traffic because everyone decided not to leave work early or stick around and leave later. So at rush hour you've have bumper to bumper traffice everywhere because all the trucks are stuck in traffic. "Dangerous by noon" come on...if you consider a trace of snow under 1" is dangerous, you must have really freaked by 6pm last night.

— On the neighbor message Snow Plows
11:10 a.m.

If everyone who takes the time to shovel out one spot would do three, then no issues would ever arise. I am sure everyone out there who has any common courtesy when seeing your neighbor go out there and take care of three spots, the next time it snows your own character will tell you "I should go out and do the same". Granted, I was doing this with shovel and back in the past but now it's much easier since I have a snow blower. Sure it costs me a little bit more in gas but we never have any funky lawn chairs on my block...

— On the neighbor message shoveled parking spots
11:01 a.m.

One must also look at Mell himself. More than likely not a computer guy as he hasn't had the time nor interest, probably doesn't have a laptop, has others open, read and send e-mails on his behalf, and can't find the 'any key' when asked to hit it...

— On the neighbor message 33rd Ward Amateur Hour, Day 2
10:55 a.m.

Thanks WCC, I fully support the manner in which you've handled this.
I won't say case closed or checkmate...

— On the neighbor message Neighbor running a business out of her home
10:42 a.m.

Last night I had to pick up my daughter who was with classmates from Res to watch St Pat's at ND HS BBall game. At 9pm I left my home at Mozart/Manor to get to Harlem and Ipsen (just south of Touhy). At 9pm Montrose (clean drv lanes and trucks were hitting curb side), Elston (clean drv lanes trucks were behind me hitting median and curb side combo), Milwaukee was spotless (amazing), Devon was plowed 2 or 3 hours ago (poor cond), Harlem was clean. Return trip I backtracked Harlem/Devon/Milw/Elston but then used Lawrence. Lawrence to Manor was clean however trucks couldn't get curb sides due to parked cars. Like Lisa mentioned it was just too much snow at a heavy rate right at rush hour. I applaud the efforts of our S&S guys who kept working over night. I am sure many of them put in a 16 hour day...

— On the neighbor message How's your neighborhood handling the storm?
8:31 a.m.

It's always tough for the city to do anything right in the middle of a snow storm at rush hour. Timing is everything for these trucks. Had it been noon with 3" of snow on the ground they could keep up. But with rush hour traffic at a stand still they won't be caught up until very late tonight or early morning. The CTA had also taken all buses off LSD today as well. This had to delay quite a bit because now the north-south streets (Broadway, Clark, Ashland) had to be affected.

— On the neighbor message Snow Plows
8:36 p.m.

Best not park on Montrose. You'll be towed tonight.

— On the neighbor message Snow Plows
8:23 p.m.

Kurt did it today on Wilson from Manor west to Francisco. Then he did alot more because I did Mozart from Wilson to Sunnyside. He told me he can't turn his ATV off because his battery is weak and is afraid it won't start. I use my snowblower. Nice night and I'll probably go out again after 10p if needed.

— On the neighbor message Mysterious Snow Angel on Wilson
8:18 p.m.

What? Montrose didn't get this bad last February? We had 20" of snow in one day. Do you have no idea what the difference is between 2" and 20".Schools were closed for 2 days. Today only a few schools let out a bit early. My daughter's did, my son's did not. Zoom out and watch as the plow on Montrose goes from the lake all the way out to Harlem. Watch as each plow takes a major artery and hits it from one end to the other. Remember, at 1:30p we barely had 2" of snow.The trucks don't start until after that threshold is met. I went out at 3p to start my work on my block. It was almost 3" by then and it's been coming down at 1" per hour almost steady since. So although the plow hits Montrose going eastbound it won't come back again for well over an hour by the time he turns around and gets all of westbound. Stay indoors or go out and help an elderly person who needs it. If you are elderly (my apologies) I can help you get your area shoveled. Everyone complains, we have 275 trucks out and they'll be out all night probably working a 16 hour day.

— On the neighbor message Snow Plows
8:14 p.m.

Part A yes they plow whenever more than 2" on ground. Part B Paradox = brilliant. Part A = Not So Much.

— On the neighbor message How's your neighborhood handling the storm?
8:02 p.m.

Come on!? Are you seriously b*tching? Relax, have a wine and let the boys do their work. See Randi's response. find them if you need them but there's only about 275 trucks and we have more than enough streets for them to hit. Amazing! The snow crews are all out and they'll get to your streets (main only for now) soon. Don't go out if you don't need to or take the L if you are close. Bus would be a disaster as well, deal with it for now.

— On the neighbor message Snow removal!!!!!!
3:57 p.m.

APRes, it is a beautiful thing to even consider and share your thoughts on this. Call 311 and as the other posters note that she most likely knows where to go but because there is no drinking allowed they don't stay for very long or some have worn out there welcome. In bad weather the police do take them if available but 311 may be overwhelmed with snow today. Great thought...thank you.

2:51 p.m.

This is exactly why many, including me, would like to see term limits for our Alderman and the Mayor. You get guys like Burke, O'Connor, Mell, etc., who have been there for over 20 years and longer. This is not the papalcy or a monarchy. If it were limited I think more would get done.

— On the neighbor message Ald Mell's Albany Park Community Meeting
2:33 p.m.

Thanks JJ. You probably hit the nail on the head. Tough for them to get to by snaking one at a time out of there because of the parking configuration and/or they're on a schedule to get everything done within the time frame they have (I wouldn't want that job but they don't have to work there) so they won't take the time to put them back exactly like they found them. I would try to speak with them in person next time they do a pick up if you can schedule that. Ask them straight up why they don't put them back in the same location. Maybe they don't want to go near your car and are just being sure not to damage it.

2:24 p.m.

Thanks JJ. Is your car there when they pull them out to empty into truck? For a few weeks my guys kept putting one of my bins back in my area upside down. I had to keep upending it and putting it back right side up. Finally I was able to catch them down the alley as I was leaving for work, drove my car in a huff right up to their truck and asked them is there a reason that you're putting my bin back upside down? To my embarrassment he says he put it upside down so I can see that the wheel is broken. They don't fix or repair or take old bins out and replace with a new one, instead they said I have to call 311 to get it replaced. I thanked them, called and it got replaced the following week. I gave each of them $20 at Christmas.

1:47 p.m.

