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It's very simple. If the product or service passes muster, the business succeeds. If doesn't, it fails

Bottom line.... Success in the marketplace is earned by the business owner, and is not automatically granted by the consumer due to who they are or where they invest.

— On the neighbor message BeefBelly restaurant has closed.
12:22 p.m.

Would you happen to know which city agencies/departments these tax credits and grant applications are made to?

5:49 p.m.

Early news, scant on details....

— On the neighbor message Shots fired
4:40 a.m.

Still there at 4:00 AM. They're not saying what exactly occurred.

— On the neighbor message Shots fired
4:14 a.m.

"Voting for the tax were Luis Arroyo Jr., D-Chicago; Jerry "Iceman" Butler, D-Chicago; John Daley, D-Chicago; Garcia; Edward Moody, D-Chicago Ridge; Stanley Moore, D-Chicago; Deborah Sims; D-Chicago and Larry Suffredin, D-Chicago."

"Voting against the tax were Richard Boykin, D-Oak Park; John Fritchey, D-Chicago; Bridget Gainer, D-Chicago; Gregg Goslin, R-Glenview; Sean Morrison, R-Palos Park; Schneider; Peter Silvestri, R-Elmwood Park; and Jeffrey Tobolski, D-McCook."

"Absent was (now deceased) Commissioner Robert Steele, D-Chicago, a Preckwinkle ally who was hospitalized earlier in the week."

"County Board President Toni Preckwinkle cast the tie breaking vote."

For reference, commissioners that represent the Northwest side are Arroyo, Fritchey, Gainer, Silvestri. Commissioner Boykin is leading the charge to repeal.

5:59 a.m.

Portage the Park is solidly in the 38th Ward....

3:28 p.m.

Row boats are available to rent at Busse Woods. I do not know if electric motors (the only kind allowed on these waters) are also available.

Best bet is to contact FPDCC General Headquaters to inquire about motors, rates, etc.

— On the neighbor message Fishing and boat rental recommendations
5:52 a.m.

The opposition is not about "left turns" in and out of this proposed retail center. It's about the drive through. Period. PPNA has opposed it from Day 1.

Nov. 3 2016.
"It is our understanding that Starbucks will not open this store without a drive-thru. Given the traffic safety concerns, we cannot support a zoning change at this location if it were to require a drive-thru for this or any other business. If Starbucks or another business decides to open at that location we will certainly welcome their arrival, but we remain steadfast in our belief that a drive-thru at this location is detrimental to the community."

They now are citing three unfortunate pedestrian fatalities as reason to oppose. The fact is none of them occurred at a similar business layout (drive-thru). And none of them occurred within close proximity to this location.

They are also trying to sow doubt as to which business will anchor the development as quoted in this.

— On the neighbor message PPNA Position on Irving/Central development
7:22 a.m.

Here is much more interesting, and topical read.....

12:48 p.m.

This project will be partially funded through the Reed-Dunning TIF. The remainder, yes, they intend to borrow.

They've dithered with this portion of the property since 1991 when the state transferred it to the city and the TIF was created.

Now the city is under a 9/11/2017 deadline to transfer it to CPS through a 99 year lease. See page 2:

It has become a major boondoggle since the proposed transfer of the North end of this portion of the property to the Chicago Park District for an athletic field failed two years ago.

That fast approaching deadline has created constantly changing plans driven by personal agendas, including the involvement of Taft High School's principal.

Undesirable outcomes result from the "need to do something" when facing a deadline.

5:14 a.m.

One of many that support this as proposed. Including the drive-thru.....

9:58 p.m.

<" if pickups are now allowed">

Personal use pick-up trucks are already allowed to park on residential streets with a permit issued by Ward offices. The proposal transfers permitting to the City Clerk from the aldermen.

8:58 a.m.

New owners it appears....

— On the neighbor message Smokey's BBQ Reopening!
9:11 p.m.

@ Portage Parker 46.... A residential component was never part of the developer plan for these parcels.

4:51 a.m.

Decided to call the 38th Ward office first.....

They were unaware of the sign that PPNA alerted us to, and was told when they get an answer on the hearing date and location, they would get back to me. You'll hear about it when I do....

— On the neighbor message Mystery Zoning Meeting
2:42 p.m.

"They applied for the permit and there will be a hearing, though no hearing date is given."

The Mysteries continue.....

So far my search for a hearing date comes up empty. Perhaps a call to the Sam Banks Law Firm is in order.

I did find that the city denied a building permit in a Zoning Review on the 19th of February 2016 for a "NEW TWO TENANT SINGLE STORY RETAIL BUILDING WITH DRIVE-THRU" at 4015 N Narragansett..

— On the neighbor message Mystery Zoning Meeting
10:18 a.m.

The last time I met up with Kenji was at one the Parklet gatherings that Randy had organized last summer. We talked fishing. And old custom vans....

Kenji will certainly be missed.

— On the neighbor message Sad news about our favorite troll.
3:53 p.m.

Oh yea! Plymouth station wagons.....'s video of a '60 Plymouth Suburban Sport and a '64 Plymouth Savoy wagon on a nice Sunday drive.

— On the neighbor message See the U.S.A. in your Chevrolet
1:42 p.m.

Portage Park Neighbor.... The link to the diagram seems to be dead. Would you verify please?

— On the neighbor message Help keep Cuyler a residential street!
7:07 p.m.

I hear you Duane... At least try and get a Made in Chicago Ford Explorer. A shame you can't get one with vinyl Mahogany panels and fiberglass Ash trim though....

— On the neighbor message See the U.S.A. in your Chevrolet
6:06 p.m.

Why Yes it is Duane!

'66 Squire toted our family of 6 plus the mutt and a pair of canoes across the Midwest deep into the '70's. Too bad you can't rent one of those for your vacation.....

Today's tool of choice is a half ton Ford that hauls a lot. Of stuff....

— On the neighbor message See the U.S.A. in your Chevrolet
3:39 p.m.

PP46.... As I recall from the presentation by the developer, the proposal includes the properties from 6358 - 6350 W Irving Park Rd (A's & other businesses) & 4015 - 4025 N Narragansett (Canoe Base & open land to Cuyler). DD will front Irving Park, with it's drive thru on the North side of the proposed new building. The additional shops were shown backing up to Cuyler with their entrances facing South and the parking lot centered and fronting Narragansett.

I'd suggest contacting the 38th Ward office to see the layout of this proposal as this developer did not provide handouts that attendees could keep as some of the other proposal presenters did.

— On the neighbor message Help keep Cuyler a residential street!
1:55 p.m.

A direct line to the Bureau of Electricity used to be effective at correcting spot outages with a few days. Sometimes hours....

— On the neighbor message No lights for 8 days
10:46 a.m.

PP46.... This retail development as presented has no residential component. As I recall, the proposal showed the Dunkin Donuts "up front" on Irving Park, but not on the Narragansett frontage. Ingress & egress to the DD drive thru & the centered parking lot thru the E-W alley between Irving & Cuyler. Remaining shops are backed up to Cuyler on a portion of the present canoe storage grass lot and front the centered parking lot, the present location of the Canoe Base building.

— On the neighbor message Help keep Cuyler a residential street!
10:18 a.m.

A meeting was held two months ago.....

— On the neighbor message Help keep Cuyler a residential street!
9:27 a.m.

Attention sharp dressed men of the Northwest side..... someone is selling a nicely preserved vintage Wolke & Kotler suit as well as sportcoat.

7:46 p.m.

Thanks for getting the word out Gary. Never would have known if not for your post....

— On the neighbor message Mystery Zoning Meeting
9:54 p.m.

Proposal #3: 5555 W. Irving Park Rd zoning change from RT-4 to C2
Summary: The Owner is seeking the zoning change to permit the purchase and storage of used cars. The lot is currently already used for car storage.

The former used car lot for City Olds on the SE corner of Irving and Central. Property buyer will be wholesaling cars at this location with a staff of up to 15 employees. Typically no more than a dozen cars on the lot at any given time. Property owner is committed to beautifying the property.

Proposal #4: 4626 N. Cumberland Public Place of Amusement Application
Summary: The applicant is seeking to open a restaurant with live music. The restaurant is located in strip mail.

Former location of "Unami Sushi" on West side of Cumberland just South of Lawrence. Seeks a liquor license, open to 2 AM. Filipino cuisine. Music on weekends.

Light but informed attendance. The lack of consistent & timely notification was noted by several in attendance. All were signed up to receive the alderman's email newsletter but some in attendance pointed out they do not receive them on a regular basis, including notification of this meeting. The alderman acknowledged this problem. Suggested that besides correcting that, they also be less vague on the agenda.

The next one coming up regards the proposal for the Reed-Dunning athletic field at Merrimac Park, Monday June 15, 6:30pm – 8:30pm.

— On the neighbor message Mystery Zoning Meeting
9:49 p.m.

From the meeting....

Proposal #1 4015-25 N. Narragansett zoning change from RS-2 to B3-1
Summary: Zoning change is requested to return the property to its previous zoning and allow commercial development on the property. In addition to the zoning change they will be seeking a permit for a drive through for the anchor tenant Dunkin Donuts.

These properties currently house A's Restaurant on the NE corner of Irving & Narragansett, those to the East on Irving Park up to, but not including Al's Pizza. Also the Chicagoland Canoe Base property on Narragansett to Cuyler. This is basically a strip mall with the Dunkin Donuts franchisee located across the street in Dunning Plaza committed to this new location. No additional tenants identified. Ingress & egress to the drive through & parking through the alley South of Irving Park. No additional curb cuts requested. Besides zoning approval CDOT to conduct a traffic study.

Proposal #2:4111-4117 N. Narragansett zoning change from RS-2 to RT-4
Summary: Zoning change is requested in order to build a residential development with 5 townhomes and three 8 unit apartment buildings.

Known as "Dunning Place", These addresses create a 120' wide x 300' deep development. 5 single family 4 BR, 2 car townhomes with estimated sell price of $485k. 3 eight unit 4 story "condo" (not apartments per developer) buildings with 3 BR and 1 indoor parking spot per unit. Expected to sell for $300k each.
Ingress & egress thru curb cut on Narragansett. Parking for 11 guests in the back. CDOT review pending.


— On the neighbor message Mystery Zoning Meeting
9:23 p.m.

Announces an important community meeting the day of the meeting and declines to offer specifics..... Honestly, I'm not at all surprised by this. It's what they do when they want to minimize community input.

— On the neighbor message Mystery Zoning Meeting
3:44 p.m.

PJ....yes. And this incident is not the first at Mount Olive.

— On the neighbor message Gang Fight at Mount Olive Cemetery
5:37 a.m.

I've used the Des Plaines trail by bike off and on for's a great trail. Flooding of the trail from Belmont to Foster is a fact of nature as it's situated only yards from the river bank and that's floodplain.

Eventually the river recedes and the ground soaks up the standing water.

5:41 a.m.

Going back through my notes and data provided by Alderman Cullerton at the time, it's true there is significant support for a new high school that would serve the community. CPS provided data that the proposed school would receive students from elementary schools from the immediate South and West (Bridge, Canty, Dever & Locke). All of the these elementary schools are over capacity by the way....

Proposed conveyance to CPS.
HED/CPS proposing transfer (lease) 19 acres of land from City at the NE corner of Irving Park & Oak Park.
 99 year lease term.
 Board shall have option to purchase for $1.
 Board will use property for public educational and related uses by September 11, 2017.
 Board will maintain site upon conveyance.

Regarding the entire site....
42 acres
 Acquired by the City in November 2008
 Must be used for public purpose by 2017 or property reverts to the State

— On the neighbor message Building a New High School
10:14 a.m.

The alderman there is suggesting this as gang related.

— On the neighbor message Another shooting
1:34 p.m.

SVDC.....You can phone ahead a carry out order and pick up inside or through the drive up service.

— On the neighbor message Is St. Ferds open to the public ?
8:53 a.m.

Evidently, a NW side alderman finally recognized that a significant number of his ward's residents favored a new charter school, and in turn dropped his opposition.

"My mission is to do what the people want and what’s best for the community.”
and "the school would result in economic development, create jobs and eliminate an eyesore of a vacant lot.”

For this alderman to say today at the candidate forums that there is unanimous consensus against these schools either shows he is disconnected, or dismisses opinion contrary to his and those funding his current campaign. Or has become that much of an ideologue. Cannot support a candidate that is/does either.....

5:45 a.m.

Updating was announced two weeks ago and it was done early this week.

5:22 a.m.

The recent candidate forum clearly illustrates that Sattler is the logical choice to represent the 38th Ward.

5:16 a.m.

Some of Stewart's "analysis & opinion" is colored by green, as in political consulting fees. Perhaps one of his clients/opinion piece subjects from 2011 is also a client in 2015....

1:03 p.m.

JoAnna....I had the pleasure of sharing a table at an event with Bob last week. His praise for Alderman Cullerton & the helpfulness of the 38th Ward staff was said with sincerity.

Also....your comments contradict many comments posted here by....Portage Grounds. Among them.....


11:54 a.m. comments are based upon personal experience, not the nonsense that partisan non-producers on televison spew. In fact, I never watch Fox, or MSNBC for that matter.

Like all legislation, the FSMA (signed by Clinton) has had a detrimental effect on some. The greed exhibited by the officers at a former employer literaly killed that company. It's also created many winners, including the privately held company I'm now with. With increased access to these financial tools they were able to aquire marginal companies and turn them into efficient money making opperations that have provided well paying jobs and benefits to thousands across the country. And that success has parlayed into increased revenues to several local governments as the corporation has grown. That is how our system is supposed to work....

The primary task of the schools is to provide education. If Wilson wants to provide social centers in those communities, he certainly has the means to do so. Perhaps that should be his focus....

— On the neighbor message Nick Sposato -A Man Of His Word
11:38 a.m.

PAC.... I favor expanded economic initiatives in the private sector. That's how real growth is achieved. Those initiatives will be hindered by the policies advocated by so-called progressives that include Sposato, Fioretti & Garcia and those that give them their marching orders. How is doubling down on failed tax and spend policies "progress"?

Why do you want to dictate where parents educate their children? If there are alternatives to failing schools, parents should be offered that opportunity, regardless of whether it's a CPS, charter or private institutions. And if the enrollment in a school is so low that keeping it open does not make fiscal sense, then close it and offer those alternatives.

Quite frankly, your class warfare is tiresome.....

— On the neighbor message Nick Sposato -A Man Of His Word
10:44 a.m.

As does SEIU. In fact they recently transfered one here. From Minnesota....

— On the neighbor message Nick Sposato -A Man Of His Word
9:16 a.m.

It's unfortunate but the 2" Snow Route Tow Zones haven't been enforced for years. If they were, all of these arterials & thoroughfares, which also happen to be bus routes, would have been plowed curb to curb days ago.

And Randy...this is supposed to be a function of Streets & San along with the Parking Enforcement division of the Department of Revenue. Not the police....

— On the neighbor message Where's the plows Rahm!!!
8:12 a.m.

Robin.....I know her personally. That's a screen name, not her real name.

Why are *you* doing this?

— On the neighbor message What happened to Minerva?
4:28 p.m.

Here are the facts regarding Minerva.....

She left this forum on her own as she became weary of the personal attacks that were directed at her. Why should anyone tolerate personal attacks for expressing a point of view, whether you agree with them or not?

— On the neighbor message What happened to Minerva?
2:19 p.m.

We're with Heather Sattler, as we in this home see her as having the most reasonable and inclusive approach to the big issues facing this ward and the city. She also recognizes the need for broad based economic development, and has a proven track record of personal community involvement that has positively impacted the lives of others.

Candidates in the 38th Ward and others that take the "all or nothing" position regarding pension funding, city finances and education are doing this community, the city, and most of all the special interests they represent a disservice as these policy positions are fiscally unsustainable.

— On the neighbor message 38th ward forum last night
2:05 p.m.

Yes, the elected 38th Ward Alderman first addressed flooding in Dunning here.....

....then he, with an initiative from the Mayor's Office targeted the problem again.

6:55 p.m.

Phil.... would you agree that the candidates should expect questions on important issues? And have the ability to answer the coherently? I do.

— On the neighbor message Decent crowd at the 38th alderman forum
7:52 a.m.

I agree Mo G..... although, to date I've only been in attendance at those in the ward in which I reside.

Fact checking on candidate statements anyone?

— On the neighbor message Decent crowd at the 38th alderman forum
7:50 a.m.

It seems to me we have three, perhaps four serious candidates. Mr. Duda is a surprise.... he is the quintessential "neighborhood guy" and he presented himself well. Easy to see why the union rep tried knocking him and Paszek off the ballot....

Even though no one was allowed the time to get into details, I'd have to agree that Sattler & Duda were more rational regarding fiscal matters. I am concerned about those that complained about "50% of your property tax going to the schools", then advocated lifting the cap that CPS can assess. Can't have it both ways folks....

Two, no, three of the candidates? Not sure why they're in this...

— On the neighbor message Decent crowd at the 38th alderman forum
11:37 p.m.

Well run & moderated.....Good Job PPNA & Zorn.

— On the neighbor message Decent crowd at the 38th alderman forum
10:08 p.m.

Andy & Georgia were selling off all of the antiques, and I believe sold the building as well.

— On the neighbor message Kouk's Closed?
12:42 p.m.

And yet none of those named right or left wing extremists are relevant to the 38th Ward election.

How about staying on topic......

— On the neighbor message Too late for Nick Sposato?
7:44 a.m.

Thanks for posting that interview Minerva.....

Two and a half years into his term and Mr. Sposato was at best unprepared to discuss the academic performance of the schools in his ward. At worst, he was unfamilar with those particulars.

— On the neighbor message Too late for Nick Sposato?
10:27 a.m.

Pamela.... That scenario is a posibility, however I am extremely skeptical of that as it's difficult to determine which home is his primary residence as Homeowners Exemptions show for both residences in 2013, the last year recorded. There were also news reports going back 18 months that Sposato purchased that home with the intention of running in 38.

Furthermore, in October 2013 his office inititated robocalls targeted at 38th Ward voters (not those in the 36th mapped into 38) claiming he was instrumental in bringing blue bin recycling to 38. The emailed response I received from his office regarding this was not only misleading, but insulting in it's justification.

So what we have is a candidate that entered into contract in July of 2013 on a home that had been mapped into 38 which was widely reported by the local media, claimed responsibilty in October of 2013 for something he had absolutely nothing to do with in the 38th, then stated he was keeping his political ambitions open in July 2014, and finally announced his candidacy for the 38th Ward seat in August of 2014....

I find all of that dishonest.

— On the neighbor message Too late for Nick Sposato?
10:20 a.m.

Regarding Mr. Sposato's decision to run in the 38th Ward....

From an article published July 16, 2014 he is quoted as saying he had not made a decision to contest in the 38th: "Sposato, said he would announce Aug. 5 whether he would run for re-election in the 36th Ward, or instead seek to represent the 38th, 29th or 30th wards. Sposato has also said he is considering running for mayor. Sposato recently purchased a home that is now in the 36th Ward, but will be in the 38th Ward after the election."

And on August 5th he announced his candidacy for the 38th.

If he was considering running in the 29th, 30th & 36th in July, why did he enter into contract for property that was mapped into the 38th in July of 2013 and close on it in December of that year? Seems that those statements about running in other wards were misleading. At best....

— On the neighbor message Too late for Nick Sposato?
7:52 a.m.

Andersen Plumbing.... Neighborhood guys doing above average work at a very fair price.

4423 N Central Ave
Chicago, IL 60630
(773) 777-0602

— On the neighbor message plumber needed
8:42 a.m.

"Follow the money"

Just yesterday.....$52,600 to Sposato from SEIU.


— On the neighbor message Objections Filed in 38th Ward
5:18 a.m.

Phil.... you say "Duda didn't submit major questionnaires ".

Partially correct. Duda was tardy in responding to the was included after the decision was made in the ballot challenge. And he did submit responses to the Tribune in a timely fashion.

— On the neighbor message Objections Filed in 38th Ward
5:13 a.m.

Candidate Michael Duda has belatedly responded to the Sun-Times questionnaire....

5:06 a.m.

Thanks.... hopefully Zorn actually moderates and doesn't try to insert his personal opinion in the discussion as Javorsky did four years ago.

12:22 p.m.

The proposed layout expands greenspace.

Here is how it presently looks, with pavement extended right up the the Northern entrance to McCormack Place East....

This is the overhead of of the area should it be built as proposed....

11:51 a.m.

Dennis.... that was the Jensen Tobagan Slides.

— On the neighbor message Sledding hills?
10:53 a.m.

The location targeted for the Lucas Museum is presently parking lots.

10:52 a.m.

Michael Duda prevails over objector. Will be on the ballot.

....and once again "no comment" from the objector, Rau-Clauson of SEIU.

— On the neighbor message Objections Filed in 38th Ward
5:13 a.m.

We used for some repairs prior to a probable reroofing come spring.

Work was done quickly, competently and affordably.

— On the neighbor message Looking for a roofer
5:25 a.m.

Regarding Belinda Cadiz.... Like several in this field, this election is the first I've heard of her. In the self written bio in the Sun-Times she states: "I grew up in a family with close ties to a prominent and popular Northwest side political organization" and her occupation is "Legislative Aide".

I find it odd she doesn't state who's "prominent and popular Northwest side political organization", and which legislator she is employed by.

How can informed decisions be made if candidates are not being upfront?

5:11 a.m.

To date, no decision from the Board of Elections on the challenge to Michael Duda's candidacy.

As for the merits of the candidates, why not take that to the thread that details their positions through the major newspaper questionnaires? The Tribune's have been added.

— On the neighbor message Objections Filed in 38th Ward
3:48 p.m.

Chicago Tribune's Questionnaires for 38th Ward Candidates.

Belinda Cadiz:No Response

Thomas Caravette:

Michael Duda:

Carmen Hernandez: No Response

Jerry Paszek:

Heather Sattler:

Nicholas Sposato:

3:45 p.m.

Serving beyond last call?

5:25 a.m.

The findings and decision......

— On the neighbor message Objections Filed in 38th Ward
7:20 p.m.

"would it be appropriate on EveryBlock to have a thread where we can "fact check" some of the things that we hear candidates saying."

Absolutely MauiMe.... why not get started in this thread as the questionnaire above provides the context.

1:56 p.m.

38th Ward Candidate Forums:

Wednesday Jan. 21. 7 to 9 p.m. at St. Pascal Church, 6143 W. Irving Park Rd

Thursday Jan. 29 7:30 p.m. at St. Patrick High School, Stahl Family Theater, 5900 W. Belmont Ave

— On the neighbor message Alderman Debates 45th& 38th
6:09 a.m.

Chicago isn't Copenhagen just as Portage Park isn't Wicker Park. This whole notion of dictating how one gets around is contrary to personal choice and even freedom.

— On the neighbor message Sell Your Car
4:43 a.m.

Would love to add one of these to our stable of three machines.....

— On the neighbor message Sell Your Car
11:16 a.m.

JPArt.... Here is another local option.

If this event is as good as any other night out there, you can't go wrong.

— On the neighbor message NYE Suggestions?
7:30 a.m.

"When I die, I want to pass on like my grandfather, who died peacefully
in his sleep.
Not screaming in panic like the passengers in his car."

— On the neighbor message Time to lighten up?
6:02 a.m.

" why is CPS constantly in financial crisis?"

Easy one to answer..... The primary driver is Personnel Costs. Salaries, benefits and most of all pensions to active & retired.

CPS is the second biggest employer in Chicago at over 39,000 direct employees. That's second only to the federal government's nearly 50,000 and ahead of the third largest (the City of Chicago) by almost 9,000. This despite a 2% decline in CPS direct hires.

Contributing to those increased personnel costs: Increases in salaries, the compounded 3% COLA to retirees, and increased contributions to make up for the mutually agreed upon deferrals from years back.

Debt service to past borrowing is also an issue. It costs money to borrow money, and past administrations borrowed lavishly without much thought about the costs or how to pay it back.

Regarding the proposal to elect the BOE..... One of the legislated tradeoffs for the implementation of an appointed board was a cap on how much CPS & the Board could raise property taxes annually. I believe that was set at 4% of it's operating budget. The question is..... "Will elected board advocates also attempt legislation to rescind the cap, paving the way for a bigger take from property tax payers?"

Think about it..... Presently more than half of your property tax bill goes to CPS. Most of the advocates for an elected board also advocate for increased taxes. There is more to this than meets the eye....

— On the neighbor message Topic: Elected School Board Forum
6:18 a.m.

One named and a few unnamed rational individuals prevented a vote. For now....

— On the neighbor message E-15 Ethanol Bill Won't Die
6 p.m.

It seems the votes may not be there, despite Burke's pronouncement on Monday.

"Aldermen who oppose the ethanol fuel proposal, backed by Burke and Ald. Anthony Beale, 9th, are expected to put off the vote through use of a parliamentary maneuver."

We'll see if those rational minds prevail......

— On the neighbor message E-15 Ethanol Bill Won't Die
5:29 a.m.

Yes. The heating system is function well.

5:23 a.m.

Perhaps Phil... For now it's limited to high volume businesses, but as with most things it won't end there.

As for the potential for a lawsuit, the city cites their "home rule authority" in the ordinance. Profit margins are slim in retail gasoline, so I doubt that independents have the means to sue unless it's as an association. And they'd still likely lose.

As usual though, Chicago politicians seem to think the city is an island, and are under the mistaken impression consumers and businesses won't go elsewhere to get what they need at a better price without the meddling.

— On the neighbor message E-15 Ethanol Bill Won't Die
10:40 p.m.

Tami....there is not additional ethanol in winter blend gasoline. However there are other additives that make it less efficient that summer blend fuel.

Fuel economy does suffer though when ethanol content is increased.

Perhaps these aldermen are looking at it from a revenue point of view. As automobile engines have become more efficient, there is less fuel being purchased and as a result less motor fuel tax revenue goes to the city. Users of inefficient E15 gasoline will be forced to fill up more frequently, putting additional money into city coffers.

The obvious solution is to fill up in neighboring suburbs where taxes are lower anyway.

— On the neighbor message E-15 Ethanol Bill Won't Die
9:53 p.m.

JimmyMac.... The Finance Committee tabled it this past summer. Today Burke's a compliant majority in the committee passed it. It goes before the full council Wednesday.

"Burke pointed to how Wesley Clark, a retired U.S. general, has said it's an issue of national security and reducing dependence on foreign oil, as ethanol is made from U.S.-grown corn."

Burke neglected (intentionally?) to mention, and the reporter failed to report that retired General Wesley Clark is a paid lobbyist for the ethanol industry.

— On the neighbor message E-15 Ethanol Bill Won't Die
9:33 p.m.

Reinforcing the wood door jams with 1/32" or 12 gauge steel plate is also beneficial.

— On the neighbor message Community Alert - Garage Burglaries
11:53 a.m.

TLo.... these shops located at Irving-Austin.

— On the neighbor message Help Me Find a Local Grab Bag Gift?
11:25 a.m.

The City Council's economists must have missed the part where station owners will pass along the costs of new tanks and equipment to consumers, negating the mythical cost savings of a fuel that has no demand.

And the scientists within that legislative body must have overlooked the hard evidence that ethanol production is a massive consumer of energy and outsized contributor to greenhouse gasses.

The present Chicago City Council should minimize the damage it's doing to the city's economy and do us the favor of permanently adjourning.

— On the neighbor message E-15 Ethanol Bill Won't Die
5:17 a.m.

Tami.... the City of Chicago (CDOT) was not involved. The State of Illinois (IDOT) performs all maintenance functions on these interstate highways. IDOT made the call to do this.

— On the neighbor message Graffiti removal on the Kennedy this morning.
9:19 a.m.

They had a crowd of well over 200 neighbors there tonight, including many families, all having a good time.

Just go! You will also.

10:29 p.m.

Glad they're getting that done.... And if you're making the brisket, I'm in.

— On the neighbor message Blackhole
9:45 a.m.

Yes Conor, that is correct. Voters can sign only one candidacy petition for a given office. When Jerry Paszek sought my signature I'd informed him that I had already signed another and couldn't sign his. He, knowing the law, agreed and did not pressure me to sign his anyway.

Regarding the objector..... Here's a news story that broke this morning.....

Regarding this objector, and not reported. They located to Chicago from Minnesota only two years ago where she performed the same political functions for SEIU. She has also made personal contributions to the alderman of the 45th ward, and that alderman is an ally of Sposato.

This appears to be a case of outside interference.....

— On the neighbor message Objections Filed in 38th Ward
7:46 a.m.

Grand Re-Opening is tonight.....

....and upcoming screenings.

— On the neighbor message Patio Theater Grand Reopening Friday Dec 5
6:04 a.m.

The CPS School Quality Rating Policy....

Gray Elementary statistics....

Find other CPS schools....

— On the neighbor message Grey School in Portage Park
5:48 a.m.

" This is clearly a politically motivated objection."

Digging into the background of the individual filing the objections and those that are getting the political support of her union, that's obvious.

— On the neighbor message Objections Filed in 38th Ward
10:03 p.m.

Really surprised that Cianci would neglect something so basic.... Players in the old Banks organization should know better.

— On the neighbor message Objections Filed in 38th Ward
11:05 a.m.

Find links to detailed objections to these candidates on pages 15 & 16 here:


SEIU has made significant monetary contributions to one candidate in the 38th ward contest. These objections are likely being made to improve his odds....

— On the neighbor message Objections Filed in 38th Ward
5:56 a.m.

Take the 68 to the Park Ridge store. It's closer and you can stop for a treat at Oberweiss' shop before heading home.


— On the neighbor message What is wong with Randy?
8:05 a.m.

I'll add gracious, generous & learned. A friend, as well as pretty darn good cook.

3:17 p.m.

Grammar Cop.... I happen to know Randy. Even though he and I have differing opinions on some issues, he's a good neighbor and righteous person.

10:08 a.m.

Randy.... The Feast.

Schedule for upcoming screenings, including "It's A Wonderful Life".

— On the neighbor message Patio Theater Grand Reopening Friday Dec 5
10:05 a.m.

No one has anything to prove to you. Now run along.....

— On the neighbor message Obama's car
4:16 p.m.

Randy.... The only joke is The Troll.

— On the neighbor message Obama's car
3:10 p.m.

Who is the "tool and die guy"?

— On the neighbor message Obama's car
11:53 a.m.

A condensed, but interesting history of the Presidential State Car.....

— On the neighbor message Obama's car
9:11 a.m.

Who do suppose Pray for Chicago contracted with do the masonry work?

— On the neighbor message Brick and Mortar Doctor Needed
9:33 p.m.

Very pleased that the Patio Theater is reopening with competent management. This is great news for the Irving Austin Business District.

— On the neighbor message Patio Theater to re-open next month!
5:33 a.m.

46... he's no newb to EveryBlock.

12:18 p.m.

On Northwest Highway in Norwood Park...

In the Irving/Austin Business District....

— On the neighbor message Local store with holiday gifts
8:12 a.m.

At North Park University Saturday, December 6.....

....go to the Smörgåsbord, held following the pageant.

10:13 a.m.

La Margarita ?

— On the crime report Other offense: License violation
8:47 a.m.

paradoxymoron.... Fortunately the statement "We aren't capable" only applies to a select few and is not apply to the universal "we".

10:15 a.m.

Early voting for the 38th Ward was at Hiawatha Park. Election Day voting was at your precinct polling place.

— On the neighbor message Voting
12:08 p.m.

Missy.....good stuff.
This piece looks back at Tuesday's numbers and forward to February's Municipal election.

5:56 a.m.

Thank you Mr. Nadig for a much more thorough reporting effort.....

12:12 p.m.

I read Randy regularly....we sit and talk now and then also. He's a good neighbor.

— On the neighbor message Take the 54
7:09 p.m.

Seeking out both points of view is the responsibility of the reporter, and should be done before publication.

This article, like many from that source, reads like a press release.....

5:29 a.m.

Yup.... For those and other small parts I've gone here.....

— On the neighbor message 1950s record player repair
2:11 p.m.

Ryan... When I had heard that rationale it was reminder that they will change reasoning to suit the situation.

Over four years ago when the meetings went bi-monthly, we were told that federal community policing funds had expired and would not be replaced by city dollars in the police department budget.

— On the neighbor message Thoughts on CAPS meeting every two months
9:38 a.m.

This place has been in business since the transition from tube to transistor......

....perhaps they can help.

— On the neighbor message 1950s record player repair
10:32 p.m.

Good find kalijunfan...... It's about time someone pointed out the City Council's role in approving contracts that raised benefits without the means to pay as well as the contribution deferrals.

But what about the leadership of the unions that approved deferrals in negotiations in order to avoid or minimize layoffs? And the rank and file, the majority of which voted "yes" before the contracts were even sent to the aldermen for approval? Didn't this concern them at the time? Why are they not accepting their roll in this mess?

It seems none of them believed a day of reckoning would eventually come......

— On the neighbor message City Budget Unveiled
4:36 a.m.

I drive that stretch of Irving Park every day Minerva, for years. In fact those single lane sections are congestion causing bottlenecks. I'd eliminate them if I had the means to do so.....

— On the neighbor message Irving Park Rd (Bet. Harlem & Cumberland)
3:52 p.m.

"narrow the four-lanes corridor by the cemeteries into a safer two-lanes passage"

When did this become a part of the petition Minerva?

From the beginning I was in favor of:

The sidewalk replacement along the cemeteries on both sides of Irving Park Rd..

Making the pedestrian crossing at Pioneer safer.

I do NOT support the reduction of traffic lanes anywhere on Irving Park Rd.

— On the neighbor message Irving Park Rd (Bet. Harlem & Cumberland)
5:45 a.m.

Right.... I'm a registered Democrat, and sought the answer to these questions prior to this election.

Which party has controlled the Illinois General Assembly for the majority of the past three decades?

Which party has presided over a net loss of jobs in Illinois over the past three decades?

Which party has watched while a large number of the populace has fled Illinois to those states where the jobs went, resulting in a population loss that diminished representation to the U.S. House?

Which party passed an increase to the state income tax with the promise that this "temporary" measure would drastically alieviate it's fiscal crisis?

Which party in Illinois has presided over downgraded bond ratings due to their inaction & half measures on fiscal issues, which results in higher costs to tax payers?

Which party's leadership has presided over the drawing of gerrymandered district mapping at every level of government in Illinois over the past two decades, and prevented the fair mapping amendment proposal from reaching the ballot?

What rational person would keep the people that presided over the above in office?

— On the neighbor message Early Voting Begins Tomorrow
11:29 a.m.

They are money. There are conditions to receiving a grant though......

— On the neighbor message City Budget Unveiled
4:58 p.m.

@ Deutsch.... You'll get even more wound up if you compare the names/businesses on that list to those on political campaign contributor filings. Some even show up on the lists of officers to business organizations as well.

"Scratch my back, I'll scratch yours", right? ;-I

— On the neighbor message City Budget Unveiled
4:48 p.m.

The bacon was excellent.....

— On the neighbor message Third Friday Coming Up
8:27 a.m.

@ Deutsch.... this looks to be the place to start for that information.

— On the neighbor message City Budget Unveiled
5:36 a.m.

Yes, they have the same owner Liz.

— On the neighbor message Where to buy meat and produce
10:10 a.m.

Montrose Food Mart and Deli
6601 W Irving Park Rd

Montrose Deli
5411 w Montrose Ave

— On the neighbor message Where to buy meat and produce
9:59 a.m.

Biased agenda indeed.....

Some research on this "organization"......

.....and reveals it's one person that gets support from a biased newspaper columnist.

6:14 a.m.

Since 1978 Thompson/Bakalis election, the Democrat has received my vote for Governor. Not this time....

Why keep the same individuals in office and expect improved results?

— On the neighbor message Columbus Day Parade
4:21 a.m.

Nikoniko.... there is no "deal" (that we know of), just as there is no "plan" and no "project". Just a lot of wishful thinking that as far as anyone knows, is not grounded in reality.

In my opinion, this was a publicity stunt.....

6:34 p.m.

A news article on the meeting last night.....

....which contains at least one disturbing aspect.

— On the neighbor message Meeting at Schurz last night
6:24 p.m.

The article is headlined "New Plan" yet it details none. Just ideas. How can that be considered "new progress" as stated above?

12:18 p.m.

Walgreens, Chase, DD, Crafty Beaver, Hagen's over there all have parking lots that see plenty of shoppers driving in to do business. Obviously if a retailer or shop has something that a consumer wants, they'll stop and park the car.

— On the neighbor message Hey, where did my bus shelter go?
11:05 a.m.

Shoppers that drive cars are people too......

— On the neighbor message Hey, where did my bus shelter go?
10:39 a.m.

The practice at Central & Higgins is Central Higgins Optometrics.
Doctors Crompton and Holicka are the best.

4920 N Central Ave
(773) 777-6615

— On the neighbor message Optometrist in neighborhood
1:11 p.m.

Another vote for Jewel's wings.....very tasty.

Wing factory....A Good Thing. It has machines that engineers design & build, and line workers that keep them running.

— On the neighbor message Chicken Wings Portage Park
2:30 p.m.

Evidently not this....


chat line
1.a telephone service that allows conversation among a number of people who call into it separately.
Source:Oxford University Press

5:12 p.m.

Lori.... Either of these should be able to help. Can get others from the customer database tomorrow if you'd like....

— On the neighbor message Glass shelving
4:49 p.m.

Any business owner has the right to refuse service as long as it doesn't fall into the legal definition of discrimination. He's protecting his health within the confines his business.

— On the neighbor message Smoke and Fragrance Free Zone?
4:23 p.m.

Mrs. L.... There are such businesses. The severely asthmatic owner of a Northwest side hobby shop has a sign on his door warning those that wear colognes, perfumes or other noticeable artificial scents they will be turned away.

— On the neighbor message Smoke and Fragrance Free Zone?
3:56 p.m. may want to look into these for area gardening.

Many, many threads here where the topic is restaurants and food.

— On the neighbor message I'm a newbie to E.B.
3:50 p.m.

Jill...welcome to the neighborhood & EB.

The new kid's playground at Portage Park was completed in 2011 I believe. Friends of Portage Park took the lead in getting this done.

— On the neighbor message I'm a newbie to E.B.
7:14 a.m.


June 9 2011

August 24 2011

January 16 2012

December 1 2012

....that illustrates the company itself & Six Corners Association deserve the credit.
And since no elected officials were involved with site selection or zoning the recent photo ops are curious.

— On the neighbor message Chipotle
9:14 a.m.


— On the neighbor message everyblock test
9 a.m.

Forgot to mention the cost at Pueblo Nuevo....

Two steak burrito dinners were under $20. We also get chips and a giant cup of salsa for a few bucks more.

12:17 p.m.

Dine in or carry out, the steak burritos here are excellent.....

Pueblo Nuevo
4342 N Central Ave
Chicago, IL 60634
(773) 283-8058

11:49 a.m.

Takes place tomorrow. Here is the course map.....

As in years past, motorists (& cyclists) will find their travel restricted by the CPD & CDOT Traffic Control for the safety of the participants. Plan your morning accordingly if you live within the course boundaries.

— On the neighbor message Annual Fall into Fitness 5K run/walk
12:53 p.m.

On the rare occasions I don't do it myself....

Montrose Auto Clinic
5801 W Montrose Ave

...ask for Steve.

— On the neighbor message Mechanic
11:07 a.m.

To some extent, taxpayers are currently subsidizing private education in Illinois through tax credits available to parents that incure education expenses for their childeren.....

....not to mention the property tax exemptions that are granted to religious institutions, including their schools.

— On the neighbor message School Choice Rally
11:24 a.m.

Grocery Gal.... Please don't schedule it for Oct. 10-12. My $$$ won't be available that weekend....

— On the neighbor message Garage Sale 101?
6:01 a.m.

Someone might, or might not, want to look into the field at the NE corner of Forest Preserve Dr. & Cumberland as well.....

— On the neighbor message model rocket launch site?
5:53 a.m.

Tricia.... why in the world does CPS need to know your income if you essentially are opting your child out of the government meal program?

Sounds unnecessarily intrusive....

8:04 p.m.

I had this idea, but someone else ran with it....

— On the neighbor message Anyone missing a chicken?
2:24 p.m.


How about trying to bring medium to large employers to the area, including the Lawrence Ave. sites? The kind that pay a sizable workforce well. The kind that are going to other areas of the city and the Western & Northwest Suburbs?. Like the IT companies. Or the advanced manufacturers. That's what will sustain food service, retail and ancillary businesses... just like it did when the Northwest Side was flush with manufacturers and large Business to Business companies. Become an area that Produces, not just consumes...

And yet Nobody is talking about doing that.....

— On the neighbor message A Trojan Horse Comes to Jefferson Park
4:18 p.m.

Some thoughts about this and other development proposals....

Retail has changed. Many goods are now purchased over the web and shipped. With the exception of the "hot" areas, few small, independently run sellers of goods are opening (and I don't expect them to survive in the long term either). Heck, even many of the big brick & mortar retailers are struggling (area exceptions are found at HIP, Village Crossing, the Elston Corridor & the Fashion Outlet in Rosemont. All have desirable retailers and all have Parking!). Add in the high hurdles the city puts in front of a small retail start-up, I'd have to ask "who do you have in mind? and "who in their right mind?"

Food service and restaurants, while nice, is a volatile business that doesn't (and can't) pay front line workers all that well. And the failure rate of new restaurants is very high. Those that do survive do so because they are exceptional. Unfortunately not every one is exceptional.
This is not sustainable at the level some are talking about...

