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Cody, I started to do your survey and stopped because I had a question. When you say streets without bike lanes, do you mean side streets, or busy streets? I feel like there should be a distinction because while many riders will take a side street to avoid traffic, many of us would never try to bike on Michigan or State.

— On the neighbor message Bike Lane Survey - School Project
6:35 p.m.

If they increased the limit to 1 hour... that would be nice. It would allow plenty of time for leisure.

— On the neighbor message Bike Lane Survey - School Project
6:32 p.m.

First, I would check to see if the building is in foreclosure. Landlords tend to get bad when they are. Here's a link for the Cook County docket search, look under chancery.

Then contact the Lawyers Committee for Better Housing

3:37 p.m.

In order to take safer routes, I often stop half way for a check-in, check-out. It would be better if I didn't have to, but for safer routes it's worth the hassle.

— On the neighbor message Bike Lane Survey - School Project
3:29 p.m.

That is the location he told me about recently too. It would not be Antique Tacos (which is excellent) but another concept from the same owners. Sounds like it could be a great addition to Morgan street.

— On the neighbor message New Eats!!
7:09 p.m.

Trooper's a great dog! My Morty (19 pounds of pug) plays with him whenever we walk by.

10:15 p.m.

I don't know that the dog's owner will ever see this, but thanks for the feedback. I was just talking to this young lady at the store, she had a sign, I said, I'll post this for you.

— On the neighbor message Lost dog
2:16 p.m.

It's going to be one crazy looking guy, riding his bike in circles, hoping his friends show up.

— On the neighbor message Possible riot/Canaryville/Bridgeport
7:02 p.m.

If you drive or have guests that do, you need to know about parking. During Sox games you may need a parking permit for yourself and guests. You can get these at the alderman's office. If you live on a block with zoned parking, those permits come from the city clerk's office.

As for fun, I highly recommend checking out third Fridays, when all the art studios are open. Honestly, this community has so many events and people are generally so welcoming that it is easy to get too-busy!

— On the neighbor message Hi neighbors!
11 a.m.

Yes! This Saturday!

Thanks to Jackalope for providing coffee, and Ace Bakery for providing sweets again this year.

— On the neighbor message Clean and Green!
12:22 p.m.

I am still holding out hope for a Trader Joe's. Not just because I like to buy their inexpensive wine and pasta, but because people go out of their way to shop there. Of course, an Aldi, or independent grocery or anyone who sells bananas would fill the void for me. Save A Lot was a convenient place to pick up bananas on my way home at least once a week.

8:55 p.m.

When I had Clear, I loved it...when I moved to Bridgeport it did not work. Hours on the phone trying to figure out why, they finally decided that I was "too close" to the tower and I had to go back to AT&T. If you can get Clear where you live, I highly recommend it.

— On the neighbor message Internet Service Providers
2:04 p.m.

We do get some kids from the elementary schools, and we make an effort to invite them every year. This year we already have kids from two local grammar schools, a college and the Girl Scouts signed up!

— On the neighborhood event 4th Annual Bridgeport Clean and Green
2:52 p.m.

It's not about the amount for me. It's about what we (the community) get out of that money. And in the argument above, it's really about why someone should not vote for any of the candidates, because that makes no sense at all to me.

11:20 a.m.

I appreciate the compliment, but as I am much closer to 40 than 30, I would not necessarily call myself young. Of course then you call me brainless and that was pretty rude.

Anyway, I like paying taxes. I like having streets, parks, schools (I don't have kids but value education). I like city events and services. But what I like most is representation. One of the three candidates is going to be our next alderman and I will certainly not give up my vote.

7:36 a.m.

If we don't vote for one of the three who are running, for whom do you propose we vote? I mean, someone is going to win this election and get a shiny new job representing us. I would like some say in that.

6:59 a.m.

Fact: Maureen Sullivan is not in this race because of any political ambition. She is not in the race to pad her resume or to make deals for rich friends. This is not a stepping stone for Maureen... it's an obligation and one that she has taken on with strength and humility. She is in it because her friends and neighbors, people like me, asked her to run. We wanted someone to represent ALL of the community, and Maureen is willing and able to do just that.

— On the neighbor message JUST THE FACTS
6:35 a.m.

Fact: Maureen Sullivan is the only candidate in this race who wants you to understand TIFs and has worked with The Civic Lab to educate our neighbors on these mysterious slush-funds.

— On the neighbor message JUST THE FACTS
10:15 p.m.

Fact: Maureen Sullivan has the best campaign videos!

— On the neighbor message JUST THE FACTS
10:11 p.m.

When the Tribune asked the candidates about the location of the Lucas Museum, Maureen is the only one who suggested an alternate location. Apparently her opponents, one who loves the lakefront location and the other who won't comment because of a conflict of interest (ahem) forgot that the lakefront is "a common to remain forever open, clear and free of any buildings, or other obstruction whatever."

— On the neighbor message JUST THE FACTS
2 p.m.

Besides being endorsed by Chicago Teachers Union, Reclaim Chicago, Grassroots Illinois Action, National Nurses United, The People’s Lobby, Chicago Green Party, Illinois Green Party, and Northside DFA, Maureen has also earned the endorsements of local celebrities including Martin Atkins and Morty Paquin.

— On the neighbor message JUST THE FACTS
1:56 p.m.

While I assume some people do show up at the polls not 100% decided, I can't imagine there are that many, especially in early voting.

Sullivan supporters are still out there, but they are busy knocking on doors and making calls to encourage our neighbors to get out and vote.

10:03 a.m.

I've only been to one forum, the one at First Trinity hosted by Bridgeport Alliance and other organizations. There was bullying in the form of heckling coming from the first row. If you missed it you could not have been paying attention.

7:08 p.m.

It was not a stupid decision JP, it was an obvious one. They have the same corporate sponsors.

3:14 p.m.

Sorry - I said the same article. I thought that the post was for the tribune article -

10:52 p.m.

In the same article he called the Ramova an "albatross". Obviously does not care about history.

10:49 p.m.

Link to the Facebook event page and a sign -

— On the neighbor message Sock Drive
2:07 p.m.

No dig, no dibs!

In this snow, if you dug out your spot, and maybe a few feet in front and behind, I would not judge you.

— On the neighbor message snow storm and parking
11:50 a.m.

The reason I dream of IKEA is that it is destination shopping. People drive from all over to go there... then they hopefully spend time and money in other neighborhood restaurants and retail. Of course, I have no expectations that we would get an IKEA store here because there are already two within a reasonable distance.

If you think that IKEA is expensive, then I have to assume you've not actually shopped at an IKEA. They are pretty reasonable.

10:32 a.m.

He's my dog :) And he is so fabulous that he needs people.

— On the neighbor message Soldier Field leaving stadium lights on
11:09 p.m.

It won't be a Target; there is already one nearby. I hope it's not Walmart. If I'm dreaming, I'm dreaming of IKEA :)

11:09 p.m.

It's all a plot to sell more curtains! :-)

— On the neighbor message Soldier Field leaving stadium lights on
6:34 p.m.

"No business which depends for existence on paying less than living wages to its workers has any right to continue in this country."

President Franklin Delano Roosevelt, 1933

— On the neighbor message 11th Ward WTTW Discussion
12:12 p.m.

emrnibbles - I would gladly pay 50% of my income in taxes if the big corporations were paying the same and the services that I expect from the city were being met. I am sorry you can't take a joke. I thought I was rather clever, but then again I have a deep love of satire.

If you don't know Godwin's Law it states: As an online discussion grows longer, the probability of a comparison involving Nazis or Hitler approaches —​ that is, if an online discussion (regardless of topic or scope) goes on long enough, sooner or later someone will compare someone or something to Hitler or Nazism.

I was merely suggesting to Kevin that perhaps the same can be said of political conversations and comparing another city to Detroit.

— On the neighbor message 11th Ward WTTW Discussion
8:22 a.m.

@kevin - Godwin's second law: the law of Detroit.

— On the neighbor message 11th Ward WTTW Discussion
10:40 p.m.

I wonder if the candidates for 11th ward alderman plan to keep their other business (and academic) interests?

Thompson already declined to comment on location of the Lucas Museum.

Sullivan understands that Grant Park is intended to be "Forever Open, Clear, and Free" and suggested a much better location for the museum.

— On the neighbor message Trib article about aldermanic side job issue
11:30 a.m.

Well, as much as I like to see money invested in our community... this is smelling fishier and fishier.

— On the neighbor message 11th Ward WTTW Discussion
11:25 a.m.

This is the closest I could find to any published information about plans for Morgan, and it says nothing about Halsted or an SSA. Not to say that I doubt it's happening, but it's a tightly guarded (non) secret.

— On the neighbor message 11th Ward WTTW Discussion
8:36 a.m.

No dig, no dibs!

— On the neighbor message Parking
8:13 a.m.

You still have nearly 3 hours to register. Do it! :)

— On the neighbor message Voter Registration
9:17 p.m.

I am aware of the SSA, and it is one of those areas where I don't feel that our current officials are representing the people.

On two separate occasions, once in his office and once at McGuane Park, Alderman Balcer told me that people were using those trash cans too much, one of those occasions he implied that the business asked that they be taken away.

— On the neighbor message 11th Ward WTTW Discussion
10:47 p.m.

Also, Jeanne, it might be easier for you to think that people who disagree with you are just "angry at the world", but honestly I am a rather happy person who simply thinks that our elected officials should be representing all of the people. It is not just my frustration with the current alderman that makes distrustful of the person that he endorsed, but the fact that Thompson has publicly stated views that I disagree with... so why would I vote for him?

On the other hand, Maureen Sullivan has publicly stated views that I do agree with and I can't wait to vote for her.

— On the neighbor message 11th Ward WTTW Discussion
9:55 p.m.

I agree, I appreciate his service. But when Alderman Balcer told me that they took the trash cans off Halsted street because "people were using them too much" while our streets were filling up with litter and dog poop, well, that is when I knew that he was a lousy alderman.

— On the neighbor message 11th Ward WTTW Discussion
9:47 p.m.

Bittersweet? Just sweet! Assuming, of course, that we elect the right woman!

— On the neighbor message 11th Ward WTTW Discussion
7:46 p.m.

It could be that they did not have a person on duty with a valid sanitation certificate.

— On the food inspection Punky's Pizza And Pasta failed inspection
11:59 a.m.

I can't comment; I was out of town. But I am really looking forward to the next forum, tomorrow night!

9:19 p.m.

I wish Kozlar would pull out. That is the only way we beat Thompson. As long as they split the vote Thompson happily (easily) slides in.

And I say Kozlar because he is the less viable candidate (credential wise). No endorsements or real world work history. He'll get eaten alive in city council.

— On the neighbor message 11th Ward WTTW Discussion
11:02 a.m.

WTTW usually posts segments midday the day after they air.

— On the neighbor message 11th Ward WTTW Discussion
9:49 a.m.

I've not seen it yet... out of town and waiting for WTTW to post online. And before anyone "calls me out" yes, I volunteer for Sullivan because I know that she is the best candidate.

Anyway, here is the thing: a few months back Kozlar put up his website and promised all these projects and plans by certain dates. All of those dates have passed and the only plan that has been posted is the stadium (which seems to have no base in reality). All of descriptions of projects on his website have been changed to remove the deadlines. I can't help but think that is how it would go if he were elected. Balls dropping all over the place. Just reading his website I have a lot of problems with many of his plans and pledges that I am not going to go into now because, frankly I have really tried to stay positive, and am only saying this now because it has really been bothering me.

I can't wait to see the video. I hear it was quite entertaining.

— On the neighbor message 11th Ward WTTW Discussion
8:02 a.m.

So fantastic!

9:48 a.m.

Some people bike because it is more affordable, some do it for health, some for convenience, some for joy... most for all of these. Those of us who are accustom to riding would probably continue to ride if an absurd tax was levied on bike lanes. However, it's the new riders that would be discourage.

And to be even more honest, most people would just keep riding and simply not pay the fee. It would be about as enforceable as those dog license that so few pups wear. (Full disclosure, Mort has all his tags and stickers, but I know plenty of dogs who don't.)

— On the neighbor message Tax revenue source
9:48 a.m.

"Why do people who ride bikes get their panties in a bunch so quickly?"

It's purely self-interested, but not likely the way you might think. If it were required to I would pay a fee, but many people would just not ride. So the reason that we react to nonsense ideas like license plates on bikes is because we don't want to discourage others from riding. The fewer people who ride, the less resources (bike racks, bike lanes, bike shops...) will be made available to those who do.

Besides, when it has been proven over and over that bike commuters save the city money, why should they be expected to pay an additional fee? At what age would one need to start licensing their bike? What about those who can't afford the fee and the bike is their only form of transportation?

Here is the best part: science and economics are on our side. I would be willing to bet the cost of a bike license plate that there will never be a fee associated with bikes in Chicago.

— On the neighbor message Tax revenue source
5:43 p.m.

No. It is well documented that bike lanes actually save the city money. Here is a 2013 article, one of thousands that come up when you google "bikes save money."

If you don't want to read the whole thing, here is the most important part:

The economy benefits by more than $21 every time a person cycles 20 minutes to work and back and $8.50 each time a person walks 20 minutes to and from work...

— On the neighbor message Tax revenue source
2:49 p.m.

The number or placement of signs is not a great indication of who will win. Signs don't vote.

A sad number of our neighbors don't vote, even if they are registered. If you or someone you know are considering not voting, please visit to learn about online registration, early voting, polling places and more. It is only by voting that we can expect change.

— On the neighbor message Thompson signs on lawn
12:17 p.m.

They are never removed after the election.

— On the neighbor message Political Signs
2:30 p.m.

I think I found it.

— On the neighbor message NYE in Bridgeport?
10:27 p.m.

Where did you see that Duck Inn is selling tickets? I can't find it.

— On the neighbor message NYE in Bridgeport?
4:03 p.m.

I've not. However I applaud the honestly of the signs in empty storefronts and vacant lots ;-)

— On the neighbor message Thompson signs on lawn
3:59 p.m.

Homestyle Taste has a Michelin Bib too...

— On the neighbor message Back in Bridgeport
9:22 a.m.

This site often can tell you what is filming -

— On the neighbor message Filming
1:05 p.m.

@Bob, I could dispute many of the things that you are saying (for instance, I am not a parent and I do support Maureen) but the main thing that bothers me in your post is your statement that Maureen's pet services business is uninsured. Since she's cared for my Morty this actually matters to me. From her website

Walkies, Inc. is a member in good standing of Pet Sitters International
Walkies, Inc. is bonded and insured by the Business Insurers of the Carolinas

2:50 p.m.

But is The Duck Inn ready for us!?

5:33 p.m.

Again, Nikki brings the negativity and then accuses Sullivan and her supporters. Nikki, please try to be nice. It's starting to hurt my feelings.

— On the neighbor message Important
3:51 p.m.

I think that is the lot where the wine growers sell juice for wine in the fall. I have not paid any attention to it recently, but I do think that the property is owned by them.

3:44 p.m.

Do we know each other Nikki? I meet a lot of people and you seem know me, or at least my last name. To be fair, I am not that hard to find, but still... I am curious.

I have about as much of a clue as to who you are as I do BridgeportProud or most of the people who choose not to use real names on this forum. I do know Jen though, and she is rad :)

I am just exhausted from the posts that talk about how Maureen's supporters are "so" negative, and accusing us of name calling, while, those accusing are being negative and name calling. Seriously, it's exhausting.

11:58 a.m.

Nikki, is it reasonable to tell someone to say nice things after you called him a lowlife, strange, and nasty?

11:10 a.m.

Really looking forward to this!

— On the neighborhood event Beer and Carols!
11:10 p.m.

Just a reminder folks - just because an individual is posting for or against a candidate does not mean that they are associated with the campaign.

I am a volunteer for Maureen Sullivan's campaign, and I don't know know who BridgeportProud is, but I do know that they are right: some serious campaign finanace violations going on... We'll learn more about that in the coming weeks I am sure.

I see more name calling coming out of the Kozlar supporters than I do the Sullivan supporters, but maybe you don't think that accusing people of being negative, strange, or nasty is name calling?

11:02 p.m.

Meme, please note that many of the comments are from people who are not actually associated with the campaign.

1 p.m.

There is one thing that I disagree with you on Meme - "if she did not spearhead the plant closing." No one spearheaded it. It was a community effort, that Maureen was certainly part of, and Rahm was not.

7:45 a.m.

Hi everyone,

For those who did not see that La Observadora was quoting Maureen, you may want to increase the resolution on your screen so that you can see the quotation marks.

And Meme, Maureen was one of hundreds who were working hard to close the coal plants. The day I met Maureen she told me about the fight against the coal plants, and I got interested and involved because of her. One of my favorite memories of that campaign was collecting photo petitions outside of the Daley Library with Maureen and other volunteers on a warm autumn day when all the leaves were yellow and the sun refused to quit shining.

7:12 p.m.

Rob, can people get Sullivan signs at the event on the 4th?

— On the neighbor message 11th Ward Alderman Debate?
11:10 a.m.

Actually, city dog parks do not have grass. They have K9 Grass, an artificial turf that is designed for dogs. It holds up better than grass, does not puddle and stays cleaner with less maintenance. I would not put it in my yard, but it makes sense in the park!

— On the media mention Design Fail at Fred Anderson Dog Park?
4:14 p.m.

@Tony - some candidates have had a hard time finding locations to host fundraisers, because businesses are afraid of retaliation. Sad but true. Though, I don't think that is the case here.

— On the neighborhood event Friends of Patrick D. Thompson For Alderman
6:44 p.m.

This just in - Bob Fioretti, alderman and mayoral candidate, will be in attendance. $25 includes food, beer, and mingling with the next alderman of the 11th ward, and the next mayor of Chicago. Plus fun included at no extra charge :-)

11:51 p.m.

I actually find that making it myself makes for a smaller dessert. I usually don't want the tankard that ice cream shops call "small". :)

— On the neighbor message youyo - yum!
6:40 p.m.

Homestyle Taste is also right here (32nd and Halsted) and it's wonderful!

— On the neighbor message 2015 Michelin restaurants
7:24 a.m.

The parks at McGuane, Armor and Donovan were part of the Chicago Plays! initiative, "which aims to replace 50 playgrounds a year over the next five years." Does anyone know if this is part of that initiative?

— On the neighbor message Kiddie park?
9:23 a.m.

Shilling? No, sir, I am a volunteer and I already have a job. All I ask of Maureen is some trash cans on Halsted. My work on her campaign is only because I think she is the right person for the job, not for any personal gain.

My frustration with what you posted above has more to do with working in legal aid and understanding the need for access that so many in our community simply do not have. It's not right to demonize people for being poor.

9:22 a.m.

I hit enter before I finished my statement: "Must have a Chicago RAP sheet to receive assistance with expungement." In other words, bring your rap sheet because the not-for-profit hosting this clinic can't get it for you.

If you need help with SSI/Public Benefits, Housing Issues, Child Support, Wills and Other Issues, you do not need to provide a rap sheet.

1:43 p.m.

"Must have a Chicago RAP sheet to receive assistance with expungement."

1:39 p.m.

My attempt to start a fire? I'm afraid you have misinterpreted my statement. I was simply defending Maureen from your accusation. Sharing information, including information about access to legal help, is a good thing.

I'm not going to argue this point any further and I suggest that you put the matches away.

7:24 a.m.

I grew up in west Michigan where we had dunes and some of the dunes even had rope lifts. So my idea of sledding is possibly a little safer in some ways, and much more dangerous in others!

— On the neighbor message Ten Thousand Ripples Art & Peace Workshop
2:14 p.m.

It just occurred to me... those sculptures will either stop the sledding this winter or make it more dangerous. This is very interesting. I am conflicted about the sledding at Palmisano. It looks so dangerous, what with the bottom of the hill leading to a wall. On the other hand, as a kid I loved sledding so much, and would hate to deprive any child of that experience.

— On the neighbor message Ten Thousand Ripples Art & Peace Workshop
10:04 a.m.

So... Maureen shares information about a legal clinic and that somehow makes her a bad person? She also shares information about free flu shots, missing pets, and community events.

Everyone should have access to the law.

9:21 a.m.

It appears that they are open, but I've not yet stopped.

— On the food inspection Youyo Frozen Yogurt passed inspection
11:27 a.m.

This is the first I've heard of this. Do you have any information like what schools, what he looks like?

— On the neighbor message Strange man taunting kids
4:01 p.m.

especially new frozen yogurt!!!

— On the food inspection Youyo Frozen Yogurt failed inspection
10:45 a.m.

Right now, I think there are 5 candidates: Maureen Sullivan, Patrick Daley Thompson, John Kozlar, John Tominello and (I know nothing about this one except that he announced on one of the many Bridgeport Facebook Pages) Mike Parrillo.

Of course, none of this matters until the petitions are turned in, challenged, and the ballots are published. I have a feeling by that time there will only be two, maybe three, candidates.

— On the neighbor message Sullivan and Kolzar where are you?
7:40 p.m.

They are not open yet. Lots of places fail their pre-opening inspections. I also have no shame when it comes to fryo, especially the places with all the toppings!

— On the food inspection Youyo Frozen Yogurt failed inspection
2:44 p.m.

Morty and I can't wait. He needs a blessing!

— On the neighborhood event Pet Blessing
10:23 a.m.

I like Waffles too, and honestly find their pricing rather reasonable. I really love The Bongo Room and Polo Cafe. Two of the best breakfasts in the city!

— On the neighbor message Good breakfast
10:58 p.m.

I guess that is part of it... My candidate is very visible without appearing on the cover of the Bridgeport news celebrating things she had nothing to do with.

— On the neighbor message Thompson now taking photos instead of Balcer
10:56 p.m.

I think that it was a place that no longer exists... but perhaps the new licence means it is reopening? I wondered about it too...

— On the business license DESSERTS DE MANGO
11:14 a.m.

Such an important service!

— On the neighborhood event The Asthma Van returns to Bridgeport!
11:10 a.m.

The Bridgeport News does not write articles. Individuals and groups submit their own stories and usually pay for publication.