Like the DarkAngel says we still are a city that works. I initially thought you were referring to the large metal bins but these are the standard Blue Recycle Bins. You didn't mention are these your bins or a neighbors? If yours are they normally stored in front of your car? If so, they are not going to try to attempt putting them back because they don't want to scratch or damage any vehicles. Last question, if they are yours can't you just roll them into the correct location yourself, they are very light when empty? I know too many questions but we didn't get enough information in initial post. Thanks.

1:30 p.m.

Jill, David's link was the same I was going to suggest. The closest office is at Jefferson Park in Veteran's Plaza on Gale St (not far from Gale Street Inn - best ribs in town). But if also say there are signs on your block stating permit is needed jot down the Permit Area Number and then check the windshields of some cars. The website should be pretty accurate but as always in life someone has to input the correct information first. Good luck.

— On the neighbor message Parking Permits
1:23 p.m.

Jim you are not quite comparing apples with apples. The so called illegal clubs operating on Irving and on Lawrence (not identified) are in commercial and business zones. They are located in buildings that are zoned for commercial use.
The issue regarding the hair salon is in a residential zone designated not for commercial business. But let's just play...I will assume you own your own property and the lady across the street has the hair salon. Pretty soon your next door neighbor opens a nail salon, another neighbor a tanning bed, then another a tatoo parlor, then a real estate office followed by a pet store in the basement and then a Curry House (picked this only due to great aromas). Heck, with this you can get your hair done, a pedicure, get your bronze in, update that butterfly tat, look at properties for sale, by a gold fish and then have lunch without going more than 200 feet from your front door of your home.

— On the neighbor message Neighbor running a business out of her home
11:38 a.m.

How about shoveling three spaces in front of your house? Eliminate the DIBS chair furniture display. That is what we do on our block. You will never see chairs or furniture but we don't have any apartment buildings, it is all single family homes. Join the snow patrol, I volunteer. and help out your neighbors. I am sure April's comment was tongue in cheek and sarcastic.

— On the neighbor message Neighbor running a business out of her home
1:37 p.m.

Here is a list of what type of work that requires permits.
Also,if you are a large residential building use this as part of Landscape Ordinance
If a substantial landscaping job is done you don't need to use a city supplied landscaper, you will need to have all permit applications and fees the responsibility of your landscaping contractor (licensed by city) who would then supply all drawings and specs if required.
I know Patch's owner Pat personally and can vouch for his work ethic and character. Email me separately if you want, he installed the Wrigley Field Christmas tree for reference. Good Luck.

— On the neighbor message Landscaping Backyard - Need Help
1:18 p.m.

Gary I couldn't agree more. Lisa if you feel any of your students know more information that would help anyone out, hopefully you've contacted the detectives assigned to this case. The only way to solve problems is finding root/cause and not treating the result or ailment.

— On the neighbor message Attack on teen posted on YouTube
12:53 p.m.

Sal the worry is for property owners whose value keep decreasing because of the gang activity and stigma associated. Think about it. If you owned a three flat with great renters and all of a sudden the three flat across the street starts harboring or accepting gangbangers who brazenly and knowing do what they do, you would not be happy. Not only would you find it difficult to find renters but once you determine that by not doing anything or trying to keep your neighborhood upscale and clean of gangs, you can't find a buyer or your sale price now has you upside-down. So no, nothing to worry about...

— On the neighbor message Online registry for gang members
12:45 p.m.

Cook County Sheriff's Deputy, Palomino, was surely misquoted and his comments taken out of context. What we should have heard is: "I personally am shocked, dismayed and completely taken aback by the actions of my son and of those he was associated with. First on behalf of my family I want to apologize to the victim and his family and friends. Trust me when I say my son will never be involved in something like this again. I uphold the law, represent the people of Cook County as my badge and oath state and perhaps my son thought that because of this he was above the law. This is not the case and he will be dealt with severely. I also want to extend a hand to the other kids involved and their parents so we can all work together to teach our kids that what they did regardless of past motives or experiences was completely wrong is not tolerated in our society."
Somehow I am sure this is what he was thinking...

— On the neighbor message Attack on teen posted on YouTube
9:01 a.m.

I like how you had to Google or Wiki the word "Checkmate".But I will now Google or Wiki 'shoudla' just so I am in the know. Thanks, or is it now ooops? Have fun.

— On the neighbor message Neighbor running a business out of her home
8:44 a.m.

Ken, your post is dated yesterday. We didn't get snow yesterday although we did get a bit of drizzle in the AM. As you know the city sends out equipment after 2" is on the ground or a sustained and confirmed report of blizzard conditions is on the way. I am wondering if this was stuck in an inbox electronically for a bit. Just wondering.

— On the neighbor message Ravenswood Gardens neither plowed nor salted
7:06 a.m.

Our civilized society is defined and maintained only because of order, rules and law. These laws, rules, ordinances and guidelines are created, developed, voted upon, issued, enforced and for those who ignore or disobey, charged and punished by us. We voted in the people who represent us to do this for us. If everyone started to pick and choose which law, rule, ordinance or guideline they wanted to follow we would not have the society we have now. The entitlement that some are displaying seems that they are either ambivalent or apathetic, and this alarms me.

If it the speed limit is 30, I don’t drive 40. If a right turn on red is not allowed I don’t turn right on red. There is no real utopia where everyone obeys every law but to ignore and outright try to ‘cheat’ the system while others are running legitimate businesses do so with proper licensing, insurance, etc. should be addressed, challenged and should not be tolerated.

Maybe they don’t realize that they are breaking any laws or ordinances. It sounds like they have some type of signage or advertising it is a hair salon so the thought that they cater only to family or friends may not hold water. As far as asking the salon owner if they have a license, that’s fine. In fact, I would think simply visiting the salon to get a haircut (or was it naircut in another post) and use their services would tell you a lot about the business, the owner, and the intent. They may have a license hanging on the wall along with an occupancy maximum for fire code and everything else that goes with it.

But once we accept the mantra that ‘Oh, they do it and it’s illegal, big deal’ we have a problem. Our society and culture does not work when we pick and choose law du jour. And as Margaret stated, WCC has dropped from the thread, maybe not as passionate as many have shown here or maybe it's their salon...

— On the neighbor message Neighbor running a business out of her home
10:57 p.m.

Use this...
Highlight the area and then hit Submit Query. Your tax bill is based on the area you are in. If a realtor is not using the correct code for your area contact Chicago Association of Realtors. It is illegal to upscale or downscale a property to make it look like it's in a different area so you get a higher or lower Comparative Market Analysis (CMA).