The residential housing market....has also become volatile.
"Build it and they will come"? This is a wild assumption... And if "they" do come, "they" will likely be commuting to workplaces in the suburbs and downtown and spending a lot of income in those locales.
Hard to justify new housing of any sort when demand is still soft around here and there are still empty foreclosures & run-down apartment buildings scattered about. Address that situation first, through rehab and/or condemnation before new residential units go up.


— On the neighbor message A Trojan Horse Comes to Jefferson Park
4:13 p.m.

Bob.... yes, that was my assumption. Just seeking confirmation.

Buttons.... Thanks for the link to that topic. It answers the initial question and raises others...

While some of these proposals, along with projects in process may have some merit, the injection of campaign money by these developers suggests nothing has changed....

— On the neighbor message A Trojan Horse Comes to Jefferson Park
6:22 a.m.

Will the zoning designation for this parcel be required to change for this development to proceed as proposed?

5:26 a.m.

Other than the address and a familiar face or two, not much there....

"This site is currently undergoing maintenance and will be fully functioning shortly. Please check back soon if you should find broken links or missing information."

5:24 a.m.

Some questions Bob Bank.....

Is it true that new strip mall development and additional curb cuts can be prevented through existing zoning & the ZBA, making the "Pedestrian Designation" proposal unecessary?

Do you know if the real estate developer Centrum Partners has a current project or proposal for one in the ward?

— On the neighbor message A Trojan Horse Comes to Jefferson Park
1:08 p.m.

A witness? Perhaps a statement to the police is in order so they can complete their investigation and eliminate the speculation.....

— On the neighbor message you must not wear the button
5:32 p.m.

The vast majority of Jefferon Park residents own a motor vehicle.... 1.6 vehicles per owner occupied homes & condos, 1.3 for rental units.

And in all of 60630, barely 10% of home/condo do not own any type of motor vehicle. Non vehicle owning renters are 25%.

— On the neighbor message A Trojan Horse Comes to Jefferson Park
11:22 a.m.

Great little show staged by a very friendly group. Glad I made it a point to drop by...

— On the neighbor message 3rd Annual Git Down at Hala Kahiki
4:56 a.m.

Good list Bella.....I'd swap 2 & 3, likely drop another, and add that the budget and everything that goes with it be re-prioritized and further right sized to reflect the gravity of the situation.

8:48 p.m.

The plan for Saturday just got complicated with this announcement....... :-)

— On the neighbor message 3rd Annual Git Down at Hala Kahiki
7:39 p.m.

You're fine Candace...I hope your holiday weekend was as enjoyable as mine.
And Thanks for setting the record straight regarding the new owner of this establishment. Some residents nearby to it will be pleased by that, especially if the new owner is a good neighbor to them.

7:33 p.m.

Candace.... This is a public meeting that everyone is free to attend. Yourself included.The gentleman was under the impression they were the same owners. No one in attendance could confirm or dispute his assertion. Perhaps if you were there, you could have pointed that out to him.....

12:34 p.m.

Great choice Ryan..... Love Lulu.and her food.

12:27 p.m.

@ Kenji... Those are similar questions the gentleman posed last night..... "Do they have a liquor license?"..."Are banquet hall renters allowed to bring their own alcohol?"... "Who assures minors are not served in the hall?" He also seems to believe the owner(s) are the same as Mrs. O'Leary's, and his concern is the past "issues" will continue.

11:49 a.m.

Similar to the complaints directed at other area establishments, by neighbors adjacent to the place...primarily liquor violations such as over serving, under-age serving, and patron behavior such as property damage to neighboring property and rowdy behavior.

This all post Bellini btw....

9:28 a.m.

^ We've been within the boundaries of 1624 for many years and never claimed otherwise Senor Stalker.

8:51 a.m.

^ An assumption frequently can be wrong. And your assumptions certainly are. ^

8:31 a.m.

^ Wrong. On all counts. ^

7:13 a.m.

Several times a year this establishment becomes a topic of discussion at the 1624 CAPS meetings, and was again at last night's. The Department of Business Affairs & Consumer Protection will likely be poking around. Again....

5:08 a.m.

....Concert movies.....

"Song Remains the Same"

"Stop Making Sense"

— On the neighbor message Idea Factory for the Patio Theater
12:50 p.m.

BLS.... I haven't had the boat out there this year, but I've fished from it and along the shoreline.

On foot over near the canoe/kayak rental at Tower Rd. Both sides of the boat landing. Near the dam North of Tower at Lagoon 4. There are also some good access points along Forestway Drive on Logoon 5. We'd cover a lot of water in the boat. From the North end of 5 to the South end of 3.

Since Independence Day weekend, we haven't been out as much as we'd like......

— On the neighbor message Fishing Anyone?
5:41 a.m.

Centerline "Stop for Pedestrians" signs have been replaced at Pioneer.

— On the neighbor message Irving Park Rd (Bet. Harlem & Cumberland)
5:39 p.m.

Never received a citation by an automated enforcement device and I want them gone.


They are poor substitute for proper traffic and law enforcement.

They have proven to be inherently corrupt programs, not just in Chicago but elsewhere in the U.S.

In the opinion of many, they are an abuse of power.

— On the neighbor message End or Scale Back red-light camera program
12:43 p.m.

@ Tim also.... I used to have that point of view as well, but over the past few years I've come to the conclusion that besides such programs being unaffordable, government can't protect it's citizens from everything. And in reality the biggest beneficiaries are the politicians that advocate for such programs.

Completely agree with you on the pension issue btw....

— On the neighbor message Roof and Porch Repair Program
12:25 p.m.

Alderman....first, the funding source is not disclosed on webpages pertaining to this city program, hence the assumption the program is funded through the city's budget.

Second, "grant money from federal and/or state coffers" just doesn't materialize. It would still be taxpayer money. Please note that both, especially the state, is in poor financial health primarily due to overspending.

Third, the harsh reality is homeownership carries financial responsibilities that are to be borne by the homeowner, not the taxpayers through government decree. Another harsh reality.... If those that have to make the choice between "food on the table" and maintaining a safe home are in a situation that dire, perhaps the third choice is to sell the house and live within their means.

— On the neighbor message Roof and Porch Repair Program
5:47 a.m.

I know of several machine shops that use this business to keep their tools sharp....

Hi-Speed Saw & Tool Co
4470 N Elston Av
Chicago, IL 60630
(773) 286-8228

— On the neighbor message Saw Blade Sharpening
8:07 p.m.

@ Tim also.... Sure. I'd like a piece of the pie also.... Or better yet some fiscal responsibilty by the City Council.

The fact is this city's leaders, including aldermen say they can't properly fund the essentials without tax increases, yet they are doling out taxpayer money for this and dozens of other programs that they create to curry political favor.

— On the neighbor message Roof and Porch Repair Program
9:24 a.m.

Grants (tax money) to subsidize home repairs?

No wonder this city is in financial straights...

— On the neighbor message Roof and Porch Repair Program
8:59 a.m.

VS.... I have to agree. After hitting up the community to buy the projector, the Patio failed to utilize it. Many contributors felt burned by that and the closings.

Pattymelt I also listened to the segment about LendSquare and believe it to be a great alternative for small businesses to access loans and operating capital. But as with the traditional sources for business loans, LendSquare requires viable business plans from the borrower, and that's something the Patio Theater evidently lacked.

— On the neighbor message Lend money to local businesses?
10:58 a.m.

The real "behavior modifier" for those that violate traffic regulations is getting stopped and cited by a real live police officer such as Officer Michael....

It costs a lot more in dollars than the $30-100 cam generated fine through higher fines, time spent in court and attorney fees (if you chose to go that route), the violation fee and the time & fee for traffic school (if choosing that option), not to mention the time you waste at the side of the road getting written up. Plus, the very real implications to your driving record and insurance risk can very costly. None of that comes with a suspect camera "enforcement" system.

Not only increased presence of officers on patrol serves as a more effective deterrent not only to traffic violators, but street crime.

More cops, less cameras.

— On the neighbor message Pedestrians in crosswalks
5:23 a.m.

As a longtime 38th Ward resident, I'm interested in hearing impressions of Mr. Sposato's tenure in the 36th. Both the good and the bad, such as....

Have city services improved or declined in the ward?

Is he and the staff responsive and accessible, and do they get things done in a timely manner?

Has he been an effective steward of improving commercial development?

Policy positions, such as schools, fiscal responsibility, pension reform....what are they and do you agree with them?


— On the neighbor message Sposato jumping ship
5:35 p.m.

Not to mention X-Sport going into the long vacant building where the Olds dealer was. Montrose Deli expanding West
Martin's Fresh Market establishes in a 10+ year vacant property.
Dunning Square with nearly full occupancy.
Montrose-Central with new commercial activity.
Streetscaping & new business coming to Irving-Austin.
Montrose-Forest Preserve Drive industrial park at full occupancy as well as other active pockets of manufacturing.
The active Austin-Irving Library
Wright College
The Reed-Dunning Conservation Area & it's volunteer supporters.
An active Friends of Portage Park & the park itself.

Maybe not much glitz there.....just many people, institutions and businesses that go about their work without fanfare.

10:18 p.m.

Morcosnor.... In my opinion this a matter that the police should address as it's more than a quality of life issue, and sends a signal to others that it's "ok" to do this openly in the neighborhood.

Perhaps the first step is to contact the CAPS office, and attend your Beat meeting to follow up. Positive loitering with your neighbors in the locations where this takes place is also a good idea.

— On the neighbor message Wiley
3:51 p.m.

Most I believe support the police 1000%, including my family.

— On the neighbor message Wiley
2:21 p.m.

Yep.... Karl's

5752 W Irving Park Rd
(773) 202-0022

— On the neighbor message Local Barber
12:14 p.m.

That's great news Bella! I knew you would be persuasive & successful....

I'm also honored to call you, Missy and TLo "Neighbor".

— On the neighbor message Looking for donations for our raffle
12:10 p.m.

Just one of the things I like about Inactive....Always thinking.

— On the neighbor message Looking for donations for our raffle
9:55 p.m.

Wishing you success in your search Bella, and a great time at the block party to you and your neighbors....

— On the neighbor message Looking for donations for our raffle
6:51 p.m.

Bella... Inquire with some of the businesses in the Irving Austin Business District such as Distinct Bath & Body and Tea'se Tea Shop. Also inquire with our growing roster of restaurants in Portage & Jefferson Parks, such as Mia's to Legno & Leadbelly about gift certificates.

— On the neighbor message Looking for donations for our raffle
6:11 p.m.

Interesting chart Minerva....The "debt per person" isn't the most unsettling figure though.That would be "Government Gross Debt as a Percentage of GDP".

It would be interesting to see where the City of Chicago & the State of Illinois would place on it given their history of fiscal irresponsibility.....

5:01 a.m.

We've been going to Veranda since it opened, most recently the evening of Independence Day. Both the meals (lamb chops) and service were very good. Which is in sharp contrast to a few years ago when the food was sub-par and management indifferent to that fact, and the service was inattentive at best.

Which is why the inspection failure is a bit of a surprise, figuring that improvements in service would be reflective of what the diner typically does not see....

10:09 a.m.

Six Corners Sam.....That's the capital cost per watt to supply the electric needs of your house. The provider designs a system around your current power usage, which will determine the size/number of panels and inverter requirements.

— On the neighbor message Solar Power Installation Discounts Available
9:06 p.m.

Phil....It wouldn't be right for me to speak for Alderman Cullerton, except to say that based on our discussion he truly believed the ordinance would have been beneficial. I appreciated and respected his position and candor, and he mine.

I happen to agree with both you and Tom G regarding the long term adverse affects on agriculture, and the need to return most of the corn crop to consumption. My brother-in-law, a dairy farmer, uses his crop almost exclusively for feeding the herd. Excess silage (along with animal waste, which is the primary "fuel") goes into the Methane Digestion System that he had installed, which produces methane gas that powers a generator that produces electricity. This supplies power to the operations of the farm and household. Sort like the fictional Bartertown from "Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome". Here's an interesting article on real world usage, and a Wiki....

Considering the huge amount of biodegradable waste produced in major metropolitan areas, it prompts me to wonder why these systems aren't being investigated and adapted by cities in the United States. Like Chicago.....

8:47 p.m.

Allexa...I took no offense to any of your comments, so all is well.

Regarding the failed E15 mandate in Chicago, I had a civil discussion with one of the co-sponsors on the pros and cons, and I believe that person's position was taken with the best of intentions. The lead sponsor, I'm unconvinced of that person's intent.... Regardless, the hearing at Committee was effective as those against the mandate prevailed in their arguments.

EV charging stations, both public and private are slowing going on-line. This webpage gives locations where they can be found...
But until advances in battery technology that increases range (& drives down cost) for pure electric vehicles advances, they won't become very widespread. Incidentally, The Great Escape Restaurant at 9540 Irving Park Rd, in Schiller Park has 3 charging stations powered by it's own wind turbine. That machine also provides all of the restaurant's electric power.

Some legendary gearheads are intrigued by EV's and are doing their part to advance the technology.

2:19 p.m.

From the resolution:

"CDOT was unable to substantiate its claims that the City chose to install red-light cameras at intersections with the highest angle crash rates in order to
increase safely. Little evidence was advanced by CDOT to demonstrate the overarching program's strategy. The IG further found a lack of basic recordkeeping and lack of analysis for the ongoing program that generates tens of millions in revenue."

Meaning CDOT cannot or will not provide data that these devices are placed where they are truly needed, if they are needed at all.

I'd like to believe that the call for hearings on this corrupt city program would result in full scale reform, if not outright abolishment considering what the Tribune has uncovered as well as CDOT's apparent cover-ups over this and manipulation of data to justify the speed cameras (which the Tribune also exposed). But this being the Chicago City Council, a body that just voted to remove oversight of it's campaign financing from the Legislative Inspector General, it's difficult to be an optimist.......

7:43 p.m.

Here is the latest on this "hair" brained (as in growing in the inverse, affecting reason) proposal....

First, the ordinance as proposed with all of the co-sponsors.....

...Yesterday's hearing before the Finance Committee, according to news reports was lengthy and contentious, where a vote was taken to table it (for now).,0,6089942.story

Bad legislation such as this most certainly can come back from the dead. I would suggest pressuring your representatives on the City Council to see to it that it does not, as well as representatives in the US Congress to pass the Feinstein/Coburn legislation that will kill off EPA's stumbling mandate once and for all......

7:22 p.m.

The reason the ethanol industry is targeting local governments such as Chicago to mandate E15, is the federal EPA's mandate (which was to go into full effect in 2014) has been delayed, waivered, revised, and could ultimately be rescinded due to their incomplete research into the adverse effects on automobiles manufactured not just before 2001, but as recent as 2013, and due to the adverse effects increased ethanol production will have on the environment.


5:30 a.m.

Teachers are fine people that do necessary work. However, their union, which mostly functions as a political action committee, does a disservice to the students and to the taxpayer.

What other organization has the influence to elect representatives at nearly all levels of government, that ultimately vote on their compensation?

5:20 a.m.

Aldermanic candidates in the 38th Ward that receive CTU support, will not get the support of voters this household........

12:29 p.m.

We designed and built solar panel manufacturing machinery for this company...

....luckily they paid before they went under.

Colleagues at another Chicago area machinery company did the same for this outfit....

...they weren't so lucking in getting 100% paid for their work.

— On the neighbor message Integrys - yes or no?
5:55 a.m.

Here's the difference.....This person did that independent of their work in another ward. Also, the alderman of the 36th Ward did not insist that his staff member be placed on the Wilson Park Advisory Council under threat.

7:22 a.m.

It does appear that attempts are being made to politicize these civic organizations.....

8:15 p.m.

It looks like the bugs have fixed..... Daily Digest was sent out this morning, and emailed subscribed thread notifications resumed yesterday afternoon.

— On the neighbor message Has something happened to the Daily Digest?
5:38 a.m.

Irving Park Rd is designated as a State Route (19), by definition a highway. As such the hurdles to install additional traffic signals are greater. That status also essentially prevents installation of stop signs.

— On the neighbor message Stop signs optional?
5:19 a.m.

"City transportation officials said neither the city nor Redflex made any changes to how violations were enforced. They acknowledged oversight failures and said the explosions of tickets should have been detected and resolved as they occurred. But they said that doesn't mean the drivers weren't breaking the law, and they defended the red light camera program overall as a safety success story. The program has generated nearly $500 million in revenue since it began in 2003.

The city was unaware of the spikes until given the evidence by the Tribune in January, said David Zavattero, a deputy director for the Chicago Department of Transportation. In the six months since, city officials have not provided any explanations.

"Trust me when I tell you that we want to know what caused these spikes you have identified as much as you do," Zavattero said. "So far we can find no smoking gun."

And more. Much more..... No wonder there is skepticism and outright mistrust of CDOT.

8:09 p.m.

"Chicago Department of Transportation officials say they had no knowledge of the wild swings in ticketing until they were told by the Tribune — even though City Hall legally required the camera vendor to watch for the slightest anomaly in ticketing patterns every day. Many of the spikes lasted weeks."

"The lack of oversight raises new questions about the controversial traffic enforcement program, the largest in the country, now embroiled in a federal corruption probe into allegations that the city's longtime red light camera manager took bribes from the camera company."

"Many of the spikes were marked by periods immediately before or after when no tickets were issued — downtimes suggesting human intervention that should have been documented. City officials said they cannot explain the absence of such records."

"The experts all said the available evidence leads them to only two possible explanations — that ticket procedures were quietly broadened to catch more violators, or that malfunctions led the system to wrongly tag lawful drivers. In either case, they said, fail-safes that should have guarded against such anomalies didn't do their job."

8:08 p.m.

With the revelations of corruption & malfeasance in the red light camera program that CDOT was instrumental in bringing & administering, the overstatements and embellishment of data by CDOT & ATA that brought the city speed cameras, and with this special interest group exerting undue influence from inside, I'm extremely skeptical of any proposals and data that CDOT & ATA bring forward.

While I don't believe staff members from any special interest group should be under the employ of a government agency, if CDOT going to do so, then they should have staff members from this organization helping to set policy as well.

After all....they advocate for safety on our streets and roads as well....

6:59 a.m.

Agree with all of the sentiments expressed.... I personally will miss the policy discussions we've had on issues affecting the ward and the city.

Best to you Tim and your family.

— On the neighbor message 38th Ward 2015 Aldermanic Election
6:01 a.m.

@ Inactive... sometime after the estimated assessment mailing date of 8/5/2014.

— On the neighbor message Property Tax Assistance
9:31 p.m.

No. If you look to the right on this page you would see the crime scene is in the 31st Ward. And if that ever fails, go here to look up specific addresses by ward....

9:26 p.m.

I recall that some were stating that the information presented at last week's meeting was not yet available on the City of Chicago CDOT "Complete Streets" webpage. After making an inquiry through the page last week, I finally received a response on Tuesday with links to that information.

July 1 Presentation:

July 1 Display Boards: the email response that I received, it was a surprise to see that it did not come from a City of Chicago Department of Transportation employee, but a staff member from the Active Transportation Alliance, a special interest group. As was explained to me by this individual, they are working at CDOT offices, "consulting" to them with the salary coming from a "federal grant". I suspect that "consultancy" consists of writing policy and defining projects that fit the agenda of ATA. It also provides them an undue amount of influence within CDOT on this project and others.

Lobbying by special interest groups is one thing.....this is something entirely different.

10:13 p.m.

No surprise, "gang related" according to CPD.

Also no surprise is their rationalization....

— On the neighbor message Shooting at 4900 N Lamon
4:44 a.m.

Ernie's Local Automotive on Higgins just West of Nagle has done fine work at a fair price for a family member. They report no issues with the work, and no "attitude" by the staff.

High marks for repairs to emission controls by Illinois EPA as well.

— On the neighbor message Auto Mechanic
6:44 p.m.

" but your car ..... thinks it's above every pedestrian, child, biker, etc"

Other than the microprocessors that make today's automobiles quite efficient and safe, cars don't "think" about anything, as they in their most basic form are machines.

6:30 p.m.

Call Bram at ..... Expert repairs and upgrades by someone that's been in the business for decades. He picks up and drops off, even in home if feasible.

9:46 a.m.

"(his parents) said he would often hang out with friends in other parts of the city. The night he died, his dad said he was at a party. As he left to get picked up by a friend, he was confronted by police."

"His father said he didn't know where his son got the gun, but suspected he had been carrying it from one place to another for a gang. "He was doing work for someone else," he said"

"Rios Jr.'s mother, Louta Rios, said through a translator that what happened to her son was unjust. "The police should protect them," she said." "

Interesting...I always thought it was the responsibility of parents to protect their children from gangs and violence.

— On the neighbor message Shooting at Cicero & Berenice
5:39 a.m.

And I appreciate your passion to improve our community and it's public resources Minerva.... :-)

— On the neighbor message Why are Public Benches So Expensive?
4:16 a.m.

The Lagoons were unproductive today....I didn't even see very many fish eating birds stalking the shorelines. I need to get my boat in that water....

I may give the North Branch a whirl as well, from Indian Road Woods to points North. The Des Plaines from the canoe landing at Irving Park Rd also....

EB member Minerva provided a link to this local fishing forum.... Thanks!

— On the neighbor message Fishing Anyone?
6:13 p.m.

Regarding the Des Plaines River Trail Minerva.... Due to it's proximity to the river itself over most of it's length, it's proximity to the flood plain, and that it goes through wooded & prairie areas, it's likely never to be paved. Paving would defeat the purpose of it's intended multi-purpose uses also.

The sidewalks along the cemeteries on Irving Park I'm in full agreement...they've essentially deteriorated into gravel paths.....

And thanks for the link to the Chitown Angler....good stuff.

— On the neighbor message Why are Public Benches So Expensive?
6:03 p.m.

@ PJ.... Nighttime? How many?

— On the neighbor message Catalytic Convertor Theft
5:06 a.m.

Water level at Skokie Lagoons was over 12" above normal when I was there Friday morning. Little action on the water. Headed back over there right now......

— On the neighbor message Fishing Anyone?
5:02 a.m.

Right you are Portage Parker 46..... not to mention that today's replacement windows for our old houses are measured and made in the same way, with the only difference being in the materials used. In fact most window makers and glass shops cut the glass panels in the same way that was done when these houses were built....on a cutting table using a square and scoring tool, snapped by hand. Very few use semi-automated scoring machines that can achieve .010" squareness accuracy.

— On the neighbor message Interior wood window glass replacement
5 a.m.

@Patty..... I really enjoy these historical accounts. They give context to the present.

The photo and caption were pretty good also...

""Never stand over exploding firecrackers like this" warn Ronald and Clifford Watts, 11 and 14, foreground, as they demonstrate reason why most persons are injured on July Fourth. Also holding ears with eyes squinted are Tony Mocytych, 16 and Francis Paluch, 14. The boys all live on the Northwest Side where it's still possible to buy fireworks just outside the city limits. (July 3, 1941)"

— On the neighbor message be careful with fireworks !
4:47 a.m.

From the article.... "A donation of $3,000 covers the cost of a bench, shipping, maintenance and installation."

If the one pictured is the example, I figure manufacturing time and materials & 20% profit margin to be about $1000, which would include fab, welding and powdercoating of the steel frame, cutting and finishing of wood or synthetic planks, assembly and crating. That leaves $2000 for "shipping, maintenance and installation" which is difficult to reconcile....

— On the neighbor message Why are Public Benches So Expensive?
6:59 a.m.

This, in my opinion, is the best thing about Independence Day....

....which of course gave us this.

— On the neighbor message Best things on the Fourth
10:17 a.m.

Correct Andy....once the fool realized he was on a road that went on a diet, he would have immediately come to his senses.

Seriously....try as they might to convince us otherwise, the politicians and bureaucrats don't know what's best.

4:25 p.m.

A differently configured Milwaukee Ave would not have stopped a drunk driver bent on destruction....

3:51 p.m.

Aby.... this thread has lists several nearby municipalities that will have them over the next few days.

Have fun!

— On the neighbor message Fireworks
12:41 p.m.

The link and webpage are functional at this end......

— On the neighbor message Milwaukee Avenue Complete Streets Project
7:24 a.m.

Suggesting folks get addresses and photos, then fill this out for each location.

— On the neighbor message Tagging on Lawrence?
7:40 p.m.

Actually, it was the Portage Theater that was first on that list to open......

— On the neighbor message What will open first?
5:54 p.m.

That's true BeenAFix.... The old Bel Park Theater which is more suited to their needs than the Portage Theater would have been.

Nadig rereleased this to the webpage today....

...and we talked about it some here as well.

— On the neighbor message Upcoming Events at The Portage Theater
12:59 p.m.

Evidently that's the game you're playing...... the rest of us will stay on topic.

— On the neighbor message Upcoming Events at The Portage Theater
12:26 p.m.

Getting back to the topic.......

This event should be a good one, especially for those that patronized any of the many theaters that were situated in just about every Chicago neighborhood.

I've also been told that management is interested in suggestions for entertainment. Contact them if you have ideas.

— On the neighbor message Upcoming Events at The Portage Theater
5:07 a.m.

Hailey.... the old Irving Park Bowl ....

— On the neighbor message What is going next to Veranda?
11:45 a.m.

You're welcome Darlene.

Looking forward myself to them screening one of AFI's 100 Best Movies....

— On the neighbor message Upcoming Events at The Portage Theater
11:13 a.m.

Annabelle.... Irving Park Bowl was a few blocks East at 5708, next to Mango.

— On the neighbor message Anything happening at Irving and Marmora?
7:24 a.m.

My objection is to the rigged process, which effectively shut out those most affected.....

6:15 p.m.

Annabelle......At least a couple of dozen came and went during the 5 hours it went on. Some were there early, then returning later as well.

And yes... there were a couple of parents with children. Which was fine.

— On the neighborhood event Parklet Pop Up June 20, 2014 5 pm - 9 pm
6:12 p.m.

Unless he loaned out the van to a very credible impostor, yea, he was there....

— On the neighborhood event Parklet Pop Up June 20, 2014 5 pm - 9 pm
12:09 p.m.

I suppose that's possible raven58.... and while I'm sure others may disagree that might not be such a bad thing because employees of that type of business also support local eateries and retail establishments.

— On the neighbor message Central and montrose
8:32 a.m.

That's sincerely appreciated BLS, because I'm my own harshest critic.... When I have more I'll be sure to post.

And absolutely right about TU. Local chapters had done extensive work late last season up and downstream of Amherst, which in time should improve the fishery.

— On the neighbor message Fishing Anyone?
8:21 a.m.

Same here TLo...... Need to mention Randy is a very gracious host.

— On the neighborhood event Parklet Pop Up June 20, 2014 5 pm - 9 pm
8:06 a.m.

chris... While not knowledgeable of any specific plans, I've noticed activity in that building for several weeks and it appears to be stepping up.

Btw...... the former Banco Polular property across Irving was recently sold. I hear plans are in the works for it....

— On the neighbor message Anything happening at Irving and Marmora?
7:45 a.m.

Message sent...

— On the neighborhood event Parklet Pop Up June 20, 2014 5 pm - 9 pm
7:59 p.m.

I'm not TLo.....but I could be back in less than 30 minutes.

— On the neighborhood event Parklet Pop Up June 20, 2014 5 pm - 9 pm
7:44 p.m.

Tasty brisket sliders Randy......and great seeing you again.

— On the neighborhood event Parklet Pop Up June 20, 2014 5 pm - 9 pm
6:55 p.m.

The South side of Irving Park Rd that entire length is Chicago. The North side from Harlem to Pioneer is Norridge. Chicago Police can make a traffic stop on either side of Irving Park to 1/2 mile West of Cumberland.

— On the neighbor message Irving Park Rd (Bet. Harlem & Cumberland)
1:23 p.m.

Some would characterize the initial data as "intentionally deceptive" rather than "wrong"....

9:44 a.m.

Neighbors....Why that assume what will be there will be detrimental? Based upon other commercial developments along Central from Irving to Montrose, I'll stay optimistic that interesting shops will be chosen as tenants.

— On the neighbor message Central and montrose
9:03 a.m.

The deception doesn't surprise me one bit.......

— On the neighbor message Good Noise!
9:01 a.m.

I'm guessing the later the end of this video, it shows them leaving the property likely to an escape vehicle out of camera range....

In my opinion, it also appeared this wasn't the first time they'd pulled this sort of robbery, and they knew the layout of the store pretty well so they'd been there before.

4:52 a.m.

Recently relocated to the former Norwood Park Dodge building..... Alex is a good guy that does right by his customers.

— On the neighbor message Window Tinting
4:12 a.m.

Thanks for the compliment Bella.... I was using either of two cameras depending on where I was and what I was doing. The Canon SX120is when wading as it's small enough to safely put into a vest pocket, and a consumer grade Canon t3i DSLR with mid-level 28-135 EF and 70-300 EF lenses. Higher end gear stayed at home....

As for the conditions on the river, we're hoping that the work Trout Unlimited performed late last season on some areas will improve the habitat. The Old Man seems to think the work temporarily disrupted it.....

....regardless, it was still a good time. I like the slower pace of life and the quiet....and nothing beats the supper clubs (Friday fish fry. Saturday prime rib).

— On the neighbor message Fishing Anyone?
12:31 p.m.

Well....our weekend excursion North to Waupaca & Portage Counties wasn't very productive fishing wise, but still a very good time.

A couple of undersize brook trout was it....we didn't even see fish in the numbers we usually do, even at know hot spots. Other anglers reported the same. The harsh winter? Probably.... The DNR's limit changes a few years ago? Definitely....

Here's a small album of images.....

— On the neighbor message Fishing Anyone?
5:33 a.m.

The original post at the top is what makes a great community, where neighbors helped take a criminal off of our streets.

As for the pot stirring that came later, some neighborly advice..... it's obvious some are here only to stir up trouble so rather than engage them (it's what they feed on), do as EveryBlock suggests. Flag the comment, send feedback with specifics ( ) and click that ignore tool as others have suggested.

Be safe everyone, and have a great Father's Day weekend....

— On the neighbor message Intruder Caught
2:33 p.m.

At what time of day were four males in a two seat car (Corvette) circling around?

Did it look something like this?

— On the neighbor message Suspicious car in neighborhood
8:23 a.m.

Jewels.... try here instead, with the case number. They are the people with the knowlege and will disclose what they can as allowed under the law.

12:42 p.m.

A suggestion for those buying their license online and printing from home....Laminate it, or place it in some sort of sealed bag, like a ziplock sandwich bag. Unlike the license purchased and printed out at a dealer, this is not waterproof and stuff gets wet..... ;-)

— On the neighbor message Fishing Anyone?
12:36 p.m.

Your disappointment in Martwick is palpable Minerva.

We was very quick to engage and personally respond during the primary campaign two years ago and I supported him as his opposition in that primary seemed disingenuous. Now, as it appears he's safely ensconsed (no opponent in the primary, none that I can determine in the general), Mr. Martwick sees no need to respond personally to constituent concerns, and as you've experienced, has become dismissive and arrogant toward differences with his public policy positions.

Mr. Mulroe on the other hand.....while I have had my differences with him on policy, at least he has responded personally, both through email and phone call. For that, he at the very least gets my respect.

— On the neighbor message State Rep Martwick & Sen. Mulroe Town Hall
11:14 a.m.

By the way.....I know what you mean about those that don't pick up after themselves. We abide by the old rule of the outdoors, "Leave it better than you found it".

As you do....:-)

— On the neighbor message Fishing Anyone?
3:30 p.m.

You don't always need a to catch a trophy to have a great day on the water Bella. I've had many memorable days without catching a thing.....

At the Lagoons, try near the dam off Willow, and near the boat landing off Tower Rd. As early as you can get there.....

The Old Man and I will be fishing here this weekend....

— On the neighbor message Fishing Anyone?
3:27 p.m.

All of those places that Kapel mentioned we knew very well....a lot of memories just came flooding back. A family member worked at the Tiara when it was a banquet brother & I spent a lot of time next door at 20th Century Bowl....the Luna (man, the stories we could tell about that place), and hanging out at Johnny's Pizza next door to it.

Some Good times...

— On the neighbor message Chicago Tabernacle...Remember them.
6:06 p.m.

Most of our favorite spots are at least 150 miles North of the state line where it's mostly fly casting on rivers and streams for us. But when we have the urge to go when extended travel & overnight stays are not practical, it's mostly at Skokie Lagoons, using crank baits, minnows or worms. It's a productive place but can be tough to fish from the shore. Only canoe and kayak rentals. Boats allowed, electric or human powered only.

It's been a few years since we've been to Busse....I hear the fishery has improved and they have boat rentals and a brand new boat house.

Info from the Cook County Forest Preserve District...



Downloadable pdf Guide:

And since Superior Sporting Goods at Montrose and Pulaski is long gone, we head to Fishtech in Morton Grove for licensing (Wisconsin also) and live bait: Locally for rod & reel repair as well as some fly casting gear, Coren's Rod & Reel (no webpage): . Both place are a great source what's happening on local waters.

— On the neighbor message Fishing Anyone?
5:54 p.m.

Ran across this article today and thought might be interest to our neighborhood gardeners......

— On the neighbor message Gardeners- Tips and tricks? Local resources?
10:55 a.m.

Isn't it true that in a market based economy such as ours, salary and wages, in addition to goods and services, are substantially based upon supply & demand?

5:32 a.m.

<"With the recent incident on the 4200 block of Marmora....">

What was recent incident and when?

5:14 a.m.

I've said it before and I'll say it again...this is a Good Neighbor.

1:29 p.m.

Nearby, One day prior, No answers.


— On the neighbor message Gunshots heard near Laramie and Grace
8:27 a.m.

A very enthusiastic gathering this evening. It was good to see details of the streetscaping, hear from business and commercial property owners, as well as share ideas with them and fellow residents.

Thank You Alderman Cullerton, Joe & Melissa of the Irving Austin Business District/Thrift &Thrive & the Portage Park Chamber of Commerce for your effort.

8:36 p.m.

Yes, raven58.... We had one of these installed last spring by this Jefferson Park company...

10:23 a.m.

It does appear to the eye that the largest craft are at lower altitudes at 6000 west these days as compared to before. Be interested in confirming this...

Here's some on-topic news.....

— On the neighbor message This aircraft noise is a joke
3:03 p.m.


Beat 1623/1624, CAPS meeting in the Community Room at the 16th District Police Station. 7-8 PM tonight, Wednesday 05/21

CAPS Outdoor Roll Call,

And this......

— On the neighbor message Police activity Berteau and Long
12:57 p.m.

Ah, the strawberry patch...... We planted one at the old place, 3' x 3' in between the yard walk & the fence. By the third year it had spread to a 12" x 3' area with the vines attempting to cross the walk to the lawn (sometimes successfully) and into my neighbor's yard.

Great berries that were loved by human, bird, rabbit and squirrel.

— On the neighbor message Gardeners- Tips and tricks? Local resources?
12:30 p.m.

Señor B... I'll make the assumption that Mr. P's is looking at apartment residents above the sore front at 4010 Austin & the 6000 block of Irving Park as their primary patrons.

— On the neighbor message Grand Opening convenience store
12:20 p.m.

And because it's specific to this forum......

— On the neighbor message This aircraft noise is a joke
10:49 a.m.

When ours was done roughly 5 years ago I insisted it be located on the side and it was.

— On the neighbor message Gas Meter Relocation
8:03 a.m.

While nothing to do with the minimum wage, this interesting article is about training people for jobs that already pay a solid middle class wage....

7:18 p.m.

At both locations the defacement was removed (painted over) 24 hours ago, likely by the property owners.

— On the neighbor message Graffiti Montrose west of Austin
6:52 p.m.

This Chicago Magazine article Hank?

In my opinion it's a pretty serious matter for our government to doctor statistics. Particularly crime statistics.

6:46 p.m.

Bella.... the Lady of the House is the gardener here, but as the truck driver that hauls most of this stuff home I know where she gets most of it.

Annuals come from Meinke's and Home Depot on Waukegan & Oakton in Niles. Even Jewel/Osco at Irving & Narragansett. Menards was again a disappointment for these and we left with nothing....

Perennials have come from Home Depot, Menards (hibiscus & roses) and (Bulbs. Ordered well before planting & shipped "just in time") and even Costco for bulbs.

The short of it....she buys what she likes when she sees it.

— On the neighbor message Gardeners- Tips and tricks? Local resources?
6:27 p.m.

I appreciate Vb's insight as well. It's given some meaning to what I've been observing from my yard and points West over the past few months.

....and Zoe's Mom...the boss should approve your comp time. You deserve it. :-)

— On the neighbor message This aircraft noise is a joke
1:49 p.m.

Zoe's Mom....write yourself up and dock yourself an hour's pay..... ;-D

— On the neighbor message This aircraft noise is a joke
11:58 a.m.

It may have been mentioned before, but this might be good time and place to ask questions......

— On the neighbor message Police activity Berteau and Long
10:21 a.m.

Further update on the defacement of the properties FJK brought to our attention last week.....

....and I was informed last night both have been completely painted over.

— On the neighbor message They're At It Again....Gang Graffiti
9:04 a.m.

The park is in Beat 1624, so another place to inquire is at Wednesday's alternate meeting in the Community Room at the 16th District Police Station. 7-8 PM.

— On the neighbor message Police activity Berteau and Long
11:03 a.m.

Status report...

From the original three reported, these two show closed and are confirmed removed.

...this shows Open, however as of 05/20 it has been removed, likely by building owner.

Additional locations in the area show closed and removal confirmed. and also reported to the police as Criminal Damage to Property

Unlike previous incidents where it took several weeks for the defacements to be removed, the above were removed very quickly, in most cases by the building owners.

This location still open.

There are no reports showing for two locations on the South side of the 6000 & 6100 of Montrose. That will be corrected.

— On the neighbor message They're At It Again....Gang Graffiti
4:41 a.m.

I happened to be driving past there early in the evening, where some people were setting up for what appeared to be some sort of "memorial" party. The gang colors were a tip off that that this was not a positive event for our community....

— On the neighbor message Police activity Berteau and Long
7:57 a.m.

OLR's Emergency Room staff and Cardiac Care Unit saved my father's life.....

— On the neighbor message New to Portage Park
7:51 a.m.

Same here...about 90 minutes ago. All zero's on the caller ID.

— On the neighbor message Pfisching Phone Call - FYI
2:16 p.m.

Here is one of FJK's sightings that's been reported....

....I'll see what else is out there and get them in as well.

— On the neighbor message More Graffiti on Montrose West of Austin
5:32 a.m.

The Upcoming Events should appear at the upper right and covers the present and following day. I also use the Calendar frequently. Both show events related to your Followed Places.

6:30 p.m.

Well thought out counterpoint and informed rebuttal is useful....Ridicule of those that don't share an opinion is not.

— On the neighbor message This aircraft noise is a joke
8:55 a.m.

Many of the materials used when these bungalows were constructed remain superior in quality to today's materials.

8:53 a.m.

Been with Heatmasters for 15 years. Never a problem with the service, be it maintainance, sales or installation. Or telemarketing phone calls....

— On the neighbor message Anyone know Hvac technician?
8:42 a.m.

When we had exterior masonry work done, the contractor used a stripping material in sheet form to remove layers of paint from the limestone trim work. So far I have not been able to find that product, but I did find these.....

8:39 a.m.

Moved from 6031 W Irving Park Rd.

Local place for Blackhawks gear.....

— On the business license SPORTS HARVEST INC
5:23 a.m.

In reality, the truth lies in between the extremes...

7:21 a.m.

I was wondering whether Andolino has had a dialogue with FAiR on these issues. Evidently she's quashing any discussion on them.

— On the neighbor message Today's Trib article on Plane Noise
4:31 a.m.

That Guy....the comments by Paul in this thread offer a lot of insight....

...territory claiming.

— On the neighbor message They're At It Again....Gang Graffiti
7:11 p.m.


Welcome to the neighborhood Theresa....we look forward to coming in.

— On the neighbor message Martin's Fresh Market?
5:42 p.m.

Chris.... you mention alcohol & cigarettes not being sold by drug dealers.

Actually, bootleg (out-of-state and/or non-stamped) cigarettes and booze remain one of the basic tried & true sources of revenue for organized crime. Especially in locales where taxes are high. Such as in Chicago.

— On the neighbor message Should pot be legal
1:58 p.m.

Instead Bella, here's the web portal for the 16th District.

Try the direct email link on that page. It should work....

— On the neighbor message They're At It Again....Gang Graffiti
1:49 p.m.

Great.... that's one that I had missed.

Bella....if that is at an address that differs from any I've listed, and if you haven't already, please report it here with photo attached

And here.....

...and here.

— On the neighbor message They're At It Again....Gang Graffiti
12:42 p.m.

I was pretty surprised by the number of incoming flights headed West as far South as Irving Park this afternoon. And I really didn't expect to hear them over racket of the pressure washer.....but there they were.

8:58 p.m.

If I could make a suggestion regarding these technical issues....

The EveryBlock Team is quite responsive to these issues and they'd like to hear about them.

Use this form.... ...and select "Problems browsing or viewing the site", then go into further detail in the appropriate fields.

— On the neighbor message Links in posts
3:15 p.m.

Thank You Neighbors as well as Alderman Tim, who responded within minutes and forwarded this information to 16th District Commander Bay and the major domo of Chicago's graffiti removal crew.

As many have stated now and previously, awareness & vigilance is key to prevention & deterrence. Catching them in the act would be fantastic. If not by a city camera, perhaps mine... or one of yours.....

