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Added Feb 20 2014

I am planning a move to Chicago this summer. I will be moving with my husband. We found an apartment that we love located at 4520 N. Clarendon Ave. in Uptown. It is directly across the street from a park which will be perfect for our dogs. I am 23 and my husband is 26. I may come home at all hours of the night due to working at a hospital and I was wondering if this area will be safe for me to walk alone. Also I will take my dogs to the park to do their business, so I was wondering if this park is safe. We are moving to Chicago from the suburbs of Saint Louis Mo and we are very excited to live in Chicago, so any information would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

  • MJB ASNA member

    I would suggest you go to a CAPS beat meeting and they will go over the crime stats since the last meeting. You can call 311 to find out when the next meeting is. If you cannot go I would suggest you call the police district the building is in and speak to an officer in the community policing office. Again you can get that info from 311.

  • Kaleb B Crafty and Queer

    I wouldn't move to uptown. I would look in to Andersonville or edgewater.

  • Kennedy B. is there specific reasons why you would suggest elsewhere? IE: dangerous at night, etc.

  • Why does everyone limit themselves to the lake? Not that its bad but jw. Are you bringing a car??

  • My husband will be driving a car to and from work, I will be taking transit or riding a bike

  • Sarah, I echo attending a CAPS meeting. I'd also suggest that you call Alderman Cappleman's office and ask if there's an active block club. I can't speak to where you're moving specifically, but I live in Uptown--Lawrence and Marine--and I don't feel unsafe. Part of the reason is that I know my neighbors very well, thanks to our block club and active involvement with the alderman. I'm not sure id be walking around any part of chicago late at night--including Andersonville. If you'd like to talk offline, let me know. Best of luck !

  • SoccerMom in Uptown, I would love to speak with you offline or through email. I have done so much research and I can not get a clear answer, although the people on this site say stay away. My biggest issue is that when I look up crime statistics they are the same as Lakeview and other areas we were also looking at.

  • That area isn't horrible. I just wouldn't feel safe coming home late at night. Or walking my dog late. I'm pretty sure street parking is tough over there unless you are getting a spot. If you are getting a good deal for a nice place go for it. There are way worse areas to live.

  • MJB ASNA member

    I would also be happy to talk to offline. I lived in uptown for 9 years and almost 7 years ago moved to Andersonville. I was also a caps beat facilitator in uptown and now in my current neighborhood.

  • MJB that would be great! also SoccerMOM my email is

  • MJB ASNA member

    I will send you an email shortly with my contact info. It is a yahoo email address I will send it from.

  • and Elston/Webster/Ashland

  • You can also Google crime and the zip code to bring up recent crimes or sex offenders. Unfortunately if you know a cop, they just automatically tell you what's going on.

  • Preeti Superstar, animal lover, just me

    Uptown varies block by block. The area has been in gentrification for 15+ years. There's a new Target at Wilson & Clark. The Wilson Red Line stop is sketchy while ideally located for access to Target and Truman College. The corner of Lawrence & Sheridan is known for gang violence and was in the news a few months ago when a gang banger opened fire at a rival gang member at the bus stop...five people were shot. 2 blocks west on Lawrence is a great jazz club (Green Mill) and the Aragon Ballroom (music venue). Safety is relative and only as good as you are aware of your surroundings. If you're taking public transit (Wilson Red Line is your closest train stop but a bus is closer) at various hours, as a woman I would not feel safe walking 2-3 blocks home from the train or bus at 11pm in that area. Street parking is challenging that close to the lake so if your husband is driving daily, you may want to get a place with a parking space or get used to driving around 30-45 minutes looking for parking. All that being said, I have a good friend who has lived at Montrose & Marine for 8 years and she likes it. She takes buses mostly. If you're looking for an area that is close to the lake with lots of restaurants and shops within walking distance, I suggest Andersonville or Lakeview over Uptown any day.

  • No the area is not safe for you to be walking alone at night. Anyone who says differently has lived in the area so long that they accept as normal drive by shootings, lots of gang activity, and crime. There are many other places in chicago to live on a similar budget which are much safer

  • I live in Uptown, N Marine Dr bw Lawrence and Foster. I love it. It's a quiet neighborhood. There's a bus stop at almost every block. It's just a few minutes away from the Argyle red line. Also just a few minutes away from Asian supermarkets, several restaurants, the beach/shore, the doggy park, etc. The view (lake) is fantastic from my window. Parking is a problem if your building doesn't have a parking garage or valet parking.

    I walk by myself (female) at night 9-10pm on Argyle from the Argyle red line station. It helps that Argyle is brightly lit from Broadway to Sheridan. Sheridan to Marine Dr is very dark.

    As someone wrote, Uptown tends to vary by block. N Marine Dr bw Lawrence and Foster is nice (IMO). Sheridan is questionable - quite a few gang and drug-related "events."

  • A safe neighborhood can be very objective depending on your expectations and perspective. Maybe I would ask you to define your idea of a safe neighborhood coming from a suburban environment?

  • P

    I lived around 4300 N Clarendon for several years, please feel free to message me

  • robin in WRP I support a 28th Amendment 4Free & Fair Elections!

    If you attend a CAPS meeting, as others have suggested, you will get facts, not anecdotes

  • Melissa R Teacher and mom living near Winnemac Park

    There are a ton of crime statistics online. I would suggest looking at those. My understanding is that there has been a lot of violence in Uptown. As gentrification continues, gang activity tends to get concentrated in a smaller and smaller area, which has led to violence (including shootings). I am a person who lived in east Rogers Park for years (in the 90s) when everyone said it was a scary neighborhood, and I loved it, but now I'm a bit older and like living in a safer neighborhood. It's a matter of what you are comfortable with (and what you can afford -- lots of deals in Uptown).

  • Idscnyco Uptown proud

    Sarah, here it is straight (I live around the corner). If you find value in living in a mixed income community, you will be happy here. If you would prefer a more upscale neighborhood, like A-ville or Lincoln Park, you might not. Uptown is my favorite neighborhood in the city, and there are great people here from all walks of life.

  • Shana 60640 60640 since 2013

    Sarah, I agree with what Clayton says about it also depending on your perspective. I would suggest driving through that area during different times of the day/night and seeing how you feel. My husband and I lived at Buena/Broadway a year ago- only a half a mile away and never had any issues (other than finding parking, esp late at night. However, one day when we were walking our dog north on Clarendon- we both commented how different we felt after crossing Montrose. The energy and surroundings put us both on alert almost instantly. I would not choose to walk around there alone at night personally.

  • Catbus Philosopher, Third-Class

    The particular block you're looking at is probably pretty safe. The blocks between it and the Wilson Red Line station are not. If you could teleport home from the train, you'd be fine, but I would not recommend making that walk after dark. The area has not only gang activity but a large number of residents with drug and mental health issues. If your plan is to ride one of the lakefront express buses (135, 136, 146 or 148) to and from work, you might be all right. If your plan is to ride the 'L', you should listen to the other folks here and find another neighborhood. There are other diverse, mixed-income communities in Chicago that don't have Uptown's problems.