I don't know what other candidates are doing, but right now, I know that Maureen Sullivan's campaign is focusing on petitions. Time for campaigning does not come until she is on the ballot. The election is not until February so it would be a waste to start serious campaigning now.

— On the neighbor message Thompson now taking photos instead of Balcer
11:07 a.m.

Personally, I am very impressed with Maureen Sullivan. I have worked with her in our community for years and I think she is the one for the job.

11:16 p.m.

It's not a poll... it's a guess. The original post said, "This is just my opinion on the poll results if the election were to be today."

9:54 p.m.

I like the sound of breaded and fried kielbasa :). That could be a very special treat!

— On the neighbor message Edmar, Incorporated!
12:53 p.m.

If there was a debate today there would be five candidates and it would be about a 5 hour ordeal, including two candidates who most likely will not even be on the ballot. Waiting until the ballots are actually published, which I think is late November, is the right approach. The election is in February. No need to rush!

12:51 p.m.

I had a very good experience at Petsmart, but have heard that mine was perhaps an anomaly. My dog tends to put himself at the center of attention (most pugs do) so the teacher spent a lot of time with us.

8:33 a.m.

Bridgeport Alliance is planning a debate, however, it will not be announced until the petitions are in and the ballots are published.

8:33 a.m.

Most charities cannot take beds or furniture since bedbugs have become such a big deal in the last few years.

A couple of years ago I needed to get rid of a sofa. I called streets and sanitation to find out what to do with it. They said, put it in the alley, if none of the junkers take it we will pick it up with the next regular pick up. I asked if they needed to know when or how bit it was. Nope, just put it out there.

— On the neighbor message Bed set disposal in alley?
8:25 a.m.

I agree Linda. I had worked in the neighborhood for about 7 years before moving here about 5 years ago. I choose to live in Bridgeport, and love it here. My vote counts and my money spends just as well as those who just happened to be here by birth.

— On the neighbor message I think John Kozlar just won this election
10:44 a.m.

I can live without Starbucks. To me, that is something that the alderman got right! :-p

— On the neighbor message Dunkin Donuts 31st and Halsted what happened?
10:40 a.m.

Ah... Well now there are two things to celebrate :)

— On the neighbor message International Grill in Pilsen
10:36 a.m.

I did not even know Amelia's was gone. Only been there a couple of times but loved it. Thanks for the review!

— On the neighbor message International Grill in Pilsen
10:01 p.m.

I only have internet at home (no cable or phone) and for the price, AT&T is ok. Like Erik said, I'm not happy with AT&T, just not annoyed enough to switch to Comcast and there are no other options on my block. I had Clear and was actually happy with it, but when I moved to this block it did not work at all. I honestly don't even know for sure if Clear still exists, but they were great.

— On the neighbor message Internet Service Provider - RCN?
10 p.m.

I was in the back yard with the dog, wondering the same thing. It seems to be over the expressway so I imagine it was an accident? Have not found anything on the news websites.

— On the neighbor message Circling helicopter
9:56 p.m.

I can't understand why this thread has not been removed. Everyblock must not be paying attention.

— On the neighbor message new alderman candidate
4:25 p.m.

Change is gonna come real soon...

— On the neighbor message Daley Thompson's Illegal Tax Break
8:28 p.m.

Foofops and 11thwardcitizen... in case you completely missed Rob's post above: "...Maureen is an owner of a successful pet services business..."

Her resume, or at least most of it, is in Rob's post which currently says it was posted 12 hours ago. For future reference it is 8:22 pm on September 7 which means it was posted around 8:30 am on September 7. Or, as Lifetime Bridgeporter suggests, you could mosey over to where her platform and bio are posted.

Perhaps there is some confusion because none of the opponents have shared their platform or bio yet?

8:24 p.m.

Janet Anne - So far Maureen Sullivan, Patrick Daley Thompson and Johnny Kozlar have announced.

I expect threads about politics. I'm just bored with the multiple threads about Maureen's bankruptcy, an event in her life that she has been honest about. Frankly, I think it makes her more qualified; she knows what it's like.

7:54 p.m.

How many threads do we need on this? Maureen has been honest about it. She is a regular person, with regular problems, who wants to represent her neighbors.

6:58 p.m.

I wonder if/when we are going to hear from the other candidates?

6:15 p.m.

I am not going to argue with you about this again Bport Dan, but for those interested, here is what it says at

"Along with the 8.4 million Americans who did the same after the financial meltdown of 2008, Maureen has sought personal bankruptcy protection. Sharing that common experience of working while struggling in tough economic times has led her to better understand the challenges that the people of the 11th Ward are facing."

Yep... Maureen was in a situation that many of us could be in, and instead of allowing her home to go into foreclosure, she took a legal action to keep it. I am inspired by her strength and honesty in this matter.

6:14 p.m.

That is not really how the Bridgeport news works... They don't write articles or go out looking for news. People/groups in the community write their own articles and announcements and the Bridgeport news copies and pastes them. If your article is about a fundraiser then you pay for the posting. There is no journalism there.

I honestly this this was an attempt to provoke a response, and it worked. Dan and I are both pretty ticked off about it. Maureen is being much more mature about it than we are.

7:12 a.m.

foofops - as one of the dozens of people who helped with the Bridgeport Air and Water Show I am personally offended that any politician would use it for their own promotion without thanking the people who actually did the work. Even if Maureen were not running for office, posing in that photo, writing that blurb and putting it on the cover of the Bridgeport news made it look like PDT had something to do with the event. He didn't. He did not even bother to thank those who did put their time, supplies and money into the event. It makes the actual organizers look like they don't care about all of the volunteers or sponsor who gave to make this event a success. Take Maureen out of it and PDT's actions are still shameful.

9:45 a.m.

Maybe use the whole quote: "Along with the 8.4 million Americans who did the same after the financial meltdown of 2008, Maureen has sought personal bankruptcy protection. Sharing that common experience of working while struggling in tough economic times has led her to better understand the challenges that the people of the 11th Ward are facing."

Personally, I appreciate her honesty on this issue.

By the way, it's nice to see so many brand-spankin'-new accounts here on Everyblock.

— On the neighbor message Maureen Sullivan Named On 6'OClock News
10:17 p.m.

I think I saw that this gal found her family?

— On the neighbor message LOST DOG
5:04 p.m.

Thompson did nothing for this event. By appearing on the front page of the paper without thanking the actual organizers, volunteers, and sponsors, it looks like he organized the event himself. It also makes it look like those who did organize it do not respect the volunteers and sponsors who gave time, money, and supplies.

Maureen Sullivan created and organized the Bridgeport Air and Water Show, and had enough class to wait to announce her candidacy until after the event so to avoid drawing the attention away from the park. Meanwhile PDT showed up long enough for a photo and used the event to promote himself. Shameful.

— On the neighbor message Maureen Sullivan Named On 6'OClock News
1:57 p.m.

Who's taking credit for who's work? Look on the front of today's Bridgeport "news" and you'll have your answer.

— On the neighbor message Maureen Sullivan Named On 6'OClock News
11:17 a.m.

Unless there was an alligator in the river...

8:52 p.m.

I guess I should not have said that I don't care... I should have said it does not matter to me what you call it. It's all part of the 11th ward. I don't have an opinion as to weather Armour Square is part of Bridgeport or it's own neighborhood. We're all stuck with the same alderman.

5:18 p.m.

Many people think of Armour Square as part of Bridgeport. I don't really care if it's a separate neighborhood or not, but I know that is often why it is not added to the list.

2:08 p.m.

Melissa DL, I appreciate your comments,especially about Balcer and Thompson!

But a point of clarification - the 11th ward is now Canaryville, Bridgeport, Maxwell Panhandle, Pilsen Arts District and University Commons / UIC. The New 11th Ward is kinda crazy.

12:20 p.m.

Chicago B - the account was created moments before accusing me of being an infiltrator. I actually take this as a compliment so no hard feelings.

Bport Dan - I never "admitted" anything. That implies that I was trying to hide something. I stated a fact that I have not tried to hide in any way. I am a volunteer.

10:28 a.m.

I don't know Daley Thompson or Kozlar personally. From the information that is out there Kozlar has done one thing for the community and will someday be a perfect candidate for office. Right now he looks unprepared to me. And I can't vote for Daley Thompson on his last name alone... and from where I am looking that is about all he has.

Sullivan, however, has a community record that includes: Save The Ramova, Bridgeport Alliance, Bridgeport Business Association, Palmisano Park Advisory Council, McClellan Elementary School Council, Bridgeport Citizens Group, Bridgeport Clean and Green and Bridgeport Air and Water Show. She is the person who Forgotten Chicago calls to lead tours in the 11th ward, and she wrote the history book on Bridgeport. Maureen is constantly speaking up for her neighbors weather it is about the missing trash cans on Halsted or the excessive noise from the new flight plan. I am sure that I have missed a few things, because no one can keep up with everything that she does!

Of course I am volunteering for her; she's the right man for the job.

8:13 a.m.

Wait, I have to ask, 11thwardcitizen, did you just create a new account to call me out?

10:03 p.m.

I am a resident and voter, and have never denied that I am volunteering for Maureen's campaign. I think she is the right person for the job.

And... I am not sure what you mean by "infiltrate". I have been posting on this site for some time.

9:47 p.m.

Right now, to me, the only person in the running who seems to be prepared for this job is Maureen Sullivan.

9:24 p.m.

That is what I am worried about... and I honestly think that Maureen is the only currently announced candidate who can beat the establishment.

8:50 a.m.

Plus, I am really excited to know that she wants to do participatory budgeting. I have been complaining about the lack of trash cans on Halsted, 35th, Morgan and 31st for years. When it's time to present projects for menu money I full intend to propose solar trash compactors (like they have downtown). Our current alderman actually told me and several others that the reason the trash cans were removed was that they were getting used too much.

10:52 p.m.

I guess I just look at all if the positive things that Maureen has done and is doing... And because I know her personally I know she is doing them from a place of love for the neighborhood. She has said, over and over, that she is running because she is fed up with the status quo. I'm fed up too.

9:53 p.m.

Sorry.. I meant to say that I posted in Pilsen and the south loop! Crazy map has me all confused :)

— On the neighbor message The New 11th Ward
4:53 p.m.

I posted in the south loop... If you look at the map you'll see that some of the south loop is now in 11. It's a crazy new ward!

— On the neighbor message The New 11th Ward
4:52 p.m.

Here is her platform -

3:01 p.m.

The machine is broken.

8:05 p.m.

"The neglect by the leadership of the past 17 years has led to blight, to poverty, heightened crime and a tremendous waste of some of the city's best-located neighborhoods."

3:43 p.m.

Thanks for writing the story, Casey!

— On the neighborhood event Bridgeport Air and Water Show!
9:50 p.m.

If the blog posts were even dated... that would be a huge improvement!

— On the neighbor message Alderman Alert...more boarded up stores!
10:32 p.m.

The RSS feed is would be nice but I really hope the next alderman has a regular newsletter. I get electronic communications at least monthly from other aldermen.

If the alderman really wanted to keep (do) his job, he would let us know what they are working on.

— On the neighbor message Alderman Alert...more boarded up stores!
3:32 p.m.

The election is not until February 24. Petitions are not gathered until the end of August. I am sure that by mid-August we will hear some announcements.

Meanwhile, for organizations that are focused on business development i suggest checking out

— On the neighbor message Alderman Alert...more boarded up stores!
12:20 a.m.

And that is something...

— On the neighborhood event bridgeport farmers market
6:28 p.m.

I have not made it there because, and I do intend to I've just had Saturday morning obligations. Anyway, I wonder if there is more than one vendor selling produce? This was always my problem at 35th and Wallace. I really don't care about art, crafts or baked goods at a farmers market and it actually kind of bothers me that so much of the focus is on that aspect.

— On the neighborhood event bridgeport farmers market
7:03 a.m.

Morty is really busy with his modeling career right now. But he will be endorsing a candidate: Whomever promises him more trash cans on Halsted! :-)

11:21 p.m.

As I mentioned above - I really do think that outdoor seating is good for the community. Outside presence, looking lively, all that. This is why the patios are important to me.

— On the neighbor message Where did the patios go?
11:52 p.m.

I've been asking for a bowling alley for years Erik! Or a skating rink. Maybe both!

I agree that our local coffees are better, but they also represent what I want from a neighborhood. Local, independent, unique - not the same as every other neighborhood.

6:23 p.m.

I think that most Bridgeport residents just prefer our fantastic local coffee shops (jackalope and bridgeport coffee) to Starbucks.

5:44 p.m.

I suddenly have a night off so Morty and I might just wander over there to pick up dinner tonight. Love that place, I just don't get there as often as I would like.

— On the neighbor message Where did the patios go?
9:33 a.m.

Petitions happen in August. We'll know then.

8:18 a.m.

Ponchos is there... thank goodness!

I have not been by Zaytune recently, but thanks to those who let me know it's not there. I hope, whatever the reason, that it comes back.

I really do think that outdoor seating is good for the community. Outside presence, looking lively, all that.

— On the neighbor message Where did the patios go?
8:13 a.m.

901 w 35th - it says it in the green bar above the post. This is not a good design by every block...

— On the neighborhood event Estate Sale
10:56 p.m.

Yeah, it was the north side of Zaytune that I had seen recently, but was gone Monday night.

Pancho's brings all of that in every night!? Dang!

— On the neighbor message Where did the patios go?
11:20 a.m.

I was actually worried that it was permits. I hope not. Patios are good for business and the community!

— On the neighbor message Where did the patios go?
11:04 p.m.

So, I am embarrassed... the plants that I thought were stolen over the weekend were not stolen, but removed to prevent them from drowning! The holes in the planter were blocked and the plants were floating in the soil. The survivors have returned.

That said, the bush was stolen a few weeks back, and I still think that stealing plants from anyone is rude.

— On the neighbor message Stealing Plants is Rude
10:24 p.m.

The plants that I am complaining about were a small bush (about two weeks ago) and then flowers (last night) from a planter box in front of a church.

Dug right up. Jerks.

— On the neighbor message Stealing Plants is Rude
6:19 a.m.

We are here and having a great time! Inside and under tents. Lunch, lemonade, neat stuff...

— On the neighborhood event First Trinity UpCycle/ReSale Fair
11:30 a.m.

I might have some in a couple weeks. They are seedlings now.

— On the neighbor message Looking for mint plants
9:15 p.m.

Looks like an awesome day for bargain hunting! I see several yard/garage/alley sales on Saturday.

— On the neighborhood event First Trinity UpCycle/ReSale Fair
2:59 p.m.

I think that it those on the block have to request it (most likely a petition) and then the block gets zoned as residential parking only. It was zoned when I moved here. It is nice sometimes, because parking can be difficult, but it's also a hassle. My mother was actually ticketed once in the time it took to come into my apartment, use the restroom and grab the visitor sticker.

Personally, I would rather not have the zoned parking.

— On the neighbor message Help! I forgot to get my parking stickers!
2:30 p.m.

Godslittlekitty - These are not the same as the Sox passes, they are the 355 zoned permits. They are purchased from the City Clerk's office, and are not free from nor sold by the ward office. They are very common on the north side but only a few blocks have them here.

Jim - that was my first step, checking with the neighbors that I knew or at least see out in the street. Unfortunately, it seems that I am not the only one who forgot about the July 1 expiration date. :-(

It's not that big of deal. I am just going to have my brother park a block away where it is not zoned. We'll add City Hall to our stops on Monday. Maybe the kids will like it?!

— On the neighbor message Help! I forgot to get my parking stickers!
7:39 a.m.

Who deleted a comment? I don't think people can do that here?

Anyway, as for the ward office, even if they were open they do not so parking permits. Some do, but not the 11th ward.

Someone told me that the city clerk office on archer might be open today, so I am trying that. Thanks!

— On the neighbor message Help! I forgot to get my parking stickers!
8:16 a.m.

I have no idea who that might be.

— On the neighbor message Help! I forgot to get my parking stickers!
11:15 p.m.

Dang. I wish I had seen this.

— On the neighborhood event PreSale Estate Sale - TODAY
9:35 p.m.

People are wondering, businesses are wondering, some are even trying to make it better.

10:46 a.m.

"I am sorry who's fault is it. They guy that robbed her?"

Um... Yes.

— On the neighbor message Strong armed robbery
10:17 a.m.

Sorry, I intended to introduce that link!

The link above includes the legal way to Repair and Deduct and Report Housing Code Violations in Illinois. Good luck!

— On the neighbor message No buzzer system in bldng. Legal?
7:59 a.m.

Way to blame the victim there, imagine.

I agree that people should be more aware of their surroundings in general, but some jerk stole the phone. That was not this girl's fault.

— On the neighbor message Strong armed robbery
7:55 a.m.

Saw it. Awesome!

— On the neighbor message Need some last minute plans for the weekend?
10:02 a.m.

Me too. I don't know if my heroes will ever see this, but I had to put it out there.

— On the neighbor message Thank you for saving my dog's life!
10:02 a.m.

You have got to be kidding me... I work on 31st and have not seen a letter yet, but I'll look for it. This is just really bad planning.

— On the neighbor message New Sewer lines on 31st street
10:22 a.m.

Saw it tonight. The best entertainment you can get for $12 in Bridgeport!

Go! Quick, before you miss it. :)

11:03 p.m.

Yeah! There is never any parking on the weekend!

— On the neighbor message 35th Street Bus to 31st Street Beach!
9:23 a.m.

This time of year I assume fireworks...but I really have no idea.

— On the neighbor message 31st and Racine...8 am
9:22 a.m.

The Ramova is still a possibility, but there is some serious money required ($12-15 million sounds about right?) to make it a reality. Follow the Ramova Facebook page to stay up to date.

— On the neighbor message Any hope for a Miracle on Halsted too?
10:32 p.m.

I've had great experiences at polo. You are entitled to your opinion, but for me a single visit on the busiest brunch day of the year is not enough to rule out a restaurant forever.

— On the neighbor message Horriblle Restaurant Terrible Service
3:12 p.m.

Typo! April 20, 10:30 am - EASTER worship and brunch AND EASTER EGG HUNT!!!

— On the neighborhood event Holy Week Services at First Trinity
10:14 a.m.

Who wants to volunteer or contribute to Clean and Green. You know you want to :) It's great fun!

— On the neighborhood event Bridgeport Clean and Green
10:04 a.m.

There will be a community run, public meeting in late April. Bridgeport Alliance and PERRO will be hosting it, and inviting attorneys and sound experts that are not hired by Chicago Helicopter Express. CHE will also be invited. As soon as we have the details (next week or so) I will post the information here.

8:26 a.m.

Polo's B&B is actually the same building as the restaurant, and it is nice but it is a little pricey. The rooms are suites and start at $200 a night.

— On the neighbor message What about a hotel instead of a heliport?
8:14 a.m.

Great idea, Ro! A hotel in Bridgeport would constantly be full just with out of town guest of people who live in the neighborhood and parents of IIT, Shimer, and Vandercook students!

— On the neighbor message What about a hotel instead of a heliport?
7:02 a.m.

I say tribalism with much respect. But it is part of the culture of the neighborhood.

— On the neighbor message Help please
8:18 p.m.

It seems that the best way to find an apartment in Bridgeport is to walk around and look. Many people advertise with signs in their windows or by word of mouth. It's part of the tribalist culture of the neighborhood.

— On the neighbor message Help please
5:50 p.m.

Pleasant House has fantastic fish and I've not had the fish at Cork and Kerry but only because their burgers are so good. However, Parnell Pirate knows what I am talking about! The old fashioned church fish fry. There must be one somewhere before April 11?

Thanks for all the answers. Keep them coming!

— On the neighbor message Fish Fry?
6:36 p.m.

I heard that soon you will be able to take a helicopter to the airport for about the price of a town car!

— On the neighbor message Transportation to airports
5:58 p.m.

I just left the meeting at St. Barb's. It's interesting. I don't think that I am personally opposed to the heliport, but I also don't have a lot of confidence that the company is being honest about how this will impact the community, for good or bad.

Bridgeport Alliance and PERRO will be inviting CHE to a community-run forum in April. Hopefully they will show and and hopefully that will give community members time to research the proposal, and figure out the questions that need to be asked. These quick, poorly publicized meetings did not give us adequate time to prepare.

9:28 p.m.

Erik, drop some off, pick some up?

— On the neighbor message Free Books!
9:08 p.m.

We have been unpacking. A lot of theology, a couple sets of encyclopedias, natural health, atlases, religion, hymnals, novels, poetry, and more... There is a box of 8 track tapes, but they only go as a whole set!

— On the neighbor message Free Books!
5:34 p.m.

Erik, and others - I just heard from Open Books and they will be picking up here next Thursday, March 20. If you would like to drop off books here, we'll hold them until next week.

— On the neighbor message Free Books!
12:39 p.m.

I don't drive, but someone just informed me that Open Books picks up. I am going to call them to try to arrange a pick up after God's Closet closes for the week on Friday. They are here, and neighbors are welcome to take as many as they want tonight 5-7 or Friday 10-noon. Thanks!

— On the neighbor message Free Books!
12:15 p.m.

We are gearing up for the First Trinity Bring and Buy sale this Saturday. It's part rummage sale, part tea party, all fun! Proceeds will help to support our ministries, including some necessary building repairs. Stop by to shop, to nibble or just to hang out! Saturday 9-2 in the community center kitchen.

— On the neighborhood event First Trinity Bring and Buy
8:07 a.m.

We'll be serving Adagio Tea, and have an impressive selection of vendors for Saturday. Hope to see you then!

— On the neighborhood event First Trinity Bring and Buy
2:12 p.m.

What other churches in Bridgeport will be offering ashes?

— On the neighborhood event Ash Wednesday
9:11 p.m.

Tuesdays are $1 0ff All Craft Draft Beers at Maria's.

— On the neighborhood event Beer and Hymns for Fat Tuesday!
9:10 p.m.

I still have not decided how I feel about this. However, the fact that it was practically a done-deal when we all learned about it (less than 3 weeks ago) makes me suspicious. Reps showed up at a Bridgeport Alliance meeting this week and left some information, which I have read. However, I am left with more questions than answers. I look forward to a public hearing about the heliport.

9:03 p.m.

