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Ahhh Chicago. BB Guns are illegal but an HK USP .45 Tactical isn't.

Is there any question that our system is so borked that it doesn't even pretend to make sense anymore?

— On the neighbor message Protection
2:53 p.m.

Bob: You tell them kids to stay off my lawn!

— On the neighbor message Protection
5:53 p.m.

Bob: At least he didn't say anything about Critical Mass.

Pete: I love guns. I have never once shot or killed anything in my life. I have shot targets and old cars and all kinds of stuff for fun though. Target shooting is a truly fun and challenging hobby. Not that you could really call what my friends have done at the range or in a friends private range target shooting - but it certainly was fun as hell. Hate guns or not I bet if I gave you a fully automatic rifle and said "see if you can knock that bowling pin down there over with it" you would have a huge grin on your face when you were done.

FWIW I have never carried a gun nor do I have one in my home. I do however think gun laws are completely counter intuitive. If you set the law so it is illegal for the law abiding citizens to defend themselves the criminals are going to know this and act accordingly. They don't care about gun laws, they are criminals. Only non criminals care about gun laws. If I was a criminal I would be all for gun laws too - I wouldn't want to get shot.

— On the neighbor message Protection
5:42 p.m.

Here is the news story from when it happened.
I live a block away and spoke with their next door neighbors on a dog walk approx a week after it happened.

— On the neighbor message Protection
11:56 a.m.

Rich - this is true. That said terrible things happened in my neighborhood for a while and as usual they never caught the piece of trash.

Someone was breaking into homes in E. Lakeview and killing the dogs with a knife. He stabbed one persons pit mix a # of times while robbing their house while they were in the courtyard. The boyfriend ran up and he threatened him with the bloody knife. They spent thousands trying to save their dog but it died.

I know this makes me a bad human being but I would have gone after the guy knife or no knife and if I got the knife from him the police would need a bucket to take him out of there. Shame that didn't happen. I believe he (or they) ended up killing 3 dogs in the neighborhood before they stopped or moved on.

— On the neighbor message Protection
11:55 a.m.

I don't think it did. It jumped a fence and hurt itself.

— On the neighbor message Deer in Lakeview?!
11:43 a.m.

Wow I used to live a block or two from there! Get the police out - if it continues - please post in here. I wouldn't mind driving by and talking to them.

— On the neighbor message Pit Bull Fighting
11:39 a.m.

i am confused - i see the removed post (in my email) and then the reply. I never heard about it getting hit by a car?

— On the neighbor message Deer in Lakeview?!
11:10 a.m.

You don't scare me Jeremy! Bring it!

Just kidding! Wow crazy running into you on here.

Also - Earlier it was posted that this wasn't block/neighborhood specific. I think this issue nails the name of this site right on the head. This is an issue for Everyblock in Chicago.

— On the neighbor message Protection
4:39 p.m.

Naprapath - You must admit that is a bit of a stretch.

Hank - this is what you said. Now imagine if the shoe was on the other foot how it would sound. "My decision was to ask them to leave and I explained about the 12 year old rule and the delicacy of the equipment in the lot. There was some talk back, "who are you," why do we need to leave, where shall we go, etc.
It was all calm and respectful. But they remained in the lot so I asked what they were waiting for: "to decide where we were to go."
I went home to get a hammer to pound in a nail. As I walked back they were still in the lot, but as I came closer they began to leave."

If you asked them to leave and they walked away got a hammer and came back - how would you take it? You'd probably leave too. It sounds in your posting like an implied threat, whether it was or not.

Note I am not advocating them destroying equipment - however it sounded as if they were respectful in peoples initial dealings with them and I imagine if the police are called and or they get ran in that they no longer will be respectful or good kids. Just strikes me of bored city kids who saw something cool on the internet and wanted to try it out.

9:08 p.m.

Bill if you are to be taken at your word you want to start thinking a bit smarter than that. I am all for home defense and I support your right to own a gun and even carry concealed - but if you shoot some kid cutting through your yard - or even some one trying to break in to your place you are probably going to end up in jail.