— On the neighbor message Real Estate advice needed...
3:48 p.m.

Jeffrey, I will always opt for #1 because the art of communication is dwindling in our society. Everyone would rather call police when there is loud noise from apt or house next door. Go introduce yourself by knocking on the door and keeping your wits and calm about you. However, I will never, ever "just get used to it". If my communication and identification to a matter that is either illegal, unsafe, dangerous to others and me and it is not rectified or adjusted based on my attempts to communicate...I will do what I have to do within my rights. If this means confirming a business has proper licensing and is paying the taxes that I am paying so be it.

— On the neighbor message Neighbor running a business out of her home
3:07 p.m.

The sad thing about this is that the majority of possible protesters will be there acting peacefully. It's the imported rabble rousers that are there only to instigate and perpetuated trouble. Then the masses join in and we are again on the national/international spotlight and everyone will be chastising the cops for brutality because of some idiots who throw rocks, bottles or worse. I sure don't want the Michigan Ave businesses to have destruction or damage....

11:50 a.m.

Not necessarily Ruthee. It may be that they had a legal conversion and the basement has a full kitchen, etc. and the Assessor office does not have it updated. Lots of people have in-law apartments which are completely legal so long as it has two separate routes of egress to comply with fire codes. So if it has a separate front/side door and a back door it's most likely legal but if it doesn't then I would bet it is not.

— On the neighbor message Is this illegal?
11:45 a.m.

Tracy, Sarah had posted it just above your post. 1914 W Montrose for La Amistad. Hope that helps.

— On the neighbor message Eat at La Amistad Tacqueria while you can
11:21 a.m.

Jane is right. I was going to post this link and you can search by address or neighborhood and the listing will tell you if it's single family or multi-unit. You can also easily check by looking at the electric meter(s). If only one is there it is certainly not a legal conversion.

— On the neighbor message Is this illegal?
11:10 a.m.

You can check the zoning of your block or individual property here Another poster was asking about a business being run possibly illegally from their home so I had this a 'ready to paste link'. Good luck.

— On the neighbor message Is this illegal?
10:59 a.m.

Use this link to find the exact zoning for the address. If it is R1 or R2 for example it is not legal to run a business out of the property. The tax rates are different as well as insurance requirements. If every other home on the block started to run in home businesses; hair salon, massage salon, nail salon, tatoo parlor, day care...good luck trying to find a place to park. This is why the city designates commercial, business, manufacturing and residential districts which include fire safety, ADA requirements, etc. Contact zoning board and they can follow up.

— On the neighbor message Neighbor running a business out of her home
10:40 a.m.

Is this located on Montrose near Damen? No address was listed in posting. Thanks.

— On the neighbor message Eat at La Amistad Tacqueria while you can
8:13 a.m.

Don't do what Steve J is suggesting. You could be arrested for trespassing or damage to property. Call 911 and let the PD do a walk thru to kick out vagrants if there are any or any other stuff that might be in there. Probably could be a local gang hangout, drug use, bring girls back pick it and it probably could be happening. PD report will identify and target owner. If enough citations are on owner's record then Building Dept is contacted. It may be a soon to be foreclosure as well. What is address and you can find property record on Assessor's website.

— On the neighbor message Abandoned building 3800 block N. Ashland
4:09 p.m.

Brad you didn't read or understand my post. I did not suggest a shortcut from Montrose to Lawrence. This is for the bridge closure coming up for folks who will be ingnoring the detour signs (we all know this will happen). Some type of temporary fix needs to happen because if cars are parked on both sides of Manor and we get hit with snow during this Bridge construction, well...not a pretty picture.
I do agree that many use the shortcut from Montrose going up Mozart to Wilson then head up Manor to get to Lawrence or just using Manor all the way. Same goes for those going south from Lawrence. The street was not designed for this traffic. And too many do just roll or not even stop at the stop signs. I live on Mozart and see the shortcut used all the time. Additionally the dual stop sign at Wilson/Mozart and Wilson/Manor is ignored or not used by many.

— On the neighbor message Wilson Ave Bridge Closure
10:35 a.m.

Mike, suggest using for any search for properties, both to purchase or rent. Very interactive.

— On the neighbor message Is Brighton Park a decent area?
10:10 p.m.

EB Becca,
I really appreciate you coming in and calming and offering peace pipes, but I think you may have got this one wrong on this thread. Pam simply and admittedly is a first time poster who needed to get her 'big girl pants on'. I didn't find one post that questioned her integrity, moral compass or character. Some may have questioned her reasoning but we all question reasoning on this board, which is why we respond. I do agree that in general we all need to reread and look at what we are writing before hitting "post comment".
I try to use common sense and common courtesy and we see posters who send the 'yo momma' comments or some who can't quite get the english language down pat but I sometimes find these humorous...
Enjoy, life is far too short...

— On the neighbor message moving question
10:02 a.m.

Sorry Pam, who is now inactive user, but you have to expect that posting a personal issue on a public board will get answers that you may not like. Take it with a grain of salt as some posters don't intentionally mean to disparage or belittle your problem, it's just that sometimes things you read or write come across a bit differently than they would in F2F conversation. Best of luck...if you see this.

— On the neighbor message moving question
9:19 a.m.

That's a very valid point but now we're sliding into another issue altogether Bob.

5:33 p.m.

I neglected to also add that Greg may not be correct. If the car has a valid license plate of course you can park anywhere. But if the registered owner is a resident of Chicago, this means the registration of the vehicle and your driver's license say you live at 1234 Lincoln Ave and your car is parked there, you better have a city sticker that matches this info. So technically you don't have to have a city sticker to park on the street - if you're not a Chicago resident.

1:55 p.m.

Joe, the ordinance states over 7 days AND is apparently deserted. Now for legal eagles what is the definition of apparently deserted?

But Melanie and Anne hit the nail right on the head, it all depends on your neighbors. We are all very proprietary when it comes to what is in front of our homes. So if you've parked a car "dead relatives, friend on vacation, etc..." and you have not parked it in front of your house but left in front of your neighbor's house, for info purposes share knowledge and simply knock on your neighbor's door and let them know what is going on.

Also, although our streets are not our property, i.e., no one should put chairs, stools, old lawn furniture to capture their spot, it would seem appropriate to be considerate of the space in front of your house and try to park there when space is made available. I am sure if a strange car has been parked in front of our homes for more than a week, we too would be concerned. However, I would think none of this happens in the high rise apartments and condo areas of Chicago. I bet you can park a car there for months on end so long as the street cleaning schedule coincides.