I live really near there, and honestly it seems fine to me. I walk my dog around the block any time of day and feel safe.

9:16 a.m.

"retribution on your dog" ??? It's not right to threaten the animal, even if the owner is a jerk.

— On the neighbor message Snow Melt an Dog Refuse
7:50 a.m.

This blog lists most of the filming in Chicago

— On the neighbor message movie?
7:46 a.m.

I was recently watching a movie where, in order to make people sound more midwestern, they dropped the "g" in words that ended in "ing". Like, "talking" and "walkin" and "goin". It bugged me. Now, I notice people doing it all the time. :-(

— On the neighbor message Chicago's Uniqueness
9:45 p.m.

We've been brainstorming hymns to add to the book. Any suggestions?

— On the neighborhood event Beer and Hymns for Fat Tuesday!
9:30 p.m.

The link below includes a door hanger that you can print to remind neighbors that it is their responsibility to shovel their sidewalk. Hopefully it does not come to this, but it also includes information to report them when they don't clear their sidewalks.

— On the neighbor message Need help shoveling?
7:18 a.m.

I think that one could call 311, but I signed up online -

BTW, if you do sign up and don't get a call don't be disappointed. I have signed up every winter for a few years and never gotten a call. This program is not well publicized.

— On the neighbor message Need help shoveling?
9:34 p.m.

She may get mad, but cannot evict you based on complaints about living conditions. See and look for reasons to evict.

— On the neighbor message dog barking
9:33 p.m.

First Lutheran Church of the Trinity
643 W 31st Street

7AM - 6PM for drop-in imposition of ashes,
Ash Wednesday Worship at 7PM.


— On the neighborhood event Ash Wednesday
4:47 p.m.

Good luck... I know it's hard to find anyone to take TVs. When I had to get rid of an old one I found one place that took them, I think it was a Salvation Army, but I am not sure. I will double check and post it. Hopefully you find someone who needs one before having to take it somewhere.

— On the neighbor message Three TVs for FREE
5:06 p.m.

...And that is why you have the right to ask for it. Not sure why you started a new thread or are taking such an aggressive tone, but I still don't like permit parking. I would rather my block did not have it.

Can I get it reversed? Yeah, right. Once a revenue source is created the city is not going to give it up.

— On the neighbor message parking permit
5:03 p.m.

I think that the reason that I have never been called is that the program is not well publicized. I know several people who have signed up and never been asked to volunteer.

— On the neighbor message Shovel your walkway!
9:39 p.m.

Ok, but what is the reason for not posting it? I am seriously curious.

BTW, reasonable for some is not the same as reasonable for others.

— On the neighbor message Coach House for Rent
12:28 p.m.

Thanks for all the thanks! In addition to the times listed above, I am usually in the church office from 10-2 on Tuesday, Thursday and Friday. Small donations can easily be left at the door, someone usually brings them in within an hour.

If you plan to donate and want to itemize your donation, you can grab a receipt with IRS guidelines here

— On the neighbor message Free Clothes
12:24 p.m.

I am just curious, why not post the rent? I understand not posting the location, you don't want people showing up unexpected, but I have never understood why anyone would not post the cost of something that they are trying to sell.

When I have been looked for apartments online in the past I only look at listings in my price range. No rent listed I assume they are too expensive and don't bother.

— On the neighbor message Coach House for Rent
8:52 a.m.

I live on 34th place - permit parking sucks, JL! Not only is it annoying when I have guests, but the department of revenue is sneaky fast sometimes.

My mom was visiting a couple years ago and arrived before I got home from work. After driving for four hours she came into the house long enough to use the restroom, grab a permit and go back out. By the time she got there, she had a ticket on her car.

— On the neighbor message Street light out on Farrell St
7:51 a.m.

imagine - I don't think you understood. What my post meant is: If you don't shovel out your spot, you ought not use dibs. If a driver can pull out without shoveling, or if they are dubbing before the snow even comes (pre-dibs) then they are just land grabbing.

I actually don't own a car, but I go out and shovel in-between spaces so that we can fit more cars on the block.

— On the neighbor message Calling 'Dips' questions
4:32 p.m.

Call the ward office and they will tell you to call 311...

— On the neighbor message Street light out on Farrell St
4:24 p.m.

I agree with JP in that Jackalope is a more comfortable environment to hang out in. Bridgeport Coffee has better coffee, but I am not as comfortable hanging out there. Jackalope is also really good coffee, better than Starbucks, and just a nice place to visit.

— On the neighbor message Need Bridgeport Coffee House review
7:44 a.m.

No Dig, No Dibs!

— On the neighbor message Calling 'Dips' questions
7:42 a.m.

If you pass it twice a day you might just stop in. You are only risking a few minutes and a cup of coffee.

— On the neighbor message Need Bridgeport Coffee House review
11:28 a.m.

I've been signed up for the city's Snow Corps program for at least three years and never gotten a call. It is a volunteer matching service for those who need help clearing snow. If you need help, call 311.

— On the neighbor message Shovel your walkway!
10:02 a.m.

Went by the block tonight. It is lit up like mid afternoon.

— On the neighbor message Chicago PD filming in Bridgeport
10:19 p.m.

If you are looking for a DIY space, our church kitchen in available for event rentals. firsttrinityoffice (at) gmail (dot) com

— On the neighbor message Baby Shower Space?
10:49 a.m.

I see no opposition to costumes! We had se seriously ugly sweaters and great costumes at our Christmas event. I'm thinking that I will need to get some beads for this one!

— On the neighborhood event Beer and Hymns for Fat Tuesday!
4:35 p.m.

Remember when Everyblock disappeared and we all assumed that the alderman broke it ? :-)

7:46 p.m.

I filled out the survey, and I don't know if you are the person who posted it, but the survey actually lacks "maybes." I have joined CSAs before and knowing things like price, and if I can take a week off when needed, would help me make an accurate assessment of whether I would be interested in joining this one.

— On the neighbor message Possible CSA for Bridgeport
7:41 p.m.

At Maria's, led by the church.

— On the neighborhood event Beer and Hymns for Fat Tuesday!
1:22 p.m.


— On the neighbor message Welcome back!
8:53 a.m.

While we are talking about dibs - what do others think of those who mark dibs during Sox games?

— On the neighbor message Dibs on the streets of Bridgeport
8:02 a.m.

I hate dibs. I hate what they represent. When the snow is bad, and someone shovels out a spot, I don't understand how other people have the nerve to take it. That is rude. Stealing a well earned spot just makes that person look like a jerk. I wish that people did not have to save their spots, but in the case of a serious snow, I understand that sometimes they have to.

The other reason that I hate dibs is that more often than not, the dibs are just greedy. We've not yet had a snow this winter that I would consider "dibs" worthy but I have seen plenty of dibs. Last winter I recall one bad snow. When I went out that morning I saw dibs all over and no full spots left. In between each car or shoveled out space was a gap of snow. I went out and shoveled a bunch of the "in betweens" and suddenly we could fit another 6 cars on the block. What I really hate to see is the people who leave trash to mark a space for the snow that has yet to fall.

— On the neighbor message Dibs on the streets of Bridgeport
1:47 p.m.

Ro, all I have to offer for a prize is the knowledge that your reasonableness has been observed by others. I suppose I could offer some hugs from Morty, too :)

— On the neighbor message A Message from Alderman James A. Balcer
1:38 p.m.

I've stopped taking my friendly pug to Armour Park. There were a few too many times that we were approached by off leash dogs that could have killed him in an instant. Morty is fearless, so when big dog approaches he wants to play. He has no idea if the other dog is nice or not, and often neither do I.

I love the idea of off leash areas for big and small dogs!

— On the neighbor message Dog Friendly Area in Palmisano Nature Center
11:55 a.m.

Ro Wins! :)

— On the neighbor message A Message from Alderman James A. Balcer
11:15 a.m.

Their Saturday morning breakfast menu is amazing...

— On the neighbor message Best quesadillas in town!
7:06 a.m.

There may be bigger issues, but I would prefer to encourage communication from our local officials, even if it is just light issues. Can we let the alderman's office get comfortable with electronic communication before we start criticizing it?

— On the neighbor message A Message from Alderman James A. Balcer
6:45 p.m.

You would be amazed how many people still buy stationary. It's no longer common to receive a letter, so those who send them like to make them special.

— On the neighbor message what buisness ?
5:04 p.m.

We appreciate the communication! thanks!

— On the neighbor message A Message from Alderman James A. Balcer
12:19 p.m.

He can do canvassing. Who can say no to that face? :)

— On the neighbor message Dog Friendly Area in Palmisano Nature Center
9:24 a.m.

The EPA sets standards and deadlines, but they don't enforce them. They are fairly useless... and I say this as a person who WANTS them to set standards and deadlines AND enforce them!

— On the neighbor message Gasoline Smell around 700 W 31 ST
7:42 a.m.

You know Morty and I are in!

— On the neighbor message Dog Friendly Area in Palmisano Nature Center
7:15 a.m.

I don't have any cable or a home phone, so I only have AT&T because it's cheap. I've had more than my fair share of fights with them over the years!

— On the neighbor message AT&T U-Verse Users
3:48 p.m.

I think that any new bookstore would have to be a place that sells new and used books, book gifts and hosts authors, book clubs and other events. Just a bookstore would have a hard time making it in the current economy.

— On the neighbor message what buisness ?
3:46 p.m.

It's been going on longer than the warehouse fire, and no construction. I wonder if there are just more users on the network and that is somehow slowing it. I guess it's time to call AT&T again.

— On the neighbor message AT&T U-Verse Users
11:36 a.m.

Local celebrity dog, Morty Paquin, shops there :-)

4:36 p.m.

Reply to NanaDi - Why can't we have both! I love thrift stores, I love TJ Maxx type stores, and I'm sure that we all want to see MORE business in our neighborhood.

I have said in other threads (specifically those that call to remove liquor from CVS) it is not the product that causes the problem but the complacency.

— On the neighbor message Robbery at Thrift Store
1:42 p.m.

Reply about Goodwill - All nonprofits make money or they cease to exist.

The difference is whether they use their profits to fund programs and services or to pay their executives. I don't know anything about Goodwill's executive salaries, but they are a 501(c)3, they are governed by a board of directors and they are very transparent about their finances.

When my nephew worked for them it was wonderful experience for a kid with cerebral palsy who at 20 had the mental and emotional capacity of a 5 year old. He got another job closer to home where he works with other kids like him, otherwise I am sure he would still be sorting clothes at Goodwill.

— On the neighbor message Robbery at Thrift Store
1:36 p.m.

I will pass on the Chick-fil-A. Putting pickles on chicken is just wrong :-)

But honestly, I do agree that someplace with a drive through would be nice in that spot. I rarely do fast food but once in a while I find myself driving somewhere and wishing that there was a way that I could grab a soda or a snack without having to park. I realize how lazy that sounds but if I feel that way during the one or two times a month that I drive, then I cannot imagine that other people who drive daily feel the same.

— On the neighbor message what buisness ?
2:31 p.m.

Maria's is only great if you are looking for beer and carrying cash.

1:54 p.m.

Also - I would like all of the currently closed bars to be open, darned it! There is no reason for people to hop back in their cars or on the red line after a Sox game. If we had more places for them to go they would be more likely to stay and spend money in the neighborhood.

— On the neighbor message what buisness ?
1:47 p.m.

I would like to see a bowling alley, a reasonable ice cream shop (with porch and a swing!) Indian food, doggie day care, another veterinarian, an arcade, laser tag, skating rink... anything for kids and teens.

I would like to see a microbrewery. Not one of the bars that already exists because I think that the bars in Bridgeport are great as they are. If someone used the space that was the Redwood Lounge or Gem Bar to open a microbrewery I think that they would do really well.

Mostly I would like to see the Ramova open as a performance venue.

— On the neighbor message what buisness ?
1:44 p.m.

Like other's have said, First Trinity. If you go during regular hours or after church on Sunday, someone will help you unload. If you go outside of regular hours you can leave stuff on the stairs, someone will bring it in. If you need a receipt they will get you one. If you are not comfortable leaving stuff, call me and I'll make sure that someone can meet you there :-) - I will send you a number!

— On the neighbor message Donating clothes
3:44 p.m.

I went to the Kenwood in Oak Lawn when I lived that way. Their prices are great, but they are cash only.

Maybe it's the weather, but the last few times I have been in CVS (maybe once a month) it has been much better.

3:42 p.m.

35th and Halsted is great! Chef AJs, 312 Vintage Guitars, Bridgeport Tattoos, George's, Bridgeport Restaurant and others that I am sure I could list if I were not so sleepy! Sure, there are a few dollar/junk stores, but it's getting better.

There is not currently a business development plan for the area, and that is sad. The only way that there will ever be a business development plan is if someone, most likely citizens, get together and create one. Bridgeport Alliance did some research but has not had the people-power to get it done. If we get more concerned citizens who want to volunteer their time, hopefully we will eventually get it done.

— On the neighbor message property sold
11:11 p.m.

I am sure that the police would have hurried over...

— On the neighbor message 35th and Halsted Racism
1:21 p.m.

Poop is funnier than garbage.


— On the neighbor message I've had it, thats IT, I'm fed up ....
9:29 a.m.

Dogs are responsible for a very small amount of the feces that, frankly, are everywhere. How do you keep raccoons, birds, squirrels, snakes, bugs, feral cats and all the other wild animals from pooping on your lawn?

My dog goes on the parkway. I pick it up. I don't feel the need to make excuses for it. This is part of living among others.

— On the neighbor message I've had it, thats IT, I'm fed up ....
7:47 a.m.

Yeah, they did not take the couch. S&S did.

— On the neighbor message I've had it, thats IT, I'm fed up ....
9:13 p.m.

ADT knows who has their service. My old landlord had their signs, though we did not have an alarm. They sent a letter telling him to either get service or remove the sign.

— On the neighbor message Scam
9:11 p.m.

Just an FYI about how the city feels about garbage picking - I had a couch that was old, falling apart and no use to anyone. I called 311 to find out what to do with it. The response that I got was: Put it in the alley. A garbage picker will most likely take it and if they don't then streets and sanitation will take it on their regular pick up.

So I asked, do you need to tell streets and sanitation that it is there? The answer was no; furniture is usually grabbed up by garbage pickers anyway.

— On the neighbor message I've had it, thats IT, I'm fed up ....
12:17 p.m.

Jackalope gets all of their bakery items from Bridgeport Bakery. I've not had Impallaria (it's just not on my way anywhere...) but I can say that the chocolate cake donuts at Bridgeport Bakery are out of this world.

— On the neighbor message Who makes the best doughnuts in Bridgeport?
10:57 p.m.

The Bronzeville Art and Rec Center is a project that SOUL has been working on. This meeting is not a fundraiser. For full disclosure - in the past they have passed a collection plate for those who chose to make contributions, but there is no requirement to contribute at public meetings.

Besides, churches hold fundraisers every week, don't they? :)

— On the neighborhood event SOUL - Martin Luther King Day 2013
10:48 p.m.

To add to what Michael is saying, we do have the power to organize and solicit businesses to our neighborhood. Bridgeport Alliance was looking into this a while back but our members are currently overwhelmed with other issues. If anyone is interested in working on an economic development plan for the neighborhood contact me.

— On the neighbor message building across from the police garage
3:39 p.m.

Sounds like you are looking to get involved? Come to the Bridgeport Alliance meeting on Thursday to see what folks in Bridgeport are working on!

— On the neighbor message new high school.
1:23 p.m.

It's a solid start. As I may have mentioned, I have been aware and involved in this issue for some time. Originally the community groups were pushing for 100% in state and 100% renewable. Unfortunately, the reality is that citizens were not going to accept it if there was not an observable cost savings, and 100% in state and renewable was not going to work. It's too bad too, because that could have created more jobs. This is 3 year deal. Maybe in three years, if we keep using pressure, their will be more instate, more renewable and more jobs.

If anyone wants to read the actual ordinance, it's here -

4:38 p.m.

Over the last 2 years I have purchased meat from Halsted Foods that was inedible. I am sure that it had more to do with the way that they stored it than the vendor. FYI - I was looking at ads from Jewel, Dominicks and Cermak today and they all sell USDA Choice meat and have been very accommodating to me and my weird requests in the past.

Not trying to argue about the good and bad of the store that no longer exists, I just hope that there will be new management who knows how to keep the store and the products clean. I live so close that it is a shame not to shop there.

— On the neighbor message Halsted Foods?
4:17 p.m.

They were shooting at you?! That is awful! Any idea who it was?

1:20 p.m.

I just hope that they clean the place up. I can't tell you how much (overpriced) food I have thrown out from Halsted. Meat, produce, and frozen.

— On the neighbor message Halsted Foods?
1:04 p.m.

g.... - as a daily bike commuter I can tell you that there are teenagers, even young teenagers, in the bike lanes every day. People don't have to let their kids use the bike lanes, they are just going to.

11:12 a.m.

So if we are adding plates and insurance to all forms of transportation we must not forget skateboard, roller blades, baby strollers, wheelchairs and I guess shoes. We can't have unlicensed walkers on the sidewalks.

There is plenty of data out there to show that bikes cost cities considerably less than cars. Here is a great article that states that, "By extending bicycling to a fuller spectrum of the citizenry, the city could significantly lower the cost of living in New York. We estimate that the annual savings would average $575 for each transit user switching to bicycles, and $1,100 per motorist."

I am going to stop arguing about this because I don't think that I am going to change anyone's mind, and honestly, I am quite sure that cars are going to be the minority in the near future.

11:06 a.m.

Requiring insurance and plates for bikes is ridiculous. Assuming that you have children, can you imagine having to get plates, insurance and at that point a license to teach your 5 year old how to ride a bike? How about the 13 year old who bikes to little league practice, should her family have to pay for plates and insurance?

In 2011 over 16,000 people biked to work daily in Chicago. I wonder what another 16,000 cars on the road would look like? (Source -

10:45 a.m.

I don't know where the $300,000 number comes from or what time that covers, but I have to imagine that is less than what the city spends in a month on automobile accommodations. Like it or not, non-motorized transportation is growing and I have no doubt that in the next 20 years you will see more bikes than cars on the streets in urban areas. Might as well get used to it.

When it is raining or there is snow on the roads I don't bike, otherwise, just about everyday.

10:27 a.m.

Thanks for sharing! Might I suggest that you also post this to Bridgeport, the 11th ward and other areas?

10:10 a.m.

That article come out in August and caused a bit of a stir among those who were campaigning in favor of aggregation. But I can tell you that (1) Many other communities in Illinois have opted for aggregation and have shown savings. (2) Community groups were involved in the process. (3) We all voted to do this in November; it was not a city council decision. (4) No coal! Not only are we saving money but we are saving lives!

The info on this site is a bit outdated since it pertained to the election in November, but check it out to see some of the history of aggregation coming to Chicago.

Also - you can opt out if you don't want to save money (and lives) ;)

10:03 a.m.

PAWS, like any nonprofit, has to follow limitations that are set by the law and it's funding. They can legally only take owner surrender.

I deal with this everyday. I work for a legal aid website and we cannot legally comment or give advice for any individual case. It is frustrating to have to send people to other organizations for their individual questions. I am sure that the PAWS staff and volunteers feel the same way.

— On the neighbor message found cat
11:16 a.m.

I like a mix of options. Mostly I don't like stores like Halsted Foods that make money exploiting the fact that most of their customers do not have a way to get to other stores. If you like overpriced, old food, then Halsted was just the place.

My ideal choice for Bridgeport would be a decent store with natural or specialty items. However, if a Trader Joe's came to Halsted, and the folks coming to shop there stopped by Jackalope or Bridgeport Coffee on their way, I don't see anything wrong with that.

— On the neighbor message Halsted Foods?
9:39 a.m.

I would rather see a Trader Joe's or a decent store with natural or specialty items, but honestly, I've been in a Save-a-Lot store before and it is a HUGE improvement from Halsted Foods. I live around the corner and have stopped shopping there because of the number of times I have had to throw out purchases, which typically cost more than I would have paid at Jewel or Dominick's.

I don't expect that we will get a Trader Joe's in Bridgeport anytime soon since there is one in the South Loop. However, that does not mean that we can't try!

— On the neighbor message Halsted Foods?
9:26 a.m.

Justin is right, except for one thing. You need also mention that it looks like they are making beer.

— On the neighbor message Drug dealers and gangsters
10:58 a.m.

It depends on what you are looking to do. Many volunteer opportunities are like jobs; you have to apply and be approved and commit to certain hours and responsibilities.

Some places that I would consider contacting:

Greater Chicago Food Depository -

Benton House -

Valentine Boys and Girls Club -

— On the neighbor message Any volunteer opportunities?
6:55 a.m.

I agree! The one with chorizo and avocado occasionally appears in my dreams :)

— On the neighbor message Looking for a good burger?
4:49 p.m.

When my pug was little we went to Petsmart a lot! We also took obedience classes which are great for socialization as well as training. We are also on the Banfield plan. It has been great!

Morty loves to make new friends so we would be happy to walk with you sometime. He is two, so full grown but still very much a puppy. And he is aggressively friendly so we would want to stay on-leash for a while. I will send you a message after Christmas and if you want to we can plan a time.

— On the neighbor message Dog socialization :)
11:10 a.m.

First Trinity at 31st and Lowe has worship Christmas Eve (7:00 pm) Christmas Morning (10:30 am) followed by Brunch with a great bunch of folks!

— On the neighbor message Christmas
9:11 p.m.

It makes me sad that no one has taken you up on this. I am a terrible chess player and have not actually played in years. If you are looking for an easy win, I have time!

— On the neighbor message Queen's Gambit
1:44 p.m.

Jennifer - they would know as soon as I tried to say "across" or tried to show them a place in Michigan on my hand :)

— On the neighbor message I want to move here
1:43 p.m.

Jessica - I have only lived in Bridgeport for a few years. In those few years I have been more involved in this neighborhood than any other neighborhood, in or out of Chicago, where I have lived. It is easy to feel at home in Bridgeport and it is exciting to be part of a neighborhood that is changing in so many positive ways.