  • Chica-go Livin' and lovin' in Edgewater Glen

    I lived at Magnolia and Lawrence for 5 years (west of Broadway). Loved, loved my condo and the immediate blocks, but I would not feel safe walking east of there and around the Wilson L. There are frequent shootings at Sheridan between Lawrence and Wilson…have been for years. That said, if you are not in a gang, you will (likely) not be targeted. Tho, I'd make sure my unit was higher than the first floor and the entry has good security.

  • Catherine NO!

    Wooboy. In a word Sarah, NO! Other parts of Uptown can be fine, but not the location you picked out. At the risk of stirring an angry hornets' nest, I strongly suggest avoiding any location where you'd be relying on the Wilson el stop to get around. Also, for Uptown, my general rule of thumb is to avoid going west of Broadway after dark, though yes, I do this on occasion to go grocery shopping on Argyle.

    Here's my personal rule of thumb:
    - Winona to Montrose, avoid going west of Broadway after dark.
    - For the same area, try to stay off Sheridan if you're on foot. (Taking a bus through the area is fine.)

    Checking the crime stats and CAPS is great advice. What might not show up unless you visit the area is the general feeling of sketchiness, which I would define as lots of people loitering, the area looking a bit rundown, more bars on windows/storefronts than is generally common, etc.

    While Marine Drive is very nice, having to go west of it and through Sheridan in that area to get to the el train just isn't a good idea.

    To echo others, there's frequent daytime shootings near Lawrence and Sheridan and Wilson and Sheridan. Unless you or any of your guests could be mistaken for a gang member, you're probably fine in any area that has outdoor shootings, since on the North Side at least, they're typically gang-on-gang and targeted. (I'm not familiar enough with the West and South sides to give an opinion.) Still, why risk getting hit by a stray bullet if you don't have to?

  • lauren :)

    No. I would not move to uptown. Go a bit further south and try lakeview or go a bit further north for Andersonville. But I, personally, would never move to uptown. It's become a very scary area.

  • Catherine NO!

    Also Sarah, please note that the majority of people who have responded to you so far have given you very similar advice and specific block boundaries. That kind of thing doesn't happen often.

  • lauren :)

    Especially if you're a woman walking alone at night! No freaking way. As someone else said, whoever says yes it's safe has just accepted how unsafe it is as normal.
    I don't even want to go to the target that's at broadway and montrose at night.
    I have a client who lives there now and both her and her husband cannot wait top there lease is up to be able to move. They love right across from the target. I suggested south and north and it's also one of the only areas of the city that I would suggest moving west even.

  • Catbus Philosopher, Third-Class

    Catherine is right. I would only disagree with her on one thing: My sense is that the blocks between Broadway and Sheridan are more dangerous than those west of Broadway. Though you're not really safe until somewhere between Malden and Beacon streets.

  • Catbus Philosopher, Third-Class

    Of course, telling you what NOT to do is not especially helpful. If you'd care to share (publicly or privately) which hospital you're commuting to, I'd be happy to provide some more specific neighborhood recommendations.

  • Are you people high? I've lived in Uptown for ten years and never had a problem. There are like three bad parts of Uptown. Wilson and Broadway, Wilson and Sheridan and Lawrence and Sheridan. And those areas are getting cleaned up. Uptown is a great hood.

  • lauren :)

    Clarendon is a very scary street, Jason. :)

  • lauren :)

    And yes, as Catbus said, west of broadway you're fine. Between broadway and the lake and I'd go so far as to say between Irving park and Lawrence - I would never move within that entire area.

  • Not particularly safe, no.

  • Catbus Philosopher, Third-Class

    Yeah, but Jason, Wilson/Sheridan and Wilson/Broadway are exactly the parts of Uptown you need to walk through in order to get to the 'L'.

    Before we moved in together, my wife lived on Malden just south of Wilson -- this was from around 2009 to 2011. She bought her groceries on Broadway. During that time, the number of gunshots in the area was rising, not falling. And just recently, a Red Line train I was on stopped at Wilson because some of some weird random fight among teenagers on the platform which led to one of them jumping onto the train and fleeing from car to car while another strode after him, purposefully, with his hand in his jacket in a manner that convincingly implied the possession of a firearm. This was in the middle of the afternoon. I stand by my assessment of the area.

  • You should look west towards Ravenswood/Lincoln Square.

  • I have lived half a block from you for 7 years (Agatite and Clarendon) and I have never felt unsafe (not even once!). I see plenty of women on my street walking their dogs alone at night.

  • I agree with Jason. Interesting that most of the people with negative comments don't even live in the area! It was a struggle to have a decent police presence when Schiller was alderman but she is, thankfully, gone. I'm not sure I'd characterize Lawrence and Sheridan as having "frequent" shootings but like any area in the city (including some mentioned in this post) there is crime, which again, thanks to an active alderman is changing, including a brand new Wilson station.

  • lauren :)

    You don't need to live there to know. I hate when people say that. I don't need to live in Garfield Park to know I SHOULDNT live there.
    I know plenty of people who live in uptown and every single one of them is counting down the days until they can move.
    And My husband and I looked at an apartment there. Well we had an appt to look at one. I drove by it at night (Clarendon and Montrose area) and immediately called and canceled the appt to see it.

  • I would also think about going a little more west. Down Irving park or Montrose brown lines. Can find a place in a nice hood. Plenty of street parking and close to transportation.

  • Here's what happened in your safe neighborhood this past week.

    Those responding to your post who live in uptown are numb to the danger and violence.

    Just google uptown chicago crime to find complete article.

    On February 14, 2014, 22-year-old Marcus M. Dixon, allegedly from Joliet, Illinois, shared a unique Valentine's Day gift with Chicago's Uptown residents: The gift of fear.

    According to several news reports, Dixon whipped out a semi-automatic pistol at the CTA Red Line Wilson "L" station and randomly fired at pedestrians.

    The brazen act of violence occurred around 6:40 p.m., while many North Siders were making their way home from work.

  • RT Here

    Why in the hell anyone would move to Uptown is beyond me. It's not going to get better anytime soon.

  • I'm a woman in my 30s and I regularly run in the area during the daytime. Between Sheridan and the Red Line L stop on Wilson I always, always have some dude say something to me. Typically pretty innocuous stuff, but I would absolutely not walk around there by myself in the middle of the night. As someone above said, if you're taking the bus and you're right by a stop you might be ok, but the walk from the red line late at night is not a good idea.

  • mfy773 been in rogers park for 25+years

    I would move to Lincoln square, the brown line is better than the red line, and the neighborhood is a lot nicer and never have a problem finding parking.

  • I think it's interesting that the OP noted the crime statistics she has pulled for Uptown were the same as the ones she pulled for Lakeview.