1:51 p.m.

Hey Bob, that is nice of you to move the furniture or throw it away, but before you do that maybe you get the urge to be a good neighbor and shovel the spot on both sides of the furniture. We typically get together on my block and shovel or snow blow the three car parking area in front of your own home. All it takes is for one guy to start and pretty soon more neighbors come out and get involved. You will never see furniture or DIBS on our street...just saying.

— On the neighbor message Side Streets: The Forgotten
11:26 a.m.

Chicago Shovels is reached by calling 311. The dispatcher will match up closest person to resident who is on Snow Call. I am a volunteer and if you call and volunteer sees that your sidewalk is clear you will see the volunteer in front of your home, simply ask to clear your car. Or if you need both done simply ask, that is how it works. Ask nice and you'd be surprised and amazed at how people respond. And although I love Bourbon and Cigars none are needed...

11:20 a.m.

Ask Manager to come upstairs to your unit to hear for themselves and ask that he maintain a shared existence. Or you can invite 50 friends to a dance party up in your unit and then have ceiling plaster and paint chips fall into his kitchen while dancing to his music...

— On the neighbor message moving question
11:09 a.m.

Great, thanks skalann. I was directing my question to alice who posted at 8:30am this morning. Hopefully she is not waiting for a multitude of responses on EB before deciding to call PD.

— On the neighbor message shots
11:03 a.m.

As long as license tags and city sticker are valid and match the vehicle, you can park there indefinitely. However, during street cleaning season, Apr 1 - Dec 1 you will get a ticket. If you are on a snow route that allows overnight parking and it snows more than 2", ticket and tow are coming. Numerous tickets unpaid will get a boot. Unpaid boot may warrant a tow...

11 a.m.

Great debate of privacy v out in public. I simply feel that if you are doing nothing wrong and there are cameras in place watching you doing nothing wrong, does it really matter? It's proven in the UK (London specifically) that cameras have reduced crime. Here is a snipet I pasted:
A more recent analysis by Northeastern University and the University of Cambridge, "Public Area CCTV and Crime Prevention: An Updated Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis," examined 44 different studies that collectively surveyed areas from the United Kingdom to U.S. cities such as Cincinnati and New York. The analysis found that: 1) Surveillance systems were most effective in parking lots, where their use resulted in a 51% decrease in crime; 2) Public transportation areas saw a 23% decrease in crimes; 3) Systems in public settings were the least effective, with a 7% decrease in crimes overall.
Sure it's only numbers and percentages but sometimes numbers don't lie. If you have nothing to hide don't worry about it.

— On the neighbor message Speed Limit Cameras on Foster
10:56 a.m.

Did you call 911?

— On the neighbor message shots
10:50 a.m.

NP. I am not inferring nor asking you not post. Post away, but before you do or if you think posting first to see if others heard shots...just call 911. And attend a CAPS meeting, get involved if you are not already. Thanks.

— On the neighbor message Gun Shots in Ravenswood?
11:44 a.m.

J Papara, please do not post on Everyblock a question of if you or others are hearing gunshots or fireworks first, then look for responses and this thread before calling 911. What are you thinking? Call 911 immediately if you hear or see anything suspicious, unsafe, dangerous, out of the ordinary...let our PD determine if indeed it was only fireworks (which in Chicago is illegal) or gunshots. Do you realize that all 911 calls are captured so each beat period report can be assimilated and the next period's beat schedule set up? Also, if one person calls it is difficult for dispatcher to distribute information to PD but if five people call they can now narrow down an area much quicker. The PD will add or retool beat patrols based on these reports so that any new 'hotspots' can be addressed. Go to your next CAPS meeting. This is what they expect from us. The folks who call and clean up their local hotspot continue to push the gang activity out of their neighborhood and help in getting these gun toting idiots off of our streets.
Distinguishing gun shots v fireworks is not easy and did you realize that the new phase of POD (Police Observation Devices - aka the old Blue Light Cameras) can detect gunfire and distinguish it from fireworks? Please don't jump on your PC when hearing what you think are shots fired. Pick up your phone instead...thanks.

— On the neighbor message Gun Shots in Ravenswood?
11:13 a.m.

Melinda, I did not clear any portion of sidewalks north of Wilson. This was done by another neighbor. I would accept the thanks but I am not the guy (this time). Last year when we had the 20" in Feb I did blaze a path with my ancient snow blower from Mozart/Wilson all the way up Manor to the L with a side cut thru Manor park so my daughter could go to LBP dance studio. But that was last year.

— On the neighbor message Ravenswood Manor Sidewalk Cleaner
10:43 p.m.

Shelly, the lot in question is a 24 hour pay lot. You have to pay any time you are parked there. What part of this is not clear?

10:37 p.m.

Of course no police officer is going to catch it. Not unless the vehicle is parked illegally and gets a ticket. Or if the car is stopped for say an illegal right turn on red, or maybe speeding, or maybe rolling thru a stop sign, but no, other than that no police officer will be checking it. No answer from initial question to poster...was it purchased from private owner and did the car have license plate tags? Sticker has the vehicle plate number on it. It's $57 for new sticker until end of March and $20 for transfer if you bring the old one in to the clerk office.

— On the neighbor message City sticker on a used car?
10:32 p.m.

Boots are only applied to vehicles who get issued parking tickets, not for moving violations. If a car is stopped for a moving violation and there are more than three outstanding tickets, moving or parking, the car is impounded. This means it is towed and not booted.

If you drive anyone's car that is not yours and you are stopped for any moving violation (speeding, red light, illegal right turn on red) it is not the car that gets the ticket. The driver produces his license and the ticket is issued to the driver of the car. The driver must produce proof of insurance and vehicle registration and if you have borrowed the car and can't produce these the car may be impounded if the owner can not be contacted to claim the vehicle. If the borrowed vehicle that you are driving has outstanding unpaid tickets it will be impounded.

— On the neighbor message Speed Limit Cameras on Foster
10:16 p.m.

To make sure you understand, the question should never be 'how often should we call police?' but simply assess the situation and make a decision. Does it look suspicious, threatening, unsafe, 911. Don't ever hesitate as if it does turn out to be nothing you don't lose anything. But if something does happen and you didn't act you know how difficult that could be within your own psyche. Also, keep in mind that every 911 call is captured with time/date/area location and reports are submitted to the local precinct. These reports are used to schedule the next periods beat shifts. This rotation allows the PD to address 'hotspots' as they are needed. Do not sit on your hands, please. Thanks.