— On the neighbor message They're At It Again....Gang Graffiti
2:49 p.m.

What other areas of Portage Park did you have in mind JoelZ?

And what's the objection to this one?

4:59 a.m.

A few things....

A commercial developer has identified an opportunity to fill long vacant space with a structure to house businesses that will generate revenue over the long term. Since when is this a bad thing?

Why complain about the type of businesses that *might* lease space there when tenants haven't even been disclosed? Who knows....we might be pleasantly surprised.

Regardless of the type of businesses that lease space there, it will have convenient parking....something just about all businesses and most customers see as desirable.

— On the neighbor message Montrose and Central
4:44 a.m.

Yep....most recently the Cricket phone store.

I've noticed people in there building it out over the past week.

— On the neighbor message Grand Opening convenience store
6:37 p.m.

Allexa....I've not had a problem with my machine consuming small twigs.

The Toro machine (& I figure all) have cutting height adjustment at all four wheels. I set the bottom of the deck to the height I want the grass. I would say if the grass is at the top of the deck or higher, that's "too tall" where a mower might have problems cutting effectively. If it gets that high, adjust to a higher cut, then readjust and make a 2nd pass around the yard.

5:46 a.m.'re correct about the wet stuff as well as too tall heights. It's characteristic of battery powered electric motors where as the load increases the amperage drops causing a decrease in torque. As you say the key is too not let the height get out of control.....

Drawbacks aside, I believe these rechargeable mowers are the perfect tool for the bungalow sized lots most of have. Two stroke gas engines, while much better than the past are still dirty little machines that require quite a bit of maintenance.

By the way...when I purchased mine at Russo they did have other models. They also may have a larger selection at their equipment store in Schiller Park on Irving Park Rd. I'd suggest those considering one get a model with the highest voltage batteries available, and look for an amperage rating in the specs. The higher the better. This does cost more money though.

5:19 a.m.

Allexa, You're welcome.

After 2 full seasons of use there've been no issues with the batteries whatsoever.

I've typically recharged after each fourth use, so I've never run them down enough to have problems cutting. I'm guessing each use on our lot is 15 minutes of run time, and I cut every other week or less depending on grass growth. I don't keep it on the charger during the off season, and make sure it's fully charged before the season's first use.

A voltmeter or charge level gauge on these things would be nice....

I'm guessing here....but I wouldn't expect battery life to exceed 5-6 years, which wouldn't be bad if the replacement cost is under $150. Which is what one probably spends (or more) on fuel & maintenance for a gas mower over that period of time.

10:25 p.m.

I replaced a MTD 22" deck gas mower with a Toro 20360 e-Cycler. Both were purchased at Russo's Ace Hardware on Montrose. Paid much less than the $369 MSRP with discount and trade of the MTD.

Very happy with it, and the only drawback is the bagger....smaller than normal opening prevents the bag from completely filling. It's fine without the bag in mulch mode though.

4:38 p.m.

@ Harry Lee.... I've observed landings from the East and West as far South as 4100 North, and departures headed East as far South as 3900 North.

Most of flights in this updated album of photos were on a path over 4200 North.

For the plane spotters....included is what's known as The Ghost, the infamous unmarked China Air Cargo 747-409F B-18722 arriving from Anchorage on a recent Sunday.

— On the neighbor message Planes and more planes
9:11 p.m.

Yes it does Deb.....working on getting it ready.

Gary..."content" = "happy". To a Swede like me... ;-)

— On the business license Tea'se Tea Shoppe, LLC
7:02 p.m.

Except for iced, I'm not much of tea drinker. But the news of this opening makes my wife very happy. And when she's happy, I'm content.....

— On the business license Tea'se Tea Shoppe, LLC
2:53 p.m.

I noticed as well 46.... I've been able to photograph an amazing number of them from my backyard. And I don't always have to zoom in to 300mm either....

— On the neighbor message Planes and more planes
2:50 p.m.

Passed the Food Inspection process....

Now they've procured their Business License....

A neighbor posted an inquiry here a few months ago when they notice work beginning to take place....

...very interested in seeing it final form upon opening.

— On the neighbor message Martin's Fresh Market?
5:01 a.m.

It appears things are progressing toward an opening......

— On the neighbor message A&k convenience store
11:07 a.m.

Grand Opening June 1st.....

— On the business license Tea'se Tea Shoppe, LLC
5:45 a.m.

Did You Know.... many of these "cloth" bags are manufactured from recycled plastics that are woven into a fabric to create the bag?

5 a.m.

Bellyer.... what you did here is appreciated. Please continue to keep the community informed.

9:12 p.m.

Bellyer..... advise contacting the 16th District CAPS office at with complete descriptions, what you observed, the exact addresses, and those images. Phone number is 312-742-4480.

Please call 911 next time you observe something like this. The police may be able to track them down......

5:59 p.m.

Looking forward to the active response if/when the request for input comes regarding the upcoming City Council debate & votes on getting this city's financial house in order.

— On the neighbor message Proposed Ban on Plastic Bags
9:45 p.m.

They are recyclable BeenAFix......what we in this household don't repurpose for one thing or another, we return to the collection bin at the Jewel.

— On the neighbor message Proposed Ban on Plastic Bags
11:31 a.m.


If the problem is litter as the lead sponsor of this ordinance claims, then take aim at those that are committing this civil offense.

— On the neighbor message Proposed Ban on Plastic Bags
11:18 a.m.

Could be the same individual that's "worked" that ramp and the intersection for years....and was also a previous topic of EB discussion.

Is there a bicycle stashed within the shrubbery near the top of the East Bound off ramp?

— On the neighbor message Wilson Exit off of 94E
5:42 a.m.

My travels brought me down that stretch of Montrose early today and the 38th Ward Superintendent was surveying the defacements.

Now, one thing I've been curious about throughout this conversation ....the lack of action by the building owners themselves. They, not a city agency are ultimately responsible for corrective action.

Non-owner occupied rental buildings are supposed to have the name and contact number of building management posted in plain sight, allowing neighbors and others to contact them regarding problems such as this. As I circled all three, none had this information posted. If that information is posted as required, I'm sure that many of us would flood them with calls demanding action.

— On the neighbor message Tagging at Montrose & Meade
7:17 p.m.

@ Black & White.... yes, some Goodwill locations have pick-up service. They advise a phone call to donation centers.

— On the neighbor message Donation Place
7:04 a.m.

Salvation Army has a Store/Donation Center located at 2941 N Central Ave, just South of Wellington. (773) 283-1315. We typically drop off at the receiving dock in the back, where they write your receipt.

More info.....

— On the neighbor message Donation Place
4:44 a.m.

Agree or not, Stewart's column is a primary reason I fork over 0.50 for a copy of the Northwest Side Press every week.


7:20 p.m.

Mary..... Here's the city's recomendation for water based or latex paints.....'s an alternative.

Oil based & aerosol paints go here....

— On the neighbor message Paint Disposal?
11:02 a.m.

You're welcome Joan....I lived that way toward the end of it's days to just after the Dominick's was built. The period in between that empty lot served the needed purpose of becoming an informal gathering spot on Friday nights for NW side hot rodders.

Was good times..... :-)

6:12 p.m.

Good seeing you guys....

— On the neighborhood event Gathering in the Parklet 5 pm til ... Tonight
8:43 a.m.

@ Portage Park Neighbor.... no need to be sorry. We decided to try it based on the recs here. We have our preferences is all.

— On the neighbor message Krispy Krunchy Chicken - Survey Says?
6:04 a.m.

Just calling balls and strikes as I see them....I was pleased to see them add something different, but the product we had last night just doesn't justify us spending money on it again.

Incidently, the spicy wings (different product than fried chicken) at Jewel's CK, other than having exessive sodium, are even superior to KKC in my opinion.

— On the neighbor message Krispy Krunchy Chicken - Survey Says?
12:54 p.m.

A detailed previous discusion on this property.......

— On the neighbor message Irving Bowl
12:23 p.m.

We went with Medina. Highly recommend. And thanks to all who contributed recommendations....

— On the neighbor message Lawn Care/Spring Clean-up Recomendations
12:10 p.m.

We went to Bub's last night specifically for the Krispy Krunchy Chicken....and like Rebekah were not impressed.

Chicken pieces & tenders were too dry, probably resulting from being under the heat lamps too long. Batter coating had no "kick" like you'd find elsewhere, including Popeye's. Wife said the jambalaya was too soupy with not enough meat. The slaw was almost liquified.....we get better from Jewel's Chef's Kitchen deli counter. In fact their fried chicken is better than KKC....

We'll stick with the the standard Bub's menu, and will pass on the KKC.

— On the neighbor message Krispy Krunchy Chicken - Survey Says?
12:02 p.m.

Absolutely wayne....

— On the neighbor message Cars speeding down McVicker
7:26 p.m.

I agree wayne... a larger police presence won't stop people from speeding, but it would lessen the number of them that do.

Examples can be found in some suburbs to our West where in addition to greater visible presence, they set up traffic details at rotating locations. In many cases those lead to arrests for more serious offences. Something traffic "calming" and passive enforcement cannot accomplish.....

— On the neighbor message Cars speeding down McVicker
6:49 p.m.

Yes heather....patrol staffing remains at an inadequate level on the Northwest side.

— On the neighbor message Cars speeding down McVicker
6:10 p.m.

Nice! This could be the push I needed....

— On the neighbor message Local Furniture Business
2:05 p.m.

Putting that on my calendar G-G..... and the furniture is getting the gears turning to do something about that (w)rec(k) room I have, starting with a proper place the LP's. Thinking some Voodoo Larry inspired striping on the doors would be cool....

— On the neighbor message Local Furniture Business
11:07 a.m.

16th District has a new Commander.... .....and hopefully a renewed effort to stop the criminal gang influx in the District, a very real problem that many recognize while some choose to minimize if not dismiss.

— On the neighbor message Tagging at Montrose & Meade
9:30 a.m.

@ G-G.... Perhaps look into exhibiting at some of the events that the Voodoo Kings and like minded groups stage..... ....similar aesthetic.

— On the neighbor message Local Furniture Business
4:59 a.m.

Great looking design and craftsmanship.....I'm impressed!

— On the neighbor message Local Furniture Business
12:58 p.m.

I recall problems posted about that location in the past, as well as at a Montrose two flat closer to McVicker. Will tune awareness in my travels that way....

— On the neighbor message Tagging at Montrose & Meade
12:42 p.m.

From the article.....

"For now, at least, local data aggregator EveryBlock doesn't need to be profitable. The site, launched as a nonprofit source of public reports, was shut down by NBCUniversal Inc. a year ago after the company tired of its losses. Comcast Corp., which gained ownership of EveryBlock through its acquisition of NBCUniversal, revived the site earlier this year, publishing police reports, calendar items and other data from 430 sources and combining it with local commentary.

The goodwill it generates is enough, says Sheila Willard, Comcast's Philadelphia-based senior vice president of local media development. “What you do in the community has direct implications as to how your customers feel about you,” she says"

These statements suggest the corporation sees value in being a part of the community. And it's been pretty well known through articles announcing it's return as well as on site blog postings that Everyblock does not accept advertising.

11:47 a.m.

The signs say "Closed". That's it......

— On the neighbor message Citgo Station - Austin & Montrose
11:42 a.m.

Randy..... about all I'll say about the Portage Theater because it's unrelated to the Patio Theater, are the issues surrounding that closure is entirely different than those at the Patio.

The SRO at Six Corners sounds like a topic that may be worthy of a new thread.....

— On the neighbor message Patio closing =(
7:34 a.m.

Randy, The Community already gave Mr. Kouvalis $50k to purchase a digital projector for his Patio Theater..... The Community also, through the publicly funded SBIF grant, was all set to give him more to put the HVAC problems to rest..... The problem is he wouldn't or couldn't follow through on his end.

The Community shouldn't be expected to continuously keep poorly managed businesses afloat.

— On the neighbor message Patio closing =(
7:02 a.m.

Have no idea....I was in the garage, heard it and assumed someone had their windows open with music going.

— On the neighbor message March down Menard???
8:52 p.m.

Inactive....yes a city can file bankrupcy. Detroit had to after decades of overspending and overpromising, while at the same time it's commercial and middle class tax base fled.

I agree that there is plenty of spending that could be cut here in Chicago. Go to the city's webpage and take a look at all of those departments and agencies. I'm sure you'll be able to identify several that are non-essential. But they won't be cut because that spending was put in place to curry political favor with, and cater to narrow special interests.

— On the neighbor message Higher Property Taxes, Better Schools??
11:44 a.m.

You do know neighbors, this specific proposal to raise Chicago property taxes is ONLY intended to fund the pensions of some city employeesm, and nothing more....

— On the neighbor message Higher Property Taxes, Better Schools??
9:04 a.m.

Ours was done several years ago Mike, and your experience was very similar ours... After making the appointment, PG made a determination where the meter was going. Right where we didn't want it...

After several phone exchanges the technician came out a day before the appointment to access what we wanted, said "no problem", returned the next day with two assistants, and carefully routed the lines through two very thick brick walls and inside the finished wall with zero issues.

— On the neighbor message Gas Meter change
8:24 p.m.

Sean... images can't be posted to comments, only to the initial post where there is a field to enter the file name.

I'd suggest opening an account here...

....upload your photos, then post a link to an album that you create or to individual images.

— On the neighbor message Landscaper - Walkway / Retaining Walls
5:29 a.m.

@ sean.... a friend recently stated the following to me.....

"Some people talk about the job and some people just do the job."

....I believe that applies here.

5:20 a.m.

Oh, I believe heads will roll. Initially some lower ranking individuals...maybe a district commander or three. Perhaps some of the names that have been disclosed, especially those in the Chicago Magazine piece.
McCarthy? Depends on what else is disclosed, and more importantly how much heat is put on his boss. As for his boss, there is the ballot box.....

— On the neighbor message Chicago Crime Stats Manipulated Downward?
7:39 p.m.

Glen.... If you're seeing suspicious activity, I would advise contacting the 16th District CAPS office at 312-742-4480, with complete descriptions and details of what you observe.

— On the neighbor message Hoodlums on Hutchinson and Long
6:48 p.m.

Another rec for Mayer's...

@ Pat.... depending on the depth & location of the dent and flexibility of the paint, it may be possible to remove or at least minimize it through a "paintless dent removal" process. Ask about it.

— On the neighbor message Fix a dent?
5:45 a.m.

Equating peaceful civil disobiedience that protested real oppression and human rights abuse to what amounts to a mass joy ride by a group of bicyclists?

Seriously 46?

— On the neighbor message Chicago Critical Mass (Bike Rides)
8:30 a.m.

I agree Jimmy, and will add the critical mass joy rides also halts public transit bus lines. Very counterproductive....

— On the neighbor message Chicago Critical Mass (Bike Rides)
8:40 a.m.

I wonder what would happen if a few hundred automobile enthusiasts decided to commandeer the public way en mass, blocking off cross streets for miles, with total disregard for traffic laws, to the detriment of the rest of the public.......

— On the neighbor message Chicago Critical Mass (Bike Rides)
7:22 a.m.

A bit of stretch considering the "big guys" are going under, but a photographer's service & supply. With a gallery to display work....

And yes, a book store.

— On the neighbor message New Retailers - more ideas
6:17 a.m.

The point is Harry, it's helpful to know where you've been before you can chart a course forward.

— On the neighbor message 6 corners businesses
6:10 a.m.

@ Harry had mentioned the lack of a rapid transit line within a reasonable walking distance to Six Corners as a negative to development there.

It's worth noting that Six Corners was booming long before that leg of the Blue Line came to be in 1970. People flocked there by streetcar, bus, automobile, bicycle and foot for decades. And they continued to do so for several years after the extension from Logan Square to Jefferson Park was built. The big difference is, there was something at Six Corners to actually draw crowds of people to back then.

As for the width of Routes 50 & 19 also being a hindrance, their four lane roads didn't prevent people from shopping and doing business at Six Corners back then either.

It's also worth noting the recent widening of them to include left & right turn lanes on Cicero & right turn lanes on Irving Park, along with the streetscaping, had the full throated support of that merchant community, local elected officials and many others. Now, after millions in federal, state and local tax money was spent to give them what they wanted, they're having second thoughts with proposals for changing the streetscape again.

Others have mentioned parking, either a lack of it being free, or there not being enough of it..... I've never had a problem finding a convienient place to park there even during better times, both metered and at no charge. The cost....there is always a cost to park in commercial districts. Even where it's "free" such as merchant owned lots the cost to build and maintain them is overhead that's build into the cost of goods and services.

— On the neighbor message 6 corners businesses
9:25 p.m.

Besides the reasons Inactive gives, the retail landscape has changed dramatically since Six Corners was at it's zenith....

— On the neighbor message 6 corners businesses
7:12 a.m.

Here's a nearby alternative....

Pueblo Nuevo
4342 N Central Ave

This became our go-to place long before the fire took out the business in the Portage Park Building.

Try it, you might stay as a customer.....

— On the neighbor message Fuego de Amigo Chino
6:29 a.m.

The loss of Irving Park Lanes got me to thinking about the places along Milwaukee where Jefferson Park keglers would meet....

Links courtesy of noted Chicago historian John R. Schmidt's blog on Chicago bowling.

Empire Bowl at 4423 N. Milwaukee.

Jefferson Park Recreation at 4747 N. Milwaukee

Further North in Norwood Park was Natoma Lanes at 6512 N. Milwaukee

6:16 a.m.

Phil.... Nobody was talking down ideas, but pointing out that groups and individuals have been making a sincere effort to improve that business district. And they are getting results that should be recognized and further encouraged.

The bottom line is they (and all of us) must continue that effort...Which is convincing companies and individuals that have a record of success and the financial resources to invest in the community.

— On the neighbor message Irving-Austin Business District Facelift
5:07 a.m.

I got a look at the proposal....the people space (or "parklet") area seems to be preliminary with options for location and design given. The one that seems to make the most sense to me is on the West side of McVicker as opposed to any of the three on Irving Park.

From what I understand, this was a preliminary meeting that was geared toward the business owners, although some residents did attended. If there is sufficient interest a meeting with the general public could happen.

@ 46... I'm not sure what the answer is to the lane issue, as the state controls the configuration of the road, but at the very least clear lane markings are needed, with particular attention paid to West bound traffic right after the Austin intersection.

9:02 p.m.

Exactly Andy..... throw in the complaints over chains also.

@ Althea.... ultimately it's the responsibility of the property owners to fill their empty spaces with suitable tenants. Some are making an honest effort to do so on their own or with the assistance of brokers. Others, for reasons only they can explain, won't make the needed improvements to make space or properties suitable for occupancy or seem to be content to let them sit idle.

Besides the property owners, typically local chambers of commerce, elected officials and community groups also take the initiative and promote a business district and pitch it as an opportunity to prospective companies, entrepreneurs and investors. This is being done by all three, and I know with their effort and our support, prospects are improving at Irving/Austin and in the other nearby districts of commerce.

— On the neighbor message Irving-Austin Business District Facelift
6:23 p.m.

Phil you appear to be diminishing the honest effort being expended by individuals, families and institutions to improve things at Austin/Irving.

I've been here a very long time so I know what it was like when it was fillled with all sorts of small businesses, what it was like when they left, and how it is now with measured improvements by those that are actually spending their time, money and even life savings to get there. They are DOING something about it. It's a similar story as Six Corners. Jefferson Park. Belmont Central. In fact all across the city.

You should also know that people here have been making an effort to get city agencies to pay attention to this area for some time. That effort is beginning to pay off with the CDOT street scapping plan.

<"empty storefronts"> An issue that plagues many do you propose to deal with property owners that are not or cannot be flexible with rent/lease rates? What about high commercial property taxes?

<"The question is what kinds of businesses."> Are you saying you would exclude businesses because they may not meet your criteria for what should be there? If so, you should know that can't be done as long as zoning and regulatory requirements are met.

— On the neighbor message Irving-Austin Business District Facelift
11:40 a.m.

Incidently Phil.....a fellow Everyblock neighbor did her part to make people aware of this before it happened.

— On the neighbor message Irving-Austin Business District Facelift
10:06 a.m.

I will add that Irving Austin Business District promotes events such as District Days street fair during the summer and the Christmas Spectacular at the Patio Theater. They also promote the events of O.A. Thorpe School and St. Pascal Church & School. And they receive much assistance from the 38th Ward and Alderman Cullerton.

Wander the'll find much more that what's been listed.

— On the neighbor message Irving-Austin Business District Facelift
5:56 a.m.

Some would consider the Patio Theater, and/or the Irving Austin Library the anchors of the business district....and while much can be done to improve the look of the area & increase occupancy in high profile properties, there are many establishments to patronize. Among them...

Food Stores

Szymanski Deli
6016 W Irving Park Rd

Boulevard Food Mart
5922 W Irving Park Rd


5959 W Irving Park Rd

Giordano's Pizza
5927 W Irving Park Rd

Las Taracas Restaurante
6011 W Irving Park Rd

5739 W Irving Park Rd

Bub's Place
5800 W Irving Park Rd


Chicago Billiard Café
5935 W Irving Park Rd


Time Treasures Antique Furniture
6021 W Irving Park Rd, Chicago

Thrift & Thrive
6025 W Irving Park Rd

JG Uniform & Career Apparel
5949 W Irving Park Rd

Kasia's Bridal
6039 W. Irving Park Road

— On the neighbor message Irving-Austin Business District Facelift
5:16 a.m.

Next best thing....

....will try to find out where we can see renderings and specifications.

And perhaps it would have been better attended if scheduling would have accomodated working people...

12:40 p.m.

@ Inactive... It's not a matter of better things to spend time on, but not having any time to correct the ravages of the brutal winter as well as professionally prepare it for the season.

And nice rig.....If this place was surrounded by several acres I'd have me one, but the little Toro that recharges does the job fine.

— On the neighbor message Lawn Care/Spring Clean-up Recomendations
4:25 a.m.

Pamela... when incoming revenue declines expenditures should be adjusted to align with that reality. First those cuts extended across all city departments and agencies. Second, the cuts to CPL were not as deep as originally proposed because aldermen including Mr Cullerton negotiated restoration of some of those dollars. Third, while the City Council does not have budgetary oversight of the CPS, the alderman on numerous occasions has advocated for public schools within the 38th ward.

— On the neighbor message Local lay of the land and 2015 elections
8:05 p.m.

Thanks to all who gave their recommendation. I'll be requesting quotes from several....

— On the neighbor message Lawn Care/Spring Clean-up Recomendations
8:05 p.m.

Part 2...

As for the voting record...... All votes on significant legislation by Alderman Cullerton have been thoughtfully explained in his email newsletter. Do I personally agree with all of these votes? No.... But I can assure you that through the newsletter and my personal communication with him, Alderman Cullerton has extracted concessions and changes to legislation to make it more reasonable, and that is part of the legislative process. And he does it with citizen input....

Just taking an obstructionist stand by saying/voting 'No" will NOT result in REAL progress.

As Missy points out, the mayor is not always wrong, nor is he "evil", as many of his outspoken detractors gleefully portray. In fact I support his business and education initiatives, his effort to get city government to work smarter & improve efficiency with the help of the private sector, as well as reforming the city's pension system. And I will support aldermen that do the same.

— On the neighbor message Local lay of the land and 2015 elections
7:26 a.m.

Chiming in....

Cultural activity has long been a part of the 38th Ward and still is, and is strongly supported by the alderman. For example. The Austin-Irving branch of the Chicago Public Library has frequent events. The Patio Theater again is screening film and they also have community events as does the Irving Austin Business District. So do the parks the ward is blessed with, including Portage, Merrimac and Hiawatha.

Phil H says " I don't see the dynamic activity in 38 that I see in 45."

Phil. Don't know you mean by "dynamic activity", but there are and always have been very active organizations dedicated to community, service, commerce & faith. All supported by past and present aldermen in the 38th ward...... Does "dynamism" equal fanfare?

If this "dynamism" your referring to is commercial business, I would argue that the business climate in the 38th ward is more diverse & stronger economically than neighboring wards. Besides retail, dining and service, there is a strong base of industrial and manufacturing here in locations dedicated to them. These are business that that pay wages and benefits higher than those in retail/service, generate high value business to business activity, as well as generate higher than average revenue to the city. All strongly supported by past and present representatives of the 38th ward. And it's unfortunate that a few pockets of industrial business were mapped out the 38th, as they are presently being ignored.

— On the neighbor message Local lay of the land and 2015 elections
7:15 a.m.

@ Annabelle.... Is this the Medina that you had mentioned?

— On the neighbor message Lawn Care/Spring Clean-up Recomendations
11:56 a.m.

Looks like fun.... Giovanni is also a very interesting guy.

9:21 a.m.

@ Monica Hernandez......

Have you looked into Idea Furniture at 6545 Irving Park Rd? It's right here in the neighborhood..... ;-)

— On the neighbor message Where to get a great couch for a great price
7:33 a.m.


It would be great if some EveryBlockers that attend post a synopsis for those of us that will still be on the clock.


6:05 p.m.


So there's nothing to your accusation then.


12:56 p.m.

<"He scammed a bunch of people ....... I'm not kidding.">

Post the details with attribution Kenji.

12:08 p.m.

I have yet to see any of these candidates, challengers and incumbent alike, articulate a plan for a sustainable & realistic economic development plan.

7:58 a.m.

They passed inspection.....

....should be good to go, right?

— On the neighbor message Elly's Opening?
7:45 a.m.

Report these problems Gary.

— On the neighbor message Old tricks at the polling place?
12:20 p.m.

Thanks Pamela. That must mean they're excempt from collecting the city amusement tax.

11:22 a.m.

Is Flament incorporated as a non-profit organization?

10:52 a.m.

I'll give you Foster/Gompers Laura, but every other that I regularly drive past all over the city, the typical traffic volume dictates average speeds will be below 30.

9:34 a.m.

TLo....they were there but I figure claims by proponents that it was a rampant problem were wildly overblown....

9:10 a.m.

Something for you plane spotters.....

— On the neighbor message Planes and more planes
7:36 p.m.

@ Inactive... yes I've tried it and it does not. The system is obviously not using any of the commonly used radar or LiDAR bands. I'll have to do some research on this....

12:36 p.m.

Maybe this technology will "accelerate"......reaching the consumer level.

12:26 p.m.

@ Robsy5111.... You bet political affiliations still matter, but for me it's less of a consideration. What matters at my end is what they've accomplished professionally and personally and for the entire community. Not just a narrow, segment of it.

I'm glad you brought up the far right extremists. They are certainly detached from reality and it's a shame how they've co-opted their party while marginalizing the rational (& asleep at the switch) pro-business Republicans. But as we saw in the recent federal budget vote the tide within the GOP is turning against the extremists.

And yet now we are seeing the same thing beginning to occur within the Democratic party, where the hard left big government wing is attempting a takeover, challenging Democrats that favor free yet fair private enterprise. And there is clear evidence of this in local campaigns.

As to the mayor's recent borrowing binge..... it has been brought up here, and it's obvious that I personally don't consider it fiscally responsible.

That said, while I do disagree with some of his decisions, I do consider the mayor to be generally pro-private enterprise and believe he is making an effort to correct the excesses of the previous administration.

— On the neighbor message 45th ward alderman
12:21 p.m.

Never said I "hated" Democrats "arnie"......

More of the same from a new breed of extremists is not the path to success.

I prefer to effect change right here. Maybe you should move......

— On the neighbor message 45th ward alderman
10:24 a.m.

That's what I used to believe as well and my votes reflected that.

But it seems today the Democrats, especially those that call themselves progressives only represent those working people that draw a check from the government. Private sector workers at any level just get lip service that "we care about you", while doing little to foster the conditions for important things like private sector job growth.

So yea, as a working person myself, I see few Democrats today reflecting my values for a strong private sector economy. Those that do get my vote. Those that don't I'll oppose.

— On the neighbor message 45th ward alderman
10:01 a.m.

So what if he's a Republican.... there should always be loyal opposition in a representative democracy.

— On the neighbor message 45th ward alderman
9:44 a.m.

— On the neighbor message 45th ward alderman
9:34 a.m.

@Robsy5111... he correctly states "candidate" (as in past tense) for those offices on the LinkedIn profile. Not that he held those offices.

— On the neighbor message 45th ward alderman
9:24 a.m.

Dirk.... I say this with no disrespect to you, but if you're going to call people out for trolling here, why not call those out that engage in it on both sides? As well as those that use multiple/throwaway accounts to do so? Here's an example of that....

Not to mention those that resurrect dormant accounts or start new ones after they get banned or suspended from posting.......That's something Everyblock administrators must address.

The fact of the matter is people are going to have differing opinions, and just because it differs from yours or mine, it doesn't necessarily mean that opinion or question is "trolling".

By the way.... I've received several polling calls as well. Had a lot of fun with the one that was obviously from CTU's (biased) political action committee...

— On the neighbor message 45th ward alderman
9:06 a.m.

@ Rod Westwood...I'm not sure if you're aware of how this system is supposed to work, so allow me the liberty to explain.

Every ward has a service office run by the alderman's staff & it handles constituent services. Then there are the separate political party organization offices, and they do the political work such as campaign fund raising and get out the vote organizing for their endorsed candidates.

In most wards the sitting alderman is also the ward committeeman for the party they represent, as in the 45th. By law these are supposed to be two separate entities with different address, staffing, web pages, phones, etc., and this is true in ward 45.
Yet the lines do get blurred...

To your question/concern about this specific "public meeting"... As pointed out this is the monthly "Pub Night" and it is organized by the "45th Ward Independent Democrats". Not the ward's constituent services office. The intent is to raise money and strategize/ organize/lobby on behalf of it's slate of candidates. Any discussion of "local issues and how to improve the area" is supposed to be from that perspective only.

— On the neighbor message 45th ward alderman
6:41 a.m.

Randy.... unless the catalytic converters are removed, aftermarket exhaust systems do not increase emissions if the Feds & the state of California (the strictest in the nation) approve them as emisions legal. And it's highly unlikely anyone is removing their CatCon as it will trigger faults in the engine control sytems and the state will fail the state emission check on the spot if the vehicle owner is dumb enough to drive the car in without them.

As for the noise ordinance, it's my understanding that sound levels need to be checked with calibrated instrumentation. Case in point: The state and city EPA's used to plant investigators just outside the student parking lot at our high scholl back in the day.

Short of that, the police have been known to write equipment violations to motorcyclists & automobile drivers that remove their mufflers and replace them with straight pipes. This is an easy visual check that requires no instrumentation.

I'd suggest if you have a problem with unmuffled vehicles on your street that you ask the CAPS office to monitor it and write violations if need be.

— On the neighbor message Vehicle Noise Ordinance Question?
10:49 a.m.

Here's an article regarding yesterday's State Senate Transportation Committee hearing, which heard testimony from insurance experts.

— On the neighbor message Uber?
9:37 a.m.

Wow....didn't know that professional & personal success was a bad thing. Who knew, right?

— On the neighbor message 45th ward alderman
7:51 p.m.

The "Chamber of Commerce side"? Since when?

— On the neighbor message 45th ward alderman
9:17 a.m.

Randy, it's been awhile since I've used the services of a taxi driver, but there was a period several years ago where I was not physically able to drive to & from appointments at Resurrection Medical Center on Talcott. The drivers at American United Cab always got me there with time to spare and were always a pleasure to converse with.

— On the neighbor message Uber?
8:13 a.m.

Anyone know the details of this incident?

— On the crime report Aggravated assault: Handgun
7:46 a.m.

Tim, if they are not following the for-hire regulations, they should not be able to circumvent them and ought to be shut-down and fined. Also, if the present regulations are too onerous for established taxi operators as well as the newcomers, perhaps it's time for a complete review of them.

— On the neighbor message Uber?
7:36 a.m.

"The Possum Incident"

Can't wait....especially if it's as good as "The Mouse Incident" !

— On the neighbor message Squirrels
5:47 a.m.

Never had critters find their way in here Dennis.... How the heck did they get in at your place?

— On the neighbor message Squirrels
7:06 p.m.

Which means nothing as far as the activities of the CPRC is concerned.

So are you promoting a political fund raiser with musical entertainment as background or a night of musical entertainment with a secondary political message?

In either case, it's disingenuous not to inform voters understand exactly what this organization stands for up front when you invite them to attend.

4:49 a.m.

I'm sure Mr. Bell is a fine musician. But as presence signals support, no, not a chance.

8:02 p.m.

Absolutely Arnie....which is why I wouldn't support the extremist wing of the Democratic Party any more than I would any of the extremists that have co-opted the Republican Party.

7:46 p.m.

No webpage detailing what they stand for....No specifics on their Facebook page either.

Why waste time going to a political fundraiser if they can't specifically state what they stand for?

6:41 p.m.

"Use Tax" on non-retail Motor Vehicle Transfers:

Title 3, Chapter 3-29$fn=default.htm$3.0$vid=amlegal:chicago_il

— On the neighbor message Zoning Question
6:07 p.m.

Why not state exactly what their platform is to let people decide whether to support them, especially on municipal taxes?

5:47 p.m.

I have some recollection of it Portage Porker...pretty sure the last year or so of it's existance, Kee leased department space including auto parts. Kind of a precursor to the building being divided as we've seen.

— On the neighbor message CW Price Closing
12:36 p.m.

"KEE" Department Store....


— On the neighbor message CW Price Closing
10:32 a.m.

Regarding the Iriving Austin Business District folks....they have an active Facebook page (thought there was a webpage also, but can't find) that has a lot of information and announcements.

— On the neighbor message Old bowling alley
7:49 a.m.

Remember, even when the intent is well meaning, Turmoil ensues when tried and true formulas are tampered with.


— On the neighbor message Traditional Men's Barber Shop
9:19 a.m.

Don't be so sure that surrounding residents won't patronize this store. I can tell you without reservation that the frugal woman that I share a house with will be happy to have one within walking distance.....

— On the neighbor message Old bowling alley
8:07 a.m.

"Home Depot"???? No way Jan.....

Besides the traditional barber shop, the best places for that is the independently owned auto repair shop and auto parts/hardware stores. Especially if they have any one or several of the following....counter seating, a table with chairs, and a serve yourself coffee maker (no vending machines).

— On the neighbor message Traditional Men's Barber Shop
8 a.m.

Your welcome Sean. It's deserved. He also had a very good relationship with the 38th Ward office along with it's residents, the majority of which has always been in 1624.

Getting back to the original topic, it's my opinion that the temperament of a public official is very important, as they are supposed to be consensus builders for the betterment of the overall community. And quite frankly staking out adversarial positions to advance agendas that a majority do not favor ("playing to the base"), or just for the sake of doing so, means few positive and long lasting benefits to the overall community.

— On the neighbor message 45th ward alderman
6:01 a.m.

The incident in question occurred at the Milwaukee Ave "road diet" community meeting at St Tars.

@ Sean... Your Dad was a credit to the community and the CPD. Best beat officer we ever had.

— On the neighbor message 45th ward alderman
4:42 a.m.

Good to see you Randy, and nice custodial work at that spot.

— On the neighborhood event Parklet Gathering
7:06 a.m.

<"are you breaking a law?">

As long as you're not charging your "friends" a membership fee, or for the drinks. Otherwise you need to be a licensed by the city social club.

7:02 a.m.

Stroll over to Hagen's Randy..... won't be disappointed.

— On the neighbor message Frank's Chicago Shrimp on Irving Park
6:50 a.m.

benp78 is correct about ownership of the building. Szymanski's has had it for awhile & had been leasing to the bowling operators.

A recent EB thread when the building permit info was posted....

At this city portal, most all information can be found by entering the Application or permit number (contained in the thread linked above) in the required field, then select from the LH sidebar.

Unfortunately information on this building's intended purpose is not included.

— On the neighbor message Old bowling alley
6:47 a.m.

Will see what time I get outta here.......

— On the neighborhood event Parklet Gathering
2:52 p.m.

For neighbors that didn't know already, a tradition barbershop has existed just about a mile to the West for just about forever.

Karl's Barber Shop
5752 W Irving Park Rd

— On the neighbor message Traditional Men's Barber Shop
2:50 p.m.

4 o'clock this afternoon? What about the working stiffs that don't punch out until it's about dark?

— On the neighborhood event Parklet Gathering
9:10 a.m.

They had a blower assembly for the Lennox furnace that used to be in our house....

— On the neighbor message Furnace Repairs
6:25 p.m.

Also try at Automatic Appliance Parts Inc, 7757 W. Lawrence Av, Norridge

— On the neighbor message Furnace Repairs
12:48 p.m.

More detail on this action and the possible consequences for residential and business property owners....

8:06 a.m.

There are consequences to spending beyond one's means, along with the excessive borrowing that follows ....,0,4878096.story

4:42 a.m.

Northbound Austin Ave from Addison all the way to Irving Park appears to have taken mortar fire......

5:46 p.m.

Hmm. Time to reprise this nifty device....

6:20 p.m.

I'm just happy it's not Open Air Drug Market Team anymore....

— On the neighborhood event Parklet Gathering
11:27 a.m.

Looking over diner reviews of the previous establishment in that space it's no wonder they went under. It seems very few went there without a Groupon or some other promotional deal, then they never went back because they felt the food/service was mediocre.

There's no reason to believe that Leadbelly won't be capable of repeating their winning formula in Gladstone Park. It'll be a great match for them just as the Western end of Portage Park has been.

11:18 a.m.


Well at least she brought it to a quality shop and not somebody doing sub-par side jobs, eh 46?

— On the neighbor message Autobody
4:11 p.m.

@ Fred.... You mentioned the reaction of Lane alums to going coed. There was similar reaction to the elimination of several of the old line shop classes in favor of labs more appropriate for the careers of today and into the future. They were clinging to the time when the school was primarily preparing students for the manufacturing, building and printing trades.

They've done an outstanding job at Lane of changing their focus to preparing students for professional careers in IT & high tech manufacturing .

— On the neighbor message Which HS???
7:49 a.m.

If great tradition and history is important, it's hard to argue against 100 years of it.

— On the neighbor message Which HS???
1:14 p.m.

How's the mail delivery?

Ours has been getting here before dark the last few weeks. I don't think anything's come up missing....

— On the neighbor message Mail Service- Thank You!
9:37 p.m.

My completely biased opinion.... Lane Tech.

The curriculum, in all fields of study is 2nd to none.
The staff will not only instruct, but will encourage and challenge.
The student body might be large, but it's a very diverse lot from all kinds of backgrounds A learning experience in itself.... And don't worry about him getting lost. He'll find his niche.

And that building....oh that monument of a building!

— On the neighbor message Which HS???
9:18 p.m.

Your memory is serving you well Sir..... ;)

— On the neighbor message Krispy Krunchy Chicken
11:15 a.m.

The shuttered Irving Park Lanes bowling alley.....noticed they had a Stop Work order there late last year for no permits.

Interested to see what becomes of it.

— On the building permit Permit issued for renovation/alteration
10:57 a.m.

@ Momofoku says: <"Not all of that reporting is accurate, BTW. There's also a back story none of the media knows about too.">

Welp, if you have information that's more accurate and complete than what "media knows about", don't be coy. Share it.

10:51 a.m.

It's a good place to find out what's going on & for discussion.


— On the neighbor message message for people on every block
6:48 p.m.

@ Bella... It's good to see that the issue with the substitute mail carrier is getting worked out.

— On the neighbor message Mail Service- Thank You!
6:39 p.m.

@ Missy.... thanks for posting that informative news.

So, S&P correctly reaffirms it's Negative Outlook on the City of Chicago's finances, and City Hall's mastermind of these recent borrowing schemes, Chief Financial Officer Lois Scott is "pleased". "Pleased"? At what? That they didn't lower the city's credit rating? Yet? In my opinion this person is a manipulator that cannot be trusted.

Now, if anyone thinks that the mayor, his people, and the City Council will make the decision to raise property (and other) taxes, your wrong. It will be the institutions that hold the paper that make that decision, as eventually they will demand payment and it will come from the taxpayers.

@ Bella.... I received Alderman Cullerton's explanation a few weeks ago as well. While I'm certain that he thoroughly thought his decision through, I also believe that he & his colleagues were heavily lobbied by Ms. Scott and her people, getting only their biased point of view.
As he said, "General Obligation Bonds are debt instruments backed by municipal tax revenues.". In other words they again put up the property taxes of residents and business as collateral on a another loan. And the lender always gets paid.

Despite Mr. Cullerton's reasoned explanation, I continue to firmly believe that he and his aye voting colleagues made the wrong decision.

7:13 p.m.

Highly recommend My Crazy Machine in Irving Park. Get in touch with Bram and he'll fix up up.

— On the neighbor message Laptop Crash
1:02 p.m.

"We Are Music"
5709 W. Irving Park Rd
Chicago 60634
(773) 545-2539

Next to Rudy's Bike Shop.

Lessons on all instruments & sales.

— On the neighbor message Guitar lessons for kids
1:32 p.m.

Absolutely...go for it.

Here's the "Master Plan"....

This property is addressed on page 23 in the last paragraph.

"the Master Plan proposes a new four-to-five story building on the corner site that would reflect the height and scale of the Sears Store and Klee Plaza buildings."

4:39 a.m.

Repurposing the building such as the example Pamela gave us would be great, especially if the classic façade could be restored. It would take a resourceful and clever developer to make that happen.

I'm afraid that others have a different vision for that property though, so demolition is likely.

6:01 p.m.

