11 hours ago

    McKinley Park News - Youth Substance Abuse Program Building Coalition for McKinley Park
    The Midwest Asian Health Association (MAHA) is spearheading a program to reduce youth alcohol and marijuana use in the McKinley Park neighborhood. Its McKinley Park Underage Drinking and Other Substances Prevention Coalition (McK-UDOS) looks to bring together community organizations with resources to enable education, awareness and advocacy on teen substance abuse.

4 days ago

Updated 23 hours ago

Home prices are rising in the neighborhood

  • Bruce Brighton Park

    Would I want to live in the city again? No thanks.

  • Lou

    Fortunately for me and the other home owners in the area, there seems to be more people who think living in the city is a good idea. Have fun living in the burbs.

  • I wonder if it'll push west into Brighton Park.

    Anybody know who's buying up the single-family homes just north of Archer & Western on Western? Can't find these listed anywhere. Wonder what the sales price is.

36 hours ago

    McKinley Park News - Civic Engagement, Kids Fun and More Lined Up This Week in McKinley Park
    The week ahead in McKinley Park promises great opportunities for civic engagement, fun kids and family activities, and ways to keep your New Year's resolutions to get fit. Kids fun this week centers around our excellent library, with events like LEGO at the Library, 4:30 p.m.

5 days ago

Updated 4 days ago

Cleaning person

Im looking for a cleaning person. I pay $15 per hour. I live on 18th st. Near harrison park. I have a small 1 bedroom.

  • Hi Marla - You can call my room mate Kris. She is interested and we live in the area -- CERMAK & PAULINA. 773-562-9365. I am a slob and she keeps up with my mess so she is pretty good.

5 days ago

    Neighborhood News
    The January 10 meeting for Beat 912 of the Chicago Alternative Policing Strategy (CAPS) program presented introductions of new CAPS personnel, as well as a summary of neighborhood crime reports and strategies for neighbors to work together to fight crime.

6 days ago

    McKinley Park News - McKinley Park Advisory Council Plots Dog Park Development, 2018 Programs
    The McKinley Park Advisory Council and its Dog Park Committee solidified plans for 2018 at its January 8 meeting at the McKinley Park fieldhouse. Notably, development of the dog park project continues to move forward, with the committee receiving the latest site plans and a detailed breakdown of costs from the Chicago Park District.

Jan 09

    McKinley Park News - Velma Thomas Principal Promoted to CPS Leadership Program
    Mary Kay Richardson, principal of the Velma Thomas Early Childoood Center at 3625 S. Hoyne Ave., has joined the ranks of leading Chicago Public Schools (CPS) principals by entering the Independent Schools Principals progam. This program rewards high-performing CPS principals with more autonomy and networks top educators together to share best practices and further develop professional skills.

Jan 08

    McKinley Park News - Civic Association Sets 2018 Plans and Educator Awardees
    The McKinley Park Civic Association set plans for 2018 at its Jan. 3 meeting, including the upcoming annual banquet on March 4 featuring top local educators and community leaders, the 2018 Memorial Day Parade and the 2018 Omega Delta Baseball season.

Jan 04

    Crain's Chicago Business
    Visit Crain's Chicago Business for complete business news and analysis including healthcare, real estate, manufacturing, government, sports and more.

Dec 27

Subway on archer???

Does anyone know when Subway is opening near Archer and Pershing?

Dec 11

Updated Dec 12

Save Ace Technical Charter High School

ACE Tech is outperforming three closest community schools, so why is CPS threatening to shut this school down?

Ace Technical Charter High School located at 5410 S. State Street, Chicago, IL 60609 is the only charter in Chicago charged with preparing students for lucrative careers in the trades. Architecture, Construction and Engineering.

  • Bronzeville Curmudgeon Bronzeville Conservator

    CPS appointed board of directors is planning to close ACE Tech, because the school has been effective in preparing African American youth to become gainfully employed in Chicago's construction trades and racist construction trades unions....Where blacks in represent only 1.2 % of securing construction trade contracts in Chicago!

Nov 16

Updated Dec 02

McKinley Park curious

Hello all, I'm considering purchasing a home in McKinley park. The neighborhood has great transportation to the Loop (where I work) and the overall aesthetic is quaint and pleasant. However, I'm concerned about crime and the many foreclosures throughout. The property that I like is priced on the very high spectrum of the median price. So the possibility of neighborhood depreciation is also top of mind. Are any residents here able to share their thoughts addressing my concerns? I'd love to here perspective from an actual resident. Thanks so much!

