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Alley light not fixed as of June 2017 despite calling 311 3x and requesting service on-line 2x

I pay hefty Chicago/Cook County taxes and every year they increase-and yet, I can't get the city to fix the alley light. Twice I have seen it reported on-line with the status "closed". When I call 311 to complain they don't want to hear anything other than the address and click-they disconnect. Is this the norm? Does it usually take this long? Let's face it, our neighborhood is no longer safe and a dark alley is asking for trouble.

  • peter jachimiec over taxed homeowner

    What alderman or what person was responsible for the safety Island installed at the intersection of Archer ave & Francisco?. This will impede the flow of the traffic on Archer and will create a real nice mess of traffic and air pollution during rush hour and winter driving. Why weren't residents notified of this?

  • JL

    I don't know if your old enough. They use to have these islands between Archer and Canal. The city remove them because of all the accidents they cause. A lot of people were killed because of them. I guess the city forgot. Give it time and you will see the accidents when it snows and theirs ice is on the streets. And maybe they will get heads out of you know what and get rid of them.

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McKinley Park curious

Hello all, I'm considering purchasing a home in McKinley park. The neighborhood has great transportation to the Loop (where I work) and the overall aesthetic is quaint and pleasant. However, I'm concerned about crime and the many foreclosures throughout. The property that I like is priced on the very high spectrum of the median price. So the possibility of neighborhood depreciation is also top of mind. Are any residents here able to share their thoughts addressing my concerns? I'd love to here perspective from an actual resident. Thanks so much!

  • Mike mckinley park

    BTW I moved here from Bridgeport . I find Mckinley park an infinitely better place to live. It is quieter, there is more green space, and less noticeable crime. Night life and coffee shops can quickly be accessed in other neighbor hoods.I find that better than living in close proximity to bars. I walk to Bridgeport regularely. One last very important detail is we have great resources for food, marionos, target ,cermak foods, jewel,, and a farmers market.Good luck with the search!

  • Keep an eye on 35th in the coming years, I bet new businesses will (slowly) start popping up. Like in Bridgeport, a little more every year.

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    Is That Turkey Hazardous to Your Health?
    Have you ever wondered how long food really lasts after preparation? How about that turkey dinner? Do the mashed potatoes, a hearty root vegetable, last longer than cranberries? As American's work weeks increase, currently 47 hours a week, prepared food has become the new national dinner.

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Where to sell used goods locally?

I would like to get rid of some decent electronics that are used but probably still have some value. (55" TV, laptops, etc).

Anyone know of a good place around Pilsen / Bridgeport that buys and resales used goods? (aside from Craigslist, etc)

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Damen overpass

Does anyone remember what year the Damen avenue overpass was torn down. The one from 37th to 47th.

Nov 16

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    Would You Rather Pay A Fine Than Vote?
    Why do you vote? Maybe a family tradition. You're a dedicated party supporter or even an anti-party voter. Either way, it turns out very few Americans elect people to over 511,000 political seats. Voter turnout declines while massive political protests increase across our great nation.
  • Fellow Resident-Non PC liflong B.P. resident.

    This is BULSHIT forf of a tyranny ! Just another way of robbing your hard earned money

  • Been to a few third world countries where this is the law. Of course they are also required to fill out their ballots in pencil. Vote or live with the vote of others, your choice.

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33rd and damen lot

Anyone know what is happening with the lot on 33rd and Damen? The trucks are gone.

  • heard a long time ago that walmart was going in there. this was when they bought and tore down the houses on 33 and hoyne

  • Thank you for asking! I kept forgetting to do so. And I really, really hope it is not a Walmart.

  • I think it would be too small to put a walmart there.

May 18

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Mowing/Snow Removal Service


Looking for a lawn care/snow removal service for a small lot in Pilsen. Please reply with any recommendations! Thank you!

  • Hey there, I know a guy in the Logan Square neighborhood. GTZ Lawn Care provide lawn mowing and yard cleanup give them a shout 773-397-1659

Oct 31

    McKinley Park News - Advisory Council Brings Halloween to the Park for Fun Run
    Costumed runners enjoyed the Halloween 5K Fun Run/Walk sponsored by the McKinley Park Advisory Council on Sat., Oct. 28, 2017.