Regardless of statistics and propaganda one way or the other, the courts have ruled that individuals in Chicago are now free to choose whether or not to lawfully exercise their 2nd Amendment rights.

That's really the bottom line.

— On the neighbor message It's Up to You
4:56 a.m.

Privatization isn't what's put this city in the financial hole it's in. Overspending and over-promising have done that.

3:53 a.m.

@ 46... You don't need to buy a new one at full price. They'll issue a replacement as C Ped mentioned although the cost has gone up to $30.

— On the neighbor message Windshield replacement
5:21 a.m.

I took it off myself Jenny.

Even though I got it off in one piece, they're not designed to be reapplied. After Nemeth did their thing, I went to the City Clerk's office on Gale Street with the sticker and the sticker registration and was issued a new one for a nominal fee.

Nemeth will likely remove it for you, but you'll still need to get a replacement.

— On the neighbor message Windshield replacement
1:44 p.m.

Try these guys.....

....I used them awhile back with good results. They also came to my house to do the job.

— On the neighbor message Windshield replacement
1:13 p.m.

I thought that was pretty nice also.....

— On the neighbor message Need local breakfast recommendations
3:03 p.m.

@ William B.... It's like that on Austin all the way South to Roosevelt Rd. Except of course the West side of the street from North Ave to Roosevelt which maintained by Oak Park, where it's plowed to the curb.

Quite a contrast.

— On the neighbor message 2" Snow Ban Parking Rule?
12:36 p.m.

"is this 2" snow rule not enforced on Elston?"

It doesn't appear to be enforced at all, anywhere.

As a consequence, streets that have bus routes and rush hour "tow zone" parking restrictions have deep snow in the curb lane forcing the bus to stop in the traffic lane for passenger ingress & egress, which of course slows all traffic.

What's the point of any ordinance if it's not fully enforced?

— On the neighbor message 2" Snow Ban Parking Rule?
10:35 a.m.

A’s Restaurant & Pancake House
6358 W Irving Park Rd
NW corner at Narragansett
Really good omelets & waffles.
Parking in the back.

— On the neighbor message Need local breakfast recommendations
3:47 a.m.

So I ask the Old Man "What did the locals call it, Anne's or Ann-ess?" Old Man says, "Anne's. But people called it both."

Go figure......

7:32 p.m.

To expand Twinboys ballot for districts of the far Northwest side....

U.S. Representative, 5th District
No Candidate vs uncontested Quigley

State Representative, 19th District
No Candidate vs uncontested Martwick

State Representative, 20th District
61 Michael P. McAuliffe (R)
61 Mo Khan (D)
62 Jerry J. Acciari (D)

State Representative, 39th District
No Candidate
Berrios (machine)
Guzzardi (leftist)

County Commissioner, 8th District
101 Luis Arroyo, Jr. (D)
102 Edwin "Eddie" Reyes (D)

County Commissioner, 9th District
101 Peter N. Silvestri (R)
101 Frank L Mc Partlin (D)

All other NW Side County Commissioner & County-wide posts are uncontested by the Republicans.

— On the neighbor message Election time is coming up!
10:58 a.m.

No centrists allowed. That's a problem.

— On the neighbor message Election time is coming up!
10:23 a.m.

@ Gene.... I figure you'll be disappointed with the "choices" shown on your ballot. No challengers to the status quo for many offices and not enough challengers from other parties to make the general election in November competitive.

— On the neighbor message Election time is coming up!
10 a.m.

Re: alleys..... What's up with the people that bury their neighbor's garbage carts with the snow they move from in front of their garage? Street & San won't empty those they can't free up.....

— On the neighbor message Alley Snow Removal
5:38 a.m.

What we need is an image of a shopping bag, sales slip or something like that.

I remember my Mom using the possessive also. I'll ask my Dad tomorrow. He goes back further than any of us. I think. ;)

11:03 p.m.

Boat shop was Maddy's, located on NW corner at Windsor.

10:51 p.m.

@ 46.... Copy and a photo from the Northwest Chicago Historical Society leave out the apostrophe.

Page 7:

The store is mentioned on page 4 of this oral history by a long time resident:

The 2011 obituary for the owner also lease it out.

10:38 p.m.

Completely for this as I'm a frequent user accessing the I-90 & I-294 tollways.

However, this from the linked article.... "Nearly 62 percent of the crashes on the Kennedy between I-190 and Harlem were rear-end collisions and another 23 percent were sideswipe crashes. That indicates heavy congestion, officials said. Sixty-four percent of the crashes happened on the eastbound Kennedy, officials said. A majority of the two-mile stretch earns a failing grade from state officials for the level of congestion."

The congestion on that Eastbound stretch is caused by the River Rd toll plaza and the bottle neck it creates with ramps from both North & South bound I-294 merging immediately before, I-190 immediately after, coupled with the Cumberland ramps and the reduction in lanes.
These proposed changes will have little effect unless that toll plaza is removed. For an example of the positive effects of plaza removal, the Deerfield Rd Plaza was situated on I-294 midway between Deerfield Rd & Lake Cook Rd just North of the Edens Spur. It was the source of massive congestion. When the that section of the tollway was rebuilt, the plaza was removed alleviating congestion and toll fees were adjusted at other points to maintain revenue.

— On the neighbor message Widening the Kennedy?
8:37 a.m.

Andy.... I've witnessed the very same thing time and again at those at Berteau & Major and Berteau and Parkside as well as others. They're more trouble than any perceived value....

— On the neighbor message Roundabouts / Traffic Circles
8:17 a.m.

Animal Kingdom was in Avondale and Mr. Steer in Portage Park.

8:14 a.m.

Sabatino's at 4441 Irving Park Rd. Their New York steak is out of this world....

— On the neighbor message Best Steak
4:26 a.m.

We've not had occasion to patronize this place, but it's been there a while. Call them up and ask what services they offer!

— On the neighbor message Cleaning and cutting blinds.
12:30 p.m.

Contacted both the alderman & the mayor's office expressing my concern over this scheme before posting here.......

12:16 p.m.

Portage Park Mark.... "thanks" to 43 compliant aldermen as well. Very disappointed, as they've basically agreed to use our property taxes as collateral in this scheme. These lenders always get their return, and what concerns me is that when the notes come due, huge property tax increases will come down to cover it.

Some more info....

....I hope everyone interested can read it. They use a paywall at times.

12:19 p.m.

Approved without debate 43-4. Finance Committee Chair Ed Burke abstains.,0,3307436.story

Thoughts after work.....

(and thanks LoveGod....but as a maker of things, that job would isn't suitable for creative minds.)

2:43 p.m.

"many people will find more affordable places to live and spend,"

People and companies in the private sector have been abandoning this city (and state) for "more affordable places to live and spend" for some time....

9:38 a.m.

and @ Caravette.... The City Council hasn't voted to increase the city's take in several years (2008?). Any increases are due to changes in the multiplier & equalization factor, which the City has no oversight, reductions in the Homeowners Exemption as mandated by the Illinois General Assembly, and increases that City & County agencies such as the Chicago Park District & Chicago Public Schools have the authority to do. (Have to pay for that raise CTU demanded & got, right?)

5:59 a.m.

@ Caravette... We don't know who voted yea or nay on this because as the article states this comes before the full City Council today, Wednesday.
I will wager that at least 95% vote in favor as each ward's menu money is tied into this.

Which brings up the question, "why wasn't this money sourced in the recently passed budget?".

@ stevio.... this is just the latest in a 20+ year string of similar borrowing schemes, so it didn't start with this mayor. He and the current CC are dealing with the %$#@ sandwich handed to them by Daley. In a very poor manner by doing the same thing. Here is the context...

The fact is they ALL are afraid to take the necessary steps to reign in spending on unnecessary programs, departments and grants, not to mention the promises that were made & can't be kept to city employees/retirees. Property tax increases alone can't fix this mess....

An opinion piece...,0,3757189.story

5:04 a.m.

Thanks for posting this Victor.

I can understand the trepidation of not contacting the alderman's office, as there is perception (likely correct) that he is for lane reductions on Milwaukee Ave. However, the alderman's representatives in attendance at last week's JPNA meeting stated they would be forwarding citizen input, both for and against traffic lane reductions to CDOT officials. I would suggest an email or letter (rather than Phone call) to his office anyway as it's another form of being "on the record".

Ward 45
4754 N. Milwaukee Ave.
Chicago, IL 60630

Also, copying one's thoughts directly to CDOT might be advisable as well. Just to make sure the message really does get there.....

Chicago Dept. of Transportation
30 N. LaSalle Street
Suite 1100
Chicago, IL 60602
Phone: 312.744.3600
Fax: 312.744.1200

Rebekah Scheinfeld

4:59 a.m.

A point of fact....The primary factors in most collisions is due to inattentive/distracted drivers, impaired driving, drivers that are not able to appropriately judge time/speed/distance & react appropriately, and the environment (weather). Excessive speed is usually a secondary or tertiary factor.

Yet another....the figure of 970 collisions since 2006 is bandied about. CDOT has classified only 17 of those as "severe". They have not provided any data as to the primary cause for any of them, and has provided data as the severity of the other 953.

A point of fact regarding the "one fatality" was a highly intoxicated person that stumbled into passing traffic from between parked cars.

The recent collision with two fatalities......this occurred at the Northbound bend at Elston Ave. CPD & CDOT have not provided details as to the cause, yet some are judging it to be excessive speed based on a published photo of the vehicle?

As for unsafe pedestrian crossing.....while there may not be enough signal controlled crossings, this is the safest place to cross any street. Why take the risk by jaywalking?

6:28 a.m.

@ Zack....ask the operator to scoop the snow away from your whole block. Gifting a bottle of spirits might help....

— On the neighbor message Dibs
5:16 p.m.

Old Man Dakins, I rarely imbibe these days and it's been decades since I've sat in front of a Risk board, so would both be too much vice for me to handle?

— On the neighbor message Dibs
5:05 p.m.

No Sir....they know better than that. At most a little bluster on their part.

— On the neighbor message Dibs
2 p.m.

Anytime.... I may have to toss the crappy resin chairs a neighbor plants there (without shoveling), but so be it.... :-)

— On the neighbor message Dibs
1:39 p.m.

Old Man Dakins.... you are always welcome to park on the street in front of our home.

— On the neighbor message Dibs
1:31 p.m.

Pueblo Nuevo at Central/Montrose has a menu that exceeds similar fare in the area for quality, cleanliness & friendliness. e

Has anyone tried this fairly new Norwood Park establishment yet?

— On the neighbor message Best places to eat?
2:29 p.m.

— On the neighbor message Fuego de Amigo Chino
2:02 p.m.

Don't know the reasons for the closing....they first stopped selling gas & the mart was open, then closed entirely a week or two after that.

Failure to renew licenses?

Turnover of ownership/management?

I do know all needed licenses to turn the lights back on were recently issued......

— On the neighbor message Citgo on Montrose & Austin
4:30 a.m.

"Article" is a one sided opinion piece from an anti-motorist blog......

4:22 a.m.

@ Inactive.... It's Wednesday, tonight.

— On the neighborhood event Discuss Milwaukee Avenue Road Diet Plan
4:20 a.m.

@ Foodie.... This "incident" (thread) is two years old.... ;-)

6:37 p.m.

@ Dennis... The Portage looked fine. The alley and another building separate it from the Portage Park Bldg.

Hot Dog Central, and three non-restaurant businesses didn't fare so well.

— On the neighbor message where is the fire?
6:34 p.m.

@ Gil....sounds like my brother & I tromping around our slice of Avondale with the coal scoops the Old Man got from the precinct captain, circa 1970.

Thanks jogging the memory bank.

— On the neighbor message Shovel kids nostalgia
6:09 p.m.

Images of the Portage Park Bldg. prior to board-up 01/27/2014 2pm.

— On the neighbor message where is the fire?
4:36 p.m.

Maybe some leads here.....

— On the neighbor message Looking for home and roommate.
4:59 a.m.

@ TLo... I'll forward these bugs you're experiencing to the EB team member that's handling the technical issues.

— On the neighbor message Is their a Android app for EB?
6:21 a.m.

I access the EB log in page ( ) in my Android phone through the Chrome Browser without a hitch. It's saved to favorites.

Some of the tools and menus are in in different places, but it's all there and functions just the same as at any of my workstations.

— On the neighbor message Is their a Android app for EB?
6:16 a.m.


7:52 p.m.

@ Inactive... I can't find the attribution at the moment, but I believe it is radar. I'll have to remember to mount up the V1 in the truck tomorrow morning and test it out.

This looks interesting......

— On the neighbor message Radar camera
7:29 p.m.

I'll second just about everything listed so far... and I'll add one of our favorite area dress up & sit-down places... Sabatino's. An Institution that knows how to do steak.

Harwood Heights, but still NW Side to me is Las Palmas Mexican Restaurant, 6815 W Montrose a block West of Oak Park Ave. Great menu and bar service.

Like a Friday fish fry or prime rib on a Saturday night? Great Escape in Schiller Park (yea...I know) at 9540 Irving Park Rd. Outstanding food and bar and the wait staff is excellent.

— On the neighbor message Best places to eat?
7:01 p.m.

We've been getting all of our mail, but some days there's nothing, other days it's delivered in the evening rather than the usual mid-afternoon. The consistency is gone.

Parcels? Regardless of shipper it's coming to me at the plant....too many thefts around here. In fact Christmas morning I found opened parcel boxes scattered about the block that were delivered to my neighbors on Christmas Eve.

— On the neighbor message USPS not delivering random pieces of mail
6:41 p.m.

Thanks Wayne...I know it is!

I'll be hungry again in few hours so I'll be wandering over to Pete's.

— On the neighbor message PIZZA!!
5:03 p.m.

"name calling and slander"

There's already a place on the web for that. No thanks......

4:34 p.m.

Great....I have good stuff to eat that my wife made, now I read this and have this desire to pick up the phone and call Pete's....or try the reconstituted Superossa. Thanks guys.....just thanks.

— On the neighbor message PIZZA!!
4:27 p.m.

A house even better....hope it suits you.

Good Luck!

9:34 a.m.

Business license notifications for Montrose/Austin also popped up in the Daily Digest that EB emails out....

— On the neighbor message Citgo Gas Stations
9:21 a.m.

The Nadig Northwest Side Press hits most local stores including area Walgreens every Wednesday. It's worth the 50 cents.

Their webpage also has some classified listings for apartments in Portage Park and surrounding neighborhoods.

6:35 p.m.

News is just now reporting that their fundraising effort to remain open was a success.,0,2841889.story

— On the neighbor message Is OLV school closing it's doors?
6:21 p.m.

Third or fourth one in the span of a month or so, right?

It seems some of the operators don't understand what those height dimensions on the trailers & overpasses mean.....

11:02 a.m.

@ Bebe... being uncomfortable there is understandable. People can change for the better but it's probably best for you to seek out another place.

— On the neighbor message PC Here
5:14 a.m.

@ Smitty... Yes, there was a meeting between Ald. Cullerton & Club E's owner. It's been awhile so I don't recall all of the details, but at a later CAPS meeting the alderman had said the staff was to be trained in proper ID checking and how to prevent over serving. They are also supposed to patrol the immediate area to prevent patrons from lingering on Irving Park after closing and the block to the South. The owner was to also closer scrutinize those that rent the place for private parties.

— On the neighbor message Status of E Club on Irving Park
5:06 a.m.

Definitely going....maybe 2 of the 3 days. Friday if I can get out of the plant early, and on Saturday when the wife usually comes with.

— On the neighbor message world of wheels
8:47 p.m.

@ Victor... Conor is correct about EB staff moderating, I was informed that they're not sure if they'll have a Community Manager as before, such as Becca.

And no, I'm not a moderator here.

— On the neighbor message Welcoming EveryBlock
8:43 p.m.

@ Joe....The Patio's Facebook page details some of the cold weather related difficulties they've had.

I really hope they can pull through. It has always been my favorite neighborhood movie house, going back to my "yute" in the '60's.

@ Kristin...sadly Regulus closed on the first of the year.

— On the neighbor message More shows at the Patio
4:03 p.m.

Even going back to when it was known as Club Euro, at minimum it's been a source of irritation for neighboring homeowners for years....

— On the neighbor message Status of E Club on Irving Park
3:52 p.m.

@46... bought that book when it was first published. It's excellent!

11:54 a.m.

@ Victor... I doubt I have that kind of pull at Comcast.

However, I was among a handful of users asked to do some beta testing in advance of EB re-opening, which I was happy to do.

— On the neighbor message Welcoming EveryBlock
10:10 a.m.

Indian Woods/Forest Glen/Edgebrook recently suspended their private service....

— On the neighbor message Snow Service
5:57 a.m.

All has been working well in Chrome browser in the mobile, as well as IE in Windows 7.

— On the neighbor message Welcoming EveryBlock
5:44 a.m.

I hope that the powers that be (political, civic and business leaders) put aside their agendas and put forth a collaborative effort toward getting the Portage Theater fully functional again.

5:42 a.m.

I'm pretty sure the stretch of Higgins from Milwaukee to Central has always had a 25MPH speed limit.

That said, I despise those things......

— On the neighbor message Radar camera
5:41 a.m.

This is the one just North of Montrose?

— On the neighbor message Citgo on Nagle open for business again
5:34 a.m.

Glad to see they have gotten all violations corrected....

— On the food inspection Leung's Chop Suey passed inspection
4:43 a.m.

Did anyone else notice that in all of these articles surrounding this issue that none of the parents seem interested in sending their kids to CPS neighborhood schools?

5:38 a.m.

....And thanks to Alderman Cullerton, the 38th Ward staff, and the 16th District Command for staging this meeting and keeping us informed.

6:09 a.m.

In addition to Pamela's recap.....Police Districts 016 & 017 will each receive 8 patrol officer transfers shortly.

Deputy Chief Escalante stated that Area North (Districts 016, 017, 019, 020, 024, 025)will receive 2(?) rapid response teams.

Commander O'Donnell stated that while 016 does not have open drug markets & "warfare" over territory as in other areas of the city including neighboring districts 017 & 025, criminal gang members are in this district, and when they do conduct there "business" here it's in a less open manner. The bottom line there is report ANYTHING suspicious to 911 & the CAPS office.

They reported that there is spillover gang activity in 016, primarily along the Eastern border with 017 and the Southern border with 025 with activity near Belmont & Cicero going West being singled out. Officers & Teams from 016 are working with their collegues from those districts to tamp it down.

Next local beat meetings....

Wednesday February 27
Location: Portage Park Senior Center 4100 N. Long 7:00 PM

Thursday February 28
Location: St.Bartholomew Church Kreuger Hall 7:00 PM

5:50 a.m.

Harwood Heights PD regularly puts a radar car over there.

— On the neighbor message Stop Sign
11:08 a.m.

Lived at Canfield & Devon many years ago. It was very nice then & likely is now.

— On the neighbor message Moving to the area
11:06 a.m.

Wandered over for take out on Friday night.....the place was very clean, the staff attentive. No "funky odors".......

Gyro plate was very good. Correctly sliced strips with the right browning and good seasoning. The cucumber sauce was very good and didn't have the viscosity of water as was the case under the immediate predecessor ownership. Fries were light years better as well. Slaw instead of salad....smaller cups, but it was fresh.

We'll be back.

— On the neighbor message Bub's Place on Irving Park Road
9:19 a.m.

Sherry.... besides the posibility of an aging modem or router, the issue may be with cables and/or connections.

Cables deteriorate over time. Cable end connectors can also get damaged if the cable gets yanked. The result is internal cable sheilding that become even partially dislodged from the connector causing signal drop.

Your techician should be able to determine if there is signal loss on each individual line coming into, and within your house. Comcast is responsible for the line to your house. You are responsible for those within.

Should you need to replace internal cable(s), I would suggest replacement with RG-6/UQ quad shield (less signal loss & leakage than standard RG-6) or RG-7 for high def cable TV & internet, properly routed, with either pre-installed connectors or cut to length with professionally (properly) installed connectors.

— On the neighbor message Comcast issues?
9:03 a.m.

While it's city wide & beyond, this website has several lost businesses that were located in the Jefferson & Portage Park neighborhoods.

5:22 a.m.

According to previous reporting, Chipotle is going to the location on Irving at Kilpatrick where the demolition of what was once Robert Hall Clothiers took place.

Or did something change?

4:57 a.m.

Well, the Alderman made statements here that have prompted questions, so what's the problem with him answering them? Here.

Or is that not within "protocol"?

— On the neighbor message so what up w the gangs by the dollar tree
3:35 p.m.

Thanks Kenji, but I'd still like to see the Alderman answer those questions.....

— On the neighbor message so what up w the gangs by the dollar tree
3:09 p.m.

Alderman Arena.... regarding the CPD survielance pod at Dickinson Park and it's "uselessness". I was in attendence at the Beat 1624 CAPS meetings when residents over there made that the lead topic for several month due to the many reported crimes (including gang activity) that were occurring over there. Are YOU saying that pod has outlived it's usefulness, or are you saying those concerns were overblown?

If the former, I'd suggest moving it to Milwaukee/Cuyler, as there have been several documented incidents of criminal gang gunfire & agravated assaults around there during the course of the past year. Not to mention the higher than average number of police reports attributed in that portion (Lamon East to Cicero) of 1624 compared to the rest of the beat.

And wasn't there a 2002 homicide commited by a criminal gang member somewhere near Dickinson Park, later convicted and released early, only to commit and later convicted for another homicide at Addison & Cicero?

And when you say "The events at Irving and Central are a sad reality of life in our city at this time" are you conceeding that this is something we have to live with?

As for Section 8, I respectfully, but forcefully disagree.

— On the neighbor message so what up w the gangs by the dollar tree
10:09 a.m.

Broderick..... I'm in constant communication with my alderman on all manner of things. Same with the CAPS office.

One of the things that I've forwarded to him a lists of city departments, grants and initiatives that suck 10's of millions out the budget and only benefit a few. That's Taxpayer money that can be used to pay for a bolsterd police force. Without raising taxes. So raising taxes in not necessary, and in fact would be extremely detrimental.

And your comment equating concerned neighbors with gangbangers is not only wrong, it's offensive.

Done with you.

— On the neighbor message Dakin & Central
11:31 a.m. ask "where does one even start?".

There have been some useful suggestions in this and similar threads. I'll add these....

Get involved with CAPS. Supposedly it's being reorganized to decentralize it so that control is put back in the District Commander's hands. Yet from what I've heard and read, monthly beat meetings will not be restored and will remain on a bi-monthly basis. This is likely due to two reasons. The puzzling lack of interest by the community at large, and the phrase of the day at City Hall, "lack of funding".

Attend these meetings and support CAPS. Demand our local elected officials & police command fully restore the CAPS program. At the slightest hint of criminal/suspicious activity call 911, your neighbors, and the other reporting hotlines set up for this purpose.

Gang Hotline Telephone: 312-746-GANG (312-746-4264) ; TTY: 312-746-4276

Drug Hotline Telephone: 800-CRACK44 (800-272-2544); TTY: 312-747-3673

— On the neighbor message Dakin & Central
6:18 a.m.

Hold on here!

After last Saturday's shooting at Montrose/Central, didn't some say that there is no cause for concern as "things aren't that bad" & "serious crime is down" around here? That criminal street gangs "aren't an open presence" or these are just "misguided youth living with Mom"?

Perhaps people will take this seriously, including the authorities. And perhaps, with the recently announced reinstitution of CPD strike teams, the 16th District will get the resources it needs to get in front of this, PREVENTING escallation, instead of reacting after the fact while it's spinning out of control.

— On the neighbor message Dakin & Central
5:52 a.m.

If I found myself required to seek new employment, my search would be in locales out of this state, to those that have much friendlier attitude towards business (manufacturing) and respect for the taxpayer.

— On the neighbor message Property taxes!!
2:19 p.m.

@VETSWIFE..... That's Half Price Books

— On the neighbor message Local independent bookstores
2:02 p.m.

Good point Peter. Especially since this brand of criminal aren't interested in rehabilitating themselves either.

That should also resolve the issue that some appear to have with jailing criminals.

1:36 p.m.

With a few notable exceptions, the officers we DO have in 016 & 017 are forced to be report takers after a crime has occured. Not enough of them to do actual preventive enforcement or act as a deterent to crime BEFORE it has a chance to occur.

1:08 p.m.

Drone strikes. Just like our military does with other terrorists.


1:03 p.m.

The aural "visualization" of The Sup saying that in his finest "New Yawk" is plausible......

— On the neighbor message Gang bangers everywhere
3:18 p.m.

Unfortunately, it's been decades since the GOP slated credible candidates in any campaign for City Council, countywide office, governor, or individual General Assembly seats that represent districts in the city. And established 3rd parties are mostly about more taxes and oppresive governing.

— On the neighbor message First 1/2 tax bills for 2012
3:26 p.m.

I look at most things that I spend money on as a form of investment....This "investment", the taxes that I pay to every taxing body in this state, have produced extremely low returns over the past 10 years or so.

I'd really like to divest.

— On the neighbor message Property taxes!!
2:09 p.m.

Tracy..... Treasurer Pappas has included new information on your bill that provides one reason why local taxing bodies demand a larger portion every year....tens of billions of dollars to underfunded pensions. Not mention that some like the Board of Ed can increase their share year after year and they answer to no one other than the mayor. So when he trumpets "no property tax increase!", he lies.....

— On the neighbor message Property taxes!!
1:55 p.m.

I noticed the windows papered over last week. Figured they were done.

— On the food inspection Las Tarascas De Morelia passed inspection
10:55 a.m.

Patse.....Get 'em at Hagen's. The smoker is fired up every day.

— On the neighbor message Welcome Frank's Chicago Shrimp House
9:45 a.m.

Karl's Barber Shop
5752 W Irving Park Rd

— On the neighbor message Need reccomendation for good hair cut.
8:08 a.m.

Gene....Yes, I believe that was the dump site of the murder weapon used in the 1983 hit of mob money man Allen Dorfman which took place at the Purple Hotel on Touhy.

7:36 a.m.

@ Tim....

In one of your previous comments you found it "ironic" that the thug that was shot on Saturday lived somewhere else. Nothing ironic about it. They are mobile. They conduct their "business" here. Some move here and their rivals follow, like the one that was shot at Mason and Berteau 12/2011.

You inply that I and others that have legitimate concerns are "bringing it down" by expressing concerns about gunfire (and other crimes) being perpetrated by criminal gangs. Wrong. Those that are "bringing it down" are those that are engaged in criminal activity.

You also imply that I'm uneducated on this issue. Bull****. A little over 10 years ago I and my neighbors had to deal with the threats, intimidation, vandalism and other crimes by a few that resided right here on our block. It was through our persistance and the assistance of the CAPS office and our beat officers that they moved on. And several years prior to that while residing in Avondale until coming to the realization it was a lost cause.

Raise taxes to hire more police? Right......our taxes our high enough already. There are plenty of useless city programs and grants that consume tens of millions without any real benefit that should be cut first. Besides. Did you receive your property tax bill yet? Before long we WILL be paying more. Not to hire more police officers, but to pay the $37 BILLION in unfunded pensions that the city & county irresponsibly promised and didn't fund......

Also. In one of your prior comments you say "Bill, we've talked about this before."

If you refer to "you" and "I" specifically, Wrong. "We've" never debated this issue prior to this thread.

Frankly, these attempts to whitewash this (or any) problem are just the thing that allows them to proliferate. Perhaps in the future (God forbid) when one of them misses their intended target and hits an inocent bystander your tune will change.

Stay safe....

— On the neighbor message Gang bangers everywhere
5:49 a.m.

@Tim..... Thanks for the lecture, but I'm not in need of one.

I'm one of those neighbors that calls the police when suspicious activity and individuals are seen. I've also heard and the read the howling by a few that complain this is "profiling". For example..... at the beat meeting immediately following the gang hit at the Fade Inn, former 16th District Commander McNaughton strongly suggested the community call 911 to report suspicious individuals and a few PC individuals took exception to that. Tough....

I get to know the people in our CAPS office and patrol the beat that we live in. Despite the constant shifting and reduction of personel in recent years.

Members of my extended family have been Chicago Police officers for 60 of the last 61 years. I've been informed on how politics will dictate staffing, policy and yes, even statistics.

My daily commute to the Southwest side also takes me through neighborhoods with much higher crime rates and gang activity, so I know what that looks like. Some are within a 10 minute drive from here and less than 15 years ago were safe, stable communities. Not anymore.... Furthermore, some of those that live and commit crimes there are making there way here to ply their "trade".

Now, over the last 14 months or so there have been four gang related shootings with 6 blocks of our home. More if the radius is cast wider. I've lived in this area quite a long time, and gang related shootings & gunplay ARE new to this neighborhood.

Staying informed AND vigilant. Regards......

— On the neighbor message Gang bangers everywhere
5:43 a.m.

It seems that there were no independent restauranteurs willing to step up on that property. A chain did, and the property will again host a business that pays taxes and employs people.

— On the neighbor message New Construction
5:07 a.m.

Thank you for responding Alderman.

— On the neighbor message Chase bank police activity
4:23 p.m.

These statistics are meaningless to those in neighborhoods that continue to be overrun this sort of thing, as well as to some in areas now experiencing real & meaningful encroachment.

— On the neighbor message Gang bangers everywhere
4:21 p.m.

Yup. "They'" have always been here. But the major difference between those of 20 or more years ago and now is their unflinching use of firearms (likely illegally obtained) to settle their differences.

— On the neighbor message Gang bangers everywhere
12:04 p.m.

Still nothing yet in the news regarding this. So during morning errends, made a pass through the alley North of Montrose behind Mr. Handyman & State Farm.... "Something" must have occured there. Crime scene tape bundled into and hanging out of a dumpster.

Seeking more specifics......

— On the neighbor message Gang bangers everywhere
9:25 a.m.

I'm skeptical of the account in that news story.

Besides being uncharacteristic of coyote, the article was considerably changed from when it first appeared. At first it mentioned one dog was pursued by this "pack". Now it says three.

Not buying it.......

— On the neighbor message Another coyote sighting
7:28 a.m.

Drove by the Park this banners publicizing the Winter Market being held at the theater.


6:55 a.m.

Could be Ruth Marie...... one of the masters is usually shortchanged when multiples are being served.

5:31 a.m.

Kenji...the winter market has not been held at the Park (or anywhere for that matter) for a few years. We prefer it being held there for the selfish reason of convienience. And my recollection of the location was in the gymnasium building off Berteau & Central.

The offerings listed also don't generate a "must attend" excitement in this household.


4:51 a.m. of the reasons is similar to Pamela's. The Park is far more convienient.

9:29 p.m.

Being on FoPP's mailing list we in this house get at least a week's advance notice. We attend and support the summer (& previous winter) market at the Park. We're just not interested in this......

8:32 p.m.

Forgot about Northshore.....owners are a super nice family and hardcore racers.

— On the neighbor message My Van Finally Puked
7:11 a.m.

Details on the torching please!

— On the neighbor message My Van Finally Puked
5:33 p.m.

@TLo.... if you have the Jeep maintained at one of the independant neighborhood shops around here, some of them will sell it for you, or even buy it to flip.

— On the neighbor message My Van Finally Puked
5:31 p.m.

I suspected that Family Fruit sourced "oil" might be a bad thing.....

Seriously though.....Victory Auto Wreckers might pay up to a couple hundred depending on how whole a vehicle is.

Over 200k....pretty good.

— On the neighbor message My Van Finally Puked
12:33 p.m.

The theater owner & his team come to mind.....

8:30 p.m.

Yes. I doubt the sincerity of Ald Ed Burke. Everything he does is to benefit himself, directly or indirectly, in some way.

— On the neighbor message Seriously Alderman Burke?
7:49 p.m.

The most recent thread, which includes the link to the story that broke this latest news....

7:41 p.m.

While they're at it.....

Carnivorous eating.
All sharp instruments.
Power tools.
Pets with teeth and/or claws.
All wheeled transportation.
Extension Ladders.
And many more.....

All can cause injury or death if used incorrectly, carelessly, or excessively.

And if they can't be banned, tax 'em to the hilt, right Alderman Burke?

— On the neighbor message Seriously Alderman Burke?
6:26 a.m.

@Jason... I assume you refer to Commissioner Fritchey? Unlike his predecessor, you'll never get a response.....

Cook County government is nothing more than a money pit.

5:42 p.m.

As decades long chairman of the City Council's Finance Committee, Burke is one of the primary architects of putting this city in the financial hole, so has no interest in real pension reform, efficiency or anything that takes away his power, influence and retirement income.

This is a predictable move on his part to divert attention from serious matters.......

— On the neighbor message Seriously Alderman Burke?
5:34 p.m.

12"...gloves.... pfft.

One hasn't really played the game until they've had a finger jammed by a Clincher....

— On the neighbor message Co-Ed Adult Softball
8:21 a.m.

One can't defend against that sort of thing Kenji....

And after reading years of accounts of wasted young adults (as well as minors) there, security is also lax (or selective) in seeing to at that illegal substances (or wasted youth) don't make it through the door or procure alcohol once in.

Now I'm also not naive enough to believe this sort of thing can be prevented 100%. Determined youth can be very resourceful......

Perhaps professional management *is" best at both venues, because this record indicates the EC team is not capable of doing so. Regardless of who it may be in this neighborhood, it must be made very clear that the standards are very high.

6:06 p.m.

In my ear....Good Stuff.

2:33 p.m.

@chigrl.... You were the only one that asked. I knew what Dino was referring to, so please don't speak for me.

— On the neighbor message Congress Theater applies for liquor license
1:29 p.m.

Those are some very serious charges that City is bringing against this operator......It will be interesting to see how this gets spun.

Grant a liquor license to them for the Portage Theater? NOT in favor....

Thanks Mr DeRogatis for reporting on all of these proceedings and actual new developments.

9:59 a.m.

The other thing I'd be interested in seeing is if actual generated revenues through fines meet the yearly projections by the author of this ordinance.

Another point....this ordinance retains the provision that the city still could impound offenders' vehicles. Alderman Cullerton, could the District Commander provide any information on the number of impounds related to citations issued since this ordinance went into effect?

8:19 a.m.

@ Portage Parker '46.... I subscribed to the EB posted Media Mention as soon as it went up in anticipation of follow-up comments by EC supporters and/or team members.

As you know, they are very predictable and once again, did not disappoint.....

7:55 a.m.

The discussion began just after the crack of dawn yesterday here.....

Join in! Or party on.......

— On the neighbor message Portage Park and Pot Tickets!
6:18 a.m.

@chigrl asks " Are these points true?" regarding the claims of Carranza attorney Raines.

How is anyone to know without corroboration? He doesn't provide any documentation....No one else quoted in this article makes statements to back up the claims....Dziedzic & Wolkowicz rarely make public statements regarding these legal matters, seeming to prefer negotation out of the public eye.

So why do members of the Carranza "team" seek out little known "media" outlets to publicize their version of events? And who are the people that suddenly pop up here to continue that "publicity"?

Another point....Right after "his" initial comment, "Barry Grig" posted a link (removed within an hour) to a completely irrelevant article regarding a legal dispute between the sitting alderman and a political opponent. Again, this leads me to believe that some of those political opponents (who used to be EB participants but have since disappeared) are playing a behind the scenes roll in this dispute....

5:56 a.m. that you mention coincidences, a recurring topic is *restaurants*. Hmmmm.

4:24 p.m.

"greaser"....sorry for the confusion.

— On the neighbor message Moving!!
4:13 p.m.

Don't forget Stage Bar (formerly Memories) at Mon-TROZE/Cicero & Nite Cap on Irving for live bands right here in the neighborhood.......

A few slightly greying geasers still here in "the land time forgot" also.... ;-)

— On the neighbor message Moving!!
3:25 p.m.

The reporter, Leonor Vivanco, just got back to me with a link to the full article including map.,0,2148939.htmlpage

10:51 a.m.

@Phil... Without knowing the details of who has been issued citations, it can't yet be determined whether this community is a "tipping point" for legalization.

Were they issued to residents of the community? Non-residents driving through or visiting the area? Resident or non coming here to make a buy from.....a resident?

In my opinion local legalization (city or state) is pointless without federal legislation, as the illicit market will still be there, bringing in untaxed product from elsewhere. In fact, depending on the level of taxation, even federal legislation may not eliminate the illicit trade. Just look at all the bootleg cigarettes making their way into Chicago due to ridiculously high state, county and city taxes.

10:42 a.m.

I wouldn't know..... But I'm very interested to learn what Alderman Cullerton finds out from Commander O'Donnell.

9:15 a.m.

@Filament....didn't cruise anywhere around here, but a few of us would meet up at the now gone bar on the SE corner of Irving & Lockwood across from Seltzer Pontiac before heading out to where the action might be. Simmonds Dr on the lakefront....out Milwaukee Ave to Superdog & the abandondoned Lilac Farms parking lot, & Flukey's in Niles.....Harlem Ave South to Duke's in Bridgeview..... Ogden Ave from Cicero out to the Western Suburbs.. some industrial areas in the city/suburbs & sparsely populated areas of the suburbs (pre-sprawl) where some would take part in "friendly competition".

It's the noise from air driven high speed handpieces that most freaks patients out. Far better than a low speed cutting tool stalling in whatever the dentist is carving.... :-O

— On the neighbor message Share your Six Corners Story
4:02 p.m.

I avoid contact with people AND signs in the street.....

12:34 p.m.

The 4.0 SOHC has plenty of power for me.
BFG M/T's on factory Alcoa's, 1" on the t-bars, KYB monotubes & carbon fiber clutches in the rear diff.

..... and RV plates to keep the ticket writers at bay when it's not in the garage.

12:16 p.m.

@That Guy... Ranger FX4. Short list of mods to keep moving on loose/muddy backwoods trails to get to & from the good fishing spots. :)

10:42 a.m.

I'd suggest a minimum rating of 3.2A/10.......

10:11 a.m.

....or your fuel tank.

Even with the heavy guage skid plates protecting the vitals under my truck, I still wouldn't whack one intentionally.......

10 a.m.

I had the same thought Portage Porker. The layout is not the same, but here's an example....

There are crosswalk signs on Irving Park at the Pioneer intersection (2 crosswalks 1 each East & West of Pioneer), and these signs are just as scrapped up.
Pioneer is a two way street, so left turns from EB Irving to NB Pioneer, WB Irving to SB Pioneer not to mention left turns from both directions of Pioneer, with signs placed tight to the intersection means they likely get run over unintentionally.

I haven't stopped to look at the construction, but the base appears anchored to the pavement, the sign is spring loaded at the base, and the sign placard made of some sort of heavy guage material. Regardless of that, contact will probably damage any part of a vehicle's exterior finish should the driver run one over, and touchup/polishing will cost a couple hundered dollars at a body shop. I doubt the average vehicle owner would intentionally damage their own property by running one one of these obstructions over...

9:36 a.m.

Thanks@Christian from FilamentTheater.....

Took the job cleaning offices at Klee to help a man get his new office cleaning business off the ground. And it helped me get more "go fast" parts for the hot rod.... Don't worry, I won't bore anyone with the mundane tasks of the work

This was at the time the ground floor space was occupied by Capitol Savings & Loan, and in fact the building was owned by the same man as the S & L. Rothchilds was still using the 2nd floor for records storage, and floors 3 thru 5 had a number of businesses, mostly medical & dental offices and law practices, which we were responsible for cleaning three nights a week.

Serving the dentists, was a lab that created fixtures such as dentures....a pretty strange sight the first time seeing fake teeth and whatnot lying about in various states of assembly...... At the time, my day job was with a company that manufactured dental equipment, including high speed handpieces ("the drill"). So I was a bit frightened for the patients of the dentist that was still using the antiquated electric motor powered, belt driven equipment.....

One of the law practices was that of Russ Stewart, our local political pundit that still appears in the Nadig Press newspaper. He was the only tenant who would be there when I made the rounds, and was quite clear that he he didn't need our services. Probably didn't want to pay the added fee to the owner....

An interesting feature on the 5th floor was a large common waiting room off the South corner. It had a great view that I figured would make a great apartment....which as it turns out, the building now has.

Despite the generally dilapidated condition of the building at the time, it had a lot of character & history. So I was very pleased when it was improved to what it is today.

— On the neighbor message Share your Six Corners Story
5:08 a.m.

Not sure if it's a worthy tale for Filament, but had a night job cleaning offices in the Klee building in the mid-'80's......

— On the neighbor message Share your Six Corners Story
5:24 a.m.

The record store on Irving Park in the lower level where Rico's Music stores currently are was "Sounds Good Records & Tapes". In fact Six Corners had two other record stores in addition at one time....Deluxe Records on Milwaukee, and Hear Here on Cicero next to City News.

— On the neighbor message Share your Six Corners Story
5:09 a.m.

Yes she (they) did Kenji..... Perhaps Jennifer/barbara/barbara/Jazmine should click on "Logan Square" to post this news, and address the inquiries about a recent liquor license application over by there....

— On the neighbor message New Brew Pub Plans in Portage Theater Area
2:43 p.m.

And what's it mean for the "brew pub"?

Seems way off topic.....

— On the neighbor message New Brew Pub Plans in Portage Theater Area
2:24 p.m.

The "post that was removed about a group of young students on bikes that were going to do community patrols" itself was suspicious.

Probably why it was removed.

8:31 a.m.

@ ghostpants.....never said it was NOT recogized by the City of Chicago as a landamrk building. And that status means the owner of a landmark building has responsibilities to not alter the architectural characteristics of the building.

