Apr 28

Updated Apr 29

Participatory Budget for 41st Ward

Spread the word to all of your friends in the ward about the opportunity to have a say on how the 41st Ward budget of $1million gets allocated.

First, you will be asked to vote on the % of the budget that gets spent on street resurfacing.

Second, you will be asked to vote on how the remaining money should be allocated by ranking 3 bundled community project packages. One of these packages includes the repair/replacement of the NORWOOD PARK sign near the train station. Each voter can rank the projects (from 1 - 3) in order of importance to them.

Voting through 5/11 @ Alderman Napolitano's office:
7442 N Harlem Ave
Mon. 9am-7pm, Tu-Fri 9am-5pm

  • Jac Charlier AKA Citizen Jac Citizen-led solutions for better community

    I voted again this year and as part of the Edgebrook Community Association (ECA), we had Board members staffing the voting. I'm glad the 41st Ward has a form of PB. This is a good thing.

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