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Chicago's "Smart Lighting Project" is NOT smart!

Blinding LED streetlights have failed in NYC and LA, but Chicago keeps plodding ahead with first generation lighting. If you don't want your neighborhood to look like Fulton Market, call your Alderman and tell them you want warm PC Amber LED's in Chicago not "night game" lighting on your residential street. https://www.facebook.com/groups/155084901640186/

  • This is a prime example of how to not do campaigning.

    All Vicki ever does is to assume everyone shares her point of view so she tries to speak for everyone. Once that fails, she starts name calling and labelling, telling everyone that she’s right and everyone is wrong, that...

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    This is a prime example of how to not do campaigning.

    All Vicki ever does is to assume everyone shares her point of view so she tries to speak for everyone. Once that fails, she starts name calling and labelling, telling everyone that she’s right and everyone is wrong, that she wants to have intelligent conversations while everyone else is insensitive, that she’s a good citizen while everyone else is a troll, that her HPS lights are beautiful and everyone’s LEDs make the city look like Walmart parking lots and mosques. Once that fails, she resorts to personal attacks.

    All quality traits for someone that is trying to get people to support their cause.

  • reading thou this and having flashbaciks,


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Car key found

I found a Kia car key on Grace, just west of Janssen yesterday. PM me to identify.

  • Hi Cazh - I lost a key in that area over the weekend, but it's a Subaru car key. Just make sure the one you found is definitely a Kia? Mine was on a heart shaped key ring with a gold and silver key too, but it's possible that the car key may no longer be attached to the key ring. Thanks for double checking the one you have!

  • Hi Ashbash1013. Sorry to say the key has Kia written on it.
    Hope you’re successful in your search.

Feb 10

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    Chicago Nonprofit InjusticeWatch Digs Into Judicial Candidates
    You're standing in the voting booth, staring down at a long list of people running for judicial positions, and you have no idea which candidates you should vote for. Now there's help: InjusticeWatch, a Chicago-based non-partisan, not-for-profit journalism organization, is publishing a series of investigations on local judicial candidates up for election in Illinois' March 20th primary.
  • House-Frau Homemaker, mom, animal lover

    As long as Judge Carol Howard is booted I will be happy. She’s the idiot who gave the woman who tossed her just-born baby out of a 4th story window “house arrest”. She is a joke and a travesty to the criminal justice system.

  • d3 NOH

    Maybe there should be an explicit campaign to educate voters on her.

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Feb 10

    Taco Bell's Replacement on Addison includes Planet Granite Climbing Gym
    Here are the latest renderings of what will be replacing Wrigleyville's Taco Bell at 1111 W. Addison Street. The first level will include street retail to be determined, and according to Tom Tunney's website and renderings, Planet Granite Climbing Gym based in California will occupy the 2nd and 3rd floors.

Jan 29

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Is there an organization or an individual(s) that compile a list of judges lenient or easy on crime that should not be retained or voted for? In view of so much crime committed by previous offenders a list like this would be very much appreciated by voters when heading to the polls.

Feb 05

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Good moving boxes for free

We moved over the weekend and have stacks of good professional moving boxes and clean wrapping/packing paper. Happy to pass them on to anyone who wants them. Any suggestions?

Feb 09

Feb 05

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Anyone know of a mobile lab that will do TB test, blood work, urinalyisis?

We need to get these tests done for an elderly blind woman we are helping.
It is almost impossible to transport her ourselves but she needs to get this work done to be able to get into a specific Catholic skilled care nursing home. They require them all completed before she moves in.

  • Also, you might call the Discharge Planning Department at any local hospital. They have current information for companies needed for patients at home.

  • future alderman future alderman

    a lot of tests can be done by mail-have you asked this home for advice?

Feb 07

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    D'Augustino's Southport Corridor is being remodeled
    Don't worry folks, DAG's at Southport and Addison is not closed for good, just undergoing a massive remodel of the interior. Takeout and delivery are still available and construction should last 5-6 weeks according to Open Table's reservation system.

Feb 08

Feb 08

srboisvert posted 1 photo to Flickr:

Feb 08

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Anyone have any luck noise proofing a living room floor, front door and windows?

We like our 100 year old condo but the new family downstairs is driving us mad with the crying, screaming, jumping going on morning and night with all the ensuing sounds coming up right through our hardwood floors.

No they aren't going to alter their activities, we've discussed it with them..

Then there is the issue of the front door and all the hall sounds with the doors banging not to omit the noise from the front windows with the sound of school recess time and the el rolling by frequently.

The living room is the main point of conflict.

We could move but 'want to check this out first.

Thanks very much.

Feb 06

Jan 30

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Frasca Closed

I saw the windows are boarded up and it says they are closed on Yelp! Anyone know what happened or what’s going on?

  • Southport Corridor Southport Corridor

    Remodeling :)

  • j Lakeview resident

    Real remodeling or a we went out of business, but won't admit it type remodeling? I
    wonder if it's a concept/name change, with the same owners.

  • Jeffrey Littleton Sheridan Park Neighbors Administrator


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Water heater annual maintenance

Anyone willing to share what they paid to have their water heater drained? I just called a couple of companies and they weren’t able/willing to give costs over the phone. Some had a call out fee that would be waived if I had them do the work.
Also, what was included in routine maintenance? Just draining the tank or more?
Any company recommendations would be gratefully received.

Thanks in advance!!

  • Chris T 10 year Lincoln Square/Ravenswood resident.

    @ Brian- when you said electric heater is that by chance a tankless heater?

  • Correct

Feb 03

What Will $1,300 Rent You In Boystown, Right Now?

3449 Elaine Place, #310

732 West Aldine Ave.

740 West Addison St., #E1

This article has 1 other Chicago location (Show)

Fatal 8-vehicle crash closes intersection near Congress and Wells

    What Will $1,300 Rent You In Boystown, Right Now?
    Curious just how far your dollar goes in Boystown? We've rounded up the latest rental offerings via rental site Zumper to get a sense of what to expect when it comes to hunting down an apartment in this Chicago neighborhood if you've got a budget of $1,300 / month.

Feb 01

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Dentist recommendation

Hi all, I live in Lakeview 60613. I have dental insurance imbedded in my Medicare program and I'm looking for a new dentist. My old one (Trambas) is not responsive to my calls.
Anywho, I have a list of providers so if you can recommend someone, pref. in Lakeview/Uptown, please do.

  • I've gone to this young lady once and was impressed. Convenient location, no hard sell (in fact quite the opposite). I suspect your insurance plan will mesh nicely with what this provider can offer you. http://www.chicagotoothfairy.com/

  • Update: My dentist finally replied and said that my Medicare plan only covers the basics like exams, cleaning and some x-rays.

Feb 02

Jan 17

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Where is a consignment store for vintage items?

Hi there, I have a couple of vintage fashion items and am looking for a consignment store. Not a consignment store for modern brand name clothing. Do you know of one?

Feb 01


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