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Garden Plot?

Anyone know of available garden plots to rent near Edgewater/Andersonville? I am probably too late for this year but it can't hurt to look!

  • Isola J Namaste!

    I will not have time to do much this season with my backyard. I am in Edgewater (Magnolia Glen). If you are interested, please send me a private message.

  • There are community gardens at the corner of Peterson and Ravenswood and also at Ashland and Hollywood ave. The Bowmanville area also has two community lots on west Bryn Mawr.

6 days ago

Calling all makers! Spend a Saturday at the Edgewater Farmers Market!

The Edgewater Chamber of Commerce is proud to host a Makers Tent, sponsored by Edgewater Workbench, at this year's Edgewater Farmers Market. Each Saturday, a different local maker -- food, art, beauty products, whatever! -- will have the opportunity to sample, promote, and sell their wares.

If you're looking to test the waters of turning your passion into a business, this is a great opportunity.

The Edgewater Farmers Market runs every Saturday, June 13 - Oct. 17, 8am - 1pm.

If you're interested, fill out the application here: http://www.edgewater.org/wp-content/uploads/2015/03/2015-Edgewater-Farmers-Market-Application-Maker-Table.pdf

Feel free to email me with questions at ally@edgewater.org.

Mar 22

Roll call: Block by Block

Who here went to the block by block meeting with Harry Osterman? What were your thoughts?

Mar 15

Updated Mar 15

Granville and Broadway ! Emergency cars passing

Does anyone know what's going on plz. Sounds like a bad situation anyone ?

Feb 28

Updated Mar 03

Cable outage

Does anyone have any information about the ComCast cable outage in Edgewater? They're probably talking about it on the news, but since there's no cable.... ;-)

  • My cable went out on me on Superbowl Sunday (of course we were having a snow storm and everyone was blaming it on that) Anyways I called comcast the next day to complain about it and they gave me a $20 credit to my bill. So at lease call them and get a credit!

  • Everett Block EveryBlock Team Captain

    MichelleB, If you or anyone else continues to have Comcast service questions or problems, this page is a good resource to check out: http://customer.comcast.com/help-and-support/account/ways-to-get-help/

Feb 25

Updated Feb 27

Many sirens at Granville and Sheridan

Anyone know what's going on? Sheridan is closed northbound; 147 bus rerouted.

  • Teri Cassidy edgewater beach resident

    I live in the building and I posted on this site as the fire was happening. My post never appeared. The fire was on 23rd floor. It started on a pile of clothing. It was put out quickly.

  • Next time get it right Teri!!! People were in panic not knowing what the hell was going on. This is just unacceptable!!

Feb 22

Updated Feb 24

Man hit by car

Please be cautious when crossing the streets. We just witnessed an elderly man pushing his grocery cart get hit by a car attempting to beat the red light at Balmoral & Broadway.

Feb 24

Updated Feb 24


Anybody know where to find or when Dewitos is coming out?
I won a bet and the losers have to try Dewitos but can't find it!!!

Feb 21

Updated Feb 24

Shots fired near summerdale & Clark last night.

Well that was an exciting night. My wife and I were awoken by roughly 10 shots around 1am last night in the alleyway between Berwyn and summerdale. We called police and they were at my house almost immediately. There is an active investigation but at this point, not much is known. If I learn anything, I will pass it on.

Ahh life in the city.

  • HarleyGrrl Why YES! People actually DO live on Clark St!

    that's pretty scary considering how much that alley is used at all times of night! Hey didn't someone say they have a camera trained on part of the alley - at the T...

  • Dave O. Longtime Chicago resident

    Yes, a garage about three doors down from the alley on Clark has a security camera. Who knows, it might have caught something.

Feb 21

Updated Feb 23

Notary public

Hi, all. I'm looking for a notary public who can notarize a bank document. I know many banks have notaries, but my bank is a regional one that has no offices here. Are there any banks in the area maybe that would notarize a document for someone who isn't a client? Or other options? Looking for advice. Thanks in advance.

  • Any currency exchange has a notary public!

  • Hi, all. Thanks for the suggestions; ended up using UPS because there's a location next to my office.

