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Jul 08

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Does anyone know a great seamstress or tailor in the Humboldt Park, Logan Square, Wicker Park, or Bucktown area?
I have a nice dress for a wedding that I need to get tailored!


  • Ditto on Fit N Stiches ... great work. Way better than a dry cleaner ;)

  • posting to save the recommendations or at least I hope. Not sure how the EB archive is going to work!

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    Are the Police Racist?
    Are the police racist? Do they disproportionately shoot African-Americans? Are incidents in places like Ferguson and Baltimore evidence of systemic discrimination? Heather Mac Donald, a scholar at the Manhattan Institute, explains.
  • Sad day on earth when we start accusing math & statistics of being racists


    Several different studies done be renowned colleges with factual numbers and still called racist! I would say that is very racist! The video of the shooting on the South side in Chicago is fake too. It is very obvious that the male black was only going to hand over his gun to the evil officers who should be named and arrested for doing their jobs. Chicago is lost.

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Last Post for Me - Shakespeare in the Humboldt park Aug 9-10

Make sure your summer is complete by watching this year's Shakespeare in the Park at Humboldt Park Thurs Aug 9 and Fri Aug 10 ( both nites at 630PM).

This event is FREE, and very family friendly.


    Chicago Shakespeare Theater: Chicago Shakespeare in the Parks
    The citywide tour is made possible by a renewed civic, cultural, and corporate partnership between Chicago Shakespeare Theater, the City of Chicago, Chicago Park District, Boeing, and BMO Harris Bank. Since the inception of the Chicago Shakespeare in the Parks program seven years ago, more than 130,000 Chicagoans have taken advantage of free performances in their communities.

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Illinois groups to get $11.5M for children’s mental health

4200-4299 W. Division St.

    Illinois groups to get $11.5M for children's mental health
    CHICAGO - Organizations in five communities throughout Illinois will divide $11.5 million to help treat children who have mental health problems. The Illinois Children's Healthcare Foundation said in a news release it has awarded $200,000 planning grants to help the organizations develop ways to improve the mental health of children and then follow that up in November of next year with $2.1 million grants.

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Jul 10

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  • JJ,
    I am not trying to insult you, but did you read the original post or the posted report?

    It is about cities spending taxpayer money on large verdict payouts, and the way investors that are cozy with pols make a ton of money off of us taxpayers.

  • gpblight 22 Yr East Garfield Resident

    This is a MUST READ. Chicago is 1/12 or .080 of the cities listed. YET we issue 81% of the BONDS to pay for 709/877mil of police brutality case losses.

    Chicago Taxpayers are floating bonds and paying INTEREST on these brutality cases.

    Who can stop this nonsense?????? What in the world is the BUDGET DIRECTOR thinking?

    Please READ and say an opinion. I had NO IDEA that Bonds would be floated to cover this loss! Taxpayers not only pay but we pay interest on top of it!!!!

Jul 09

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Catalytic converter?

Anyone know where I can get a catalytic converter replaced for less than $350? I have a 2002 honda odyssey. Some scum bag cut it out the night before last on LeMoyne and Kedzie.

  • Jerry Cargill Photographer, Teacher, Live on Milwaukee Ave.

    There are theft-proof cages you can have installed over your CC when you get it replaced. A quick online search should get one for the M&M of your car.

  • bricknmortar Humboldt resident since 1990

    Thank you JC I didn't know that. I also learned that there is an oxygen sensor in vehicles attached to the converter which is also stolen at the time because of course thieves just cut the whole thing out. This sensor is another $150 and you need it if you wan't your vehicle to pass the emissions test!

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new 2018 PROPERTY TAX Assessments --> Assessor Appeal Workshop July 23

Logan Square / Jefferson Township triennial reassessments being mailed out by Cook County Assessor. Property Tax Exemptions & Appeal Workshop scheduled Monday JULY 23 from 7:00 - 9:00 pm at 3636 W Wolfram / SAINT HYACINTH Basilica Resurrection Hall with Assessor staff. Some folks may have BIG increases. Proper Exemptions and Appeal can help. 2018 Assessment will be used for 2018 taxes which are paid in 2019. Posting here before EveryBlock disappears.

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