If you feel you need a defensive weapon buy a shotgun. The sound of a pump action shotgun getting racked is about the scariest noise in the world and that may be enough by itself. Trust me if you do not have to you do not want to kill someone.

Pistols are hard to use accurately especially in the heat of the moment, the slightest shaking of your hands or movement can cause the round to go in places other than intended and as close as we all live together in this city that is not a good thing. I have shot with a # of people that couldn't get 40% of their rounds in a man sized/shaped target at 30' at a range. What do you want to bet their shooting would be worse with their heart pounding and adrenaline pumping?

I support you man but please be smart.

— On the neighbor message Protection
7:46 p.m.

I read about half of this and find myself craving some chili and a grilled cheese sandwich. Need to make a trip down there and see if the Ramova restaurant is still open. It's been too long.

— On the neighbor message save the ramova
7:30 p.m.

Wow. All this talk of calling 911 on kids who are described as being nice and respectful - then carrying a hammer past them "to pound a nail" (where?) so they would leave. OP said he asked them not to do that when his kid was there and they respectfully stopped. Calling 911 and getting the law involved seems like an unnecessary escalation to me.

Yes I have small children as well, a 2 year old that will be 3 this month and a <1 yr old.

7:07 p.m.

Bill for home defense please look into a shotgun. They have much less penetration so you are less likely to hit someone on the other side of a wall or next door, which is a concern in the city. They are more of a wide spread shot so easier to hit someone with at close range and being more rifle shaped they are easier to put rounds on target.

Also I believe the requirements are much lower but be sure to check before you get one.

You are not allowed to take any gun outside in the city as far as I know - not even your porch.

— On the neighbor message Protection
6:56 p.m.

SmartGXL don't go making this political. Gun control advocates tend to believe things are the way they want them to be rather than the way they are. They tend to believe making guns illegal will reduce the # of guns and thus reduce gun crime - they do exhibit a bit of cognitive dissonance when it comes to this logic though (they purposely force out of their mind the fact that criminals don't care if something is illegal - also making it illegal tends to mean they will be the one with the upper hand if they have one)

I do realize there is very much a political lean to gun control advocates but that is not.. Holon did you actually bring up MK Ultra? Serious close the Prison Planet and or any other tab with anything written by Alex Jones in it.. Wow.

— On the neighbor message Protection
6:54 p.m.

Becky, I will admit I will cali stop @ stop signs - and stop then check then blow (slowly) red lights sometimes. It gives me a chance to get up to speed a bit as off the line cars and even scooters blow by me but if I can get up a bit of speed I can usually go around 20mph or so and that puts me more in line with car speed (and thus imho a bit safer) as it sucks when they zoom past you with a 40mph speed difference.

— On the neighbor message Critical Mass ridiculous
4:27 p.m.

I think this is becoming more my goto solution for problems such as this.

— On the neighbor message Drunks of Logan Square.
2:24 p.m.

When I lived behind Shilvocks they would go behind the building and shoot up then fall asleep. Some would drink too but the jerks shooting up then leaving needles all around really pissed me off. People or dogs could step on them.

+1 on the urination but that's not just a homeless thing. I would see people pull up with their cars all the time and piss on my building - I'd walk out and ask where they lived while they were peeing, when they asked why I'd say because I want to drive out to your house and piss on it. Usually they'd jump back in their cars and a few times get piss all over their pants in the process.

ahh.. city life :)

— On the neighbor message Drunks of Logan Square.
11:19 a.m.

Good friend of mine is a cop on that beat - if you get a guy named Chad tell him Greg says hi. I like to push my presence out into random parts of the world to mess with my friends. Also tell him your name is Greg but it isn't you that it is the other Greg. Make some statement about Gingerman and seams too.. so he really is all wtf?!

— On the neighbor message Drunks of Logan Square.
10:44 a.m.

What Zenshepherd said - A few years ago I lived behind Shilvocks plumbing supply and one of the neighborhood alley cats had kittens. Camera phones have come a long way since then but I still love this picture (taken with a sidekick 3)

7:58 p.m.