    Amy- thanks for the offer anyway! I'll keep it in mind if anything else arrises!

Feb 21

Updated Feb 22

Police near Berwyn and Kenmore

Plenty of cops here, at least 4-5 cruisers. Anyone know what happened?

Feb 18

Updated Feb 19

Great News for Andersonville

Have you heard?
Pastoral Artisan Cheese, Bread & Wine is moving into the Urban Orchard space!
Fall opening, cannot wait!

  • I am addicted to their pickled garlic cloves from the olive bar at the one downtown. I SOOOO hope they have the same here in Aville. Drooooling at the thought of it being so close and at not having to bribe friends who work downtown to get it for me.

  • Check out the chicago mag article (link above), this is going to be their largest location. They will model off what they do and be able to expand their offerings and lines. I can't wait to see what they have in store (literally and figuratively) for us!

Feb 12

Updated Feb 17

I love Andersonville so let's change it!

saw this on DNA - http://www.dnainfo.com/chicago/20150211/andersonville/razed-modern-farmhouse-andersonville-was-originally-built-1889

love the realtor - the space could take a larger home... great a monstrosity that won't fit and how very sad the useful parts were put into a dumpster when there are places like Rebuilding Exchange (Rebuildingexchange.org) could have repurposed or sold some of the items... I know I could have used some of the doors for my 100 yr old building and maybe some windows for art projects

  • HarleyGrrl Why YES! People actually DO live on Clark St!

    Thanks William!!! I didn't know about that place!

  • Julia Z-N Andersonville Dog Mama

    Thanks William. I didn't know about this place either! Always looking for a reasonable used salvage place.

Feb 15

Updated Feb 16

Loud noise near Andersonville

Was anyone woken up at 6 am by a huge explosion or crash? Any idea what it was? Transformer perhaps? No sirens....mostly just curious what it was.

Feb 11

Updated Feb 13

Boy, I hope I don't have to look at this every day...

Just read an article on DNA...some artist wants to plant big murals that read "YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL" in block letters in several places in Andersonville, including right in front of my building. Looks like he has a good chance of getting funded, unfortunately.


  • Here's a crazy thought to everyone who is in utter distress over 3 words, especially if your rationale is that it's pointless because nobody is going to feel more beautiful because of a sign: it's not all about you.

    When I was in college, someone left little sticky notes on...

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    Here's a crazy thought to everyone who is in utter distress over 3 words, especially if your rationale is that it's pointless because nobody is going to feel more beautiful because of a sign: it's not all about you.

    When I was in college, someone left little sticky notes on the bathroom mirrors that said "you're beautiful." Did I actually think the mirror could see me and was telling me I was beautiful? No. It still made me smile though. So, maybe sit your ego down for a bit and let it know that it doesn't have to appreciate all art because all art isn't meant for you.

  • You rule.

Feb 10

Updated Feb 12

rogers park post office

has anyone else noticed the horrible service with the rogers park post office... this has gotten worse then usual. for instance last monday no mail, yes i know we received 19 inches of snow the day before, but the mail was delivered to my building but the big bag just sat as no letter carrier showed up to put the mail out. yesterday, no excuse, no mail until 9 pm at night.. this is not acceptable, who can we voice our concerns to.

  • JohnL Retired old foggey.

    So when a supervisor was contacted this morning, he said the carrier was hurt on the route.
    When the carrier came by this morning she said she had the day off yesterday and was not hurt on the route.
    So 60660 has liars for supervisors? I think so.

  • I'm on Farragut and it seems we never get any mail on Monday's anymore. We were wondering if anyone else was having the same issue

Feb 09

Updated Feb 11

Who ever took out the speed bump in my alley

Thank YOU! maybe they won't replace it. It doesn't work to slow anyone down - It HAS cost me $$$ - motor mounts on my cars and bikes, springs, etc No one slows for it - what they do is - go through one side slowly - RACE to the next one and go over it. Totally sucks it was left in front of a garage - but now all those people that don't live here and like to cut through the alleys can have a straight shot....

  • Well, We're happy to send a note to Harry and friends and what can be done. I was thinking either move the speed bumps so they are basically right at the T and/or simply add stop signs. Hopefully that stop the honking as well.

