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@Barbara, that's encouraging and good to know :)

10:25 a.m.

Is there a chance that your 1st bill might include a deposit? If you've never had a gas bill before in your name, they may bill for a deposit. If not that, you might be able to get previous usage info of the past owners from the gas co. If it doesn't compare, then you can have them look into it.

— On the neighbor message People's Gas Bill?
11:38 p.m.

@Barbara, you're right. Does anyone even know who designed the sign? Was it CDOT or a design house? It would be interesting to see their other work.

5:22 p.m.

Was a passenger in a car this morning and got my 1st quick glance in person. Still, this is what comes to mind:

Look at the word Meatloaf (substitute letters)

Ok, you get the idea. Hope the white plastic background doesn't fade into a yellow hue (grease & grime) over time. Truth be told, there's something comforting about an old time hot dog joint menu board. Well, for me at least. Remember the David Berg's joint on east side of Sheridan just south of Lawrence? :) Ok, getting hungry again.

12:46 p.m.

Big grin.

12:05 a.m.

Who are the vendors?

(3 questions in a row)

9:09 p.m.

No @nkot, but maybe a graphic artist will oblige. I have enough GA wounds from my GA family to last a long while. Tough crowd. They've trained me to say typeface and never to say typefont. Uttering that "word," typefont, is the quickest way to earn a Mordor stare 'round my neck of the woods. :)

6:07 p.m.

@Barbara, only since 2008? That's odd. I learned about kerning from MS Word. If you highlight text on a Word doc, then choose Font, then select the Character Spacing tab, you see the "kerning" option. Unless I'm wrong, this has been an option on Word for a while, definitely before 2008. I might be wrong, but that's how I learned about kerning, on MS Word.

I'm surprised this thread hasn't touched on the typeface vs. font distinction yet. :)

4:35 p.m.

I just clicked on your profile it currently says 100 posts and 5790 comments. They're low on the count.

— On the neighbor message For the Old Farts in Portage Park - Riverview
3:34 p.m.

"Chat right here. We don't need no Facebook around here."

If that's not Blockstar talk, what is. I'm enjoying reading everyone's memories. Thanks for the link big K. I looked and this might be your 100th post. Congratulations on 100 and thanks for all the content and laughs on EB.

— On the neighbor message For the Old Farts in Portage Park - Riverview
3:07 p.m.

@Barbara, I forgot about Joy Yee... This thread is making me hungry.

11:35 a.m.

@Jeffrey, thanks for the thread and photo.

I wish I liked it more. The chartreuse color is not *too* far off what could be found on Tank Noodle, Saigon Sisters & Ba Le's menu/logos. IMHO I would say that the chartreuse is a color not unfamiliar to Vietnamese dining places.

Maybe they (CDOT designers?) were trying to go for urban whimsy, but my first thought was hot dog stand/burger joint fluorescent menu board. Especially when they run out of a letters and use similar characters to make do, e.g., a "5" for an "S" as in french FRIE5 :)

11:58 p.m.

When this was originally posted, I ignored it because it didn't include a link to their website or even list the local vendors. Not sure why the OP didn't list vendors at least. I don't have a link to their site handy, and I also don't use Facebook, so it would've been helpful. The post seemed incidental at the time. I see it was posted as an event, and now it appears to have passed, but there are actually more dates.

5:10 p.m.

Nice synopsis @Pattymelt. I credit this movie for getting me into cycling. Sorry I missed it.

7:11 p.m.

@Babette, that's good to know. Will report back when we go. My cousin who has long suspected a GF sensitivity was just diagnosed a Celiac and called to let us know. She's from LA but was in town last summer and she mentioned that she went to Wilde and ordered from their GF menu. She met the owner who said that some of his family members were GF and that lots of people in Ireland are Celiac: I guess the owner is from Ireland and he owns other restaurants in the area (Beckett & Lady Gregory).

She also told us about Cooper's Hawk. It's pricey, but if you go before us, let me know if it's worth it. I feel better when I go GF but it's hard. Hope to get to Wilde soon.

— On the neighbor message Gluten Free in the Northwest Side
3:23 p.m.

Add the "u" to make it wince: Poseur

I see that the Candle Shoppe lives on...lives on in EB Forever.

— On the neighbor message Jefferson Park CTA Station - New Cafe Opening

Heard about these places recently, will plan to go. Not in the neighborhood, but good to know:

— On the neighbor message Gluten Free in the Northwest Side
9:57 p.m.

Am on the lookout now too. There's a funny ditty on the Boston store sign in the documentary that Ruth posted. I hope to remember to look for that sign next time I'm in downtown. Miffed that I had never heard or noticed these before.

— On the neighbor message Ghost Sign
10:05 p.m.

Thanks, that's awesome. Lead paint, yikes!

— On the neighbor message Ghost Sign
8:21 p.m.

Oh NOES.....Cheetos....LOL

I'll take the ganja distinction over what Elmhurst has anyday!

4:45 p.m.

Thanks Bill. What in the world. Portage, most active Everyblock & most ganja tix. Munchies, anyone?

4 p.m.

Got it thanks!

— On the neighbor message Old Ghost Sign on Clark
7:57 p.m.

@Kensington, can I link to this thread and your Flikr account to the Jeff Park neighborhood? Your pix are great. I've never heard of Ghost Signs before until your thread.

— On the neighbor message Old Ghost Sign on Clark
1:10 p.m.

"Why do you think they went out and got the empirical data about smoking?"
-->Because someone "believed" smoking was harmful. As you may know, that is how empirical papers begin, with a hypotheses. You have stated that one cannot believe unless there is evidence. I am saying, there would be no scientific progress if that were true.

"My biggest criticism of Bill and others on this topic is they don't go out and find evidence."
-->When you write a scientific paper, the responsibility for finding evidence contrary to your stated hypothesis is on the writer. If you want to compare your thread & links to a scientific paper, that would be the standard protocol. You present something, cite, offer contrasting data that you take down, conclude. Then, you "invite" readers to vigorously review your data. The key is you "invite" not demand. No one is required to refute you.

"You know, if stories do emerge that the stats are being manipulated, I'm the one who gets to say I told you so."
-->Not sure where that's coming from Tim, but that statement seems odd within the context that I thought I was engaging.

I will respect your thread and look forward to seeing you somewhere else on EB.

— On the neighbor message Round up of crime statistics
10:55 a.m.

@Kenji, thanks for responding to my anecdote.

@Missy, IMHO, I cannot agree that your scenario is probable.

Stats are good, they just can't be held as unassailable all the time.

— On the neighbor message Round up of crime statistics
8:02 p.m.

@Missy, IMHO, people who risk their lives each day (cops, firefighters, soldiers) doing what they do for a living are highly motivated to let top brass figure out the politics of stats and want to just put in a drama-free 25 years and make it to blessed retirement, safe, sound and in one piece with family intact, cared and provided for.

— On the neighbor message Round up of crime statistics
5:41 p.m.

"I can only WONDER and not BELIEVE that cigarettes are harmful to me." <--- A smoker in the 40's before empirical data on smoking emerged in the 50's.

— On the neighbor message Round up of crime statistics
4:37 p.m.

Hey, do they know how to craft and distribute a press release? Why go out of the way to post intense legal docs on Everyblock, a site that they have stated they will not use as their main mode of communication?

Maybe it's love.

— On the neighbor message New Brew Pub Plans in Portage Theater Area
3:03 p.m.

Right Tim. If data is good, a rigorous scrutiny would only serve to affirm it. Not advocating throwing out Comstat. It's been touted. Maybe an entity (independent university?) should look at it from a critical perspective. It guides policy, so that alone should merit an analysis. If it's good, no problem. You do have to take a look at it 1st, though. Maybe it's time.

— On the neighbor message Round up of crime statistics
4:33 p.m.

Gene, I can agree. Was taught to scrutinize the data first no matter how empirical or analytic.

— On the neighbor message Round up of crime statistics
1:22 p.m.

I'd like too see it too, Tim. There is a tendency to kick the lowly anecdote under a bus, but there is a purpose to anecdotes if only to spur fact-finding endeavors like yours.

I think that a full and balanced investigation must include an analysis of research that is critical of protocols like Compstat. Not just critical too, but as you say an impartial investigation with robust data. Stating that there is an absence of proof may in itself be an anecdote, and might only mean that some university, public health or poli sci grad hasn't applied for that 2 year grant that said research might take.

Thanks again for gathering the links and adding compelling context.

— On the neighbor message Round up of crime statistics
1:15 p.m.

Tim, thanks for providing these links, very impressive and I've not seen anything similar in any thread. In your research, did you look for *any* factual support for a misclassification theory?

Here is a quick link:

— On the neighbor message Round up of crime statistics
11:25 p.m.

Lou, not sure if you're asking me, but I have yet to go there myself. Thought I'd add the link and address, though.

— On the neighbor message New to the Community for local goods shopping
11:21 a.m.

Address: 5354 West Devon Avenue, Chicago, IL 60646
Phone:(773) 490-8200

— On the neighbor message New to the Community for local goods shopping
11:10 a.m.

People want to think that businesses are robust enough to offer fair winnings for something of value. Would be nice to get a link to the chamber, a list of member businesses, and your affiliation with the chamber.

7:39 p.m.

I can't be the only one who has never heard of, or did not learn punctuation & citation from a Canadian cartoonist.

— On the neighbor message Save the Portage Theater - AS WE KNOW IT!
6:36 p.m.

Sorry misspelled:
Kenji goes there regularly:

— On the neighbor message Man in USA Jacket
11:02 p.m.

@Patty, I was touched when he bowed. Just seemed out of place. I've also seen him walking by Elengee.

— On the neighbor message Man in USA Jacket
10:49 p.m.

Everyone's half Asian these days. It's Genghis' fault:

— On the neighbor message Man in USA Jacket
10:29 p.m.

Guess no one else has seen this man. You don't see many Asians hanging out and motioning for food.

— On the neighbor message Man in USA Jacket
10:16 p.m.

You got me. This thread is obvs an excuse to talk about Asian food.

— On the neighbor message Man in USA Jacket
10:13 p.m.

I got a bunch of gifts from Replica, and wanted to duck in, but I want to be relaxed and not running around. I'll let you know when I make it in. Been saving it.

What are you favorites in the burbs?

— On the neighbor message Man in USA Jacket
10:05 p.m.

PP1946, that's priceless. It made me wonder if the man in the USA jacket was just standing there, but then I remembered he motioned to his open mouth.

— On the neighbor message Man in USA Jacket
9:57 p.m.

Hey, I lost my reddit login again. What the?

I've been to all except for Ruk. My fave is Roberto. Lawrence is too loose for me, the rice isn't on tight enough, if that makes any sense. I don't see what the big deal is with Renga Tei. I say say this every time I'm told to meet there for a family dinner which has to be every month at least.

Have you ever been to Katsu in West Ridge on Peterson avenue? It's a fine place and I keep forgetting to go there, since Midori does really good take out.

— On the neighbor message Man in USA Jacket
9:33 p.m.

Let me know if you give it a pass.

— On the neighbor message Man in USA Jacket
9:06 p.m.

Yes, of course how annoying of me. There we go my liege. Have you seen this man at all?

— On the neighbor message Man in USA Jacket
8:54 p.m.

No...look at the new thread...

— On the neighbor message Jefferson Park Chinese takeout
8:50 p.m.

By the way, Bangkok Belly sushi is pretty good. Also had the green curry, was pretty good too.

— On the neighbor message Man in USA Jacket
8:46 p.m.

Maybe the MSG. If you workout and still have a tummy it could be the LI. You just reminded me about this guy I keep seeing. I'm gonna start a new thread.

— On the neighbor message Jefferson Park Chinese takeout
8:36 p.m.

You bored?

— On the neighbor message Jefferson Park Chinese takeout
8:18 p.m.

He's kidding. It's nice to take a break from essential tasks to ask/get a rec or have a laugh.

— On the neighbor message Best non-chain deli sandwich?
3:42 p.m.

I meant food allergies in general. Here's an article on toxicity and glutamate:

— On the neighbor message Jefferson Park Chinese takeout
8:59 p.m.

Yes. Food allergies are odd like that and unfortunately some reactions can be extremely dangerous.

— On the neighbor message Jefferson Park Chinese takeout
8:26 p.m.

A simple google will reveal that the glutamate in MSG is naturally occurring in foods like mushrooms, tomatoes, cheese, etc., So if there's a bad response to MSG, there ought to be a response too with the naturally occurring. Here's just one goog to "enhance the flavor of the controversy"

— On the neighbor message Jefferson Park Chinese takeout
8:13 p.m.

Asians are prone to being lactose intolerant. If I understand it right, this wiki says something like 90% vs. northern Europeans at 5% and the malady may be genetic as well as environmentally induced: Not a lot of dairy dishes in Asian foods.

— On the neighbor message Jefferson Park Chinese takeout
11:56 p.m.

@Katherine, you may have posted in the gluten-free thread, is there a way you insure they are making your dishes without gluten (soy sauce/wheat) since a lot of Chinese food is marinated or cooked with soy sauce? Just curious.

— On the neighbor message Jefferson Park Chinese takeout
8:38 p.m.

Reddit = Congress Theater
Everyblock = Portage Theater


I'll try to find my old login.

— On the neighbor message Save the Portage Theater - AS WE KNOW IT!
2:40 p.m.

I liked reading it too Conor. I would just note that the description "Carranza Haters" may serve to perpetuate the perceptions you are trying to point out. I too have read all the posts and I have a hard time finding anyone who "hates" Mr. Carranza or believe he is the "devil incarnate" as you state. I think posting cogent, factual, and valid concerns should not be lumped into a black hole of hate. Most of us understand that he is here and have taken a wait and see attitude. Some may be indifferent already. Have you read or know of any posts that have advocated inciting, planning or agitating to block his progress?

Seems to me he is making progress as per the updates of the liaisons. Why people feel he needs assistance from EB posters (there's a lot of ambivalence about the role of these discussions: few marginal snarkers or business progress interveners, which one?) has puzzled me. People choose to support an idea or someone because they are convinced of it. Forcing an idea on someone never really works. Thanks for taking the time to post, I liked reading it.

— On the neighbor message Save the Portage Theater - AS WE KNOW IT!
10:44 a.m.

Back to the 6C saga.

— On the neighbor message Save the Portage Theater - AS WE KNOW IT!
7:27 p.m.

I will repeat, the image is holy for some and it is my opinion. Sorry you feel I should not express it.

— On the neighbor message Save the Portage Theater - AS WE KNOW IT!
7:11 p.m.

"...and everyone knows people come to a party when asked by one of the cool kids."

I'm pretty sure the above sentence would never be uttered by a Satyagrahi. The use of a revered leader's photo is unfortunate, IMO. But this is America, and people are free to co-opt his image (holy for some) for their own cause.

— On the neighbor message Save the Portage Theater - AS WE KNOW IT!
6:56 p.m.

Demand professional representation for the good money that is paid and "Raine" in the street team. The street PR is not working.

— On the neighbor message Save the Portage Theater - AS WE KNOW IT!
6:12 p.m.


— On the neighbor message Save the Portage Theater - AS WE KNOW IT!
2:24 p.m.

I'm pretty sure you have both Arena & Carranza's email. Don't you think you should appeal to them directly rather than Kenji & Barbara???

I've submitted a request to review for violations of privacy policy. Last I checked, EB allows anonymity and has a privacy policy.

We're not in some developing nation whose regimes or cartels seek the identities of private individuals who upset them. This is America.

Creepy as all heck.

— On the neighbor message Save the Portage Theater - AS WE KNOW IT!
2:21 p.m.

Hey, thanks Conor. That's very helpful and sheds light.

— On the neighbor message Save the Portage Theater - AS WE KNOW IT!
1:28 p.m.

@Bill, it's nice to know that EC knows when he's in over his head and is now seeking to be under the auspices of a legit Corp that might force him to run an entertainment venue properly. Corps can be merciless, so hope he's ready.

— On the neighbor message Save the Portage Theater - AS WE KNOW IT!
1:04 p.m.

Ok, per Conor, Corps can hold licenses. Never looked at one. Conor, is it issued to the legal Corp name and are the owners names listed anywhwere on the license? Also, is the address listed the legal Corp address or the place of business itself? Curious.