4:57 p.m.

The smoking ban applies to all public buildings and places of employment and does include private clubs. Only private residences and businesses that have 80% or more of income from tobacco sales (cigar shops and hookah clubs) are not under that umbrella. I do wish for an open air cigar bar every now and then.

— On the neighbor message The Bourbon Cafe
4:46 p.m.

Dan you stated the obvious. All pedestrians have the right of way whether it be granted by car, truck, bus, bike or roller blader. Don't understand what your issue is. I don't believe any of the Horner Park paths have markings so bike use is shared and not exclusive. And you are correct there are a few speed racers who don't ride safely. So long as we all use a bit of common sense and common courtesy it's all good.

— On the neighbor message Horner Park - off leash dogs gone crazy
4:19 p.m.

I would not want any payment or gift and thanks for the thoughts. What everyone should do though is on days when only an inch or two fall, get out your shovel and take care of your neighbors on both sides. You'd be surprised how the next time it snows it will be reciprocated. Also, if you really want to get adventurous clean off the three car area in front of your house. On our block we do this and we never see furniture...that is neighborly.

— On the neighbor message Ravenswood Manor Sidewalk Cleaner
2:43 p.m.

Every Chicago park shares the path with bikers, runners, walkers with or sans pooches. The over 12 ordinance applies to city sidewalks as Jim states in regard to bike riders. If you are over 12 you need to be on the street and follow all traffic laws as per ordinance.The same goes for dogs on a leash at all times except in designated areas. No gray area. But am I completely supportive of giving your dog a good run without leash out in the open. However, once that is complete, hook 'em back up before crossing into the main public areas. Wasn't that easy?

— On the neighbor message Horner Park - off leash dogs gone crazy
2:34 p.m.

Here is fee schedule. Just search and you will find.

— On the neighbor message City sticker on a used car?
2:21 p.m.

...hit post too soon. Also, it is not $120. For a transfer it is only $20 (twenty bucks).

— On the neighbor message City sticker on a used car?
2:19 p.m.

Couple of questions. Did you buy the car from private owner? Are the license plate tags still on vehicle?
Each city sticker has the license plate information on the sticker. So if you swapped the plates from your old car to this one then the sticker will not match the vehicle. Sh.R posted the information. If you take the chance fine, your call, but keep in mind if you get a parking ticket, the sticker and plates need to match the vehicle, if outstanding tickets are on the old plate that you may not even be aware of not only could you be booted but also towed. Then you got some esplainin' to do (as Ricky says) The same happens in the case you get stopped for any moving violation. It could conceivably cause you red tape pain and financial hits.

— On the neighbor message City sticker on a used car?
2:18 p.m.

Apparently some are not reading past posts. The lot that ShR's GF parked in (with the expired pay ticket from another lot still on the dash) is a 24 hour pay lot and NOT one that only takes or needs money until 9pm. Regardless of what she had on the dash other than a valid time stamped ticket to park there, she had no proof of paying for the spot and this is why she got the ticket. 24 hour pay lot. Period.
So as I previously said go ahead and make an attempt to prove to the judge that this was an error or I was only in the store for 10 minutes or my dog ate the ticket...unless the judge is in a very good mood, you will not only have to pay the fine your ticket states but most likely an additional fee for going in there in the first place with not one leg to stand on.

2:09 p.m.

One guy is Kurt who lives near Mozart and Wilson. There is also another guy who does the Park area along Manor and Francisco. I use my snow blower and try to beat Kurt to the punch and take care of snow on Mozart to Wilson and back down Manor and open up the alley. I don't accept any money and Kurt won't either. All of us who do this simply enjoy the smiles and thanks we get. Thanks.

— On the neighbor message Ravenswood Manor Sidewalk Cleaner
10:35 a.m.

Mariann, Chicago's PD has had to go thru some major cuts of which reduced the two person squad cars down to one decades ago. 'We have enough police on hand"? Listen and read the news. There was a hiring freeze that only now is slowly being lifted. We don't have enough PD to satisfy every call or incident. Make an observation and then act. If two suspicious characters are sitting in a car, call 911.

"Get a hotel room", these were kids probably or hopefully at least 18 and quite possibly not. When young boys have cars that is their hotel room, restaurant, office whether you agree with it or not. Better you just yell out your window saying you're videotaping this and it's going up to YouTube in an hour...They'll pull up their pants and hit the road.

In so far as whether it is consensual or not, you can pretty much tell if a struggle is going on or if you hear screams or fighting. Again, make a decision. If in question call 911. And when they're done maybe bring them a cigarette and a cocktail...

8:58 a.m.

Didn't get a lot of power to PC's.

— On the neighbor message Power outage 4400 block of Maplewood.
10:45 p.m.

When we were kids we played in the street. All of our games were held curb to curb. WIth a half dozen kids or so in the street ALL cars can see us and when they entered our play field they would slow down, we'd move to the side, they'd continue and some would tell us to get out of the street but no one got hit, hurt or run over. We played everything from street hockey, kick the can, whiffle ball...

— On the neighbor message stop signs and speed humps
10:39 p.m.

MikeL that would not have done the trick. Well, the trick would already have been done since original MontroseMan said it was all done in 7 minutes. But who's counting? Maybe if you used the word "man with concealed weapon" response may have been better or should I say quicker?

10:27 p.m.

Following the speed limit is impossible?? Maybe you shouldn't get behind the wheel. I don't think the intent here is to worry about being 1 or 2 or even 5 mph over any posted limit. It's about common sense, common courtesy and finally percentages. Some have posted that going over 10 mph is not an issue. Well sure, if you're going 60 mph then 70 is not a stretch, but if the posted limit is 20 mph for example in a school zone you're telling me that going 30 is just as safe. I don't buy it and if you subscribe to it your thinking is a bit flawed. Going 40 in a 30 on Foster is quite a bit different than going 40 in a posted 30 in a non-residential area, less chance of a kid or dog jumping out in front of you. It is a sickening feeling hitting flesh with your vehicle even when you think you're in control, trust me.

— On the neighbor message Speed Limit Cameras on Foster
8:34 p.m.

The lot in question is also 24 hours. But I still think you should fight it and then share with us the thread, "Funny Stuff Judges Say".

5:05 p.m.

my bad...but there is also a 7-Eleven at the Western Ave Brown Line stop which services those parking lots on Leland. Completely missed "on Lawrence". My guess though that if it's run by same group it may also be 24hr. Check it and get back to us.

