4 days ago

Potential Missing Dog on Cullom??

I saw a little white dog (little bit like a Maltese mix) without a collar at Cullom and Albany, I waited around to see if the owner was lurking somewhere but no. I tried to speak to him and approach him but he was a little timid. He walked on to Cullom & Kedzie and seemed to want to get into an apartment building where I let him in. It was 4257-59. When I walked back he wasn't in the common area, so hopefully he found his owner.

If no, I'd suggest going over to that building now.

Oct 11

Updated 6 days ago

Lost Kitten

Hi everyone - Our little grey and white kitten escaped this morning from Addison and Fremont. Kerri is about three pounds and fluffy. She is a foster kitten, so she hasn't been chipped yet. She is super friendly and loves a good cuddle, so if you see her, don't be afraid to pick her up! Please call if you find her, she's greatly missed already. Thanks so much! Randi, 916-765-5241

  • Good news, we found her! She had escaped into the stairwell and my neighbor had taken her in, then left for work. Thanks everyone for the messages. Luckily we got a happy ending!

  • Fantastic ... a special thank you to the neighbor!

Sep 27

Updated Oct 04

Dog Walker in West Lakeview

Can someone please tell me how much they typically charge and recommendations please? I think I found a good one already but just want to make sure we are not over paying for the service. We have a 9 week old puppy, not sure if rates differ based on that?

  • future alderman future alderman

    first you're a walker, then an owner-make up your mind! and all you dog-walkers please PICK THE WASTE UP!

  • Since when are walkers not pet owners? I didn't know you couldn't be both. First I was an owner then a walker though. Actually the first company I worked for wouldn't even hire people who didn't have pets. Now that I think about it is that even legal? Can you s
    Discriminate based on pet ownership?!

Sep 30

Updated Oct 04

Is this anyone's lost beagle?

Just found this lovely beagle in Lakeview at Janssen and Byron, 60613. It's a female, and she seems to be a bit elderly. She is all bones mostly, so I think she has been missing for at least a week. We have bathed her and fed her, and will call PAWS tomorrow. If anyone knows where I can post or if anyone has lost a beagle, Please call or message me at 404-673-0856.

Sep 21

Updated Sep 22



10 year old female, grey & white with some black and red stripes.

Missing since Tuesday afternoon from T & A Too at St. Louis & Berteau.

Please PM with any information.

Thank you!

  • Is there a photo?

  • Hi Cathy, I did not have a photo to post at the time, but the good news is that Gigi is home!

    Thanks, neighbors, for your messages...much appreciated!!

Sep 18

Updated Sep 19

White cat roaming on 1800 and 1900 block of west Cornelia

Gorgeous, short-haired, mostly white cat with dark grey tail and dark grey ear hanging out in parkways/yards along w Cornelia. Looks well-fed, but no collar; in case he/she is lost, I thought I'd post.

  • Seems as if that same cat has spent some time on Newport, too. It was particularly vociferous one night last week.

Sep 13

Updated Sep 19

Doggie Doctor in West Lakeview?

Looking for a good dog vet recommendation in the area. Getting our first dog next week. Also any tips from seasoned city dog owners are more than welcome here 🤗🐶

  • I also recommend Dr. Duke at Duke's Animal Hospital. The staff is very upfront about costs which I appreciate. (They even warned me about what costs to anticipate for future puppy visits.) I can get same-day appointments and the staff can communicate via text, email, or phone based on your preference. Above all, my two doggies love it there and that's really all that matters!

  • kara kmb

    Dr. Rovner at Roscoe Village Animal Hospital is amazing!

Sep 02

Updated Sep 19

Found Black Cat

Found black cat near Halsted & Cornelia in Lakeview. So friendly and soft. Let me know if you think this is your kitty!

Sep 12

Updated Sep 13

Free to a good home....

I have a multi-story "cat condo," or climbing platform, that needs a home. My cat took one look and turned up his nose. It's like new, barely sniffed at. Covered with light-colored carpet, several perching levels and roost boxes, scratching post, etc. All assembled. No fleas, bedbugs, or roaches! It's big, though, and you'll need a van or SUV to get it to your place unless you want to take it apart. Located near Wrigley Field.

  • Anita W. in Wrigleyville 30-year resident

    Thanks for the suggestions. Donating it was my first thought but I decided to give my neighbors a chance before I contacted an agency. If nobody bites I'll give it to a shelter.

  • Harmony House is another non for profit, no kill shelter for cats. I occasionally donate cat items to this place quite often, they would greatly appreciate it and are located on Elston just west of Western on the South side of the street .

Sep 10

Updated Sep 11

Found Calico Cat

Is anyone missing a Calico cat? Found 9-10-17 in the area of Roscoe, Henderson, Greenview. White chest and feet, the rest is tans with black markings.

  • I believe this is the cat that's been reunited with it's owners correct? If so, that's great, thank you for taking care of it.

Aug 19 2015

Updated Aug 24

Lost cat-Roscoe Village

A cat started following us on Roscoe for several block till Wolcott. White female with big cow spots. We tried to carry her home to a safe place but she jumped out of our arms to try to keep finding her home. If this is your cat, she's looking for you!

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