If you decide to move here I encourage you to make a visit to First Trinity - you will meet many friends there. If you are not into the worship thing come for an event like Oktoberfest or one of the Community Meals -

I have seen Mormons here, but not Satan Worshippers. :)

There are gangs, and it is a problem, but I think that it is getting better.

— On the neighbor message I want to move here
7:35 a.m.

I am sure that you will see me and Morty!

— On the neighbor message Pet Boutique
1:32 p.m.

I just saw signs in the window. Don't think that they are open yet. That is why I am asking if anyone knows about it.

4:29 p.m.

35th and Halsted. Next to Chef AJ's.

4:18 p.m.

I am far more concerned with absentee and careless landlords than Section 8. We need more options to hold landlords accountable for their property. If they want to rent to jerks, then they should have to clean up after them. That goes for commercial property too - if they want to leave it empty, they should have to keep it clean.

But I do, appreciate the optimism. I hope to see far fewer empty storefronts by the end of 2013!

— On the neighbor message Wanna know what I see?
2:35 p.m.

Wishful thinking Maureen!

— On the neighbor message Wanna know what I see?
1:10 p.m.

Yes - 3120 S Halsted.

The way that events show up on Everyblock is confusing. The address is in the green above and the date and time is in bold above.

10:19 a.m.

Real cops never freak me out.

— On the neighbor message Guardian Angels
7:23 a.m.

Luis - I'm a 35 year old woman who wears solid skirts and button up shirts to work... and when I have seen the Guardian Angels when coming home after a late work night, they freaked me out.

— On the neighbor message Guardian Angels
7:21 a.m.

6:30 tonight

7:18 a.m.

We are having a community meal at First Trinity (31st and Lowe) on the 18th at 6. If you brought stuff, you would have an instant market research panel at your disposal!

4:09 p.m.

There is some great looking stuff here! Come quick before it's gone.

— On the neighborhood event Holidazzle at First Trinity
11:02 a.m.

We got a nice write up on DNA Info today. See you all tomorrow!

— On the neighborhood event Holidazzle at First Trinity
8:03 p.m.

I don't know anyone, but I have the secret to their beer bread! It's 3 cups of self rising flour and 1/2 cup of sugar :)

10:31 a.m.

31st Street has changed since they cut the route.

— On the neighborhood event Bridgeport Alliance Meeting
9:17 a.m.

Anyone can join. Send an email to to get on the mailing list. Anyone can come to a meeting. Our meetings are planned in advance and we stick to a very strict agenda. Usually they are around an hour.

The 31st street bus would help a lot of people. It is the issue on which most of our efforts are currently focused.

— On the neighborhood event Bridgeport Alliance Meeting
4:39 p.m.

Looks like they had a great action. I was there for a while, but I work a regular day-job so I could not stay.

— On the neighborhood event Bridgeport Alliance Meeting
3:58 p.m.

Not to try to change the subject, but, Todd - If you love to go out for breakfast you might check out Polo. They are only open for breakfast on Saturday from 9-2, but their food is great and reasonably priced. I am a fan of the Creme Brulee French Toast, but everything I've had is good.

— On the neighbor message Two black men acting suspicious
3:10 p.m.

Bridgeport Coffee is seeking a bartista.

— On the neighbor message Jobs in Bridgeport
9:24 a.m.

This is happening to my neighbor too. Good luck finding a place.

If you want to learn more about your rights during the foreclosure I highly recommend checking out Lawyer's Committee for Better Housing.

— On the neighbor message Apartment Hunting
7:18 a.m.

Updated vendor list -

Candy by Mike
Curried (1:30 - 4:00)
Ethically Engineered
Eugene Barnett & Associates
Holiday Cards, Decorations and More
Home Interiors
Images of America - Bridgeport
Mary Burke Fine Art
Meatloaf a Go-Go (11:30 - 2:00)
Mighty Media
Pinstripes & Paisley Vintage
Rainbow Hat Bakery
Stocking Stuffers
Tupperware by Shelly
Vintage Glassware
...And More!

— On the neighborhood event Holidazzle at First Trinity
10:19 p.m.

It is a bad thing, Todd, and I appreciate you alerting people to it. It's when a bit of vandalism becomes the "this neighborhood is really turning to sh##" that I get uncomfortable.

I'll be working with Maureen and others to organize another Clean and Green day on April 20. I hope some of you join us. Take that rage and apply it to vandalism and litter!

— On the neighbor message Christmas Lights vandal
2:38 p.m.

Well, Marg, don't worry, I'm here to stay. No one said I don't care, and anyone here who actually knows me will tell you that I certainly do care. I just prefer to get worked up over things that matter, like the serious, violent crimes that are happening, the poverty that is all around us and the health of our community. To me those are far more upsetting issues than some jerk teenagers (I assume) cutting someone's lights.

I hope someone finds the kids who are cutting lights. I hope that their parents punish them. And I sincerely hope that the police don't waste their time dealing with vandalism when there are far more important things for them to worry about.

— On the neighbor message Christmas Lights vandal
2:04 p.m.

I actually don't put lights outside. But when my garden was vandalized last summer I just shrugged and put it back together. I don't think it's cute, but it's also not something that I am going to get into a tizzy over.

— On the neighbor message Christmas Lights vandal
12:09 p.m.

Vandalism is mischief. We don't like it, but it is far from the worst problem we have.

— On the neighbor message Christmas Lights vandal
10:22 a.m.

Must have been an officer that called...

— On the neighbor message New commander at 9th District
10:21 a.m.

A little change on the food truck schedule:
Meatloaf a Go Go - 11:30 - 2:00
Curried - 1:30 - 4

There will also be baked goods, candy and treats inside!

— On the neighborhood event Holidazzle at First Trinity
1:52 p.m.

Angie - Friends of South Halsted is dedicated to saving the Ramova. Check out the facebook page for info -

— On the neighbor message Third Place in Bridgeport
12:08 p.m.

I live in a 2 bedroom apartment in a very old building. My rooms are not small, but they are narrow. I have less than a foot on either side of my bed, but could easily fit two beds the long way.

As for finding a place in Bridgeport, like other's have said, you really have to look and ask around.

4:53 p.m.

I think that she phrased her post poorly. If she had said that the animals were free to a good home, but I have spend X on the cage and would like to sell the cage it would not sound so bad. I had to give up a pet once (long ago) and it was heartbreaking. It's not fair to make assumptions.

— On the neighbor message Guinea pigs
4:47 p.m.

Bring your purchases by the Gift Wrap Table where volunteers and members of the Teen Talk Group will happily wrap your purchases for a suggested donation of $1. If you are wrapping-inept and would like to bring outside purchases, they will wrap those too. Drop them off when you come in and they should be ready by the time you are done shopping!

— On the neighborhood event Holidazzle at First Trinity
7:51 a.m.

I think that there are only 2 or 3 blocks in Bridgeport that have them. They are all over the north side. Residents have to request a permit zone. My block was a permit zone when I moved in so I am not sure what the process is after it is requested. I know that when I have guests I am really happy we have it. When my mom visits from Michigan and forgets to put a sticker on her car... I am not so happy about it :)

— On the neighbor message Courtesy Parking
9:45 a.m.

The permit does not guarantee a spot. It is actually part of the city sticker. On my block cars have to have the permit number on the city sticker (no extra charge) or have a visitor permit (about $.50) This is in addition to the White Sox permit that we have in the summer.

The only thing that it guarantees is that people visiting Wings and Rings or going to the Sox game cannot park on this block. That is... unless they know someone who lives here who gives them a visitor permit. Or someone who lives on the block sells permits.

— On the neighbor message Courtesy Parking
10:25 p.m.

Mar - those of us who pay for street permits don't mind the $0.50 (or whatever they end up costing) because it means that there is actually some parking left on our street. My block would be packed if not for permit parking.

— On the neighbor message Courtesy Parking
7:59 p.m.

Jim, the digging out and then marking as claimed I get. It's the "2 inches of snow! I am going to go claim my spot!" crowd that really ticks me off. I feel that if you didn't have to DIG you don't get dibs. Even if you do have to dig, I wish that people would be polite enough to leave spots that others worked for. The trash in the street is just a reminder to me that we live in an inconsiderate society.

— On the neighbor message Courtesy Parking
2:32 p.m.

People put dibs in the spots I shoveled out last winter, too. Once the snow piles up (which never happened last year) then I can kinda understand dibs, but more often than not it just seems like a land grab.

What really gets me is people who put out dibs during Sox games.

— On the neighbor message Courtesy Parking
11:38 a.m.

This is frustrating to me too. Especially in the winter when people start placing dibs. Last winter I actually went out and shoveled in between cars and dibs to try to encourage better parking. I don't even own a car, I just want to make sure that there is parking for guests. Sometimes people do park right, and then it looks like they did not when others leave, but sometimes they park 5 feet away from a hydrant or curb.

— On the neighbor message Courtesy Parking
10:03 a.m.

It is declared! Local Businesses - please link your page!!!/events/522174814459598/?context=create

— On the neighborhood event Holiday Bridgepop
7:07 p.m.

Small Business Saturday is too close to Black Friday and Thanksgiving. I think that we need to declare the 8th "Shop Local Saturday." At least here in Bridgeport!

— On the neighborhood event Holiday Bridgepop
6:34 p.m.

I know someone with a working VCR that he was just talking about getting rid of. I will see if he has yet.

— On the neighbor message I Need Help In Bridgeport
12:58 p.m.

Kelly, if you were ever going to bring small squiggly kids to church, Trinity might be the place. Service starts at 10:30 so it's no rush, and they really don't seem to be bothered by interruptions! Santa and I will look forward to seeing you on the 8th!

— On the neighborhood event Holidazzle at First Trinity
10:03 a.m.

I would really love to see a business plan in Bridgeport, and have spoken with others about this. However, I don't have the expertise to create or implement one.

A step in the right direction would be a business association (chamber of commerce) for Bridgeport businesses. I know that attempts to create one have been made, but the participation was not good. Perhaps with all these new businesses the time has come?

— On the neighbor message Third Place in Bridgeport
7:59 a.m.

Hooray! 7 is a start!

— On the neighbor message New places in Bridgeport?
7:57 a.m.

Lunch break? We will have Meatloaf a GO-Go and Curried between 11ish till 2ish. Stop by for a fancy meatloaf, a samosa and a bit of shopping! We will have space inside to relax with your lunch.

The vendor list is growing and we might get to see another food truck.

— On the neighborhood event Holidazzle at First Trinity
7:03 a.m.

JP - there is a used record/CD store... I don't know if it's cool or not but I have bought a few things there.

— On the neighbor message Third Place in Bridgeport
10:50 p.m.

If they all stayed open, and we all got out of our homes and walked around and perhaps enjoyed our neighborhood, I don't think it would be that scary.

Scarier to me is that so many businesses fail in our area. I would use the smaller shops more if I could get to them while they are open.

— On the neighbor message New places in Bridgeport?
2:53 p.m.

Jim - I hear that Zhou B cafe is now a wine bar.

I would like to see existing businesses open later in the evening. I don't get home till 6 and a lot of places are closed then.

— On the neighbor message Third Place in Bridgeport
1:13 p.m.

Ward Phone - 773-254-6677
Email -
Website -
Address - 3659 S Halsted
City Hall Phone - 312-744-6663

— On the neighbor message New garbage cans on Halsted
10:35 a.m.

I go to Jackalope a couple times a week. First Trinity far more often than reasonable :) Bernice's and Maria's whenever I have time for a drink.

— On the neighbor message Third Place in Bridgeport
10:22 a.m.

I would love to see more local businesses open when I shop. What's with closing up at 6:00 folks?

Maybe all of the businesses can agree to stay open till nine, just on third Fridays, when the art studios are open. It would really make the neighborhood feel alive!

— On the neighbor message New places in Bridgeport?
6:55 a.m.

The list is growing, but here is a start:

Gourmet Cupcakes
Gift Baskets
Guatemalan Crafts
Holiday Cards, Decorations and More
Images of America - Bridgeport
Mighty Media
Stocking Stuffers
Small-Batch Artisanal Ceramics
Vegan Nibbles
Vintage Clothing and Accessories
Vintage Glassware
...And More!

— On the neighborhood event Holidazzle at First Trinity
8:03 a.m.

Justin - Some businesses are part of the South Loop Chamber, but that is not just Bridgeport and far from all of the businesses.

— On the neighbor message New places in Bridgeport?
9 p.m.

We could still use a few vendors and food trucks. Tables are very reasonable! Please contact me at for info.

— On the neighborhood event Holidazzle at First Trinity
4:30 p.m.

I kind of like to have businesses in our community open rather than boarded up and vacant.

— On the neighbor message Security
3:46 p.m.

There is a food pantry at Benton House, but I don't know what they can and cannot accept.

— On the neighbor message Where to donate food for Thanksgiving?
11:06 a.m.

Oh, yeah, and Santa is going to be there. BYOC (bring your own camera) for free photos with Santa!

— On the neighborhood event Holidazzle at First Trinity
6:53 a.m.

First Lutheran Church of the Trinity. The church has been serving Bridgeport for nearly 150 years and provides services such as a Free, Volunteer Run Clothing Pantry, Community Meals, AA, Meeting Space for Community Groups, Teen Talk Group, Concert and Art Venue.

— On the neighbor message Calling Crafters, Artists, Vintage Collectors
6:02 a.m.

Sure, contact me directly at and I will get you the rest of the info this week. Thanks!

— On the neighbor message Calling Crafters, Artists, Vintage Collectors
10:44 p.m.

Or it does not have to be Christmassy :)

We area just not going for a garage sale type thing.

— On the neighbor message Calling Crafters, Artists, Vintage Collectors
9:29 p.m.

Arts, Crafts, Vintage, Collectibles, Food Trucks, Local Businesses, Anything Christmassy...

— On the neighbor message Calling Crafters, Artists, Vintage Collectors
9:27 p.m.

— On the neighbor message Dog walker/petsitter
2:27 p.m.

Why does fun stuff have to happen on Wednesday night (when I am in class till 9:30...)

I hope it goes well and comes back!

— On the neighborhood event Story Club South Side
4:02 p.m.

Sounds like you just ran into a bunch of random jerks. If I see them I might tell them that this neighborhood has a bad rep that we are trying really hard to shake, and that I would appreciate it if they kept their racist sentiments to themselves.

— On the neighbor message 35th and Halsted Racism
8:46 a.m.

That is weird... I live right around there and never have any issues. They must all be scared of my huge dog :-)

— On the neighbor message 35th and Halsted Racism
5:41 p.m.

I am trying to do a better job of reporting when empty lots are not kept up.

Owners of vacant and unimproved lots are responsible for their upkeep. Litter, debris and abandoned vehicles must be removed; weeds cannot be allowed to grow more than 10 inches tall.

— On the neighbor message Another Trash Can Gone
3:22 p.m.

A few years ago there was an Alligator in the river, just a half a block south. It was pretty exciting!

I missed the river clean up Sunday morning but really wanted to be there. I would love to hear more about it!

— On the neighbor message Positive Events?
2:41 p.m.

One note about couches - I moved a while ago and had an old couch that was useless that I wanted to get rid of. So I called 311 and asked how to get rid of it. They said, if I put it in the alley and no garbage pickers take it streets and sanitation would take it on the next regular pick up. I was surprised by this answer and even more surprised that there was no charge. So I called the local streets and sanitation and they told me the same thing.

— On the neighbor message Another Trash Can Gone
12:42 p.m.

There are always positive things going on at First Trinity - firsttrinitychic­ago.­org

— On the neighbor message Positive Events?
9:55 a.m.

Bridgeport Alliance is currently working to restore the 31st Street Bus and recently won an award from the Illinois Environmental Council for our role in the recent closings of the the Crawford and Fisk power plants.

— On the neighbor message Positive Events?
9:54 a.m.

Good question Mary. Several community groups got together last spring for a Clean and Green Day, and we will do it again this year. We cleaned the streets, and talked about how to improve our neighborhood. More trash cans was the number one topic.

I would love to see the alderman use some of the menu money to get trash compactors on every block of Halsted, and some other high traffic blocks.

Learn about the Capital Improvement Program here:

And... learn about how other neighborhoods participate in deciding how that money is spent:

— On the neighbor message Another Trash Can Gone
10:57 a.m.

As a person who walks their dog down Halsted everyday, I really want those cans! Cleaning up after one's dog is not convenient, but it's the right thing to do. Many people don't already and if they don't have somewhere to put the mess, it's just another excuse to not clean up.

— On the neighbor message Another Trash Can Gone
10:51 a.m.

I think we need cans at every bus stop... and have told the alderman that. He told me that the businesses don't want them.

— On the neighbor message Another Trash Can Gone
8:08 a.m.

I get my ham at John Hofmeister & Son, Inc. They are reasonable, and their ham is amazing. I go right to their factory and pick up the ham there. Address below:

2386 S Blue Island Avenue
Chicago, IL 60608
Neighborhood: Pilsen
(773) 847-0700

As for where to get a good turkey, I can't tell ya. My brother brings a turkey from a farm in Michigan.

— On the neighbor message Best butcher (s) in the neighborhood?
8:52 a.m.

I don't know in Pilsen, but Iron Street Farm has a community compost bin -

— On the neighbor message Compost and/or recycling spot?
5:16 p.m.

Don't they post signs before a run? They should!

— On the neighbor message Halsted between 16th and 18th Closed Off?
11:55 a.m.

I cannot imagine that the police take the time to read this page or follow up on the (let's call it what it is) gossip that happens here.

— On the neighbor message Suspicious Activity / Drug Transaction?
7:27 a.m.

It happens all the time. Post on it actually works sometimes. All the bike shops check it and watch for stolen bikes when people come in trying to sell or trade.

— On the neighbor message Bikes stolen from my backyard
12:52 p.m.

Oh! Darned! My mistake. Someone shared the article with me and I ran with it.

Ok, everyone, use VOTEFORJUDGES.ORG


— On the neighbor message Vote for Judges
11:08 a.m.

I think Lola is commenting on the part where he followed the car. That is dangerous.

— On the neighbor message Suspicious Activity / Drug Transaction?
9:09 a.m.

I'll remember that the park is not scary while I am walking my dog down Morgan in the wee hours tomorrow morning. I know the difference between scary and not scary, and frankly, a group of 10 or 20 entitled, rude kids hanging around in the park after dark who walk around like they have no regard for adults makes me kinda nervous. And when I biked by a group of at least 100 of them last night and one yelled "get her" I was pretty glad that they were apparently out of eggs by then. Yeah... that happened.

— On the neighbor message Armour Park
8 p.m.

I realize that it's not going to stop, and if a supervised event is planned, even in the same park, they will not come. They will go somewhere else, or more likely, just vandalize the neighborhood. It was not that long ago that we were all teenagers. Think about how you would have reacted to adults organizing and supervising your fun?

Now... if there were other, possibly more fun things to do, like a cosmic bowling costume party, maybe they would be too busy to show up at the park and throw eggs? Maybe only half the kids show up to the park next year and they think "no one is here, this is lame" and they forget about it next year?

— On the neighbor message Armour Park
1:15 p.m.

There are no gangs in the park, sure, but the teenagers who hang out there tend to have an enormous sense of entitlement and many people find them intimidating. If you ever spend time there in the evening, it can be scary.

I'm all for kids having a place to go, but I hate to see all the damage (eggs can cause damage) to neighbor's homes and cars. Besides, how many hungry families could those eggs feed?

I am in favor of finding more activities for the kids. I know they don't want to hang out at supervised parties, but if there were places for them, maybe they would not throw eggs on Halloween? When I was a kid we went to bowling alleys, arcades, skating rinks, all ages concerts and teen dance clubs. We had stuff to do. How do we get stuff for them to do in Bridgeport? Especially a bowling alley - I love bowling :)

— On the neighbor message Armour Park
1:01 p.m.

I don't think it's greed, Hello. I don't have kids, but if I did I would want to take them to where the most people would be, and the most lights would be on. It's no fun trick or treating where no one is passing out candy and you don't get to see other people's costumes.

— On the neighbor message Trick or Treat
8:12 a.m.

A neighbor told me that she just walked Halsted, from 35th to McGuane Park, and her kid had a grocery bag plus of candy just from the businesses. Good plan for next year!

— On the neighbor message Trick or Treat
7:40 a.m.

I live by 34th and Lituanica, and had lots of trick or treaters last year. However, I hear that east of Halsted is better.

— On the neighbor message Trick or Treat
2:50 p.m.

I don't really think that they will go over to Cermak. They have it too good at CVS and Cermak is only open grocery store hours.

I buy beer at Maria's but I don't think that they have much for wine or liquor. So when I am looking for a bloody mary or a bottle of wine in the neighborhood, I go to CVS. It will be nice to have other options!

— On the neighbor message Here's why CVS should provide better security
4:09 p.m.

It does not help that the place is just ugly.

I've also noticed that this is a house that calls "dibs" on street parking during Sox games. Rude.

9:07 p.m.

According to a sign in Cermak they will be carrying liquor soon. I have no other reason to go to CVS.

— On the neighbor message Here's why CVS should provide better security
9:02 p.m.

Last year I went outside at about 5, and sat on my steps till about 8. Had bunches of trick or treaters. After I went in, at least a dozen rang the bell. This was at 34th and Halsted. I went through about a 5 gallon stock pot filled with candy and toys, passing out a small handful to each child. Plus a half a dozen dog biscuits.

I am sad that I can't pass out candy this year because I have a class that night. It's great to see so many kids out!

— On the neighbor message Trick or Treating
7:46 p.m.

Darn! I forgot that this was today. I knew that there was something (other than laundry) that I wanted to do today!

4:45 p.m.

From their facebook page:

Mon - Fri: 6:30 am - 7:30 pm
Sat: 7:00 am - 7:00 pm
Sun: 8:00 am - 6:00 pm

— On the neighbor message jackalope is open and excellent
6:27 p.m.

First Trinity (31st and Lowe) has a community center and lets groups use it for all sorts of meetings. Call Pastor Tom (312) 842-7390.

12:35 p.m.

I lived in a house where the landlord paid for the internet and cable, and split it between the three apartments. It was probably not permitted but I never thought to ask. The trouble was that I use my internet for work, and when both neighbors were sharing the same wifi signal, it moved really slow. If I had not moved I would have probably ended up getting my own internet anyway.