4:21 p.m.

Both lots on either side of Leland that are at Western and Lincoln are 24 hr pay lots. In both lots after 9pm it is a reduced rate of $1.50 for every 2 hours and is considered overnight parking until 8am. Looks like a fine will need to be paid, pay attention to the meter and the hours of operation and length limits of what each dollar will get for you. If only you would have checked all of this out prior to simply throwing out a baitless hook...but then you would not have seen the sharks. Good luck.

4:04 p.m.

sh.R, you probably should have received all of the facts first. Which lot she was in, what is the posted time for payment to use lot (is it 24 hrs or from 9a-9p) before posting on a thread. Because it's obvious that based on your post, your girlfriend kept an outdated sticker on the dash and parked in a lot after the expiration time on ticket. Also, you say about 8:55 which tells me could it have been 8:45p or even 8:30p? Sounds like she's trouble...dump her now. LOL

I find it funny what 'gocubs' chimed in with "If the ticket was issued at 9:02 and the meter parking ends at 9pm, then the judge will throw out the ticket. (I've had this happen to me before.) They won't ask what time you parked there because it is irrelevant"...The meter person goes into the lot and counts or marks the cars. It may take 20 min to write out 10 tickets but they also take a picture as well. You'll see that quite possibly online if this was issued a few days ago. CHeck here.

1:49 p.m.

Sandy, why would anyone with an 18 yo car have an alarm on it? It is a 1994 Saturn, was most likely a joy ride or quite possibly old parts since the Auto Stores don't carry the retired old parts.

— On the neighbor message My car was stolen overnight
12:22 p.m.

Mr Lucas is right on. Your ticket was clearly expired and on the dash. Guilty as charged, pay the ticket. Also, was this in the lot in Lincoln Square because this does not have a 9pm limit. You pay 24 hrs in that lot, it is not free after 9pm like the streets are. Be aware.

12:18 p.m.

Chris, maybe the kids who were having carnal knowledge in a previous post thread needed to use it...seriously though, hopefully what goes around comes around. Good luck.

— On the neighbor message My car was stolen overnight
10:54 p.m.

In last 7 days the log shows 48 crimes...what street intersection is nearest your condo you like? It has seen better days but I think definitely on upswing but I grew up there, went to school there and then left for better areas. Some areas of Chicago are considered low, med and high gang activity areas, this would be a lower end of high IMHO.

— On the neighbor message Is Brighton Park a decent area?
10:50 p.m.

I will be the first to admit I had an out of pants experience in a car when I was 18. Come on folks, they were making love not war. Sure bad choice and lack of class to be in an alley but it sure beats the same car with four kids tagging your garage or worse. And once many years ago I too had the 'protect and serve' come a-knockin on my steamed up window. Embarrassing yes, humiliating yes...but they had the common sense to just tell us to get our clothes on and get the heck out of there. Today, it may have been a different story and to AParkRes I would venture to assume it was very consensual only thinking that what you may have thought that this was some type of abduction and rape. Perfect example of picking your battles.

8:25 p.m.

Seven minutes?! Some may be disappointed and others extremely grateful. Should have an air horn and yelled out 'go get a room".

6:30 p.m.

new crime watch camera station!

— On the neighbor message found loitering in AP alley...
11:30 p.m.

You have to keep in mind the different sirens and associated noises. Fire Trucks are what you will hear 9 times out of 10. Loud air horns as they navigate thru intersections and the siren itself is a slower actuating one than the quicker burst and blurp the poiice use. Ah, to be a resident Chicagoan.
Reminds me of "My Cousin Vinnie" when Pesci was forced to sleep in out in the woods and it was quiet except for roosters in the morning. He ended up sleeping in a jail cell with loud noises and slept like a baby.

11:20 p.m.

One has to assume you are completely against cable, satellite or internet feed...

4:29 p.m.

Whatever you do, if you are senior or elderly, never bring your purse or wallet and start digging for money right at your front door. If two kids come ringing your doorbell for money be safe first. Bring your phone out there and get the number of the office or their boss, ask them for the names of the kids that deliver and then ask the kids' their names. If nothing matches nothing lost, close door and be done...but if they indeed are kids coming to collect give them a tip. How many times do we see predators on the elderly who trust too easily. Sorry if this seems overly cautious but my elderly mother had her purse taken off her shoulder from in front of her home, she didn't let go and was dragged a few feet until the strap broke free. They got away with her purse, ID's, credit cards...common sense first.

— On the neighbor message Northwest Side Press Delivery Charge?
10:25 a.m.

Or they are simply stealing an indiscreet vehicle to use in another crime. Vehicles usually are stolen for three things: 1)Parts/High End Resale 2)Simple joyride/initiation to gang/group 3)For use in a future crime so it's untraceable to suspects.

10:13 a.m.

Folks, don't know if you say some other postings but at the CAPS meetings the officers always ask the citizens to call 911 for all suspicious, out of ordinary, strange, threatening or otherwise non safe condition. Always. Your calls get tracked and documented so that the next period's beat assignments can be adjusted and cover the area(s) that are hot spots. Sitting at home thinking someone will surely call is not the way to do it. Act up even if you're thinking of leaving the area. Gentrification and continued involvement is a guaranteed success.

10:15 a.m.

Of course they are for revenue but at the same time how can anyone claim they don't promote safety?? In our times of economic cuts no municipalilty can afford to pay a cop to sit with a radar gun. Obey the limit, drive safe, put your cell phone down, use your turn signals, stop for peds in crosswalks and you don't have to worry about tickets or complain. Just think of how we can all get along vehicularly if we simply apply common sense and common courtesy.

— On the neighbor message Speed Limit Cameras on Foster
8:48 a.m.

It sounds like he is already a student at GTHS so I would suggest you don't listen (or take with a grain of salt) musings and replies you may get on a public board, including mine. Granted, most everyone here is civil, truthful, insightful and knowledgeable. However, I would first look at your son. Hopefully he has NO gang affiliation or association. Athletes can and do participate in such stuff. I would think he is not so then I would look at the great parent association they have at Gordon. Lots of legacy there. Tap into that knowledge. Also, you didn't mention if you are buying property or renting. Big difference if you're investing or simply habitating for a short duration while he's in school. The parent association may have a rental board of units available. Talk to his coaches and team captains, you sound serious about your question and want to look after your kid. 5:30am is probably the safest time of day in most areas around your location, as 98% of gangbangers, punks, general idiots, et al, are sleeping or passed out. It's the time after dark that some areas have been hotter than others as you can see by these posts and notices. Best of luck.