Jon years ago my friends grandma's cat killed a raccoon and drug it home. Do you know how tough raccoons are? Do you want me to call him and see if any of that cats kittens are available? Dog fighting is wrong but having this cat come into the neighborhood and take back the neighborhood might be a necessary evil.

You just don't mess with a mans dog.

2:04 p.m.

Sofia your post one up from this is one of the brightest things I have read in a long time. Cheers girl, you actually brightened up a dreary day for at least one stranger out there.

Thank you.

— On the neighbor message Kinzie Street Bike Lanes
1:58 p.m.

We had a similar issue on my block. I actually feared for the cats life. The owner let this small black cat out every night and she would hide in bushes and when dogs came by she would ambush them and attack them. My Izzy is around 50lbs and really curious of cats but she is also a bit scared of them (especially this one). A few nights a week we would run into this cat (within a block of the house but all over) and Izzy would hide behind my legs while the cat hissed - oddly enough the cat was super nice to us people and just wanted to be petted - you could hear her purring from 10' away.

Shortly before they moved it took up a new habit, I guess the street was warmer than other areas so it would lay down right in the middle of the street - all black cat laying on a black.. moderately busy neighborhood street. I figured if one of the areas larger and less friendly dogs didn't end up killing the cat it was going to get hit. I left a note on the owners window as I never saw them - they took the note but the next night the cat was out again.

Izzy was afraid of this cat till the one day I was pushing both my daughters in the stroller (2 yr old and a 1month old at the time..) The cat went to charge towards us from across the street and Izzy shot out in between the stroller and the cat (extension leash type.. with a lockout button) the cat skidded to a halt and booked under a car - Izzy charged to the car and paced back and forth till we were about 30' away then she walked backwards watching behind us. I was never so proud of her as that day and that's why I am telling this whole long winded story. My big girl fearlessly protected my little girls against something she was deathly afraid of.

Honestly aren't dogs the greatest thing in the world? I want to go home now and lay down with her and watch some tv or maybe go for a walk.

1:55 p.m.

I have a gopro mount on my bike. This is what kinzie looked like at 4:45pm or a few after on my way home (actually I left work at 4:45 so a bit later)

Not that bad. Oh and yes.. I slowed and went thru some stop signs, people in cars kept waiving me by when I stopped they would sit there till I went and then look all frustrated because starting top stopped takes a few seconds especially when you hadn't downshifted. Just posting so people can get an idea of what it looks like during the beginning of rush hour

— On the neighbor message Kinzie Street Bike Lanes
9:52 p.m.

Richard, to be 100% honest I don't always stop for stop signs. I ALWAYS look though and only go if no other cars are around or it's a 3 way stop.. That said I stop 95% of the time. You're right they do not always stop. How does that affect this bike lane? It seems that is an issue whether or not there is a bike lane or not?

— On the neighbor message Kinzie Street Bike Lanes
2:46 p.m.

Richard I imagine if it was a problem it would have been dealt with in the (knowing Chicago) $10,000,000 in feasibility studies done before they spent $200,000 in little bendy plastic barriers for a couple hundred yards. As far as looking right before you turn right whether or not that barrier was there along the way nothing would change in that situation. Personally I am a paranoid bike rider so I always watch cars. I realize they know it's not them that will die in the event of an accident and I don't like to lay my faith in their judgement or how much they are paying attention (as a motorcyclist I have been hit over half a dozen times - 3 or 4 of which I was actually just sitting stopped at a light or behind an idot vehicle when a car just slammed into me)

— On the neighbor message Kinzie Street Bike Lanes
2:21 p.m.

Here is a better picture where you can see more up close the dividers.

— On the neighbor message Kinzie Street Bike Lanes
2:12 p.m.

I don't understand are you implying that emergency vehicles are incapable of pushing little bendy plastic posts over with their huge steel bumpers or that the drivers are not intelligent enough to travel the shortest/safest/fastest route?