— On the neighbor message Save the Portage Theater - AS WE KNOW IT!
12:20 p.m.

The list is preceded by this statement: "The following list is a summary of all classes of individuals who are prohibited from holding any type of liquor license:"

— On the neighbor message Save the Portage Theater - AS WE KNOW IT!
11:38 a.m.

I'm sure the city has thought of the many different ways a scofflaw owner might assume another license. It's owners that are investigated. If he is an owner, he falls under investigation. It was mentioned before that EC thought he could share in the profits of the theater management's liquor sales. I guess he was wrong.

— On the neighbor message Save the Portage Theater - AS WE KNOW IT!
10:41 a.m.

"Obtaining a liquor license is a comprehensive process that involves both community input and facilities inspections."

"The liquor license process is thorough to ensure that only responsible business owners are granted the privilege of obtaining a liquor license. Applicants are required to provide detailed information on ownership and business finances. Establishments must also undergo and pass inspections from several city departments, including the Departments of Health, Fire and Buildings."

"Neighborhood sentiment is also taken into consideration; each legal registered voter within 250 feet of a proposed liquor license establishment is notified when an application is filed."

— On the neighbor message Save the Portage Theater - AS WE KNOW IT!
10:15 a.m.

No offense, but an organization would be in deep trouble if you were their hiring manager. In that scenario, you would make a decision based on a resume (experience & achievement) and thorough investigation (track record) that would impact the safety and productivity of an existing team.

— On the neighbor message Save the Portage Theater - AS WE KNOW IT!
9:55 a.m.

I guess there was some whirling dervishness going on.

As long as it ends like a sitcom and the requisite fall guy gets us to chuckle, everything's a'ight.

— On the neighbor message Save the Portage Theater - AS WE KNOW IT!
6:01 p.m.

Tell me again why EC needs to be coddled, spooned, attachment-parented, hand-held, and embraced?

— On the neighbor message Save the Portage Theater - AS WE KNOW IT!
5:04 p.m.

You're welcome?

— On the neighbor message Save the Portage Theater - AS WE KNOW IT!
2:20 p.m.

Sorry, I'm not jumping from point to point. The community would do well to heed the warnings of non-profit Logan Square community groups.

The community is entitled to advocate within its purview.

Throwing down distracting arguments related to table cloths, color of drapes and the like is a disservice. You don't give the community much credit.

— On the neighbor message Save the Portage Theater - AS WE KNOW IT!
2:14 p.m.

It depends on what they (the organization) promises. It's not rocket science. The community will advocate within its purview. I'm sure we would uncover a trail of broken promises during a sit down from any one of the Logan Square community groups.

Allow me this analogy...if I had a bad experience with a realtor, I'm not going to do business with that realtor again. Life's too short. Why you are advocating for a clear slate for this organization is puzzling, but your prerogative. They are here, though, so it's wait and see.

— On the neighbor message Save the Portage Theater - AS WE KNOW IT!
2:07 p.m.

It depends on what they're communicating. If they promise to add more security by a certain amount, by a certain date, and they don't, then what is in place for the community to hold them accountable to their stated promises. If they promise to add additional lighting for security, and they don' get the idea.

— On the neighbor message Save the Portage Theater - AS WE KNOW IT!
1:58 p.m.

"We understand this is an important topic for Portage Park. We are working very hard on, drawings, permits, decorations, construction, verity restaurant food options, themes for spaces, city development meetings, landmarks, hiring chefs, hiring mangers ect."

With all due respect, most of those items you list are internal to your organization and really have nothing to do with the community requesting quality and consistent communication. A group from Logan Square has warned the Portage Park community to get things in writing from your organization. I interpret this to mean that your group does not value consistent communication and cannot hold itself accountable for what has been communicated previously.

— On the neighbor message Save the Portage Theater - AS WE KNOW IT!
1:45 p.m.

Forgot, the tried and true Onigiri- stuff the cooked salmon inside sticky rice-->rice ball-->roll in Furikake or wrap in Nori.

— On the neighbor message Any other kimchi lovers out there?
11:53 p.m.

@Kenji, which yam noodles do you get that don't have the smell? I've done the No-oodles twice and I decided I can't get used to it.

I would make fish tacos, a salmon burger, a take on a Jamaican escoviche, or just mixed with mayo/fresh dill/peas for a salad.

— On the neighbor message Any other kimchi lovers out there?
11:46 p.m.

Sounds nice. I can't get past the scent of the yam noodles.

Ok, yeah, as an early fan, I can't be the only one wondering what they thought of you before Kimchi Party.

— On the neighbor message Any other kimchi lovers out there?
11:21 p.m.

What, you were there? Gotta go again. I'm sick now, so gonna pick up some good soup stuff. While out, I noticed a couple Korean restaurants open for Xmas. That was comforting. Hope everyone had a nice Holiday :)

— On the neighbor message So, it's 12/21/12. Hey, still here!
7:26 p.m.

Kimchi Party = Sesame Street. <3

— On the neighbor message Any other kimchi lovers out there?
7:16 p.m.

Nice reading all these. Wish we had traditional food each year. The only thing we always do is a Christmas Wassail. Here's a recipe that's close to what my Aunts do:

Happy Holidays everyone..!

— On the neighbor message On your Holiday Table
4:09 p.m.

Better Dirk, thanks. Went to HMart for some soup. Another party tonight!

I thought of you guys cause someone brought an array of Udi's stockpile.

Party safe everyone!!!! We're alive!

— On the neighbor message So, it's 12/21/12. Hey, still here!
3:59 p.m.

The host had T-Shirts made up with this graphic:

We also had to bring Costco-sized things we would stockpile: Peeps brought Twinkies, PBR, cans of beans, velveeta, baking soda (touted for it's various post-apocalyptic uses), etc. Whatever wasn't consumed was/will be donated to a pantry.

Fun times

— On the neighbor message So, it's 12/21/12. Hey, still here!
10:31 a.m.

"Our neighborhood needs to be constantly changing." Head. Hurts.

— On the neighbor message Save the Portage Theater - AS WE KNOW IT!
10:15 a.m.

LOL. Went to a Winter Solstice/End of the World party last night and people were saying Aztecs all night.

Totally overdid it. With more parties tonight and through the weekend might have to go get some Korean hangover soup on Lawrence today.

— On the neighbor message So, it's 12/21/12. Hey, still here!
9:59 a.m.

@Patty, we also stocked Harvey's Bristol Creme (me Grandad's drink!)

Just glad to be alive!!! Now onto last minute shopping at Family Dollar <---that's the microlocal tie-in.

Kenji = virtual DJ. I'm putting in a request for Ke$ha. Kenji - Ke$ha...nice!

— On the neighbor message So, it's 12/21/12. Hey, still here!
9:50 p.m.

Anyone want to trade MREs? Santa Fe Rice with Chicken. Lots of it. ;)

— On the neighbor message So, it's 12/21/12. Hey, still here!
8:38 p.m.

Shapeshifting is not necessary.

— On the neighbor message Save the Portage Theater - AS WE KNOW IT!
6:38 p.m.

"You understand I haven't been there because I don't buy magazines right?" <---It's not about you. Also, I'm not required to know why you don't buy mags.

"Why are you so angry?" <----I got nothing for that one.

— On the neighbor message Save the Portage Theater - AS WE KNOW IT!
6:37 p.m.

@Irv, thanks for disclosing. I'm glad you realize that you can be truthful, take a position and still stay anonymous. So when you snapped the pix of GEB, then asked the community why he was there, you really knew. Why go out of the way like that. Unnecessary. Start fresh and give the neighborhood some credit. We see through much of it. The shapeshifting is

And would it be red solo cups? J/K

— On the neighbor message Save the Portage Theater - AS WE KNOW IT!
6:32 p.m.

I'm touched that someone will take the time to predict the demise of small businesses from across the seas.

— On the neighbor message Save the Portage Theater - AS WE KNOW IT!
2:09 p.m.

sorry, who's....

@Irv, don't you think EC is wondering why you keep showing up on comment forums relaying detailed biz info and he doesn't even know you? Do you groupie others?

— On the neighbor message Save the Portage Theater - AS WE KNOW IT!
1:42 p.m.

"I've never been to city news,.." <----Way to support the neighborhood.

"That business is going to struggle over the next decade if they don't diversify or make a really good cup of joe." <----What difference does it make, you won't support them anyway.

Let's dog a small business whose been in the neighborhood for generations.

Full of it, really. Everyone sees this now.

— On the neighbor message Save the Portage Theater - AS WE KNOW IT!
1:39 p.m.

@Irv said let nature take its course, so I'm thinking he likes books with a nature theme, so maybe "Lord of the Flies."

8:08 p.m.

@Irv if you went to the rally, you would have known it was more than 75 people.

12:56 p.m.

Almost as hip as the Southern Comfort guy.

Learned 1st hand what a jam band was at my one and only Blues Traveler show. Yeesh.

— On the neighborhood event Peace Fest at Portage Theater
4:26 a.m.

"Picturing" something is a violation?

— On the neighbor message Save the Portage Theater - AS WE KNOW IT!
3:22 p.m.

@Irv is not too busy for EC. He has posts/comments that go way back following EC news in various media on different topics representing/recapitulating EC missives/positions/directives. For someone unknown to EC, that is apparently not concerning to the EC team.

— On the neighbor message Save the Portage Theater - AS WE KNOW IT!
3:17 p.m.

@Vincent, I guess all your points are why he is incurring legal fees. It's in the courts.

My take is that EC forced the disputed back rent issue as a knee jerk reaction to the Alderman. Dennis was forced to respond to the eviction notice precisely for the reasons Vincent has pointed out therefore incurring, to date, legal fees in the amount of 10K. This is what last night was about. To give a brief history on the situation and to reach out for donations for the *legal bills* only. Apparently it's in the courts; they're also working out a deal to purchase or partner, so there's communication in the works.

IMO, Dennis et. al, have not been aggressive about their predicament. I suspect it's because they are working on a deal with EC. He is still there after all. No mention of a deadline for eviction, or any future date for pending eviction or any pleas for assistance due to a pending eviction were made last night. Correct me if I'm wrong.

— On the neighbor message Save the Portage Theater - AS WE KNOW IT!
1:17 p.m.

I understood Dennis to say that legal costs *have already been incurred* in the amount of approx. 10K and he relayed that he was uncertain how much more he would incur. I didn't hear him say that he wanted donations for the back rent. Correct me if I'm wrong.

— On the neighbor message Save the Portage Theater - AS WE KNOW IT!
12:33 p.m.

TPTB orders a virtual existence in order to stay on EB. Hope that will change. Lucky I was allowed to go. I didn't know who was who anyway, except for the Alderman & Dennis.

— On the neighbor message Save the Portage Theater - AS WE KNOW IT!
11:44 a.m.

I get that, but is it necessary to go out of your way to thank a polarizing figure in the community? Seems self-serving if Jennifer is the one who posted this.

— On the neighbor message Thank you
11:27 a.m.

I did hear Dennis mention legal fees. I can understand why they decided not to stir up any negative talk about EC. They are their landlords after all and they may still be in negotiations for partnership or transfer. Sorry I didn't meet anyone, but glad I went.

— On the neighbor message Save the Portage Theater - AS WE KNOW IT!
11:20 a.m.

I've seen a couple Chrises. Sorry I missed you yesterday.

— On the neighbor message Thank you
11:15 a.m.

If you say so.

— On the neighbor message Thank you
10:29 a.m.

Chamber, Non-Profit Boards, and "Friends Of" membership can be typically made up of owners/leaders or represented by prominent businesses in the community. I don't see that as the conflict so much. What I do see as troublesome is Jennifer's unabashed bias in actively steering perception to elevate her own employer's status in the community while under the moniker of her volunteer position as chair of FoPP. This post is essentially thanking "herself," so to speak. The lack of discernment is concerning.

Thanking themselves is something another member of the ECarranza team has done before on EB:

— On the neighbor message Thank you
10:18 a.m.

I'm chuckling that the noble-minded "thanks" did indeed turn into a retort. What a mess.

How long will FOPP allows its chair to carry on like this on EB?

— On the neighbor message Thank you
10:57 p.m.

West Ridge, on Devon at Francisco. Love Teds. Thanks Paco.

— On the neighbor message Ted's Market
2:47 p.m.

Jan, thanks for the update. Pls. don't take this the wrong way, but 99.9% and the word, fact, maybe shouldn't be used together when referring to GF food. People want & need to make informed decisions, and it is extremely helpful when a company can state emphatically on their materials that they are dedicated or not. I believe DF does this now, but at the time, no. Their website still says they are a Gluten Free bakery. You must go to FAQ to learn they are not dedicated. They have great tasting baked goods, either way.

— On the neighbor message Gluten Free in the Northwest Side
7:47 p.m. That is all.

— On the neighbor message Any other kimchi lovers out there?
5:32 p.m.

From the following link:

"At issue is control of the public place of amusement and liquor licenses for the theater. Last week Raines met with David Dziedzic and Dennis Wolkowicz of the management team and Arena to discuss the possible transfer of the licenses to Carranza, who had offered to buy the corporation run by Dziedzic and Wolkowicz but who later pulled his offer off the table. Carranza has said that he would like to work with the management team to bring more concerts to the theater, but under the city licensing code Carranza cannot share revenue from the sale of liquor unless he becomes an owner in the corporation, according to Arena's office. Carranza reportedly wants control of the liquor license this fall, but Arena said that is too early."

9:20 p.m.

Ha...sorry who's....dang Bears...

I'm going.

1:34 p.m.

teams plural...sorry

Whose going on the 17th?

1:30 p.m.

"I still don't understand why Carranza bought a theater out from under people who the neighborhood rallied around when the church wanted to buy it. If I were a business person, I would have gauged from the outpouring of support for them at that time that it would not be wise to buy the theater."

@Patty, perhaps there was a lurch for the Portage knowing the Congress may be lost. Governmental/Municipal liens/holds are made known to folks for months, even years. When they pile up, they stick, and they choke. Wondering if the Portage loan was secured by the Congress. Lots of questions, but I'm sure his team are doing their best to save the situation.

1:29 p.m.

I saw this with @Heather's post and went to her link and noticed that Portage Theater news had no coverage. No complaints, just curious if DNA is covering specific beats only for the area.

Welcome Heather

11:08 a.m.

They contacted the owner, it wasn't dedicated at the time and the owner is not GF.

— On the neighbor message Gluten Free in the Northwest Side
8:25 p.m.

@Eric if you have any street shots, try to upload them to this ongoing obsession of mine:

Was just at Science & Surplus to pick up some casters!

— On the neighbor message Shop Local For The Holidays!
8:11 p.m.

"Also when I say let "us" know if you have any other questions I mean, myself, Eddie, and everyone else taking place in this conversation/thread."

Thanks @MichaelB, but you may not have noticed that EC team's use of EB has been poor. Engage then disengage. Not a good sign for the community, but totally consistent with his reputation. The community liaison's latest post is just an unfortunate thing any way you look at it. The EC topic is pushing us, my household at least, toward indifference. We'll be at the Portage on the 17th, and we hope to learn something good.

— On the neighbor message Our Goal
8 p.m.

We've been/done every suggestion here for my niece. Obsessed with trying to find her stuff. We've been waiting for these folks to have more of a presence, but they seem to be stalled. She's just sensitive so she finds that some products are better than others. Her fave is Sweet Ali's and Swirlz but she can't do Defloured. She didn't care for Rose's too much, but she loves their pita. I hope they sell that recipe to someone cause it's better than anything out there.

— On the neighbor message Gluten Free in the Northwest Side
7:38 p.m.

I'm sure Loyola has something.

— On the neighbor message Any free indoor walking places in RP/nearby?
8:38 p.m.

"... let us know if you have any other thoughts or questions."

Hey @MichaelB who is "us" since you've stated that you don't speak for EC in any official capacity and let alone have a pecuniary thing with him.

— On the neighbor message Our Goal
8:14 p.m.

"Jennifer, our community liaison misunderstood who had approached who. I will clarify that WE approached Graham and not vice versa w/ a proposal."