— On the neighbor message Should I move in?
5:02 p.m.

Now the plot thickens. So not only do you have your city supplied bins but you now have three more?? Each city supplied bin has a white painted serial number on them. Supply that number to Streets and San and explain what happened. Copy Ald with an email. S&S will know who the bins were initially supplied to and they can go from there.

— On the neighbor message trash dumping/construction debris
1:09 p.m.

Also, you don't need to confront, just tell them that it is illegal to dump their construction debris into your bin. This usually happens from non-licensed contractors who skirt the law and permit process to evade paying for a dumpster.

— On the neighbor message trash dumping/construction debris
12:53 p.m.

If it is that heavy most likely it is work being done next door to you or within three doors both on your side or across the alley. I don't think you need to be a CSI type to find out a dust trail to one of the backyard gates. Are the bins actually yours or did they switch them out? Streets and San usually have a white painted or chalked address on the bins that should match up with your address. Either way find the supervisor or project manager and tell them that they need to empty your bin or you will call the City and then inspectors will come out and check permits, etc. This should get them moving right away. Excessive dumping of construction materials can net you a fine, it's an ordinance.

— On the neighbor message trash dumping/construction debris
12:51 p.m.

Please visit the Crimes section up at the top and search the different listings. This is not new activity at all. How can you say the police must act now? They act when called upon otherwise if we had a cop posted on every street corner no one would be able to afford the taxes.

— On the neighbor message Gun Shots at 6am NYE?
6 p.m.

Was the CTA doing some work near station? Could it have been a compressor or generator exhaust? They may have been painting and they use compressors and not brushes especially in colder weather.

— On the neighbor message Targeted with spray paint into open window.
1:55 p.m.

Of course I am right. Just don't ask my wife to agree...I have tried to repeat what the CAPS meeting stresses. CALL 911 if suspicious activity, out of norm circumstances, suspected drug deals, gang activity, gunshots (or fireworks as they are illegal in Chicago as well). 911 calls get logged and each month the reports go to the districts and the beat patrol schedule is set up. This is to be sure it covers a new 'hot spot' that may have propped up because punks had to move because other concerned neighbors called and shagged them away. We keep painting them into a corner and those who don't get arrested will have to figure out a new place to hang out.

— On the neighbor message Gun Shots at 6am NYE?
1:47 p.m.

Oh it's just some kids blowing off steam. The party must have run late and they were all out of fireworks. Just a few bullets flying around.

You don't have to know exactly where the shots are coming from. Call 911, the PD will know your address and canvass to see if others call (so they can triangulate location) or maybe they will see a muzzle flash. I am very, very disappointed in hearing and seeing notes from a few saying "well, I wasn't sure what I heard, or not quite sure where it was." Get these punks off the street because when one stray bullet hits one of your kids, parents, relatives, neighbors or even your pet...Come one now.

— On the neighbor message Gun Shots at 6am NYE?
12:37 p.m.

Tim, one does not need a police scanner. The online version works fairly well. This may open up opportunities for more folks to help out.

11:52 a.m.

Everything non-emergency goes to 311. They will route to correct department upon hearing what it is you're calling about. They will also route to 911 if deemed necessary in the dispatcher's opinion.

— On the neighbor message Deceased Cat
12:49 p.m.

Joan I am not quite sure what you mean or where you are going. I never said one needs to know multiple languages. I was simply trying to explain that in Europe the road signs are graphic in nature and not completely dependent on word signs, being as such not everyone would understand them. Maybe I wasn't very clear but I hope this clears it up.

And I agree Martina, English is not our 'official' language but it is our adopted one. I lived in Korea for two years and learned the language as best I could while there. I also am first generation American as my parents came here from Lithuania. I can speak that as well but they learned English after arriving here post WWII. It's the laziness and short sighted-ness of many of our immigrants (both European and Latin) who won't make an extra effort to assimilate in their new homeland, whether they entered legally or not, is what bothers me. I ask you though where do you get the majority rule info from? You may want to check facts first as non-Hispanic white population is still close to 70% based on 2010 census info that is available. I think though we may have to teach our kids Chinese to compete in business in the next 20 years or so.

— On the neighbor message Neighborhood development and Immigration
3:30 p.m.

Keep in mind that in European countries they use symbols and not depend completely on Word Signs for traffic control and direction. We use such symbols on our interstates only. We are simply too large a country with too many miles of roads to switch everything. Additionally, if you are here in this country make an attempt to learn the language. You would do the same if you relocated to France, Germany or Italy, wouldn't you?

— On the neighbor message Neighborhood development and Immigration
2:20 p.m.

For ID Theft start here You will also need to visit the local SSA office to make a claim to start a fraud alert and to verify your earnings correctly. Otherwise the IRS may audit you once you file because your W2 won't match what has been earned if someone else has been using your card for employment. It's how I first found out since I had never worked at a Taco Bell, Pizza Hut and a Nursing Home.
Also, use any one of the three main credit check bureaus and contact them to request a 'fraud alert'
The Federal Trade Commission is also needed and they will provide you with a reference number with which you need to follow up with your police report.
I still fully expect an IRS audit and I will be attending the trial for this person to be sure that I have some closure.

— On the neighbor message Neighborhood development and Immigration
1:09 p.m.

The blue light cameras do deter but only after a few of these punks get caught directly due to the camera. The cameras can easily identify makes and models of vehicles they use especially in the brave drive bys these guys utilize. It is also sufficient to capture facial recognition where new software technology could actually identify suspects. Does it lower property values? Not anymore than the present mortgage bank fraud has done. Also, these cameras do get removed after the area is deemed cleaned up. Thumbs up in my opinion. Lights, camera, action.

— On the neighbor message 5am drive-by, 5 gunshots and 1 dead
8:57 a.m.

It is a good bet that the woman who drove off with her plate still on the ground who doesn't speak English probably doesn't have a valid driver's license and insurance. She may also be in possession of a stolen Social Security Number she is using for employment. How do I know? My SSN was sold to another women in NW Illinois, this was discovered when I had to file for UE benefits, she had been using my SSN for almost 6 years, never applied for credit so it was under the radar. I had to submit affidavits to SSA, IRS, State of IL and last month she was arrested and charged with two counts of felony ID fraud and has been detained by INS because she entered our country illegally. She had been working at fast food restaurants but then she got a job as a maid at a nursing home. All nursing homes are licensed by the state ILL Dept of Health. My SSN was listed as a certified employee of the IDPH. I had to do a lot of digging and investigating on my own but with the help of two NW Illinois Police Departments we are moving in the right direction with this event. In Illinois alone there are over 40,000 cases like this.