Seems to me you are trying to use a non-issue as an issue against something that you do not agree with.
pictures linked to from city of chicago website which is here

— On the neighbor message Kinzie Street Bike Lanes
2:07 p.m.

Also Joanna if I were you I would remove your email address from this page.

— On the neighbor message Melrose St. muggings
1:38 p.m.

It's an absolute mess but check out this site.

— On the neighbor message Melrose St. muggings
1:37 p.m.

Bill back around 1993 I broke their gate when they tried to close it on me. Buttholes.

— On the neighbor message Suspicious Tow Truck
1:19 p.m.

As a motorcyclist/biker/car driver I like them. I wish we had more areas like that - it's nice to be able to relax for a few minutes of reduced fear you are going to get rear ended or side swiped by a car. In the normal bike lanes cars tend to use them as passing lanes, or they double park in them forcing us to jut into traffic, or they pinch them off when coming to turn lanes.. It's nice to be segmented off for at least a bit as riding a bike in the city can be nerve wracking.

I gave up riding my motorcycle in the city after being hit by a # of cars and watching a friend get t-boned and die but to be honest riding a bike in the city is a lot scarier than a motorcycle. At least on a bike you can go as fast as the cars, accelerate and or decelerate as fast as the cars and you have better mirrors.

— On the neighbor message Kinzie Street Bike Lanes
11:12 a.m.

Joanna -

We'll find em

— On the neighbor message Melrose St. muggings
10:09 a.m.

JC if anyone understands idiots in cars on cell phones and 2 wheels not mixing.. Sadly I do.

One of many

Lots more hardware now. That was the day after.

girl blew a red light talking on phone and t-boned me. I was on a motorcycle and my leg got caught in between car and bike. They were able to re-attach it.

— On the neighbor message Critical Mass ridiculous
12:25 p.m.

Bob have you ever been to Amsterdam? It's crazy. They have huge parking garages as big as some of the larger car ones here -- all bikes.

That said it looks like they haven't produced a new bicycle since ww2 either. Every bike there is old and rusty. It was actually kind of eerie.

— On the neighbor message Critical Mass ridiculous
11:54 a.m.


Not really. You do realize there are pedestrian paths and bike paths. That said if joggers or slower moving people want to stay to the right that's pretty much a decent compromise. The people that go 3 wide or as I saw the other day the 4 stupid girls who were going 4 wide (2 in their lane 2 in oncoming lanes) just poking along need to cut that crap out.

A couple years ago I saw a kid get hit. The guy actually went over the handlebars trying to stop and it was all because the poor kids mother drug him sideways across the path without even looking left or right. He was banged up but I had to stop because I actually feared for her safety. Much as I felt bad for him because that other risked her child's life without a thought I didn't want her to get the crap kicked out of her for it.

So yeah.. It is a BIKE path. If you'd like to share it please at minimum be considerate for our safety AND yours.

— On the neighbor message Critical Mass ridiculous
2:59 p.m.

Hey Bob do you mean to say that sometimes infuriating people (who very well may be huge jerks) who can easily kill you and often get away with it is a bad idea?

Not on opposite day! :)

and now I take you to the other america.. the southern one.. for a quick example of how wrong things can go.

— On the neighbor message Critical Mass ridiculous
9:37 a.m.

Bob, I got caught be them twice. It was also more like 90 minutes with all the jams. THe flat out stopped everything.

I think you misunderstood "kick over" but that's ok.
I also saw a guy riding down the street behind mine kicking the mirrors off of every SUV parked on the road screaming that SUV's had to go and it was teaching them a lesson (i think he was showing off for the girl he was riding with) I actually considered stepping out in front of him and spitting on him or maybe peeing on him but there was no time. I need some time to get the stream going.. you know? I do like to humiliate a$$holes though.

I was saying in a car vs bike collision our chances are worse than theirs. They can kill us and get away with 500$ in body work.. maybe less.

Good call there on how many people die in car accidents. I assume that's only counting cars killing bicycles and pedestrians right? I can't imagine you'd be misleading in a posted stat would you?

