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Just started looking for rentals and find that sites like radpad require an application on line with lots of personal information. Is this the new way of finding rentals, what happened to looking first then getting approved directly from landlord instead of personal info all over the internet?
Any other safe way of finding rentals?


  • Advertising is not allowed on Everyblock, so you won’t find apartment listings in the Housing category.

    When I owned my building, I used Domu for renting. I tried Craigslist a couple of times, but like JW mentioned, the posting would get buried almost immediately. I always put up a For Rent sign in the courtyard when there was an available apartment, and we had our own website that prospective tenants could use to see pictures of the place and send us emails.

  • I used Zillow to find my apartment and did not provide info other than name and email address so listings could be sent to me.

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Loud crash west of Farwell

Did anyone hear a large crash or explosion west of Farwell 10 minutes ago?

  • L

    If you read the original post, Omar, you would see that I did not post it nor did I specifically refer to west of Farwell in my post. I simply confirmed that I heard a noise without mentioning direction at any point.

  • Helen NoH North of Howard for 55 + years

    L, you responded to a post that makes no sense.

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Six Corner's Portage Park

Anyone know if they are still building Aldi, Binny's, Starbucks, etc? There's so much potential for this intersection and neighborhood, why does it still look like an ghost town?

  • paul in jefferson jefferson park resident

    That sounds good make sure you take off the blade

  • Looking forward to becoming a Portage Park resident soon! Love reading this thread and seeing the neighborhood pull together and want better for an area that has tremendous possibilities. In fact, we fell in love with it exactly as is so anything in addition is a bonus!!

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Safety concern - walk dont walk sign out

The city replaced the controller box for lights at Sheridan and Rosemont. In their efficient manner they did not hook up the "walk don't walk" sign,. For the safety of pedestrians and students this needs to be fixed - and the supervisor/inspector needs to be reprimanded. Sloppy workmanship - no pride of ownership is evident for all to see. Disappointing workman performance.

  • Wazzup not available

    re-Does Wazzy think that the police repair traffic signals?
    obviously i did not say that i said they should report it -
    obviously there is a serious reading comprehension problem -
    so sad.

  • Rob

    "obviously i did not say that i said they should report it - "

    Horrific punctation and capitalization aside, it's comical for you to critique someone else after writing that sentence.

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"Muck"(?) graffiti

Seen this tag around a lot lately. Up and down from the park to the train station and on the city clerk office. A few weeks ago then a fresh one today on Higgins. Bold. Who?

  • Sean Creative Strategist and Beer Maker

    2 ways to solve the truck issue. Have it wrapped in vinyl, do some brand promotion on it. Or get it painted for free, by having a local artist do it, and perhaps even have it done graf style. Not by this particular vandal, but I'd imagine if you got word out you'd be flooded by people willing todo something nice for you.

  • Jeffrey Littleton Yes, I painted my own profile photo

    Chock Itty Clock Chock.

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Number of Shootings to date in Chicago, updated June 18, 2017.

Year to Date
Shot & Killed: 281
Shot & Wounded: 1322
Total Shot: 1603
Total Homicides: 299

This is insane. We are living in a war zone. People, we have to stop the violence!

  • 2nd amendment is nice if they don't get to theirs before you get you yours. Nice to have but not the only answer especially since you can't have it outside everywhere anyway. From your house to the car that's about it.

  • Jeffrey Littleton Yes, I painted my own profile photo

    On track for750+....

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Bad neighbors

Anybody know how to "encourage" the building management to get rid of bad neighbors? Loud fights, drunken behavior, broken glass in the yard, etc. Have called the cops several times and have notified the building management, but nothing seems to be happening

  • You could also get the phone numbers and emails of other people in your building and all call 911 together when the people are not acting like good neighbors. If many people call, they cannot ignore it. Also you can all complain to apartment managers at the same time. I lived in a building and we did this because they would not listen to each of us but as a group they did. We submit a list of problems together.

  • d3 NOH

    Aside of the 24th district problem building handler.. If police are ignoring and aren't responding to the calls start filing complaint requests and complaint investigations after each specific call. One with 911/oemc and the other with 24th district, two different complaints that will require calling each, and you should get the actual complaint number for both, don't let them 'talk to them' or they won't make it a formal complaint.

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Central and Waveland

I was just on Alderman Villegas's web page and read that he is meeting with the developer this evening. We hope that the developer will build something there that benefits the area with economic development. We don't want any thing like they are doing in the 45th Ward.

  • Gardener Portage Park

    As a nurse practitioner and resident in the immediate area, I'm absolutely in agreement with this plan. We need this type of facility in the area; the population is aging and there are many seniors who need assisted living because of declining mental capacity. Anthem has an excellent reputation and should be a good neighbor. The artist's rendering looks like the facility will blend well in the 'hood.

  • In addition to filling an urgent need for senior housing, its close proximity to a hospital is another plus for the building occupants/residents.

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Fairly new in the city, question about end of lease

I have my old apartment paid for till June 30. I already moved to the new place which wiped out my PTO. So, I had cleaning services come, not immediately after we left but 9 days later. When I came to apartment to take trash out before the maids arrive, and to pick up last stuff, I found my apartment emptied. Someone took the rest of my stuff and trash. Can landlord do that? Dont they need to tell me 24 hrs ahead before they enter the place? I'm still on lease. I'm shocked. Not to mention, I suspect they will want to charge me for clean up too. What's my situation? Thanks in advance.

  • Hello all. Apologies for not being here earlier but after coming back from PTO work is just hell...
    So, yes, I did communicate when I am moving out but I said that in the context of viewing the place for the prospective tenants. The person I communicated with was NOT...

    Read full comment…

    Hello all. Apologies for not being here earlier but after coming back from PTO work is just hell...
    So, yes, I did communicate when I am moving out but I said that in the context of viewing the place for the prospective tenants. The person I communicated with was NOT the manager but the agent. The agent was thoughtless and just forwarded half truth to the manager. Also, whoever was entering my apartment on daily basis did not notice that I am locking the bottom lock and they always lock the upper one. I can't really demand all people are that attentive to detail... but I person with a little perception would notice that.
    I never left the apartment for more than 5 days. After that I was there every other day.
    So my stuff just disappeared one day, which is sad, but there's nothing I can do. The manager apologized, twice, does not change the situation...

    Thank you all for your input. Including unhappy faces.

  • There is absolutely something you can do. As Robin mentioned in an earlier post, contact the Tenants Union. Landlords cannot just toss your stuff, they have to hold onto it for a period of time. You should be able to get a settlement if your belongings were trashed.

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