@MichaelB, trying to clarify your role with the EC team. You refer to Jennifer as "our" community liaison. Why can't Jennifer acknowledge the error herself? There are so many speaking for EC, you can't fault the neighborhood for the confusion and prolly apathy at this point.

@Jennifer, are you still working for EC, and why is @MichaelB explaining this miscommunication on your behalf?

— On the neighbor message Our Goal
9:10 p.m.

@Kenji, somehow I can't see Jennifer at any EDM show enjoying herself. So, you know, don't foist anything onto the neighborhood that you won't go to on your own.

— On the neighbor message Save the Portage Theater - AS WE KNOW IT!
8:27 p.m.

"The fact that concert promoters are held responsible for violence in any neighborhood is like heavy metal bands blamed for teen suicide in the 80's."

Not sure that's an apt comparison. The teen participates in the music culture. The neighborhood may not participate in the music culture of the acts the promoter is booking.

— On the neighbor message Save the Portage Theater - AS WE KNOW IT!
8:19 p.m.

How about management, community liaison and owner presence at all EDM shows. They must stay until the streets are clear of the last music goer. This shouldn't be a problem since I've read the EC team post more than once that these shows will be a once in a blue moon, infrequent kind of thing. They're throwing the party, so they stay until everyone goes home.

— On the neighbor message Save the Portage Theater - AS WE KNOW IT!
8:14 p.m.

@Human, delivering the insider info in an objective manner is one thing, but there were all sorts of oily machine, vampire (grin) + subjectivity swirled in. Hard to separate your opinion from your news.

4:45 p.m.

@Scott, can you share ideas you have for re-invention, or for a better Portage? TIA

— On the neighbor message Save the Portage Theater - AS WE KNOW IT!
3:10 p.m.

Kenji, do you think they will be posting themselves on EB with an update or would you mind helping them post it on EB?

— On the neighbor message Save the Portage Theater - AS WE KNOW IT!
3:04 p.m.

I do agree that liquor was at the heart of the church debate.

2:21 p.m.

"...he's willing to buy buildings no one else has any interest in and do something with them."

@Mike, it's been mentioned before that EC could keep both the theater and those parcels empty if needed. So, like the building owners before him, it's not the neighborhood's fault what owners decide to do with their buildings. My point is maybe don't assume he bought them to gentrify the neighborhood.

2:17 p.m.

Would be great if someone from the Portage could start a thread on EB with programs like @Tracy relayed. For people who can't make the rally, Kick or Indie would be good.

— On the neighbor message Save the Portage Theater - AS WE KNOW IT!
12:40 p.m.

Hey, I was just reading that old link a little history and am proud of this neighborhood.

I think @Bill's suggestion is a good one to start a new thread on this new rally..

11:16 a.m.

See you there...

— On the neighbor message Save the Portage Theater - AS WE KNOW IT!
11:08 a.m.

I have a suggestion to move the discussion about the event to the following thread. It would be a shame to lose the content posted by Beach, Blake & Eric buried in a thread that the OP has long abandoned:

11:03 a.m.

You deserve an Imminent Ned badge if one were ever available.

— On the neighbor message New Brew Pub Plans in Portage Theater Area
11:37 a.m.

For those waiting for @Jennifer, the Community Liaison, to return to this thread, in another thread she created Jennifer explains that she will not be on Everyblock very much. In this same thread, another EC spokesperson, Barbara, relays her current status with the EC team and goes on to reveal other things.

The ambivalence toward Everyblock continues to be apparent as evidenced by the new threads created by EC himself:

3:19 p.m.

@PP1946, couldn't have said it better.

— On the neighbor message New Brew Pub Plans in Portage Theater Area
3:18 p.m.

Who cares anymore. They're abandoning ship.

— On the neighbor message New Brew Pub Plans in Portage Theater Area
2:50 p.m.

Something's wrong.

— On the neighbor message New Brew Pub Plans in Portage Theater Area
1:28 a.m.

Are you still with EC?

— On the neighbor message New Brew Pub Plans in Portage Theater Area
12:42 a.m.

So there's 2 of you:

And you just thanked yourself. Are you having fun playing the neighborhood?

— On the neighbor message New Brew Pub Plans in Portage Theater Area
12:30 a.m.

Zomg. Head scratch. @PP1946, LOLZ. Btw, I really appreciate the way you welcome new posters on EB. Hope she answers back.

— On the neighbor message New Brew Pub Plans in Portage Theater Area
11:42 p.m.

He just explained that he's not on any side.

— On the neighbor message New Brew Pub Plans in Portage Theater Area
10:57 p.m.

And, of course this Brew Pub.

@Eric, maybe I'm seeing things, but anyhow...back to the Brew Pub talk up.

— On the neighbor message New Brew Pub Plans in Portage Theater Area
9:08 p.m.

True. @Eric, btw, it's Mr. Steer, not Mr. Steak. Also, I noticed as you picked up a badge, someone lost theirs. Didn't think that was possible.

— On the neighbor message New Brew Pub Plans in Portage Theater Area
8:53 p.m.

No the name rhymes with the lovable mutt Benji.

— On the neighbor message New Brew Pub Plans in Portage Theater Area
8:49 p.m.

Who else thinks EC hired the wrong person? From the Goaddy tip and the retractable seating link, I know the person who should be the 2nd hired person from the community.

— On the neighbor message New Brew Pub Plans in Portage Theater Area
8:39 p.m.

"EB is not the only means that we want to use to communicate with our community and since this has turned into nothing more than a hotbed of speculation, rumors, etc. I'm not going to be on here very much."

Sounds familiar. Jennifer, if you won't be here much, that was quick. Also, are you still considered a Community Liaison if you will be ignoring Everyblock?

— On the neighbor message New Brew Pub Plans in Portage Theater Area
7:19 p.m.

Maybe no surprise if a piece o' Riot Fest wiggles into the park next year. Which is fine, but you know what I mean...

— On the neighbor message Support Progress
1:03 p.m.

"There are ambulances at all properly coordinated events."

@Kenji, there's your answer: Your street fests weren't properly coordinated. Or properly wubbed. Or properly untzed.

12:54 p.m.

Sorry...can imagine...

Can Friends of Portage Park non-profit afford to have a chair who is embroiled in a controversial and polarizing issue for the neighborhood? Their mission also states that they advocate for the neighborhood. Can the chair deflect the current controversy as the organization reaches out to the neighborhood for donations of time and funding?

— On the neighbor message Support Progress
12:40 p.m.

"I don't understand why everyone keeps making separate posts regarding the same topic? This site might as well be called EddieBlock!"

@Bella, I guess the EC Team are divided. A house divided. As per your observation, Jennifer is not the main liaison. This is evidenced by EC himself posting on Jennifer's thread. I can't imagine that Jennifer is privately re-thinking her decision to join the team. They are not letting her do her job, and IMO actually undermining her credibility.

— On the neighbor message Support Progress
12:30 p.m.

Well, we've been waiting for the Logan Square neighborhood advocates to show up. Thanks for posting.

12:18 p.m.

@Irving if you quit playing the neighborhood, you might get somewhere. If you and the rest of the EC team just came out and communicated consistently, honestly and respectfully, then you would have not only done right by EC, you would have more of the neighborhood listening.

— On the neighbor message Support Progress
12:16 p.m.

Good idea, thanks.

6:20 p.m.

Just logged on. An eventful day. If anyone doubts that Everyblock is a player, just look at all the other media outlets unabashedly linking directly to threads. Then you have 2 major players in this story posting directly to each other in the thread. Some folks made it a point to try and marginalize the postings of people here, telling the EC crew to never mind the "crankies." Unfortunately, some of those were neighbors.

5:41 p.m.

Also check Illinois Nut in Skokie. Their site says that they have the largest selection of Kosher candy in the area. I've never been, so if you go let us know. Call 1st to make sure of their hours:

7:41 p.m.

Check out Tel Aviv, not sure if they have any but maybe:

7:32 p.m.

@Hank, I follow a lot of neighborhoods and many people post links to their blogs.

Judging from GEB's career, IMO it's safe to say that someone in his camp is doing their homework.

6:03 p.m.

@Jim, what about the one who posts newsflashy sightings/info and pretends he's not in the know.

@Jennifer, you're really doing a commendable job, IMO. Can you confirm any EC staffers on this thread? Part of the problem is, as @Jim describes is the disingenuous factor. If EC is to be trusted, the unofficial reps here are doing more harm than good. I agree w/@Pattymelt who said that ultimately, EC is responsible for the success of his biz plans (can't blame elected officials, the neighborhood, or posters on Everyblock). As a NWsider, you have to agree that the other posters are doing more harm than good.

Seats are important, working with the Alderman is important, trust is important. It's not that hard to figure out.

2:17 p.m.

@6Cornered, the 6C assn & Dirk have already stated that new businesses were/are on their way and these were plans hatched prior to EC's purchase of the theater and other parcels. So the argument that it's the neighborhood's fault and that they don't want progress should be re-examined, or retired.

For those who want a more Logan/Bucktown/Wicker flavor at PP, please follow those neighborhoods on EB and read about the dark side of trendy too. Let's not paint the elixir neighborhoods as glamtown only.

11:36 p.m.

@Jennifer, when you post again, would you let us know if EC will own or have a share in these businesses.

Also, pls. address @Chris' question about parking and traffic.

6:49 p.m.

He likes bananas too. Tadros was a banana.

6:48 p.m.

@Jennifer, I appreciate your post, but I question your judgement as a representative of the EC team to enter into an argument regarding a business that has been there for years, and beloved by some and not for the content you're making a judgement about. Not a good direction, just my opinion.

No one from the EC team has really outlined what his plans are. If you're "excited" about them, how about you outline them here?

Are you planning to work with the Alderman?

1:08 p.m.

I'm pretty sure you've already been to every recommendation here. One other suggestion is to go to restaurants and ask where they are getting their oysters. These are my favorite seafood places. If they give you their supplier, call their recs and see if they'll sell to you:

Not sure if the fish at Caspian is "fresh/frozen" but worth an ask:

— On the neighbor message Fresh Oysters near Portage Park?
12:37 p.m.

Thanks for the explanation Alderman.

On a random note, as I was reading the posts here, that Elvis song was the soundtrack.

— On the neighbor message My Vote on the 2013 Budget - NO
6:05 p.m.

Thank you. If there is an address other than the cafe to send in a donation, please post.

— On the neighborhood event Benefit for the family of Tsering Dorjee
12:50 p.m.

For that I go to the bakeries in Albany Park, but In Edison Park, there's a good Greek grocery, Spartan Brothers in a small strip mall @ Harlem/Touhy:

— On the neighbor message baklava
11:02 p.m.

I agree @Patty. Does seem their livelihood and home are at stake and if this is the case, it would def be compelling for a Law school like Kent to take on, IMO.

Can't really know since we don't really have anything to go on for their side of things since they've not been on EB threads. I also don't remember their site (or partners site) rallying for anything really:

The intended purchase may explain the lack of a call to action. Am I wrong?

3:57 p.m.

All part of the spin.

It sounds good to say, "Huffington Post just named Congress Theater one of the best venues..." but in reality, HuffPost didn't name Congress anything. The Party Earth blogged about it. So the EC team will quote blogs when it's good (Party Earth), but deride blogging when it's critical (WBEZ DeRogatis).

3:35 p.m.

Yeah, I don't think that's a HP post, it's by some org called Party Earth.

@Irving, would you mind confirming once and for all your affiliations with EC? That pic you took of Graham Elliott was so up close, you were practically under his tum was practically reaching out to you.

3:14 p.m.

Sorry, not buyout but purchase. Still wondering if they're actively fighting the eviction.

2:35 p.m.

So, is it fair to say that we've never really heard from the Dennis et. al,, on EB threads because they were cooking a buyout deal with EC?

2:31 p.m.

0. Where cops, teachers and firemen live, who at the end of the day just want to go home and eat/drink something good.

— On the neighbor message 2013 Michelin Bib Gourmands
11:56 p.m.

Um, yeah...not even close.

5:05 p.m.

Mile-marker: You are at post number 503

I think this is the longest thread in EB history.

2:42 p.m.

Big Oaks area. Though never noticed an inordinate amount of big oaks. I think there used to be a gold course in the area (not Ridgemoor) that had oaks. Anyway, good neighbors and block parties aplenty.

— On the neighbor message House hunting
6:42 p.m.

Ok, yeah it looked too sweaty for fruit.

What's next for a topic. Reparations?

— On the neighbor message Great To See the First Amendment at Work
1:31 p.m.

Kenji, where did you get a gif of my parents. Was your avatar before this a plump raspberry.

— On the neighbor message Great To See the First Amendment at Work
1:12 p.m.

You don't say?

I mean, you don't say if you're affiliated with EC, past, present or future.

11:38 p.m.

I would hazard to guess that Mr. Carranza feels you should stop representing him here on this forum. You're failing him.

8:33 p.m.

That's what happens with too much Brostep and not enough Dubstep.

4:03 p.m.

I find it odd that the strongest supporters of Portage Management have not yet given the courtesy to address the Portage Management on their thread. Choosing instead to buck forum etiquette and post personal grievances regarding other neighbors.

Thankful at least that the Portage Management has decided to post on EB again since they have relayed in the past that they would not post on EB to communicate with the community.

1:24 p.m.

Vincent, I'll just press my nose against the glass then. Oliver Twist like.

3:49 p.m.

Interesting, Conor...gotcha. Word is already proven.

3:46 p.m.

Just a decent collection. Let us know when your gallery opens.

3:39 p.m.

"For me it's not so much about trusting Mr. Carranza's word as it is about seeing if what he says matches what he does."

That's not the same thing?

3:29 p.m.

Thank you for posting here. Time will tell if you and your team will hold the neighborhood's concerns as a priority. IMO, a good place to start is to re-connect with our elected Alderman and his team. Mend that fence. If you achieve that, it will be a good sign for many of us.

3:26 p.m.

@Tim, she's fine. I'm totally going to check the gallery out when it's here. She just needs to let up on preconceived notions about the nort' west side. How does she know how old I am and whether or not I'm a big fan of Ricky E. Carralero (artist). Or whether or not I'm an artist myself. The EC crew needs to CHILLAX and pay attention. Tracy said everything that needs to be said.

1:18 p.m.

"For gods sake, just stop grasping at thin air and just accept there are those of us who have a different perspective."

While I do appreciate the time you're taking to respond and the links you have provided, not sure why you're all exasperated now since it was you and friend Metal (I'm sure you both know each other personally) came in here like gangbusters personally attacking members (who also have different perspectives). You also attacked the neighborhood and other artists with negative and spammy posts. Metal keeps referring to our neighborhood as panties. What do you expect? If you're moving your gallery to Portage, is it wise to attack the neighborhood? IMO, art should be an elevating experience and the way you have represented yourself, your gallery and ultimately the artists who show with you, has, IMO been an oppressive experience.

12:26 p.m.

IMO, I think it's good to keep Dino's posts here. I know the detractors like to think that only a few (crankies) are subscribed to this thread, but the recent new posters prove that's not the case. I think the longer the thread, the more substantial. Maybe municipal people are reading. You don't have to be subscribed to a thread to read this. With Dino's posts it's like one stop shop.

10:26 a.m.

Dots connected on the very old tablecloth link. That tablecloth article is like that re-gifted fruitcake that shows up every holiday.

So, @Metal in addition to elected Alderman, Neighbor Associations, maybe cops & firemen too who complain about the Congress are corrupt. Don't forget the preservationists, those "bananas" want a slice too.

10:16 a.m.

Awesome article. Thanks.

— On the neighbor message New Japanese/Thai Food on NW Highway
11:18 p.m.

@Rebecca, I totally missed that part of the post. As per Kenji, teal deer, stopped reading after awhile.

Am I missing something? Why would a gallery director whose stated mission is to represent and showcase otherwise underrepresented artists be dogging on another underrepresented artistic medium, in this case celluloid film? Non-viable. Wouldn't that be something a traditional gallery might say to an artist who now finds a home in the gallery? I give up.

10:49 p.m.

