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ATM Skimmer scams run rampant - even at bank ATMs

Word to the wise: No matter where the card reader is located - banks, stores, gas station pumps - ALWAYS yank on it before inserting your cards.

This story is about Lakeview, but it could just as easily be about Logan Square or anywhere.


    Another ATM Skimmer Found In Lakeview; At Least A Dozen Devices Recovered On North Side Since May 1
    Chicago cops recovered another ATM skimming device in Lakeview on Sunday afternoon. It's the second data-sucking contraption found on cash machines in the area since May 29. At least a dozen ATM skimmers have been found on the North Side since May 1st, according to police data.
  • Thanks again, Gil!
    Have just ONE cc for online purchases and ONE for merchant purchases in cases where I'm not carrying enough good ol' greenbacks, and have both setup for email alerts of use. Doesn't mean I'm at no risk of fraud, but does help me know all purchases are...

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    Thanks again, Gil!
    Have just ONE cc for online purchases and ONE for merchant purchases in cases where I'm not carrying enough good ol' greenbacks, and have both setup for email alerts of use. Doesn't mean I'm at no risk of fraud, but does help me know all purchases are mine.
    Some time back, I grabbed a bite at a cafe near Loyola's downtown campus and paid by cc. They still had the old carbons and when I asked for mine, the server said they were already in the trash. Two weeks later, I get the statement and there's just of $400 worth in two large purchases I didn't make (@Walgreen's and Sportmart). Fortunately, the cc was with my primary bank which I visited directly and they removed the charges without any fuss; didn't hurt that they could see by my account history that I'd NEVER made a cc purchase at either retailer.

  • had my pin number stole from bmo harris logan square location st patty’s day weekend. the manager told me they check for skimmers each day but not sundays since they are closed , so after 1 saturday into sunday is when they will try to place them on the bank atms.

4 days ago

Gunshots in Humboldt Park

Last night was startled awake by a gunshot near the corner of Wabansia and Kimball. Then heard a fight outside. Not sure if they were related. Stay safe out there friends!

Jun 11

Updated Jun 13

Honda Wheels Stolen

Got my wheels stolen Saturday night (06/09) right behand my house on logan blvd. My 2018 Accord was parked in the alley right behind my house on Logan Boulevard.

Worst thing is that these jerks had to do it on a Saturday, when all dealerships are closed on Sunday, so it just has had to sit there all day yesterday!

It's one thing to be a thief, it's another to be just that inconsiderate!


  • LL

    Ooof, I saw the car propped up this weekend. Sorry this happened. It looks like the cameras point right at your spot. Any identifying footage?

  • Tomorrow is another day Happy resident of North Park Village

    What a terrible thing to happen! Which block of Logan? You could have had the car taken to a tire dealership, such as Firestone or NTB. They're open on Sundays. Make sure you get wheel locks!

May 26

Updated May 30

House Break-In on Spaulding

Yesterday at 1:41 pm, an unknown person was caught on video entering my apartment at 1929 N Spaulding. Nothing was taken besides the television remote batteries, but the person was wearing a sweatshirt and big pants, they possibly had a ponytail. Keep alert!

  • mark its ur buddy timb i hope ur ok this is weird thing

  • W D

    Lucky for him it wasn't my house, getting shot for batteries would've been horrible.

May 27

Injury/ shooting/?

Did anyone else hear screaming and possibly police last night (5/26) around 1am? Near Fullerton and Avers.

May 16

4 Shots Fired

Just heard four distinct shots fired, maybe some more after but it was muffled by road noise. I was near Fullerton and Sacramento but it sounded fairly distant and off towards California.

May 13

Updated May 15

Gunshots on 2200 block of North Talman?

Did anyone hear gunshots (4-5) at 9:45pm Sunday, May 13th around the 2200 block of North Talman? Sounded like they were close. One neighbor said that he heard the shots and then a car's screeching tires afterwards. I called 911 to report, but wasn't sure where it exactly occurred. Thank you.

  • Ran into a neighbor yesterday who had the cops come out, filed and report, and showed them a casing. Just north of Belden on Tallman across from the school.

May 07

Updated May 08

Gunshots - Wabansia & Washtnaw

Heard 5/6 shots just now - 9:40pm, Monday - quickly listened to the scanner and tons of people reported the shots in the alley there. I’m about 10 blocks away but heard them clearly myself. Hope everyone is okay!

  • Meighan 16 years in LS

    We heard also and we are at Logan. Wind must have been this way. Scary...no idea what happened.

  • JSK

    Wow, the sound traveled far. I listened to the scanner for a bit and about 10-15 neighbors called it in. They narrowed it down to the alley behind 1647 N Washtenaw. Police apparently found no damage, no one shot but found a few casings.

  • From attending the beat meetings, cops don't track shootings unless there is a victim or property damage. If these shootings occur, please email CAPs and the Alderman, to ensure they understand this is still concerning and they can't hide it behind the fact it is not tracked as a stat.

    Contact information below:


Apr 27

Updated Apr 28

Gunshots again

I heard a couple of guys fighting around 7:20 pm tonight (Friday). Then a couple of gunshots, anyone else hear this on Albany between Armitage and Homer. I called 911 and the police response was really fast.

  • Heard this as well while walking my dog. Thanks for calling it in. Anyone know what happened? Anybody hurt?

Apr 21

Saturday night another car on the sidewalk

Kedzie and Fullerton another car up on the sidewalk. 2 car crash. Hopefully no one was standing there. Happens somewhere on the boulevard every weekend now it seems.

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