Storefronts & facades such as those at the Congress building most certainly can be improved, but new materials should match the original as closely as possible, and the original design must be preserved. And all proposed improvements and changes MUST be approved & permited by the Landmarks Commission as well as other city departments *before work commences*. With this knowlege & your description, it's a safe assumption that if new work at the Congress had to be removed, the proper approvals & permits were NOT obtained as they should have been.

About the Liquor License application....I'm curious as to why it doesn't show up here...

@chigirl82.... I don't do "trendy". But you have fun....

— On the neighbor message Congress Theater applies for liquor license
7:46 p.m.

"Sites listed by the Chicago Landmark Commission are selected after meeting a combination of criteria, including historical, economic, architectural, artistic, cultural, and social values."

Hard to figure how this building remains on the list considering it arguably fails to meet many of the Commission's criteria.....

"Once a site is designated as a landmark, it is subject to the Chicago Landmarks Ordinance, which requires that any alterations beyond routine maintenance, up to and including demolition, must have their permit reviewed by the Landmarks Commission." addition to the typical scrutiny by the Building Department among others.

"Many Chicago Landmarks are also listed on the National Register of Historic Places, providing federal tax support for preservation, and some are further designated National Historic Landmarks, providing additional federal oversight."

The Congress Theater building is NOT on National Register of Historic Places, nor is it designated as a National Historic Landmark, so it does not qualify for "free" taxpayer money. Thankfully........

A bar in a grocery store? Just the thing every neighborhood needs.......

— On the neighbor message Congress Theater applies for liquor license
1:50 p.m.

Heard it when it aired.....Very Good!

— On the neighbor message City Newsstand mentioned on WBEZ
8:15 p.m.

I know the area very well.....grew up behind Madonna HS decades ago. We went to Scammon. 1st apartment was 1 block from the school through the 1980's & the parents of the kids we went to school with were our neighbors. My parents still live there. And I have concerns about their safety from time to time.....too many predators walking the streets. And indifferent aldermanic representation doesn't help.

Speaking of crime around the school......

Too bad really. It used to be great there.

— On the neighbor message Chop Shop on Kolmar?
5:36 a.m.

Probably doesn't matter..... and that 2 quarts every 1k miles seems to be a characteristic of that make. Same deal with a family member's with less than half those miles.

— On the neighbor message Oil change
12:13 p.m.

I had forgotten to mention....If one is an oil change do it yourselfer, bring in the used oil for recycling. All of our local auto parts store accept used oil, including O'Reilly at Milwaukee and Leland.

And now some of that recycled oil is being made available for oil changes.

It's available in full conventional and synthetic/conventional blend in all popular viscosities. I have yet to use it, but in Valvoline represtative at race this past summer sounded pretty convincing that this completely safe to use in our vehicles.

— On the neighbor message Oil change
11:40 a.m.

Alderman Cullerton.... Absolutely the cost can be offset in that way. The key, regardless of oil type, is to follow the oil condition monitoring system that newer vehicles utilize. My vehicles do not have this feature, so I follow a 6000 mile change interval during colder weather months, and 7500 miles in the milder seasons.

Prelubers have origins in racing technology and have also been used in heavy equipment for many years. They are especially useful for vehicles that do not see frequent duty, such as collector cars and race vehicles. They pressurize and flow oil through the system prior to start-up.

Slick 50 and Dura Lube are among the many "magic elixers" that are available. They are primarily designed to lift cash from your wallet, and may also void vehicle warranties. NEVER put anything other than vehicle manufacturer recomended fluids in your car, truck or motorcycle. Besides, todays oils are so good there's no need for additives.

Interesting trivia about STP.... I knew they were based out of Chicago when Granatelli owned the company in the '60's/'70's, but I didn't know they were also a *neighborhood* company.

— On the neighbor message Oil change
10:39 a.m.

They say they want your input.....

Jefferson Memorial Park Advisory Council, next meeting 7 p.m. Wed., Jan. 9, at the park fieldhouse. All meetings are open to the public.

Maybe make your feelings known here also....

I hope the tone of the meeting is more moderate than some of what's been posted here.....

11:59 p.m.

Alderman Cullerton... My preference is synthetic. The pros would be better flow to the upper engine when cold starting especially when the outside air temp is extremely low. Less thinning when engine temps are high. The promotes less wear due to more consistant viscosity over the operating temperature range as compared to conventional oil.

The obvious con would be cost, as synthetic is about 30% higher in cost over conventional. The cost differential used to be higher, but as the Edmunds article which inactive posted points out, conventionals have gotten better, their price has also increased.

Regardless of oil type used, the biggest factor in shortened engine life is not allowing the engine to reach full normal operating temperature due to short trips. The condensation that occurs during the warm-up cycle never has a chance fully evaporate, and this will break the oil down faster.

As for the olive oil, only if you drive a Fiat 500.......

— On the neighbor message Oil change
11:12 p.m.

35 years of car ownership and the only one to change the oil of any of them has been me.

BTW....Montrose Auto Clinic. "When you can't do it yourself......." ;)

— On the neighbor message Oil change
2:49 p.m.

Curious....Anyone here participate with the organization that made the recomendation, the Jefferson Memorial Park Advisory Council?

8:23 p.m.

There's nothing that can be done to "get rid of them", nor should there be. They are all over the city......

Use common sense......don't feed them. Stear clear of them, and they'll do the same.

— On the neighbor message Coyotes on 6900 w Irving park
5:27 a.m.

So will Raines also tell us to move somewhere else when his client over by here files suit?

— On the neighbor message Save the Portage Theater - AS WE KNOW IT!
4:17 p.m.

Preventing administrative action here is pretty simple.....follow the established posting/commenting guidelines.

This place is as good as any, and probably better, than any other for getting local information and commenting on it.

— On the neighbor message Save the Portage Theater - AS WE KNOW IT!
3:11 p.m.

Factories (those that remain) ALWAYS excite me......

— On the neighbor message What's going up!
3:03 p.m.

Public meetings & "putting it all in writing!" would mean being held accountable.

Wonder why neither has occured.

— On the neighbor message Save the Portage Theater - AS WE KNOW IT!
8:31 a.m.

The "Rob" account appears to be inactive. Perhaps it has something to do with the all of those non-factual & possibly slanderous comments that were removed for running afoul of this forum's commenting rules.

— On the neighbor message Save the Portage Theater - AS WE KNOW IT!
6:20 a.m.

Looking forward to the new place.....a very short walk for us. We'll await more news on it's grand opening and will check it out.

Regarding Veranda....we used to frequent it a lot in the years after it first opened. So it's a disapointment that the quality of the food & service has declined recently.

— On the neighbor message New Restaurant?
6:07 a.m.

@ Ruthee... don't know if this is the same incident you refer to, but there was a shooting/homicide last night in neighboring Kilbourn Park, Beat 1731. If the location described is accurate, this was in front of the playground at Scammon School.,0,1240413.story

— On the neighbor message Shooting
5:55 a.m.

@ TLo....more than one.

— On the neighbor message Save the Portage Theater - AS WE KNOW IT!
12:21 p.m.

I'm a little confused about some things........some time ago, it was said that the properties on the East side of Milwaukee 4029-4037 & 4047-4055 *have been* purchased by the Congress/Portage Theater owner(s).

Now in an article that appears in the 12/26/2012 edition of the Nadig Northwest Side Press, Portage Theater Community Liason Jennifer Dianovsky states that Carranza *IS* purchasing. Not *HAS*. And a quick check of those properties on the Recorder of Deeds webpage shows that only the 4047 address has recently changed hands (11/07/2012).

Question....Have all of these buildings actually changed hands?

The Community Liason also states in the article that the "upscale grocery store and restaurants" for those addresses are in the planning stage, and work will commence "after renovations are completed at the Congress.".

If they have not been sold, isn't planning putting the cart before the horse?

Also, back on November 28th, the same Community Liason stated " I spoke to the contractor myself and he is expecting the permit in the next week or so." in response to an inquiry regarding permits. No permits are on display at any of these addresses as of this morning.

So what gives?

— On the neighbor message New Brew Pub Plans in Portage Theater Area
10:09 a.m.

@ "Rob"...... show us where anyone has said that Carranza "shouldn't he be able to develop and open businesses in the property he purchased".

Our arguement is that he be held to standards of cooperation & honesty with this community and our elected officials. Something he has only done in Logan Square when forced. And at this early stage, he & his Portage Theater team seem to be falling short in those areas as well.

— On the neighbor message Save the Portage Theater - AS WE KNOW IT!
4:43 p.m.

@Eric.... you and I will likely not get answers to our questions from "Rob".

In my opinion, the purpose of that individuals comments is to troll for responses and stir up trouble.

— On the neighbor message Save the Portage Theater - AS WE KNOW IT!
4:02 p.m.

No harm, no foul TLo.....I was addressing the comment by "Rob".


— On the neighbor message Save the Portage Theater - AS WE KNOW IT!
3:47 p.m.

Since when is owning a business the criteria for having a vested interest in the community?

I, and all of the others own homes in Portage Park. Many have, or are raising their families here. Some of us have lived here practically our entire lives.

We are invested more heavily than you realize or care to admit. How about you "Rob"?

— On the neighbor message Save the Portage Theater - AS WE KNOW IT!
3:41 p.m.

Say "Rob"..... you posted a new topic yesterday that was similar to this comment, and that one was bounced for violating EB posting standards.

Trying again I see....

— On the neighbor message Save the Portage Theater - AS WE KNOW IT!
2:18 p.m.

Why are Congress Team Members making public statements such as this based on rumor and without proof? And these are business professionals?

Furthermore, the only person proven to be posting under multiple usernames on EB is a member of the "The Team".

— On the neighbor message Save the Portage Theater - AS WE KNOW IT!
1:47 p.m.

@ Elizabeth....appreciate the correction.

— On the neighbor message Cullerton - Your Alderman in the News
3:36 p.m.

The irony of that Trib editorial is that same editorial board endorsed someone else.

In the end, I was very confident that the voters of the 38th Ward would make the right choice, and we did.

— On the neighbor message Cullerton - Your Alderman in the News
1:07 p.m.

Interesting sentence from the liquor license information Glad2Be provided.......

"Applicants are required to provide detailed information on ownership and BUSINESS FINANCES."

So it seems that appropriate city agencies DO look into the finances of liquor license applicants, including partners and investors. As it should be........

As for the announcement to a media outlet by the Congress/Portage owner (with very few details) of a pending corporate partnership with those venues, it appears from the information provided that has to with entertainment programing, NOT a liquor or PPA licenses.

— On the neighbor message Save the Portage Theater - AS WE KNOW IT!
12:50 p.m.

Don't take the bait.....

— On the neighbor message Save the Portage Theater - AS WE KNOW IT!
10:04 p.m.

The issues surrounding the Congress are absolutely relevant. This is the documented track record of this business, and it is no different than an individual's career/professional work history.

And so are the financials. Lenders & "investors" expect a return and/or payment. If these grand plans don't pan out, then what? Half completed projects? A takover by those that likely would have even less of an interest in the well being of the community?

It's fair game.....

— On the neighbor message Save the Portage Theater - AS WE KNOW IT!
1:38 p.m.

@Jazmine.....the community decides what's important to them, and by their questions *they* will set the agenda.

Nothing should be "off limits". Good business people answer tough questions honestly.

— On the neighbor message Save the Portage Theater - AS WE KNOW IT!
12:29 p.m.

@Kenji, Bring the camera on....but as you have pointed out, Carranza & crew promised months ago to meet publicly with relevant community associations. With the exception of the initial appearance post purchase with OIPA, it's been nothing but vague statements here and in the media, and some actions that have pissed many people off.

So when this latest "liason" pipes in advocating "one on ones" that are not on the record, well.....the cynicism is justified.

Announce a community meeting already, with ample notice.

— On the neighbor message Save the Portage Theater - AS WE KNOW IT!
12:23 p.m.

Quite frankly, the constantly changing cast of official spokespeople and unofficial surrogates has offered little information of substance here in this public forum, or in any community meetings.

What makes anyone think they will be forthcoming in an off the record, "one on one" meeting?

— On the neighbor message Save the Portage Theater - AS WE KNOW IT!
12:03 p.m.

I've enjoyed reading everyone's contributions also.

Thank You Neighbors, and Merry Christmas!

— On the neighbor message On your Holiday Table
2:39 p.m. we didn't forget the lutefisk :-o

Like your Grandfather, mine insisted upon it as well, and my Grandmother would dutifully make it. That is until one year he admitted that yes, it had the taste & texture of wet cardboard. That was the end of the lutefisk!

Now the pickled herring......That he would make himself, getting fresh herring from Hagen's. My Dad carried that on until we tried what they prepare & sell in the store. Just as good as Grandpa's, so we save a little time and buy it by the quart at Hagen's.

It makes a great breakfast side with eggs at any time of year by the way.......

Kenji....You HAVE to be preparing something interesting! What'll be going on in your kitchen?

— On the neighbor message On your Holiday Table
5:01 a.m.

We've used both of these locals with very good results.....

Hellenic Cleaners
4006 N. Austin
(773) 286-1300

Morton Cleaners
5932 West Irving Park

— On the neighbor message Any recos for a local dry cleaner?
2:43 p.m.

Buy a magazine while you're occupying a table. The owner will probably appreciate that more than a cup of coffee.....

— On the neighbor message Save the Portage Theater - AS WE KNOW IT!
2:22 p.m.

Exactly G2B........

— On the neighbor message Save the Portage Theater - AS WE KNOW IT!
1:43 p.m.

Now that I think about it, Stanton wasn't in the corner storefront initially. They were one storefront to the South of the corner address. They then expanded North to include the corner location, with the entrance moving mid-building to the corner.

I'd like to say this was in the early/mid '80's, but don't hold me to it.....

6:23 a.m.

Looks like everythings been about covered.......:)

@ Dirk.... Conor & Portage Parker '46 are correct. SW corner at Giddings is Stanton's original location. I first started going going there about 1970 and was a customer until the end at the location in the shopping plaza where the grocer once was. Later in life, it was quite gratifying when products that I had a hand in designing were on the shelf there and hobby stores around the country.

The end came when Joe & his wife wanted to retire. Unfortunately his grown children and long time employees were not in a position to buy it out and continue operations.

I also miss M&G Hobbies at Pulaski & Newport, M&H at Pulaski & Belle Plaine, Zenith on Irving across from the Patio, Pilot at Belmont & Linder, the big hobby department at Blackstone Sales across the street, and countless others......

5:56 a.m.

Capacity of 100, but still a great place.

6100 N. Central

— On the neighbor message where to throw a party?
5:58 p.m.

Some interesting statements there from Mr. Carranza.....

It bears repeating Sir, It's probably in your best interests that you *find* a way to work *with* Alderman Arena. And the community.

— On the neighbor message Hundreds rally to 'save' Portage Theater
5:51 p.m.

@ Kenji..."There's no "checking out" on EB"

Like this.......

"Just when I thought I was out.....They pull me back in."


— On the neighbor message Gun arrest at 43XX N Milwaukee
5:32 p.m.

Dennis Wolkowitz & Alderman Arena did say thay they continue to have a dialog with new ownership to get their differences settled. I'd like to say I'm optimistic about that considering the adversarial & generally dismissive approach taken by the new ownership. I do know if Carranza gets a liquor license, this community will hold him to a very high standard.

And just who, considering the news released yesterday will "new ownership" actually be?

See EB Media Mention in Portage Park "Partnership in the Works for Congress, Portage Theaters" with comments regarding this article.

5:01 a.m.

It was very good to connect with the familiar faces and make the acquaintance of the new ones! And I'm sure there will be another function down the line where we make the rest.

Hopefully this function helped Dennis & his team with those legal expenses. A lot of generosity & support & support on display last night.

— On the neighbor message Save the Portage Theater - AS WE KNOW IT!
4:40 a.m.

Several aspects of this news are confusing and possibly troubling.....

First why announce a "partnership" with an unamed "large corporation" if the deal is not finalized?

Second, is it a "partnership" or "merger"? Both terms are used in the article, and in business they can have very different meanings.

Third. Has someone bitten off more than they can chew? "we're limited in resources and capital". Further, I seem to recall previous statement(s) from a "team member" that all of the financial matters (loans, investor partners, etc) regarding the purchase and management of the Portage Theater are in order.

Very interested to see how this plays out.

5:56 p.m.

I recall a developer had plans to greatly increase residential density around Lawrence/Milwaukee with a very large mixed use building. Residents in the surrounding area decisively & successfully lobbied against it.

— On the neighbor message What would you change?
6:02 a.m.

I still hold the opinion that an event for the park should be held at the park. At the very least to avoid even the perception, if not an obvious conflict of interest.

— On the neighbor message Thank you
5:31 a.m.

I see several Meetup groups (film societies, etc) are publicizing this event.

Expect to see as large of a crowd for this as the rally early in the year.

— On the neighbor message Save the Portage Theater - AS WE KNOW IT!
5:20 a.m.

@TLo....if in fact Arena has publicly advocated for more police officers on the NW Side, great. I keep very informed on such matters and I just don't recall seeing anything publicized.

Looking forward to seeing what you come up with.

— On the neighbor message Gun arrest at 43XX N Milwaukee
12:42 p.m.

@ Bill/portage park, that was 41st Ward Alderman Mary O’Connor at the community meeting at Taft.

I don't believe any local aldermen in the entire Northwest Side have publicly & forcefully spoken in favor of adding officers to the 16th & 17th Districts. In *private* communication with me, *one* has.......

— On the neighbor message Gun arrest at 43XX N Milwaukee
9:41 a.m.

@ SAS,

Not all are alike. Some local organizations are better than others at welcoming differing opinions & acting as a deliberative body in the best interests of the community, and resist becoming paralyzed by dissention or falling prey to groupthink.....


— On the neighbor message What would you change?
10:11 a.m.

Those that I saw were personal attacks that were't even relevant to the topic.

— On the neighbor message Electronic Billboards - I voted NO
9:44 a.m.

A cat that looks like it should be prowling the neighborhood for those up to no good.... ;)

— On the neighbor message BEWARE- Garage Attempted Break In
8:48 a.m.

I notice their webpage states they have a Constitutional right to gather. True enough.

What they DON'T have a right to do is commandeer public roadways and ignore traffic laws "en mass".

Bob Kastigar says......"There is no structure, no organization, no officers, no form. There is nobody who can apply for any kind of a permit, and there's nobody that a permit could be issued to."

Sounds like the Black Bloc of cycling. Militants that should be held to account......

It's also high time for licensing and road testing of adult cyclists.

— On the neighborhood event North Side Critical Mass Bike Ride
6:42 a.m.

This is all part of a concerted "race to the bottom" effort by many sectors of Corporate America, and it's being fronted by the politicians that they buy to do their bidding though legislation, and a news media that in many cases they outright own.

— On the neighbor message XSport- Large Inflatable Rat
6:17 a.m.

60634 is right across the street from the park also......

4:36 a.m.

A recent proposal that should be *ash* canned if it hasn't been already, is the elimination of rush hour parking restrictions and other traffic impeding methods on Milwaukee Ave South of Lawrence Ave.

The only thing this proposal would accomplish is even more congestion at an already congested intersection and decreased traffic flow on Milwaukee Ave.

— On the neighbor message What would you change?
5:35 a.m.

There's a big difference between commercial advertising (like billboards of any type) and public service announcements (a secondary "concession" by the ordinances proponents).

It's about the MONEY......Period.

— On the neighbor message Billboards up to 100 feet tall?
5:47 p.m.

There is the right amount of residential "density" near that commercial/retail district, and local residents that commute using Milwaukee Ave to get to their jobs located in the suburbs appear to prefer their automobiles for many reasons.

— On the neighbor message Milwaukee/Central Project
5:43 p.m.

@ Gary.....It's been quite a while since I have in Chicago, but I enjoyed a clear star lit sky while up in Douglas Co. Wisconsin two months ago.

— On the neighbor message Billboards up to 100 feet tall?
7:01 p.m.

On yesterday's WBEZ Afternoon Shift program, the host discussed this with Chicago Reader political reporter Mick Dumke, and the comment was made that most city council members (including Ed Burke) don't undersatnd much of what's in this ordinance.

Yet just as with other controversial legislation this mayor ramrods, they will rubberstamp anyway.

— On the neighbor message Billboards up to 100 feet tall?
5 a.m.

Truely a legend in our midst on the NW Side, who inspired our family to take up paddling and even build our own 20 footer in the early '70's.

Calm waters on your last voyage Mr. Frese......

4:20 a.m. active criminal gang member(s) conducting "business" right in the neighborhood.

This, the recent gun arrest, and other accounts of arrests and gang activity over the past year seem to dispell the notion that they aren't enaging in such activity around here.

6:03 a.m.

Santa sighting at Jewels this early morning......looked pretty pooped after yesterday's busy day in the neighborhood.


— On the neighbor message Ho! Ho! Huh?
9:32 a.m.

The thieves know two things......

This is a good neighborhood to "shop".......

....and there aren't that many police officers patroling these beats.

— On the neighbor message Stolen Packages
10:59 a.m.

@ Joan M....thanks for posting that link to Urban Coyote.

@ Gloria Z.... check out the link Joan provided.

They can't even be classified as a nuisance, let alone a serious problem. Just use common sense should the rare encounter occur.


— On the neighbor message Coyote sighting!
9:37 a.m.

Well the article did say that the shooter talked about to associates, who then informed the police of his identity, with witness and video surveillance confirming it.

6:01 a.m.

@ Kenji... I also trust that our local police would be on top of problems quickly should they arise. The problem is that there that already short resources would be drawn from other areas of the district that need them when the **** hits the fan at 4050. N Milwaukee.

On the other hand, should NEW Portage Theater management stage the type of faire that they do at their other venue, it would be obvious that police resources should be boosted on the NW Side.

— On the neighbor message Save the Portage Theater - AS WE KNOW IT!
4:32 a.m.

The "art" that brings mayhem to neighborhood streets such as what the Congress brings to it's neighbors is of major concern around here, considering the ownership of the two venues is one and the same. Hence the support for the current Portage Theater management.......

— On the neighbor message Save the Portage Theater - AS WE KNOW IT!
5:52 p.m.

Second Crompton & Holicka at Central-Higgins Optometrics......

4920 N. Central

Karen it is Laura. She's the Office Manager.

— On the neighbor message Eyeglasses in 45th ward or nearby
5:43 p.m.

The Great Coyote Chase of 2010........

Saw one run across Austin Ave into Columbus Park early morning last week......

— On the neighbor message Coyote sighting!
5:37 p.m.

@ Megan.... some time ago a similar question was raised and Alderman Cullerton was very helpful with some answers. For your reference.......

Subequent to that discussion, the specific property which prompted the inquiry began to get semi-regular maintanance by the institution holding title with neighbors picking up the slack.
Later when what appeared to be unauthorized attempts to gain access to the house were made, the 38th Ward office was contacted and they had the title holder resecure it very quickly.

There have been no issues since, and in fact the title holder recently sold it on the open market, getting significantly more than asking price. It's now in the process of being rehabbed. At some point we'll have a new neighbor.

5:19 a.m.

Again, my personal experience with my father.......While Lutheran General was my mother's preference, the decision was made by CFD EMT's to take him to OLR after they contacted their ER to make sure the appropriate staff was on hand because the added 10-15 minutes to LG would meant he would not have made it. The added 5 minutes to Res Med Center on Talcott was a huge risk as well, but they would have done so if there was no other alternative.

As I said in the previous comment, the staff in this example was extremely professional & capable. And the Old Man is still kicking. The right decision by professional people in a life & death situation was made.

— On the neighbor message Hospital / Ambulance question?
5:16 a.m.

Anyone else in favor of a book store at the Irving Bank site?

— On the neighbor message Irving Park & Linder Coffee Shop
8:51 p.m.

You too chris.....

— On the neighbor message Chipolte Finally Coming?
8:30 p.m.

Great....sprayed root beer. You owe me a monitor cleaning Kenji!

— On the neighbor message Chipolte Finally Coming?
8:29 p.m.

No doubt better, faster ER service at Res Med Center on Talcott compared to OLR.

In their defense if you've ever had to be at either there late on a weekend night, you'd see the difference in the type of cases each has to attend to. Not as many bloody messes due to street crime up on Talcott.

Plus, there's no doubt in my family's mind that OLR's ER & surgical staff's (& CFD paramedics) saved my Dad's life after a severe heart attack. The ward staff was also gave him very good care.

They do deserve some credit.....

— On the neighbor message Hospital / Ambulance question?
7:58 p.m.

Some folks also might get a little agitated when people they don't know are walking the block, approaching & handling vehicles. What with break-ins and all.....

— On the neighbor message Flyering Cars?
7:43 p.m.

I'll be there. With a check.

— On the neighbor message Save the Portage Theater - AS WE KNOW IT!
5:57 p.m.

Might be an idea to post this as an "Event" on EveryBlock..........

8:35 p.m.

@That Guy.....

Yes I know Corens. I was there with my Dad upon our return from a trip a few months ago. He's been a customer since the founder opened it on Clark St.

My opening one? No, I'm an end user..... And the type of business that I would open would not be a good fit for this type of business district. I'd be in an industrial park crafting things out of metal...... ;)

— On the neighbor message Irving Park & Linder Coffee Shop
5:40 a.m.

@ Jennifer….

Perhaps if you would have been completely upfront at the outset as to why you changed your mind about how Mr. Carranza runs his businesses and other areas of concern, much of this could have been avoided.

I and others have asked relevant, but pointed questions of you & other members of your team surrounding these recent developments. Some of the answers have been satisfactory, others incomplete that spawn new questions, and others have either been suspect or unanswered. Who’s responsible for that? Certainly not those asking the questions.

Also, several of us have also made positive suggestions on this forum regarding improvements to Six Corners for quite some time. Before Mr. Carranza entered the picture. Before the Tabernacle controversy. We’ve also made suggestions as to how the Portage Theater Management Team can improve its image and communication with the community. Yet at this point there is little evidence to suggest that’s occurring in a positive way considering the confrontational manner by insiders, apologists, and yes, some detractors.

Good luck with this endeavor…………

— On the neighbor message Hello All
5:32 a.m.

Haunted both of those joints. How about Lenny's?

Hero's tuna fish subs on Friday...... :)

— On the neighbor message Chipolte Finally Coming?
1:58 p.m.

@ Dirk.... Sure do! My wife worked at the one that was at Milwaukee & Pulaski while in high school.....

— On the neighbor message Chipolte Finally Coming?
1:24 p.m.

And thinks like an Engineer!

<thumbs up>

1:20 p.m.

@ Cynthia..... another great source for news on this issue and others is the Nadig Northwest Side Press. Out every Wednesday at City News, the area Jewels, and Walgreens and others. Brian, Cyril and Jason do a great job.

— On the neighbor message Our Goal
1:18 p.m.

Ned lost his head......

— On the neighbor message New Brew Pub Plans in Portage Theater Area
12:46 p.m.

@ D I S R.........

Not sure if you comment was directed this way, as I never mentioned parking. But I'll play anyway......

You asked "which area of Chicago, besides the loop, do you know of that has ample parking lots or garages?"

The Six Corners Commercial District has several parking lots available.

The Jefferson Park Commercial District has several lots and a large parking garage.

Edison Park has parking along the Metra tracks off Olmstead, a small city lot at the corner of Oshkosh & Northwest Hwy and a few private lots owned by businesses.

Besides the lots owned by individual business, customers of the shops centered around the Edgebrook business district do park in the Metra lot along Lehigh.

Dunning Plaza has a large parking lot at corner of Irving & Naragansett...... And many of the shops over there which are not in the plaza have "customer parking in rear".

To our South, that busy shooping center called Bricktown Square has a large parking lot.

Even the retailers & shopping centers on the Elston & Clybourn Corridors have plenty of off street parking.

I could go on.....

Anything else? :-)

— On the neighbor message Irving Park & Linder Coffee Shop
12:45 p.m.

Made many a late night run (for the border).....

— On the neighbor message Chipolte Finally Coming?
11:07 a.m.

I hear the Triangle Association loves that place!

— On the neighbor message Chipolte Finally Coming?
11:01 a.m.

A palm full of Clubman & an Ace comb keeps you neat.....

— On the neighbor message Irving Park & Linder Coffee Shop
10:58 a.m.

@ Inactive......

You pot stirrer you......


— On the neighbor message Chipolte Finally Coming?
10:53 a.m.

Portage Park is not " Lincoln Park, Buck town, Wicker Park, Andersonville", no matter how much the vocal minority wants it to be, nor will it ever be.

@ Alderman Tim..... you asked "what would you and others like to see open in that space?"

A rod & reel shop.

— On the neighbor message Irving Park & Linder Coffee Shop
10:16 a.m.

@ Eric.....

It may have been mid to late '80's when Steer closed. An aquatance of mine was waiting tables there in '80/'81 and I'd also stop in after closing shop in the upper floors of the Klee in the mid '80's.

And besides Deluxe, there was Sounds Good Records in one of the below ground level spaces where Rico is at on Irving, and Hear Hear Records on Cicero next door to City News. Both were done by the early '80's.

— On the neighbor message New Brew Pub Plans in Portage Theater Area
9:33 a.m.

Sorry wrong thread!

EB web page is a acting a little goofy today.......

— On the neighbor message New Brew Pub Plans in Portage Theater Area
9:25 a.m.

Alderman Tim asked....."what would you .... like to see open in that space?"

A rod & reel shop.

— On the neighbor message New Brew Pub Plans in Portage Theater Area
9:22 a.m.

Doesn't matter to me whether it's "authentic" or corporate owned. It's a reputable business that runs a clean house without drama & "issues", pays taxes, and employs people.

I hope they do well here if it happens.

— On the neighbor message Chipolte Finally Coming?
9:17 a.m.

@ Barbara(s) said......"tax-payer paid members on this thread will no doubt be extinct by the next election."

Barbara(s) care to out the "tax-payer paid members on this thread"? How will they be rendered "extinct" by (before) the next election?

Do you have ties to the so-called 45th Ward New "Democrats"? You know, the "group" that surfaced just prior to the primary election this past March, then disappeared just as quickly right after.... I ask because the tone is similar to some recent failed candidates in the area & their supporters.

— On the neighbor message New Brew Pub Plans in Portage Theater Area
5:27 p.m.

@ Black N White.....

What are the "the right kind of peeps"?

— On the neighbor message Chipolte Finally Coming?
4:31 p.m.

@ Inactive.... No, their competitor(s).

Those away from their homes, at work, can't watch or protect anyone very well.

— On the neighbor message More Missing Packages
4:29 p.m.

@ Dirk..... yes, the one similar to that.

12:55 p.m.

Complete honesty, rather than spin would help also....... ;-)

12:50 p.m.

Kenji, they & the followers only want to see comments that they agree with with.

I also wonder what changed Jennifer's mind regarding the Portage Theater's purchase by the owner of the Congress Theater in July. At that time under one of her other screen names she stated "This is horrible news!! The Congress is a dive!!"

Sure, the opinions of rational people can change when presented with reliable facts. I just wonder what they are......

12:41 p.m.

Most of our parcels are shipped to our places of employment specifically to thwart Thieves..... Perhaps if there were adequate numbers of police patroling the NW Side, this crime wouldn't be so prevalent.

No local (NW Side) camera, tackle or speed shops among many things...... so drive to the distant suburbs and shop on-line we will do.

— On the neighbor message More Missing Packages
12:17 p.m.

I'll say......but add "things" plural.

— On the neighbor message New Brew Pub Plans in Portage Theater Area
5:06 a.m.

@ Jennifer......

Who or what entity has applied for the appropriate liquor license?


— On the neighbor message New Brew Pub Plans in Portage Theater Area
6:34 p.m.

@ Rita B....

My sincere apology for the exclusion. It was quite unitentional.

@ All.....

Well done on the Milestone today! 106 posts per day is pretty darn good.....
I doubt it will beat the longevity mark of 6+ years for an active thread that's been hit at a racing forum. But if this CT/PT ordeal drags out for years, who knows!


6:07 p.m.

This is an independant shop, but they are a very reputable Honda specialist.

4179 W. Montrose Ave
Chicago, Illinois 60641

— On the neighbor message Certified Honda Mechanic
5:46 p.m.

I concur with Mr. Broderick's comments.....and I'll add this Mr. Carranza.

Your representatives being less than forthcoming with the media has done you no favors. And neither have the backhanded comments directed at these reporters. The same goes for the tactic of marginalizing & dismissing legitimate concerns of community members by official and un-official surrogates on this forum.

Everyone knows that Six Corners is in dire need of revitalization. I''ve the long held belief that hospitality & entertainment is the best way to achieve that, as major retail likely will continue to snub it.

I've said this before, and apparently it needs to repeated.....You'll likely get widespread support through *your* increased honesty, cooperation and collaboration with the community (associations & individuals) and our elected officials.

— On the neighbor message Our Goal
5:45 a.m.

Interesting news concern now is how this may affect financing of the projects that Portage Management has for its Six Corners aquisitions in the near and long term. Perhaps it will work out, and I hope it does. But today's news bumped the needle on the skepticism guage a little higher.

@ Human Being.... It appears that you believe this neighborhood is in need of "Gentrification". The Six Corners business district is but one component of two very stable neighborhoods, Portage Park & Old Irving Park. The housing stock is solid, occupied by *many* long term residents who care about their community. There is new business activity happening not just at Six Corners, but through this area. There is lower crime than in the neighborhoods that you idolize.

While Six Corners has had dire needs for some time, good things happening and will go on with or without Mr Carranza.

7 p.m.

@ Eric, the local Nadig Northwest Side Press has also done excellent reporting work in covering the Portage Theater saga along with other issues important to the community.

And your reference to Carranza attorney Raines's non-comment comment.....this appears to be a common tactic of both the players and surogates. If they don't like the question, try and change the subject, along with deflect and deny. And judging by the above comment, bypassing the established system is now being investigated.

4:28 a.m.


I'm puzzled by your response to Eric's inquiry as to why you had no comment to DeRogatis' questions regarding Graham Elliot & music acts being planned for the Portage Theater.

First you state "DeRogatis asked legal questions and I pointed him in the direction of our lawyer."

Besides the question regarding the pending eviction action, DeRogatis states in article that he asked you "for more information about Graham Elliot’s alleged interest in the Portage project" And "to elaborate on Carranza’s plans to bring music to the venue, beyond what she wrote on EveryBlock."

How were these requests for information regarding the Chef and music "legal questions"? They were pertinent to the statements you made in this thread and had nothing to do with legal issues..

These specifically.....

"We have received proposals from Graham Elliot and Brendan Sodikoff among others."


"We will be adding a wide range of shows from country, rock, adult contemporary, comedy, pop, etc. … We are also talking with a well-known corporate music promotion company who is interested in investing in our music project.”

Next you state "I am a Community Liaison, not a Media Liaison."

Does this mean you only commicate with residents of the area and not reporters that make inquiries regarding your statements?

7:06 p.m.

A couple of clues as to why Mr. Bowles was there can be found in this thread....
....I doubt Magdalene has reason to to give false information.

6:32 p.m.

@ Jennifer.....Thank you for your response. At the very least, the perception of a conflict of interest remains.

I've lived in this area my entire life as well. Worked as well played and spent money at Six Corners. I've heard the promises of something better for years. And even though I wish your "team" well, quite frankly, given it's track record I remain skeptical that this is the man to get it done.


5:42 a.m.

One of the criteria for making a decision or forming an opinion is the track record of the subject. In this case the Congress/Portage Management Team, whose record at the facility SW of here is anything but stellar, and cooperation to address community concerns only occurs when their backs are against the wall. Furthermore, there has not been any formal contact with the community since the "Team's" appearance several months ago at OIPA. It's been PR through statements by the Team's attorney to the local press and spokespeople on a message board.

Anyone that really knows the NW side knows that Logan Square's residential community was in dire straights for a long period of time with high crime and dilapidated conditions. That began to change in the 1990's with revitalization. Before Carranza's interest in the Congress. And that is in stark contrast to the Portage Park community (with the exception of the Six Corners business district), which has remained stable through several challenging economic/social cycles. That is due to the high level of engagement & long time commitment by it's residents.

Which brings me to my concern over the "Team's" apparent attempt to co-opt a community organization. Previous FoPP winter farmer's markets were held in the park's gymnasium building. Why is an organization dedicated to The Park moving this to the theater? Has the theater ownership provided monetary support to FoPP? If so, I find it hard to believe it's for purely altruistic reasons considering the chair of the organization is now a paid spokesperson for that business.

While I'm not on the membership roll of FoPP, I have contributed monetarily since it's inception through it's many fund raising efforts. They have done fantastic work on behalf of the Park and the community. But that stops until the organization separates itself from the theater.

5:45 a.m.

Why go to Logan Square for a beer? Head over to Bronko's.......

9:02 p.m.

"Trendy" trend·y (tr n d) Informal. adj. trend·i·er, trend·i·est. 1. Of or in accord with the latest fad or fashion. 2. following latest fashion: deliberately reflecting or adopting fashionable, often faddish, ideas or tastes

aka: "Won't be around in a few years."

8:48 p.m.

Definitely a conflict of interest.

8:15 p.m.

Nothing I've read or listened in on to date has made me less skeptical of this situation, nor has any new information been provided by Portage Management in this new thread.

In fact the statements by the new spokesperson for Portage Management offer nothing new and in fact repeat nearly verbatum the comments from the previous spokesperson as well as Mr. Carranza.

Convince me with positive actions to change me from rational skeptic to supporter.

8:05 p.m.

If they screen "Song Remains the Same", or better yet book Robert Plant for a show, I'm in........

— On the neighborhood event Peace Fest at Portage Theater
2:03 p.m.

Back at ya Johnny......Much to be thankful for.

— On the neighbor message T-Day

Nope..... Judy may be lost. ;-o

Happy Thanksgiving!

— On the neighbor message Tires - Black Friday deals
6:33 p.m.

I second both Tire Rack and Costco.

Costco Niles has had exactly what I've wanted at a competitive price even when special ordered. Installation was so-so the first of three times I've purchased there....two wheel center caps were broken in the process, but they did pay for replacements.

Huge variety at Tire Rack at very good prices. Factor in shipping though. And the state will be expecting you to pay sales tax even though this Indiana based business doesn't collect it. Even if you don't buy from them, the reviews & ratings are worth checking out to help you make a decision.

AutoSprint Ltd at 5259 W Addison is an authorized Tire Rack installer and I've been very pleased with the work & cost. Plus you can check out some really neat cars while waiting.....

— On the neighbor message Tires - Black Friday deals
6:01 p.m.

Eventually they hit their intended target.....,0,7218171.story

How about getting appropriate levels of police patrol staffing on the Northwest Side? We pay for it, yet we have it sent somewhere else. Raise Hell with the mayor's office, the aldermen, and the CPD brass.

Next time it could be an innocent civilian that ends up on the business end of a criminal gang fired bullet.....

— On the neighbor message Gunshots sunnyside and lawndale
5:40 a.m.

Max Rockatansky favored those......

— On the neighbor message falconer school
11:24 a.m.

Well, not mentioned in Phillie's original post is whether the neighbor does this sort of thing for other on a regular basis, or if it is infrequent. If the former, I agree it's a problem for the neighborhood. If the later, it "should" be no big deal.

— On the neighbor message Auto Repair
10:36 a.m.

For a couple of reasons, work with the overhead door closed if it's practical.

Reason 2. It minimizes "noise".

Reason 1. It prevents the prying eyes of busybodies and more importantly those of the alley "shoppers" from seeing what's in there and returning at a later date to abscond with your stuff.

— On the neighbor message Auto Repair
6:46 a.m.

Wasn't the purpose of the Infrastructure "Trust" ordinance that the mayor pushed through early this year intended to fund projects such as the one that article says will be funded by skimming the saving that were supposed to go to electricity customers?

Talk about sleight of hand......

5:29 a.m.

No Kenji, I don't rely on blogs that do not provide attribution for my information, and I rarely read that one at all. The information I received on CPD manpower shuffling came from personal aquantances that are actual working and recently retired CPD personel. That blog just confirmed it. Thanks for posting.....

Now after reading Alderman Arena's stated reasons for his budget "No" vote, which included his opposition to what are essentially cuts to district level police staffing, I have to wonder if he feels burned by McCarthy and if his support for him has diminished since he voiced his support for the Superintendant at this meeting......

— On the neighborhood event Portage Park Neighborhood Association Meeting
5:24 a.m.

SnB has a point.

First of all, McCarthy's own patrol ranks by and large do not support him. That's a problem.

Second, everyone that's been paying attention on the NW Side knows that the number of officers assigned to the 16th & 17th Districts is down severely. Very early in his tenure as commander of the 16th, O'Donnell acknowleged this at the community meeting at Portage Park School. Yet more recently at a Beat 1624 CAPS meeting during the summer, a resident again asked him to address this concern and he went on to repeat McCarthy's (& the mayor's) position that the District and Department are at appropriate staffing levels.

If that's the case, why have call response times been increasing? And why are there now a small number of officers being temporarilly detailed to 16 on the night shifts from other districts? In 17, where is the manpower to address the concerns of Irving Park residents who see increasing gang activity? A family member started their career there, and served the last 10 years there before retiring early this year. This individual describes the situation as "potentially dangerous" for citizen & officer alike.

When given the chance to question McCarthy at the City Council budget hearings, did the alderman do so?

I don't see how any elected official can support a police superintendant that comes off as dismissive of the legitimate concerns of citizens and police officers alike.

