Jun 03

Updated Jun 05

Zoning Question

Trying to make an existing garage into a livable space, for example a home office? Zoning did not approve. They want a change in the scope of work. Anyone has done this? How did you accomplish it? What does Zoning want? What kind of accessory usage would they approve?

  • IMHO, it's probably not that you described the space as an office- on your permit did you add plumbing for an office bathroom? If you just want to insulate, drywall, and put in a floor covering, they may not say anything.

    when you add plumbing, they think you are going to add a second living space ( or dwelling unit) which they won't allow due to density of people, parking, etc.

  • N. McNeal Interested in Lincoln Square and nearby areas

    No plumbing because I was trying to avoid the issue you mention. Reviewer said we needed to “change the scope of work”. He hasn’t responded to my questions so I am trying to see if someone else has done something like this and how they did it.

    You still need to call it something if you are insulating...drywalling, no? Any suggestions?

  • Actually, if I was only insulating and drywalling, I would not get a permit.

    If you are using a contractor that wants a permit pulled, he/she should know how to proceed with this question.

    Or if you are using an architect or expeditor, they also should know how to proceed.

    I also saw online a suggestion to go to your aldermans office , make a donation, and inquire about your permit. sounds about right...….

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