Gallery looks great and I can relate to the mission statement. Just makes it that more unfortunate that the Exec. Director and Curator of the non-profit could feel no regret in posting a personal attack against another woman artist (writer) with sweeping generalizations about music preference and ageist innuendo. Most artists I know are inclusive people and very tolerant of other points of view.

7:55 p.m.

Everyblock please consider removing the personal attack & veiled (jail) threat against 2 different members posted by yet another Blockstar.

5:33 p.m.

"This thread has turned into a place to demonize someone I'm sure most of you, if not none of you, have ever met or spoken to. That isn't genuine concern, that is just bullying!!"

I've never met you, yet you are trying to insult me. Are you a bully?

Do start another thread. Many will join you there. Some of us demons too.

3:53 p.m.

"Influence him greatly..." "Add another empty storefront, that's what. That's what happens when good neighbors try and run someone elses business."

Ill-informed generalizations. How is it a neighborhood's fault if by some scenario an owner decides to keep a building empty (claim losses) vs. rent to a business whose cumulative rent revenue may be less than what they could claim? It's not an impossible scenario; in fact the attorney for the team has alluded to this.

1:32 p.m.

Start a new thread welcoming them warmly.

8:27 p.m.

"From what I've read about the hearing today, the analogy is not a ranking,"

@Irving C. where did you read about the hearing and are you affiliated in anyway with Carranza, Lacasse, or the Congress organization?

5:26 p.m.

@Lunker, Sankyu is really good. Do you like Sakura in Mount P? That's 100% Japanese too, with ex-pats.

— On the neighbor message New Japanese/Thai Food on NW Highway
2:42 p.m.

@Lunker, @Bella where do you go for sushi or Thai?

— On the neighbor message New Japanese/Thai Food on NW Highway
12:53 p.m.

It'd be hard to find something to eat in Hawaii then, when everything is mixed up.

— On the neighbor message New Japanese/Thai Food on NW Highway
12:44 p.m.

@Lunker, you won't try it? Midori, on Kenji's list is my hands down favorite and Chef Roberto is not Japanese and the owners are Korean. Or is it the mix of cuisines? If you go to the other more well-known Belly ( ), which is a fusion, you'll find the flavors undeniable. Sometimes hit or miss, but the same goes for Sunda. Nohana on Broadway is 100% Japanese and while still good, Midori's sushi/sashimi has spoiled me and I prefer the bolder flavors at Midori. IMO, Nohana flavors are more sedate (but maybe more authentic).

— On the neighbor message New Japanese/Thai Food on NW Highway
10:12 a.m.

Hobochi, who should they be getting their fish from so you won't suspect them.

— On the neighbor message New Japanese/Thai Food on NW Highway
10:39 p.m.

No. Just nebulous.

— On the food inspection Taqueria Amigo Chino failed inspection
10:31 p.m.


joint down dare dem streets

— On the food inspection Taqueria Amigo Chino failed inspection
8:40 p.m.

The funny thing is is that once they get reinspected and open up again, they will be in better shape than the joint down the street.

— On the food inspection Taqueria Amigo Chino failed inspection
7:27 p.m.

It might be worth it to subscribe to Angie's List just to submit a report. If the company is on AL they (AL) can help to mediate issues for the subscriber. Recent negative reports are not good for a company, so the company may be very motivated to address your concerns. If a company has a record of negative service issues, they are flagged on the site and put in what is known as the "penalty box" and they publish this on their emails/newsletters to thousands of their customers.

— On the neighbor message Bad Handyman Need Local Lawyer
12:55 p.m.

@Bart, thanks for the scoop. It's a real scoop too, with a photo. I haven't read anything anywhere else about Fat Rice. Good job. Was wondering what was going on with the Bones place and it does appear that they are changing their name if you look at their facebook and twitters. Place is gonna be packed once they open up.

— On the neighbor message Fat Rice- new to Logan Square
5:03 p.m.

If people have talked with Alderman, the manager and nothing gets better, take pictures and post on their facebook letting them know that you have started a post on Every Block about the ongoing problem. Post pictures here on EB via imgur.

— On the neighbor message Blood Bank Loves Throwing Cigarettes
4:53 p.m.

If you can make it all the way out to the Northwest side, Amitabul is to me the best vegan, veggie in Chicago:

— On the neighbor message Vegetarian Restaurants?
11:20 a.m.

I will let him know Virginia, thanks. He uses humor at the right times, and can cheer you on (like a coach) when he sees the opportunity. I can imagine that he cheers them on when they decide to pick it up. He always like to say, "People need to be cheered with clapping and fanfare. It's free and it feels good."

— On the neighbor message How Do We Foster a Sense of Community?
12:33 p.m.

Here's another one. Just talked to my uncle. His family has a corner house so he engages a lot of litterers. I asked him if he has other things he says and his new favorite thing to say is asking the litterers not to "Give up." When he sees littering, he will say, "Don't give up." They'll look at him and he goes on, "When you litter it's a sign of giving up. Don't give up on the community. More importantly, don't give up on yourself. If you won't pick that up, I will pick it up because I won't give up on you." He said he likes that one because the litters look sad and they almost always get their trash.

— On the neighbor message How Do We Foster a Sense of Community?
11:06 a.m.

There's a lack of wisdom in getting on the wrong side of 2 elected officials, a neighborhood and preservationists. What you may think is weird may well be par for the course.

11:59 p.m.

You gotta give clear descriptions. Like, what they were wearing, color of shoes, facial hair, etc., otherwise you're being ageist, playing the age card or some may argue a gender card. Hey maybe they were just playing cards.

BTW, check out the very 1st post on the new Neighborland site for Portage Park:

— On the neighbor message Large Gaggle of Middle Aged Guys at Capitol
4:27 p.m.

If you know you will not be interacting with the litterer in the future, you can plant paranoia in their minds and do what my uncle does and say, "I wouldn't leave that (coffee cup, something they were eating) around if you don't want anyone to have your DNA or fingerprints. If something happened around here, they could find you. That's how they got a conviction for the Brown's Chicken murders. Anyone can take that [Cheetos bag] and put you somewhere where you weren't at all." Even if they don't respond you would have planted the seed.

— On the neighbor message How Do We Foster a Sense of Community?
2:48 p.m.

@Kenji, IMO conveys a subtle disdain for the same format that Jim DeRogatis uses (e.g., WBEZ blog) to expose their activities. Wretched blogger vs. scholarly journalist. Therefore, she's not much of a blogger. EB is a blog, etc., a medium that she will not use...yada.

Just like how the word "passion" is used by the team as a euphemism for complaining.

The quote I posted above appears to be @Barbara's comment IMO, and is a good example of the Jekyll and Hyde communication.

BTW, it's even funnier that we're at 253 comments here on this thread and she comes back because she read someone post her name? What about all the other posts? Sorry, but that's narcissistic.

12:36 a.m.

I don't really expect an answer. Seems to be a tactic. There's another poster here who when you ask a question, they stay away long enough to avoid the question and re-visit again when they can safely pretend they missed something. Uncanny.

10:12 p.m.

@Barbara, I asked this in the thread you actually started, but you disappeared. Pls. answer this now. Is your comment in response to the WBEZ blog post by Jim:

"Barbara • 2 days ago
That's right Jim. Eddie is up to something. He's taken advice and learned lessons along the way. He has a team of independent and creative designers, chefs and entertainment producers around him cooking up great things...and...consecutive sold out shows! Are you going to Riot Fest this weekend? I am! Did you go see Merle Haggard at Congress? I did! Congress has Country at thr Congress now. Did you report on that? And I'm gonna go see Iggy Pop and Elvis Costello...oh man, join us Jim! You can't write about dirty bathrooms forever can you? We need you back to the music baby!"

9:52 p.m.

Great recs. Don't forget about Tony's Italian Deli & Subs in Edison Park on Northwest Hwy. I get the prosciutto sub a lot:

— On the neighbor message SUBS????
2:19 p.m.

Like @SNB said, talk to more than a few officers. They don't call it McNumbers for nothing.

— On the neighbor message BP - Hold Up
12:16 a.m.

Just open your store or start your truck already.

— On the neighborhood event Mariano's on Elston Ave
11:41 a.m.

Not aware of organic lunch meat, so until you open Kenji's Smoke Shoppe, I will have to eat like they don't in Portlandia.

— On the neighborhood event Mariano's on Elston Ave
10:32 a.m.

I'm thinking before you start taking on the role of neighborhood emissary, how about you answer the questions @Dino has posed to you more than once on this thread.

5:16 p.m.

@Far the items you mentioned are what I look for in judging a grocery store. I don't like taking the time out to go to a store to find their fresh produce, bakery & organic selections looking not so fresh. Not so interested in the brands that you say are everywhere else. I'm looking at fresh. The hit or miss thing is a waste of time and happens regularly at Jewel.

I've tried the Mariano's deli meats and I still go to Jewel for the Sara Lee stuff. The brand that Mariano's carries (I forgot the name) doesn't taste that good to me.

— On the neighborhood event Mariano's on Elston Ave
11:59 a.m.

"If Eddie's offer goes through, then it's tough to back down from all of this name-calling."

What's tough? Explain why the notion of coddling building owners is necessary for anything good to happen in a community. Unless you're saying that the people of Logan Square gave him enough love [smile] that he saved the Congress for them, but not enough spontaneous hugging [grin] that there's a deleterious impact hearing coming up. When there's that much money involved, shouldn't skin be thicker? The attorney has gone on record to say that EC has enough resources to hold an empty building for a long time. Why make that comment unless you're the kind of person who might allow a neighborhood to suffer persistently. He won't just sell it; he'll keep it dark. Great. It's our fault. [Commence self-loathing.]

BTW, gold star on the quotation marks.

5:40 p.m.

EB, a "Blockstar" just posted a personal attack I would encourage every poster here to mark it as unneighborly.

3:19 p.m.

"There would have been NO quotes from Eddie's lawyer if Arena didn't go to the media calling him a liar and had dealt with it behind closed doors."

Am I missing something? Is writing to his constituents (see OP) the same as "going to the media?"

3:02 p.m.

"And while it's nice to say the theater belongs to the neighborhood, in reality until the neighborhood puts up the money to buy and maintain the theater, it's going to be at the mercy of its owner."

Allegory. People know what the reality is.

2:23 p.m.

End game and fighting. The threads I've read on EB regarding the new owner have been about bringing a progression of facts to light.

The Portage Theater is over 90 years old. Though owners come and go through the decades, the theater really belongs to the neighborhood. The owners are temporary stewards (or not) in the grand scheme of things.

12:03 p.m.

You especially don't get a free pass if you're a documented, proven repeat offender.

That in essence is what the Deleterious Impact and Public Nuisance hearing is about. This hearing is coming up soon for the Congress organization. No matter how the EC supporters on this thread want to shame the neighborhood ("I'm ashamed to be from Portage Park.") for stating facts, the bottom line is, their guy is going to be in a hearing very soon.

7:13 p.m.

"Maybe it is not so scary for me being able to put a face to the name."

What is scary is after reading many of your posts supporting EC's organization, I can imagine your response in a hypothetical: Say your little sister or best friend is complaining to you about their landlord who won't fix their unsafe porch, or provide better locks and security for their building, fix their toilet, replace a busted door or provide hot water. Given your posts, I predict you would advise them that when their lease is up to go ahead and still consider the current landlord's other properties/buildings to move into because they're different buildings and it's okay to make "note" of the violations, but give the landlord another chance because he invested in apartment buildings in neighborhoods that need low income housing. You will go on to advise your little sis or best friend that they should help rather than hinder the landlord by providing a welcoming and supportive attitude so that the landlord can know how to better provide them with the safe building and living conditions that they deserve.

4:32 p.m.

No vote, you're fine posting as you do. You can ask EB questions directly, if you need it.

— On the neighbor message Great To See the First Amendment at Work
12:27 a.m.

Ok, well welcome back to EB.

— On the neighbor message Great To See the First Amendment at Work
11:46 p.m.

So you can't post to Kenji Town anymore? Where do you post to to reach the most NWsiders?

@Bailey, it's like you can't complain if you don't vote. You haven't been around since 2011. And you registered in 2009. You only have 4 posts. 3 of them on this thread. C'mon.

— On the neighbor message Great To See the First Amendment at Work
10:55 p.m.

I know I'm not the only one very impressed with your sterling description of the pizza from a quick glance.

— On the neighbor message Line for Punk at the Portage
8:33 p.m.

Ah yes, love springs forth anywhere it can on EB. Even from Rick James' polarizing pot o' posts.

Love to Kenji, Missy and Vincent xoxoxo.....

[I am not gunning for a badge. Even if it may look that way.]

— On the neighbor message Great To See the First Amendment at Work
8:03 p.m.'re unequaled and your shadow gives me a place to hide. A badge needs to be named after you. Big fan.

— On the neighbor message Great To See the First Amendment at Work
4:56 p.m.

Whenever there's incendiary talk about narrow stalls, I'm there.

— On the neighborhood event Mariano's on Elston Ave
4:49 p.m.

IMO the stalls are fine and not narrow. Just came from there, busy lunch crowd. If you've been to Whole Foods underground garage in Sauganash, now that's narrow.

— On the neighborhood event Mariano's on Elston Ave
12:53 p.m.

Yes, lightness. Signed, Darkness.

Do you think the Congress is an E2?

2:21 p.m.

@Kenji, if you're Rick James, then I'm Edward James Olmos.

I think you bring up a good point. @Dino's posts do make you think in that direction.

2:11 p.m.

I'm gonna stop using the thanks button in case I inadvertently put you on the verge.

I'll just thank the old school way: Thanks Tracy & Vincent for chuckles.

I'm in, though, if they start giving out honeybadger badges. The only badge that would count in my book ;)

2:03 p.m.

You spend all this time recovering from high school, then you're back in it.

The thing is, I already have my favorites on EB. I just don't need a 'bot to tell me theirs.

1:52 p.m.

Whoa, it's like Hunger Games now with the badges.

Congrats to the badged. Am def scratching my head on one.

Here's a new post in case you want to comment about badges:

See my's prolly time to move on...;)

1:17 p.m.

I'm just curious @Polonia, that was your 2nd post about Jewel specials on a Mariano's thread. What gives?

I was in the store 1st time last week and it wasn't too crowded, maybe I hit it at the right time weekday, 5:00pm. They had good-looking organic galas for $1.99/lb. Friendly staff and great store layout as usual. Customers looked happy. It's a great addition to the hood.

— On the neighborhood event Mariano's on Elston Ave
11:39 a.m.

@Kenji, what do you mean "disappear?"

Here's a quote from EC's attorney from the article: "Eddie has the resources to carry an empty building for a long time," Raines [attorney] said."

That's nice.

2:12 p.m.

I meant to post, only one person that we are talking about here has an upcoming hearing...

I don't know about you, but if I had the mad bux that EC has, I would hope that at the end of a 7 year ownership of a theater I would have more to show for than a very serious public nuisance hearing.

12:52 p.m.

At the end of the day, fact is, only one person has an upcoming deleterious impact hearing:

Scroll all the way down:

This is what you have to do to earn a hearing:

Here are the rules for the hearing:

If anyone else knows of plans to attend the hearing as a group, please post that info. Anymore details regarding specifics of the Deleterious Impact and Public Nuisance hearings for the Carranza/Congress group, please post. It's coming up fast.

12:45 p.m.

White rice and a sweet/sour arugula salad.

— On the neighbor message Low and Slow Backyard BBQ Talk
9:13 p.m.

So we did ribs today in a regular Weber, dry rub, 3 hours smoke (mesquite & hickory) and 1.5 hours oven. Nice smoke ring, but way too soft. Never thought I could ever say that. I now know I like a bit of fight with the bite.

— On the neighbor message Low and Slow Backyard BBQ Talk
8:01 p.m.

"I have not spoken Carranza myself, but my neighbor has. He appears interested in talking with the community, so if you have
concerns, why not address them with him. I'm sure if you called the congress, you could find him."

You are free to continue dreaming that with Carranza it's about "talking" and not doing. It's his actions that speak.

11:39 a.m.

Be nice to hear from Dennis et. al., at some point. Could understand though if they've been advised against making any public statements.

7:22 p.m.

Was around there today at 630pm and they were out there. AyAy's block was clear though, no taxis just regular cars. Maybe they're reading this thread. Will follow up some more.

