Jul 06

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Choppers and sirens

What’s up with all the helicopters over Newgard and Pratt/glenwood. Anyone know?

  • Walt Kennedy Web Developer, Photographer, Graphic Designer

    @chrisfinn - Seems that expression of sadness, condolence and prayer for family would be more appropriate than judgement. WWJD? Ask yourself.

  • chrisfinn bornagain chicagoan

    Hey Walt Kennedy. that's my opinion. Or isn't this a free country anymore?

Jul 01

Updated Jul 02

Woman shot @4900 N. Sheridan

To whom it may concern...you left a comment...crack pipes on the floor. Did you see them?

Jun 23

Updated Jun 25


Stolen Silver 2001 TOYOTA 4RUNNER Plates no: 6599162
with a cat inside. Please have your eyes open

Jun 20

    Off-duty officer involved in shootout during pharmacy robbery in Edgewater
    An off-duty Chicago police officer working security at a Far North Side pharmacy exchanged gunfire with someone who tried to rob the store on Friday, police said. The attempted robbery happened around 1:20 p.m. at a pharmacy in the 6200 block of North Clark Street in the Edgewater neighborhood, according to police.

Jun 16

Updated Jun 17

Violence in Edgewater

Hey neighbors I just wanted to clue everyone in to what happened on Thursday night/ Friday morning on Kenmore Avenue between Foster and Berwyn. There was an attempted and fortunately unsuccessful drive by sometime between 9-11 pm on our block with multiple shots fired. The suspect who was a member of the Latin Kings was apprehended in the same location the following morning between 8-9 am as he returned to try to finish the job. He was armed at the time of the arrest. I wanted to post about it as a reminder to keep your head on a swivel and that we as neighbors have to look out for eachother.

  • You are absolutely correct !! Thanks for keeping everyone informed.

Jun 13

alarm Bryn Mawr/Broadway area

Anyone hear the alarm going off in the Bryn Mawr area, closer to Magnolia about 0330 hours? Just moved to the area so I'm unsure as to what it could be from.