— On the neighbor message Share WiFi
12:29 p.m.

What kind of work?

— On the neighbor message looking for a job
7:41 a.m.

What kind of work?

— On the neighbor message looking for a job
7:40 a.m.

Vote for Judges - this makes it easy!

— On the neighbor message Early Voting Starts Tommorrow!
1:46 p.m.

Monster Island Toys seems to have disappeared months ago. I had heard that they were just relocating to another spot on the block but I don't see them anywhere. Am I just missing it?

— On the neighbor message kinda cool-something new
9:39 a.m.

The pop up shops were part of Versionfest. This was a very "above the board" festival that has been happening annually for many years.

There were at least 2 groups of protesters here but none of them had anything to do with Versionfest or the pop up shops. Some stayed at a church, were picked up and dropped off by a bus and were very careful not to cause any trouble in our neighborhood. The others had their own lodging (or were maybe staying in private homes.) You know about them because they have been on the news.

I am excited to see a new store. I was walking by on Friday but could not pop in since I had my dog with me. I could tell from the outside that some of my holiday shopping will take place there. Good luck Bridgeport Comics and Games. I hope that you are here for a long time!

— On the neighbor message kinda cool-something new
7:56 a.m.

If you are interested in grassroots organizing, Bridgeport Alliance is for you! Contact us at or check out our blog -

Our next general meeting will be Thursday. October 25, 7:00PM, First Trinity Community Center, First Floor, 643 West 31st St.

We are currently working on reinstating the 31st street bus. Other issues that members are interested in include participatory budgeting and energy aggregation.

— On the neighbor message Volunteer Work
10:36 p.m.

Thanks, but I actually do park in the garage. It's not just the parking that is the problem. The store is nearly always crowded and not laid out well.

— On the neighbor message Grocery store
5:56 p.m.

The particular peanut butter story that I shared is nearly two years old... it was the night that my dog was neutered. I stopped for the peanut butter because the vet said it would help him with his medicine. I only went to WF that day because it was the same building as the vet. Anyway, if there was recall we are far out of the danger zone!

— On the neighbor message Grocery store
9:45 p.m.

They don't have enough manpower to guard their cars. They don't have enough manpower to show up unless someone pulls out a gun.

12:44 p.m.

The trouble with Whole Foods and Trader Joe's is that you may only spend 10 minutes driving there, but you will spend at least 20 navigating their parking lot!

It once took me nearly 40 minutes to pick up a jar of peanut butter at the Whole Foods in the south loop. That is how long it took me to park, navigate the store and check out! If it had not been on my way I would not have stopped, and it turned out that it would have taken me less time to go out of my way!

— On the neighbor message Grocery store
12:38 p.m.

If you are talking about grocery stores, I agree with others that we have plenty. If you are talking about big box type retail, we don't have room for them in existing buildings (and who wants them anyway.) If you are talking about the 30 some empty storefronts between 39th and Archer on Halsted, that is a problem. I am aware of three rather recent additions, Jackalope, Kawa and Hardscrabble, but we do need more. The owners of these empty buildings need to work harder to find and keep tenets. As citizens we need to support local businesses by shopping local.

— On the neighbor message Grocery store
11:24 a.m.

I don't know that trainer. We used the school at Petsmart and had great results. Our classes were around $100 for 5 weeks (I's been a while.) No matter what trainer you use, it only works if you follow through.

11:19 a.m.

How Do I Appeal My Property Tax Bill?

— On the neighbor message Appealing real estate taxes
11:14 a.m.

Also, while I appreciate that our neighborhood needs families to thrive, there is more than just a "little bit of positive" coming out of Bridgeport!

7:24 a.m.

Well, then... I guess we should just give up and let the gang bangers win.

6:50 a.m.

Last Halloween my dog and I got dressed up and sat on the front steps passing out candy all night. We both had a great time! This year, I have a class on Halloween and will not be able to pass out candy. I'm pretty sad about it.

This is only my second Halloween in Bridgeport, but I agree, the sense of community here is greater than anywhere else that I have ever lived. In just two years I have met and made friends with more people, and gotten more involved in my community, than anywhere else that I have ever lived.

— On the neighbor message Halloween is Fast Approaching
6:48 a.m.

Anyone have anything to say about Oliver's? I cannot find a menu online and wondered how it is. My main questions: How to dress and what to plan on spending. Thanks!

6:07 p.m.

Check out what Oak Park has to say -
"...100-percent green sources like wind and solar, while still saving local customers about a 25 percent..."

And Skokie -
"In the first year alone, Skokie residents and small businesses are expected to save between 26% and 47% on the supply portion of their electricity bills."

— On the neighbor message Community Choice
11:32 a.m.

Morty can't wait!

— On the neighbor message Pet Blessing at First Trinity Sunday 10:30am
5:55 p.m.

Please do make the police report.

They have done that on my block in the past, just hitting a few cars in a row. It's rude. And while the chances of finding the culprits are pretty slim, police reports become part of the statics that decide how many officers are needed in the area. Plus, your insurance might require one.

— On the neighbor message Car Window Broken
12:29 p.m.

I have my opinion on this referendum, and I am happy to see that others have an opinion. I mostly posted this because I think people should know about it before they vote.

Here is another article that came out yesterday

— On the neighbor message Community Choice
11:01 a.m.

Bridgeport Alliance has discussed and researched organizing around encouraging Alderman Balcer to bring Participatory Budgeting to the 11th Ward, but we've kind of put it on the back burner while working on the 31st Street Bus campaign. Maybe it's time to start talking about it again? What do you think?

If you are interested and want to get involved email us at:

3:04 p.m.

I think that Mort and I will stop by in the morning... though, he can't have a pumpkin since he would just try to eat it!

1:45 p.m.

I don't know, I am just reposting from the 11th Ward site. Their number is (773) 254-6677

— On the neighborhood event Flu Shot!
3:48 p.m.

I don't mind the term transplant; I mind the implications in the rest of your statement.

Bridgeport is a great neighborhood and it is constantly getting better. I don't care if it is one death or 100, I don't want gangs killing each other (or innocent bystanders) in our streets. I don't want new businesses to get scared away by the latest tragedy. I am not very involved with CAPS or the Citizen's Group but I commend those who are and can't imagine referring to people who want to work toward making Bridgeport a safer neighborhood "whiners."

12:49 p.m.

Also, it's not just transplants. A lot of the people who are talking about the issues have lived here most or all of their lives.

(for full disclosure I am a transplant. I don't understand why people who were born here feel that people who chose to live here have less right to care)

7:21 a.m.

I don't think that people are whining about it, they are making an effort to change it.

Ok... maybe some are whining :) But really, those who want to live in a nice neighborhood, including being able to walk down Morgan should be encouraged.

7:19 a.m.

I love the idea, however, I would be concerned that there is not enough of a market for your products. We don't have a trendy bakery, but we do have a lot of bakeries that make a quality product.

I am not the best judge of this sort of thing because I bake. Therefore, even with Ace, Bridgeport Bakery and several nearby bakeries, I know that I only actually visit them for sweets and breads maybe once every couple of months. Hopefully people who frequent bakeries will be able to give a good opinion.

— On the neighbor message Possible New Business to the Area
9:37 a.m.

God's Closet at First Lutheran Church of the Trinity (643 W. 31st St.) is currently in need of fall and winter jackets, shoes, and other clothing for kids, especially for ages 4-7. We are also in need of Halloween Costumes so our kids can go trick-or-treating in style. God's Closet is a ministry of First Trinity and is completely volunteer organized and operated. All items in the closet are completely free of cost to the community. All donations are greatly appreciated, and receipts for your tax-deductible donation are available upon request. Thank you!

— On the neighborhood event Oktoberfest at First Trinity
6:38 a.m.

Stopped in on my way to work. Blueberry muffin was good, coffee was great! Don't let the lack of sign fool you, they are open and ready!

— On the neighbor message jackalope is open and excellent
2:30 p.m.

I have the distinct pleasure of spending the day tomorrow picking up raffle prizes and supplies from local businesses! Thank you:

BlueCity Cycles
Bridgeport Coffee
Buffalo Wings and Rings
Filbert's Rootbeer
Images of America: Bridgeport
Jackalope Coffee and Tea
Johnny O's
Morrie O'Malley's
NaiJones Global Artistry
Polo Café
Video Strip

— On the neighborhood event Oktoberfest at First Trinity
11:08 a.m.

I second Polo. Their banquet room is fantastic and Dave is great!

— On the neighbor message Need Recommendation for Wedding Reception
7 p.m.

According to:

"For building-related complaints (for example, to report a property that is in violation of the City of Chicago Building Code), dial 311."

FYI - Can My Landlord Evict Me for Having My Building Inspected?

— On the neighbor message How to Report Building Code Violations
3:08 p.m.

There is a big patch of graffiti on a wall near where I live that I called in on Friday. Then I filled out the online form on Monday. It's still there. It's a white wall and I have a can of white spray paint... I just don't have the guts to do it!

— On the neighbor message Graffiti Removal
3:02 p.m.

Bernice's has open mic night on Thursday... you will meet other musicians there.

— On the neighbor message Any musicians in Bridgeport?
7:37 a.m.

I know a lot of musicians in Bridgeport, what I don't know is many music venues in Bridgeport.

— On the neighbor message Any musicians in Bridgeport?
8:19 p.m.

Lovely weather expected for Sunday!

— On the neighborhood event Oktoberfest at First Trinity
10:51 a.m.

Can't wait to see this place open!

— On the business license JACKALOPE COFFEE & TEA HOUSE
12:58 p.m.

Cheap Eats! Raffle! Polka Music! Tell your friends!

— On the neighborhood event Oktoberfest at First Trinity
8:09 p.m.

We are getting very excited about Oktoberfest and have some really cool raffle prizes. I hope to see a lot of you there!

— On the neighborhood event Oktoberfest at First Trinity
7:20 a.m.

Do it! Only today and tomorrow left!

9:34 a.m.

Now I really can't wait. I am quite curious about your party pants!

7:16 a.m.

Looking forward to this... tomorrow night!

6:49 a.m.

I have been on the train with Guardian Angels too, and always feel like they are looking for a fight. And I could not look more innocent if I were wearing a habit!

— On the neighbor message Guardian Angels
2:28 p.m.

I've not been to Francas...

Zaytune is at 3129 S Morgan

— On the neighbor message Where to eat!?
12:33 p.m.

Bike enthusiasts and bike shop owners check this registry often. It's worth a shot!

— On the neighbor message Bike Stolen at IIT
6:57 a.m.

Oh - and Cermak having booze would be brilliant... but where would they put it? How would they handle the extra traffic? That store and parking lot are congested as it is.

11:49 a.m.

It sounds to me like the decision maker here is whomever owns the plaza. Perhaps that is who needs to be held responsible. I don't go into that store often but I do feel that more lights and an outdoor security staff (perhaps employed by the landlord?) would help.

Just don't take away the only place I can pick up a bottle of gin after work... please!

11:47 a.m.

I am not aware of a boxer party. I have a nephew who is a boxer and I can't think of any place in Chicago outside of a ball park that could contain his energy!

— On the neighbor message Pug Party
7:41 a.m.

That may have been an excuse used, but the "protest" that occurred on Halsted was not planned very far in advance at all. Certainly not back in April.

— On the neighbor message Garbage bins on Halsted
1:01 p.m.

I don't think the removal (in Bridgeport) had anything to do with NATO. I had a conversation with the alderman on this issue he never mentioned NATO. My conversation was in April, and several neighbors had been talking about it before then.

Other areas did remove cans during NATO but it was reported in the papers.

You can ask just about anyone who walks their dog on Halsted... the can shortage has been going on too long.

— On the neighbor message Garbage bins on Halsted
11:43 a.m.

I was in CVS not long ago and my friend asked an employee why they did not call the police. He said that they did... half an hour ago.

— On the neighbor message On the Side of Subway
9:53 a.m.

Honestly, I think that there should be one at every bus stop. That may seem like overkill, but it is the reality in many other neighborhoods.

— On the neighbor message Garbage bins on Halsted
3:49 p.m.

Well, right! But with so many people raving I had hoped for more. I will go back someday and order something different and maybe it will improve my opinion of the place.

— On the neighbor message Where to eat!?
2:58 p.m.

Good luck, Andrew. I am sure you remember this conversation from last April.

— On the neighbor message Garbage bins on Halsted
2:48 p.m.

I find it interesting that no one has mentioned Schaller's. It had been heavily recommended to me, mostly by people in the burbs. When I finally went it was such a let down that I have not been back. I figured that maybe I ordered the wrong thing, but as no one is suggesting it... maybe it's just not that great?

— On the neighbor message Where to eat!?
11:47 a.m.

Check God's Closet, the free clothing pantry in the community center at First Trinity.

Friday 10-noon
Sunday after church
Tuesday 5-7

— On the neighbor message Need Baby Clothes
9:36 a.m.

Proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy, right?!

— On the neighbor message Save the Date!
1:49 p.m.

Please do! I think it's going to be great fun!

Also - everyone is welcome to join for worship Oktoberfest day (or any Sunday) at 10:30 am. We will be having services outside that morning!

— On the neighbor message Save the Date!
9:49 a.m.

Morty (pictured left) loves the take out window at Freddie's because he knows he's getting Italian Ice!

— On the neighbor message Where to eat!?
9:35 a.m.

J - I went to Calabruzzi a few times when they were first open and had a terrible dine-in experience. Bad service, loud TVs, just not good. But I've enjoyed their food.

Assuming that you dine in there, has it gotten any better? I would really like to try the place again.

— On the neighbor message Where to eat!?
6:45 a.m.

I take out of towners to Connie's often. Especially kids... they love it there! In case anyone does not know, get on their email list for a code for $10 large pizzas on Mondays.

— On the neighbor message Where to eat!?
6:43 a.m.

Jim - thank you for reminding me of Amelia's. I keep forgetting about it and really need to go!

Just last night I had Phil's. I get the sausage and garlic, and when I get home I add extra fennel seed and hot sauce. For me, it is the best pizza I've ever had.

The place on your list I've not been to is Franco's. Where is that?

— On the neighbor message Where to eat!?
6:19 p.m.

I've not tried Chef AJ's or Zebra yet and they are both super close to where I live. I need to get out and try them.

I agree with you that Pleasant House is a little pricey for the size of the items, but I can honestly say I have never been disappointed in the food. The thing that I think they call gravy chips is one of my favorite comfort foods.

— On the neighbor message Where to eat!?
2:34 p.m.

Ok, I'll start:

On Saturdays I love to go to Polo for Creme Brulee French Toast.

Cork and Kerry serves one of my favorite burgers; it has chorizo and avocado on top!

Zaytune has by far the best falafel I have ever eaten. Their steak shawarma wrap is a favorite too.

— On the neighbor message Where to eat!?
1:55 p.m.

Actually... my mistake. The WGN spot is not about the Race Out Loud series, but the book, Images of America: Bridgeport. You should still check it out!

— On the neighbor message Bridgeport on Race: Out Loud
9:22 a.m.

More on WGN-TV at 11:00 AM today!!!

— On the neighbor message Bridgeport on Race: Out Loud
9:20 a.m.

Want to get involved? You are welcome to come to the next Bridgeport Alliance meeting, September 13. Our main issue right now is the 31st street bus. Email to get on the mailing list.

— On the neighbor message WTF Bridgeport?
1:21 p.m.

We don't have a lot of bars but we have great ones! Maria's and Bernice's are my favorites.

— On the neighbor message Thinking about moving to Bridgeport
6:46 p.m.

What makes me feel safe is knowing my neighbors and knowing that they know me. Prior to moving to Bridgeport I had lived in 3 different Chicago neighborhoods, and one nearby suburb. Bridgeport is the first place that I ever made friends just walking down the street. In two years I know more people in this neighborhood than I did in all of those other neighborhoods combined.

Yep, there are issues, and they sure do get publicized. But there is also a great sense of community. I hope to welcome you to the neighborhood. If you want to get involved in some community organizing while you are here, please get in touch!

— On the neighbor message Thinking about moving to Bridgeport
3:57 p.m.

I nearly never make the CAPS meetings, and not for lack of wanting to... it just never seems to fit in my schedule. I am, however, interested in hearing about them. Can you share why you felt that way?

— On the neighbor message Not Rich, Nor Poor.... Just Bridgeport
4:15 p.m.

Sorry to bump such an old conversation, but I wanted to spread the word about a new campaign that SOUL (Southsiders Organized for Unity and Liberation) have launched. - Bronzeville Arts and Rec Center.

Check out the facebook page here -

Looks like they are in the early stages, but these folks get results!

— On the neighbor message I'm Ready for Action
3:40 p.m.

Are you talking about the spot next to the record store? I am not sure who owns that space, but Neil in the record store is the person to talk to about stuff in that window.

— On the neighbor message What is this store? Halsted & 33rd
10:06 a.m.

Ms. Creaulait - You can get one from the Bridgeport Citizens Group at the CAPS meeting. Or, I think that their email is

— On the neighbor message What's an emergency?
10:49 a.m.

How long did you wait with no response? If I were you I would go to the next CAPS meeting and bring it up.

— On the neighbor message What's an emergency?
6:05 p.m.

Anyone interested in hearing more updates and getting involved in this issue is welcome to come to the Bridgeport Alliance meeting TOMORROW, Thursday, August 9, 7:00 PM, Br. David Darst Center, 2834 S Normal.

Blog -
Facebook -!/cta31
E-Mail -

7:44 p.m.

I am reposting this from because it is awesome! Go to the library!

12:32 p.m.

Here is what I think happened - the neighbor requested the tree for their own yard. A year or so later the city decided to plant one. They got to your block, and dropped it in your yard. The neighbor looked out the window and said "what the heck, I requested a tree over a year ago. How did they get a tree so quick!?"

2:31 p.m.

Kelly, I don't think that there is a children menu, but I have been there with my niece and nephew (6 and 12 at the time) and they enjoyed it.

Linda, I am sad to hear that but would like to assure you that I have been going there at least a couple times a month since I've lived in Bridgeport and have had nothing but pleasant conversations with Dave. Maybe it was an off day?

Justin - Yes on the Eggs Benidicto!

Paul - Last time I was there Dave was talking about something he was calling Petite Polo Cafe, that sounded like a great idea. I hope that it happens.

— On the neighbor message Groupon in the neighborhood
6:39 a.m.

I am going to try not to duplicate Justin, but here are some places he may have missed:

Kawa on 34th and Halsted - BYOB sushi
Mitchell's at 34th and Halsted - sports bar, great garden
The building at 35th and Racine is Bridgeport Arts Center - check out all the open galleries on the 3rd Friday of every month.
Cork and Kerry, Turtles - Sports bars near Sox Park
Simones and Skylark - Just north in Pilsen. Great places to bike to!

I would like to add that Bernice's has Bingo (Stingo!) on Wednesday and Open Mic on Thursday. Check those out!

Maria's is a great bar for old folk like me till about 10, after that it gets too loud. Depending on what you are into you might just love that.

One thing, if you want to get to places conveniently I highly recommend biking. This neighborhood is great, but spread out. Too close to drive too far to walk.

There is about to be another coffee shop! Jackalope, on Halsted. In the cul du sac near the bike shop.

— On the neighbor message 20 somethings scene
7:05 a.m.

Maureen, I assume that you can, but I don't know. Some of the dumpsters actually say "no phonebooks."

What I would really like to do is return them to sender!

— On the neighbor message The new phone book's here!
6:15 p.m.

I've tried opting out. It did not work. Not one person in the house I live in is in the phone book, so I figure we don't exist and they should not get them.

I actually caught the person dropping off where I work and said "no thanks" and they did not leave it. It was amazing!

— On the neighbor message The new phone book's here!
6:12 p.m.

There are a lot of native Bridgeportians who will quickly tell you that "Armour Square is in Bridgeport."

I am not a native and don't really know the boundaries, but I have been informed of this more than once by more than a few people.

— On the neighbor message Stolen Vehicle in Bridgeport
7 a.m.

Hey, Bulldog, as a former Evergreen resident and current Bridgeport resident... I gotta tell you that Bridgeport is pretty awesome. There might be some issues but it's got loads of charm! Please don't call us "used to be decent." Thanks.

— On the neighbor message Walgreens 103/western/Streetwise vendor
3:02 p.m.

I would like to agree with you Vee, but more often they just ads, not coupons.

I try to make a point of looking at the Bridgeport news, but I also have issues with the way that they add content. One time they printed the email that I sent to businesses about about an event rather than the press release for the public. Half the neighborhood probably already has my personal phone number, but that does not mean that I want it in the paper!

I really think that they could save money and still attract advertisers if rather than printing and distributing copies to every house in the area, they printed about half as many copies and made them available at restaurants, coffee shops, churches and stores. I would be far more likely to read the Bridgeport News while eating pancakes at George's than I ever will at home.

— On the neighbor message Chicago Tribune LOCAL VALUES Overload
9:30 a.m.

Sarah, Welcome to the Southside! A great way to feel safe in a new area is to get to know your neighbors. Seek out and meet the people on your block, go to community meetings or events, and talk to people.

— On the neighbor message Safe-ish to move here?
6:11 p.m.

Hey Frank - just so you know, Eastbank, Zhou Bros. and other galleries and studios are open the third Friday of every month... no need to wait a year!

10:21 p.m.

I hope to see you there!

— On the neighbor message Bridgeport Alliance Meeting
10:07 a.m.

Kelly - I can't speak for New Life but if you are looking for a liberal church I suggest checking out First Trinity. They are a small congregation, and their website needs updating, but it is a great group of very open minded, community oriented people.

Of course, finding a place that is right with you is most important so I hope that someone from New Life replies so that you can have plenty of options!

— On the neighbor message New Life Community Church - Bridegport
10:05 a.m.

You might be interested in contacting these folks -

They have been vital in getting Bridgeport Alliance organized.

— On the neighbor message I'm Ready for Action
12:32 p.m.

31st and Morgan

1:36 p.m.

I think what is up is that they are doing their jobs. I am really glad to hear that they are there.