— On the neighborhood event Portage Park Neighborhood Association Meeting
5:42 a.m.

B Duggan, the skepticism on electricity aggregation is justified.

The mayor is pulling a fast one by adding provisions that were not on the ballot.,0,2778952.story

4:23 a.m.

Thanks EB-Head, Figured as much...... ;)

Something else...... I noticed a recent comment above about the apartments in the building and the new owner's search for new tenants for them.

Is the safe assumption that the previous tenants have been evicted?

4:21 p.m.

"Party Earth"?

Never heard of 'em.........

3:49 p.m.

2. Housing stock as solid as the folks occupying them.....

— On the neighbor message 2013 Michelin Bib Gourmands
6:25 p.m.

A very well reported piece.Comments from all the players, although one uses a spokesman.

6:20 p.m.

A cutler had set up shop at the Portage Park Farmer's Market this past summer, and I picked up a card when I had him put an edge on my pocket shiv.......

To The Point On Site Sharpening Service
Call or Text: 773-791-7341

— On the neighbor message Need knives sharpened!
8:03 a.m.

For those that missed this one, the 38th Ward is holding one this Saturday November 10th.

— On the neighborhood event 45th Ward Paper Shredding Event
5:28 a.m.

Whether in agreement with the result or not, putting a question to the voters is almost always prefered over the input of the few or an arbitrary decision.

Thanks Alderman Cullerton.

— On the neighbor message Truck Parking Referendum
5:25 a.m.

We voted as we always have when the polls open at St John of Rila in the 38th Ward. Voting for three precincts takes place here. At the door was a man asking your address, and he directed the voter to the appropriate precinct's table & voting booths.

I can't say if there were any issues at this location with voters that were shifted to another precinct at a different polling place.

However there was an issue with two (new) judges in our precinct who demanded to see ID with photo & signature. This is a violation of Illinois voting law, as ID is not required except for early voting. The "rationale" of one of these judges was that the ID is needed to verify signatures. My response was that they have all the signatures of every registered voter in the precinct on hand right there, and when I sign the verification form all they have to do is compare those two signatures. One of our regular judges confirmed my arguement to these other two judges to no avail.

This incident was reported by phone to the Chicago Board of Election Commisioners & Alderman Cullerton's office within the hour of occurance.

Interesting how in storm ravaged New York & New Jersey every effort was made for voters to excersise their Constitutional rights, but here, either due to lack of training or ignorance, voters find casting a ballot an exasperating ordeal.

— On the neighbor message Voting Problems at Farnsworth
5:48 p.m.

Curious if the intent of questioning a neighbor's integrity because they have chose to post semi-anonymously is to throw the thread off-topic.

If so, Well Done......

11:50 a.m.

An establishment such as this should have an effective security team.

I just don't understand the logic of hiring a police officer that was fired for pulling a gun on neighbor to lead it.

Aren't there more reputable firms that can handle the job?

— On the neighbor message Message to the Community from Dino
6:55 a.m.

4. On it's face, a good idea that carries no weight & would take forever should the idea take hold. Reversing Citizens United and reverting back to previously established & long standing prescedent will be accomplished much quicker by replacing activist Supreme Court justices Scalia & Thomas. So the vote at the top of the ballot will do more to correct this much quicker than a Constitutional ammendment......but I'll still vote in favor.

5. Not on my ballot..... Generally not in favor of special taxing districts, but if this is what these residents want for themselves, fine.

6.....We in the 38th Ward have the non-binding question of allowing non-commercial personal use 4500 lb max weight truck parking on our residential streets. In favor. As long as it's administered correctly.

6:12 a.m.

1. It's my opinion that this is pointless window dressing designed to make it look like the General Assembly is "doing something" about pension reform. Why? Because every benefit increase that has previously been passed has done so with 3/5 already. It also provides cover for the General Assembly's failure to address the fundimental problem of funding the pensions, as well as it's failure to address the cost structure of these pensions. And an ammendment is not needed to do any of this. They can do it legislatively. They are just too gutless to do so. No.

2. Municipal bulk electricity contracts can be advantageous for consumers. Others that have done so have seen savings for their residents. However the marketplace still determines pricing at contract renewal, so the good deal that was obtained on this contract may not be realized on the next. It should also be noted that ComEd's energy charge is scheduled to decrease after aggregation would go into effect, should it pass. So the opt-out provision is also good. Yes.

3. I believe that the residents of local school districts should pay to fund the pensions of their own teachers as is done in Chicago. But we in Chicago also pay to fund the pensions for every other school district in the state, while the residents of those districts pay nothing into the Chicago teachers fund.
I see this as a way to coerce resistant state legislators into agreeing to the propsal that individual districts fund their own teacher pensions. "Either fund your own like we do, or help pick up the tab for ours like we do with yours." For it.......


6:11 a.m.

Several of my neighbors have already expressed thoughts similar to mine, So I'll just add that I would like to be optimistic about all of this. Really, I would.

Except for years we've heard all sorts of plans and promises from groups, businesses and individuals that for various reasons didn't come to fruition. The few that did, didn't come without some kind of fight or controversy. Much of it was unnecessary.

Now we have this.

I appreciate the financial commitment of Mr. Carranza. I also appreciate what NOW appears to be a good faith effort at righting what's wrong at the Congress. But this community still has legitimate concerns about safety & security (both within & outside the venue) surrounding what will likely be a greatly expanded entertainment menu, code compliance including the present apartments, and an honest effort at cooperation with our elected and appointed city officials.

Mr. Carranza, I sincerly wish you the best of luck. But just as with said city officials, you'll have to earn our support. Address these concerns and I'm sure you'll get it.

6:47 p.m.

Yup....seems to be a pattern with some of the most vocal proponents of the new Steward of Six Corners.

Track record is Everything......

5:49 p.m.

It should be noted that large SUV's such as the Tahoe & Expedition are classified as passenger vehicles under the IVC, and the owners should have them plated as such. Furthermore, the city classifies them as "oversize passenger vehicles", not trucks. Same for full size conversion vans that have full windows and seating. You already can park on the street if your vehicle is properly plated & stickered.

Many families have chosen 4 door covered short bed pickups as their family vehicle. These should be allowed access, as this proposal appears to accomodate. The problem is the city and the state don't differentiate between these and commercial trucks with licensing under the IVC & Municipal Code.

Even though this Referendum forbids commercial trucks under 9-64-170, 9-64-090 9-100-200 of the Municipal Code, it's ripe for abuse in my opinion. Many commercial/cargo trucks and vans have no business markings on them & ladder and storage racks can be removed in minutes to secure a permit. So inspection should not limited to the exterior. If the windows do not encircle the vehicle and there is no rear passenger seating, it's being used for commercial purposes & should be denied a permit.

It also wouldn't be a shock that many unmarked commercial trucks also carry no license to do business in the city & are not insured/bonded. Another violation.
And if it's an individual doing business as a sub-contractor with general contractors, it's still a commercial truck.

Interested to know what other Wards that have enacted similar permiting are experiencing.

— On the neighbor message Truck Parking Referendum
5:26 a.m.

I'm curious if any documentation that may have been presented to Barbara Gressel, assistant commissioner of the city’s Department of Business Affairs and Consumer Protection will be a matter of public record at some point available for review.

5:58 p.m.

Fully in support of our city's manufacturing busineses and was happy to see this the news of this designation last week.

Thank you Alderman Cullerton for your roll in this.

5:30 p.m.

The dining area would occasionally prompt me to wonder what condition the back of the house was like. That list makes me wonder no more....

Adios Amigo Chino.....

— On the food inspection Taqueria Amigo Chino failed inspection
6:49 p.m.

I'd like to think that what we have will be replaced by something better, but it sounds like they don't have a plan. For anything.

It's especially galling seeing McCarthy, Emanuel & Daley before them self righteously admonish the public at press conferences for what they perceive as lack of collaboration between the public & CPD. And then they go on to dimish it's importance through cuts, then finally eliminating the program designed to foster said collaboration.


— On the neighbor message CAPS program has Been Canceled
6:36 a.m.

If an individual wishes to use a bicycle as their primary form of transportation they should purchase one, not rely on government to provide one that's subsidized by taxpayers. And many people are quite weary of government "promotion" & "persuasion".....

By the way, sprockets are the technically accurate term for those things that drive roller chains. Gears are found in transmissions, differentials, etc......

3:30 p.m.

I agree Gene, but I'd take it further and say that the city should not spend one dime on "feel good" programs such as this.

7 a.m.

Dennis, I agree with what you're saying, but in this case (if the news reports are accurate) the police acted on a tip from a citizen and were not seeking this operation out. They were obligated to investigate the tip, then if warranted, procure and execute a search warrant. The did the job they are supposed to do regardless of how misguided the laws on the books are.

I would be interested in how that tip was received though.

And absolutely Gene.....It wouldn't surprise me if the majority similar incarcerated offenders have no history of actual crime (violent or otherwise) or gang affiliation. The punishment definitely does not fit the "crime".......

— On the neighbor message Mary Jane bust at Irving and Elston
11:55 a.m.

Personally, I would have called it in Randy. Especially because of "drunks leaving Ysabel's is about to get in their car".

Impaired driving......Never a good idea.

— On the neighbor message Noisy Drunks
5:47 a.m.

Considering the scientific facts, I agree that the Fed's classification of cannabis as a Schedule 1 drug makes no sense, and a rational drug policy at the Federal level is long overdue.

However, as long as it is classified as such, law enforcement is obligated to enforce the law when they are made aware of an illegal manufacturing/distribution operation. They can't ignore it.....even those like this example. Because if they did ignore them, LE would be correctly accused of selective enforement based upon socio-economic status.

It's too late for this individual, but the obvious solution is to remove the strict prohibition of cannabis, and allow for regulation, distribution and taxation as is done with tobacco & alcoholic beverages.

— On the neighbor message Mary Jane bust at Irving and Elston
5:44 a.m.

Dennis, the production & sale of narcotics by criminal gangs finances their procurement of firearms among other gang activites.

Kenji, the criminal gangs are more organized and sophisticated than you appear to believe. And while they employ some younger individuals living with their moms, most are young and middle aged adults living in their own homes and apartments.

— On the neighbor message Mary Jane bust at Irving and Elston
5:19 a.m.

I called this in last Thursday before leaving town, again yesterday after noting the problem still existed.

— On the neighbor message In the Dark
5:27 a.m.

I would be interested in their thoughts also.......

From what I've read of it, it's dependant on revenue projections that some would characterize as optimistic. And while there is a lot to cull through, I don't see significant cuts to grants and the elimination of city agencies and programs that are nothing more than a means to cultivate political favor.

— On the neighbor message Feedback on mayor's budget
5:34 a.m.

Thanks for presenting the record of Carranza's stewardship of the Congress Dino. Despite what some say, it's absolutely relevant to the Portage Theater.

It appears that the former Alderman of the 1st Ward, Manny Flores was either ineffective at seeing to it that these outstanding violations were corrected, or Carranza had clout. Either way, it looks like the present representative of the ward is doing a better job of looking after the interests of his community. And it seems Alderman Arena is doing the same.

Also, as reported on 9/26/2012 by Brian Nadig in the Northwest Side Press, a member of the Portage Theater management team directly disputes Carranza attorney Thomas Raines assertion of "bullying" on the part of the Alderman. David Dziedzic is quoted as saying.......

"That does not sound like the meeting that I was at," Dziedzic said. He said that Arena was invited to the meeting to gauge his opinion on the transfer of the licenses because he has a lot of influence in the matter and that the alderman was not involved in the financial negotiations.

Dziedzic said that Arena's comments during the meeting centered on his concern for the needs of residents living near the theater. "He was sticking up for the community, doing his job," he said."

5:35 a.m.

After Super Shops went under, the property has been vacant. Prior to SS, it was a Goodyear service center. I was a customer of both.

Still bummed about it......nowhere to get Holley 4150 gaskets in a pinch anymore.

— On the neighbor message super shops automotive performance centers
6:01 p.m.

I have been very pleased with the job Alderman Cullerton has done in representing our 38th Ward....

The staff at the Ward office continues to be 1st rate in responding to our concerns. This attribute comes from the top.

I couldn't be more pleased with the level of communication, both by the staff and the Alderman personally.

On matters of public policy and City Council votes, while we have had our disagreements, the free flow of ideas and personal discussion on these matters is refreshing.

In the 45th, besides the "nuts & bolts" of representing the Ward, Alderman Arena certainly has had his hands full with some high profile challenges. From the outside, he appears to have handled them reasonably well.

I am pleased to see both Aldermen seeking input here and in other public venues on policy matters.

I would like to see them both take the lead in making the NW Side (and the city as a whole) more friendly to small start-up businesses by cutting red tape, reducing fees & regulatory requirements, and persuading commercial property owners to make their holdings more attractive.

— On the neighbor message Johnny Arena - Timmy Cullerton
5:46 a.m.

Report it anyway. With all of the details you can provide to the CAPS office today Chicago Girl......

312-742-4521 2nd Watch CAPS Sgt. Dan Kivel (Ext.114)

— On the neighbor message Seen person buying drugs near parklet tonight
5:25 a.m.

I recall that you mentioned this could be a possibility Greg.

Thanks for being a part of our community & best of luck to you.

— On the neighbor message Leaving Chicago
5:14 a.m.

@ Kelly...... No, they are not the same "Barbara".

Congress Theater Director of Special Projects Barbara Sloan, quoted in this article is most likely the same person that participated in discussions here.

5:42 a.m.

Hmmm. Maybe this will work.

Scroll'll see it. And I hope it works!

7:50 p.m.

It's an audiocast segment from this morning's WBEZ's Morning Shift Kenji.

I don't see it in your shot there, but a "play" button should be to the far left next to the grey bar.

7:37 p.m.

If I can be so bold (and with due respect;)) as to suggest we discuss the issues with the Portage Theater in a new thread with intersesting news that Alderman Arena posted.......

6:10 p.m.

This is stunning to say the least, and appears to contradict what the "buyer" stated to DeRogotis in his 9/16 report.....

"Carranza declined to comment for this blog about his plans for the Portage, but in response to the aldermen and others questioning how he financed the new deal, he wrote via email, “Have you ever heard of Bank Loans? Bank loans is where entrepreneurs go to borrow money to grow their businesses. Banks like what we do so they lend to us money. Bank loans have been going on for hundreds of years.” "

So what happened to the loan?

5:50 p.m.

And acceptance of the same issues that surround The Congress is not "progress".

Despite the efforts to minimize them by advocates for the owner, they are valid concerns and not insignificant.

If Mr. Carranza had a track record of cooperation and collaboration, rather than one of having to be coerced into being a good neighbor, perhaps people's attitudes toward him would be different.

6:04 a.m.

Acceptance of businesses that attract (some with intent) a criminal element is part of the growing process?

We had one of those just West of the park. Many neighbors were quite vocal about it, and not much was done or said ("we'll keep an eye on it") until there was a homicide on the premises. Only then was the pressure put on the owner to make necessary changes.

Is that the same process some advocate here?

5:43 a.m.

@Glad2B..... online deceivers usually are of little consequence.

I would not be surprised however if a political adversary of the alderman is whispering in the ear of Mr. Carranza.

9:04 p.m.

There are. West bound Irving to South bound Austin & East bound Irving to Nortbound Austin.

— On the neighbor message Left turn arrows at Austin and Irving
8:16 p.m.

Thanks for the recent comments that provide the clarity on what this is really about.....politics and personalities.

Some bear striking similarity to comments made here during recent elections and other land use controversies by political opponents of Arena and their supporters, one of whom stated their business/personal relationship with Mr. Carranza and support for him regarding the issues surrounding the Congress.

Since we live in a neighboring Portage Park ward and are far enough West of Six Corners, our quality of life will not be affected by what's sure to come if this establishment is operated in the same way as the owner's other venue.

So carry on....I'll just grab some popcorn and watch this play out.

5:38 a.m.

Let me get this straight...according to Carranza's attorney's account of the meeting, the are going to punish Wolkowicz because of some perceived slight by Arena?

Wow. That makes a lot of sense......

5:37 p.m.

It was mentioned before that an individual's past actions (good & bad) is relevant and to be very cautious about their statements and "promises" when the historical guide is primarily negative.

5:47 a.m.

Property owners & businesses are getting soaked enough.
My "investment" (taxes) in this city show diminishing returns. At some point the loss of the productive will be more evident than it already is.....

7:28 a.m.

This Cardenas has quite a record in the City figuring out ways to soak citizens. In some "organizations", he's what they call an "earner".

"The alderman said he has no doubt that Chicago homeowners and businesses would be willing to swallow a $5 monthly fee if it means having safer streets and fewer homicides and shootings."

It's office holders like this that are driving productive homeowners and businesses OUT of the city

Sorry Alderman....I'm NOT swallowing anything that your trying to feed your job and figure out ways to run this city EFFICIENTLY.

10:41 p.m.

We were by there about 7:30 AM. Have no idea what happened, but there were a lot of police who had a large area marked off with crime scene tape.

— On the neighbor message Opps
9:23 a.m.

Apologies for continuing this off topic tangent, but....

Some of you should review the founding documents and all of the amendments to the Constitution of this nation.
It might enlighten you as what our government can and cannot do.

One of the things it cannot do is establish a religion. And one of the things granted to the citizenry is the free practice of one's spiritual beliefs, including your right to not practice any. Nor can anyone one individual or group impose it's beliefs upon others.

Another thing that we have granted our grovernment(s) is the power to regulate commerce. What is done with that power is fluid thing, and changes to suit the times.

Now back to the topic....

— On the neighbor message CPS has developed contingency plans
2:08 p.m.

Try Ace Sandblast.

4601 W Roscoe Street
Chicago, Illinois 60641
(773) 777-6654

I've used them for industrial and personal projects. Quality work, reasonable turnaround, and very fair pricing.

— On the neighbor message Local shop for sandblasting?
4:24 p.m.

@ Barbara...... assuming you are refering to me when you address "BTE".

Actually, I was making comments in response to others and this situation in general, not posing any questions to you. Rest assured, if I have questions for you I will certainly direct them your way.

And thanks for that "advice" a knowlegable, active and commited member of this community my entire life, tools are always at hand......

6:04 p.m.

Sincerely apreciate this effort to keep us informed Anna.
Thank You!

5:48 p.m.

@OI Anna...... First I completely understood the context of the Alderman's statement. And I have been a longtime customer at the Portage Theater and have followed the situation over it's sale from the start.

And I'm quite familiar with the long running issues surrounding the Congress and it's ownership as well.

Yes, open eyes. The fact that Mr. Carranza has taken steps to improve the situation at the Congress only when pushed is quite telling. Past actions, positive and negative are relevant. All I'm saying is the Alderman should take that into consideration.

Curious as to why Mr. Carranza has appointed a spokesman that is completely unfamiliar with this neighborhood.....Completely wrong about there not being a local Chamber of Commerce, and unaware of the work by SCA & the Lakota Group.

DeRogatis asked Carranza some questions that deserve answers. I hope Alderman Arena follows through and gets them.

5:43 a.m.

Not only is DeRogatis a highly-respected rock critic, but as that article that Jake linked shows, a pretty darn good reporter.

For what it's worth, I do have concerns about this statement attributed to Ald. Arena....

“I’m just happy to finally have somebody who owns the building that I can talk with and have these conversations with,” Arena told me.

Considering the very relavant history of the new owner, I would suggest that the Alderman not take everything Mr. Carranza says in their conversations at face value.

7:39 p.m.

@ Kenji.... The CTU blog & website only publishes their perspective & complimentary pieces from other sources. I would trust it no more than one sided press releases coming from the CPS.

I don't trust either side. I just happen to trust CTU less....

— On the neighbor message CPS has developed contingency plans
6:08 p.m.

Both CPS & especially CTU have been short changing this city's kids, their parents, and taxpayers for years.

CPS has marginalized neighborhood schools, mismanaged the budget, and still can't claim an increase in adequetly educated graduates. That said, the proposals to hold educators to account for results and to hold the line on compensation & benefits are positive.

The CTU seems to think taxpayer money is forever free flowing to pay for financially unrealistic compensation increases, is bent on keeping underperforming teachers on the job, and is militantly resistant to accountability and results. And they took this militant position the moment the mayoral election ballots were counted.

Quite frankly I'm sick of them both. They provide little value from the perspective of a taxpayer. But on this, I'm with the CPS.

— On the neighbor message CPS has developed contingency plans
5:52 a.m.

Owner may have chosen to appeal the revocation of his tavern (liquor), Public Place of Amusement, and Food Service licences. And he can remain open while that process takes place.

According to published reports quoting Ald Arena in this week's Nadig Press, the Dept of Business Affairs yanked them after "the owner resisted providing video surveillance to the police after a fight in December." "This is separate from the process that we have with the owner. It's a serious charge not to assist the police." said Arena.

There is much more in the article.

— On the neighbor message Capitol Club Oh No
4:02 a.m.

Seriously though..... why wasn't this proposed before millions of dollars was spent to tear up the crumbling curbs & sidewalks and build new ones at Six Corners?

How many more millions to re-do it so soon after it's "completion"?

Sounds to me like a costly do-over.....

— On the neighbor message Pedestrian Crosswalks at Six Corners
7:17 p.m.

Sounds like a neat sideshow for next year's BBQ Fest.......

— On the neighbor message Pedestrian Crosswalks at Six Corners
7:08 p.m.

Mixed feelings about this possibilty....... As much I love live, loud music and as appealing a venue such as this could be for Six Corners, I know exactly what such a venue "could" bring. And that's a lot of grief to nearby residents.

— On the neighbor message Portage Theater Sold
7:04 p.m.

Unless someone else gets to it before I get back from Indy late Saturday, I'll stake the yard out when I get back..... ;)

6:53 p.m.

Saw one also last week. A fairly new white van bearing the city seal and Water Dept lettering headed to the yard on Sunnyside.

If this in fact is a rent/lease arrangment with an out of state firm.....isn't the city (or it's leasing agent) guilty, as Gene says, of violating the very same ordinances they enforce upon us common citizens?

6:38 p.m.

At 5:30 AM I personally have seen nothing there other than the condition of the building .

My wife on the other hand walks past nearly every day, and she related nearly everything chronicled here. That said she does not consider any of them threatening, just unpredictable, and excersizes due caution.

— On the neighbor message House on Montrose and Laramie
6:25 p.m.

The proliferation of firearms in the street scene is one reason why serious racers have taken their activites to the track.

— On the neighbor message Who's Shooting?
5:08 a.m.

We noticed the revocation notice at Capitol driving past on Sunday. Can't say it was a was a bone on contention with many neighbors when we lived 3 blocks from it over 15 years ago. It could explain why the owner was at the CAPS meeting last week. Even though the place didn't come up for discussion this time....perhaps he was expecting something. Didn't Ald. Arena & Liquor Control set conditions for remaining in business after the shooting early this year and they were not met?

And as for parents bringing their children to the bar.....we encountered the same problem at Sutherlands early in the summer. I met the wife & her coworkers there after work.....parents crashing strollers into patrons chairs & bawling kids forced an early exit. We haven't been back.....

— On the neighbor message Capitol Club Oh No
4:59 a.m.

I knew that you'd dig it Kenji...... ;D

Jake, squirrels have no shame, so they can't be humiliated. ;)

— On the neighbor message dead squirrels?
5:50 a.m.

I hear what your saying Kenji, but relatively safe neighborhoods don't always stay that way. There are examples fairly close by on the NW Side....

While a lot of the citizen concerns at our beat meetings center around truck parking, rolling stop signs and such, others bring concerns of gang activity, problem businesses and other serious issues. The CAPS office also informs of recent arrests, gang members on probation living in the area, and individuals with a last known address in the area wanted on warrants & what to do if these individuals are seen.

Unfortunately most of my neighbors don't want to bothered unless it's after the fact when something BIG happens.

My point is that the best way to keep our neighborhoods safe is an involved community. CAPS involvment is just one of them.

— On the neighbor message More Gang Related Graffiti
5:46 a.m.

Found a use for one of the wife's old hanging flower baskets.......

— On the neighbor message dead squirrels?
6:27 p.m.

I was in attendence Wednesday at 1624 (1623 alternate) meeting at Portage Park. A resident of 1623 brought up graffiti as a concern and I was puzzled as to why Sgt Kivel didn't mention the database. Now I see why...... Thank you Neddie for your effort in convincing someone in the16th the importance of it, and to you Mike for making us aware of this grand defacement and reminding us of the importance of CAPS.

Incidently, and not intending to scold, but these meetings aren't only for the "old folks". While it was well attended, I would estimate a total of four community members under the age of about 50, with just two of them a young couple in their 30's.

I'm just puzzled by the lack of involvement by young families with the most at stake in having a safe neighborhood..

— On the neighbor message More Gang Related Graffiti
6:11 p.m.

Ah, the Klee Building..... Even though I don't live in it, I'm glad for the conversion to residences. In fact, many years ago when I worked in it, I often thought about how neat it would be to convert the 5th floor SE common waiting room into an apartment. 25 or so years later, someone did......

Thanks 6 Cornered for the description of the units.

5:43 p.m.

@Bill/portage park.....Agree with your 1st comment regarding police resources, but I'll stronly disagree with your comments regarding Ald. Cullerton.

I followed that primary election very closly & went in with no pre-conceived notions. I listened to and talked to each of the initial eight candidates at the Wright College forum. I was most impressed by now Ald. Cullerton and one other, who was not the candidate you speak of or the one that Cullerton ran against.
While I was confident in Ald. Cullerton's commitment & integrity, he has far exceeded my expectations in capability. Plus I enjoy our policy debates. Especially when we disagree.......

So I'm puzzed by the teeing off on him, especially when as @anymouse points out, the topic location is in the 45th.

And I hope we haven't heard the last of that other top notch candidate from the Old Irving Park neighborhood. The city needs guys like him.

5:51 p.m.

We see it several times a day and have been watching it's completion phases. Memorials such as this mean a lot to us.

It would be nice if the advertising company with the adjacent billboard would move it somewhere else's a visual distraction.

5:30 p.m.

We attended this morning for the usual items,and although not looking to add a pet we always have a look at the dog adoption center. A nice diversion.....

Our concern is with those that bring their animals and do not curb them. Besides the leash entaglements with human legs & other dogs on the path, we witnessed one woman oblivious to her mutt dropping a load on the grass adjacent to the bandstand, and 5 minutes later "watering" right next to a produce stand.

Leave them at home and if you can't, keep away from the market area.

— On the neighborhood event Portage Park Farmers Market
2:11 p.m.

@ Gene......

The 1974 version screened there in 1982.

— On the neighbor message Good bye to the Norridge theater
5:21 a.m.

Anyone else go to the midnight screenings of "concert" films and other counterculture fare at the Luna, Will Rogers, Portage, and yes. the Norridge?

Or use the payment stubs from the Peacocock neighborhood newspaper for free admission to the Milford?

If you're "old as dirt" as I am you probably did.....;)

— On the neighbor message Good bye to the Norridge theater
5:17 a.m.

Can anyone else envision Riot Fest moving from the Congress and Humbolt Park to the Portage Theater and Portage Park?

Reverend Horton Heat & Iggy Pop in my back yard......

5:04 a.m.

@ Gene....... Were you at the Norridge for the first run of Pink Floyd's "The Wall", when they ran "Live at Pompeii" right before it?

— On the neighbor message Good bye to the Norridge theater
4:54 a.m.

Still got the car we used to cruise there in. And most of my hair....... ;D

— On the neighbor message Good bye to the Norridge theater
6:52 p.m.

I really hope it's not the most recent owners that are reopening it.

— On the neighbor message Activity at old Bub's Gyros location
6:49 p.m.

Haven't been there in about 20 years, but tt sure was a great place to mis-spend your Fridays & Saturdays nights in the '70's & '80's........

— On the neighbor message Good bye to the Norridge theater
6:44 p.m.

Kenji.....a week after my message was sent, I received a less than satisfying response. Formulating my reply....

That Guy.....Thanks for the tips. I'll try them and see if it improves at my end.

I've read the EB blog post and the replies on this subject and the purpose makes little sense to me. And getting news from far outside my followed places while not getting followed place news renders this site less useful to me.

Hope Alderman Arena isn't depending on EB to get the desired attendence at his Back-to-School Health Fair.

— On the neighbor message Back-to-School Health Fair - August 20th
6:45 a.m.

Jusy saying, the list of custom locations is back. Whether you can post to it not........

I'm also not happy about the recent changes. Makes the site less useful.

— On the neighbor message Back-to-School Health Fair - August 20th
4:30 a.m.

Looks like custom drawn locations, zip codes and Wards are back.
Thanks EB.

— On the neighbor message Back-to-School Health Fair - August 20th
7:22 p.m.

That's great!

Most great things cost at least a little bit, so I can't help but ask about that.
Is it all coming from the Association funds or other sources? Is there a means for contributions from the community to help defray the costs?

— On the neighbor message down with the bushes
6:11 p.m.

.....and of this Northwest Side community.
Again, thanks for that insight.

— On the neighbor message Stabbing in 16th Dist tonight
8:27 a.m.

@ Tim. I have an intimate knowlege of how forums work. Thanks for your insight though.

— On the neighbor message Stabbing in 16th Dist tonight
8:06 a.m.

This website is another means to get community information, and that includes incidents of crime.

It doesn't matter whether the source is from a news gathering organization, a neighbor relaying information from CAPS, a victim or eyewitness, or a neighbor that hears something on the scanner.

As incomplete as some of all these sources may be (and frequently are), I and others find it useful and would hope that it continues.

And in my opinion, denigrating those that share this concern accomplishes nothing other than possibly reducing participation here.

— On the neighbor message Stabbing in 16th Dist tonight
7:28 a.m.

@Susan, the centerline signs that you speak are starting to appear in Chicago. They are up on Irving Park Rd. in front of both crosswalks at Pioneer(?). Except in heavy traffic, they are very visible,

— On the neighbor message Thanks Alderman Tim! Now Give Some Tickets!
6:34 p.m.

It's there......

That Guy quoted the 10th paragraph from that article. Preceeding it in the 8th is this......"Two others were shot before 3 a.m., near Addison Street and Laramie Avenue in the Portage Park neighborhod on the Northwest Side and west of Ashland Avenue on 21st Place in the Pilsen neighborhood on the Southwest Side."

I made a trip over there right after I placed the lead comment at 5:30 AM Saturday. No police. No marked crime scene. IF something happened at that location, it reads like the "victim" & his buddy left the scene, likely compromising any possible evidence. Or they made a false statement about where it actually took place.

— On the neighbor message Addison/Laramie shooting
7:35 p.m.

Since Higgins was blocked off, maybe we can mark off a short 330 foot strip on it for next year's Festival? :D

— On the neighborhood event live music @Jeff Fest
6:41 p.m.

Nope. Just SATURDAY! this past weekend.

— On the neighborhood event live music @Jeff Fest
6:35 p.m.

Some of us were at the dragstrip..... ;)

— On the neighborhood event live music @Jeff Fest
7:49 p.m.

Please pass this information along to the CAPS office..... Beats 1624 & 1634.

7:43 p.m.

We've been enthusiastic buyers at the Portage Park Farmers Market, but I'll have to agree with Maja.

There were at least 2 more produce vendors last year, so there is less selection, and the prices aren't as attractive.

— On the neighborhood event Portage Park Farmers Market
7:38 p.m.

@IU.....I also commend them for this. As well as nabbing bigger fish related to other crimes around here recently.

8:41 p.m.

You're welcome!

I used .06 thick material the width & length of the jam & secured it with 2" long screws. Steel angle sized to fit should work well also.

— On the neighbor message Garage break-in 7:15am
7:04 p.m.

I hate to say it, but if you have anything in your garage that you value or need, it's best to secure it like a fortress...... even around here.
The basics.
Steel service door with quality deadbolt locks & steel reinforced door jam, window bars, lighting, quality rolling code opener for the overhead with a keyed lock on it as well. Motion sensors on anything that opens are also a plus.

— On the neighbor message Garage break-in 7:15am
6:01 p.m.

They come over to the area bounded by Austin, Irving Park, Central and Montrose for commercial trucks! Come on by any evening or early morning!

5:49 p.m.

@TLo......thanks for that clarification. Which means that the liklihood of opening fire was quite high.
The fact that there wasn't gunfire does not minimize what occured. Thanks to store security for keeping as many innocent people away from this.

Kenji......I appreciate your humor. I do. But I could care less about the eating/shopping habits of thugs.

I want them gone. Period. The signs of their activity in that immediate area are visible. Like right over the tracks on Knox Ave.

I'm also tired of the "justifications" by the mayor & the police superintendant regarding our inadequet police manpower in the 16th & 17th districts. And the tepid response to that issue by some elected officials at the recent "town hall meeting is also disappointing.

11:14 a.m.

Nice piece of publicity courtesy of the radio station reporter, but Jeff Park will never be one of those places, nor should it.

All it needs is a stock of business that provide good jobs and quality goods & services, police staffing that addresses what many perceive as a growing crime problem, and stability in the real estate market.

Being in an "outlying" location with mostly single family homes & relatively low density is not a negative for me.

5:41 a.m.

Wow.....seriously? Now we have to be concerned about being harrassed, or worse, by gangsters while grocery shopping?

For the record, an AK is not easilly concealed. But there are automatic weapons that are.

5:10 a.m.

This looks like another salvo in Gabe Klein's war on personal motorized transportation.

Bump-outs? On Milwaukee Ave? Wouldn't this defeat the purpose of getting traffic to flow when parking is restricted on alternating sides of the street during morning & afternoon rush hours? That street is congested enough and now there are propsals to choke it even more?

We were told 10+ years ago the "pedestrian friendly" designation would attract new business. It hasn't. In fact it's hindered it. This will make it worse.

As Victor stated, a tremendous amount of money has already been spent on sidewalk improvements. Focus your efforts on the buildings that businesses don't want to move into. Either force the owners to improve them, or declare eminent domain & replace them with something that today's businesses deem more suitable.

— On the neighbor message Six Corners Pedestrian friendly changes
4:34 a.m.

Regarding this homicide at LaPena...there's not enough information to determine if this is gang related. That said, it sure looks to me like there is a lot more gun play (gang related or not) in the streets around here this year.

As for the presence of criminal gangs in the South end of the 16th District North to at least Lawrence..... Yes. They are here.

Is it as bad as Austin (which I commute through & is not that far) or even the neighborhoods surrounding Hansen & Riis Parks (even closer)?
No, but the signs are literally there that their presence is becoming obvious.

As someone else stated, 16th District command informed us that they live among us (step1). Then the marking of "territory", incidents of intimidation (Chopin Park) and street violence begin (Portage Park, 6 Corners).

Additionally, at the Beat meetings, we are informed of arrests made and those living with a last known address in the beat being wanted on warrants. The vast majority of both groups are known gang members. They are not here to be productive members of the community. They are here to claim this area and ply their trade. I've witnessed this scenario play out in other neighborhoods.
And the only way to stop it is to recognize it, actively report it, and keep the pressure on elected officials and the police to address it.

5:45 a.m.

An "organization" that advocates a race to the bottom......number 1 being the elimination of a reasonable standard of living for those in both the public & private sectors.

Curious as to why Jack Roeser & Andy Martin don't put their names on the website under "Who We Are". Must be their sterling reputations & modesty preventing it......

— On the neighbor message Thank You Alderman Arena
6:35 p.m.

Anyone else notice the carved (stone?) window surrounds above the street level window openings?

Hope they are restored & left exposed rather than covered again....

— On the neighbor message Irving and Austin Old Bank
5:26 p.m.

Based upon comments by the CAPS officer in attendence at the most recent meeting for Beat 1624, I'd have to agree with Chicago Girl's comments.....

Indifferent to illegal fireworks, and in fact berated a lady for making it a concern......until Alderman Cullerton spoke up.
"Don't waste our time calling in parkers" or other "minor" concerns...
Won't allow citizens to review the information on "wanted" individuals at the end of the meeting.....

Very discouraging. And anger inducing.

— On the neighbor message chopin park deterioration
2:22 p.m.

$293 more. Plus much higher user fees imposed by the state/county/city.

For less services.

— On the neighbor message Property Tax Bill
11:15 a.m.

@ Gene.....only the taxing bodies listed on your bill can lower the property tax rate. The state of Illinois is not listed among them.

However, the onus is on the Illinois General Assembly to formulate & pass legislation that reforms the property tax & pension systems, which Quinn can then sign.

— On the neighbor message Property Tax Bill
11:05 a.m.

@ lifer.....You mean assessor/Cook County Dem Chairman/lobbyist/insurance man/"ethics rules don't apply to me" Joe Berrios won't answer the phone?

And you can thank the leadership in the General Assembly, including our very own outgoing state rep & Madigan leutenant Joe Lyons for getting the legislation that eliminates these exemptions passed.

— On the neighbor message Property Tax Bill
10:55 a.m.

@ Paul.....that figures. Apparently the "family obligations" that recipients must abide by aren't working very well. And the building owners that chose to participate also aren't living up to their obligations.

I was at a gathering of small/medium business owners, their employees & other working people. Some were actually members of this very community at one time.

It's no surprise that the vast majority of them have chosen to live in or relocate (including their businesses) to communities where programs such as this are not the norm and in fact are discouraged.

— On the neighbor message Shooting
9:03 a.m.

I come back from a short vacation to this kind of crap......
What the hell is going on around here?

— On the neighbor message Shooting
8:19 a.m.

The residents of Beat 1624 would like to know of this Irving/Menard gang hangout.

Meeting is tommorow, Wednesday 6/27 at the Senior Center in Portage Park. 7 PM sharp......

6:14 p.m.

Wonder how many officers can be hired with that million bucks going earmarked for that "organization"......

— On the neighbor message Gang Supression Missions - CPD
5:46 p.m.

Good point Chris.

The bottom line is CPD patrol & the gang units are understaffed, especially on the NW Side.
And the new overtime policy will do nothing to alleviate that issue. All it will do is create overtired & stressed patrol officers, which affects alertness and increases the risk they already face.

— On the neighbor message Gang Supression Missions - CPD
5:43 p.m.

That video makes me seethe......

From them giving camera time to the thugs blaming others in justifying their criminal behavior, to the reporter parroting the CPD command's "reasons" for the increase in shootings.

— On the neighbor message Gang Supression Missions - CPD
5:26 p.m.

Besides what you gentlemen have mentioned, another thing that bothers me is when the mayor or McCarthy gets up in front of the media and admonishes the public for not "being engaged" in stemming street crime and violence, and yet they continue with Daley's policy of minimizing an effective tool for citizen engagement, the CAPS program.

Individual beat meetings have been cut in half or combined with neighboring beat areas.

The 16TH has to rely on TWO CAPS officers to cover the entire district, and I'm certain this is typical across the city.

Officers asigned to a beat are rarely kept there for any length of time as they used to be.

How is this an effective strategy at engaging the citizenry in combating violent crime anywhere in the city?

— On the neighbor message Gang Supression Missions - CPD
4:16 p.m.

@Portage Neighbor.... One does NOT have the "right" to make "racket" in this city or anywhere else. Hence excessive noise laws and ordinances that municipalities put in place across the nation. One also does not have the "right" to put their neighbor's property & personal safety at risk. Especially in violation of the law.

And since when is making racket in violation of state & municipal law a "freedom"? I must have missed that one in the Bill of Rights & the federal & state Constitutions.....

Perhaps Gene is correct.....since possession & use of Class 1.4G expolsives (along with many others laws) is ignored by a sizable minority and unenforced by public servants around here, it should be repealed.
With the stipulation that the user must carry a minimum of $500,000 in personal injury & property damage liability insurance....fireworks safety training (cost borne by the user)......a sizable yearly licence fee (say $1000)....and an environmental impact fee to cover the cost of trash cleanup and putting heavy metals, antimony sulfide, & perchlorates in the air, A 25% use tax (in addition to sales tax) on purchases should also be applied.

Or maybe our neighbors should just comply with the laws already on the books, and our public servants should enforce those laws.

— On the neighbor message Fireworks make me CRAZY!
5:39 a.m.

Hell Jake, most of these "patriots" haven't even read that, or the Declaration of Independence, let alone know the rationale behind it.
(it had very little to do with taxes btw......)

Dirk....there is a recent self centered political movement in the U.S.A. that seems to disregard the very first paragraph of the Constitution......

"We the People of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect UNION, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, PROVIDE FOR THE COMMON DEFENCE, PROMOTE THE GENERAL WELFARE, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America."

— On the neighbor message Fireworks make me CRAZY!
2:33 p.m.

The Chicago ordinance prohibiting exposive and airial fireworks by anyone other than licensed pyrotechnicians was put in place for good reason. Beside the risk of injury to the user, there is the risk of injury to others, and the risk of property damage (personal experience here) & fire in the close quarters of the urban environment.

At one time this ordinance was enforced by our police. Sure, folks would send off bottle rockets in the alley, but nothing like today with these widespread & open displays where groups will even prevent passage in an alley.

A friend pointed out the correlation of this problem to two things....

1) The expansion of Taste of Chicago over the years. It fell during Independence Day and resulted in our beat officers being detailed to the lakefront while this lengthy event was taking place leaving our neighborhoods shorthanded. Hopefully we'll have full staffing now that the lakefront party has been reduced in scope & moved to another date.

2) The systematic reduction in patrol staffing beginning with Daley early in his tenure, leading to all sorts problems.

......hope property damage is kept to a minimum & everyone still has their fingers & eyeballs two weeks from today, because it's doubtful that these laws and ordinances will be enforced.

