Oct 09

Updated Jun 16

Handyman Services Needed Recommendations please

We have a number of repairs (garbage disposal change, leaky faucet, ceiling fan problem...) looking for reliable, reasonably priced help Thank you!

  • Did you find someone you're happy with? - And if so, care to share their contact info?

  • Jonathon 773-234-8356 . My family uses him and we use him at our job. I think everybody in my office has had him out at least once. One thing we like about him is that he is always on time and always in contact. He does really good work and keeps everything neat. He's in the neighborhood as well.

May 24 2017

Updated May 29

Need Painter

I need a recommendation for a painter that is willing to do just one room.


  • Victor Perez small business owner

    312 885 1719
    Quality assurance contracting services llc

    Interior and exterior, no job too small or too big.

  • Raphy Painter and maintenance man

    I'm painter and maintenance too.
    My experience more than 20 years.
    I'm professional with avery good price.
    You can contact me anytime at
    773-225-5823 or

May 26

Updated May 27

Apartment Needed

Looking for one bedroom apartment for family relocating back to area. Price range $950-1050. They have a very friendly dog but it is a pit bull. Does anyone know or have a rental that does not have breed restrictions within this area? Prefer to have them close to where I am now. Looking for June 1 if possible.

  • They should recognize their dog as a St Francis Terrier mix as I did mine for vet registration, city registration, etc. and if people ask. I can't help with apts but it is getting better with breeds...Allstate and StateFarm used to be the only 2 ins. companies that would insure home owners, now plenty...(Besides, there is no such breed as a 'pit bull', who in WW1 was the hero dog and the 'nanny' dog in the '30's)
    They should consider renters ins.

May 17

Updated May 18

We need a cleaning lady for a one time clean for our apartment, can anyone recommend someone?

Live in Irving Park and we need a one time cleaning lady for our rental apartment this Sunday, any recommendations?

May 10

Updated May 12

Vine maintenance

Hi neighbors, we have a vine-covered building that we're trying to maintain. We don't want to completely get rid of the vines, but we would like them to stay healthy. Can anyone recommend a service that would help with this? It's a 3 story building and the vines go to the top. At the very least I'd like them to be trimmed away from the windows (they are murder on the screens!) but I'm thinking we'll need professional help.

  • Vines are like ladders for ants to crawl in your unit

  • If you have a brick building, vines are the worst thing you could do. Vines eat away at the mortar and tuckpointing. Can completely ruin the masonry over time. Be prepared for the expense of re-tuckpointing if you continue to allow vines to grow on your building.

Apr 29

Updated May 02

Neighborhood recommendations

Two family members are moving to Chicago and I'm scouting out neighborhoods for them to live in. They can't afford much but would like to buy a house. I am thinking about the Belmont & Central area, Hermosa, Mayfair and Albany Park because these neighborhoods are not too expensive (yet). My family members are Caucasian so I'm wondering how they would be received in those 'hoods. Dunning would be affordable and safe but there's poor transportation into the loop so that's out. Any suggestions or recommendations? Thanks.

  • Michael McDonough Resident of BelCragin

    Something along Belmont would also work for you.The Belmont CTA buses run all night between Harlem and the Red Line.Great access to shopping too

  • Thanks, Michael. I was wondering about Belmont-Cragin for them. The home prices are low there but I don't know anything about the area. I will keep it in mind.

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