    Sarah, I'm from St. Louis too (Florissant). I grew up there. All areas of Chicago can be dangerous if you are unaware, or if you are courting trouble. There are mentally ill people in Uptown, but there are also gangs on Chicago Avenue at Water Tower Place. I've lived right off the Wilson stop since 2007, and I love it. I'm a young woman, I walk home late (2am), I leave for work early (6am), and I'm always aware of my surroundings. I've had moments where I was nervous, but literally no one has ever bothered me other than the usual street harassment that any young woman experiences anywhere in Chicago. "Hey baby, why don't you give me a smile", etc. I experience the exact same thing on the other end of my commute in the loop. For me, that's city life, and I wouldn't change it for anything. Maybe it's not what you're looking for, which is fine. Just my two cents Sarah. Welcome!

  • You can google ANY Chicago Neighborhood crime and you'll find plenty (it's a big city after all).
    I agree that Uptown is more "sketchy" than other areas but to me the vicinity to the Lake weighs far higher in my list of priorities (Lakeside also means 10 minutes drive to get downtown by car via LSD). Being by the Lake is one of the greatest aspects of living in this city (experience it yourself, people that live "west" force themselves to forget about it).
    Lakeview is convenient too but you'd have to pay almost double for the same place (and it's just one mile south).

  • The only time my girl gets street harassment is when she gets into the loop. She walks to and from the brown line every day and pretty much never experiences any shadiness. I just don't see the point in putting yourself in that situation daily when there are other options. When we first moved out here my girlfriend was worried about safety. So we made sure to find a neighborhood (Graceland west in Lakeview) she would feel safe walking in since she would be taking public trans.

  • I lived on Sheridan between Montrose and Buena for a few years: a-okay.

    I lived on Magnolia between Montrose and Wilson for a couple years: iffy

    In my opinion, the blocks between Montrose (N), Lawrence (S), Magnolia (E) and Dover (W) are better than most blocks east of Broadway. The exception, as others have noted, would be Marine since that is essentially lakefront property.

    If I were coming from a non-urban location and knew I'd be commuting at odd hours on public trans, I would look further north in Edgewater or further west in Ravenswood/Lincoln Square.

  • I live west off Ashland and Irving and I don't force myself to forget about not living near the lake... I'm actually happy I don't. Never have a problem with parking and the congestion. And when I want to go to the lake its a 5 min drive or 10 min bus ride

  • I just Google street-viewed your location to refresh my memory, and you're probably good for safety. There's probably a bus on Marine, possibly an express to downtown.

    The question is whether it's important to you to have other amenities within walking distance. Because other than the Jewel on Broadway and the Target a block from that, there's not a lot. Just a thought.

  • Good places can be had in Uptown, but it can take some work. Still, should you find something you like, make sure to visit it at night before signing the lease - There are two Uptowns, and you should see them both.

    I sure wish I could be more positive about the area (which continues to evolve), but my negative experiences have been consistent enough that I don't feel I'm being an Uptown alarmist by suggesting you look elsewhere - Edgewater, Andersonville, Lincoln Square, Roscoe Village, whatevs. Can't deny there's some great shopping and dining in Uptown, so it can be a fun area to visit. And then cab home.

  • As a female dog owner living in Uptown, some of what is said is true and some of it seems to be an exaggeration. I also agree that it will depend on what your definition of safe is. There is no where in a big city where women should be walking around at night without taking precautions. There are rapes, muggings and assaults in any neighborhood. Now, I would also agree that the Wilson L stop at night makes me uncomfortable. I actually live just north and east of the L but will go to the Lawrence stop at night and walk the extra block through the neighborhood. I do walk my dogs at all hours and have not felt unsafe. I do walk the routes I take and have gotten to know many of my neighbors all along my usual route should I have any problems. They are redoing the Wilson L and sinking a lot of money into it. Hopefully with the remodel, everyone with stop "accepting" what it is like around the L stop.

  • sorry, typo in my post..."I do WATCH the routes I take and have gotten to know many of my neighbors..."

  • robin in WRP I support a 28th Amendment 4Free & Fair Elections!

    Two years ago, a couple of young women (early 20s) moved into uptown. At their first CAPS meeting, the police officer told them to never get off the train at Wilson after dark.

  • Catherine NO!

    Either I mistyped or I was somewhat misunderstoond. Catbus, I agree with you. In Uptown, avoid going between Broadway and Sheridan if you can. West of Broadway is fine.

  • Aron Long tlme Lincoln sq home owner

    Keep away from uptown .its multi ethnic which is nice but you will find a lot of welfare receptions and gangs there .Its Definately not safe to walk alone .I actualy worked in uptown years ago and always had a security escort to the Lawrence bus stop .try
    Lincoln square which is great for public transport or Lincoln park

  • I would suggest Andersonville or ravenswood. It's not that uptown or Rogers park is bad. But there are rough patches that make living there more difficult than it should be.

  • Here are the crime stats for Uptown from December 1, 2013 to December 31, 2013.

    Here are the crime stats for Lake View for the same time period:

    Now, tell me which is the safer neighborhood?

  • Catbus Philosopher, Third-Class

    Lakeview is safer. First of all, the figures posted are just from December. In December, the gang members mostly stay inside, get high and play Xbox. Look at the violent crime figures for June through September, and they'll be very different. Second, the Lakeview crimes are mostly theft. We're not talking about muggings or drive-bys here, we're talking about shoplifting. Finally, Lakeview is geographically larger than Uptown. In Uptown, you have 20 robberies concentrated in just one square mile. Lakeview's 24 robberies are spread over almost two.

  • The stats account for the change in size between the two areas. The statistics are very similar. Uptown is just as safe as Lake View if not safer. There are just a couple bad corners, like anywhere else in the City.

  • JB

    As a female who moved to Chicago after graduating from college 9 years ago, I'm particular to the north side Brown line stops. Generally you can find a place fairly close to the El stop for reasonable rent and there seem to be less "troublemakers" on the Brown line than the Red line... whether it's Paulina, Irving, Montrose, or Damen, I feel safe late at night around these stops.

  • CJL ...


    it's not too dissimilar to the Central West End. More methadone and former institutionalized folks, less of a theft/robbery nexus.

    There will (most likely) be a huge construction project at Montrose and Clarendon starting pretty soon.

    If the CWE would be uncomfortable for you at night, you would likely be uncomfortable in Uptown, *near Broadway* and on Wilson (at least) at night, too, so relying on the Red Line for commuting might be problematic.

  • Lee F Margate Park regular

    Jason, don't go confusing people with facts!

  • Julie N-D Beacon Block Club member

    As someone who lived in St. Louis for 10 years and knows the general mindset of folks there, I don't think you'd feel safe on Clarendon. For reference, I lived near Tower Grove Park for years and felt perfectly fine but had to deal with people questioning why I lived in such a "bad" area on a regular basis. Uptown reminds me a little of the Tower Grove/McRee town's hit or miss. I've lived in the Sheridan Park area of Uptown for over 5 years now (between Lawrence/Montrose/Broadway/Clark) and feel just fine here and think it's great. More and more younger families in our area all the time. Wilson/Magnolia is sketchy but that's it.
    I wouldn't pay as much attention to the statistics themselves and listen more to the personal stories/feelings people are noting here, and keep in mind no matter where you live in the city you need to pay attention to your surroundings and others at all times. As people have said, there are shootings at 6 pm so it might not matter what time you're coming home on the need to learn to recognize potentially unsafe situations and avoid them.