— On the neighbor message Dispatch Taxi Parking on Elston
7:08 p.m.

@TLo, that's really uncalled for. Speaks volumes, if you ask me.

6:31 p.m.

@Conor, I understand. The word sticks out, nonetheless. Most NWsiders I know would hate to be described as passionate about anything. Just an opinion.

5:13 p.m.

That thing about that word is, is that as a NWsider born and bred, I know no one who would ever use that word to describe another NWsider. To your face anyway.

5:05 p.m.

That's smart @Tracy.

Here's something interesting. Stay on this page. Go to your browser and select Edit, then Find, then type in the word PASSION. What do you see?!

I'm gonna be in trouble for being back on this thread.

4:53 p.m.

Good article Tim. Hope they continue to work things out.

@TLo, I know you're outta here, but why ask a question of @Tracy and not stick around for the response? Or is the outta here, like on the radio, when callers say, "I'll take my answer off the air?"

There was only ONE suspected sock. Why some feel they're socks, I don't know. Maybe read the thread again. @Tracy is a long time contributing member of EB. I've been here since 2010. The indignation is baffling. Especially since the term is used by well-established forum communities everywhere to describe a phenomenon that is unfortunately a part of a writtten/word-based (yes, misuse of quotes is important) media/platform.

Time to stop smelling socks.

3:54 p.m.

I'm really sorry that supporters of the new owners are misunderstanding the context of a widely used internet meme/lexicon. The term is as old as the internets. There was an attempt to explain it by providing a link, however, like the numerous posted facts provided here that show the new owner's track record, it was disregarded. [shrugs]

In the meantime, I'm still not convinced that I should do what the supporters do: ignore the facts posted about the new owner's track record, trust their example of stewardship, and embrace their vision for the wonderful gem, The Portage Theater.


@Tracy, zero evidence. @Bill puts it best...of little consequence.

12:45 a.m.

Was a member a long time ago; it's the closest I know of:

— On the neighbor message Tennis
12:07 a.m.

Hilarious @Inactive. @Kenji check your email.

6:38 p.m.

@Bill, I never thought I'd be on EB deep enough to connect the sockpuppets, but I did connect sock identities of the Polish National.

To the Congress, Carranza team supporters on this thread: They don't really need you to support them. The group will do what they want, when they want. Lousiness and mayhem ensue. Facts are posted here that you wish to overlook.

If you're on this thread to convince regular folk, however, it would help to acknowledge their track record. Also, stating that you want to see Skrillex in your own backyard when the Congress is just a straight shot down Milwaukee. It starts to sound self-serving. Not too much about community. Also, the Admiral. Maybe don't support exploitation. That might help.

The building owners of 6C property are much to blame for the desolation. The tax write-offs on losing properties serve them well apparently. The previous owners of the theater didn't seem like pillars of the community either.

11:26 a.m.

I enjoy their site immensely:

— On the neighbor message Thanks Forgotten Chicago
9:05 p.m.

The poster used quotes to attribute a statement that appears to be their opinion only. Arena didn't say the following: "If you don't let my friend stay here rent free for the next few years, I'm not going to give you a liquor license."

The poster's use of quotes surrounding the sentence above is misleading. This should be important. It brings into question the credibility of the post. It reads as if the poster was privy to what happened at the meeting from the bold misuse of quotes.

6:22 p.m.

"Do your own research with the knowledge that main stream media is almost always biased. Reach out to the the guy yourself. Find out what he's about and form your own opinion."

So then we can assume that you have "reached out to the guy" himself to form your opinion.

3:52 p.m.

"The alderman is basically saying to Corranza "If you don't let my friend stay here rent free for the next few years, I'm not going to give you a liquor license."

Anyone reading that comment should be alarmed that the poster has added quotes where they don't belong. Especially if they have not confirmed they were at the Wednesday meeting.

3:47 p.m.

"If you owned an apartment building, which had a tenant in it who had not paid rent for 9-10 months, would you take kindly to the Alderman stepping in and telling you that if you didn't let the person stay, he was going to shut your building down?"

Where are you pulling this from? Were you at the meeting referenced in this latest article?

2:57 p.m.

Where have you been. Fine.

10:20 a.m.

The Alderman has stated that the new owner has gone back on his word.

There must have been some agreement on the nature of the arrears that there was an understanding among 3 grown adults that no eviction proceedings would take place. It has taken place. Someone cannot be trusted here.

10:02 a.m.

CLEARLY...someone has stepped in for the team.

9:40 a.m.

International Sockpupppets.

Please add the band, "International Sockpuppets" to the Riot Fest line up next year. They're local.

10:23 p.m.

I really like the work Nick has done, but he needs to turn over, rub his eyes, and look and see who he's in bed with.

If all the fantasy kiosks are gonna be owned by one guy, how is that gonna benefit small business.

9:52 p.m.

The arrears are disputed. Pay attention.

9:50 p.m.

Thank you Alderman, for your leadership and resolve.

These people are from another planet and have shown time and time again that they do not value relationships with the community or elected officials.

Please be wary when Barbara, the spokesperson, blows in again in a Santa suit asking what we'd like for Xmas.

9:01 p.m.

We've always had good luck and no hassle with One Hour Tees for digital printing. Ryan's the owner.

For screen printing:

— On the neighbor message T-Shirt Printing?
4:51 p.m.

No, but we & the neighborhood kids could've taken on Bonaduce if he ever showed up.

2:35 p.m.

I just called County Line just to check on their crop and they have issues too. They purchased apples from other farms (see link and put them on rain gutters in the orchard so people can still have the "orchard experience." U-pick, from rain gutters...not trees. Not sure we'll go this year. Too bad, cause I eat at least one gala a day.

@CJ, we had a pear tree growing up and I will add pear tree to the caveat. We were the party house for all the squirrels in the hood.

1:26 p.m.

It's about an hour away in Hobart, IN. Full experience orchard w/U-pick, kid farm, corn maze...

12:32 a.m.

I've gotten free passes for Galter from Swedish Covenant employees, so might ask around.

— On the neighbor message Hot water?
11:42 p.m.

In the words of EB foodie, @Kenji--go try it and report back.

If you're thinking about the Banh Xeo (crispy crepes), he likes you to eat it there so it's crispy vs. taking it to go (less crispy, but still good IMO).

— On the neighbor message Jefferson Park Chinese takeout
3:01 p.m.

Thanks. I didn't even know they were closed. Will check it out this weekend.

— On the neighbor message Brandy's is now OPEN in Gladstone Park
2:45 p.m.

@sb, just go, don't torture yourself. I always get the Singapore noodles, ask them to make it with chicken instead. You'll be back again and again.

— On the neighbor message Jefferson Park Chinese takeout
2:32 p.m.

Agree on all the Hunan Spring and Saigon Grill recs. They have lunch specials, so that might be a good way to try dish versions until you figure out if you like it their way.

— On the neighbor message Jefferson Park Chinese takeout
6:12 p.m.

@Joy, the "Thanks" and "Unneighborly" buttons are what you would give/apply to posts by other people and aren't buttons you would add to your own comments. See these links for a better explanation:

Thanks for sharing the response by the Alderman. I'll be following any updates. My username is not my vanity plate. I'm on EB a lot, so I would consider that in case there's a chance someone might unfairly attribute my comments to you via vanity plates. :)

— On the neighbor message Dispatch Taxi Parking on Elston
2:05 p.m.

Curious too and wondering the same thing.

— On the neighbor message Dispatch Taxi Parking on Elston
5:15 p.m.

@Barbara, pls. answer Jake's question about whether or not this is your comment in response to the WBEZ blog post by Jim:

"Barbara • 2 days ago
That's right Jim. Eddie is up to something. He's taken advice and learned lessons along the way. He has a team of independent and creative designers, chefs and entertainment producers around him cooking up great things...and...consecutive sold out shows! Are you going to Riot Fest this weekend? I am! Did you go see Merle Haggard at Congress? I did! Congress has Country at thr Congress now. Did you report on that? And I'm gonna go see Iggy Pop and Elvis Costello...oh man, join us Jim! You can't write about dirty bathrooms forever can you? We need you back to the music baby!"

11:27 a.m.

10 pints, I guess...

@Pamela what exactly are you telling me?

I'm still waiting for @Barbara to respond to @Babette's thoughtful list. Barb was on here 30 minutes ago giving shout outs and telling others to be active in our community and we have no chamber, etc.

@Jake, if that is her, she is openly taunting someone I revere.

4:43 p.m.

BLLLLLLLLL. <--Rapid blinking.

Thanks for using Everyblock, Streets & San.

— On the neighbor message Garbage Pick up (or lack thereof)
11:25 a.m.

Final comment here:

@Anna said: "I second Barbara's comments about actually doing something vs. tapping away on your electronic shiny thingy."

Sorry @Barbara & @Anna, last time I checked no one should be required to "do" anything for a for-profit organization. For profit. The word is Profit. As in, it is more profitable to keep the Congress Theater in a state of dilapidation with meager security, than spend more money to ________ (fill in the blank).

What NWsiders will do is stay smart and spend their dollars wisely. They will also galvanize and voice their opinion (yes, includes typing away) when they see 50 shades of shat.

10:52 a.m.

Apt lexicon. Astroturf is in fact the preferred grazing pasture for sheople.

12:17 a.m.

Someone needs to def have the accounting "team" review September's PR billing.

Question any line items containing words EB, preemptive, community, or feel-good post. Oh yeah, add "reach out" too.

5:22 p.m.

@Barbara, leadership team, et al. hopefully you will respond to the posts here on a thread you created, otherwise, this thread will be taken as a harbinger of sorts.

1:36 p.m.

@cola, your question was, "Does anyone know why the police keep bothering the guy working on the old nova on grace street."

Have you asked the guy what the police say when they come around so much? That way, you and he will know why. Cops don't just come by (as per previous posts) just to shoot the shat.

If cops warn him about something, and he keeps doing it, then obviously he will keep getting the visits because whoever is calling on him is successful at getting the cops to drive by.

Let us know what he says the cops are telling him.

— On the neighbor message Man WORKING ON OLD CAR ON GRACE.
1:23 p.m.

Here's something that suggests the dept. may not own their trucks. More & more businesses look to fleet management to combat rising costs. If this is true, the fleet vehicles can be from anywhere:

@Kenji, on Savini: Hairpiece

9:54 a.m.

@Basia, have you ever considered I-Go for example there are 4 cars waiting right now not 2 blocks from Montrose/Damen of which 2 happen to be a Honda Civic and the other a Toyota Prius. I agree with all of your posts. If time is money, and you're spending 2+ hours with the CTA, maybe worth a look.

I was gonna post this song on @Jake's Chicago songs thread, but prolly belongs here instead:

— On the neighbor message CTA Route 56A Potential Discontinuation
3:59 p.m.

@Jake, great thread.

I immediately thought of Sufjan and the depressing stuff. Then I thought of the Girling song about hating Chicago, but can't find a link.

A couple pleasant ones:
Parlours find love:
Ryan Adams loses love:

@profmike, I've watched that vid 3 times now. Thanks.

— On the neighbor message Chicago Songs
11:06 a.m.

Here is a link to the WM site for the bag dumpster:

They have a facebook page, so you may consider taking a pic and posting on their FB page if you get nowhere calling them.

— On the neighbor message Trash Dump
11:33 a.m.

@Kenji, I agree that it is possible they may not care about us.

I have a 3-pint rule on the intertubes. Go 3 pints (posts) then call a cab.

I'm out at comment# 366. Take care errrybody.

— On the neighbor message down with the bushes
1:32 p.m.

@Kenji, you don't have to care. That's my point.

Sites like EB don't have a TOS because they're paranoid.

— On the neighbor message down with the bushes
1:19 p.m.

@Kenji, whose blog is that? IP addresses can be collected by the creator and users may not realize that they are identifiable to an individual not governed by TOS that a site like EB adheres to. If privacy is a concern, think twice about posting to a private blog.

— On the neighbor message down with the bushes
1:03 p.m.

@Six Corners Association, would it be possible or would you consider starting a new thread on EB perhaps linking to this one but encouraging posts about future clean-ups, updates or anything else for a wider audience?

If so, please consider creating a post title that is searchable in the future for future EB inquiries, something like: Parklet at Lamon Ave and Irving Park Road. Years down the line, we may not remember that the title thread, "Down with the bushes," is related to this parklet location. Thanks again to @InactiveUser for starting this thread.

On a personal note, sometimes you have to do a good deed, then am-scray.

— On the neighbor message down with the bushes
12:49 p.m.

Thanks again for this post @Littleton. I'm inspired to look for photos my family may have in their albums.

Perhaps you may consider visiting the website and uploading this image. Chicago neighborhoods are lacking good images such as yours.

— On the neighbor message Uptown "Old Style"
10:42 a.m.

That building looks like Arnold's (closed) where I have had many a hangover breakfast. I always thought Arnold's was in Lakeview, so not sure. Irving & Broadway is my guess.

Green retro bus is way too cool. Thanks for the neat pic.

— On the neighbor message Uptown "Old Style"
6:15 p.m.

Call 911 (child in immediate danger)

Other Resources or Previously Posted Links:
DCFS Hotline: 1-800-25-ABUSE
DCFS Printable Brochure:

Call 311

Maryville Academy 24 Hour Helpline: 773-205-3637
Maryville Link:
Archdiocese Link:

Hands To Help Ministries: 773.599.9370
Hands To Help Ministries Link:

— On the neighbor message down with the bushes
1:06 p.m.

mile-marker: you are at post #301


— On the neighbor message down with the bushes
11:27 a.m.

Now, courtesy of this thread, we have a written record on what the soil content might be in case years down the line some nice person wants to turn it into a community garden.

1:23 p.m.

Allow me to quote and correct myself, "If the website team can post info about bike events and ArtsAlive, then someone can post something [else] of substance on that [blank] page."

TPTB in my household said that I must drop this, so I must. See you all somewhere else on EB.

8:06 p.m.

@Kenji, I understand what you're saying, but it is in fact THE ward45 website. Not just any website. Or a Facebook page. Or a Twitter account. If the website team can post info about bike events and ArtsAlive, then someone can post something of substance on that page.

Anyway, I think I'm being rude posting this on a thread that the Alderman started, so my apologies to the Alderman and anyone else, but I just thought it was important to point out that the page was blank.

7:17 p.m.

@Kenji, IMO the notion of Economic Development is relevant for everyone.

6:55 p.m.

@Kenji, I know in any other EB situation, you would have helped your fellow man with a link posting (even a screenshot) if one could not post a link at the time. Prolly not interested, I guess.

Here now is the link for the Economic Development page for the ward45 site (that @Kenji is fond of referring others to):

It's blank. I think it's important to point out that unlike the other links on the site with good info about ArtsAlive & Bike Events, etc., the Economic Development link has zero content.

To Alderman Arena's website team: Please, instead of a stunning blank page, kindly consider some examples of content. Something is better than nothing:

1. Posting of meetings announcements
2. Posting of the Lakota group link
3. Portage Theater updates
4. Posting of meeting recaps
5. Posting of other developments, if appropriate to share

Either way, thank you Alderman for using EB.

5:42 p.m.

Can't post a link right now, but perhaps change can start with the BLANK on the link under Economic Development. It's been blank for some time. Should one read into that or not, you be the judge.

We're talking about drawing people to a sight, so thought I'd post about another kind of "site"--the site. Content hardly draws me back.

1:18 p.m.

Know your meme, I mean meat.

— On the neighbor message Butcher Shop
11:31 p.m.

Mattresses are a special hazard because of the possibility of fire. Smokers chucking their lit cig butts rambling down an alley and/or reckless individuals trying to light them on fire. Might mention this hazard if you call again.

— On the neighbor message Furniture
6:04 p.m.

What the foie gras?! Oh, wait just fins..K...whew.

Fresh Farms field trip. (Cause there's no smell-o-vision/app yet).

— On the neighbor message down with the bushes
10:32 p.m.

It's Shark Week.

— On the neighbor message down with the bushes
9:55 p.m.

Since we're Hall Monitoring the bushes. Maybe someone can ask the SRO residents to Hall Monitor this thread in return. With 174 comments we may need it.

