4 days ago

Found Keys

Found by Diversey Driving Range. Keychain has a distinctive landmark on it. Name that and the number of keys to claim.

Feb 21

Updated Feb 23

Lost wallet

Hello! I lost my leather trifold wallet, close to the jewell on Lincoln and cullom. Please message me if you have found one !! Thank you :)

  • There was a posting on Next Door North Center from a man who found a wallet. It said to contact him directly through that app.

  • Was it Jason? I just messaged him. Thanks for looking out!! :)

  • Yes, that’s the one. I hope it all works out!

Feb 12

Updated Feb 12

Car key found

I found a Kia car key on Grace, just west of Janssen yesterday. PM me to identify.

  • Hi Cazh - I lost a key in that area over the weekend, but it's a Subaru car key. Just make sure the one you found is definitely a Kia? Mine was on a heart shaped key ring with a gold and silver key too, but it's possible that the car key may no longer be attached to the key ring. Thanks for double checking the one you have!

  • Hi Ashbash1013. Sorry to say the key has Kia written on it.
    Hope you’re successful in your search.

Feb 10

Updated Feb 11

LOST Cat - 100$ Reward

Hi everyone. Our forever outdoor cat Baxter (gray and white tabby on left in second picture) is still missing. We’ve never been able to keep a collar on him, he’s been neutered, not chipped. Small rip in left ear. Please be on the lookout and let me know if anyone has seen him. Please also take a minute to check any garages, basements, outdoor crawl spaces or under decks/porches, or basically anywhere a cat could sneak in to hide or get stuck. They are curious animas.
You may also call the number 773-407-6961 if you have any details regarding him or have seen him. A 100$ reward is up. Please and thank you.

  • We are a ways away but I will definitely watch for him and keep you in our thoughts. As someone who loves cats, it's easy to imagine how hard this must be.

  • Thank you all. We’re still holding out hope. I will give treehouse a call. We’ve checked with them to see if anyone brought a cat in like him but no luck yet. I don’t think he would gravitate to a colony but you never know.

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