— On the neighbor message Fireworks make me CRAZY!
7:50 a.m.

I'll be volunteering a small check every few weeks Debra@OforA.

6 a.m.

No direct line listed for 025's CAPS office.

Desk..... 312-746-8605

— On the neighbor message Tagging in the neighborhood
2:21 p.m.

cassie..... I'm making the assumption that you are in the 16th District. .

016 CAPS Office......


— On the neighbor message Tagging in the neighborhood
12:57 p.m.

I've sent a few checks already Debra......

11:43 a.m.

@Johnny....those are great little trail rigs. Don't let the scrappers near it.....

@Kenji....don't confuse the the little 1st gen Bronco ('66-"77) with the later ('78-96) F150 based rig.

— On the neighbor message Battery Stolen
9:47 a.m.

Non-commercial private use pick-ups getting nailed again, yet supposedly forbidden commercial vans and cargo trucks with ladders reaching the trees park overnight with impunity around here.


— On the neighbor message Parking for pickup's
5:43 a.m.

"See anyone that looked like a "Kenji"?"

I did.....

Was good to meet you.

— On the neighbor message 6 Corners BBQ Fest: Meat on Milwaukee Cookoff
1:18 p.m.

Like most, this particular grassroots movement has been co-opted by radicals

Besides. They have no stake in this......

— On the neighbor message ZBA Postpones Portage Hearing Again
7:28 a.m.

How can a big shot zoning attorney like Banks be unprepared?

In my opinion, this is a tactic to wear out the community and coerce the alderman to acquiesce to the demands of the church.

— On the neighbor message ZBA Postpones Portage Hearing Again
10:29 a.m.

Unfortunately Kenji, I'm stuck at the plant all day. But something can be arranged......Message being sent.

— On the neighbor message 6 Corners Economic Development Master Plan
9:48 a.m.

That'll work...... But when you're at the office or home, dowload the file. Besides photo images, there are several useful maps that tie it all together.

Very detailed report that'll take some time to consume.

— On the neighbor message 6 Corners Economic Development Master Plan
9:03 a.m.

"Try it on your mobile device and tell me what that's like"

Not a chance....... That's why the hot rod PC will never die.

— On the neighbor message 6 Corners Economic Development Master Plan
8:52 a.m.

The link to the Exiting Conditions Report is under that heading Kenji.

Rather than opening the linked file, save it, then open it. Took about 2 minutes. ;)

— On the neighbor message 6 Corners Economic Development Master Plan
8:29 a.m.

Besides the fact that the business is well established in the present location, the family owns the building. There's no logical reason to relocate.

— On the neighbor message where do you shop outside of portage park?
7:41 a.m.

Herman's Sporting Goods was at the corner of Cicero & Belle Plaine (Walgreen's parking lot). The Gap (when they only sold the Levi's product line) was located next door to the South where the Walgreen building is.
Alpine Meat & Deli just South of the alley.

— On the neighbor message where do you shop outside of portage park?
5:17 a.m.

I love animals.......they're delicious.

9:27 a.m.

Morton Grove: Menards, FishTech
Skokie: Pep Boys, Barnes & Noble
Niles: Costco, Golf Mill Ford
Norridge: Carsons, Kohls and more
Harwood Hts: Office Max, Shoe Carnival and more
Elk Grove: Chicago Parts Warehouse
Park Ridge: Napelton Lincoln
Wheeling: AdVenture Hobbies
Norwood Park: Chicagoland Hobbies
Elston Ave: Micro Center

— On the neighbor message where do you shop outside of portage park?
8:10 p.m.

A keelhaulin' of the perps would be appropriate......

— On the neighbor message More cars being broken into
4:10 p.m.

Understood now Howie....quite possible. Thanks.

And I've observed the same.....for many years the commute takes me far south down Austin Ave, and it's quite troubling.

— On the neighbor message police activity at Henderson & Linder
3:55 p.m.

Howie.....there was a shooting at 5100 block of School St also.,0,1489379.story

This likely won't be the end of the retaliation.

Stay safe neighbors......

— On the neighbor message police activity at Henderson & Linder
3:13 p.m.

That is an excuse Kenji.
I know plenty of folks that have weathered quite a few crappy economic downturns, including myself, both as a teenager and as an adult, and never resorted to commiting criminal acts.

— On the neighbor message More cars being broken into
1:07 p.m.

There is no excuse for commiting a criminal act.

— On the neighbor message More cars being broken into
12:51 p.m.

Good question Chris B......

Logic would say yes, considering that a criminal element has been migrating north from District 015 into 025 & now 016 for some time.

If they are coordinating in some way, it doesn't appear to be effective..........

10:40 a.m.

District 016 Beat 1634 Meeting
Thursday June 28 7 PM
Location: Kreuger Hall 4910 W. Addison St
16th District CAPS Office 312-742-4521
Ward 38

10:03 a.m.

I suggest contacting your police district's CAPS office and your alderman with location, building owner contact information, and specific incidents.

— On the neighbor message wish they were gone
8:21 a.m.

One's socio-economic conditions are not an excuse to commit violent crimes.....

7:26 a.m.

Correct Jennifer....while not wilding mobs (yet), there has been more reported criminal gang activity in some areas of the 16th & 17th Districts over the past 2 years. Some have attributed this to the declining police presence in these districts as the already short staffed department shifts resources from them to these "hot spots" on the West and South sides.

4:08 p.m.

Six Corners was in fact the destination shopping area for the entire NW Side & beyond.

Question is, what will drive it's revitalization? Retail shopping? Entertainment & dining? Or a combination of these?

— On the neighbor message Support of Local Businesses
3:56 p.m.

The Good....
No question that the restaurant scene is improving around here.We frequent many of them, especially those long established.
Local drinking establishment choices remain pretty good also.
Russo & Crafty Beaver are always my 1st choice for hardware.
The Missus loves the nail salon at Montrose/Central....

Not so good...
The lack of good retail shopping options (apparel, housewares, sporting goods, office supplies) especially at Six Corners. Sorry....Sears & Marshall's by the themselves don't cut it, so significant dollars pass through Norridge/Harwood Heights.

Still lamenting the loss of good independant auto parts stores (with full machine shop service) in the Portage/Jeff Park area. Not crazy about the chain auto parts stores we have now, but they do when I need something NOW. I tend to plan ahead and source from far outside this area....A shame because that's a LOT of money going elsewhere.

— On the neighbor message Support of Local Businesses
7:58 a.m.

I'll 2nd Jake's comments, and add that no one in this thread, or the original in which this incident was announced condoned or defended the actions of Belsan's attackers.

— On the neighbor message Court Date for Portage Park Shooter
7:16 p.m.

I thought it was pretty clever...... Best of luck in getting this problem solved.

— On the neighborhood event AIN'T TOO PROUD TO BEG, PLEASE HELP!
10:20 a.m.

He's not exactly "on the clock" Sophia.......He would get paid the same whether he's there or not.

— On the neighbor message Court Date for Portage Park Shooter
1:33 p.m.

By keeping us informed of the details of this particular case, and participating in the process, Alderman Cullerton is doing what every active & concerned neighbor would do. For this case and others.

There is no reason to doubt his commitment & sincerity.

— On the neighbor message Court Date for Portage Park Shooter
1:27 p.m.

Do you live in the 38th Ward Sophia?

— On the neighbor message Court Date for Portage Park Shooter
12:31 p.m.

Yes. Provided our customer commitments allow me to walk off for half a day.......

— On the neighbor message Court Date for Portage Park Shooter
11:36 a.m.

There hasn't been a trial for the gang hit at the Fade-Inn because the crime has not been solved.

No trial.

— On the neighbor message Court Date for Portage Park Shooter
11:01 a.m.

It wasn't suggested that the offender HAD a FOID card, or was handling the weapon per statute.......

Perhaps someone in the household does have one and is the owner of the weapon, and it was taken with or without their knowlege.....
Perhaps it was stolen from the dwelling of a law abiding citizen....
Perhaps it was procured from an illegal straw purchaser.......
Perhaps given to the offender by an "associate".....

These are the questions that are being asked, and perhaps answers can be had at trial.

— On the neighbor message Court Date for Portage Park Shooter
9:45 a.m.

To the side streets......

7:39 a.m.

...and was it legally registered per city ordinance to a legit FOID card holding firearms owner?

— On the neighbor message Court Date for Portage Park Shooter
6:55 a.m.

Anatomy of the looting of the public employee pension plans by elected/connected officials......

Saw that the House rammed though poorly thought out Gaming legislation again on Wednesday. Good to see the General Assembly has their priorities straight.......

8:47 a.m.

Not that the reasoned opinion of those opposed to speed cams mattered before the General Assembly & City Council votes......,0,6367428.story

8:35 a.m.

Kenji...that's pretty much what I had stated in my response to Monica. The indiscriminate tagging in my opinion makes a neighborhood look just as run down as the gang symbols, and that will spawn more serious problems.

I grew up with those guys. Went to school with them. Later would share a drink & a few laughs with them. But they were never to be trusted, and in fact were bad for the neighborhood.


— On the neighbor message new graffiti hit.
2:38 p.m.

Spare me the lecture.

I've lived here my entire life and I know the difference between the bangers and the "knuckleheads".

Both should be dealt with surely and switly and to the fullest extent of the law..

— On the neighbor message new graffiti hit.
1:56 p.m.

Monica...I agree that gang related incidents ARE more serious and have greater implications than those that are not. However, the cost to the community in time, dollars & quality of life is the same regardless of who commits the vandalism or what their intent is.

— On the neighbor message new graffiti hit.
1:34 p.m.

Who cares what their "intent" is. Vandalism is a criminal offense.

— On the neighbor message new graffiti hit.
12:46 p.m.

Research reveals nothing other than DHS's intent to change that facility's mission from acute in-patient care to out-patient treatment.

Until solid information is posted, this is nothing more than unreliable hearsay.

— On the neighbor message Chgo Reed Mental hosp
4:13 p.m.

"it was said at a cook county training"......your words posted above.

So what Cook County department was conducting the training, and what were they training for?

Please prove some credible attribution, rather than hearsay.....

— On the neighbor message Chgo Reed Mental hosp
1:07 p.m.

This is a State of Illinois owned & operated facility. Why would Cook County be training, and why would St Louis, Missouri be sending their inmates here?

— On the neighbor message Chgo Reed Mental hosp
12:13 p.m. you have a credible source where this can be confirmed?

— On the neighbor message Chgo Reed Mental hosp
11:53 a.m.

Yes it is....special ordered 30 years ago.

— On the neighbor message Trash Goes on The Grid
11:41 a.m.

Another "good start" proposal that should get a full consideration.,0,5484372.story

— On the neighbor message This is getting preposterous
5:41 a.m.

To prevent this NEIGHBORhood from getting "worst and worser", at the mere sight of a criminal gang member, CALL THE POLICE.

— On the neighbor message snitches get stiches
5:10 a.m.

CALL the police.

— On the neighbor message Gang Activity
5:03 a.m.

Jedi... I did say it was " a good *start*".
And it's the legislatures in the General Assembly and City Council that will end up doing nothing as you say. Or at least watering it down to suit their own interests.
Hold their feet to the fire.

— On the neighbor message This is getting preposterous
8:55 p.m.

No patty, it is not, so go ahead and fill it out.

— On the neighbor message 45th Ward Retail Needs Survey
10:49 a.m.

I'd like to think the mayor is being sincere in what he's proposing here......,0,4706974.story,0,2028246.story

And while his, and Quinn's proposals for public employee pension reform are a good start, they don't really address the "sweeteners" that the political/connected class have granted themselves.

— On the neighbor message This is getting preposterous
7:59 a.m.

Mon, May 14, 7:30pm – 8:30pm
People's Gas & Coke Building
4839 W. Irving Park Rd

— On the neighborhood event Historic Chicago Bungalow Association Will Speak
7:08 p.m.

The obvious downside to the new program.

— On the neighbor message Thanks and No Thanks ?
5:28 p.m.

Interesting change, but I'll reserve judgement after seeing if it works as intended.

I will though respond (without giving "thanks" OR " "no thanks") to this comment above.... "becca the overseer will just delete your comments and your account if she doesn't like you or your posts"

As an active participant here for some time, I have only known Becca & the rest of this staff to be fair and even handed.

— On the neighbor message Thanks and No Thanks ?
4:08 p.m. was also brought up in the aldermanic pension thread started by Garrido....

But you're correct. They are either numb to it or are focused on "yummy restaurants". Hence the pols get away with this ****.

— On the neighbor message This is getting preposterous
3:57 p.m.

Figured as much.....

— On the neighbor message Can't the police enforce the laws?
8:42 a.m.

Yes. Which definition is being referenced? The compliment? Or the insult?

— On the neighbor message Can't the police enforce the laws?
7:46 a.m.

No camo...the Stars & Stripes adorn my ball cap & I prefer 50W stained speed equipment T-shirts. And I wouldn't be caught dead in a Dodge.

Cheney/Bush???? Never.....

— On the neighbor message Can't the police enforce the laws?
5:42 a.m.

Tom K, yes, I had read Madair's report for the Senate president previously, and his arguements are persuasive. But so is Sidley & Austin's report for the Commercial Club of Chicago, which argues that Article XIII does not prevent changes to these pensions.

And due to fact there is not concensus, it should be argued before the courts and settled.

Report synopsis....

Another alternative is for the state to declare bankruptcy....(for all intents & purposes it is....both fiscally & ethically), as this would allow reasonable restructuring of state obligations.

5:32 a.m.

Normally (imo), this writer is just too full of himself to be taken seriously. But this time he gets it right.....,0,3890679.column

12:21 p.m.

Outside of this forum, someone I respect pointed out that there is nothing "illegal" about any of this.

True enough.

That doesn't make it "not corrupt" ....,0,5834958.story

12:12 p.m.

In some legal circles, there is doubt that the cited article of the state constitution prevents pension & benefit changes for present and retired public employees.

The ideal situation would be for reform legislation that addresses it, and let the courts sort it out.

That would be too much to ask though. Everyone that makes decisions on these matters, including judges, benefit from these policies and cannot be expected to legislate or rule against their personal financial interests.

Coincidence that the spouse of one of the architects of the 1991 legislation, the City Council's Finance Committee's chairman, is an Illinois Spreme Court judge? Or that all of the "players" were successful in defeating a Constitutional Convention that would have addressed this issue just a few years ago? Nooooo....(there's that cynicism again.)

8:27 a.m.

And don't let the anti-motor vehicle guy steer the thread off topic, which is the "sugary drink" tax.......

— On the neighbor message Soda Tax????
7:57 a.m.

Taxed to the hilt on everything right now, including the highest in the nation motor fuel taxes.


— On the neighbor message Soda Tax????
7:50 a.m.

Tom K....this may in fact be a grain of sand on the beach, but it points to a larger problem of "obscure state law" that allows elected officials to game the system in which they set the rules.

It should come as no surprise that the man behind the city's financial mess is making out like a bandit in retirement.,0,7989777,full.story

It's my opinion that public employee pension reform must begin with completely overhauling the system as it applies to those supposedly elected to serve us. Including those that are presently retired.

5:29 a.m.

Well the mayor we have now seems to think we shouldn't be distracted by the aldermanic pensions. Figures....,0,5969511.story

I kind of like the idea that Lunker posted above. A tiered system with 50% salary as the top level. And I'll add that this should apply to all current council members, as well as those already retired from office.

7:22 p.m.

It's pretty obvious that this was done by Daley to buy the longterm loyalty of the city council that was seated at the time.

And I also know for a fact that Alderman Cullerton has declined his Council pension, as well as the automatic pay increases that the council has granted themselves. It's also a well known fact that he and several other alderman treat their service as a full time position.

That being said, the current aldermanic pension program is exorbitant and unaffordable even in "good times". And the way in which this was passed in the General Assembly and City Council is typical of the way thing are done to this day. These practices MUST end now.

Governor Quinn has made a common sense proposal for reform of the public employee pension system. However it falls short in addressing the pensions of elected officials, statewide in every municipality.

So who among them will step up and represent the taxpayers, instead of themselves?

6:11 p.m.

Got that right Alex.

— On the neighbor message Soda Tax????
4:11 p.m.

These guys did that very same work for us.

Not cheap, but high quality.

No search function here.......a major fault IMO.

— On the neighbor message Recommendation for brick porch restoration
2:39 p.m.

I'd like to see the mayor and our local elected officials give more attention to the Northwest side's industrial/manufacturing companies.

12:44 p.m.

It's not the City of Chicago's responsibility to provide insurance or healthcare to anyone.

— On the neighbor message Soda Tax????
11:17 a.m.

@Adam.... This proposal is IN ADDITION to the existing added tax on soft drinks.

— On the neighbor message Soda Tax????
11:11 a.m.

My alderman is fully aware of my thoughts on this subject.

Although I will add that those of us with careers in the private sector don't have the means to grant ourselves automatic increases in salary & benefits at someone else's expense.

11:10 a.m.

Just as bad as another tax, is the nanny state mentality.

Well, they have said they are always looking for "creative ways to raise more revenue".... I suggest they either eliminate this give-away, or tax these benefits to the hilt.,0,1833971.story

— On the neighbor message Soda Tax????
8:43 a.m.

Dennis.... How did inadequate oversight of the financial & investment markets from 1999 to 2008 work out for us? Talk about "creative expansion"....

— On the neighbor message Chicago infrastructure Trust
5:54 a.m.

With all due respect Alderman Cullerton, in reviewing the Trust ordinance as passed, I can find nothing that explicitly states that investors in specific projects assume all of the risk, and the city & it's taxpayers do not. The same goes for the mayor's Executive Order, which gives his "promise" that the process will be open & transparent. (whatever that's worth, as executive orders are routinely ignored by "the executive", and this mayor is prone to fact distortion.)

The closest statement in the ordinance is....
"WHEREAS, repayment of any moneys provided by the Trust to finance or support any infrastructure project will not be a general obligation of the City and will not be secured by the City's full faith and credit."

Is this provision enough for the city to CYA in case of default or shortfall on a project? I don't think so....

— On the neighbor message Infrastructure "Trust"
5:47 a.m.

Remember the Six Corners Sidewalk Sale every summer?

— On the neighbor message Dollar Store Strip Mall at Cuyler
5:10 a.m.

Anyone know what the outcome of the court call on Wednesday April 25th? They had no information at the Beat 1624 CAPS meeting later that day.

— On the neighbor message Court Date for Portage Park Shooter
1:21 p.m.

"Maybe educating kids would work better."

Absolutely Carl. But that can't be exploited to further an anti-automoble agenda.
Besides. It doesn't provide a means for "creative ways to generate revenue"...... ;)

12:54 p.m.

Alderman Cullerton....some questions regarding your comments this morning.

The City Council passed significant fee increases to cover the cost of rebuilding the aging sewer & water systems last year. Why would this be a candidate for inclusion in the Infrastructure Trust? And wasn't last year's across the board hike in the Wheel Tax intended for road repair projects?

And what user fees for services that we already pay for through property taxes & existing fees and are being considered?
And what of the taxpayer provided subsidies for agencies such as the CTA, whose fares don't even come close to the cost per ride? And the motorist subsidized bike lanes, both existing and proposed? Isn't it time for those users pay an increased share of the burden?

— On the neighbor message Infrastructure "Trust"
8:45 a.m.

Alderman Cullerton. Thanks for explaning your rationale.

While the idea behind The Trust may have promise, the execution of this ordinance rightly raised suspicions, and my objections remain.

They are: The mayor released his revisions only days before last week's vote was to have taken place, leaving little time to review. Subsequent revisions, including the mayor's Executive Order were filed with the Clerk's office less than 24 hours before yesterday's vote took place, again leaving little time for review and revision.

The mayor's Executive Order does address SOME of the concerns that many of us have, but it does not go far enough.
I share the concern of Conor that an executive order does not carry the same weight as a codified ordinance. Executive Orders can be changed or ignored on the whim of the mayor.

Why this aversion to oversight by the Inspector General and the Attorney General? Alderman Arena's proposal did just that, yet it was dismissed out of hand by the mayor and his yes men on the council. And the mayor & yes men belittling him for it was inappropriate.

Also the ordinance and Executive Order still fails to minimize the financial risk of the city's taxpayers. We are being placed at the mercy of The Trust and the financial institutions, who don't do ANYTHING out of civic duty.

For our sake, I hope this works out. And we'll be watching and expecting it to be "fixed" as some of your collegues said as time passes.

To Dennis. We HAVE looked at this objectively. Based on past history as well as the record of this mayor and council they deserve to be, as Richard the 2nd said, "scrootened"......

— On the neighbor message Infrastructure "Trust"
5:34 a.m.

ekop, I don't believe it's a matter of most of our fellow citizens not being worried.....THEY JUST DON'T PAY ATTENTION to what's going on! And when they do, it's too late. And that's what those in power rely upon.......

THAT's what's disgusting Chris.

— On the neighbor message Infrastructure "Trust"
1:12 p.m.

And it passes 41-7.

Interesting reading that many of those that voted in favor said "we'll fix it later"......

Whay not strive to get it right the first time?

— On the neighbor message Infrastructure "Trust"
12:54 p.m.

Click on the pdf document link on this page. It's the mayor's Executive Order in which he promises to "shine a light" on the details.

Read it and tell me if it gives you the warm fuzzies?

— On the neighbor message Infrastructure "Trust"
12:50 p.m.

Alderman Cullerton...I saw those most recent revisions that were released to the public less than 24 hours ago this morning.

They are less than acceptable in providing independant oversight, and appropriate taxpayer protections.

I've been following Council proceedings. Why does the mayor hate democracy?

— On the neighbor message Infrastructure "Trust"
12:14 p.m.

Today's the day we find out whose interests the City Council represent.....The taxpayers & voters of their wards, or the mayor & his investors.

Five are known to support greater oversight and taxpayer protection in this ordinance.,0,1438461.story

Perhaps there are more & they are just keeping their powder dry.

We'll see.

— On the neighbor message Infrastructure "Trust"
5:03 a.m.

I always thought the police were the means to enforce the speed limit & other traffic laws. Little did I know it fell under the purview of the Department of Revenue and a private company....

3:59 a.m.

It's not's shameful. And "business as usual".

— On the neighbor message Aldermen want more trust protections
3:51 a.m.

I've signed.

— On the neighbor message Infrastructure "Trust"
5:59 p.m.

Alderman Cullerton.... All those things that the revenue generated will supposedly pay for. Don't we already finance most if not all of them with the taxes and fees that we already pay? Why this need for "more"? And if any of these happen to be new initiatives, who asked for them?

Just think of how many police officers that could be hired if the city wasn't buying/contracting/maintaining all manner of surveilance cameras. Exactly how many street crimes have been prevented by them? Anyone?
Obviously red light cameras don't work as a preventive measure.....people still run them to the tune of $60 million a year. Seatbelts...I've always used them, before a nanny state government to demanded it from me.
Cell phone use? Yea....I see how that's working out.

The fact is, this legislation was hatched by a bureaucrat with an anti-motorist agenda, and was facilitated by distortion and deceit from mayor's office from the start. A "solution" to a non-existant "problem". They attempted the same thing last year with the wheel tax. They got called on it, and rather than **** canning it, a "compromise" was struck that still stuck it to the motoring public. Not to mention all the other increases that last years budget gave us. Makes one wonder what's in store for us with the next one.....

Why "compromise" with liars and their bad legislation?

5:29 a.m.

While recent revisions have been made to the proposed "trust" since this article was written, there remain MANY open issues and "what we don't knows"......

— On the neighbor message Infrastructure "Trust"
7:52 a.m.

Carl.....would the answer be former Ald. Mark Fary (12th), husband of Chicago Department of Aviation Commissioner Rosmarie S. Andolino?

And they say nothing shady in this deal......

7:13 a.m.

Alderman Cullerton.....thanks for providing this information. As usual, I will compare and offer my opinion.

While I am pleased that the city council will have some oversight restored, the Inspector General should have oversight of the "Trust" AND the city council's activities.

The fact that the mayor's office has now agreed to have the "trust" operate in accordance will the Open Meetings Act is also a plus. However, why must a citizen or concerned party file a FOIA request to gain access to records? Those MUST be available to the public the moment they are recorded.

I would also like to know if taxpayers will be on the hook for project cost over-runs or shortfalls in investor profit. If so, that is a deal breaker for me.

@ Dennis.... At minimum, for the past 20 years the mayors office and the city council have been extremely poor stewards of the city's finances (OUR TAX DOLLARS) and continue to be. They have tossed that money around to appease this group, or that small voting block. Meanwhile the budget has been larded down with offices, departments and programs that benefit very few. And they keep coming back for more. Meanwhile, those of us that ask nothing more than an above average education system (failing), appropriate police staffing & crime prevention (sub-par), reliable basic city services & infrastructure (overpriced & dilapidated), are paying more & and getting less. There is a reason that hundreds of thousands of Chicago residents fled for better oportunities & rational governance in the last decade....

— On the neighbor message Infrastructure "Trust"
5:39 a.m.

@Conor.... I get the distinction that S-n-B Guy makes. State Senate President John Cullerton was Emanuel's water carrier in making this travesty happen in the General Assembly.

From one of many articles documenting this fact.....

"........ Senate President John Cullerton, D-Chicago, was there as the honorary chairman. On a Resolute video, Cullerton urged participants to go to Springfield and try "to pass legislation that can make a difference."

In late October, Cullerton officially filed Emanuel's bill.",0,2221371,full.story

5:53 p.m.

@ Chris... City Clerk Mendoza posted the "No" votes and absences as "tweets" on the Clerk's website.

Find other votes through these City Clerk's office websites....

3:48 p.m.

14 NO: Arena, Cappleman, Pawar, Osterman, Fioretti, Dowell, Burns, Hairston, Sawyer, Jackson, Chandler, Sposato, Waguespack, Reilly

3 Absent: Maldonado, Reboyras, Graham (?????)

33 Yes: all the rest.

3 p.m.

Only because a handful of aldermen had the courage to push for "defer & publish", and a couple of the mayor's stooge's decided to spare him further embarrassment......

— On the neighbor message Infrastructure "Trust"
1:28 p.m.

The City Clerk's website states "not available" for the vote details.

1:20 p.m.

I hope they feel good about passing legislation based upon lies and distortion of facts......

1:07 p.m.

@ Deirdre, it's only six pages because they don't want us to know the mechanisms behind it.

There is a reason that the Emperor has decreed that this (& the speed cam legislation) has been debated enough and the time for a coerced vote is NOW!

According to Monday's Crain's Chicago Business, City of Chicago CFO Lois Scott is due to go before bond issuers/investors this week and she MUST paint a rosy financial picture for them. Hence the intense pressure to get it done today.

— On the neighbor message Infrastructure "Trust"
12:41 p.m.

Good advice Jim M, but I should add that any automotive cleaner/polish that contains petroleum by-products can be harmful to factory applied UV resistant clearcoat on plastic lenses.

Isopropyl alcohol is the best bet for this, as this what is used to clean lenses before the application of aftermarket lense protection film, such as XPEL Technologies.

— On the neighbor message Grafiti on cars in South Edgebrook?!
9:38 a.m.

From information that I have seen, the mayor & CDOT continue to distort the data compiled in the 2011 report to achieve their agenda and go against the wishes of the voters, despite that report detailing that crashes of all types have declined significantly in the 21st century.

It's notable that the 2011 report states....."It can be concluded from this that, relatively speaking, Chicago has a safe pedestrian environment given the volume of traffic."

Also, contained in the recently released propaganda is this in response to aldermanic questions.....

"Provide Information from the County Hospital on the number of children killed by automobiles versus the number of children killed in shootings."

"Between 2008 and 2010 27 youth were killed in traffic accidents. By comparison 129 children under 16 were victims of homicide."

Looks like someone's priorities are screwed up......

Alderman Cullerton, the cameras won't be recording speeding violations during "off" hours, but like the RLC's they WILL be "on", in surveillance mode. Exactly how many crimes have been solved in the 38th Ward by red light/surveillance cams? How many instances of personal injury lawyers obtaining recorded data from these cameras under FOIA?

Additionally, there are many details that the mayors office & CDOT are with-holding. or claiming they do "not know". Just like with the Infrastructure"Trust". Sounds like the parking meter fiasco x 3 to me.

5:53 a.m.

Proliferation of trash & garbage strewn about by less than fastidious families/adults/children (slobs) in the park is a "positive" thing? Interesting perspective.....

— On the neighbor message Garbage in the Portage Park Playground
5:24 a.m.

Good luck Tim.

5:13 a.m.

Late afternoon/early evening on that stretch of Austin has become unecessarily congested since that sign at Sunnyside went up. Southbound backups from Sunnyside extending North of Lawrence/Gunnison are the norm now.

The problem at that intersection has ALWAYS been Sunnyside drivers (primarily westbound) disregarding that stop sign and/or the stop line and pulling out into Austin cross traffic.

The obvious solution would have been to make the 5900 block of Sunnyside Eastbound only. But instead an emotional, knee-jerk response was initiated.

— On the neighbor message Can I start a petition to remove stop signs?
5:06 a.m.

A gang thug that engages in violent acts..... especially when on the receiving end of retaliatory violence, is hardly a "victim".

Good riddance, and take the rest with ya.......

9:16 a.m.

Alderman Tim...something I have heard that deserves clarification.

What is known about the possibilty of these cameras being "on" 24/7 in full surveillance mode, with the abilty to incorporate facial recognition software at some future date?

3:07 p.m.

Tim on Cornelia..... How did contesting the last one go?

Never giving up my pick-up/RV.....

9:35 a.m.

Besides street peddlers being forbidden from city parks, by city ordinance they are also forbidden from some wards, including the 38th if my memory is correct.

— On the neighbor message Garbage in the Portage Park Playground
9:30 a.m.

Probably just "kids goofing around" like we were told in another EB thread when gang tagging was brought up......Right?

5:54 a.m.

Alderman Tim, considering crossing guards, the high number of speed bumps that surround our schools, and the high number of parents and their vehicles that that surround them at entrance and dismissal times as well, it reasonable to assume that speeding is NOT a chronic problem that demands these devices.

The mayor and Klein are manufacturing a problem where none exists.

7:53 a.m.

Here is another example of taxpayer dollars going toward something we don't need.....,0,1595741.story

Unfortunately state law does not allow for the recall of municipal officials such as mayor. Only state constitutional officers such as governor, treasurer, etc can be recalled.

— On the neighbor message Is is time to recall Rahm?
7:42 a.m.

I also found that comment about Alderman Cullerton and former Alderman Allen completely false and utterly offensive.

I know both,and they care very deeply about this neighborhood and it's residents, and do an outstanding job of keeping this one of the best neighborhoods in the city.

— On the neighbor message Is this true? I received this in a e-mail.
7:09 a.m.


"The speed of a motor vehicle at the time of the crash was not available in the crash data."

The study does look at other motorist actions though, and it lists the most prevelant factor as "Failed to Yield" at 37.5% over the 5 year period, with "Too Fast for Conditions" at 3.0%

In other words, they have no significant data to back up their claim that motorists breaking the speed limits are responsible for these types of collisions.

The study then looks at pedestrian location at time of collision..... Most are listed as "In Roadway" (42.9%) meaning outside of crosswalk boundaries, followed by "In Crosswalk" at 32.2%. This of course is NOT broken out by age group or proximity to school zones.

So, it's reasonable to conclude from the City of Chicago's own study that these speed enforcement devices are NOT NEEDED.

If a location, regardless of whether it is a school zone or not, shows a need for greater enforcement, the obvious solution is to use human law enforcement to target problem areas. Writting a traffic violation carries far greater penalities to offenders, and is much better deterant than cameras.

After all.....the purpose is SAFETY. Not REVENUE, correct?

6:36 a.m.

The report then goes on, breaking down involved motorist demographic data, pedestrian data by race(?), collision data by month, day and hour; and by ward and community. Little of this is relevant to the "school safety zone" proposal, so on to what is relevant, proximity to schools, then whether speed is a factor.

Primary School-Related Crashes

"School-related crashes were defined as those involving school-aged youth and occurring within ¼-mile of a school during typical school arrival and dismissal times. The school arrival and dismissal
times were taken as 7:00 to 9:00 a.m. and 1:00 to 4:00 p.m., Monday through Friday. Crashes near primary schools, grades kindergarten (K) through 8, were analyzed separately from crashes near high schools, grades 9 through 12. All schools that included any grade level from K through 8th grade were considered primary schools. Crashes that occurred during the summer months were included in this analysis as many schools adhere to a year-round schedule or host summer education programs. Primary school-related crashes included youths aged 5 to 14 and high school-related crashes included youths aged 15 to 18.
There were a total of 706 primary school-related crashes during this FIVE YEAR period. Of those,1 was fatal and 95 resulted in serious injury."

High School-Related Crashes

"High school-related crashes of youths aged 15 to 18 numbered 155; of which 2 were fatal and 20 were serious injury crashes."

6:12 a.m.

Since this proposal is said to "protect the children" the following pertains to demographics by age group in the years 2005 - 2009, and include ALL pedestrial involved collisions, from fatalities to non-injury .
The chart indicates downward trends in all age groups in this time period. I will break out the two school age children groups, and the group with the highest totals.

Age 5-14....15.9%
Age 15-18.....8.2%
Age 30-59.....37.8%
All the rest.... 38.1%

The report then states..... "These data show a declining trend in the number of pedestrian crashes in the 5-14 age group
and the 15-18 age group over the five-year period. The number of crashes involving other age groups appears relatively constant over this period."

Then it looks at the COMBINED fatalities/serious injuriies for the same age groups over the same time frame.

Age 5-14....14.5%
Age 15-18.....7.7%
Age 30-59.....39.7%
All the rest.... 38.1%

The report states... "A pronounced decline in fatal and serious injury crashes is evident among the 30-59 age group over the time period. Among the age groups 5-14 and 15-18, declines similar to those observed with overall crashes are evident."

Then goes on..."Of note is the percentage of fatal and serious injury crashes involving seniors. Between 2005 and 2009, seniors were involved in 9.5% of the fatal and serious injury crashes but only 6.2% of overall crashes. Of the 1,269 crashes involving seniors, 49 (4.0%) resulted in fatalities and 231 (18.2%) in serious injuries. For comparison, the percentages of fatalities and serious injuries for all age groups combined were 1.4% and 14.9%, respectively."....."The higher proportion of fatal and serious injury crashes among seniors was likely related to their higher physical fragility relative to the overall population. Older pedestrians have a much greater risk of dying than younger pedestrians in a crash of similar severity."


5:46 a.m.

From CDOT's 2011 Pedestrian Crash Analysis (180 pages covering years 2001-2009). Copied data in "quotes". My comments unquoted.

"There appears to be a general downward trend in the number of fatal and serious injury crashes over this period. The citywide pedestrian fatality rate dropped from a high of 2.5 per 100,000
population in 2005 to a low of 1.2 in 2009. This represents a large decline in the fatality rate. When comparing these figures to the data from 2001 through 2004 for fatal crashes alone, the
trend appeared to continue over the longer term, reaching an overall low in 2009."

High of 74 in 2002. Low of 34 in 2009.

"the number of crashes that resulted in serious injury for a pedestrian from 2001 through 2009. This indicates a downward trend from 2004 through 2009 after a sharp decline from the 2001 to 2003 time period."

High of 1204 in 2002. Low of 503 in 2009.

The report then compares the percentage of all traffic fatalities that are pedestrians for 8 cities with similar population densities. San Francisco was worst at 47.8%, next worst Washington DC at 39.1% (notable that present Chicago CDOT commish Gabe Klein ran their DOT in this period), and Chicago, best at 28.2%. The report then states.... "It can be concluded from this that, relatively speaking, Chicago has a safe pedestrianenvironment given the volume of traffic."


5:16 a.m.

Yes it is Gene...... ;) suggestion is to keep the pressure on the people that we elected to represent us. They need to be reminded that they don't represent the mayor.

— On the neighbor message Speed Limit Cameras
1:13 p.m.

Read this Gene.....

.....and tell me this mayor and his CDOT commissioner are ethical and have the best interests of the city in mind.

— On the neighbor message Speed Limit Cameras
12:42 p.m.

Then why not have the police target this individual, rather than wast money on a speed bump?

— On the neighbor message Speed Humps
8:39 a.m.

And despite the fact that the mayor's office is less than forthcoming with how revenue generation will be distributed.....

......and CDOT Commish Klein & the mayor continue to distort their own data.....

....and the vast majority of citizens are AGAINST this proposal.....

The Nadig Northwest Side Press is reporting that at least one area alderman will likely vote "aye".


8:35 a.m.

As we were in attendance at another community meeting & could not be in two places at the same time, how did this meeting go?

— On the neighborhood event Six Corners Economic Development Master Plan
8:13 a.m.


I was curious if Perez Construction was cited, as there was a flyer from them posted on every garage in the alley yesterday. So I called them &spoke to the same individual listed above, stating they are in violation of several city ordinances. I was informed that he had a "court date" and would not be posting these flyers again.

Hopefully word spreads among them.

— On the neighbor message Excessive Garage postings
5:22 p.m.

Clarification...... I requested that Becca to remove my comment as I mistakenly posted it in the incorrect topic. She emailed me back informing me that my request was granted. The comment was then placed in the appropriate topic.

Angry? Hardly....... Amused? Absolutely........

Now go shoo those teenagers off the playground.

12:29 p.m.

I don't understand the complaint this this building will "tower" (by what? 10 ft?) over the Jewel. Concern over detracting from the "aesthetics" of the Jewel maybe?

If that's the case, was there equal concern about the medical center on Cicero when that was built? After all, it "towers" much higher over the homes on Hutchinson & the West side of Kilpatrick than this senior development.

— On the neighbor message Is this true? I received this in a e-mail.
4:02 p.m.

Apologies....misplaced my comment. Requested a "fix"........

3:31 p.m.

Talk to Jack at Crafton.

— On the neighbor message Cement Porch Replacement Recommendation
8:01 a.m.

I've run these garage defacers/trespassers off from my alley on more than one occassion.
I've also called these unlicensed "businesses" to complain, initially not stating the purpose of the call. Interesting that they speak the language of American business just fine until the true purpose of the call, then, well.....

And now that it's come to light that specific violations of city code are taking place, I will reverse my previous passive stand on this issue and will call the authorities as well.

By the way.... a "No Soliciting" sign on the front storm door has minimized the number handbills left on my front porch. At least from those distributors that know how to read........

— On the neighbor message Excessive Garage postings
7:53 a.m.

Here is the current map of the 30th.....

The new boundaries a little more cohesive, but still obviously gerrymandered.
Family in one of those slivers in the NE ..... Not at all pleased with what passes for leadership & constituent services in the 30th OR 31st Wards.

We were 12 years in the 45th until the late '90's. While service was good, Pat seemed to keep individual constituents at arm's length. Moving into the 38th was like night & day in that regard. Not may aldermen respond with a personal phone call or note like Tom Allen did, and Tim Cullerton presently does. And as Anna states, the staff in the 38th Ward office (and yard) are top notch, and we continue to be very pleased with their performance.

It also appears that the 45th's Mr. Arena is making an honest effort at opening the lines of communication between his office and his constituents. Looking for good things to come to pass there.

— On the neighbor message This week's 30th Ward Newsletter, unedited
6:13 a.m.

And don't believe another lie.......That this city is broke and that they "need" this supplemental revenue.

Ask your local elected representation about the facts of the city's Comprehensive Annual Financial Report.

— On the neighbor message Speed Limit Cameras on Foster
3:22 p.m.

Loyal subjects willingly swallow whatever they are told by those in power, even when the rationale is proven false,

— On the neighbor message Speed Limit Cameras on Foster
5:41 p.m.

The Tribune editorial board spoke out in favor (giving it's "opinion"- no facts) of this proposal BEFORE the paper's investigative reporters did it's job and proved the Emanuel regime's claims of carnage on the streets completely exaggerated.

And once the facts were reported, the opinion makers on the editorial board have been strangely.........silent. On this issue.

A few other points.

The legislation passed by the Illinois General Assembly stipulates that that revenue generated NOT go to the city's general revenue fund. It is to go to "feel good" programs. And a small number of City Council members are looking to favored supplement ward projects with these monies.

Personal injury lawyers advocate for these devices. Always a red flag.

— On the neighbor message Speed Limit Cameras on Foster
3:34 p.m.

The majority are opposed this METHOD of speed enforcement Bob, and Aldermen in every ward have heard from thousands of voters opposed to this scheme put forth by Emanuel and his CDOT guy from DC.

The FACTS, as revealed by Tribune investigations (and others) reveal the administration severly overstating & even distorting statistics & the need for this method of enforcement.
Possible conflict of interest with Emanuel insiders and the granting of contracts.

And even after the mayor agrees to scale back the number of locations, hours, and & fine structure, the public and several aldermen remain fully opposed, with several others openly skeptical of the "need".

If the public was overwhelmingly in favor of this, it would have passed by now.

Do not settle for scaling back this proposal! Contact your aldermen and demand their NO vote!

— On the neighbor message Speed Limit Cameras on Foster
12:31 p.m.

It was well worth attending, and I hope to see more crime prevention seminars on other subjects in the future.

And Great synopsis Chris.

10:22 a.m.

Email images of this sort of vandalism/territory marking here....

Include the information that Mr. Opitz stated, plus the exact location.

— On the neighbor message Tagging outbreak
5:10 a.m.

