Nov 09

Recommendations for the best nursing homes that accepts a Medicaid patient in Chicago or suburbs.

We are looking for a Home that provides full assisted living for a 90 year old who can no longer afford to live independently or with supportive living ( unable to go to dining room, go to bathroom alone, etc.)
Thanks very much for any advice.

Sep 27

Updated Nov 06

Injured goose

Does anyone know who to contact about a goose at belmont harbor missing a foot. It seems to be cast out of the group of geese all by itself.

I saw this yesterday but today saw just one in the water honking like it was in distress maybe the same one? Isnt it unusual for them to be aline?

  • @mute, try calling the alderman, when I needed help with rescuing the injured goose I contacted Tim Cullerton and he worked with me (through a series of emails) till it got helped, the dawn information I got, I got from him. he followed up with her to make sure the goose was taken care of.

  • Mute Mute Me

    Is fullerton the alderman at 3410 lsd?

Oct 19

Updated Oct 24

How to get a private cab or vehicle for a physically challenged senior?

She won't take the Pace bus for starters and its almost impossible to get her into our sedan as she screams when she has to dip down to get into the seat. Feels like she is falling.
Is there a private car or medicar that she can get into more easily - maybe the seat is higher?
She uses a rollator/walker to get around. She can barely walk and is almost blind.
We need to go with her down to medical appointments at Northwestern. She has a thing about riding with other people.
Thanks for any advice!!

  • Carole Ogden retired

    She will easily qualify for Pace ADA Paratransit Service. It is a wonderful service for handicapped individuals and costs $3.00. Call their Help line at 312-663-4357. As with any service like this you may need to spend a little time getting to the right place to help you, but it is well worth it. They have all handicapped accessible vehicles with ramps etc.

  • Wow, this is great information, didn't realize any of this existed. Bookmarking for future needs. Thanks to all.

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