  • lauren :)

    Lol @ lakeview being more unsafe than uptown. Seriously lol.
    Are we joking? :)
    I live at belmont and the lake and feel insanely safe walking my dog at night. You put me at montrose and the lake and I promise you id never do it.

    It isn't a matter of opinion. Lakeview IS safer than uptown. Talk to the police, talk to people who live in both areas.

    As someone else stated - the crime in lakeview usually consists of petty theft. The crime in uptown involves rape and murder. Sorry, THATS the fact.

  • Idscnyco Uptown proud

    Listen, as much as I would rather not engage with this troll, I would encourage you, Sarah, to disregard all comments from Lauren. If she lived in the neighborhood or had ever actually looked at the stats, she would see that Uptown actually has a very low level of street crime (rape, mugging) as opposed to drug related crime.

  • RT Here

    Ignore the stats. Walk around Lakeview and Uptown at day/night/weekday/weekend and tell me where you'd rather live.

  • lauren :)

    Just because my opinion differs from yours doesn't make me a troll.
    I posted very valid posts. I just find it comical that someone had the nerve to say uptown was safer than lakeview.

  • think we scared off the OP

  • lauren :)

    I think it's funny that you have the nerve to call me a troll. I've been on everyblock for 2 years. If I were a troll I would have gotten removed long ago.

    People need to realize what the word troll means and use it accordingly. Posting an opinion that differs from yours but is the same as most people in the thread does not equal troll.

    A troll is someone who purposefully posts things just to get a rise out of people and start drama.
    Learn the word if you want to use it.

  • I think it really depends on your expectations and what you are used to. I've lived all over Chicago for 5 years and have a generally high tolerance for people. While you might not experience more "crime" in the area per-say, you will encounter more people walking the streets struggling with mental health issues, you will see more people loitering, etc. This could be a culture shock which might make you feel uncomfortable.

    My experience with living that close to the lake is that you are typically farther away from every day things like a grocery store, Starbucks, etc. because those things tend to be more inland. Before signing a long lease I would really suggest visiting at least once and walking the neighborhood.

  • Just in the interest of, you know, "FACTS", the crime reports for 2013 show exactly:

    Homicides in Uptown: 1
    Lakeview: 0

    Sexual assault in Uptown: 30
    Lakeview: 33

    Battery is identical, at 64 reports. Robbery in Lakeview is more than twice that of Uptown. Assault is slightly higher in Uptown.

    Just in case anyone wanted to discuss actual data instead of outsider perceptions.

  • lauren :)

    "The 46th Ward, which includes MOST of Uptown and a SMALL chunk of Lakeview, suffered 256 violent crimes from May 2012-May 2013"

    Just because they don't result in death, doesnt mean violent crimes don't count.

  • RT Here

    I wonder how many of the crimes in Lakeview are committed by Uptown residents?

  • lauren :)

    I mean. I'm sorry. We wanted facts - here.

  • Yawn. I could do this all day. Lake view had 492 violent crimes in the past 365 days. Uptown had 264. Also, like I said previously, the corner of Sheridan and Wilson is bad and so is Sheridan and Lawrence.

  • lauren :)

    Lakeview is huge in comparison to Uptown. Huge. Also, no one is saying there aren't bad spots in all neighborhoods. Uptown is just smaller so it's bad spots tend to get more attention.

  • To RT's comment: Well, considering usually the serious crimes in Uptown are not actually committed by Uptown residents anyway, I am not sure it matters where the offenders are from.

    I also think all this debate on stats does not really help answer the question. Stats do not give you an accurate picture of the crimes that are being committed. The violent crimes that do occur in Uptown usually involve gangs committed acts against other gang members. Yes, there is always the possibility of innocent by-standers but so far we have been fairly lucky in that regards. I do not know who the victims are in other neighborhoods so it could be that we are safer in Uptown because we are less likely going to be the target of the crimes.

    One other thing to think about when comparing Lakeview and Uptown is the density. There has been far more growth and development over time in Lakeview, there is far fewer places that are "remote" or not constantly busy with people. Uptown is still trying to come around. I know I feel more "unsafe" when I am in a location that has less people out and about. And for the comment about Belmont and the lake feeling or being safer than Montrose and the lake...I would not walk in either location at night by myself as there are not a lot of people around and a greater risk that if you were in trouble, it would go unnoticed.

    Uptown is a colorful neighborhood and there is definitely more folks hanging around on the streets then in some other neighborhoods but that does not always mean they are going to commit a crime against you. And let's be rates reflect that is not as desirable as other neighborhood but that does not mean it cannot be a good place to live.

  • lauren :)

    Belmont and the lake at night is always busy. I don't mean on the actual lake path. I wouldn't walk there at night no matter how far north or south I am. I'm talking about belmont and Sheridan - belmont and Broadway.

  • robin in WRP I support a 28th Amendment 4Free & Fair Elections!

    Lauren - the first rule of Everyblock is: Don't feed the trolls

  • Lauren,

    You just made my point. But, just for reference, Uptown has an Area of 2.33 square Miles. Lake View is 3.13 square miles. So, Lakeview is about a third larger than Uptown.

  • lauren :)

    A 3rd is a large chunk of area.

  • In the past two weeks, crimes in Lakeview: 91. Crimes in Uptown: 51. Check out this website and search by Community. MY LORD. How do you live in such a crime ravaged neighborhood????? I made a screen shot of Uptown and Lake View and put them side by side. Quite a difference.

  • new account Spokesperson@ Concerned Uptown Neighbors Taskf

    This is the truth, you are much more likely to be robbed in Wrigleyville, or Boystown than you are in Uptown. Your Apartment has a much higher likelihood of being burglarized in Lakeview or Lincoln Park than in Uptown. You are much more likely to find parking in uptown than in Andersonville, Lakeview, or Lincoln Park.

    This does not mean that these things don't happen in Uptown as they happen everywhere. It just means that they happen with more frequency in places like Lakeview, Lincoln Park where people are lulled into a false sense of safety because it looks nicer.

    In Uptown you have a much higher chance of witnessing but not being a victim of violent crime.( unless you are a member or hang out with Gangs) I personally have on viewed two gunfights, one at Magnolia and Wilson while sitting on the patio of Starbucks, at four in the afternoon, this one resulted in the death of a gang member. It was quite exciting and over before anyone really knew what was going on. The other one was at 7 pm on a Friday night at Sheridan and Wilson in front of the McDonalds, nobody died but 5 got hit, not as exciting I was on my bike had my headphones in and thought the gunshotsmwere firecrackers, I only realized what happened after I saw a cluster of people laying on the sidewalk bleeding. Anyhow its really not a big deal and you read stories about these things all the time on Uptown Update, and just get used to it.
    Uptown has a good street theater scene for free that is achieved by taking a religious cult (Jesus People USA) putting them in a highrise the Friendly Towers and letting them run a bunch of soup kitchens and homeless shelters. In between mealtimes and curfew for the shelter these people party like rock stars with Natural Ice and Dimitri Vodka on many of the street corners in the neighborhood.
    So hey its pretty safe and its got some vibrant free entertainment, plus great transit options and proximity to the lake, at an affordable price. What more could you ask for.