— On the neighbor message Neighborhood development and Immigration
8:39 a.m.

Robert you at least acknowledge that you do abide by leash laws which is what this discussion was centered on. But you're thinking in my opinion is a bit flawed. Sue the owner? Our court system is overwhelmed as it is. The big issue is entitlement as shown by Jim (the Tool) and the fact that some of these 'entitled' folks obviously don't have children of their own. Because if they did they would think of the traumatic experience in a scenario where an unleashed loose dog goes chasing after a squirrel, cat, another dog across the street and gets hit by a car. Great job!

— On the neighbor message Sheepdog that is always off leash
8:17 a.m.

Did you know that the PD logs all calls both for 311 and 911? A call on 311 when warranted by dispatch gets forwarded to 911. Police determine beats and watch schedules based on these 911 calls. So if your area has had shots fired/gangbangers killed/SWAT team called all in the last 10 days and what you're saying is you are not sure if an act or observation is suspicious you just answered your own question. Sure, maybe two guys in hoodies in a car are talking about their homework due tomorrow, or waiting for a friend who hasn't come out yet or maybe they're using that car as their office for other activities. If it's a car you always see probably no issue, but as you yourself mentioned there is a lot of traffic going in and out of the building and it's always different cars/characters... If it's something that you believe is wrong, is strange goings on for that time of day and you don't call...then don't complain that you want more police presence or you want to know what the alderman is doing about this. The police have a dispatch call code for suspicious person, vehicle, public intoxication. They will do a drive by and if they consider it suspicious they will act. Again, if the punks see that they can do their illegal activity in the open it will continue. Also as a suggestion, if police activity is going on the question may not necessarily be "What's going on?" the better question might be "Should I look out for something or call 911 if I see something specific when this is over?" You may get a better response.

— On the neighbor message Montrose & St Louis this A.M.
11:51 a.m.

Frit. Obviously the poster is afraid of a large dog. Can you not be understanding of this? Many kids get spooked because as a child a dog may have bit them. Or they may have seen a dog attack someone else. Be respectful of this and the fact that in Chicago all dogs regardless of a friendly pooch or a vicious attack dog with a muzzle must be leashed at all times when out in public. No gray area here. And California misses you.

— On the neighbor message Sheepdog that is always off leash
6:16 p.m.

Folks hopefully this tells you that if you do see something suspicious in or around your building call 911. Let the cops sort it out. Luckily a disgruntled drug buyer didn't pick a wrong apartment (yours) to exact any theft or violence. I am pretty sure the leases you sign specifically state illegal activities are cause for eviction. Get this scum out of your building.

— On the neighbor message Montrose & St Louis this A.M.
4:42 p.m.

By not calling 911 when you see this you could be jeopardizing the safety of infants. Here is a scenario I was witness to. An obstinate dog owner in my old neighborhood (Jefferson Park) used to take his dog to the park unteathered. This dog actually used the kids sandbox in the past to urinate based on what a witness told me. I confronted the guy and asked him to get his dog on a leash or stay in your own yard. He told me to mind my own business. While I was calling 911 a squirrel became the dog's target. However, this dog ran right over a stroller to get to the squirrel. Luckily the infant was on the swing with his mother. The police came, detained the guy, animal control came because the policeman felt threatened and the dog had no tags. The dog was taken away, the guy arrested and also charged with resisting arrest. The cop told me that an unteathered dog can be shot if the public or police are threatened. They don't do that usually because as he explained, "Too much paperwork". However, entitlement taken care of.

— On the neighbor message Sheepdog that is always off leash
4:22 p.m.

Mike, are you buying or renting? As you may be aware, Pulaski is the border between AP and Mayfair/North Mayfair. Suggest you so a couple of things: 1-drive by the area at different times of the evening to see how comfortable you feel. 2-sounds like you are moving soon, sometimes the neighborhood could take on a different feel when there is snow on the ground compared with 90 deg heat/humidity and who is out at the time. 3-review the 'crimes' tab here on this site to see what is going on recently and in past history. You also have the Admiral Theatre right there as well which I believe is open until 4am daily.

— On the neighbor message Albany Park safety
6:52 a.m.

Suggest simply contacting Roman's and get three recent clients for references. If they can't or won't provide then don't hire them. It is what you should do with all contractors. References and word of mouth is what gets repeat business.

— On the neighbor message Tuckpointing Bids
5:45 p.m.

The EPP (easy permit process) will require you to take photographs of your existing deck. Porches and Decks are in same category due to the tragic collapses from years past. You can get a permit in one day as Chris mentioned. Check this link for complete details. Go to page 96 and if your existing deck is one level and under 6' high you will have no issues so long as you are replacing it.

— On the neighbor message Permit Process for Back Deck
11:24 a.m.

Greg, Cabrini Green teardown has been ongoing for the last ten years. The local gangbangers are hispanic and not past residents from the Green. Can't do much with parents because for the most part it's single parent households and there's a good chance that the father or uncle is a gangbanger as well. Trib article states the victims were known members of a gang and we can bet that there will be retaliation. We as a community need to be vigilant in that if you hear or see anything dial 911 immediately. Police are assigned to areas based on 911 call volume so if you don't call don't complain about lack of police presence. Don't be that person that thinks "Oh, I am sure someone else called". I am so relieved no innocent people were hurt but all innocent people are being affected.

— On the neighbor message Shooting at Brasa Roja, Montrose and Troy
10:57 a.m.

To call it art is a bit of a stretch. It is vandalism at best. If I commissioned an artist to put up a display on my garage door yes, that may be art (as belongs to the beholder) but if a punk spray paints a few letters or symbols on that same door...not public art but criminal damage to property.

— On the neighbor message Moving to Rogers Park
10:22 a.m.

How many units in your mother's building? Does she check out the renters thoroughly? It is quite possible that there may be a gang banger living in the unit and his gang or himself tagged the building. Tagging is all about identifying turf. Call 311 immediately and every day until it is removed. Call Alderman's office every day until removed. You have to be diligent and on top of it.

— On the neighbor message Graffiti Gang Signs
1:06 p.m.

Check the crime log. Gangs are abundant and roam unpeeded in many areas of RP.

— On the neighbor message Moving to Rogers Park
1:02 p.m.