Also fight violence with violence? Is there a better way? Do you know any quakers? No? Why not? I never claimed to be a pacifist. I am that jerk that will walk up to the guy hitting his girl and ask him if he'd like to try it with someone a bit larger..

Also I like being mr tough guy on the internet. wanna make somethin of it!?@!?@


— On the neighbor message Critical Mass ridiculous
9:33 a.m.

Did Brian just say CM is not anti-car? Have you seen one of these rides?
I was taking my sick 18mo daughter home from the hospital and got caught in one. We tried going around and got caught again up by the house and unable to turn around. For over an hour I watched what they did - riding into the intersection I watched a guy kick over a dozen cars as they tried to go around actually multiple people as the blocking crew seemed to rotate. It was infuriating especially with a screaming balling infant in the car and unable to get home because a bunch of asstards thought they were making a political statement.

Here is the thing I ride to work every single day. We aren't dead because the people in cars choose not to kill us. Stop infuriating them.

Had I been on foot I would have tossed a stick in the front wheels of a handful of those riders for kicking off mirrors of cars parallel parked on the street and just being a$$holes. I know it's not my place to fix everyone but I think if you're going to act like a dickhead it's important for you to realize the error of your ways every once in a while and maybe some sudden decelleration followed by a scrape is the way that works?

— On the neighbor message Critical Mass ridiculous
8:58 a.m.

Is the Dominicks completely dead in the water or is it just on hold due to the economy? I know it's been sitting forever like that but I have as of recently seen a few dormant projects finally start work in the last month or two.

I kind of figured if it was a completely dead project Dominicks would have pulled the "Coming Soon" sign as it doesn't look good for them to be posting that on a defunct project.

— On the neighbor message Wal Mart at Dominick's site?
10:29 a.m.

Molly put out a video camera and perhaps you can sell the highlights reel to someone. You know some interesting stuff is going to go down on that thing.

— On the neighbor message Question?
12:37 p.m.

unless it's a different person/same name

— On the neighbor message Question?
10:20 a.m.

hah. I was just navigating tabs and I realized I am seeing posts from the other Gregory in 2 of them. Well hello neighbor! :)

— On the neighbor message Question?
10:19 a.m.

There's a sofa there now?! Sweet! is it a sleeper?!

— On the neighbor message Question?
9:43 a.m.

I read the initial reply as "we are" and I thought "well get off that platform and go get them baddies. Then I realized it didn't have an apostrophe so I read it as "were" and I thought that doesn't make sense.. At this point I realized he forgot an H and that H would make everything different. Raul - We need that H. Please bring it back.

— On the neighbor message Another stabbing in Lakeview ... video
12:35 p.m.

Heather from here took it - look up a bit she was the initial poster of it.

— On the neighbor message Deer in Lakeview?!
9:58 a.m.

I actually was just logging into here to repost that here - and perhaps Monica's reply.

Odd I am not on the mailing list but my wife is blowing up my phone with all the emails from it :)

— On the neighbor message Deer in Lakeview?!
3:36 p.m.

Josh: rather busy at work but sure anything I can do to help.

Heather: Just got this from the reporter "Thanks Greg. Great shot. The dentist at Belmont and Halsted let us grab some video through her back window. We are still planning a 5pm story.
Charlie Wojciechowski "

Ezm: Did you read any of the text above before you posted? Perhaps you started a new thread and this was just moved here?

— On the neighbor message Deer in Lakeview?!
2:14 p.m.

Heather, I told him about your picture of the fawn and was going to send it to him - I assume if you are posting it here you are cool with that. I see you watermarked it with your first and last name - any specific instructions on it? Do you want that blurred or left there? Just "Heather from Everyblock" or is it ok to give credit - not sure how public you want to be.