  • Ricky B Rogers Park

    I lived in Uptown for 1.5 years. I loved the area. There are some sketchy places, but you'll learn where not to go and when. Don't let everyone's negative comments get you down! The benefits of the area outweighs the bad.

    My dogs loved the park. Also, Tank Noodle is a must :)

    Enjoy it!


  • I wanted to thank everyone for the info. We have not completely ruled it out, but we are still looking at other options. We will be visiting the area at day and night next time we are in Chicago. I will also be contacting the local PD to get their input also. Also if we were to choose this apartment I would avoid the el and take a bus.
    PS a few people asked about our area that we live in now: super white, super suburban. Most of our neighbors are retired and we get a phone call if they saw someone walk onto our porch, drive by slow, etc. There is literally no ethnicity anywhere in our subdivision. Now that being said, we hate it. Never having to worry about our house is nice, but there is nothing to offer a young couple with no kids, and who are not planning on having kids. Every restaurant is a chain and is incredibly boring with terrible food, and when an ethnicity restaurant does open they get ran out of town within a couple months. We get invited to BBQ at neighbors houses but all they do is grill us on when we will start making babies, etc. Just not our style and we want a change, hints Chicago!

  • mike

    Look at "Arcadia Terrace" which is north of Lincoln Square, West of Andersonville (south of Peterson, Lincoln to Western). There isn't much here, but that's probably why it has low crime. The houses are affordable too, but you need a car. Good luck with your search!

  • TechniGal in Ravenswood Used to work in Ravenswood - still love the area.

    I work in Ravenswood which is west of Uptown. After reading what you just said, you may like Lincoln Square, which has many different restaurants (not chain), coffee shops, and many festivals. It's close to the Brownline train. (You can always transfer to a Red line train on Belmont or Fullerton if you need to).
    You may also want to check out Lakeview neighborhood's Southport between Irving Park and Belmont to see the shops and restaurants, which I believe is called "Southport Corridor". (see map on the left and zoom out to see where Lakeview is in relation to Uptown).
    In general, I suggestion staying west of Clark/Ashland if you're leaning towards living north of Irving Park. If you don't mind paying a bit more for rent and going a bit south but north of downtown, look into Lincoln Park.

    Drive around each neighborhood you're considering during the day & night. There is crime in every neighborhood, but you will see and feel the difference once you get here.

    Good luck Sarah! ^_^

  • zippy8 mostly happy resident

    I have a friend who lives on Malden, about the same block address. She has not had problems but has her own garage. In summer there have been occasional roaming gang members running in the streets. An apparent gang related shooting near Truman. but can happen anywhere in city, just be knowledgeable about where to avoid, especially at night. I like living west of Andersonville and east of Albany Park, I feel safer and it's less expensive.

  • Zippy8 , what is the name of the area you are from? Since we are not from chicago we only know of certain areas ie. lakeview, lincoln park, etc. We are not aware of some of the smaller areas that are affordable and safe, and we are very open to these.

  • zippy8 mostly happy resident

    I don't mean to be funny but one factor I consider is how fast I can run. Now that I'm older and a bit slower I choose neighborhoods more carefully. I feel less invincible.

  • Andersonville is a part of Uptown. Just FYI.

  • zippy8 mostly happy resident

    Sarah, I grew up in the burbs but have now lived in Chicago much of my life. I guess my neighborhood would be called Arcadia Terrace (thanks Mike) or far north west Lincoln Square, east Budlong Woods or south West Ridge. I'm between Western and Lincoln, just north of Bryn Mawr. The area around Northeastern University is fine too. many nice homes with apts mixed in. Just avoid living near the river there, have been flooding issues .I love Lincoln Square, much to do. Home of Old Town School of Music and a thriving eclectic non enclosed mall. Love Andersonville but not in my budget. I love going to Devon St, mostly Indian with some Pakistanis and similar. I'm in an apartment but prefer streets that have several houses, feel these blocks are more stable, invested in so to speak. Not to mention prettier.This area has more nationalities than any other neighborhood in Chicago. It's the next best thing to traveling around the world. Avoid Peterson near Mather H.S. (Sorry if anyone lives there). Use your own feel of things. I'd enter searches as Lincoln Square if I were looking. Most of the other areas mentioned are too small to find in housing service sites

    I used to live in Ravenswood, ok too. Less apartments and more homes compared to where I live.

  • zippy8 mostly happy resident

    Lincoln Square is more or less part of Ravenswood.

  • zippy8 mostly happy resident

    These areas I mention are just minutes from Uptown/Andersonville if that's a consideration for work.

  • zippy8 mostly happy resident

    Sarah, I'm not recommending this site or these poor maps. But they do give boundaries of some of the mini neighborhoods. I'm sure you can find better maps:

  • Catbus Philosopher, Third-Class

    Jason is incorrect. Andersonville is a part of Edgewater, which is the neighborhood north of Uptown.

  • Idscnyco Uptown proud

    In a way you are both correct. The whole area was Uptown, then Edgewater 'defected' from Uptown in 1980 to become the 77th community area in the city.

  • Bill 12 year Saint Bens resident

    Ok here are the actual facts. If you move to uptown and don't own a one. As for the true def. Of a troll....they live under bridges and are usually short fat and ugly. They can be male or female. Discuss

  • Melissa Favorite things: sushi, ice cream,running

    I live on Marine between Montrose and Junior Terrace. I've lived here for 8 years. I'm a single woman. I feel safe walking South of my place but I will not walk North at night by myself. My car was stolen on Marine Drive between Montrose and Wilson. I will not walk to or from Target at night. I feel the area is slowly getting better but you should always be aware of your surroundings. I take the 136 to get to work. I'm hoping the Wilson Red line area will get better once they finish rehabbing the station. I believe it will be completed in 2018. Check out Uptown Update if you want to hear about everything in the area.

  • At the dog park feeling very unsafe ;)

  • No! Too many other options. Any neighborhood off the brown line like Lincoln sq, north center lake view, roscoe, DePaul, Old Town, Gold Coast and west loop. Red line good starting from Addison in wrigley. Uptown has been up and coming since I was a kid. Most soup kitchens and mental institutions in the neighborhood. Take a pass!!!!

  • RT Here

    Ask some cops when you are here if they would recommend moving to Uptown.

  • C

    No, no, no. And especially coming from the St. Louis suburbs having no street sense developed. NO.

  • Elizabeth Criminal Defense Attorney

    I am so tired of people talking about Uptown as if it's a war zone. I'm 25, fairly small in size, and I walk 2 definitely small dogs who aren't intimidating anyone (although one of them thinks he is) during the night. Never, not once, have I felt threatened. In fact, when I am out at night, this street is probably the quietest I have been on in Chicago. I don't know about Clarendon specifically, but Marine Drive is right down the street and like I said, 0 problems.

