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    Lakeview Man Took "Upskirt" Pic On Loop Escalator, Prosecutors Say
    A Lakeview man used his phone to film up the skirt of a woman who was ahead of him on a Loop department store escalator, police say. John Billhorn, 57, is charged with one misdemeanor count of videotaping through clothes. He was released on a recognizance bond and is due back in court on July 26.

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What are these tower things?

Any idea what these tower things are that appeared a few weeks ago? They're south of Belmont, in that open field between the playground and the tennis courts right next to southbound Lake Shore Dr. Just curious.

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Sad to see EB going again. Unfortunately, Nextdoor seems to be mostly ads.

Thanks all for your contributions!

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  • Permit issued for electric wiring


    3750 N. Lake Shore Dr. Issued July 11, 2018 Comment

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What will $1,400 rent you in Chicago, right now?

3600 N. Lake Shore Drive (Lakeview East) Listed at $1,400/month, this zero-bedroom, one-bathroom apartment is located...

This article has 3 other Chicago locations (Show)

1942 S. Carpenter St. | Photos: Zumper

2717 N. Pine Grove Ave. (Park West) Next, there's this one-bedroom, one-bathroom apartment over at 2717 N...

428 W. Surf St. (Lakeview East) Next, check out this studio apartment that's located at 428 W. Surf...

    What will $1,400 rent you in Chicago, right now?
    Curious just how far your dollar goes in Chicago? We've rounded up the latest rental listings via rental site Zumper to get a sense of what to expect when it comes to hunting down a rental in Chicago with a budget of $1,400/month. Take a peek at what rentals the city has to offer, below.

Jul 07

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Any good one person veterinarian offices on the north side?

The type where they don't have a revolving door of different vets coming and going and you never know who you are going to see or hear from each time you go there?


  • Alice East Lakeview

    Dr. Mitchell at Pets First on Broadway and Roscoe

  • vh

    Lincoln Park Dog and Cat at 2665 N. Lincoln has had the same two excellent vets forever: Dr. Susan Ferraro and Dr. Margaret Post. Dr. Sue took over the practice from her dad years ago. Even though I moved out of that neighborhood, I trust no one else with my dogs.

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Hector Rivera, Age 70, Missing

HECTOR RIVERA, age 70, has been reported missing since Tuesday morning and the Special Victims Unit of the CPD has issued an alert. He was last seen on Lincoln/Montrose. He was wearing a blue polo shirt with horizontal stripes and black pants.

He may be disoriented.

Mr. Rivera is Latino, with gray hair and brown eyes. He is 5'6" tall and weighs 150 lbs.

If you have any information that might help locate him, please call the Special Victims Unit at (312) 744-8266.

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Nanny Share

We are looking for another family to start a nanny share with in Lakeview/Lincoln Park. We have a 9 month old son and are looking to start around August 1st.

Anybody out there looking for the same?

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Jul 07

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Update regarding property at 927 W Irving Pk Rd

The alderman's office has contacted me with correct information regarding why construction work stopped at the site. Here's what they say:

" The owner is Dave Gassman who also owns and is developing the property on the SE corner of W. Sheridan and Broadway. I believe they were taking a break on the Irving lot to complete the W. Sheridan/Broadway building. I will let him know that the building is not secured and that there is graffiti that needs to be removed."

This is different info that I received earlier that said Howard Brown had bought the property. Not so.

  • future alderman future alderman

    I CANNOT BELIEVE LITTLETON'S COMMENT WAS CALLED A "personal attack." Calling out elected officials is EXACTLY what everyblock is FOR! so I'm REPOSTING IT because I could just as well have written it myself.
    "There is really only one reason why projects get stalled... financing problem of some kind.


    Read full comment…

    I CANNOT BELIEVE LITTLETON'S COMMENT WAS CALLED A "personal attack." Calling out elected officials is EXACTLY what everyblock is FOR! so I'm REPOSTING IT because I could just as well have written it myself.
    "There is really only one reason why projects get stalled... financing problem of some kind.

    There are other reasons like "Stop Work Order" for violations but no indication of that.

    Why can't the Alderman's office stop playing PR Dept. for sub-par developers like Gassman? Why is his project which is smaller than the one across the street taking longer when it started first?

    Gassman and Cappleman are like two nuts in a shell. The Gassman also pulled out of a project recently at Wilson and Magnolia just saying.

    Rule of thumb....do NOT believe ANYTHING of substance from Ald. Cappleman's office about developers."

  • future alderman future alderman

    cappleman has held the same office for SEVEN YEARS-if his staff doesn't know what they're doing now they never will-but they know exactly what they are doing-if drumpf was a democrat his name would be cappleman

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Recos for sports wear store

Hi everybody, I want to buy 2 sports caps for friends. I see sooo many stores around Wrigley. Which ones do you recommend that I shop for the sports caps (Cubs & White Sox); low-priced, not premium priced.

  • Clark street sports on Lawrence near Elston has a large selection

  • John Yeh Lincoln Park Resident

    Dick’s Sporting Goods.

Jul 02

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Abandoned construction

For years, an empty lot overgrown with weeds and garbage sat at 927 W. Irving Pk Rd. In March or April, construction started on a 14-unit apartment building. The foundation seems to be in but all work stopped a couple of months ago. Now there is gang graffiti art all over the wall. Does anyone know about what is happening with this? I contacted the Alderman's office last week but no reply as yet. The site is a real eyesore.

  • CT Just a guy in Lakeview

    Does anyone know if this is what happened to the building at the corner of grace and broadway, across from iHop? The ground floor has been under construction for as long as I’ve been in Chicago. I always wondered why they never finished it. Thanks

  • I have been wondering what the deal is with the mostly built, relatively tall building on Irving Park next to Byron's Hot Dogs. Seems like they got 90% done with the new building and stopped. Anyone know anything about it?

Jul 08

Carmen-Winona Yard Sale July 14-15

Time 9 to 2
Where: Between Carmen/Marine Drive, Winona/Marine Drive and Sheridan Roads.
What: Neighbors selling goods from their attics and basements.

Jul 07

  • Permit issued for renovation/alteration


    3750 N. Lake Shore Dr. Issued July 5, 2018 Comment

Jul 07

Jul 05

    TOD Construction has started at 3200 N. Southport Avenue
    Southport Corridor - Chicago, Illinois. TOD Construction has started at 3200 N. Southport Avenue

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July 4, near Broadway and Waveland - shots fired or fireworks?

I must be paranoid, but Sometimes those fireworks sound just like shot gun and shots fired.
10:21 pm July 4

  • Tim

    10:20pm July 4th - Fireworks
    10:21pm July 4th - gunshot
    10:22pm July 4th - Fireworks

Jul 04

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