Oct 29

Oct 24

    McKinley Park News - Aquinas Graduates New Language Tutors, Seeks More Volunteers
    The Aquinas Literacy Center graduated a new crop of 17 volunteer tutors and seeks more help in its mission to provide English literacy services to the neighborhood.

Oct 24

    McKinley Park News - Who Loves Halloween? McKinley Park Loves Halloween!
    The McKinley Park neighborhood is gearing up for seasonal festivities centered around Halloween, already kicked off with the Hoyne Park Advisory Council's kids Halloween party and costume contest, held Saturday, October 21, at Hoyne Park. Children and parents enjoyed treats, crafts and a bounce house, as well as a costume contest with fierce yet very cute competition (winners below).

Oct 24

Oct 23


Looking for the owners of this found pup..found at Archer & Western on 10-20-17

Oct 22

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Pilsen Open Studios XV


"Although most artists are Latino, not everyone uses the same aesthetic and not everyone makes folk art. The Latin American community is just as complex in styles and philosophies as what you are going to find in the Art Institute of Chicago."

    Pilsen artists open up their studios on their 'quinceañera'
    15 years ago, Chicago's Department of Cultural Affairs and Special Events designated October as Chicago Artists' Month. They sent a letter to the muralist Héctor Duarte to propose the idea that he open up his workshop to the public, located across the street from the National Museum of Mexican Art, and offer him some publicity in their brochure.
  • In the 15 years of the Open Studios, many of us that live our life in Pilsen/ Heart of Chicago area. we are not allowed to visit the art studios. People with mobility disabilities are excluded due to no access to the studios locations. Maybe that should be included in such articles. Many of the businesses on 18th Street exclude those with disabilities on a daily basis,

Oct 23

Oct 22

Latinos are the majority minority in Chicago


"Nearly 75 percent of Hispanics in these communities are Mexican and Mexican American, followed by Puerto Ricans, Ecuadorians, and Guatemalans, respectively."

    Mexicans and 'Hispanics', now the largest minority in Chicago
    Latinos have surpassed other minorities in Chicago, including African Americans, in population, becoming the second largest racial and ethnic group in the city after U.S. Whites, according to the most recent Census data. "Hispanics", the label used by the U.S.

Oct 22

    Diez y Ocho restaurant 'priced out', re-opens Friday for the last time
    'Diez y Ocho' is the name by which Michael Hernandez calls the neighborhood where he grew up, and it's what he decided to name his burger joint located on 18th St. and Damen Ave., a promising, but short-lived venture that could not survive the increasing cost of commercial space in Pilsen, he said.

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Oct 16

Anyone lose a ferret?

Hello, my husband found a ferret in Mckinley Park this morning, it was cold but very docile. Please let me know ASAP if you are missing one, if we can't find its owner, we'll be turning it over to a rescue this afternoon.

Oct 13

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Cleaning prson

Hi. Im looking for a cleaning person every other week. $15.00 per hour. Im at 18th and Wood. :)

  • Marla S Pilsenmama

    Hello Anna. If you give me your email address I will contact you. Thanks!

  • Anna espinosa Brighton Park neighborhood watch.


Oct 09

Oct 04

Attend your Caps meeting

Just came from a very informative caps meeting for Beats 911 and 922 in the 9th districts. While there was a good showing more people are needed. Make our neighborhood safe.

Oct 04

Looking for seamstress

Im looking for someone who can sew a costume for a 2 year old? Any suggestions?

Oct 03

English (ESL) Literacy Tutors Needed!

Help adult immigrants learn English at Aquinas Literacy Center! By volunteering as an English Literacy Tutor for just 90 minutes per week, you can empower an adult learner to achieve their personal and professional goals.

Tutoring is scheduled at your convenience during regular Center hours (Monday through Thursday 9am-8pm). All tutoring occurs at our Center, located at 1751 West 35th Street in Chicago. Prospective tutors must be native or near native English speakers. Knowledge of another language is not required;...