— On the neighbor message down with the bushes
9:24 p.m.

Yeah, the Labor Day weekend is hard but I'm going this year and taking my Aunts.

— On the neighborhood event 2012 Taste of Polonia at Copernicus Center
4:21 p.m.

It'd be Cat Daddy now, btw. Dougie's done.

— On the neighborhood event Chicago Contra Dancing
3:47 p.m.

Forgot the website link for more info:

There is also a Living Social deal on admission expiring really soon:

— On the neighborhood event 2012 Taste of Polonia at Copernicus Center
2:11 p.m.

Sounds good everybody. I'll make it a point to come in soon.

9:43 a.m.

Add car detailing and I'm in it.

9:58 p.m.

The fundraising appeal mentions this: "We have secured said second space to grow into, however, the spot will need revamping to accommodate our future plans of bringing in our own roaster and an in-house baker."

Pls. correct me if I'm wrong, but unless you and their current roaster are the intended in-house roaster/baker, per plan, there is irony here.

9:30 p.m.

Juicing is great, but just thinking that benefits may be outweighed if fruits & vegs used are on the widely known "Dirty Dozen" list:

Mariano's (all) have a decent selection of organics at a good price and are almost always in good shape. Otherwise Whole Foods or a New Leaf in Rogers Park or Hyde Park Produce when I am south

— On the neighbor message Place to buy LOTS of Fresh Produce?
12:16 p.m.

That there's Ahmurrrrican cheese. Peeled from a plastic pocket like we like it. And our sauce is Ahmurrrican. We don't need no stinkin' batches....of olive oil aoili.

— On the neighbor message Restaurant
5:53 p.m.

Having read articles over the years regarding SB's concerns over customer abuse of washrooms, electric costs from customers juicing their laptops/phones, and robberies, this newer concept makes sense to me. I agree with comments this SB is better than what's there now but am hoping that any increased traffic doesn't wear on the neighborhood.

— On the neighbor message Unique Starbucks planned at Broadway/Devon
11:14 a.m.

Yes, they are both derivative of Tuva Throat singing. G'night!

— On the neighborhood event live music @Jeff Fest
10:56 p.m.

@any so you were just describing music in general here when you say, "His melodies were derivative at best and stolen at worst." I thought you were picking on Hank.

Now I know you mean I could freely apply that characteristic to say, Nickelback.

— On the neighborhood event live music @Jeff Fest
10:27 p.m.

@anymouse, you're right about the lyrics, but give me some time to recover from the derivative/stolen blaspheming, K? "There's a tear in my beer."

[Talks to Hank] Hank, is there a folk country tune that is not derivative?

— On the neighborhood event live music @Jeff Fest
9:53 p.m.

That's a nice piece a writing dare, down dare @Kenji.

Stabbing Pork Chops should be in the lineup next year too.

— On the neighborhood event live music @Jeff Fest
7:16 p.m.

IMO, another standing order should be to play some music that reflects the oldmanbar town that is the NW side. Hank Williams. Polka. Swing. Celtic Lads/Ladies/Leprechauns. How do the overly lyrical Smoking Popes speak to the retired municipal worker? Hmm? (J/K...but only half J/K.)

As far as "rrrrrock" goes, if anyone from Jeff Park Fest can get the disappearing Disappears to play next year, many will come. Like me. They're supposed to be from the NW side anyway. So where are you? In the oldmanbars? Too cool for school? Pitchfork but not us? The ones who will always take you back, Jack?


— On the neighborhood event live music @Jeff Fest
6:36 p.m.

@Robert K, would it be possible for you to make to a Ward night? If so, I would like to see a new thread on EB detailing what your experience was like.

@Kenji, you the man. Mayor of EB. Alderman. Liege. Whatever. The alderman needs to take a page out of your EB repertoire, @Kenji style: Brazen meetups, food posts, repeating ward info stuff, changing avatars to keep it fresh for us. I'm a fan.

@TLO, he's read what you just posted, so hopefully he can find a way to use EB in a way that is consistent and that he is comfortable with. I follow a lot of neighborhoods on EB, and it's interesting how the diff Aldermans use EB. By far, my favorite, and I"m sure others' favorite is Alderman Tim.

11:31 a.m.

@Kenji, what you said. An update from the Alderman something to the effect of what you just said. Just a follow-up on EB, this is what's up for now, I'm outta of it...yada.

@TLo, a guess is he'd rather not update here on a thread started by a disappearing OP.

10:36 a.m.

Marisol, here's a link to report a dead animal in case you want to report it online:

Squirrels are rodents.

— On the neighbor message Dead squirrel
12:11 p.m.

A good way for municipalities to know if something is killing animals, e.g. dead birds (West Nile) is if it's reported. Won't hurt to call 311, they can tell you if they will pick it up or not.

FYI there is another recent EB post about dead squirrels in Sauganash. Just saying that the only way for the city to know if there is a notable increase of incidents is to report it:

— On the neighbor message Dead squirrel
10:45 a.m.

Written affidavits are proof. If you write one, your neighbors write one, those are documents. If you take those to the precinct, you may have a better chance at the outcome you would like.

Not sure about the calling 1-2 times a week with the same info.

Either way, thanks for posting this incident and hope you get some satisfaction & justice.

— On the neighbor message Garage break-in 7:15am
2:49 p.m.

Sorry for the confusion @gre, not in our area...see link posted above for additional info on website. It's in downtown, and the chicken is available for Sunday Brunch only per post/link above.

— On the neighbor message best fried chicken in near jefferson park
2:04 p.m.

Have you tried to take all your documents, proof, photos to the precinct personally and leave it for the detective? When I had an identity fraud issue I took my docs to the detective in person. Not sure about just calling. Maybe go in.

— On the neighbor message Garage break-in 7:15am
1:17 p.m.

@Kenji, that sounds like a run we do in the opposite direction...our Hecky's run.

@grethomory If you don't mind spending the $, Table 52's (Art Smith) chicken and waffles is really the best fried I've had here in the city. Sunday brunch:

— On the neighbor message best fried chicken in near jefferson park
11:27 a.m.

@Kenji @Montrose, never been to those. Guess will have to plan soon.. gulp...I'll get myself ready.

— On the neighbor message best fried chicken in near jefferson park
1:20 p.m.

Whoa, I've never heard of that one. Must try. @Kenji, how does Joy & James compare to the other Filipine place in Andersonville whose chicken I like a lot, but didn't post it here cause it's not in the hood: Have you been to PO?

— On the neighbor message best fried chicken in near jefferson park
11:10 a.m.

Fried chicken wings, gotta say Hooters on Higgins not that far from JP. Get it to go if the establishment is not your cup of tea.

— On the neighbor message best fried chicken in near jefferson park
11:54 a.m.

Yes, sad. Food, service and ambiance was very good. Always took care to keep their place up and looking nice for the neighborhood.

Thanks Tanzitaro owners and staff for being a good neighbor and a good business. You will be missed.

— On the neighbor message Sad.. Tanzitaro is closed
11:47 a.m.

Consider having a "No Soliciting" sign near your doorbell. We have one and when someone approaches and rings the bell, we just yell, "No Soliciting" from behind the door, without opening it. If they persist with whatever (religious, energy switch, petitions, campaigning, whatever) we just say, "Sorry, no soliciting we have a policy no soliciting." This way, we don't have to say we're busy, or not interested, or anything else, we just repeat, "Do you see the sign? We have a sign. No soliciting." We've never had anyone persist beyond that. Sometimes, the legit door-to-door people see the sign and just turn around. The sign helps. It's straightforward and we don't explain anything. If anyone persisted after telling them no soliciting, we would not hesitate to call 911.

— On the neighbor message Door to door solicitor near LeMoyne & Oakley
9:53 p.m.

Just went to Aldi's site and searched for "organic" - no results. Too bad they're not what they're like in Germany. Then again, that's probably why the Albrechts bought Trader's. So, @Maja is right, no organics for US Aldi's.

@Kenji, no clue on the sku.

1:01 p.m.

If the Portage can be to film, digital film, video, etc. what that the Old Town School of Folk music is to music (concerts, lessons, students young and old, instructors, store with instruments), then that would be a biz model that would be amazing.

12:34 p.m.

I should clarify, the Albrecht family owns Aldi & through a trust, the Albrecht family also owns Trader Joe's too. The Albrechts are hands off with Traders, but, eh, they still know each other :)

12:24 p.m.

IMO, Sears is dated.

The German company Aldi North/South owns Aldi and through a trust, also owns Trader Joe's.

IMO, the folks who were considering the space had already decided if it should be an Aldi or a Trader Joe's. One and the same. A simple Google will verify all this. So they think the demo @ 6C is Aldi's and not a Traders.

Here are links describing TJ demographics:

A summary: The TJ customer is ideally an out of work college Volvos & use sunscreen.

12:05 p.m.

After 105 comments, only 1 belonged to the OP.
@Blake, what are your thoughts now having read all the comments? Still there?

2:38 p.m.

Play it Again is excellent about checking bikes:

If you haven't already, register your bike at and also agree with the posts to check the resale shops and bike shops in the area.

— On the neighbor message Garage break-in 7:15am
3:35 p.m.

@Kenji, let us know when your food truck is ready to go.

— On the neighbor message Low and Slow Backyard BBQ Talk
3:15 p.m.

Thanks to your post, I know now that I will request an in person hearing from now on if I get a ticket like that. Mugged is an apt description. Sorry you lost money to the city.

8:18 p.m.

FWIW, only @Kenji and @Missy posted links to relevant sources on this thread. I appreciate it and am not "sick" of posts that express skepticism and due diligence digging. Brings clarity and perspective. There's room on EB for a wide range of posts and IMO, EB would be a dull place without this variety or sleuthing.

12:22 p.m.

A registry of stolen bikes here:

— On the neighbor message Bike left on my property...
12:42 p.m.

Are those crappies. We got 2 whole rainbow trout from the dad and will be just grilling, no smoke, today, with pico de gallo like salsa in the belly & wrap in banana leaves. We hope for the best.

— On the neighbor message Low and Slow Backyard BBQ Talk
1:43 p.m.

@Conor I think the chicken(s) don't feel a thing now.

@Kenji, the only feet I eat are Macaron feet. I hope the feet were neat.

— On the neighbor message Low and Slow Backyard BBQ Talk
12:53 p.m.

Yep, prolly not clicking again.

Not used to seeing those uncooked. Golden, brown and well...caramelized & crispy..but not raw.

— On the neighbor message Low and Slow Backyard BBQ Talk
6:53 p.m.

Where's the eye wash station. Eye bleach, stat.

Gotta shake it off...cotton candy...strawberry shortcake...chocolate lava cake...ok, feeling better.

— On the neighbor message Low and Slow Backyard BBQ Talk
6:31 p.m.

Interesting info Jeanne. I will stay tuned because we loved the hood, and something about those older buildings and that strip draws me back. Thanks again for the info.

2:24 p.m.

When we lived in the area, we walked into most of the places you list. The only place we returned to was Midori (Korean owned). Most were fine, however, unfortunately, more than one of the restaurants (I won't name) were less than accommodating (no help with menu translation, not welcoming, scowling...just plain not interested in serving).

Thanks for the update Jeanne and for all your work on investigating and researching this area. No longer in the area, but could the current alderman be contacted to see if there are any plans to revitalize the area? It's a shame. Strip is so full of potential.

2:01 p.m.

Sorry that happened. If you haven't yet, post here:

Some re-sale shops like Play it Again will check this registry in case perps try to sell it to them. Many bikes recovered by posting to the site. Also check Craigslist to see if it pops up.

1:08 p.m.

As someone who's lost brain cells auditing this program in the past, I'm not aware of the "additional" monies per child you were referring to. Just thought it was important to point that out. People might think that there is a per child enrollment bonus, when there is not. Pls. check the links I provided in case anyone wants to look into it further. That amount sounds more like an estimated total reimbursement per annum, per eligible child.

The program is audited, so it is very likely that a government auditor may have uncovered the anomalies.

— On the neighbor message Our principal escorted out
3:07 p.m.

@Kathy, I am not aware of additional funds in the amount of $750 per child that the Federal govt was paying in addition to the per meal reimbursement. Would you happen to have a source for that?

The National School Lunch program is a Federal program, administered by the state and you can find more info here:

— On the neighbor message Our principal escorted out
12:52 p.m.

Thanks for the post. Most cyclists I know would stop and make sure the other cyclist in the group was okay. Even if we don't know each other. What happened afterwards? Did any of the other riders stop? If not, I think that would be odd behavior from my experience especially if the group of riders were all being harassed by this individual.

11:50 a.m.

Per report, teen confessed to hitting Mr. Mora. No words to describe the depravity. Glad they have him in custody:,0,7433798.story

4:30 p.m.

@ChicagoCouple it is very possible that teachers in the schools affected may not have known about the fraud because the meal program itself prohibits any overt identification of children on the lunch program. Really only meal takers, office admins, clerks, principals, assistants etc., (administrative personnel) would have known that unqualified children were on the program.

— On the neighbor message Our principal escorted out
8:07 p.m.

I'm familiar with the meal program. A family must file a form that helps establish need (qualifying household income, etc.) and once a child is qualified, they're pretty much on until they're taken off. The meals have to be counted on a daily basis and must be done so by the program designee at point of service (when the child is served the meal). While regulations prohibit identifying in an obvious manner a qualifying child, the meal count taker and office clerks filing the forms and counts must have known too that administrator's/assistants children were on the program if they knew who they were. I agree that this would be an example of systemic corruption.

— On the neighbor message Our principal escorted out
6:44 p.m.

Saddened. Can't figure out from the article if it was 7 PM or AM. Am familiar with this area and I hope the perp is caught soon.

Joining a block club and meeting up with like minded individuals can help.

7:11 p.m.

You are spamming this thread and my inbox.

4:47 p.m.

When Mariano's opens up, they should have a good gelato/Italian ice bar. Also, I'm almost positive that Whole Foods in Sauganash has a gelato/ice bar too.

4:59 p.m.

I posted "rent" a hotel...that would be really quiet...

If you "book" a room, you might want to book way in advance (like months) due to the holiday.

— On the neighbor message Fed up with Fireworks
10:52 a.m.

I understand the frustration. There's always the suburbs. Cops come out often for citizen complaints. Is it bad enough to move?

Something more doable: Make plans next year to get away from the city even if it's just in the burbs. Rent a hotel with a pool, invite your neighbors who feel the same and get some sleep.

— On the neighbor message Fed up with Fireworks
9:52 a.m.

@inssane I can't be sure if most cyclists know the rules of the road.

IMO, cyclist who wouldn't want to license have reasons for not wanting to, but they should understand that being against it doesn't actually help their point or cycling in the long run.

Participation often requires "registration" or a "tax" of some kind: registering on EB to post comments, registering to vote, applying for a driver's license, motocycle/trucker license, dog license, etc.

I've said on this thread already, that I respect dog owners who license their pets. I look for a license on a collar, and I judge the owners; I can't help it.

11:57 a.m.

Agree @Catbus.

We have a fair number of casual clueless in NWS. I posted previously on another thread that my Dad calls some of them DUI'ers who aren't allowed to drive cars anymore. They were a menace behind the wheel, and they continue to menace on their bikes...on sidewalks with no helmets, of course.

11:48 a.m.

"We should be talking about how to change rules or update roads so more people bike and there are less accidents. I don't think we need to require bike license, that adds barriers to entry. And once the rules/laws/roads are updated more in favor of bikers, you will get more respect from all bikers."

I agree with most of your comments, except that in order to begin talking about how to change rules in favor of bikers, to get the respect that you mention, cyclists should be willing to license their bikes like cars and motorcycles. IMHO

10:31 a.m.

I think we could use all the bouquets on spacebook we can get.

— On the neighbor message Grand opening Ruffles and Bugs
11:37 p.m.

"Not going for the stealth break-in, eh?" "Clever" ??
[scratches head]

Ashley, you did the right thing. I'm glad too that he decided to leave. You were right to follow your instincts. CPD caught these guys who also banged on the door:

Thanks again for the post and the description and for making us aware. Glad you are safe.