I did toss out an everyblock reference so I imagine there may be a bit of a traffic bump there Adrian :)

We talked about the whole organic apple from whole foods thing while the camera guy was setting up but I forgot to mention it and the ludicrousness of the claim (seriously how the hell would they know what kind of apples and from where? the flashing light cameras on lightpoles?) while during the interview.. Wasn't really nervous or nerve-wracking or anything but I couldn't exactly tell when we were on camera for use and when we were off .. I think they were just trying to get some random shots of us talking - just shooting the breeze for other angles. I started to say approx where she was and then asked if I should say that on air since it could invite problems - he said he wouldn't show that part.. I just said on briar in between orchard and halsted in the end.. I tried to bring up Heathers facebook photo of the phone but ATT 3G is soooo fast that it finally came up as I got in the elevator to go back to my desk 5 minutes later. I am going to email it to him now..

That said Heather if you are still reading way down here: let me know if you have any particular requests as to how the photo is used. He has 6 hours before airtime so he can blur the watermark or leave it.. and or give credit if you are a photog and want some free exposure.

Sorry so long winded

— On the neighbor message Deer in Lakeview?!
11:06 a.m.

Ignore the first part. I asked him if he knew a friend of mine who is on telemundo.

"Of course I know Alfonso. He does the tech stories for Telemundo, I do them for Channel five.

Since you're downtown, would it be possible for you to come downstairs in about 15 minutes for a quick interview about the video and the circumstances. I'll also ask you what you think about reports of everybody feeding the family so much, they may have to be moved.

We will be the ones with the big camera on the Trump Tower side.


I am going to go downstairs and try to think of a way to say in brief enough terms what we are saying on here - so they don't edit me down to "i like deer"


— On the neighbor message Deer in Lakeview?!
10:38 a.m.

That fox news article actually ticked me off a little bit. Now how would they know not only that people were feeding them but what stores and what varieties of apples they were buying and feeding?

Only thing I can think of is someone said that. Would the person feeding say it? Doubtful. Would an angry neighbor who wants it gone because it ate their flowers say it? Maybe.

Regardless his tone in the article - if it wasn't added by the "journalist" trying to drum up an emotional response was condescending and not helpful at all. What a jerk. As if the 35 seconds he spent on google looking this up makes him an expert on it - he probably knows little more about dealing with a wild deer and her offspring than any of us know.

Also get this, I just got this in my email this morning.

"Deer Video

We are interested in doing a story about the deer in Boystown. Are you available for an interview?

Charlie Wojciechowski
NBC 5"

— On the neighbor message Deer in Lakeview?!
10:36 a.m.

I have the whole thing up on my screen now - but I don't want to post it here. send me an email... since this is public I'll use the spammy address iamnotgreg at gmail

— On the neighbor message Deer in Lakeview?!
3:17 p.m.

Not to be that guy but if I caught someone trying to steal my dog I would probably end up in prison. When I go to get take out I will often take her and I will basically back up to the counter - pay - get food - and walk out without ever taking my eyes off of her.

— On the neighbor message Leaving Dogs Unattended.
3:15 p.m.

I am not on there, I have only seen a couple emails from there (wife has forwarded to me what she considered things I should know, basically the deer and when that guy over by where you live Monica got beat up pretty bad for being gay)

I believe you apply here - not sure who runs the approval dept.

Wow aren't we all high tech over here.

— On the neighbor message Deer in Lakeview?!
10:29 a.m.

Oh so that's a Hosta eh? Those things are everywhere in the neighborhood. Shame about the flowers but I would rather they be sacrificed to feed a mother deer and her offspring.

I think she should be moved somewhere more safe as well, I am just not sure how they can do it without harming, killing the babies. I realize people hunt deer etc and that the city is not going to think an animals life is all that valuable - so if they do attempt to move her I fear it will go badly.

Also we are world famous and trendy now. I guess my video was on NBC and ABC TV news (and if they told me I would have probably even watched the stupid week old tv news and so would my family - if for nothing else so we could all see Izzy on tv!) but they never even informed me they were using the video.

I'd get them back by illegally downloading the video of it but I can't find it :)

Oh and Tim I am not sure how to get on it - if there is some kind of PM system here I will kick you over the address. I know my wife was invited on by Marina.