— On the neighbor message Cops on Carpenter alleys
4:56 p.m.

I don't make it to the food trucks as often as I would like, but every time has been a great experience. When weather permits, Morty enjoys it too :)

— On the neighbor message Maria's bar
9:48 a.m.

Benton House has a community garden.

— On the neighbor message Is there a community garden in Bridgeport?
9:37 a.m.

I have boarded my dog at Pet Smart, and he enjoys it.

Or contact Maureen at - My Morty just loves her :)

— On the neighbor message Looking for Reasonable Place to Board Dog
12:03 p.m.

Brighter lights? Sounds like a good start, and just the kind of thing that Capital Improvement Program funds could be used to support.

We don't have participatory budgeting here in the 11th ward, but we do have the ability to call the alderman with suggestions as to how we would like to see that money used.

— On the neighbor message After the SmokeOut....
11:29 a.m.

My mac products have lasted 5 years or more, and work great. That said, it will bring people into the area to spend money. That is all that counts.

— On the neighbor message Apple store near Bronzeville...finally!
6:58 a.m.

Rain or Shine!!!

— On the neighborhood event Bike or Roll the 31st Street Bus Route!
4:21 p.m.

Curtis, I don't understand why you feel so confident that they would not come. Food trucks come to Bridgeport and do very well. They don't care if the people in the area are poor or wealthy, they only care if they can sell a $7 taco (or whatever they happen to sell.)

Neighbors on the south side deserve to have nice things, just like the people up north have. It just takes someone to make it happen.

— On the neighbor message Bring Food trucks to Bronzeville
11:30 a.m.

It started as part of Version Festival but was so popular that they have keep doing it. The food trucks set up in the lot behind Maria's, so I would suggest contacting Ed at Maria's for information.

Really though, if you have a space that you have a right to use, I think it is as simple as inviting food trucks and letting people know that it is happening.

— On the neighbor message Food Trucks in Bridgeport Saturday
5:53 a.m.

Below 14th a no go? They sell out at 31st and Morgan every Saturday and appear to do well when they are at 35th and Racine. They just need a place to go and people to know that they are coming.

— On the neighbor message Bring Food trucks to Bronzeville
8:57 a.m.

I talked to a restaurant owner near 31st and Morgan who tells me that the Saturday night food trucks at Maria's have not had any effect on his business. He actually said that even though some regulars might choose the food trucks, new customers have been coming in.

— On the neighbor message Bring Food trucks to Bronzeville
7:05 a.m.

Red 5x5 - can you name a "Latino Only" community group?

— On the neighbor message Gang Issues
6:14 a.m.

This is going to be a great time on Saturday. If you've not yet checked out the 31st street beach, this is a perfect time!

If you can't bike, there is parking by the beach, myself and a few others will meet up at the beach around 10:30 to set up.

"Bus Stops" below:

Ride begins at LVEJO Office , 10AM.

Bus Stop #2: The Video Strip, McKinley Park
(3307 S Archer Ave - One block west of Wood St)

Bus Stop#3: First Lutheran Church of the Trinity, Bridgeport
(31st and Lowe Ave.)

Bus Stop#4: Christ the Mediator Church, Bronzeville
(31st and Calumet)

Final Stop and Press Conference: 31st Street Beach!
(31st and Lake Michigan)


— On the neighborhood event Bike or Roll the 31st Street Bus Route!
4:21 p.m.

Thanks for the info on the Troubled Buildings Initiative.

— On the neighbor message Gang Issues
3:47 p.m.

Are you talking about this place?

— On the neighbor message Houst at 31st & Lituanica
3:28 p.m.

I don't know much about the laws, but a food truck owner recently told me that he had to be invited to show up somewhere.

Some of the rules (according to

- Food trucks parked on public streets are not allowed to sell food before 10 AM or after 10 PM
- Food trucks may not prepare fresh meals-
- Food trucks may not park in a single place for more than two hours
- Food trucks must be at least 200 feet from any retail establishment that also sells food, including convenience stores like 7-Eleven.

— On the neighbor message Bring Food trucks to Bronzeville
11:42 a.m.

I apologize for the typo in the first paragraph. Obviously, I mean "bus" not "but."

Also, check out our new blog -

It's new and does not have a lot of info, yet, but it does have a calendar of events and will have information about any future meetings, actions and events.

— On the neighborhood event Bike or Roll the 31st Street Bus Route!
11:56 a.m.

There is also an online form for graffiti removal -

— On the neighbor message Gang Issues
6:42 a.m.

If you are on facebook follow Maria's. They invite the food trucks to their parking lot. I believe that as long as people keep coming, the food trucks will keep showing up.

— On the neighbor message Food Trucks in Bridgeport Saturday
6:38 a.m.

Nice work on the phone calls, friends! Balcer voted yes, and so did 12 other aldermen on the Committee on Public Safety. Now we just wait till the city council votes. I am so hopeful that our police will be able to focus on more important issues!

2:51 p.m.

Wanna see how some other wards do it?

That's nice!

10:49 a.m.

Done. I am guessing from the response that people are calling, both in favor and against. That is good. We all need to speak up. I just hope that more people who agree with me speak up. :)

1:41 p.m.

That photo is just looking for someone with a few minutes to photoshop it!

I hope this passes. It is a step toward decriminalization, which is a step toward saving money, time and lives. The fine is nearly a tax, and a tax that if I ever decide to take up the habit again, I would gladly pay.

— On the neighbor message Quinn looks like he has a pretty good buzz
1:16 p.m.

I tried calling last night, of course no one was there and no voice mail or answering machine picked up. I've also never been able to find an email address to reach Mr. Balcer. I will call on my lunch break today. It's hard for 9-5 ers to reach the 11 ward.

I think that they vote tomorrow so this is the time to call!

10:35 a.m.

I've been car-free since moving to Chicago in 2001. Just not worth it to me. I did however go to the city clerks office at lunch a few days ago to get guest passes... yikes! The line was out the door!

— On the neighbor message City Sticker Day at the 11th Ward Office
9:49 a.m.

I would guess in their old loading dock. That is where the Mash Tun Festival was. Very cool space.

I can't find a photo that really shows it, but these are close:

— On the neighbor message Hey, Dogs!
3:43 p.m.

I do hope that means you are making a call!

I have not yet called (at work) but will when I get home.

The only way that our elected officials know what we want is if we tell them... and tell them... and remind them... and remind them one more time...

1:37 p.m.

I am bumping this because it is coming up next week.

— On the neighbor message City Sticker Day at the 11th Ward Office
1:15 p.m.

We need ANY dog park in Bridgeport!

— On the neighbor message Hey, Dogs!
12:37 p.m.

Off leash would be awesome. I hope so too!

— On the neighbor message Hey, Dogs!
12:22 p.m.

Kristina, you know I will be there, but I think it might help other people decide if they had an idea of when the bus will be coming back?

— On the neighborhood event Help Fight Hunger in Bridgeport
4:14 p.m.

Yes - in the community center, first floor kitchen. I look forward to seeing you both!

— On the neighborhood event Bridgeport Alliance Meeting
2:22 p.m.

Outside of Rocky's

— On the neighbor message stabbing
1:58 p.m.

We are looking for people who want to get involved! Our meetings are structured and usually only last an hour and a half. If you are passionate about the community and have a little time to spare, then you owe it to yourself to find out what BA is all about!

— On the neighborhood event Bridgeport Alliance Meeting
1:40 p.m.

The Art Bowl already happened... it was on May 10.

— On the media mention Art of the Bowl @ Benton House
7:05 a.m.

I don't know! It's so close that my house is good parking :) And yet, we've not yet been. Joel grabbed a groupon so maybe we will get there this weekend...

— On the neighbor message Groupon for Kawa
1:17 a.m.

I used to enjoy the fireworks. This year I am very concerned about them. My dog, you see, has a little Don Quixote in him and feels that he needs to challenge any dragons that happen to come our way. Only from inside the house and (according to the neighbors) only when I am home. Sirens and fireworks wake him from a dead sleep and he goes charging toward the window with a warning howl that could wake the dead.

I heard non-White Sox fireworks last night. I have a feeling that I am going to have a rather sleepless summer. Hopefully it gets better when we close the windows and turn on the AC.

— On the neighbor message Two Big Booms Last Night
4:06 p.m.

Pugs, and other dogs, should come to this -!/events/477121065646809/?notif_t

— On the neighbor message Food Trucks...
10:24 a.m.

Is BooBoo your pug? If I go I will bring Morty and we can watch them wiggle :)

— On the neighbor message Food Trucks...
9:36 a.m.

Is BooBoo your pug? If I go I will bring Morty so we can watch them wiggle :)

— On the neighbor message Food Trucks...
9:35 a.m.

It's not about the cleaning. The cleaning is just something to do while we show up, and show the troublemakers that we live here and want to have a nice place. If you don't like the idea that's fine, but if others do, I am happy to organize a "show-up."

— On the neighbor message CVS/Dunkin Donuts Plaza
9:04 a.m.

To clarify - the reason I can't do it alone is that one person cleaning up trash is a loony, 10 or more people is a visible presence. If people are interested in doing this but can't do it tomorrow, I would be happy to work with others to plan a time, perhaps make it a monthly thing. A visible presence of trash picker uppers does not solve the problem but it would be a message to the loiterers and the people who should be doing something about them.

— On the neighbor message CVS/Dunkin Donuts Plaza
7:18 a.m.

Pat, I agree with what you are saying except one thing - "...if we keep working together to bring attention to it, something will be done."

We are way beyond the time for attention. It is time for direct pressure. If citizens really want to see the area cleaned up, then they need to write the letter, send the email, pick up the phone and demand it.

Perhaps it's time for action? Would anyone be willing to meet me Friday night, 7 ish, to clean litter from the lot and make a visible presence? I am happy to show up with trash bags and put in the effort, but I can't do it alone.

— On the neighbor message CVS/Dunkin Donuts Plaza
6:43 a.m.

Goodness knows that Morty and I are out walking a plenty! He knows more people than I do! I want to mention that walking with a dog may be more fun, but people without dogs should walk too. If you are going somewhere close, walk there. If you can visit a local business, it not only helps the local business but it gives you someplace close to walk to. Be visible with or without a pet.

— On the neighbor message Crime
6:34 a.m.

I don't know for sure, but I think that as long as people keep visiting the food trucks, they will keep showing up.

— On the neighbor message Food Trucks...
6:19 a.m.

My opinions are as follows:
Selling alcohol is not the problem
Allowing people to loiter is the problem
I like it when officers as how my night is going
Maria's has better beer
I think we agree :)

— On the neighbor message CVS/Dunkin Donuts Plaza
7:22 p.m.

I am going to have to agree to disagree with both of you. I honestly believe that the issue is more about a lack of response to the people causing the problem and that limiting what shoppers can buy would only mean that there will be less people actually shopping at the store, and more opportunity for a dangerous element to hang around.

But what do I know... I only go there about once every couple of months because frankly, navigating their parking lot is too much of a hassle to make it worth stopping. Besides, Maria's has better beer :)

— On the neighbor message CVS/Dunkin Donuts Plaza
4:19 p.m.

Do they actually sell liquor 24 hours? I did not think that was legal in IL?

My point, and my only point, is that it does not matter what they sell. They could be selling DVDs or shoes or pet food, and people would still be gathering out there because it is not well lit, people come and go 24 hours a day, and they have been allowed to loiter for too long.

I have no problem with the police asking "having a nice evening?" to me or others. I think it's a great idea, actually. I am very much in favor of police being around to check in on businesses and people. I would like to see the police be less reactionary and more proactive and hanging around the store for a while and talking to the loiterers might just make some of the loiterers look for a new spot or (preferably) go home!

— On the neighbor message CVS/Dunkin Donuts Plaza
4:01 p.m.

To answer the question "Who shops for liquor at 2am?"

People who work late, people who volunteer late, people who just don't have time to shop any other time, people who just left a bar or party and want to keep it going back home, insomniacs, people who prefer to shop when the store is not as full, people who have a party planned for tomorrow and just remember they need beer, and, yes, trouble makers.

What the store sells and when they sell it is irrelevant. All that matters is the people who go to the store to legitimately shop deserve to feel safe, and people who live nearby should not have to deal with the litter.

— On the neighbor message CVS/Dunkin Donuts Plaza
10:55 a.m.

I understand the point of a 24 hour liquor store! But seriously, I was in CVS after dark recently and one of the people that I was with asked a store employee why they did not call the police about the group of people loitering outside the door. The CVS employee said that they do call, and that nothing really happens. The police might come by and shoo the people away, but then they just come back the next day.

Perhaps CVS could sponsor a CAPS smokeout in their parking lot? I really believe it's important for normal citizens to go out and show that we live here and have a right to enjoy the amenities of our neighborhood.

— On the neighbor message CVS/Dunkin Donuts Plaza
7:03 a.m.

I have never had anything like this happen. Having heard the horror stories here on Everyblock and from talking to neighbors, I never leave my dog in the car or tied outside where I can't see him.

Between the jerks who steal dogs for ransom, the hawks and the dogs that other people allow to run loose, Morty is always with me, with someone that I trust, or in our house.

I am really glad that you got your dog back! It could have been worse...

— On the neighbor message My dog got out....
1:36 p.m.

Maria's has been talking about it on their facebook page. It appears that they are going to try to keep it going all summer. I will continue to post when I see them post, but I think it's safe to assume that it will be most Saturdays this summer.

— On the neighbor message What's for Dinner?
10:21 a.m.

Thanks Lola! If you would like to join us for the 10th we would love to have you. It is going to be a cool event! If you can't make it on the 10th look for our next meeting (most likely the 21st, but I will post it here.)

I look forward to meeting you!

— On the neighborhood event Covenant for Economic Justice
12:50 p.m.

That's what I figured. I understand Chris' frustration with people who park illegally, and wish I had a sensible solution. It's even worse when it is dangerous like what is described above.

The police typically do not issue parking tickets, that is the department of revenue. Here is another thread from another neighborhood about the issue -

— On the neighbor message corner clearance signs
2:53 p.m.

Free car washes? For police cars? More likely the police department has a contract with the car wash, and pays all at once.

— On the neighbor message corner clearance signs
7:42 a.m.

I've heard a rumor... that maybe they will be back all summer. I am not making any promises but keeping my fingers crossed!

— On the neighbor message Bridgeport Street Eats Tonight
7:06 a.m.

One of the things that Bridgeport Alliance is trying to work on (still in research phase) is participatory budgeting (learn more here Come to our next meeting or email for more information. Solar compactors are at the top of our wish list!

— On the neighbor message CVS/Dunkin Donuts Plaza
5:46 a.m.

And, I am well aware that I missed many of the spaces... as I said I am not involved just want to inform anyone I can.

I posted the thing about the closing show at Trinity Lutheran Church because I just really want to encourage more people to spend time there. It's a great place that is happy to host these (and other) bands. If you are or know a band, you should be aware of it.

— On the neighbor message Still Concerned About Pop-Up Shops
10:19 p.m.

You may have noticed that there are fewer garbage cans on Halsted in general. I think that this helps to contribute to the trashy look in the area. I spoke to the alderman recently who told me that the businesses asked that they remove the garbage cans.

He also encouraged to call his office to report things such as dirty, overgrown lots, missing grates around the trees, and trash cans.

While I can't offer a new solution to get the people out of there if you are concerned about the trash, Alderman Balcer's office is 773-254-6677.

— On the neighbor message CVS/Dunkin Donuts Plaza
4:55 p.m.

I know that many of the buses were paid for by the nurses' union. Most of the kids that I met had little or no money and were happy to clean up where they were staying. I imagine that there would have been some who would have been happy to clean up any mess left behind at the protests but I also imagine that they were expected to get out of the area as quickly as possible.

— On the neighbor message Just a Thought
1:22 p.m.

I appreciate your comments and wanted to share this earlier thread. Around 20 protesters did stay at Trinity. They signed a non-violence agreement. Pastor Tom spoke to the police before our guests arrived. These kids were kind, dedicated and grateful.

I agree that the police did a fantastic job. I also appreciate the protesters who expressed their first amendment rights without causing trouble. If they would just stop inviting rabblerousers to protests, we could do this more often!

— On the neighbor message High Degree Of Pisstivity
7:10 p.m.

We don't want gangs on this side of Halsted either...

— On the neighbor message 31st St Gang?
5:31 p.m.

MrsW - if you look at the rest of the thread (which admittedly has become way too long) you will see that the pop-up businesses are part of Version Fest and are legal. Unfortunately they are also temporary and do not keep regular business hours.

Learn all about it here -

It's funny that just a couple of weeks ago a group calling themselves "East Bridgeport Communists" were decrying Version Fest as part of a capitalist gentrification plot. Now folks think that they might be related to anti-NATO anarchists. Interesting how things come around like that.

— On the neighbor message ummm....anyone else a little...
3:09 p.m.

I have seen the 35th too, but not the 31st. Be sure to report graffiti. Call 311 or fill out this form:

— On the neighbor message 31st St Gang?
11:22 a.m.

I wonder if anyone has actually noticed the large group of protesters who are sleeping in Bridgeport? There arrival was publicized right on this page.

— On the neighbor message Protesters
6:40 a.m.

I wish I could! I do love a good donut!

— On the neighbor message ummm....anyone else a little...
8:56 a.m.

@ * - We can't know who we are talking to if people don't use their names and introduce themselves. I actually know most of the people who post here because I am out in the neighborhood. I hope to meet you someday.

I am sure that the police see this site, but I don't think that anyone has posted anything illegal.

— On the neighbor message ummm....anyone else a little...
8:51 a.m.

I was taking my 5 and 15 pound CO2 tanks to the car yesterday, and wondered if anyone was going to call the police. I mean, if a cop wants some of my homebrew they just have to ask. I am happy to share with our police. If they break into my house without a warrant, put guns in the faces of my neighbors and steal my awesome 3 tap kegerator, I would not be too happy about that. I don't know what happened over there and I don't know if those people are criminals or just homebrewing protesters. What I do know is that a warrant would have made this a much better situation.

— On the neighbor message @rene....i do read
8:48 a.m.

So far, it has been a pretty sweet festival. Sure, I guess if a person was completely unconnected from the internet and did not ever look at signs in store windows they might miss it... but I've been enjoying the heck out of it!

— On the neighbor message ummm....anyone else a little...
11:16 p.m.

The protesters were going to come, hosted or not. Would you prefer that they sleep in a church or on the street?

FYI - anyone staying at Trinity has signed an non-violence agreement. I have personally met them and they are dedicated and grateful.

— On the neighbor message Activists 'Disappeared' by CPD?!?!?
11:05 p.m.

If anyone has concern, I met these folks last night and all they were interested in was getting something to eat and going to sleep! They were well aware of what has gone on here this week and took precautions to be inconspicuous on their way here. I doubt anyone will really even notice the extra people unless they happen to get on the orange line at the same time as them!

— On the neighbor message re: NATO protesters at First Trinity
7:37 a.m.

Typically, it has been the third Thursday each month. But sometimes that changes. It will be decided tomorrow and I will post here. Thanks!

— On the neighbor message Bridgeport Alliance General Meeting Reminder
9:14 p.m.

It only pertains to NATO in the same way that most of the protests this week pertain to NATO this week - people are looking at Chicago. It's a good chance for a well organized peaceful group to get their message out.

Unless of course unorganized groups and individuals go out and incite riots - that makes for far better television.

12:34 p.m.

Thanks :)

I think that the reason that they came to Bridgeport is because of a recent video of some officers in Bridgeport giving some protesters a hard time. I am not going to go into to detail or give my opinion here, but you can find it on YouTube.

9:40 a.m.

Fox News just stated "Over 100 masked protesters." Anyone have an actual count? It certainly was not 100!

7:05 a.m.

I am happy to post the information. No sense in being scared where actual information is available.

7:04 a.m.

For anyone not watching - the journalist who is livestreaming wants us to know that this is an FTP march, not at all related to Occupy Chicago.

8:52 p.m.

Oh - and lots of news, so expect to see it.

8:40 p.m.

I was there. I am terrible at headcounts but it looked like maybe 30 protesters, easily 200 spectators, and plenty of police. The protesters are covering their faces and chanting. In front of the police station there was an escalation between the protesters and some citizens for a moment but it ended without police involvement with the protesters chanting "Deescalate." There is a live feed here and they are apparently now on the orange line -

8:39 p.m.

It happens :-)

For or against the issues, no one wants violent actions in their neighborhoods, so I understand people's concern.

For those who are willing to leave their homes tonight, Join us at Trinity Lutheran for Community Meal! It's free (donations accepted but not expected,) the food is always good, anyone can come, help out, bring a dish to share or just eat! Tonight is all about soup. 6:00 - 8:00 at 643 W 31st Street in the community center. This is a great place to meet neighbors and it's kind of fun!

2:27 p.m.

@ John Bialas - If you really want to enjoy a little Bridgeport you should look into staying at Bridgeport Bed and Breakfast. Tell Dave I sent ya :)

— On the neighbor message Bridgeport Days
1:18 p.m.

I am an amazing googler!

I am also an activist. I am not protesting NATO, but I am on many mailing lists and get the schedules.

Occupy Chicago has asked people to spread their schedule widely, so here it is for those who are interested:


Mon, May 14 – Education: Money for Education not War!

Tue, May 15 – No Human is Illegal!

Wed, May 16 – Foreclosure : Housing is a Right: No Evictions,
No Foreclosures!

Thu, May 17 – Environment: Planet over Profits!

Fri, May 18 - Austerity/NNU March for the Robin Hood Tax

Sat, May 19 - Health Care not Warfare
Occupy Chicago Day of Action

Sun, May 20 - Imperialism/CANG8 March

Mon, May 21 - Democracy

12:53 p.m.

Just an FYI - there are also conflicting events that (with the Occupy seal of approval) will draw far more protesters today.

11:30 at Immigration Court Building 525 W. Van Buren:

6:30 - 9 at 637 S. Dearborn:

12:06 p.m.

I agree that it doesn't sound peaceful. But I cannot imagine that protesters want to get arrested this early into the week, and so far from the summit. Most of the protesters are well organized and trained to choose when and why they will be arrested.