— On the neighbor message Attempted Home Break In
10:57 p.m.

Website says the Grand Opening was a great success:

— On the neighbor message Dough on the Go
7:31 p.m.

Couple of old school places if traveling northwest is an option:

Myron & Phil's (Devon & Pulaski)

Elliott's Seafood & Grille (Northwest Highway just north of Devon)

— On the neighbor message Best steak house north of Foster?
10 p.m.

I know what I'm reading tonight.

— On the neighbor message 6 Corners Economic Development Master Plan
8:36 p.m.

Consider that such hard core zero tolerance policies similar to what @Ice is proposing actually works well within the pecking order of gang leadership. The fear engendered by the king pin keeps members in line and the organization thriving. Fear & control.

IMO, the mobs are disenfranchised teens with nothing to do. They use technology, social media to convene in an area and wreak havoc while there. They're at the Mag Mile because the threat of confrontation against them is zero. Would the AA teens be mobbing through the Puerto Rican Day Parade? Not if they want to live to mob again.

As I watch the videos of the teen mobs walking with such purpose through the mag mile, I wonder, "Where the hell are they going? Marching like that?" If you told them that there was a dance-off at 63rd beach by the South Shore Cultural Center, would they start marching toward there? Probably. Prize money sponsored by the city? Hell, yeah. Sign-up sheet for summer jobs to keep the dance-offs going through summer? Hellsss, yeah. You add food trucks and popsicles, and I'll be there too.

3 p.m.

Frances, thank you for documenting the story of the neighborhood in your wonderful blog. I look forward to going back to read more.

4:28 p.m.

Crackin' up. The mayor's talking movie and the coder is talking framework.

I liked the tattoo mayor, what typeface did you use?

— On the neighbor message Police presence on Montrose and Drake
4:16 p.m.

Crackin' up Jessland. I'll be saying, "Taaaaytos" all week. Thanks for this.

12:50 p.m.

@Curtis, words are important, and here are your own words at the beginning of this thread:

"Smart to walk into the store. There were a a few mugging last night by groups like you described."

Then in response to @Pete F who attempts to marginalize Angi's post, you respond:
"Pete F. have read today's paper?"

In the 1st post, it appears Angi's descriptions were enough for you. In the 2nd post, it appears that you are supportive of Angi's perception of harassment.

11:31 a.m.

@Kenji, as far as I'm concerned, you're the Mayor of EB.

11:11 p.m.

@KB thanks for the explanation. I apologize to you if I made you feel that way for posting.

11:02 p.m.

@KB, re-read the post and all of Angi's subsequent replies. She does'nt mention fear once. You mention fear, but she does not. She mentions harrassment.

Your comment is the most waffling comment I have read on EB since joining. I found it useless, sorry to say.

10:39 p.m.

Angi, sorry about the harrassment you experienced. I'm thinking you should include the appropriate chamber of commerce for any correspondence you may undertake.

10:25 p.m.

Just found this. Back in high school, I drove my cousin to Capitol News for a warehouse summer job interview. I waited for him and I will never forget his face as he walked back to the car. Had to wait several minutes for him to talk, he was gasping. He told me what it was. Said he was doing well until he heard buzzing noises. Said his mind just took him places that he didn't want to go. Said he began laughing uncontrollably, and mercifully, the interviewer ended it. Said the person was very nice about it, though. Which made him feel worse. We always thought it was some kind of neighborhood newspaper place growing up, so we had no idea. He didn't get the job of course, but he did eventually major in broadcast journalism.

To this day, when we happen to drive by together we'll erupt in fake "news" flashes about "urgent" breaking news. In Inspector "Gadget" voice, "This just in...missing case of..."

— On the neighbor message 3 Bedroom Apartment - Want to Rent
1:13 p.m. day left only: Living Social deal

— On the neighbor message Caspian Cafe
2:28 p.m.

This thread is no candle in the wind. Does EB have a "best of?"

Thing has legs. Pffft the shoppe. It survived the shoppe.

Now it's offering a goldmine of greasy spoon locales in the area by those who know food attack best...expectant moms.

2:18 p.m.

I'm too far northwest, but family members use this CU. It's located in Uptown, but my family members made it in and they live in West Ridge/WRP

— On the neighbor message Local Banks, Credit Unions and Rates?
6:40 p.m.

Just sending feedback to make EB better. Shortly after the no thanks feature was implemented, I've had less of a desire to interact on EB. I made it a point not to use the button at all, and I'm glad I never have.

I think it would be funny if by some glitch EB revealed who no thanked what post. Some peeps would def be shatting in their pantaloons.

— On the neighbor message The No Thanks Button Is Killing This Website
10:44 a.m.

This is the "update" post where Adrian/EB invited folks for pizza to discuss the issue. Per post, it was supposed to take place 5/24.

Wondering if it took place.

— On the neighbor message The No Thanks Button Is Killing This Website
3:53 p.m.

Thanks for the info. I always wondered too what happened to the residents of Somerset House.

— On the neighbor message Lawrence House Sale
11:48 a.m.

I got a "no thanks" on this thread for posting a link. Maybe the haulers are on this thread now.

A suggestion is to involve the property management, fast food place, building owner, or other retail estbl whose dumpster the offending hauler is picking up. Have them give you the hauler's dispatch phone number. This should be the number the estbl calls when haulers miss/mess up a pickup. Dispatch should be taking calls as early as the trucks go out. Also have the estbl give you the SALES number of the the hauler. Typically the sales number is a cell phone. When the truck comes by illegally, call the cell phone and ask why their truck is in the alley. Maybe the sales rep for the hauler will have sympathy being woken up when you are woken up.

Flood Brothers' sales rep are actually Floods, meaning family members are running the show over there.

I'm with @studs and put things in writing, e.g. formal complaint.

— On the neighbor message Unlawful garbage pickups
10:14 a.m.

@inactive user, thanks for putting that together and the greasemovie link. It's truly an infectious musical and neat to know its connection to Taft HS.

— On the neighbor message Fun Neighborhood Event
11:11 p.m.

I know the city is working on a trial on recycling materials/blue bins, but I understood the OP's problem haulers were picking up regular waste for multi-unit buildings, restaurants, etc.

If you scroll down this link, the city website states that they are not looking into franchising private haulers at the moment. Any other info out there?

— On the neighbor message Unlawful garbage pickups
1:59 p.m.

In 2008, The City of Chgo Dept. of Environment conducted a survey with waste hauler clients (condo assoc, restaurants, etc.) and found the following issues:

* Waste haulers charging wide disparity for same service even in same area
* Multiple haulers operating in single alley creating inefficiencies (average of 4 haulers per alley)
* Fuel & Environmental surcharges currently 15% to 20%
* Enforcement of service and regulatory issues difficult
* Recycling service often not available or encouraged

I'm looking into waste hauler services and I posted this on EB in Andersonville receiving just a small amount of feedback:

The city was looking into a franchise model similar to what other suburbs already have (Niles, etc.). The franchise model would have private haulers bidding for territory. Theoretically, under the franchise model, the best hauler wins the bid, service improves, price drops, accountability increases and the environmental impact is mitigated.

Seemed like a good idea. Why the city didn't move forward with it is a mystery. Well, actually not a mystery...:

Most of the small businesses I talked to said they are locked into a 5 year (sometimes more) contract. With this lock, the businesses feel stuck, and the haulers feel free to be all they can be.

I think Chicago needs to look at this again. Do we really need 4 different haulers barreling down the same alley causing issues.

— On the neighbor message Unlawful garbage pickups
1:21 p.m.

Thanks Evan, I appreciated reading everything here. Some could make the following analogy:

EB moderator on your thread (size and controversiality).
CPD at the protests (size and controversiality).

— On the neighbor message Protest march through Wicker Park last night
12:59 p.m.

I'll probably get a no thanks for posting in this thread again, but it's not hard to find links:

Here's the website for Friends of Portage Park...

— On the neighbor message Fun Neighborhood Event
12:32 p.m.

A video by Mike Eisenberg of Tall Tale Productions:

— On the neighbor message Protest march through Wicker Park last night
10:38 p.m.

An amazing blog by Frances Archer has old photos of the area of Bryn Mawr we're discussing here:

The 2nd photo down from the link happens to be some of the empty storefronts that we called to inquire about renting.

Here are more posts from her blog:

I can spend a long time paging through Frances' blog.

9:02 p.m.

Someone "no thanked" my posting the business district's facbebook page? That's whack.

— On the neighbor message Fun Neighborhood Event
10:05 a.m.

@Chibi, from your post above, I can see where that connection is made.

I have never heard of those accusations, but I learned from you today.

9:58 a.m.

"I don't think you should automatically assume that those buildings are owned by Koreans."

@Chibi I didn't assume the owners were Korean.

"Plenty of Korean businesses rent, just like everyone else."

@Chibi, I don't understand why you're making this point based on what I've posted.

10:36 p.m.

Consider making "no thanks" identifiable and not anonymous. You may not have to do much after that. People are spamming it because the spammers' identity are concealed.

Another suggestion is to also tally how many "no thanks" a user doles out.

Whatever solution EB comes up with, it would be good if everyone's "no thanks" were wiped out to show good faith.

— On the neighbor message The No Thanks Button Is Killing This Website
10:23 p.m.

This was at least 7 years ago and, no that didn't occur to me at the time. Just thought it odd that not one of our calls were returned.

9:46 p.m.

Here's a link to your website on facebook:

No times or anymore info that I can find just yet...

— On the neighbor message Fun Neighborhood Event
4:26 p.m.

"The second part of this is just to communicate just how fast I watched the neighborhood enveloped by some cloud of emergency, flashing lights everywhere, and cop cars taking possession of every surface. After seeing the staggering amounts of storm troopers downtown yesterday, seeing this in my own neighborhood was unsettling."

Thanks for the post. Do you really mean to point out that you were unsettled by how fast CPD responded to probable disturbance calls no doubt by your very own neighbors?

— On the neighbor message Protest march through Wicker Park last night
3:02 p.m.

Thanks for posting. Is there a website for more info on the event. Also, where is the bakery?

— On the neighbor message Fun Neighborhood Event
2:46 p.m.

@Jeanne, I think a chat would be in order. I'm not in the area anymore, but 7 years (and possibly more?) is a long time to stay empty. Perhaps the Alderman might have some answers.

Maybe someone could call some phone numbers now and make inquiries and see if anyone returns calls. If they are sitting on the property to take losses (hard to prove), that would be unconscionable.

I make it in to dine at Midori (Koren proprietors) from time to time. It is a gem.

1:27 p.m.

Thanks for this post. Maybe 7 years ago we called numbers on the posted signs in the vacant stores and not one called back after repeated calls to inquire about renting.

Driving by last March, the same set of buildings were still unoccupied. Speculating that the owners are holding on to claim losses. Meanwhile the neighborhood loses. It's truly a waste because that strip of Bryn Mawr has a lot of potential for just the right amount of density (retail, foot traffic, parking).

Does anyone know if they still have the annual summer fest there?

12:13 p.m.

I'm acquainted with a single mother 27 yrs. old who decided to have a 3rd child with her banger boyfriend (who she complains about endlessly) because she wanted her children to have blood siblings from the same father. She is against women whose children have different fathers. Her own mother had children from different fathers.

It's hard not to judge, but she is a product of the same upbringing--her parents are absent from her life, and sorry to say, totally useless with parenting/support. She is currently on public assistance and homeschooling her children due to a temporary living situation. Her sister is currently pregnant also and going down the same path.

It's hard enough to raise children in this day and age, but when you're encumbered from the beginning like this, it's seems hopeless. Single mothers become experts at navigating the system for assistance. If she wasn't an expert, I frankly don't know how they would survive.

Bangers become expert at what they do too. Their self-esteem and self-worth come from gang life and hustling. I do believe parents are the 1st line of defense against destructive influences. When the parent them self are lacking good judgement, however, it's easy to see where things break down.

— On the neighbor message Police presence on Montrose and Drake
1:50 p.m.

Okay, my point just proven, having just earned a "no thanks" for stating an opinion with no discernible intent to be unneighborly.

— On the neighbor message Alderman Moore, please explain
8:34 p.m.

IMO, none of the collapsed comments on this thread are "unneighborly". The no thanks button is perhaps not working as intended, EB. People are using it to "disagree" and not exclusively reporting "unneighborly" comments.

— On the neighbor message Alderman Moore, please explain
8:11 p.m.

Thanks. I can't find much on local waste haulers and feedback, but did find data on a survey the city undertook in 2008:

The summary included the following findings:
* Waste haulers charging wide disparity for same service even in same area
* Multiple haulers operating in single alley creating inefficiencies Average of 4 haulers per alley)
* Fuel & Environmental surcharges currently 15% to 20%
* Enforcement of service and regulatory issues difficult
* Recycling service often not available or encouraged

Looks like the city was looking into "franchising" waste services (done already in some suburbs) to address some of the issues. Looks like franchising would be a greener alternative (less trucks going down the same alley), not to mention provide more transparency and uniformity in pricing. Some preliminary inquiries I made with acquaintances do reveal disparity in pricing and fees. I was surprised to learn that most contracts were 5 years or more (I thought cell phone contracts were bad).

The city website summarizes the findings here too:

At the end of the summary, however, the city notes, "As part of this evaluation, the Department of Environment conducted a series of meetings with stakeholders including, associations, residents and local chambers of commerce. Based on the feedback received at these meetings, the Department of Environment is not evaluating city-wide commercial waste collection franchises at this time." Doesn't look like the city is looking at this right now.

As far as recycling, we've looked into: but they need an exact location to know if they'd cover the area. We're only gathering info now & haven't yet focused on a location.

— On the neighbor message Waste Hauler Services - Chicago
6:46 p.m.

Rogers Park.

— On the neighbor message Missing man in Uptown
1:42 p.m.

Here you go:

— On the neighbor message Yard sale permit?
6:24 p.m.

I would also consider the demoralizing effect on CPD when their arrest goes free because a judge throws charges out on a technicality. I think this happens more than we know.

— On the neighbor message RP Gang Article from the Sun Times
12:24 a.m.

Here is an article where a jury found a property management company to be 10% liable (civil case?) regarding the murder of a tenant on their property. The murderer/tenant with 90% liability. Plaintiffs' argument: Had the property mgmt company properly screened the murderer's application for tenancy, he never would have been approved for tenancy.

It seems there may be some precedence for a property management to have some responsibility in screening potential tenants.

— On the neighbor message RP Gang Article from the Sun Times
4:19 p.m.

Yes, yield in general. Cyclists who yield the trail for example, are almost always responsible riders.

I think most cyclists blow signs & lights not as a response to hazards, but do so for more selfish/lazy reasons. Who wants to come to a full stop even if you're just cruising 10mi/hr. If it's part of your discipline as a rider, though, you will make it a practice. Just like wearing a helmet. You never know who may be maybe? Even if the chance to impress upon someone what safe cycling is, is infinitesimally small, why not do it. Discipline.

9:51 a.m.

As an avid cyclist, I would not be opposed to registering my bike(s) with a municipality. I've raced every year for the last 4 years. One of my favorite rides is from the East side to Fort Sheridan. As a hobby, I work on bikes. If I could ride to work, I would, but I need my car for work. I wear a helmet even if I'm going round the block.

If you will, consider an analogy to owning a pet and getting a license. Some owners, who are law abiding will do it, some will not. We had dogs growing up and we always licensed our pets. I would assume that the pet owners who do license are more responsible owners and are more likely to treat their pets well/healthy, up to date shots, pick up after their pet, etc.

If cyclists registered their bikes, then I would like to assume that they are prepared to ride safely and follow the rules of the road. I wonder if more and more cyclists registered their bikes that it might provide an opportunity to actually advance riding in general and differentiate probable scofflaws who won't license. Just an opinion.

I would just challenge drivers who don't bike to ride for a month on the streets. Then you will see first hand what hazards a cyclist faces. I know some of you could "imagine" it. But, seriously, get on the road and see for yourself. You may begin to do what I do when I drive: check your mirrors before you swing open your door, slow down when passing, full stops, and just driving defensively and safely, keeping an eye out for everyone and everything on the road. I'm a better driver because I'm a cyclist.

12:25 a.m.

