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Brick Pavers

Hi, Looking for a company to install Brick Pavers. Any recommendations?

  • I recommend 3D Pavers in Des Plaines, http://www.3dbrickpaving.com/. To prevent stormwater from running off and contributing to urban flooding, do not seal installed pavers. Or use permeable pavers.

  • Call Victor@ 7083684072. His team did our backyard last year. We love it!
    Responsive, nice people, they clean up in addition to a very fair price

42 hours ago

Walkway repair

Anyone know of folks who do great work with walkways between houses - including problems from water runoff that contributed to cracked and sunken cement?

Jan 30

Updated Feb 05

Frasca Closed

I saw the windows are boarded up and it says they are closed on Yelp! Anyone know what happened or what’s going on?

  • Southport Corridor Southport Corridor

    Remodeling :)

  • j Lakeview resident

    Real remodeling or a we went out of business, but won't admit it type remodeling? I
    wonder if it's a concept/name change, with the same owners.

  • Jeffrey Littleton Authenticity is the coin of the realm.


Jan 31

Updated Feb 03

Water heater annual maintenance

Anyone willing to share what they paid to have their water heater drained? I just called a couple of companies and they weren’t able/willing to give costs over the phone. Some had a call out fee that would be waived if I had them do the work.
Also, what was included in routine maintenance? Just draining the tank or more?
Any company recommendations would be gratefully received.

Thanks in advance!!

  • Chris T 10 year Lincoln Square/Ravenswood resident.

    @ Brian- when you said electric heater is that by chance a tankless heater?

  • Correct

Jan 13

Updated Jan 17

Selling 2BR Condo, need wood floor type recommendation

We are selling our 2 Bedroom Condo in Lakeview. We plan to take out the existing wood floor in family room and also take out bedroom carpeting. We plan to replace with a new wood floor through out the unit. We plan to buy at Home Depot. What flooring sells the best these days? Looking for a reco to appeal to prospective buyer.

  • Yep depending on the condition, Rebuilding Exchange finds a new home for it in its original form or uses it to make furniture and supply their woodworking classes.

  • Thanks for all of the good info! The old flooring is a laminate wood. And there is a subfloor underneath.

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