Besides, I really don't believe that there will be that many people. There are 43 going according to the facebook page and anyone who uses facebook events knows that you can cut that number at least in half.

If you want to panic, that is your choice. And feel free to tell me "I told you so" tomorrow. I am just going to go about my evening like any other.

11:55 a.m.

Look at the website - Peace Guide Training, RIGHT TO HEAL TOUR: CHICAGO, Candlelight Vigil for Palestinian Hunger Strikers, PEACE PARTY for AREA Chicago, NATO March Nonviolence Training...

I don't know that they are peaceful, but I am not going to get in a panic over what I expect to be a rather small group of protesters causing some traffic delays.

11:44 a.m.

Thanks Don, It sounds like your family is going to be a great addition to the neighborhood!

Look for the ketchup - that's where I'll be :)

— On the neighbor message Bridgeport Day Parade and Block Party
10:29 a.m.

I really just want to know who the East Bridgeport Communists are. It is not the folks at the South Halsted Unemployment Action Center.

I love to see people stand up for their rights and beliefs, but vandalizing posters and buildings, and not putting a real name or contact info on the sign tells me that whomever the East Bridgeport Communists are, they only want to destroy. I am more interested in building. The best way to fight gentrification is to fill your neighborhood with lively small business and I want to support that!

— On the neighbor message Bridgeport Day Parade and Block Party
11:23 a.m.

And now... you can run from the ANTI propaganda!

— On the neighbor message Bridgeport Day Parade and Block Party
10:39 a.m.

Jeremy - if I were not looking for it, I would not have known. That is why I posted here. Even though I am not really involved with the events, I see this as a great opportunity for the community to come together. Unfortunately, it seems that getting the word out is not all that easy sometimes!

— On the neighbor message Bridgeport Day Parade and Block Party
11:47 a.m.


26lab: Bobby Zylstra
4 Star Brass Band
501st Midwest Legion
Alexander DeGraaf
Archeworks: Maria Elena Hewett + Grant Penfield Haugen
The Benito Juarez Academy Marching Band
Benton House
Jon Bollo
Bridgeport Citizens Group
The Bridgeport Hurricanes Youth Cheerleading Squad
Belonio Family Talents
Chew Heart
Conclusionary Practices
Core Projects Chicago
Dunk tank (as in an actual dunk tank)
Enoch Donuts
Face painting
First Trinity Church
High Concept Labs
Fellowship House
Illinois Wheelmen (Penny-farthing bikes!)
Johny with the Hot Dog Cart (this guy Johny has a hot dog cart)
Kimchee Cookoff with Xavier
Chris Knowlton
Korean Polish BBQ
George Larson
Ludus Lovestyle
Mask-making (craft party whaaat?)
Victoria Martinez
Catie Olson
Jennifer Olson (not related to Catie Olson)
Parka the Hutt (just Google it, seriously.)
Peanut Gallery
People Made
PETTING ZOO! (animals galore, we hope it includes llamas!)
Polish Folkloric Dances
Puffs of Doom (sweet and savory artisanal puffs)
Plywood Face Cutout Thing (you know.)
Crispin Rosenkranz
Softball in the park
Sweet Ape
Maureen Sullivan
Three-legged race
Texas Ballroom
Basia Toczydlowska
Yollocalli + Nicole Marroquin
Michelle Yuan
and more..

— On the neighbor message Bridgeport Day Parade and Block Party
10:14 a.m.

This is going to be so much fun!

10:04 a.m.

I did not end up leaving work till after 6, so I missed the meeting. Will someone please fill me (and others who missed it) in!? Thanks!

8:07 p.m.

I also don't see complaining...and would like to add that many Fridays and Saturdays in the summer there is a 10 - 15 minute fireworks show after the games, whether the Sox win or not. They are actually very impressive if you enjoy fireworks. Sometimes when I know it's a fireworks night my dog and I will walk over by the park to watch.

And yes... I have a weird dog who somehow is completely unfazed by fireworks!

— On the neighbor message Fireworks at Sox Park?
4:15 p.m.

I spoke with Alderman Balcer yesterday after he received my letter including the information above and more. He seemed very receptive to these issues and seems to really want citizen involvement. So, yes, call him and report dirty, overgrown lots and missing tree grates.

He also told me that the businesses on Halsted wanted the trash cans removed. Apparently people were overfilling them with household trash. I don't understand this at all. I understand that businesses do not want overflowing trash cans in front of their stores, but I think that the answer is more cans, more pick ups or compactors. Less cans just puts more trash on our streets. So, if you own a business and agree, please call and ask for a trash can to be installed near your business.

— On the neighbor message Follow up from Clean and Green Day!
6:56 a.m.

I don't have a lot of information about it, but a program that you might want to look at for collaboration and/or advice is the Sound Alternatives program at Benton House. It is part of After School Matters. Links below:

— On the neighbor message Music Non-profit Organization in Bronzeville
1:36 p.m.

Thanks Pat, I am sending this list and more details to our Alderman in hopes that he will be able to address some of these concerns. An immediate concern that seems like it could be easily solved is the issue of the missing trash cans. We had them, but over the years they have disappeared. Especially with baseball season underway and the extra traffic that summer brings, I think that residents would really like to see the trash cans replaced. What would be especially nice is if we could get the solar powered compactors that some neighborhoods have!
(see image here -

How do we do that? I am not sure yet! Petitions only go so far unless there is money to pay for the improvement. If you are interested in getting involved with others who are trying to organize and improve our neighborhood please come to the next Bridgeport Alliance meeting. It will be posted here on Everyblock.

— On the neighbor message Follow up from Clean and Green Day!
11:41 a.m.

Thank you, thank you, thank you to everyone who came out today! We won!

And if anyone knows where my little fold up snow shovel went, please let me know. Last I saw it was at 34th place and Morgan. Thanks!

— On the neighborhood event Bridgeport Clean & Green
5:12 p.m.

Looking forward to the cleanup tomorrow. Please, don't forget to bring gloves and water. The weather should be perfect, but we still have to put safety first! See you all tomorrow!

— On the neighborhood event Bridgeport Clean & Green
4:06 p.m.

It was great to see so many new faces! Thanks for coming.

Don't forget - Clean and Green, 10-2 Saturday!

10:05 a.m.

Looks like sunny with a high of 52 for Saturday. It's going to be a good day to work hard outside!

— On the neighborhood event Bridgeport Clean & Green
10:13 a.m.


BA Meetings are never much longer than an hour. Hope to see you there!

10:11 a.m.

Something I wish that more eye doctors would do is offer a copy of the prescription without me having to ask. I know that they make money selling glasses, but I don't always find what I want at the shop. And asking always feels awkward.

The reason that I can't find what I want is simple - Place A has all high end, out of my price range frames. Place B has all cheap, plastic (usually small and square) frames. Very few places seem to have the kind of mid-range selection that most people want.

Good luck and I hope that you open and are very successful!

How about Famous Frames?

— On the neighbor message What are your thoughts?
6:06 p.m.

I am really looking forward to the clean up THIS SATURDAY! I can't wait to see how squeaky clean Bridgeport is going to look when we are done! We have a lot of volunteers, but can use a lot more. Please contact me at if you have questions.

Businesses or individuals wishing to donate supplies (water, trash bags, gloves) or lend tools (rakes, trash pickers, etc.,) contact me on or before Thursday. Thanks!

— On the neighborhood event Bridgeport Clean & Green
10:25 a.m.

I think it's this race. It starts and ends at Sox park.

— On the neighbor message street closures
6:30 p.m.

Truck situation solved! Still, if you have tools bring'em! The city is providing some, but not enough for everyone. Thanks!

— On the neighborhood event Bridgeport Clean & Green
12:38 p.m.

Is there anyone out there with a truck who wants to be the best volunteer ever? The city is providing tools, and we have to pick them up on the 21st at streets and sanitation, 1717 W. Pershing Road, 7:30 AM. They will pick the tools back up at Benton House later in the day, but we have to get them in the morning.

— On the neighborhood event Bridgeport Clean & Green
2:53 p.m.

I am looking forward to meeting and talking with neighbors tomorrow. Rain or shine, brunch at Benton House, 10:30 Saturday. If you can't bring a dish to pass, please bring a friend!

— On the neighborhood event Bridgeport Spring Brunch!
6:40 a.m.

Just a point of clarification - we expect over 100 volunteers for this event. People will be breaking off into groups to cover different areas. Our focus will be on McGuane Park, Palmisano Park, empty lots on Halsted and (depending on how many people) beyond!

If you think you would like to help but will not be available in the morning, email I will provide you with a phone number to call on the day of the clean up.

— On the neighborhood event Bridgeport Clean & Green
4:18 p.m.

Ohh!!! I have just heard rumors of some awesome sticky buns!

— On the neighborhood event Bridgeport Spring Brunch!
3:17 p.m.

Oh - and, especially since we don't know how many people to expect, please don't feel like you need to bring something large enough for 50 to 100 people! If everyone brings enough for 5 people, we still end up with too much!

I look forward to seeing you there!

— On the neighborhood event Bridgeport Spring Brunch!
9:37 p.m.

At this point, I have no idea how many people will be attending. I would guess no less than 50, but not likely more than 100.

As for what to bring, so far I know that there will be scones and steel cut oats! It would be nice if someone brought fruit, juices, perhaps egg dishes would be nice. It's a potluck, so really, whatever you like!

— On the neighborhood event Bridgeport Spring Brunch!
9:35 p.m.

Funny :)

— On the neighbor message To Bridgeport Area I-Go Users
10:33 a.m.

I use the red Nissan by Nana.

And to be clear, I take no issue with people who smoke pot. It's just, hot boxing a shared resource like that is rude. I was taking my sister to catch a plane on Monday morning, in the rain, and we were both getting a little woosie from the smell. And the last thing that she needed before entering an airport was to reek of weed!

— On the neighbor message To Bridgeport Area I-Go Users
4:42 p.m.

I did report it, and their cars are supposed to be non-smoking.

I think whomever is doing it does not realize that the can of air freshener is not covering it up. I hoped maybe they would see this and maybe get it. Maybe!

— On the neighbor message To Bridgeport Area I-Go Users
3:26 p.m.

I heard this a while back. Then I saw a help wanted sign on their door. Then I heard that they were just trying to sell the building. Then I heard that they wanted to sell the building and the resturant. In other words, unless you hear it from the owner, I would not trust it!

— On the neighbor message say it ain't so!
3:20 p.m.

I have to agree. Leaving the house unlocked is really not an option. I am glad to know that I am not the only one who does not answer the door!

10:51 a.m.

Of course it's historic - it has importance and influence in the history of Pilsen, Little Village, Bridgeport and our country's path to move beyond coal.

I also think that it is important to note that Midwest Generation made an economical decision. Check out the press release (linked here from Midwest Generation:

"Conditions in the wholesale power market simply do not give us a path for continuing to invest in further retrofits at these two facilities."

"We will work in good faith with leadership of the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers to manage a transition for the dedicated professionals they represent.”

— On the neighbor message Historic Win for Clean Air!
8:41 p.m.

I presented at Maria's just a couple weeks ago! You will meet a good group of neighbors there.

10:38 a.m.

I live at 34th Place and Halsted. I also walk my dog at all hours of the day and can say that I have only felt apprehensive once. Bridgeport has it's problems but it also has active citizens trying to solve those problems.

I would agree with the "not bad" sentiment, but I also have a feeling that Bridgeport is on the verge of great!
- We have new businesses opening and getting plenty of city-wide attention.
- We have a small but thriving art community.
- We have an active citizens group and neighborhood watch.
- We even have a grass roots power organization (that I would love to talk to you about!)
- Though there is still a lot of work to do, in the future we plan to have a restored theater to use as a performance space.

I could keep going but I feel like I am echoing others. Sure there are problems, and I think that the common opinion is to stay away from the Morgan to Lituanica, 35th to 31st area... but I just walked that area with my dog and everyone I met on the street just said "Hello."

7:18 p.m.

Better link!

— On the neighbor message Greater Chicago Food Depository Groupon
9:26 a.m.

One would think that the business owner would make the call themselves.

— On the neighbor message When will bad business owners learn
3:45 p.m.

I've never gotten that at Bernice's, but it may have to do with when I am there.

P - Are you sure that Maria's serves minors? Some of the folks there look young, but I have seen them carding. 21 year old and 19 year old look about the same, so it's hard to tell unless you see their ID.

— On the neighbor message Where i like to go for a good Drink!
12:50 p.m.

tonight, tonight!

There will be lots of great food.

Awesome raffle prizes (do not need to be present in order to win.)

See you tonight!

11:46 a.m.

Maria's does not usually serve food but you can bring food in. I recommend Zaytune (just down the block) or Pleasant House. In fact, if go into Pleasant House and place your order, they will bring it to you at Maria's. Some nights Maria's does have free food, like Korean BBQ in the summer.

— On the neighbor message Where i like to go for a good Drink!
10:52 a.m.

No more Jimbo's. It's Cork and Kerry now, and they have great hamburgers!

— On the neighbor message Where i like to go for a good Drink!
4:30 p.m.

Tonight! Everyone is welcome!

— On the neighborhood event Home - film screening and discussion
8:56 a.m.

I have been to Mitchell's many times and while I like their garden and they have a very nice beer selection, I just get an angry vibe (from customers and staff) every time I go in there. Maybe it's just my imagination but the only time I feel comfortable there is on a weekday afternoon when I can sit outside.

— On the neighbor message Where i like to go for a good Drink!
8:53 a.m.

Nana was on DDD. I thought that was a little weird since it is not a diner, drive in, or dive...

— On the neighbor message Where i like to go for a good Drink!
8:51 a.m.

Of course part of my problem is that they have tasty drinks at $10 a piece. I am sure that if I'd gone when it was byob I would have loved it!

— On the neighbor message Where i like to go for a good Drink!
7:07 p.m.

I like Nana but I have to budget for it! I never mind paying for good food but every time I've been there it's been sticker shock!

— On the neighbor message Where i like to go for a good Drink!
7:05 p.m.

I've been to Rocky's but not for brunch. I will check it out!

— On the neighbor message Where i like to go for a good Drink!
4:35 p.m.

Best brunch in Bridgeport - Saturdays only 9-2, Polo Cafe. Let me just leave you with 4 words: Creme Brule French Toast.

— On the neighbor message Where i like to go for a good Drink!
2:41 p.m.

Come out Thursday to learn how you can help clean up the air in our neighborhood, or just to watch a really beautiful film!

— On the neighborhood event Home - film screening and discussion
2:01 p.m.

Hey folks - this event is less than a week away and I am really looking forward to it! I just wanted to mention that we are still accepting food and raffle prize donations. Any businesses or individuals interested in contributing should contact Maureen or myself.

5:36 p.m.

FYI - you can also report it on line if you don't like to call. I think it takes about the same amount of time :)

— On the neighbor message graffiti removal on 31st/32nd
10:24 a.m.

I have received several call-to-action emails and not one has offered to pay me yet. I wish they would, I am looking for work!

— On the neighbor message G8 Nato Summit
8:25 p.m.

they do lose for customer service, but at $15 a month I'll take it! I don't know what comcast charges now, but when I was looking at&t was a winner. I had clear in the past and they were a great price and great service, but for some reason I could not get a signal when I moved to bridgeport from the burbs.

— On the neighbor message WiFi at the library
8:59 a.m.

Go to a citizens group meeting (they post them here) and learn what you can do to help.

— On the neighbor message Gunshot at 32nd and Racine
3:07 p.m.

No snowman today, this snow won't pack. But I did clear a few more in between spaces. Now pull up people!

In lieu of a snowman, I offer this joke: why did Frosty go to the middle of the lake? Because snow man's an island!

— On the neighbor message Chairs and garbage in the street
7:38 a.m.

I don't know the rules, John, since I don't own a car. I did, however, go out tonight a shovel a spot and cleared snow between 2 other cars. I expect a guest this weekend and when people park 6 feet apart the parking on our block gets used up pretty darned quick. I might go do a few more tomorrow. I actually enjoy shoveling. I know, weird, right?

Since I get most places by walking I also shoveled in front of a neighbor's house who was gone when the snowfall finally ended. I am looking forward to getting back out there tomorrow. In fact, weather permitting I might build a snowman!

— On the neighbor message Chairs and garbage in the street
10:27 p.m.

Right now, on my block, when most of the snow on the streets has melted and there is plenty of parking there are still dibs, including a mostly white paint can.

— On the neighbor message Chairs and garbage in the street
11:02 a.m.

And please, don't remind me to clean up after my dog when you see me holding a bag. I don't just carry plastic bags for fun. -

— On the neighbor message Curb your Dog!!
11:03 p.m.

Sorry, darned phone sent before I was done...
Anyway, I am a big believer in picking up after my dog if only because other dog's poop icks me out. For some reason my own dog does not bother me. other dog's poo is nasty to me so I will continue to clean mine if you clean yours...thanks!

— On the neighbor message Curb your Dog!!
11:01 p.m.

I am

— On the neighbor message Curb your Dog!!
10:55 p.m.

Maureen, I sincerely appreciate the fact that I live in a place that i don't have to drive, and that I occasionally get a ride from a kind neighbor, but as you said, the recent snow was not enough to warrant dibs.

My block has plenty of parking and yet people have put their trash all over the street. If last year is any indication they will leave it out till all the snow melts.

Heavy snow, like last year's blizzard, I get that. But this just looks like a greedy land grab. And I have seen more people run over or come close to running over the dibs than I can count. People use stuff that blends in all the time. If they are going to do it they should at least use an orange bucket rather than an old lawn chair or a short, white paint can.

Of course, my biggest issue is that people are so rude as to take a spot that someone has shoveled out. That really bothers me and all those dibs just serve as a reminder that we live in a world that has forgotten basic etiquette.

— On the neighbor message Chairs and garbage in the street
8:33 a.m.

If I drove, I probably would pick up people's garbage and take it to the dump.

On the other hand, when someone shovels out a spot no one should be so rude as to take it.

— On the neighbor message Chairs and garbage in the street
11:06 a.m.

Sorry - I did not know that posting this on the calendar would post it again. But hey, it's good information and you should go!

— On the neighborhood event Bridgeport Bus to Occupy the Dream
9:46 a.m.

Thanks for the info. Too bad she is not in chicago. There are so many pugs here! We met about 100 at a pug party back in october.

— On the neighbor message Free Eye Exam for Pugs
8:02 a.m.

There will be a bus picking up at 1st Trinity at 1:00, Benton house at 1:15. I hope to see lots of people on it!

— On the neighbor message Bridgeport Bus to Occupy the Dream
1:21 p.m.

here is a link to the Everyblock post about Occupy the Dream for those who don't facebook

— On the neighbor message Martin Luther King Day celebrations?
8:13 a.m.

Occupy the Dream. There will be a bus leaving from Bridgeport.

— On the neighbor message Martin Luther King Day celebrations?
8:09 a.m.

I like 'Bridgeportians' but 'Bridgeporter' is good too! I just sort of think 'Bridgeporter' sounds like someone who moves bridges :)

— On the neighbor message Bridgeport Bus to Occupy the Dream
12:11 p.m.

I am near 35th and halsted. I have just never heard one that close around here!

— On the neighbor message What's with the chopper?
2:02 p.m.

Ahh... Food Court. Yeah, that place was not good. I am glad that it was not Jimmy John's.

— On the neighbor message Check out Calabruzzi's on 33rd and Halsted
12:49 p.m.

Like I said, overheard. I was actually hoping someone could confirm. I don't go there often but I love Jimmy Johns!

— On the neighbor message Check out Calabruzzi's on 33rd and Halsted
2:52 p.m.

I overheard someone say something today about a sub shop around 35th and Morgan closing. I have to imagine that they meant Jimmy John's?

— On the neighbor message Check out Calabruzzi's on 33rd and Halsted
2:42 p.m.

I thought that Noodles had great food and a nice atmosphere. One of the issues that I had with them is that they did not have liquor and did not appear to encourage BYOB. I think that a simple BYOB sign in their window could have doubled their weekend business.

Cobblestones is closing. They announced it during Friday Trivia a few weeks back. If any local bars or restaurants want to have Friday Trivia they should get in touch with Pat Benkowski. He is looking for a new place and there are quite a few of us who will follow him!

I agree with Bella about Calabruzzi. I was there a few months back and they had TVs blaring, the server never cleared our empties off the table, it was just not good. Yet, when I see their menu or walk by I expect a causal but very nice place to eat.

— On the neighbor message Check out Calabruzzi's on 33rd and Halsted
11:09 a.m.

Noodles Pho U was my favorite, but they are now out of business. I have been to Calabruzzi a couple times, and have had not great service. Their food is good, especially calamari the and mini burgers, but their beer selection is just poor.

I live by Buffalo Wings and Rings and I have not been there in almost a year. The food is not exceptional and for what it is you pay too much. Plus, I have never had good service there.

Nana - great food but plan on spending a fortune, especially if you want a drink.

I love Polo. Their hours are odd but their food is worth finding out when they are open. Zaytune and Pleasant House are both amazing too. The cafe in the Zhou building has a nice menu, but last time I was there it took quite a while to get a few sandwiches.

On a sad note, Cobblestones on Pershing is about to close in January.

Anyone try Chef AJ's? I keep meaning to stop but have not yet.

Anyway, I could go on and on about local food options, but I have to agree with what I saw above - we need more retail! We have enough dollar stores, we need shoe, clothing, sports and electronics stores.

— On the neighbor message Check out Calabruzzi's on 33rd and Halsted
5:50 p.m.

Thanks for all the replies! After the holidays I will post another message with some dates and those who are interested can plan an initial meet up. I just can't think about anything else till after the 1st of the year!

— On the neighbor message Book Club
6:40 p.m.

I forgot to list my favorite book! It's a tie between On The Road (Kerouac) and Great Expectations (Dickens.) My favorite recent read was The Particular Sadness of Lemon Cake (Bender.)

— On the neighbor message Book Club
10:18 a.m.

It's not just about beauty. Removing graffiti, specifically gang tags, is an issue of public safety.

I hope that this continues too! When I have called it has been pretty quick turn around and they usually do a nice job.