If there's any doubt why Jake would have to "defend" himself, I would just point you to that last comment.

I don't know Jacquelyn or Claire, but I would bet they're hard-working women raising families, and whose families love them. No woman on EB should have to endure comments directed at them in that tone. So unnecessary those last few comments. Nice work, gents. Stay classy.

— On the neighbor message Is this true? I received this in a e-mail.
1:53 a.m.

It's good that you don't hold him responsible for what his supporters have said. As I don't hold the alderman for what you have posted here.

— On the neighbor message Is this true? I received this in a e-mail.
4:30 p.m.

Parklets, Publican and Poop. Other than the obvious alliteration, I still think they're related somehow... ;)

— On the neighbor message Parklets
11:07 a.m.

While it may be interesting to debate the notion of liability further, the argument is moot. If you're named in a suit, you're involved.

9:21 p.m.

Don't take my word for the hazard that exists during lunch time trying to use the sole exit off their property when cars parked illegally are obstructing your view of north bound traffic. Go there and see for yourself. Watch senior citizens and children use the same sidewalk as cars exiting the McD property who become stuck on the sidewalk because they cannot see if it is clear to proceed. When a trucker himself is helping to wave you on (happened to me once) then you know THEY know what's up.

Even if you believe that McD's has no responsibility--I hardly doubt that any litigation involving an accident on their property, involving their customers would somehow NOT name the owners of that McD in a suit.

7:10 p.m.

No, it's not just city trucks. It's large trucks, small cars, etc. It's a dangerous thing and I have observed it myself on several occasions. It's McD's responsibility. Like the hot dog guy and the bus stop.

3:13 p.m.

Ok. I'm going in next time and telling the McD manager. Pls. do the same if you're ever using this McD. They'll get the idea and hopefully refuse to serve the truck driver(s) until they move their lazy azz. I will tell the manager that I will stop going to their McD cause it's dangerous.

If they don't respond well, I'm copying these pics and sending it to McD HQ in Oakbrook.

3:04 p.m.

@Dennis, Publican is in the Fulton Market corridor, the link is here: and is run by chef Paul Kahan, who as you may know, is responsible for some of the city's top restaurants (Blackbird, Avec..etc.)

Kahan comes from a long line of butchers as I understand it, so I would think the meats he works with would be top grade, but pricier.

— On the neighbor message Parklets
10:38 a.m.

Impressive color. Never smoked fish--so you don't need to slit the fish or clip the fins like when broiling. Nice. Lived in Albany Park but never made it to Joong, which I regret.

— On the neighbor message Low and Slow Backyard BBQ Talk
9:10 p.m.

As I feared, the other What's Cooking in Northbrook has closed. Was driving by and saw an empty parking lot w/the sign taken down...[sad face]

10:58 a.m.

Kenji's newest avatar reminds me I have to check out the new Publican Quality meats.

Gerard, if you wouldn't mind sharing what the reaction was at the PP meeting.

Kenji, the ADC--Andersonville Development Corporation--who has a kickaxe website btw, says the project costs approx. 10-14K (see link in OP). They were doing "green pop ups" overnight, so I would think that it doesn't take long to install.

Tracy, let us know if you find any spots.

— On the neighbor message Parklets
10:45 a.m.

I can hijack my own thread:

Actually didn't try their Royal Pie since it was summer & we didn't want a hot pie. We had the bangers & mash, though and they were ridonkulously good.

— On the neighbor message Parklets
9:14 p.m.

Lots of info here on a plant program and rebates:

Great links there to the Extension office where you could get lots of info. Sometimes the Extension office can test soil too, depends on availability.

— On the neighbor message Trees
9:02 p.m.

How great would that be...A Pleasant House Bakery in JP.

— On the neighbor message Parklets
8:54 p.m.

Yezz, let's crrrush the head of the little parklet, shall we? Didn't have a chance, I dare say. LOL

Actually it would have had a nice ring to it--Jefferson Park-let.

They're planning it for Andersonville which is already super congested with traffic. Will check it out this summer, nevertheless, and see whether the community wins or if the homeless and bangers have decided to co-opt it for themselves.


— On the neighbor message Parklets
8:13 p.m.

Just like the pants that were coming up early this year :)

— On the neighbor message The shoes are blooming already!!!
7:47 p.m.

Hustling is a way of life for some. If it's not drugs, it will be something else. Was prohibition in the 20's. I always imagined how frightening the city would have been during that time period when gangs were gunning down each other & police in broad daylight.

But then I moved to Albany Park. I watched a once happy block deteriorate into what felt like a war zone in all of 4 months when a gang family moved in. It was just ONE family.

There must be answers. Effective measures. I know one answer that won't work: overworking and depleting our CPD. It's one heck of a tough, stressful job, fraught with risk and low morale.

— On the neighbor message Is There More that Moore Can Do?
9:57 p.m.

Thanks for posting, I eat there a lot and are happy to support them. Their food is very good.

— On the neighbor message Mom's Old Recipe Mexican Restaurant
12:14 p.m.

@Jeff, that's exactly what I was thinking LOL. Loved this park growing up.

— On the neighbor message Just discovered Indian Boundary Park!
6 p.m.

@garberj you may be referring to Marion Evans & Gerry Gzesh. I can count on one hand folks I would whole-heartedly recommend, and Marion Evans is one of them. Honest, caring, extremely thorough and compassionate, Marion and her sister Gerry are gems. Many cops & firemen go to the sisters for tax preparation.

Evans-Gzesh & Company
4165 N Milwaukee Avenue
Chicago, IL 60641
(773) 481-1115

— On the neighbor message Good Tax Accountant?
5:51 p.m.

...and now it's miraculous.

4:36 p.m.

I keep reading this thread cause it's magical.

4:16 p.m.

Weep. Pekin fed this college student. Many personal dramas resolved camping in Pekin's homey booths. Where else could someone eat alongside Sergio, the cop/bodybuilder. Sniff.

— On the neighbor message Pekin House Chinese Restaurant CLOSING!!!
3:27 p.m.

Awesome. That is shop with a double p and e. The best kind.

10:47 a.m.

I agree with @Stasiu. IMO, the termination date is not the same as the original lease end date. The termination date is the last date of the 30 days notice you will give (not the end of the original lease date).

— On the neighbor message Help me understand please....
10:37 a.m.

I was looking for the address or link on the thread. Is this the cafe?
Address: 6800 N. Sheridan

10:11 a.m.

Acetone. For smoother surfaces use with scouring pad/fine steel wool and for brick use a heavy wire brush. Test in small area to be sure the surface can handle it.

— On the neighbor message graffti blasting
8:43 p.m.

I'll contact them. I'm sure they could appreciate the long history of European immigrants settling in NWS.

— On the neighbor message Julius Meinl
2:31 p.m.

Thanks for posting this is awesome. I've been to almost all Mariano stores except downtown and the "chi" is good. This store will do well because people will keep coming back.

— On the neighbor message Mariano's moving along- Yay!!
8:29 p.m.

I'm so happy that EB/Becca commented on this thread. As @Dark remarked, it shows that there is willingness to consider points that users are making. There's really nothing like EB around. Also, am very impressed that the Corruption thread wasn't taken down. Read every word. Learned a lot. Made up my own mind.

I hope the OP doesn't still feel they'll be disappearing soon. Always chilling that word, "disappearing." Censorship too. I'll get over it. Gag reflex (courtesy of my teachers), I guess.

— On the neighbor message Kenji
3:48 p.m.

Thanks Saint for your post and the points you are making.

Thanks EB/Becca for allowing this thread to continue.

I, like Saint, am still wondering what TOS or community guidelines were violated when 2 other users posted their inquiries about the status of a contributor to this site. Their posts were removed ostensibly in support of EB guidelines.

In my mind their posts were relevant. They (we) were inquiring about a neighbor's status. As I'm sure inquiries regarding the status of a building, or the status of a business would be relevant, I would hope that an inquiry about a human being would be more so.

Thanks in advance for further clarification.

— On the neighbor message Kenji
2:43 p.m.

Thanks @New Kid. 10 years trying to get business into 6C....That actually sounds about right. Your link just made me realize something...

ANYONE who has ever tried to get work out of a graphic artist would say that is about right. 10 years. LOL. I exaggerate of course, but other biz owners might know what I mean. Seriously nothing against graphic artists, but my family members who are graphic artists are a special bunch. The perfectionism and passion are not always conducive to real-time business deadlines. Logo update, months. Website overhaul, several months. It's dawning on me now. My sibling once bit my head off and went ballistic when I tweaked the artwork they created. Now I don't use my family members because as a biz owner, I simply CANNOT work with them. Too much ego. Talented hardassses, perfectionistic dictators who care very little about my deadline. Deadline cripplers, I say. Hostaging your biz branding and there is nothing you can do about it. NOW I GET IT!

@Milwaukee Mania - love your posts. Typical Nort'west side pragmatist. Reminds me of what my Dad always said about the lack of good places to eat in the NW side: "We go to the neighborhood butcher, produce market, and we cook at home. Better than anything you can find outside."

— On the neighbor message Chicago the most corrupt city in the US
10:02 a.m.

The OP wrote:
"It was not enough so he sent the inspector out to harass me. This cost me money. Not only did I have to jump through hoops for mice droppings in a 80 year old building I do not own. I had to pay off the alderman again. He comes back wanting $500. I could not pay him. It became $1000 and now he is asking for a $2000 donation. I can not get a permit approved unless I pay."

* I would like to know what type of permit the OP is trying to get approved.
* I assume the type of inspector the OP is referring to is a food inspector, so I then assume the OP has a food establishment.
* I'm wondering why the OP believes the age of a building, or the ownership status of a building should somehow mitigate the OP's responsibility to have a food establishment free of "mice droppings" which is a critical violation of the City Sanitation code.
* If this posting is true, then we should be able to pore over the new food inspection database and assume that at least one food establishment in 45 was cited for droppings recently.

It would be helpful if the OP would come back to clarify/respond.

— On the neighbor message Chicago the most corrupt city in the US
10:34 a.m.

There's nothing wrong with voicing a desire for increased (and more accountable/respectful) communication by a municipal entity regarding a public park that people care about. Thanks for the post AJP.

— On the neighbor message Forest Glen Woods Forest Preserve
3:39 p.m.

There are many social service agencies, nursing homes for the indigent and mentally ill, and group homes in Uptown which contribute to that "transient" perception people might have about Uptown. Residents of these facilities are free to roam the neighborhood, walk around, and hang out, but this population, is seldom dangerous. While Uptown has it's share of gangs, I would still live in Uptown over Logan Square.

— On the neighbor message Moving to Uptown
3:31 p.m.

Thanks for posting. That is great news and so glad for the well-deserved acknowledgment. Congrats to Benjamin and his sister.

3:07 p.m.

Oh no! The hardest working bus staff that I've ever seen. Will miss the roast chicken. So many memories there. I don't know what will replace it. I'm not sure how they're connected, but the What's Cooking in Deerfield is still open. That one is run by George, the original proprietor of WC in Lincoln Village. Just went to their website and they're promoting lower prices and "value meals." Seeing that made me remember when Artemis, another family diner that closed, also had recession pricing--right before they closed too! I'm wondering if the WC in Deerfield is faring better. I will miss this place.

8:25 p.m.

Sorry, I couldn't find my post again LOL. If I remember correctly, they are swing doors. He mentioned that they had a locksmith look at it, but I don't know yet what became of that. Thanks in advance.

— On the neighbor message Need Referral for Metal Doors
12:35 p.m.

Cause I grew up eating burgers there and they are memory favorites, Bill's Drive In on Western (Howard) and Max's on Western (Peterson). Although not sure if both qualify for Rogers Park, maybe Evanston and Lincoln Square respectively.

I agree with Bub; I've always liked Moody's (plus onion rings) too, in Edgewater. Nolan read my mind: Edzo's in Evanston is simply amazing. My current all time fave since last summer is Epic Burger, but alas, not in RP.

— On the neighbor message Burgers in Rogers Park
11:52 a.m.

I miss Mr. Norkett's laugh. He always made me feel like a part of his circle. Everyday, unassuming person. Know that you have made me smile and think of this man, and how he lived a quiet hero among us.

— On the neighbor message Homage to Bill Norkett
11:08 p.m.

I have lived in a number of neighborhoods in Chicago and nowhere have I come across the ethnic diversity that WRP offers. If you're raising children, they will grow up living in this diversity and be better citizens for it. You can be among Hasidic Jews, Africans, Iranians, Assyrians, Pakistanis, Indians, Irish, Polish, Chinese, Mexicans, etc. and experience the diversity of culture just walking/shopping/eating along the WRP portion of Devon Ave. I have yet to experience anything like it in Chicago.

7:23 p.m.

Thanks Pete.

Bless the person who delivered the anonymous tip.

— On the neighbor message Disabled man beaten last week dies.
3:12 p.m.

Kelly best describes it, IMO. Lived within a block of this area on Arthur and while my building was fine, it was a crap shoot every night. I will not forget the trepidation of looking for parking each night and the steady fear of that walk from my car (sometimes 2-3 blocks away) to my apartment. The close calls. the heart pumping. There are so many places for people to hide and just pop out on you that I took to walking down the middle of the street.

When I first moved there, the thought of walking to and using the park sounded great, however, I quickly discovered that this was not a recommended activity since walking to and from the park was risky, and then to use the park itself was just another opportunity to open oneself for an assault of some kind or another.

The only thing that kept me from despair were my neighbors, the older/senior eastern European folks who loved to walk around the neighborhood and the condo owners who were the definition of tenacity.

9:53 p.m.

Thanks Scott. My family are CPD and they are saying that they are stretched thin. They would like the mayor to fulfill his promise of more police on the streets--not just re-assigns, but permanent new hires. If the city is broke, then this is a challenge.

If it's about tactics, I do believe that leadership at CPD has all the data they need in knowing what works. They also have access to data on what works from other PDs across the nation. It's likely a combination of leadership, CPD and community involvement (residents, landlords, small business) etc. that is effective.

Though while data and community involvement are important, I would think that basic shortage of officers must strike at the heart of real and sustained progress that RP needs right now.

— On the neighbor message Some disturbing comments
3:52 p.m.

Hiring more police, not just re-allocating would help. I grew up in RP and there were always pockets of gang incidents, but this is urgent. The violence as reported here on EB are like warzone dispatches.

Ald. Moore's countenance and demeanor did not appear to reflect a sense of urgency about the situation. Not convinced there are other measures underway to stem the growing violence.

— On the neighbor message Some disturbing comments
3:09 p.m.

My Dad thinks dangerous sidewalk "cyclists" are often times DUI'ers who are no longer allowed to drive a car and now must use their bikes to get around. If they were a menace behind the wheel, now they are a menace on the sidewalks. I, too, wish there were a good way to catch these offenders with attitude.

— On the neighbor message Adults Bicycling on the sidewalk
5:26 p.m.

Ben, if you know of a reward fund, pls. post. I will contribute. Someone knows these murderers and a reward may just be the thing that helps someone come forward. Utterly senseless, heinous attack by persons devoid of humanity.

— On the neighbor message Disabled man beaten last week dies.
5:06 p.m.

Try salvage and demo places. Here are two:

If you don't find anything at those places, I'm sure they could recommend a salvage place that might specialize in vintage residential buildings. I would also look in neighboring states Indiana & Wisconsin for additional salvage searches.

Retail places like Salvage One and Urban Remains may be too pricey.

— On the neighbor message New Front Door for Two Flat?
3:40 p.m.

I apologize for not being able to provide a source, but my family who are CPD have referred to the event/circumstance when a group turns into a "mob," which apparently can be broken up by CPD regardless of whether or not they are gang members, kids, or Cub fans. CPD can and will at their discretion tell people to "move right along." What constitutes a mob, I do not know. Number of people? I will ask next time I see them.

2:01 p.m.

Victoria, thanks for your post. Keep posting. I agree with Gregory. My family members who are CPD tell my parents to call 911. Period.

— On the neighbor message The gangs are out tonight
1:28 p.m.

Haven't been to Smoque yet, but like the dry rub at Merle's in Evanston.

— On the neighbor message Dry Rub
3:28 p.m.