    Incidentally, if anyone ever has an issue/accident at that intersection, I have a security camera pointed at it. Feel free let me know and I can extract the video.

  • Julia Z-N Andersonville Dog Mama

    Double thanks,BDavis.

Feb 05

Updated Feb 10

Favorite neighborhood restaurant?

I live in Lakeview but have been looking at places in Andersonville. Wondering if anyone could make some suggestions on good neighborhood places to eat?


  • Ricky Coogin North Andersonville

    Maybe I need to try Little Bad Wolf. I had Hamburger Mary's last week and it was pretty good.

  • Sandy R in Edgewater Edgewater resident

    Vincent's is by far the best. Neighborhood night is Tuesday.

Jan 19

Updated Feb 09

Urban Orchard Going Out Of Business

Has this already been mentioned on here? If not, they'll be closed at the end of this month (Jan 2015).
I have a few more details but don't want to beat a dead horse if this is already known.

  • I've talked to the manager of Edgewater Produce in the past about making that store as fabulous as Harvetime and the problem is space. There simply isn't room for them to expand in that location. It would need to be a tear-down.

  • It would be nice if they could take over that horrible Jewel across the street.

Feb 03

Updated Feb 06


What's with all the dibs? Isn't this illegal? We all spend time shoveling out spots (often several times). It doesn't seem very neighborly to find all the parking in the evening claimed.

  • Sandy in EdgeGlen EdgeGlen since 1987

    It’s a disgusting practice. It might arguably be justifiable if you have encountered a huge pile of snow, cleared it, and THEN parked your car in it (the true meaning of “sweat equity” misquoted by Rahmbo during the debate) because you have actually created a parking space where none had...

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    It’s a disgusting practice. It might arguably be justifiable if you have encountered a huge pile of snow, cleared it, and THEN parked your car in it (the true meaning of “sweat equity” misquoted by Rahmbo during the debate) because you have actually created a parking space where none had existed and nobody could have accessed it. (It’s unconscionable in any event to claim it for more than an hour or two). But if your car was there before it snowed, and you simply dug it out so you could drive away, you have done NOTHING constructive. And what really fries me are those SUV drivers who brush the snow off their cars, pull out without digging, and nonetheless put out dib markers. And what if you have to drive to another neighborhood for a good reason, and find no “unreserved” spaces? That is the situation encountered by most “dibs" victims.

    The city owns the streets and is the only entity that can dictate who can and can’t park, for how long, and whether they must pay to do so (delegated that authority to the parking meter company). What’s more, you co-own your sidewalk with the city and have a legal obligation to shovel it (an obligation you don’t have on the street side of the curb). But using the “dibbers’” logic, that means you have the right to prevent others from walking on it, or to charge a toll for them to do so---and that is patently ridiculous. This ain’t the Wild West, you can’t stake a claim to public property.

    That Trib reporter is stupid and selfish. “Natural law,” my a$$. In Appalachia “natural law” is invoked to justify shooting someone for disrespecting you or insulting a family member--that doesn’t make it right or even lawful. The only reason that court ruled in the dibber’s favor is that the police used excessive force and there isn’t an ordinance prohibiting dibs. All the mayoral candidates and aldermen are cowards in refusing to back such an ordinance--they’re too scared of losing the Neanderthal a-hole libertarian vote!

  • Sandy in EdgeGlen EdgeGlen since 1987

    And if you are entitled to reserve a spot simply because you dug your own car out of it, are you also entitled to reserve a spot you vacated when there wasn’t any snow? Of course not--but the logic employed by dibbers would say otherwise.

    BTW--it should also be illegal to toss shoveled snow anywhere but one’s own lawn or parkway (aka “tree-lawn”).

Feb 02

Millennials who like to cook

I'm working on a video story about millennials who have an interest in cooking. I need someone who would be willing to be talked to on camera (possibly in studio) about the subject. Ideally, a millennial who cooks often and feels ver strongly about the topic. Message for more information.

Feb 01

Desperate to find garage space

I'm looking for a garage parking space to rent between Devon and Rosemont Avenue. Ideally Wayne, Lakewood, or Glenwood Avenue spots. Please get in touch if you know of any available!

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