— On the neighbor message Grafitti
4:31 p.m.

Mitsuwa is great!

I have bought sake at Binny's and at Kenwood liquors in Oak Lawn.

— On the neighbor message Japanese sake?
9:10 p.m.

Chuck Norris would offer a roundhouse kick to the face first :)

— On the neighbor message Every Wonder Why Things don't change?
6:20 p.m.

Like an amber alert for dogs? It could even be an ap that sends a text to users in the area when a stray is spotted. That is a good idea. If I were a developer I would be all over that!

— On the neighbor message Stray Dog Seen at 36th and Wood St
6:27 p.m. that camera new or was it always there?

— On the neighbor message Shots fired
2:52 p.m.

I live very close to there and heard nothing. Please update if you learn anything.

— On the neighbor message Shots fired
8:17 p.m.

I had a few adults stop by that were holding out bags. Rather than be confrontational I figured I would just give them candy, but it still bothered me. One woman actually was on her phone, holding out a bag and did not even say thank you.

But, in general it was fun. My dog had a blast too! He loves kids and most of them were happy to say hello to him :)

— On the neighbor message How was your Halloween?
3:24 p.m.

Mine was great! I stayed outside till it got too cold, and still had a few trick or treaters after. I went through nearly all of my candy, too!

— On the neighbor message How was your Halloween?
1:53 p.m.

They would be so disappointed by my packages. This week they would have gotten some dog shampoo and a potato peeler. :)

More importantly, though, where have they been spotted?

— On the neighbor message watch your packages
5:56 p.m.

I had to work tonight. Any good news?

12:37 a.m.

I just know that I often don't have quarters, and have charged as little as $.25 for a parking meter in the past. I cannot imagine that they make much of a profit on those transactions.

Someone does have to remove the quarters, so they are already paying someone for that. I suppose that quarters are less likely to jam, but it would just be nice to be able to pay with a dollar.

I agree with you though that the lease is kind of ridiculous!

— On the neighbor message Overstay or Expired Tickets
8:57 p.m.

The last time I stopped at a meter, I walked half a block to the box, waited nearly 7 minutes while the two people in front of me fought with the machine (it was having a hard time reading credit cards that day) and then walked half a block back to put the receipt in the car. I did not get a ticket, but I remember thinking how easy it would be to get one.

On a side note - I can't help but wonder why these machines don't accept dollar bills.

— On the neighbor message Overstay or Expired Tickets
12:52 p.m.

From the City Clerk's site:

Requesting a new residential parking permit zone:
Parking prohibitions under the Residential Permit Parking Program are achieved by installing zone-parking signs, which display the zone restrictions. The signs are installed upon the passage of an ordinance, which specifies the street(s) where the parking restrictions apply. Yearly Residential Parking Permits are available to qualified residents and daily guests passes may be purchased and distributed by qualified residents.

Requirements and Conditions:

The following requirements and conditions must be met in order for a street to be designated for Residential Permit Parking:

1. The proposed street must be a residential street that is zoned R1 through R5.

2. A traffic survey must be made in the community that has been proposed for the program to document that 45% or more of the parked vehicles on a given block are not owned by the residents.

3. Once the ordinance is passed by the Chicago City Council and becomes law, signs are posted by the Department of Transportation. These signs specify the times and days that the parking restrictions apply and indicate a zone number to identify the specific neighborhood.

— On the neighbor message PERMIT PARKING
4:58 p.m.

I know that when my block became permit parking it was because the neighbors requested it. I did not live here yet, but apparently people going to the bar down the block were taking up all of the parking and there was not enough room for residents and their guests. So the neighbors requested permit parking and got it. I still see employees from the bar parking on our block. I am not sure how they get their visitor passes, but they do.

— On the neighbor message PERMIT PARKING
4:54 p.m.

It is helpful. The photo petitions have a great impact. We will most likely be right in front of Cermak Foods.

— On the neighbor message photo petitions for clean air!
9:20 a.m.

We will be collecting photo petitions again today near 31st and Halsted.

— On the neighbor message photo petitions for clean air!
9:16 a.m.

I live near the buffalo ring place, and I know that a fight spilled out of there last night. The police showed up before much of anything happened.

— On the neighbor message STABBING
8:01 p.m.

He was there...but he did not get his photo taken for the petition.

— On the neighbor message photo petitions for clean air!
6:20 p.m.

Sorry for the lack of capitalization - I was on my phone!

WE will be there till three.

— On the neighbor message photo petitions for clean air!
11:14 a.m.

Totally appropriate. As Benjamin Franklin said, "Beer is proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy."

I grew up going to happy hour after mass every week and somehow managed to avoid confusion. Demonstrating responsible use of alcohol with family and community members shows the kids how to enjoy themselves without getting into trouble.

— On the neighbor message First Trinity Oktoberfest
11:49 a.m.

I plan to decorate, play music, sit I guess I will need a lot of candy!

— On the neighbor message Trick or Treats?
7:04 p.m.

I plan to sit outside all night and most of the kids in my area at least know my I assume that I will get plenty of kids!

— On the neighbor message Trick or Treats?
10:54 p.m.

Thanks for all the info everyone. I hope to see a few of you!

— On the neighbor message Trick or Treats?
8:12 p.m.

Thanks for the reply! Do you (or anyone else) know if there are set times?

— On the neighbor message Trick or Treats?
6:47 p.m.

If you are here, I am at the round table near the door.

6:29 p.m.

I still plan to be there. Leaving in a few minutes. Morty is staying home :)

5:59 p.m.

I would love to...I think that everyblock is great! However, I already have committed to meeting with neighbors (via everyblock) to discuss a dog park in our neighborhood.

7:54 p.m.

Yard sale and lost pet fliers that have been up for a week after the pet has been found or the yard sale over...

— On the neighbor message Help enforce cities Anti-littering ordinance.
8:05 p.m.

I am pretty sure it was the street...when heading south it is just before the alderman's office. I rarely drive and was stopped at the light tonight and just wondered why it was there.

— On the neighbor message What is with the stoplight on Halsted @ 37th?
6:51 p.m.

I would be interested in volunteering in anyway to getting a dog park in Bridgeport!

6:56 p.m.

I really hope they find him and I will keep my eyes open.

Why do people steal dogs!? It's so rude! He I will not even let my pug out into my fully fenced back yard alone for fear that someone will envy his cuteness and take him. He has gotten out of our front gate a few times so he does not ever go out the front door without a leash now. What if a bird were to swoop down or a possum or coyote will come by, and try to eat him!? I am not kidding - I really fear these things! But what I really fear is that when someone steals a dog they will not know about the dog's health or medical conditions and the dog will go without proper care.

Good luck. I hope they find their dog!

— On the neighbor message Lost Cocker Spaniel
11:09 a.m.

Have you checked this site -

— On the neighbor message Apt Hunting in Bridgeport...frustrating
7:22 p.m.

Very sad. I hate to see them get any attention, but hopefully they are breaking some law and will get arrested!

3:19 p.m.

There are apparently only a few blocks in Bridgeport with the residential permit. If you live there, the zone is on your city sticker, but if you are a guest you use the yellow temporary guest sticker. It's kind of annoying...I get it, and I am sure that I am glad that it is in place, but it's still kind of annoying!

— On the neighbor message Sox Parking Ticket - need advice
3:50 p.m.

I don't see a way to edit my post and I did not type "neighbors" correctly. No apostrophe needed :)

— On the neighbor message Sox Parking Ticket - need advice
2:44 p.m.

I live on a block that requires the residential (yellow) guest pass for non residents. I get those from the city clerk's office, not the alderman. Those are required all the time unless the car has a city sticker in that zone. Apparently it is because Wings and Rings customers were taking up all the spots on our block so the neighbor's got the residential zone permits for our block. My landlord told me about these when I moved in and I always have them for guests.

My friend had the yellow pass...but I did not even think to give her the red one because the Alderman's office told me that with the yellow pass, the red one was unnecessary. Apparently Revenue disagrees.

I picked up extra red passes at the alderman's office today. I am just going to start using them every time I have a guest just to be safe. I understand that it is the Revenue department's job to create revenue, but it is not fair to do it in such a way that the alderman's office can't even explain it to the residents correctly.

— On the neighbor message Sox Parking Ticket - need advice
2:42 p.m.

I went to the alderman's office to see if they could offer any info. The young man who works there told me that they only recently learned that people were being ticketed in residential permit zones for not showing a Sox guest pass. When he told me earlier this year that the yellow residential pass was all my guests needed it was because they believed that it was all that they needed. He agreed that it seemed like the yellow pass should be enough, but they now know that Revenue is ticketing cars in residential zoned areas if they don't have the Sox pass during a game. So I guess my friends and family need both passes to visit, and I am going to have to pay better attention to the game schedule. Unless I am going, I usually don't know there is a game till the fireworks start!

— On the neighbor message Sox Parking Ticket - need advice
2:19 p.m.

It is just really difficult to park here! I mean, I am glad that it is restricted because I would not want all the spots taken up by people going to the game, but it should be a little less confusing. And, the alderman's office should know what they are talking about when people ask how the parking works.

Thanks for the info.

— On the neighbor message Sox Parking Ticket - need advice
5:17 p.m.

I am at 34th and Halsted. I have never had any trouble with friends or relatives visiting during games or on non-game nights.

The friend that got the ticket last night is not a city resident but she does work for cook county in the city so she is close enough that she plans to fight it. I am trying to help her gather as much info as I can so that she (hopefully) wins.

— On the neighbor message Sox Parking Ticket - need advice
9:40 a.m.

My block requires a yellow guest pass all the time. They had that. They did not have the red (paper) Sox guest pass.

— On the neighbor message Sox Parking Ticket - need advice
8:56 a.m.

I am neither a creative nor tech pro...but I am about to quit my job to look for a position in a creative field. More likely event planning than web design, but whatever it is will be creative!

6:57 p.m.

I always forget about CVS - their selection is about the same as Dominick's which is good enough. I do like to stop at Maria's for beer and Binny's when my family visits from out of town. "It's a liquor store almost as big as Meijer!" as my sister said.

— On the neighbor message Our Dominick's is going downhill fast ...
6:53 a.m.

True story - Halsted foods is ridiculous!

— On the neighbor message Apt Hunting in Bridgeport...frustrating
6:39 a.m.

I used to go to that Dominick's for lunch at least three days a week when they had a salad bar. Since they took out the salad bar I have tried going there for sandwiches and it ends up taking too long (20 minutes to make 3 sandwiches) so I no longer go there for lunch. As for groceries, I only go there when I need something that they don't have a Cermak. Usually this means booze. I don't like going to liquor stores (are there any good ones in Bridgeport?) so I go to the grocery store when I need booze.

— On the neighbor message Our Dominick's is going downhill fast ...
7:30 p.m.

Is the parade why there were so many fireworks this weekend? They were going on Saturday and Sunday from morning to night.

— On the neighbor message Bud Billiken parade
7:55 a.m.

I had a similar experience. I had looked at 8 or 9 units and gave up. Then just for no reason at all I took one more look at Craig's List and found just the right place at the right price. Keep looking, the right one will come soon enough!

— On the neighbor message Apt Hunting in Bridgeport...frustrating
1:45 p.m.

Maybe I am just technologically slow...but I can't figure out how to send a message! My email is Email me your phone number and I will pass it on to my neighbor. BTW - we are talking about a BIG dog! He's a very playful Doberman. He and my pug are best friends!

— On the neighbor message Cat/Dog sitter needed
12:58 p.m.

Ever make pizza on the garic naan? It's heavenly!

— On the neighbor message Trader Joe's in the South Loop
12:08 p.m.

Me too! I am just excited about being able to go to a Trader Joe's to buy a bottle of wine! Every time I go there I stock up, so I end up spending too much money on wine and snacks. It will be nice being able to just go in and get what I need this week, rather than for the next couple of months.

— On the neighbor message Trader Joe's in the South Loop
11:38 a.m.

Just checked their site!
Trader Joe's Chicago - South Loop (701) - Open Sept. 9th!
1147 S Wabash Ave
Chicago, IL 60605
Phone Number: 312-588-0489
Trading Hours: 8:00am - 10:00pm

— On the neighbor message Trader Joe's in the South Loop
11:19 a.m.

I work just down the block from Schulze and Burch. It's lovely. Some mornings it smells like blueberry pancakes!

— On the neighbor message Poptart factory?
12:40 p.m.

Justin K. - His name is Carlton Pearson This American Life did a great story on him back in 2005

— On the neighbor message Event
10:04 a.m.

For me, the best part of Bridgeport is the access. It takes me around 10 minutes (driving) to get downtown. It's easy to get to the South Loop for Petsmart, World Market, Whole Foods, Home Depot, Best Buy, Binny's and (soon) Trader Joe's. Visiting friends in the suburbs could not be easier - hop on the Dan Ryan or the Rock Island Line.

I think that you will like Bridgeport. We have improvements to make, for instance we could use more bike racks and dog friendly spots. But we have people in the community trying to improve it. There is a group trying to get the Ramova theater open which would be awesome. There are businesses like Maria's and Bridgeport Coffee that are bringing more young, enthusiastic people to the community.

It is a slow process but this is an up and coming neighborhood. You are going to see crime everywhere, so look at the good stuff!

— On the neighbor message Thinking about moving to Bridgeport
7:05 a.m.

I have lived in Bridgeport for less than a year. Sure, there is crime, but I am not going to tell anyone not to come here because of it. I want more people like you (young families, who are employed) to live here in hope that the criminals will move out. I may be naive but I believe that this is a great place to live.

I moved from Evergreen Park (across the street from Beverly) and I can attest that there is still crime in Beverly, and I don't blame you for wanting to avoid public transportation that far south. It's mind numbing. I had anywhere from 1-2 hour commute to my job in Bridgeport each way when I lived in EP, now I hop on my bike and I am in the office in 15 minutes. My life has improved vastly by cutting out the commute.

This is a neighborhood of hidden gems. There is a real record store, and more than one place to get your bike fixed. There are interesting and delicious dining options (Polo, Zaytune, Nana, Pancho Pistolas, Phil's Pizza...) I love being able to walk to a ballgame. Every third Friday local galleries and art studios open up to the public. We have a decent farmer's market on Saturday but on Sunday you can slip up to Pilsen to check out their market, too. If you have a dog there is a great groomer and a very popular vet.


— On the neighbor message Thinking about moving to Bridgeport
7:05 a.m.

ChicagoSib - I can't believe that someone would be so rude as to hold your dog hostage. That is just terrible. I am glad that you got him back.

Chris H - It's true! The naughty dogs are they best. They may be stubborn but they have all the personality!

Until I figure out a fence solution I think that it is going to be leash in the front of the house from now on. If he wants to run and be chased in the fully fenced back yard that is ok, but chasing him across and down the street is just not fun for anyone (except the dog...)

— On the neighbor message Thank you neighbors!
6:50 a.m.

Mike B - I think pigeons are pretty, but I would not want them nesting on my gutter or windowsill. Not only can they be destructive to your home, but it is really not a safe environment for the birds.

— On the neighbor message Pigeons
9:19 a.m.

Just in case anyone is reading this and feeling inspired to being cleaning up after their dog, I wanted to offer a really easy way to get convenient bags. You know those packaging pillows, or air bags that they put in packages to keep stuff from moving around? When I order stuff on line at home or work and the package is packed with those, I cut the pillows down one side, roll them up and stick them in my purse. They are just the right size for a little guy's poop and they are perforated so it is easy to carry many of them and use what you need when you need it. And, they are thicker than a standard grocery bag or those overpriced roll bags that they sell at Petsmart.

— On the neighbor message Dog Waste Left in the Grass...
8:07 a.m.

I know. I carry bags and clean up after my dog...but plenty of people don't. I wish that I knew a way to make people clean up after their dogs, but I don't. I am even careful to stop my dog from going on the parkway (that small strip of grass) if it looks like someone actually takes care of it. He can go on the next house's weedy part and I will still clean it up.

I have seen people leave mailbox type boxes with baggies and a note in front of their homes...but that only works a little and, besides, the dog owners should be taking responsibility without having to be reminded.

— On the neighbor message Dog Waste Left in the Grass...
7:05 p.m.

I have not yet had one that I prefer to Freddie's. Especially their cantaloupe and watermelon. So yummy.

I suppose that I can wait till September!

— On the neighbor message Anyone know when Freddie's is going to open?
9:17 a.m.

I am just bumping this in case any job seekers missed it.

— On the neighbor message Job Listing...
1:38 p.m.

Awesome. I will be there around 10!

— On the neighbor message Moving Sale! Saturday July 16
3 p.m.

I think I will go check it out. I love yard sales :) I will try to check in with your mom or brother tonight. Thanks!

— On the neighbor message Moving Sale! Saturday July 16
11:59 a.m.

Any Pyrex or cast iron? What kind of furniture?

— On the neighbor message Moving Sale! Saturday July 16
11:53 a.m.

I cannot imagine that parking is the issue. When Sam's was in that location there was a parking lot. But...maybe they figure that they will need more parking than Sam's did?

— On the neighbor message Trader Joe's in the South Loop
10:51 a.m.

It's where the Sam's liquors was on Roosevelt and Wabash.

— On the neighbor message Trader Joe's in the South Loop
10:08 a.m.

Much lower, but not as much selection. I don't mind the limited selection because they have GREAT house brands. one beats TJ's for wine.

— On the neighbor message Trader Joe's in the South Loop
9:53 a.m. that would be now till September. I hope it's not that far off.

Since you go by, what does the progress look like? Do you think that they are getting close? I have not been by the spot for a while. I go to Petsmart often and should detour over to look...but the traffic is so bad there.

I also wonder if it is going to be like the Whole Foods? By that I mean ALWAYS CROWDED!

— On the neighbor message Trader Joe's in the South Loop
9:39 a.m.

Phone books, newspapers, coupons, ads, etc, left on my porch, stairs and fence. None of this causes me to frequent those businesses, but it does give me paper to start the fire. I am going to attempt to opt out, but I think that they just drop the phone books anyway. Thanks for the link!

— On the neighbor message Yellowpages garbage
6:38 p.m.

Here is my theory on the farmer's market: more customers = more vendors = more competition = better prices. So, I am not going to give up on them, I will just buy the things that I find reasonable. I do wish that their prices were better on a lot of things, but they also have many items that I cannot get in the store. And there stuff does tend to last longer. No matter how cheap it may be, I can't afford to throw away produce when it turns a day or two after I bought it. This happens far more with grocery store items than farmer's market items.

— On the neighbor message Farmer's Market
9:57 p.m.

Humanstructions - you probably knew the tree that was taken down too! It was a big thing, about 3 houses away from me but shaded our whole side of the street. It is missed. But, the tree was a menace. It had gotten into the sewer and was threating to fall down any day. If it had been there today, I am sure someone would have had a big ol' branch through their roof.

— On the neighbor message Everyone ok?
2:41 p.m.

Reno - If you shop at Whole Foods, I cannot understand why you would have a problem with what they charge at the Farmer's Market. I find Whole Foods to be expensive, but I do shop there for specific items.

The more customers they have at the farmer's market, the more vendors there will be! I grew up in west Michigan, and am used to a farmer's market that takes a good 40 minutes to walk through. I don't expect that the one in Bridgeport will ever be that big, but if enough people go, who knows?

— On the neighbor message Farmer's Market
9:10 a.m.

Erin - 35th and Wallace on Saturdays, 7:00 to 1:00.

— On the neighbor message Farmer's Market
9:05 a.m.

Reno - if you can find the tiny Michigan strawberries in a grocery store, please let me know. Especially at half the price.

I don't know why you would say that the markets belong on the north side. Don't we deserve to have nice produce too?

— On the neighbor message Farmer's Market
9:56 a.m.

It's not cheap, but it's not too expensive either. They had the tiny strawberries today (amazing!) for about $5 a quart. The cheese guy has some asiago (to go with the fresh basil in my garden) that I got about a 5 oz piece for $5. Most of the items that I buy at the farmer's market taste better than what I get in the store, and tend to last longer.

The Pilsen Community Market on Sundays is great too. My dog gets very excited to go there because the meat vendor has smoked bones. I get him one every week and it gives me a solid 2-3 hours of peace! 18th and Halsted (behind the bank) on Sundays 9-3.

— On the neighbor message Farmer's Market
9:22 a.m.

I like that bread too! Two weeks ago I went there and that bread decided that we were having burgers for dinner that night. I had to stop back at the cheese guy table and get some stilton for the bugers, and it was worth it!

— On the neighbor message Farmer's Market
6:29 p.m.

I had not seen the rack across the street but I will look next time. I usually just use their fence.

35th and Halsted is another area that is severely lacking.

— On the neighbor message Bike Racks
4:17 p.m.

Thanks Tony, I had no idea. I just submitted two requests!

— On the neighbor message Bike Racks
10:18 a.m.

What's "not good?"

— On the neighbor message COncerned?
9:04 p.m.

Thanks Jennifer!

I understand why businesses would not allow dogs, and I totally respect it. I am not one of those dog owners who thinks my dog should be allowed to go everywhere, but I am the sort who is more likely to stop if I can bring my dog.

— On the neighbor message Dog Friendly Spots?
5:50 p.m.

Thanks for the replies. It is good to hear that I am not the only one who likes to take my little guy out! It is good also to hear what places do not allow dogs so that I don't have to ask :)

Bridgeport Coffee had told me that they used to allow dogs in for ordering purposes but they had to stop. They do allow dogs in their outside space.

I do take my dog to the farmer's market, and no one seems to mind.

I remember reading in the paper a few years back that Chicago made it so that bars and restaurants that had outside seating could legally allow dogs in the outside areas if they choose to. I looked for documentation but could not find it. Does anyone else remember this or know it to be true or false?

— On the neighbor message Dog Friendly Spots?
6:31 a.m.

People should clean up after themselves, but since they don't it seems more likely that the person or company that own the lot should be held accountable for the clean up. I walk by the fence next to Family Dollar on my way to work and am shocked at the mess - it's a bed of trash. Now, I do wish that people would not litter but I also cannot understand how the owner of the lot does not get fined for leaving the mess.

— On the neighbor message Store owners and trash
6:48 a.m.