Oct 11

Found bracelet

On Wilton near Belmont CTA stop, it says Emma on it.

Oct 10

Lost keys?

Found these keys on the sidewalk in front of 3245 N Ashland Ave today on the east side of the street. One of the keys has e a snakeskin pattern on it. Message me if you lost them and I can give them back.

Oct 09

MacBook lost

We lost a MacBook in lakeview somewhere near halsted and wolfram
It’s password protected and there is a reward for return

Oct 07

Found koki bagatelle on Ashland & Diversey


My husband found this bike bag on the intersection of Ashland & Diversey while on a walk just a few minutes ago (10/7/17). It has a plaid shirt inside and no name/id to match to owner. Is anyone missing this bag from their bike?

Aug 01

Updated Sep 25

2 Found Conure Birds

Found on 7/21/17
They were together in Chicago, IL. 60618. Contact me with proof of ownership. Thank you.

  • DianeW just nosey

    I'm not sure how to post a pic of it but it's a maroon tail feather

  • Hello, Pidgey is still missing but suspect that someone has her, due to the fact that there hasent been one sighting or call since she went missing.
    I have seen some Conures went missing in Chicago recently.
    No one has called for the two Conures I found either.

Sep 05

Updated Sep 07

Anthony Fornaris

Found your credit card on the ground at the Belmont el station this AM and thought I'd try to get it back to you b4 cutting it up.

  • nmm1 Chicagoan

    You should call the bank. The bank will contact him.

  • pat c resident-photographer

    All of the credit and debit cards I find, and there have been dozens, I take to the bank the card is issued from. Most times the bank has a branch nearby. They contact the person it's issued to to let them know that it's been turned in.

Sep 02

Lost Keys 8/31 @ Lincoln and School

If you are a good samaritan who picked up my keys I would love to get in touch with you. I believe I dropped these keys somewhere between the SE corner of the intersection and the entrance to Wishbone restaurant. They were on a double ring separated by a quick release. Subaru car key with a few miscellaneous house keys and blue plastic-capped Kryptonite bike lock key. If I could get these back it would truly be a gift. Thanks.

Sep 01

Updated Sep 02

Found: Student CTA Pass

This morning I found a student CTA transit card on the sidewalk in the 4300 block of north Saint Louis. It is in the Lost & Found at the brown line Kimball station, at Lawrence and Kimball.

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