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Chicago Cooling Centers to Beat the Heat

Trina Davila Center, 4312 W. North Ave.

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Englewood Center, 1140 W. 79th Street

Garfield Center, 10 S. Kedzie Ave.

North Area Center, 845 W. Wilson Ave.

South Chicago Center, 8650 S. Commercial Ave.

    Chicago Cooling Centers to Beat the Heat
    The Chicago area is bracing for a weekend heat wave that could be dangerous. An Excessive Heat Watch was issued for Cook County beginning Saturday morning through Monday evening, according to the National Weather Service. With peak heat indices forecast to reach near 105, experts warned that heat illnesses will be possible.

  • If you have neighbors without cooling this is important info: in Uptown 845 W. Wilson,

    or "Additional facilities including libraries, police stations or other structures may be available as conditions warrant. Seniors can also take advantage of the 21 senior centers around Chicago, and to find the closest cooling center at any time, residents can call 311."

  • Jeffrey Littleton If you can't be a poet, be the poem.

    A welcome cool-off has arrived....stay vigilant and look out for each other.

  • We all must take care. Of course the irony here, is that a few (one?) 'activists' would have us believe, that suffering under a viaduct in a dangerous and grim tent is a good thing?

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Jun 14

LOST DOG (East Garfield Park)

Please print and post/distribute this flyer to help me find Wink. Please do not chase her, just text me at the number on the flyer with any sightings. Thank you. ❤️

Jun 12

Looking for roofer to install skyligjts

Lookng for reasonably priced roofer who is insured to put two skylights in small two story attic roof. All framed out. Just cut and drop in pre flashed skylight. No vents.
Leave name and number.

Jun 02

Updated Jun 12

  • This evening, six cops cars were at the gang-banger house on the block. Someone was arrested, not sure if this is related to the shooting. I asked the cops what was going on and if it was related to the shooting a few weeks ago, but the cop said they couldn't comment.

  • It's good to see that some action is being taken. I hope the get the right people/ person and not the wrong.

Jun 10

Jun 08

Chicago joins relief effort for victims of Guatemala eruption

4204 W. North Avenue, Chicago

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3850 W. Fullerton Avenue, Chicago

5330 W. Belmont, Chicago

3850 W. North Avenue, Chicago

1615 W. Morse, Chicago

3115 N. Central, Chicago

3224 W. Lawrence Ave., Chicago

4010 W. Montrose, Chicago

4830 N. Pulaski, Chicago

3816 W. Montrose

    Chicago joins relief effort for victims of Guatemala eruption
    A volcanic eruption in Guatemala Sunday impacted thousands, and several efforts are underway in Chicago to help the victims more than 2,000 miles away. Chicago's Guatemalan Consul General's office has released a list of donation drop-off locations and fundraising events happening throughout the Chicago area. About 50,000 Guatemalans live in Illinois, mostly in Chicago.

Jun 08

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Jun 07

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Jun 03

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Zoning Question

Trying to make an existing garage into a livable space, for example a home office? Zoning did not approve. They want a change in the scope of work. Anyone has done this? How did you accomplish it? What does Zoning want? What kind of accessory usage would they approve?

  • IMHO, it's probably not that you described the space as an office- on your permit did you add plumbing for an office bathroom? If you just want to insulate, drywall, and put in a floor covering, they may not say anything.

    when you add plumbing, they think you are going to add a second living space ( or dwelling unit) which they won't allow due to density of people, parking, etc.

  • N. McNeal Interested in Lincoln Square and nearby areas

    No plumbing because I was trying to avoid the issue you mention. Reviewer said we needed to “change the scope of work”. He hasn’t responded to my questions so I am trying to see if someone else has done something like this and how they did it.

    You still need to call it something if you are insulating...drywalling, no? Any suggestions?

  • Actually, if I was only insulating and drywalling, I would not get a permit.

    If you are using a contractor that wants a permit pulled, he/she should know how to proceed with this question.

    Or if you are using an architect or expeditor, they also should know how to proceed.

    I also saw online a suggestion to go to your aldermans office , make a donation, and inquire about your permit. sounds about right...….

Jun 04

Jun 03

Lost Dogs Illinois shared their post.

Little white Snow has been #lost in #Chicago #IL #Hermosa #CookCty (North Ave & Keeler Ave) since 5/18/18. Her family misses Snow so much! Please help get her home - call if you have any information about her to 630-286-3117. Please reshare this beautiful girl!

    Lost Dogs Illinois
    Lost Dogs Illinois added 82 new photos.

Jun 03

Search continues for missing mother and daughter

Erika Brooks, 27, and her daughter, Azaria Koppel, were last seen on May 25 in their home in the 4100 block of Wabansia Avenue.

    Search continues for missing mother and daughter
    CHICAGO -- The search continues for a woman and her 4-year-old daughter who have been missing from the Northwest Side for more than a week. Erika Brooks, 27, and her daughter, Azaria Koppel, were last seen on May 25 in their home in the 4100 block of Wabansia Avenue.

Jun 03

  • Permit issued for renovation/alteration


    1506 N. Karlov Ave. Issued June 1, 2018 Comment

Jun 03

Jun 03

Jun 03

Woman, 4-Year-Old Daughter Reported Missing

According to police, Erica Brooks and her daughter Azaria Koppel were last seen on May 25 at their residence in the 4100 block of West Wabansia.

    Woman, 4-Year-Old Daughter Reported Missing
    Chicago police are asking for the public's help in finding a 27-year-old woman and her four-year-old daughter after they went missing last week.

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Jun 01

May 30

Updated May 31

Missing child

Saw this at Ponce on Fullerton

  • Miguel N. Dejesus Man of Peace

    Truly sad! A lot of young children go missing in this country and unfortunately no closure for the family!

  • Kristy Southsider moving North.

    She was found :)

May 31

  • Laminator Power!

    Ms. Wilson is asking for $2056.64:
    My students need a large laminator so my students can access graphic organizers and posters all year round without having to worry about them being destroyed.
    West Park Academy Comment


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