    Chicago is a large city with lots of crime so you can't dilly dally anywhere in the city. You need to be aware of your surroundings and no look like a victim. There are psychological studies that have been done on how appearing like any easy target makes you an easy target. The reason I mentioned my age & size earlier is to illustrate that even if you look like someone who would be very easy to overpower, it doesn't mean that you need to be scared all the time just because gangs (a huge issue throughout the city) are going to drive around looking for YOU.

    Other than the fearmongerers, Uptown is beautiful. The lake is definitely one of the very high points of the city, which is why it costs a ridiculous amount to live in most places near it.

  • Elizabeth Criminal Defense Attorney

    By the way, to people who think Lakeview & Lincoln Park are some sorts of utopias, where would you go to rob someone? In a poor or rich area? I attend DePaul's law school and get fairly frequent updates regarding the crime at their Lincoln Park campus. I just got one re: armed robbery. Crime happens where there are people to commit crimes against, especially people who might have something you want. Otherwise, Chicago has a lot of gang related crime that mostly affects gang members.

  • lauren :)

    Jordane - would you rather live in Englewood or the Gold Coast? According to what you just said, you'd rather live in Englewood since it's a poor area where the only crime is gang related than the Gold Coast which is a rich area and the only real crime is theft.

    Lord knows a gang related crime has never affected an innocent bystander. /sarcasm

  • Elizabeth Criminal Defense Attorney

    Andy in Ravenswood, this is how hysteria happens. The guy at the Wilson stop didn't just open fire on pedestrians. He shot two rounds at the ground and another out, and then got on a bus where he was apprehended very shortly afterwards. Can we not start a Reefer Madness sequel re: gun crime in Uptown? Three gun shots, guy from Joliet, nobody was hurt.

  • Elizabeth Criminal Defense Attorney

    Interesting you said that, Lauren. It shows how limited your ideas are. My mother actually lives in the Gold Coast -- oooh, fancy, right? Yea, my sister lives with her; her iphone has been stolen twice in one year (mine has been stolen 0 times). I also went to Loyola for my undergrad, which is also in the Gold Coast essentially. Guess what I encountered every single day? Drunk people yelling and fighting right around the corner from my campus. Comparing Englewood to the Gold Coast and Uptown to Lakeview are totally different. Englewood, for one, is a food desert. Not a problem we have in Uptown. Englewood is also almost all black. That's not a dig at black people, that's a dig at society. We can go into a socioeconomic discussion if you'd like but I am not about to do that if you're the type of person who has an anxiety attack when she sees a black person with a hoodie on.

  • I just have to point out that most that are saying Uptown is unsafe or that you should not live here...DON"T LIVE IN UPTOWN. It is hard for someone outside of the community to really know what it feels like to live here day in and day out. You know what you hear. If you lived in Uptown YEARS ago, things are changing. I think one of the best things about Uptown is we have a lot of residents that have lived here for 15+ years. This provides stability to the neighborhood and also provides the sense of community that I do love about this area.

    And for all those that are recommending Lincoln Square, Roscoe Village, Southport and Lincoln Park...she very clearly stated she wanted a change and does not want a "super white (OP's words)," "high pressure for kids" area. All these areas are definitely more family focused and tend to be very "white." Lincoln Square is starting to be overpopulated with young families, children everywhere!

  • AmyC Hello Neighbor.

    Sarah, from what you describe I think you and your husband would love parts of Uptown. I am a single female and lived in Uptown (4900 Marine Drive, across from Margate Park) for 3 years. Marine Drive between Lawrence and Foster is all condos to the west, and to the east is huge park, the Margate Park field house (with gym) with an underpass and 5-minute walk to the lakefront path (great if you're a runner). A quick 10-minute walk down Argyle gets you to the red line. I walked back and forth from this El stop numerous times, alone, late at night, and NEVER felt unsafe. Restaurants along Argyle are all open late. There are tons of great ethnic spots in the area - Vietnamese, Thai, Ethiopian, to name a few. For commuting to work, the express buses stop in front of every condo along Marine Drive and hop right onto Lakeshore Drive toward downtown. If you have pets, you'll fit right in - there are tons of dog owners. The neighbors are some of the nicest and include single people and people with families. There is a Walgreens on Marine just south of Lawrence, and what used to be Dominick's (soon to be Mariano's) at the corner of Foster and Marine. Most of the parking in those condos has garage spaces, and many of them have rooftops with awesome views! I left because I needed to save money, but that was the only reason. I would totally move back. I haven't heard all the advantages all laid out this way, so I hope that my story helps. You guys should check out Marine and see what it has to offer. Good luck!

  • RT Here

    Evidently Uptown is a polarizing neighborhood. Granted, there are some great things worth visiting there (Sun Wah BBQ, Green Mill, Riv and Aragon), but way too much of an criminal element. Gangs, mentally ill roaming around, homelessness, etc, etc. My softball team couldn't even get through a few games one summer due to shots fired in the area. It was a complete joke. For those that love it, great. I hope things turn around, but folks have been waiting on that for years. Even realtors have ceased the whole "up and coming" tag line.

    And the summer months bring out the bullets like no other Northside neighborhood...... besides maybe Rogers Park.

    Chicago is full of wonderful, vibrant neighborhoods. To the original poster, make a visit and check out as many as you can. You'll get more bang for your buck in Uptown, but there is a reason for that.

  • lauren :)

    Ummmm. Where did I say anything about black people in hoodies?
    I also said there was theft in the Gold Coast, so not sure why you felt the need to tell me about the phone being stolen.

    You're the one who brought race up, not me.

    And I was making a point. You said you'd rather live in a poor area than a rich area. I didn't say uptown was englewood. But it directly correlates with your theory.

    So... When you want to stop trying to paint me with some racist brush when YOURE the one who brought up race, no one else, then we can discuss.

  • Elizabeth Criminal Defense Attorney

    Like I said, Lauren, the differences between the Gold Coast and Englewood are due to political and socioeconomic strife. Unfortunately, pretending that race doesn't play into why Englewood is kind of like a war zone and the Gold Coast is full of people who make bad decisions for Englewood residents who they've never spoken to is in large part why areas like Englewood are so crime ridden. The reason I discussed the iPhone incident is because we are talking about safety. Having your phone, which contains a lot of personal information and in the case of iPhones is very expensive to replace, is a part of feel safe/unsafe.

    I've noticed that you commented on 3 separate posts (one about Lakeview where you managed to interject Uptown) where you bash Uptown. Have you EVER lived here? How often have you visited? I don't seek out East Lakeview posts because I have been there on a few occassions to visit businesses so I'm no authority on the neighborhood. Perhaps you should stick to what you know instead of spreading your ill-informed opinions around the block. While you don't need to live in any particular area to have an opinion on it, you also don't need to preach your limited knowledge about something when it hasn't been directly solicited from you in particular. When someone makes a post titled, "Is East Lakeview full of white people who think they're really special because they live in East Lakeview?" then I hope you will be on the frontlines to immediately answer, without of course, neglecting to warn people that if they stray too far away from East Lakeview they may end up in Uptown where death is imminent. In the meantime, perhaps chill out on the fear mongering.

