Dec 05

Comedy Night @ Joie De Vine

On Wed. Dec. 13 at 8pm (next week), I'll be hosting the last comedy showcase at Joie De Vine (1744 W. Balmoral) for 2017! It's free and fun! Come see.

Nov 30

Updated Dec 01

Can someone help me? I have had the worst ear ache and have no insurance

I have had an ear ache for 4 days
Can someone recommend a clinic or Dr. I could call and self pay with around here? that might not be too expensive. I lost my job and Medical Insurance last month. I don't know anybody Thank you

  • d3 NOH

    Howard Brown has a no insurance clinic

  • Owen Wilson Sock it to me!

    Thanks to all you nice people for your suggestions. I ended up going to the Minute Clinic at the the CVS on Broadway and Granville. There is a Nurse Practitioner there all day til 7pm.
    Appointments can also be made on-line. Total cost for me was $99.00. They have a long list of issues they can deal with and prices top out at $129.00..If you have no insurance, this might work. They can write prescriptions as well.
    Cool Beans!

Nov 21

Updated Nov 30

New Public Art Gallery & Venue on Granville Avenue and Winthrop

It's really cool to see that someone who has the means, support a neighborhood they believe so much in versus hoarding their cash or investing it elsewhere. Not sure if others heard about the new venue that Rae Ann and her husband developed and instituted in the neighborhood recently.

Granville area is really becoming a great part of the Edgewater Neighborhood to live in. It's because of YOU, me and people like the Rae Ann (hope I am not messing up her name). You create your environment, your reality.

Excited to continue to build a great place to live with all of you.

    Gallery 1070 | A Chicago Art Gallery
    Gallery 1070 is a Chicago art gallery in Edgewater, hosting group art shows & solo art exhibits. Rental space available for art classes and private parties.
  • Isn't 1070 W Granville on the opposite side of the street than the liquor stores in question?

  • Wazzup not available

    @dan -there are no liquor stores on Granville -they were voted out about 7years ago

    There are 2 restaurants that serve liquor -Gino’s North and Revival.

    Both liquor stores that were a problem were voted dry at that time. This resolved the prostitution and gang loitering problem -they are now gone. This is how you clean up a bad street and convert it to pleasant restaurants, art gallery, art school and residential apartments. Add a little streetscape to complete the charm.

Nov 10

Updated Nov 11

Very icy on ravenswood from berwyn to winnemac.

Id avoid that patch if driving.

Also between berwyn and bryn mawr on paulina pretty icy. I was walking through tbe crosswalk as someone in an suv slid right through tbe stop sign. Some of youwith your faces in your phones coulda been killed!

  • I saw a three car collision Friday at 10:45am.

  • Mute Mute Me

    I was shocked I didn't see any! 8 hr's on the street! I did see lots of cars sliding through stop signs though

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