— On the neighbor message Deer in Lakeview?!
10:23 a.m.

I know who called them, I am not surprised they didn't know how to handle her, i imagine even city animal control wouldn't be too familiar with dealing with her. Not only is it a wild somewhat large animal but she is in protective mother mode. To be honest I am a little surprised and very glad she didn't get shot (if they came near her with her fawns it is very likely she would defend them, and then they would defend themselves.. Deer can be surprisingly formidable when they are cornered or protecting their young)

About the hostas - first off why is our block so big on those? I don't even know what they look like but I know my mom is always talking about them too (she is back in indiana) - I told her now I have heard of them in two instances and she said "don't worry honey I can replace all of yours but I can't replace all of them for the whole block") :)

So since I don't have any hastas (and really honestly am not exactly sure what they even look like) maybe I can bring a box of them back and just leave it on Briar for all of you first come first served :)

— On the neighbor message Deer in Lakeview?!
10:03 a.m.

Wife received an email from the Briar Orchard email group (I'm not on it) stating that the Doe is injured. She was limping around last night @ around 11pm

Edited out names and emails so as not to post peoples info public.

"Subject: Re: [Briar-Orchard Residents 166] Online Story about Our New Temporary Neighbor

Reply-To: ***

I'm not sure who's awake right now. The doe is injured...she's mobile, but limping. I called 311, 911, animal luck getting any help."

— On the neighbor message Deer in Lakeview?!
9:14 a.m.

One of the girls I work with just came over and said she saw a thing about the Lakeview deer on the ABC 7 News... and they had the youtube video I filmed of it walking past on the news last night. I never heard from ABC but I imagine they don't need to contact me and let me know or anything.. Just strange eh?

— On the neighbor message Deer in Lakeview?!
12:03 p.m.

Seriously. What kind of people have time to sit by their front window and make sure no dogs walk across their lawn? In a perverse way I kind of hope they are on here.. If so.. Hi.. I'm Greg. I was the one who repeatedly informed you that you don't own the parkway. Also as long as I pick up my dogs poo (and I do) it doesn't affect the 4 flower pots you have on the otherwise unplanted plot of dirt you consider your "Garden" in the immortal words of whoever said it first.. "Come at me bro" lol

— On the neighbor message Deer in Lakeview?!
10:08 a.m.

Where? I haven't seen her since I made that short little video.
I guess some of my neighbors are really upset about their flowers.. I am pretty sure it makes me a jerk somehow but I find that hilarious. Incidentally the specific one I heard about is the people that have the signs up ordering people to keep dogs off of "their" parkway and if they see your dog step on it they bang on their window and point at you with a stern face then point down the street.

I printed them out a little form stating "who owns the parkway? Hint - it's not us" and put it under their note on the tree but they kept tearing it down. Luckily I can print for free at work. I don't think they like me.

— On the neighbor message Deer in Lakeview?!
10:06 a.m.

Monica don't you know Chicago borders are elastic? As someone who used to live in what was sometimes "Logan Square" and sometimes "West Bucktown" I am all too familiar. Usually the name is dependent on which realtor you are talking to and which neighborhood is "hotter"

— On the neighbor message Deer in Lakeview?!
9:57 a.m.

Wife just emailed me this link - Looks like we are not only famous but also trendy!

— On the neighbor message Deer in Lakeview?!
2:10 p.m.

Oh in case anyone I might know is on here. I am the guy who belongs to this dog. - I know most of us dog owners in the neighborhood know all of each others dogs names and hardly any people names. I talk to neighbors every day who I know but have no idea what their names are.. After a while asking becomes awkward. Oh and the Izzy's name is Izzy

— On the neighbor message Deer in Lakeview?!
11:41 a.m.

Hello Everyblock. I followed the link someone posted up on my reddit submission and saw two things I posted were here. Hello everyblock.. Hi neighbors.. Sorry about your flowers, I heard they were tasty :)

— On the neighbor message Deer in Lakeview?!
11:38 a.m.