  • lauren :)

    Why are you personally attacking me? This is a public forum. I don't need to be personally asked for my opinion to give it. I have stated multiple times that I almost moved to uptown until I drove by at night and felt like my life was truly in danger, that I have multiple friends who do live there who are counting down the days until they can move, how I have had my own bad experiences from random mentally unstable people and/or drug addicts at that target and why I'll never go to that target again even though it's the closest one to me.

    You need to relax and stop attacking me for my opinions. This forum is meant for neighbors opinions. Not just the people who live there but all of Chicago.
    Again, I don't need to be personally asked in a public forum.
    The threads I've responded to have been all about uptowns safety - so my posts were all 100% related to the topic at hand. It's not like I went to random threads to bash uptown.

    So before speaking to me again, realize that you are totally out of line with the cr-ap you're throwing my way.

  • lauren :)

    Also, enough with the racial comments. "Is east lakeview full of white people who think they're special."

    Grow up. Stop bringing race into this. It has nothing to do with anything.

  • RT Here

    Sounds like someone is stuck in a bad lease in Uptown......

  • Elizabeth Criminal Defense Attorney

    My lease expire in July 2013 -- I resigned a 2 year lease right away.

  • Elizabeth Criminal Defense Attorney

    Here's an article (with pictures) of a really scary event in Uptown from earlier this month:

  • lauren :)

    There's good and bad that happen in all neighborhoods, Jordane. But the bad tends to outweigh the good in Uptown.
    You seem really desperate to change opinions of people who don't agree with you. Why?

  • Elizabeth Criminal Defense Attorney

    I can ask you the same exact question? Why are you so eager to frighten people away from a neighborhood you are afraid to enter for some irrational reason and thus, know barely anything about?

    I'm "eager" because this is a neighborhood that I live in, that I feel perfectly safe in, that has a lot of awesome things to offer, and that, if left to the likes of people with opinions like yours, can get left behind for no good reason.

    You really need to read a bit about Chicago history, especially about white flight and gentrification, issues that have ruined many formerly good neighborhoods and that have increased crime.

    Do you know why gangs have been battling it out in some areas of Uptown and throughout the entire city? If not, you should definitely check out Hagedorn's book "Gangland." You can even watch some documentaries about the newly dubbed "Chiraq."

    As for homelessness and mental illness being rampant, well, I don't see very many homeless people on my street but Marine Drive is a bit isolated. However, the homeless that are in Uptown (and also in the Gold Coast, in Lakeview, right outside of the Daley Center, and any other part of the city that we can sit here and name) are partly there because, again, gentrification. In order to create East Lakeview type communities, we have to push poor people out. Unfortunately, in order to push the poor out we have to raise rent prices and then there aren't places for the poor to go, so they become homeless involuntarily. If you're concerned about mental illness, instead of bashing neighborhoods like Uptown, start talking to your city's leaders about creating actual mental health institutions for people who need it instead of using our overcrowded jails as mentally ill holding places.

  • People sure do love this city! Crime happens everywhere, every neighborhood, every day. Some neighborhoods do have bigger issues with specific types of crime, but I guarantee nobody wants crime in their backyard. I've lived in the city my entire life, north side, west side, in ethnic areas, in up and coming areas, and in areas going down due to crime. Luckily, I've never been a victim of violent crime, although theft and assault have happened to me in "good" areas. ( assault sounds violent, but I didn't need to go to the hospital, that's what the cops have to report it as.) Either way, my experiences have made me careful and aware of my surroundings. I think that's true of every neighborhood, don't make yourself a target, take precautions, and enjoy the city- it's got so much to offer to everyone. If you want to only live your life in a 3 block radius of your home and never venture out to other neighborhoods, your loss.

  • This is silly. There is crime in Uptown; there is crime in Lakeview, Edgewater and Lincoln Square, too. Any of these places have areas that are unlikely to see bullets, but they also have areas that you would warn your mother against walking at night. The statistics show they all have *violent* crime in roughly the same proportion - depending on the year it will vary, but they are in the middle range of violent crime neighborhoods across the city. More dangerous than the less interesting family neighborhoods, but far less dangerous than the genuinely dangerous areas. We can confirm that from police statistics.

    Ask a police officer about Uptown and they'll say... who cares? Ask a police officer about CHICAGO and they'll say don't come here. The city has crime. It also has terrible roads & bad traffic, the schools aren't good, and wow it's even cold in winter. That's not why we live here!

    We all know that some parts of Uptown are more dangerous than others. If you have some useful information for Sarah on this particular block then please share, but comparing Uptown to Lakeview doesn't really help.

  • lauren :)

    Omg. This is so silly, Jordane. You came in here looking to pick a fight with someone. And i was the idiot to feed your need. There are more people in this thread advising her against moving there than are telling her TO move there. But you choose me to freak out on as if I'm the only one.

    I have to get back to work.

    You need to grow up and realize people have different opinions than you and don't deserve your nasty attitude because of it.


  • Freddy M. Uptown/Andersonville resident for most of my life

    This topic always brings impassioned debate. One's sense of awareness of safety is always influenced by many factors. As a city, Chicago is not a place of either-or. Crime varies, based on the people who live there and the people who don't. Uptown is more socially economically varied versus Lake View or Andersonville. Uptown is also more ethnically and culturally varied than Lake View. In cities, this can be a strong point within a community, as this can add richness not seen in more homogenous neighborhoods. Uptown developed as a community designed to even the playing field, so-to-speak, when it comes to economic diversity. You will find people living in subsidized housing in the same block with very expensive homes. Sometimes the economic disparities this arrangement can make can be challenging in this neighborhood. There can be conflict over resources, which can translate to the symptoms we often see associated with economic stressors - increased crime, violence, drug use. This community is also unique in that it has the largest population of mental health consumers. Due to the deregulation of mental health services in Illinois back in the late 70s and into the 80s people were left to seek services within the community. To live near one's services makes it easier to access them, so these consumers did not leave the area. There is also an emergent artist community, as well as musician's community here. Everyone loves the access to restaurants and nightlife, as well as public transit. Those who are economically advantaged and disadvantaged want to have access to the same amenities in the area. It is an interesting social experience that isn't really found in many other neighborhoods in Chicago.