Read full message…

Help adult immigrants learn English at Aquinas Literacy Center! By volunteering as an English Literacy Tutor for just 90 minutes per week, you can empower an adult learner to achieve their personal and professional goals.

Tutoring is scheduled at your convenience during regular Center hours (Monday through Thursday 9am-8pm). All tutoring occurs at our Center, located at 1751 West 35th Street in Chicago. Prospective tutors must be native or near native English speakers. Knowledge of another language is not required; all tutoring is in English. You will receive 13 hours of training before working with an assigned learner.

Our next New Tutor Training Workshop will be:

Friday, October 13 from 6pm to 9pm and Saturday, October 14 from 9am to 4pm

Prospective tutors must attend both days, and advance registration is required. A one-time $25 fee helps cover the cost of materials and workshop refreshments. The remaining 3 hours of training are scheduled individually during regular Center hours.

Contact us for registration information today! Email Sabrina at sabrina@aquinasliteracycenter.org or call (773) 927-0512 .

    Aquinas Literacy Center
    Here at Aquinas Literacy Center we strive to help change lives word by word in an effort to help our students share their story and engage more fully in the world around them. We offer a variety of programming to help students in their learning.

Oct 03

The first café on Cermak ignite fears about gentrification


A major concern of community members is the potential displacement of the beloved tamale lady who has been selling Oaxacan tamales and champurrado in that corner for years.

    'Gentrifying' café to open on Little Village gang border
    When a vertical sign advertising "COFFEE" was installed prominently on Cermak Road over the weekend, it confirmed many resident's fears that a trendy café, not locally owned, would take over the dormant space that was once known as Latino Youth High School in the historical Marshall Boulevard in Little Village.

Oct 03

UIC students push for faculty diversity


In 1973, a group of Mexican-Americans and Puerto Ricans protested the displacement of Mexican households by the construction of the university, and despite many arrests, continued to push for Latino inclusion on-campus. The pressure led to the founding of the LCC and the Latin American and Latino Studies Program.

    40 years later, UIC students demand more Latinx representation
    Students of Mexican and Latin American descent from the University of Illinois-Chicago (UIC) gathered today to urge for more representation at the faculty and administrative level in the same place where, more than 40 years ago, students fought for the inclusion of Latin American Studies to the UIC curriculum.

Oct 03

    'Mamá Dolores', el apoyo de los olvidados
    Dolores Castañeda voltea a ver a los olvidados por la sociedad. Por años esta madre de tres hijos, y residente de La Villita se ha preocupado por los desamparados que habitan las calles del barrio; les cocina, los alimenta, y a menudo les ofrece palabras de aliento.

Oct 03

    Veterano podría salir de centro de detención por estrés post-traumático (PTSD)
    El lunes el veterano de guerra, Miguel Perez Jr., se someterá a un exámen físico y psicológico que será evaluado por las autoridades del Buró de Vigilancia de Inmigración y Aduanas (ICE) en octubre, y cuyos resultados podrían otorgarle libertad mientras su abogado, Chris Bergin, apela su caso de deportación.

Oct 03

    Donan $40 millones a vecindarios para combatir la violencia
    En una reunión con líderes comunitarios en La Villita, JPMorgan Chase se comprometió a invertir $40 millones en los vecindarios históricamente descuidados de la ciudad en el sur y el oeste de Chicago, como parte de una iniciativa para combatir la pobreza y la violencia a través del progreso económico.

Oct 03

    IDs para inmigrantes servirán en bibliotecas y para pagar la CTA
    Las identificaciones municipales de Chicago planeadas para inmigrantes y desamparados, entre otros, funcionará también como una tarjeta para usar el transporte público (CTA) y para las bibliotecas, anunció el alcalde Rahm Emanuel en un esfuerzo por ampliar el atractivo del programa y aumentar el número de solicitantes de las IDs municipales.

Oct 03

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Need Dentist Recommendation

Hello neighbors!! I have noticed Bport has a plethora of dentist offices which is great and all, but which one is the best to choose? Any recommendations are appreciated! OH and I have Guardian insurance. Thanks!

  • Bruce Brighton Park

    Check out the insurance website. They normally have a list of providers that they use and you might save money using their providers.

  • Thank you!

Oct 02

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