  • Keep an eye on 35th in the coming years, I bet new businesses will (slowly) start popping up. Like in Bridgeport, a little more every year.

  • Justin K. McKinley Parker since 2008, south sider since 1998

    We bought here in 2008 and are glad we did. McKinley Park has way lower crime than every adjacent neighborhood (including Bridgeport). It's at the geographic center of Chicago. The park is great. And there's a growing level of civic commitment and involvement throughout the neighborhood. McKinley Park has also had the shortest time on the market for home sales.

Nov 29

Updated Dec 02

Stop your whining.

I feel happy and proud when i see filming in the hood. It can be a slight temporary inconvenience. Shameless is a fabulous show that shines a light on a different way of life.

  • pbsene Local Business Owner, Tired American

    Right on! It creates way more jobs than just the overpaid actors - I have a good friend whose kids are both working behind the scenes on this show.

  • Pilsen/Heart of Chicago area have been part of movie & tv productions for decades. A few people that recently moved into area whine about many things that are not the real issues and concerns that actually effect our lives. The arts in general have thrived over the last few decades in our community, they add a great benefit to our community, and lives.

  • A rare shoot in a neighborhood is one thing. Having a particular part of the neighborhood that is a popular industrial movie set is another. The people who live there get absolutely steamrolled...

    For example, the intersection of Blue Island and 18th is one of those places. There have been...

    Read full comment…

    A rare shoot in a neighborhood is one thing. Having a particular part of the neighborhood that is a popular industrial movie set is another. The people who live there get absolutely steamrolled...

    For example, the intersection of Blue Island and 18th is one of those places. There have been multiple shows (too many to count) and over 5 movie shoots there this past year. Each time this happens, the production companies take over entire blocks in the neighborhoods (off set) for their personal parking, trailer parking, and truck parking. Then, adding insult to injury (after kicking all the residents out) they don't even use all of the space.

    This would be a lot better if the Chicago Film Office actually did a service for the people of our City! They are only chartered to roll the red carpet out for outsiders and only have staff to rubber stamp applications given to them by Hollywood. (I confirmed this in multiple calls.) They do not limit shoots at particular locations, make sure the closed space is actually being used, or move the ancillary parking around from shoot-to-shoot. (So the same blocks keep getting hit for parking and catering.) When it rains and shoots are canceled, the "No Parking" zones stay up (even when the streets are empty) and the residents still get ticketed.

Nov 22 2011

Updated Nov 25

Water Shutoff

General questions looking for helpful comments: I am currently doing some work in my basement. Detected a mild leak from an old valve on the main just before the meter in my house. I'd like to replace the old valve, problem is, I have no visible water shutoff in front of my house. (No buffalo box, no pit.) Have not gone directly to water dept yet, but I was wondering if I or my plumber can do anything before having the city come out? Does the city even respond if the home owner is looking for shut down just for repair? What would be the fastest way to handle this?

  • If the water department cuts your water off is there a way they can find out if you turn it back on

  • Hi there! We are in the same predicament with not knowing where the water shut off is between the building I live in (12 units) and the street. A plumber told me I need to call the city for them to make a blue X as to where the box...

    Read full comment…

    Hi there! We are in the same predicament with not knowing where the water shut off is between the building I live in (12 units) and the street. A plumber told me I need to call the city for them to make a blue X as to where the box is. We have tried to have the city come out for a couple of years or to provide blueprints but nothing so far. Where do you call? What do you tell them? I need to have a leaking faucet fixed and I think I want to have a shut off valve installed to my unit.

Nov 22

Updated Nov 25

Archer ave & Francisco Safety Island

What alderman, city planner, or person was responsible for the safety Island installed at the intersection of Archer ave & Francisco?. This will impede the flow of the traffic on Archer and will create a real nice mess of traffic and air pollution during rush hour and winter driving. Why weren't residents notified of this? Was a permit issued for this waste of taxpayers money?

  • Fellow Resident-Non PC liflong B.P. resident.

    Who are they? Still want it out cause they did not advertise this well enough!

  • peter jachimiec over taxed homeowner

    2 years ago they had a hearing and they put it in now? How did they get the word out? In the Brighton Park Life news?

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