Condo1, they are far from a done deal. The legislation that the General Assembly rushed through with minimal debate and under false pretenses and signed by Quinn "allows" the City of Chicago to implement them (over-riding previous state law that forbids throughout the state), provided the City Council passes it.

And because there is a groundswell of public opposition to them, there is a pretty good chance that it may not pass.,0,4194085.story

Do not settle for reduced hours, reduced fines, a higher thresholds, diversion of collected fines or other such nonsense. Urge your Alderman to vote this scam proposal down.

— On the neighbor message The speeding cameras in Chicago
4:28 a.m.

There is a traffic signal one block to to the North of Belle Plaine, and another one block to the South.
Stop signs that have already been planted on area thoroughfares are presently choking traffic on those streets.

Enough already.......

— On the neighbor message STOP sign at Central and Belle Plaine
5:03 p.m.

The Missus & I were very impressed by the turnout and the presentation last night.

And it seems to have gotten more attention from the local media. Newsradio 78 aired a short piece this morning, and will probably run it throughout the day.

So when's the midnight showing of "Song Remains the Same"?

5:29 a.m.

A showing of classics & muscle cars was a part of the annual National Night Out when it was held at Luther North High. They lined them up along Cullom Ave.
It may still be part of it at the present location at Norwood Park.

— On the neighbor message Neighborhood Old Car Show
5:19 a.m.

First, hoping for a full physical recovery for this young man, as well as recovery of your son's property Robsy....

You mention: "as the Superintendent stated last week on "Chicago Tonight" that the plan in fighting street crime is to be at the beat level."

Perhaps you should pose some questions to the Superintendent, asking why he doesn't restore the CAPS program to the level it was a couple of years ago, prior to Daley forcing cuts of 50%. And why he refuses to acknowlege the obvious shortage of patrol manpower in the 16th District.

I have.

You may want to include the mayor also.....He also believes manpower is just fine where it's at.

— On the neighbor message Assult with baseball bat and robbery
6:18 p.m.

Hopefully the trial judge that he will appear before possesses that logic.....

— On the neighbor message Court Date for Portage Park Shooter
12:55 p.m.

My arm was very happy that the mower started on the 1st pull yesterday..... :-D

— On the neighbor message Good News?????
12:51 p.m.

Why am I not surprised that these parents & the individual that will stand trial aim their ire at someone .......else.

No wonder these kids are screwed up. The parents have no sense of responsibility and are equally screwed up !

— On the neighbor message Court Date for Portage Park Shooter
11:39 a.m.

Call & verify that they accept gasoline, as it is not specifically listed.

— On the neighbor message Gasoline disposal?
9:54 a.m.

If it's straight gas, pour it in the tank of your automobile, then go to the gas station & top your tank off. The engine will not be harmed.

Allowing gasoline to evaporate, especially in a confined area such as a garage, shed or under your back porch is very dangerous, as the vapor can ignite

— On the neighbor message Gasoline disposal?
5:27 a.m.

The Iron Rail on the 5800 block of Irving Park......

— On the neighbor message The end of an era?
11:57 a.m.

Haunted Super Dawg & the parking lot at the shuttered Lilac Farm across the street. Flukey's in Niles, Dukes in Bridgeview & countless unamed gathering spots.....

Cruised Simmonds Dr along the lakefront from Foster to Montrose...Irving Park Rd from the lake to Schiller Woods...Harlem Ave from NW Hwy to points far south......River Road.....Odgen Ave.....

Wherever the action was..... "Get in, shut up & Hang On!"

— On the neighbor message The end of an era?
11:35 a.m.

Friends of Portage Park has some things coming up.....

— On the neighbor message Good News?????
12:17 p.m.

Happened to notice this also, particularly along Central Ave from Higgins North to Indian Woods FP.

Are they "making a statement" ?

— On the neighbor message Campaign signs
9:24 a.m.

The Red Star Inn moved from it's original Clark St location to Keeler/Irving in th early '70's and closed in '83.

The only pancakes I recall on the menu were potato..... ;)

— On the neighbor message The end of an era?
2:46 p.m.

Yes. Dined there on many occasions.

— On the neighbor message The end of an era?
12:38 p.m.

Easy pickings really does't equate to the niceness of the stuff..... it's opportunity.

— On the neighbor message Car Broken Into
12:25 p.m.

Columbus Day is a state holiday.
If public employees want to honor & celebrate the accomplishments of Columbus (or any other), they can put in an vacation day request to do so.

— On the neighbor message Doing away with Pulaski Day
11:29 a.m.

Others have mentioned the equally significant Eriksson and Lafayette and how schoolchildren and local government employees don't get a day off to "honor" them, and I have to agree.

Is Chicago's German-American community offended that September 17 isn't a day off in honor of German born Friedrich Wilhelm von Steuben, who also is a Revolutionary War hero & acknowleged as the father of the Continental Army? Doubt it....

I've heard that there is a sizable Irish-American community in Chicago. Are they up in arms that everything doesn't stop on March 25th to honor Revolutionary War hero & Father of the U.S. Navy, Ireland born John Barry? Silence........

Nobody, particularly the mayor & CPS, is "dissing" any ethnic community.

They made the right decision. Now if only it was done statewide and applied to all local government agencies.....

— On the neighbor message Doing away with Pulaski Day
11:07 a.m.

J & S Metals
4700 W Belmont Ave
(773) 283-7377

They only take non-ferrous steel.

— On the neighbor message Metal recycling?
9:52 a.m.

Kindly suggest that you *always* carry your phone with you and dial 911 and have them send the police in these situations.

Incidently, not surprised at the lack of action or sense of urgency by Park District personnel.

— On the neighbor message At Portage Park today
5:40 p.m.

The result of the 19th State House seat was pretty decisive as well.

12:17 p.m.

I haven't visited in a few weeks, but it looks like they are expanding the dinning room.

— On the neighbor message Pete's Pizza #2
10:13 a.m.

From what I understand, the offenders in this incident had everything going for them and were mentored just fine.

This was a personal responsibility failure, not a failure on the part of the family or the community.

7:21 a.m.

Curious about the ward/precinct turnout also. We were 2nd & 3rd cast this morning in precinct.

Early returns......looks like most of contests of interest to us are settled.

— On the neighbor message What Kind of Voter Turnout?
8:41 p.m.

Courtesy Chicago Board of Elections

NonPartisan Turnout
Total Ballots Cast 23

Democratic Turnout
Total Ballots Cast 200,726

Republican Turnout
Total Ballots Cast 37,530

Green Turnout
Total Ballots Cast 83

Total Registration and Turnout
Registration 1,288,293
Total Ballots Cast 238,362 18.50 %

— On the neighbor message What Kind of Voter Turnout?
8:22 p.m.

Absolutely southsideandy..... Thankful to that old Scoutmaster who I thank to this day, the neighborhood factories that let a curious kid discover how they created things, the neighborhood gearheads that didn't consider me a pest, and most of all the for the elders in my family for giving me appropriate guidance, yet letting me discover all of this even if they didn't always approve.

11:03 a.m.

I can see where you guys are coming a certain degree.

40 some years ago there was a gentleman that ran the local Scout troop who took it upon himself to persuade the malcontents that hung on the tracks behind a park fieldhouse that they would be better off being a part of his organization rather than their destructive one. He had mixed success, but he made the effort and the successes are remembered, not the failures.

That being said, this specific incident is far more serious than territorial tagging. Someone completly innocent of their beef could have been killed. And that must be dealt with in a manner that assures that they, or someone else does not repeat what occurred Sunday night.

10:15 a.m.

I see no problem with elected officials participating in polical party decision making. After all the current chaiman of the DNC is a member of the U.S. House, and many elected officials from both parties serve in party leadership positions.

Who better to represent the party than the people closest to those that they represent? How is that a conflict of interest?

5:20 a.m.

I've typically seen them in rush hour restricted no parking zones obstructing traffic.

Do any of them possess the required peddler's license, and are they operating in zones that they are not authorized to?

— On the neighbor message Selling produce on the side of the road
5:11 a.m.

And unlike the Tea Party centric Chicago Tribune's questionaire, the FOP's endorsement committee asked tough of all candidates. And they concluded that Rob Martwick is prepared to capably represent the 19th District in the Illinois House. And that his opponent is ill-prepared to do so.

— On the neighbor message Democrats Beware
5:04 a.m.

@ Dennis, this assumption..... "There are people who vote in the Republican primary to better the chances for a Democratic candidate" incorrect in the case of Stoppa.

She stated in the 3/14/12 Nadig NW Side Press that she pulled a Republican primary ballot because "I voted for certain candidates because I bellieve in the right to bear arms.".....For a minimum of 5 consecutive election cycles?...... There have been Democrats on the ballot that support protecting 2nd Amendment rights. She chose not to support them.

You also mention the Stoppa platform. Those loose planks are very unspecific with no actual plans to correct what she perceives as wrong with the process in Springfield. (Notable exception being protecting her public employee pension, which she shares with Rob Martwick).

While her opponent has placed actual proposals before the voters, Stoppa's tenuous platform is short on specifics.

— On the neighbor message Democrats Beware
4:33 a.m.

I've never been under any such illusions marla. Look at the mayhem commited from one end of the city to the other over the weekend.

john Jp....was the pair on the 3100 block of S Springfield just out to "scare" someone, or did they target someone specific & their poor firearms skills ended up killing that girl?

Doesn't matter I guess..... Same tragic result that thankfully wasn't repeated at Portage.

7:53 p.m.

Yes, great police work. Thanks to all.

But not surprised at all that they have taken up residence in the neighborhood.

4:01 p.m.

Because the Stoppa campaign has not been forthcoming with actual issue positions and ideas, they have to rely upon deception, and it's going on throughout the 19th District.

— On the neighbor message Democrats Beware
3:55 p.m.

Alderman Cullerton, the cuts to the CAPS program and the resultant change from monthly to semi-monthly beat meetings were a bad idea that should be reversed.

Will this incident be brought up for discussion at Wedneday night's 1623 meeting, which we are told is the alternate site for 1624 in March?

10:01 a.m.

1st, thanks to the officer that aprehended the suspected shooter.

In the years before McNaughton was appointed to command the 16th District, there was insability in leadership. Now with his transfer after about 2 short years we are again dealing with instability. 2 "acting" commanders in 2 months.

It's also been obvious to anyone paying attention for the past several years that gang activity in this area of the 16th District has been increasing at the same time beat and tactical officers have been transfered to other districts. And to make matters worse, the overall ranks of the force have not been replenished for over a decade when normal attrition occurs.

McCarthy has publicly stated that CPD staffing levels are fine as is, and the mayor backs his "guy". What a diaper load of ...

What is going on at Police Headquarters and City Hall?

8:53 a.m.

I've been looking into that question also Tom K, and you are correct, scarce information.

I do know that the Illinois Opportunity Project, which I believe is a 501 (c)(4) organization, is run by Executive Director Matthew Besler, who supported Dan Pfoft's campaign for governor 2009

Find a list of Illinois Opportunity Project's campaign contributions. Enter Illinois Opportunity Project in the "Last or Only Name" field on this webpage.

9:37 p.m.

Sorry, I should have been more specific.

Details are in the Everyblock discussion.

Same palm card, just revised to fit the 38th.

— On the neighbor message 38th Ward "New Democrats"
8:42 p.m.

Because that of just one issue of far more importance that our elected officials and appointed bureaucrats should focus on.

Got it?

— On the neighbor message Speed Cameras
11:12 a.m.

There are two factors that are driving this speed camera push.

1) Money. The mayor seeks to suppliment city coffers. And influential, connected individuals/companies stand to get their cut.

2) A new CDOT Commisioner that wants to force Chicago residents out of private vehicle ownership through higher costs and increased inconvienience.

So they implement so called "traffic calming" measures that actually make it harder to get around for everyone regardless of transportation mode, and create this false crisis of the streets as a speedway.

Meanwhile, we see an increase in gang activity in this area, and several shootings over the last 6 months.

Local elected officials...... If I have not already contacted you personally, my thoughts and suggestions regarding speed cameras are well documented in the various threads on this toplic on EB.

— On the neighbor message Speed Cameras
10:14 a.m.

Considering the recent shooting incidents in the Portage/Jeff Park area, this speed camera proposal is an example of misplaced priorities by the administration.

How many pedestrians were mowed down by speeding drivers citywide last night?

How many people were shot citywide last night?,0,336566,full.story

I get it. Shootings and the mayhem that occured last week on the 4100 block of Milwaukee last Friday don't generate revenue......

— On the neighbor message Speed Cameras
6:44 a.m.

It's not unfounded if he consults for a candidate and disparages that candidates opponent without disclosing the consulting/legal work in those opinion pieces under the guise of impartiallity.

That said, I've gotten more than a few chuckles from his column over the years. Then I recycle it by using it to pick up the dog's waste....

— On the neighbor message 45th Ward New Democrats?
11:49 a.m.

Missy.... Credit Toby Z for sparking my memories of watching the Watergate hearings with the Old Man. ;)

11:42 a.m.

Auerelia Pucinski.....that's rich.

— On the neighbor message 45th Ward New Democrats?
11:38 a.m.

Donald Segretti.... now there's a blast from our country's unethical past.

Don't think it's reached that level (yet), Toby but seems that a page from that playbook has been borrowed.

10:44 a.m.

While cameras can solve & deter crime, a far more effective solution than cameras to solving and deterring crime (& traffic violations) is to have more officers on the street.

Don't forget that it was a routine traffic stop, triggered by a traffic violation that resulted in the apprehension of the alledged killers of Chicago Police Officer Clifton Lewis back in December.

Surveillance cameras of all types are a panacea & do not address the deliberate destaffing of patrol personnel.

— On the neighbor message The speeding cameras in Chicago
7:30 a.m.

The Stoppa add in the Nadig Northwest Side Press was mentioned in a previous comment. I don't believe it's the same as this deceptive palm card making the rounds.

Far more interesting though is the article about this contest on the front page.

While no candidate is perfect, it appears that Mr Martwick has clear positions and plans on the issues, where Ms. Stoppa's comments (article & campaign literature) are filled with generalities and void of specifics.

Stoppa also addresses the stealth Republican issue (sort of)..... She claims that she "voted both ways in the past". She may have voted for candidates from multiple parties in general elections (nothing wrong with that), yet the verifiable fact is she has not pulled a Democrat primary ballot for the last 5 election cycles. And her reasoning for crossing party lines in those primaries is based upon a single issue. Single issue voters (& legislators) don't see the big picture, which can lead to uninformed policy decisions on other issues.

And it's pretty obvious where the Stoppa supporter here gets the talking points from, as Stoppa couldn't help herself by getting a personal attack in that has nothing to do with the issues of this election.

Carry on.....

— On the neighbor message 45th Ward New Democrats?
5:50 a.m.

Actually, the topic is this deception by the "New Democrats".....

— On the neighbor message 45th Ward New Democrats?
9:09 p.m.

It seems as if some of this years's crop of candidates learned nothing from a few of last years failed candidacies.

— On the neighbor message 45th Ward New Democrats?
9:04 p.m.

Transponders? Gene.....That's the ultimate nanny state solution, short of forcing everyone on.....the bus!

— On the neighbor message The speeding cameras in Chicago
8:57 p.m.


If I was to cast the vote, based upon the continuing secrecy & deception, the skewing of statistics that still fail to show a need, the questionable issuance of a contract, all by the administration, it would be a loud "Nay".

They should absolutely be able to determine whether excessive speed is factor in any collision, as it would be stated in police report if it was.

I also question this need for more revenue. While significant and needed cuts were made in the last budget, and some streamlining and efficiencies was accomplished, not enough was done. Don't forget there were sigificant increases to everything from the wheel tax to water, and scores of fees and fines.

IF a compromise is necessary, I would also press for more concessions. Those that you mention are a good start.

Additional items......

Trim the number of locations to only those that have an excess of collisions that can be attributed to excessive speed.

Expansion cannot take place. If a new location shows a verifiable need, then equipment from another location should be moved.

Zach...there is plenty of opposition to this out there beyond this forum. Enough to significantly change it from what is now proposed to outright defeat.

And I understand that those dictatorships are quite adept at spying on their..... subjects.

— On the neighbor message The speeding cameras in Chicago
8:45 p.m.

@ Toby Ziegler.... Do you know if that card was mailed to your house, or did a campaign worker stuff it in the mailbox?


— On the neighbor message 45th Ward New Democrats?
4:06 p.m.

As one of those homeowners that appeals their assessment at every opportunity, guess I must be evil. C'est la vie.....

Interesting connection John Mickey.....explains a lot. Thanks.

— On the neighbor message 45th Ward New Democrats?
3:30 p.m.

Gene, I guess that mean that Stoppa is not a respectible Republican OR Democrat....... ;)

— On the neighbor message 45th Ward New Democrats?
2:58 p.m.


— On the neighbor message 45th Ward New Democrats?
2:26 p.m.

I'm thrilled that our future State Rep is an automobile, motorsports and boating enthusiast....... :)

— On the neighbor message 45th Ward New Democrats?
2:04 p.m.

"........deceive Democratic voters into believing that she had earned the support of the Democratic Party and of well respected leaders."

— On the neighbor message 45th Ward New Democrats?
1:41 p.m.

I went with Martick due to his position on job creation and support for the high-tech manufacturing sector. The other candidate writes about casino jobs.

Other than the street signs and the color of the police cars, Norridge/Harwood Heights look very similar to my city neighborhood, less than a mile away.

And I have a larger than average stable vehicles as well.......all fine pieces of machinery that I bust my tail to buy and maintain.
Unless it's stolen, who cares what's in a candidate's garage?

— On the neighbor message 45th Ward New Democrats?
1:24 p.m.

The ballot that one pulls in Primary elections on a consistant basis reveals their preference of political party.

Interesting that someone who pulls a ballot for one party for 4 of 5 Primary election cycles (with 1 "no vote" gap), then runs as member/loyalist to another.

I smelled deception right off the bat, and we have enough deception going on.

— On the neighbor message 45th Ward New Democrats?
12:27 p.m.

Thanks for the yard sign Mr. Martwick!

— On the neighbor message 45th Ward New Democrats?
11:40 a.m.

Possibility of individuals from one party masquerading as another in an attempt to deceive, as in Mark Fairchild 1986?

— On the neighbor message 45th Ward New Democrats?
11:12 a.m.

This mayor has continued the adversarial position toward rank & file police officers that began with the last. These cameras are intended be operational 24/7 as a surveilance cam. It seems to me that the administration views these devices as replacements for police officers on our streets. We need cops, not cams.

The far as I know, there is only one other company that provides this sort of surveilance equipment & support, and they are just as aggressive in lobbying, with political connections equal to Redflex. None of them care about due process, and in fact the present appeal process for similar violations is rigged against the individual as Alderman Fioretti asserts.

Lastly, it seems the mayor has proposed these minor concessions. It's not enough. The entire proposed ordinance should be left on the scrap heap, as nothing that the administration has presented proves that this is needed.,0,5326420.story

— On the neighbor message The speeding cameras in Chicago
4:59 a.m.

Thanks Alderman Tim for keeping an open mind about this, and to the City Council (unlike the Illinois General Assembly) for actually debating it.

My thoughts, beyond what I've already communicated to you.

The crash data that you mention giving credence in favor..... That is the total number of reported collisions by Ward as reported to CPD/IDOT. It does not break it out by cause (intoxication, excessive speed, improper lane change, inatentive driving, jaywalking by pedestrian, etc), location ("safety" zone, intersection, alley), or with what, (moving motor vehicles, parked vehicles, pedestrian, etc).

This number is intended to mislead one to believe that there is carnage on the streets when in fact collisions of all types, particularly with pedestrians, have been declining for years. The CDOT Commisioner has a well deserved reputation as anti-automobile.This proposed ordinance, like his failed proposal to increase the scope of "heavyweight" vehicles gives further weight to that reputation. CDOT is supposed to make travel more efficient, not hinder it, and he has implemented several programs that do just that. Hinder.


— On the neighbor message The speeding cameras in Chicago
4:55 a.m.

Aye Cap'n !

And a keelhauling for the CDOT commish.....

— On the neighbor message Speed Limit Cameras on Foster
6:50 p.m.

And the lie that there is carnage in the streets....,0,2367484.story

— On the neighbor message The speeding cameras in Chicago
2:32 p.m.

Fight this at every turn......

— On the neighbor message The speeding cameras in Chicago
2:09 p.m.

@ IP....Valid concerns that merit it's own topic.

Fire up that keyboard....

1:31 p.m.

@ljb. Thanks! Several years ago when Crafton did our masonry work (including stripping of paint from limestone trim), they recomended you for future limestone needs including planters.

Not as nice looking, but we ended up with wood for ease of handling.

— On the neighbor message Bungalow Planters
1:23 p.m.

They don't show them on their webpage, but this close by fabricator occasionally has limestone planter boxes & pots on hand.

— On the neighbor message Bungalow Planters
10:27 a.m.

I don't recall this ever being brought up as a concern at Beat 1624 CAPS meetings. The Portage Theater lies with those boundaries.
If the police and the community are not even aware of a problem, how can it be corrected?

10:24 a.m.

Public hearings will be conducted before any vote is taken, and unlike the Illinois General Assembly, the Chicago City Council is asking hard questions and some are even questioning the need for these devices.

Keep the heat on them.....

— On the neighbor message Speed Limit Cameras on Foster
8:36 a.m.

The BofA building at 4901 Irving Park was discussed.

Aldi still interested in ground floor. "High end" restaurant interest at ground floor corner. Theater group interested in the 2nd floor theater space.

No commitments, nothing signed.

7:16 a.m.

@ IP.... if your account of the residential tennants is accurate, any new owner (besides the institution seeking it) may clean that situation up AND keep the theater intact and operational in it's present form.

7:10 a.m.

"Police Superintendent Garry McCarthy, echoing "talking points" prepared for mayoral surrogates, declared to state lawmakers that the rate of pedestrian fatalities in the city was far higher than in New York, where he had once worked.

In fact, the opposite is true, according to a study released by the city in August, which concluded that "relatively speaking, Chicago has a safe pedestrian environment given the volume of traffic.""

So the city's own study concludes there is not carnage on the streets, yet the administration says there is......

I have seen some of the numbers released yesterday. While the type and circumstances are not broken out (of course) from the total number, collisions of all types are down significantly year to year over the cited 5 year period throught the city. Also NOT cited in the those numbers are the quantity of of vehicle/pedestrian collisions in these so-called "safety zones".

Again......The "need" for speed cameras is not based upon increased safety for pedestrians (& motorists), but the "need" for the city to fill it's coffers without making necessary cuts to unneeded city departments, staff and programs.

I say eliminate Gabe Klein & Scott Kubly's jobs 1st.

— On the neighbor message Speed Limit Cameras on Foster
5:39 a.m.

What do you bet Council members message boxes were stuffed when this news broke.......hence the mayor's announcement.

The facts are this is still unneeded legislation that is based on false pretenses.

Figuring tomorrow's news brings more heat.

Stop this legislation!

— On the neighbor message Speed Limit Cameras on Foster
7:14 p.m.

Is anyone else bothered by the fact that Resolute/Redflex creates a bogus "grassroots" front group that uses relatives of kids killed by drivers that may not have even been violating speed limits as emotional blackmail to help ensure the mayor's friends get richer?

Perhaps U.S. Attorney Fitzgerald can get those redacted & withheld emails & related documents "un-redacted"......

— On the neighbor message Speed Limit Cameras on Foster
3:11 p.m. the right of the young lady from the Northwest Chicago Film Society.

I'm pleased that PPNA has finally expanded it's boundaries to include ALL of the Portage Park community.....

7:39 a.m.

Hi Missy!
Alderman Arena gave insight into the process as it goes before the Zoning Board of Appeals, & correcting the misconception of what's been happening prior to his announcement of this pending sale last week.

The gentleman that started the Save The Portage Theater FB page was there, and he revealed his conversation with the associate pastor of the church. That was extremely enlightening. There is more going on than purchase of a building here. There is an agenda.

Again though, Alderman Arena stressed the need to focus on the economic and cultural impact that the loss of the Portage Theater would have on our community, and city as a whole.

7:32 a.m.

Tommorow the Trib will have a piece on how the "statistics" (no doubt compiled by Redflex, it's bogus "grassroots" front group & the anti-car Gabe Klein) have been manipulated.

Why the deception & apparent cover-up by the Emanuel administration?

Not only should this dishonest and un-needed legislation be killed in the City Council, the existing red light camera contracts with Redflex should be as well.

Not in today's article, but factual nonetheless, Aviation Commissioner Rosemary Andelino's husband Mark Fary is a lobbyist for Redflex. Do the players from the old 36th Ward Regular Democrats & the defunct & totally misnamed Coalition for Better Government still have their paws in the till?

— On the neighbor message Speed Limit Cameras on Foster
7:18 a.m.

Good to see a substantial crowd at the PPNA meeting last night.

5:45 a.m.

Correct Thomas Gianni....the economic and fiscal impact would be negative and huge.

Besides the hindering further development of the Six Corners Business district, there is the issue of property tax revenue, as property owned by religious institutions is excempt. And it would simply not go unpaid or lost, but would instead be transfered to the rest of the area's property owners.

Then there would be the loss of sales & entertainment ticket tax dollars generated by the theater, as well as sales taxes generated by the other businesses that would be slated to be evicted.

3:46 p.m.

Nothing like a crisis.....or a contentious election to pique my interest...... ;)
Committed to being there tonight.

2:23 p.m.

Contacting Banks will do no good. He is being paid by the prospective buyers to represent them, not the community. And based upon his track record, he & his firm could care less about our opinions.

The Chicago Tribune did a 1st class investigation in 2008 of how Zoning is used and abused in Chicago.

Included was this...,0,2583410.story

It may be unsatisfactory, but the Trib also gave suggestions on community involvement.....,0,6850574.story

This is part 1 of this expose, with links to the rest in the LH sidebar....,0,7299892.story

Incidently, this WILL be THE topic at tonight's PPNA meeting.

Monday, March 12

7:30pm - 8:30pm

4839 W. Irving Park Road

People's Gas & Coke Building

1:46 p.m.

Please understand that I was not singling out anyone's comments regarding this institution Duggan, and really nothing has been posted here that could be considered irrational. :)

Some areas in the Western suburbs have had legitimate zoning & quality of life concerns about similar land and property use. The debate at the official public hearings quickly degenerated into heated commentary by some in those communities. That in turn diverted attention from the issues at hand to Constitutional issues, and that hurt the cause of the majority that was opposed to the the zoning change request.

I'm certain that Alderman Arena will keep focused on the real issues here.....

12:47 p.m.

Advising that the issue that not how they conduct their worship, as we do not want to provide an avenue for appeal on 1st Amendment grounds.

The grounds for our objection should be based on Zoning & use restrictions placed on other commercial development in proximity to a religous institution, Loss of Property tax revenue, The loss of Sales & Ammusement Tax revenue. The lack of parking & the detrimental effects this would place on the nearby residences.

5:43 a.m.

This work done in the area directly West of Portage Park at least 5 years ago.

Most of the mains that were replaced in that area were under the parkway turf, so little street tear-up was required. All parkway turf was replaced with new sod.

They will work with you on placement of the new external meter. We did not want the meter on the front of the house, and requested placement just around the building corner where it could still be read by their equiment, yet does not detract aesthetically. This required a new main to meter line 10 feet paralleI to the existing, about 15 feet of meter to supply connection in the basement, and boring through 2 very thick brick walls by 3 guys over about 3 hours.

I recommend making those arrangements as soon as you receive notice, as they will have to draw up their plans to accomodate your request.

5:27 a.m.

Curious as to how deep their pockets are......

3:38 p.m.

I wasn't suggesting that "all is hopeless Duggan..... Our course of action ("the process") has been laid out by Alderman Arena and neighbors with experience in zoning. There are established community groups such as PPNA & SCA that also will play an essential roll in that process.
Why not, as others suggested, come together & connect with them?

3:36 p.m.

Frankly, I don't see them as being interested in worrking with any alderman, except one that just says "yes". And the only people they likely will be sitting down with would be attorneys.

2:28 p.m.

I checked out the link that Gene provided, and I have to agree with his questioning of their tolerance.

What has been their impact to the community at their present Berteau & Troy location? Are they good neighbors?

And what kind of spiritual organization feels the need to require a "security team"?

3:06 p.m.

Agree 1000% with Chicago Girl about the former commercial property on Irving Park that was converted to a church. Havoc on the side streets for a 6 block radius around here every Saturday night and half the day on Sunday and more. This place is NOT a good neighbor, and most it's congregation is very bluntly, arrogant with a sense of entitlement.

As for the Portage Theater, I could imaging the problems this would cause in that denser area at Six Corners.
This would just sink any chance for Six Corners commercial revitalization.

6:32 a.m.

West Irving Shoe Repair.

5903 W Irving Park Rd

— On the neighbor message shoe repair / cobbler
6:59 a.m.

Even though some amazing things can be accomplished in a 2-1/2 car garage without a 2 or 4 post lift, having one at my disposal when I need it for "more" would be cool.

I'm interested.....

— On the neighbor message Potential New Business in Portage Park
7:48 p.m.

Reducing the number of work days may be suitable for some companies, government agencies or sectors of the economy, but only when it make good business sense to do so.
One size does not fit all.
Nor should anything like this be mandated to the private sector.


4:32 p.m.

Interesting read Charles.

But what may be good for an IT company, typically won't apply to a manufacturing company or warehouse where it's essential to getting your product out the door as quickly & efficiently as possible.
Also, that was written four years ago, and the economic climate is far different now. Is this company still on this plan, and how has it worked out? Hard to tell from their website.

Dark Angel...... As someone that's spent a lifetime in manufacturing, I'm here to say Ameri-CAN !

As for the current rise in fuel prices, it has nothing to do with our consumption as a nation. That has been declining for several years due to less driving by us and a more efficient vehicle fleet. The reason for it is the shut-down of several unprofitable/inefficient refineries, and market speculation driven by Middle East conflict.

What can the City of Chicago do to reduce it's consumption of fuel? The same thing that most of the motoring public has done. Trip planning to reduce miles driven. Work from a home office if possible. Switch to more efficient vehicles, as the Police Department is doing with it's just announced purchase of Fords that deliver 20% better fuel economy over the existing fleet. And yes, if it's feasable for city employees to go to 4 day 40 hour week on a rotating basis, great. As long as service & access are not cut as result.

Work Smarter, Not Harder.

1:06 p.m.

Dark Angel, the private sector, particularly manufacturing is on a 5+ day work week, and they can't afford NOT to be working as much as possible. Any savings in energy costs that they realize are through more efficient practices, processes, facilities, & equipment.

For the public sector? This is a possibilty that should be investigated, provided it does not further cut services to constituents.

Perhaps the public sector should look at the private is improving their efficiency, both in energy use and how they get the job done.

11:21 a.m.

Not likely to happen.

Many companies are trying to squeeze all of the productivity they can with the staff on hand without adding. In many cases that means 48+ hour, 6 day work weeks particularly if one is salaried.

Shipment cycles also depend on M-F delivery. If UPS/FedEx is picking up & delivering, our branches are open. Saturday also, due to customer demand.

10 a.m.

Alderman Tim, many of the parts from outside suppliers that go into those vehicles are also made in Chicago & the metro area.

Plus a prefered customer (us) deal on the new fleet in return for plant expansion tax incentives.

Very pleased about this.

9:37 a.m.

All wheel drive is standard on both the Taurus based sedan & the Explorer based SUV, regardless of which of the two engines are selected. Front wheel drive is optional with the standard non-tutbocharged V6.

Very cool.....

6:06 a.m.

If one takes the time to cull through this topic, the reason stated for this individual being temporarily excused was *not* a disagreement with anyone or not "conforming", but the posting of a link to a website that included pornographic advertising. A clear violation of one of the "Don'ts" in the Everyblock Guidlines. Is it also possible that this was not the only occurence, hence the suspension?

Carry on......or better yet move on.

— On the neighbor message Kenji
2:24 p.m.

Everyblock's Code of Conduct is very reasonable & follows similar guidlines that most forums & comment pages do, including an active special interest forum that a business associate & I administer.
Every member is made aware of what is not acceptable in Our House. And when it's necessary to remove a member for conduct violations, several measures are taken to prevent their return under new usernames.

Hope to see things back on track here.

— On the neighbor message Kenji
1:22 p.m.

Because you feel sketchy about it, be safe & have someone accompany you.

— On the neighbor message REWARD! Missing Dog!
3:04 p.m.

Another topic discussed.....

The recent shooting at, & the longtime concerns about the Capitol Club has put it squarely under the microscope of the authorities.

As a longtime CAPS participant, I must commend the 16th District CAPS office for the big improvement over the last few years in taking seriously residents concerns.
It wasn't always this way.....

10:05 a.m.

"Be alert to people looking in your garage and try not to leave it open for any extended period of time."

Indeed Victor... Haven't worked with the overhead open for years due to the "window shoppers" plying the alleys.

— On the neighbor message Garage break-ins
2:35 p.m.

FYI this is Beat 1624......

Irving Park Road North to Montrose Ave. Cicero Ave West to Naragansett.

12:15 p.m.

The Motorama area is a gas......

— On the neighbor message World of Wheels
9:53 a.m.

Well said New Kid.

The migration of criminal gangs to ply their trade in this area was predicted some time ago, and now we are beginning to see those predictions come to pass.

For years many of us have been & continue to be engaged with our *local* police & elected officials on this issue. While I do believe that they do all *they* can to correct this matter, the mayor's office and the upper echilons of CPD have stiffled any and all efforts to staff the patrol ranks at appropriate levels on the NW Side. In the past and in the present.

In the past we were told that reported (& dropping) crime levels did not justify increased staffing. At present, Superintendent McCarthy goes before the City Club of Chicago this past December and says that the department is adequetly staffed, and additionally we are told that there is not enough $$$ in the budget to hire new officers.

There is a problem that's growing and city hall has CHOSEN ignorance.

Remaining engaged....and *very* cautious in optimism.

— On the neighbor message Gun shots near Warwick
9:28 a.m.

Of the relatively few drinking establishments/clubs in 1624, this one, by far, has gotten the most complaints over the years.

And having seen the owner in action at the beat meetings on several ocassions, I'd have to agree with the characterization that someone posted above.

— On the neighbor message TRIPLE SHOOTING IN 016!!
12:23 p.m.

Should the blue cart program be expanded throughout the NW Side? Absolutely.

However, this falls far below the need to staff our police department at appropriate numbers in the NW Side's 16th & 17th Districts.

— On the neighbor message No Citywide Recycling Program - shame on us!
5:18 a.m.

I didn't take any offense at all Candace.

Just giving helpful information to those that need it.

Incidently, besides being a daily driver, mine *is* used for recreational purposes. A lot. There is nothing better to get to near & far fishing spots and then use as a "base" once there.

And it's also the best thing that I every bought for the house....and the cars. ;)

— On the neighbor message Parking Regulation Change Needed!!!
6:49 p.m.

"Slapping a cab cover on a pickup truck does not make it an RV."

With a couple of additonal & appropriate pieces of equipment, it pretty much does make it an RV.

From SOS & Illinois Vehicle Code

Trucks with camper shells or toppers qualify for RV plates if the vehicle is primarily used for recreational purposes and provides temporary living quarters for the recreational travel or camping use. (625 ILCS 5/1-211.01)


(625 ILCS 5/1-211.01) (from Ch. 95 1/2, par. 1-211.01)
Sec. 1-211.01. Truck camper. A truck, not used commercially, when equipped with a portable unit (camper shells or toppers) designed to be loaded onto the bed which is constructed to provide temporary living quarters for recreational, travel, or camping use.
(Source: P.A. 91-357, eff. 7-29-99.)


(625 ILCS 5/1-169) (from Ch. 95 1/2, par. 1-169)
Sec. 1-169. Recreational vehicle. Every camping trailer, motor home, mini motor home, travel trailer, truck camper or van camper used primarily for recreational purposes and not used commercially nor owned by a commercial business.
(Source: P.A. 84-986.)

And according to the Municipal Code of Chicago (9-64-170 Parking restrictions – Special types of vehicles), the restriction to parking an RV (pick-up as defined above) or "self contained motor home parking" is it's length. 22 feet.

— On the neighbor message Parking Regulation Change Needed!!!
5:57 p.m.

Here is the problem with your premise Ronnie....

A large percentage of one the best selling class of vehicle (light duty pick-ups) are purchased and used by families as their primary vehicle, not for commercial purposes.

Just like a sedan, they seat up to six. Most have 4 doors like a sedan. They weigh about the same as a full size sedan, ranging from 3800 to 5000 lbs. The just have a very roomy trunk...
Included are Cadillac & Lincoln luxury pick-ups. Hardly the choice of commercial work trucks.

Yet even though they contribute to no more wear & tear to the roads than any other personal vehicle, owners of personal use pick-ups pay far more in wheel tax compared to a large sedan or SUV. In fact they pay the same as commercial trucks weighing up to 16,000 lbs.

Free the personal use pick-up from restricted parking AND unfair taxation.......

— On the neighbor message Parking Regulation Change Needed!!!
3:31 p.m.

I suspect so, DA.

Problem is, not only are PDA's unfamiliar with the ordinances that they are supposed to enforce, so are the hearing officers. The one that handled my case 6 years ago suggested that I should have been cited for having a mis-registered vehicle. When I presented him a copy of the IVC's RV registration section, and photo documentation that the Ranger fully complied, he relented.

The problem is not with non-commercial pick-ups (many of which now accommodate 5/6 passengers) that owners use as daily family transportation, but the unmarked windowless commercial vans. Many are improperly & intentionally registered as passenger cars. And most of them are operated by individuals that are unlicensed & uninsured to ply their trade.

Bottom line.... SOS has no clue as to what they are doing as far as properly registering vehicles. Inspection should be required with every new registration on every new & used vehicle.

And the city needs to educate those charged with enforcing ordinances with the IVC and city code, as well as streamlining, then enforcing business licensing.

— On the neighbor message Parking Regulation Change Needed!!!
10:07 a.m.

How about encouraging manufacturers to set up shop in the NW side's industrial areas?

— On the neighbor message 45th ward- what do we need?
8:17 a.m.

If your F150 is legally plated RV per the IVC, contest that ticket Tim.
You can legally park that RV plated truck at any time of day or night on any residential street in the city as long as it's properly plated and does not exceed length restrictions per city parking regulations. Even in the 38th Ward.

They tried pulling this **** with me several years ago. Ranger w/cap & legal RV registration. Armed with all of the proper documentation, the hearing officer had no choice but to drop it.

— On the neighbor message Parking Regulation Change Needed!!!
8:10 a.m.

Why is the city in the business of subsidizing any developer & anyone's housing? This sort of thing is unaffordable and unsustainable even in the best of times.

And you're making false assumptions & searching for demons where none exist.......

— On the neighbor message New Low Income Housing List
2:27 p.m.

Looks like "progressive" social engineering, among other things, is being forced.........

Just curious.... how many of those new homes there are still unoccupied?

— On the neighbor message New Low Income Housing List
1:34 p.m.

Quite a sizable gathering last night......
Thanks Alderman Cullerton & Commissioner Cabonargi for hosting this informative meeting.

1:21 p.m.

Howie ain't blowin' smoke..... The same thing has been relayed to me by family members on the job.

— On the neighbor message Very depressed; Gang graffitti near Beaubien.
5:40 p.m.

Both pieces of news are unfortunate.

With luck (and some pressure?), Commander McNaughton's successor will be as intimate with the NW Side as he, and as agressive in curbing crime.

Now if only City Hall and the Superintendent would support the District Commanders with appropriate manpower on the streets......

10:51 a.m.

"Wants" and "needs" are entirely different things.

Some residents may "want" a high end supermarket at 6 Corners, but it hardly "needs" one. This area never was, and is not now Lincoln Park or Park Ridge.

What 6 Corners does "need" is something that it has not had for about 25 years...quality retail shopping. But that depends on if the Portage Park Chamber of Commerce & the 6 Corners Association want to even bother competing against the remade & popular Brickyard shopping area just to our South, and with HIP & Norridge Commons just to the West. Both are just as convienient to get to as 6 Corners for my family, with the huge bonus of parking and loading zones.

These area commercial associations, the community groups, and our elected officials need to deterime what 6 Corners is to be.
A return to retail shopping as the focus? Dinning? Arts & entertainment? Or a combination of all.
Regardless, as it sits now, it's a huge drain on the tax base, and if Aldi believes that it can be successful in the neighborhood, then it should be supported.

— On the neighbor message Old Bank of America Building
11:23 a.m.

"If you leave your junk on the street or on the parkway in front of my house I will certainly recycle it for you."

Absolutely Johnny O !

Moved lawn chairs off the parkway in from of my house this morning. A "neighbor" planted it there to "save" this unshoveled spot after another vehicle vacated it.

Street parking.....available to All on an as needed basis. It's not "yours" to reserve when your not using it..

— On the neighbor message Dibs on parking spots
8:56 a.m.

What would the rationale for opposing this company coming to Six Corners be?

— On the neighbor message Old Bank of America Building
1:03 p.m.



Can it be said with certainty that these two incidents are related, or if the 2nd is in any way connected to the former building tenent(s) that were involved with the 1st?

I was in attendence at the 1624 Beat meeting on Dec. 28 2011 regarding the 1st incident. If my memory hasn't failed there was nothing established that Section 8 was an issue . Feel free to provide any supporting evidence that it did.

— On the neighbor message Gangbangers by Merrimac Park