  • Freddy M. Uptown/Andersonville resident for most of my life

    I have lived here nearly my whole life (born and raised both Uptown and Andersonville), spent a few years in Jefferson Park and Lake View, and am raising my family here. I don't feel numbed to what happens here (in fact, my work takes me to the most challenging communities in Chicago - Englewood, Pilsen, Roseland, and North Lawndale) and I can say that the violence that happens here is not on par with what happens on a daily basis in those other communities. I think those who defend Uptown as a good place to live are not driven by fear or have found ways to accept the differences in the community, or they are not as affected by what may be challenging in the neighborhood. The fact that Uptown is heterogenous is a protective factor for this community compared with the more homogenous areas I work in. There is community involvement here, a chamber of commerce that values independent businesses and economic growth, and a police district that responds to calls. Our media often skews attention given to crime in our city, contributing to a perception that some communities are far worse than others. I will say that living in the neighborhoods I have lived in, my subjective experience was that I experienced more personal crime against me and my home (robbery, break-in and sexual assault) in Jeff Park and Andersonville, and none in Uptown. And I do all my commuting via public transportation at very early and late hours. I have learned that crime can happen anywhere and have seen violence in the quietest communities. The communities that are quieter tend not to get the press of communities with a more vocal presence (and communities with more economic differences often get more air time, unless they are exclusive communities like the Gold Coast or Streeterville), and thus, our subjective experience follows suit.

  • Freddy M. Uptown/Andersonville resident for most of my life

    There is a kind of love and pride people have for Uptown that you often don't see in other communities here in Chicago. Most people have lived here for decades. No matter where one lives, you always have to keep your wits about you, learn how to keep yourself safe, and realize anything can happen anywhere. In terms of statistics, I've looked up comparisons between Uptown and Lake View with regards to crime in 2013. Lake View, by the way, is next to Uptown, to the south. It's a bigger neighborhood, as well, so crime per capita must be taken into consideration. Many tout that Lake View is "safer" than Uptown. It depends on who is the target and type of crime, as well. For example, most of Chicago' shootings and/or homicides tend to happen between so-called gang-affiliated people (but more often between the less economically advantaged people), which is more represented in Uptown than Lake View. Either way, in 2013, the crime stats for Uptown are:
    Robbery: 123; Battery: 64; Assault: 46; Homicide: 1; Sexual Assault: 30; Theft: 1,121; Burglary: 126. For Lake View - Robbery: 360; Battery: 64; Assault: 35; Homicide: 0; Sexual Assault: 33; Theft: 2,613; Burglary: 384. As one can see there are some differences but not glaring. Stats are not the end-all be-all of what a community is like, but it can give a clue as to the climate. It can be hard for some to accept that there are few differences because the hype of a neighborhood over the years can distort how one views it in reality. Because you don't hear about the crime in one neighborhood it doesn't mean that it is "safe," just as when you do hear about crime in another neighborhood that it somehow equates to "unsafe."

  • Freddy M. Uptown/Andersonville resident for most of my life

    Go to CAPS meetings if you can, research the area, come visit it and it see for yourself if you're able to come in advance of your move. It's a community with a rich and colorful history and it's one of the most diverse neighborhoods here. It's great for young and old alike. There's never a dull moment, and being near the lake is beautiful. There are also some other neighborhoods that are very exciting, diverse, and unique. Once you're here and if you find your experience is negative, there are plenty of other neighborhoods from which to choose. Good luck and enjoy!

    My source for the stats:

  • The whole of Uptown's inner Lincoln Park along Marine & Clarendon is pretty ideal urban living. 4250 N. Clarendon is a very friendly building in my experience. I walk & bike (lots of DIVVY stations) along Clarendon at all hours & don't feel afraid. The gardens & games are nice in the summer & there are tons of schools in the area. It's good to be cautious wherever you are alone at night, but one thing about Clarendon Ave is that people come to know you because they are walking around too.

    Clarendon Park has always been a sort of 'people place'. Originally it was a huge beach, where the city built a beach house that was considered the gem of the Chicago lakefront. You can see the beach & the historic building you are considering renting in this historic photo: The beach was landfilled to make land for Lake Shore Drive, which is how Montrose Point came about. There's a great dog beach at Montrose Point: You can reach the Lakeshore Trail on your bike in a heartbeat & Clarendon is a good low-traffic route too.

    Weiss Hospital just north of the park has a rooftop garden on its parking garage & a farmers market. If you are looking for parking, the garage offers monthly (covered) parking through Towne Park ( And you can rent a rooftop garden plot through Loud Grade Produce Squad in the summer months too! (

    Honestly my only concern with moving to that location right now is that a large development (2 high-rises) may start construction just south of there this summer. Demolition of the existing buildings is scheduled to occur this summer and construction on the first building (a 26-story building on the block from Agatite to Montrose) is supposed to last about a year and a half.

  • I know that nkot is very familiar with Clarendon, so I think nkot's advice is sound. I would suggest giving it a try as long as you've made a choice, rather than starting over - especially if your job is so close to where you'll be living (so you won't have to travel greater distances on public transit late at night). You can always move somewhere else once you get familiar with Chicago.

    There are so many neighborhood names, many being former townships that joined Chicago, and others being enclaves within those old townships. It can be very confusing, but you come to understand them after awhile.

    The biggest worry is walking from your job all hours of night. If it is the hospital near to where you'll be staying, you won't have a long walk, which is a good thing, but I'd be so careful and aware of people around you, even when walking the dogs. Move quickly and don't wear ear plugs or have your phone out texting or talking. Stay 100% aware of your surroundings, most particularly when out at night.

    Uptown has pockets which have more violent crime some other nearby neighborhoods or other parts of Uptown for that matter, but criminals can and do travel from one neighborhood to another, so you really do have to be careful and aware everywhere.

  • Bradley 13 Year Buena Park resident

    I rented here for 7 years and liked it so much I bought a place.

  • Irish Pirate Littleton/Artist/Uptown/Chicago

    I live here and I love it. People can play tennis with crime stats all they want but it won't do you much good.

    Uptown has more social services which means more people who look a bit scarier when in fact they are quite harmless. Some people, maybe even Lauren from Lakeview above, get a wee bit nervous around such people so they "feel" unsafe.

    Does that make Uptown "unsafe" or Lakeview "safe" because she feels it so?

    I think we all know the answer.

    One way to meet the people who make up Uptown is to come to our open studios....

    Shameless plug alert:

    All the Best.

  • zippy8 mostly happy resident

    I moved to Chicago about 40 years ago and have "only" been robbed twice. Once was within the first few months I lived here. It was in Lakeview late at night. It was a gun point, Had trouble finding wallet, gave them entire purse. Let them have what they ask for, don't risk it, in my opinion. I even carry "mug money." Second time was downtown getting onto a bus. A beautiful hand sewn leather bag was cut/taken from my shoulder. All I felt was a slight bump behind me. But many have lived here all their lives and never had once incident.

  • I bought a condo here in Uptown in November - after numerous friends expressed great concern over the saftey of the area and my sanity for even considering buying here. I am so glad that I listened to my instincts. Uptown is a beautiful, diverse, historic neighborhood with great access to transit, the lake, grocery stores, music - I could go on and on. Since moving to Chicago 4 years ago, I have lived in River North and the South Loop. I would say by comparison I do not feel markedly more unsafe than I did in either of those neighborhoods. As a woman in the city one must always be aware and diligent regarding personal safety in any area. That being said, I don't know that I would take the Red Line home late at night. But I regularly take the Red Line from the Wilson stop during the day and into the ealry evening, thus far, totally uneventful. Very happy to be an Uptonian...

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