Jun 19 2016

Updated Apr 13

Metal & Iron Stairs Repair - any recommendations?

Hello, I've been having difficulty finding any contractors in Chicago who perform repair and maintenance on metal/iron stairs. We have a landing that's rusted through and need to replace it. Does anyone have any recommendations? Deck contractors I've spoken with only recommend to demolish the metal/iron stairs and build it all new wooden.

  • M

    Baba D. - Did you find anyone? How did it turn out?

  • Yes! I contacted Eziechel at ‭(773) 416-1420‬. He did excellent work.

Apr 04

Updated Apr 05

Seeking Recommendations for Furnace Repair Service Company

Can anyone recommend a trustworthy and reasonably priced HVAC repair service?

  • I second Deljo

  • Spyros at A Climate Source. I think I found him on here when Deljo (who I had used before too) couldn't get an emergency appointment scheduled for 6 days. (Furnace motor for a tenant stopped in -20.) Since then all my business has gone to Spyros. I've met his whole crew over the years and like them all. Good pricing too.

Mar 14

Updated Mar 31

Brick Pavers

Hi, Looking for a company to install Brick Pavers. Any recommendations?

  • ridiculous that you can't expect quick city approval, especially when you have plans to update a business which creates tax revenue.

    sad, really.

    good luck.

  • Philip Independent Business owner ,47th. ward since 1968

    The majority of over paid and underworked city employees are just stuck in slow motion, too many hands in the cookie jar . Way too much time and money is wasted while waiting on the permit process. Small business owners just can’t catch a break .

Mar 25

Updated Mar 28

What's going into the vacant space at the NW corner of Cornelia & Halstead?

It used to be a Peet's Coffee & I miss it so bad! Please say it's another coffee shop but not a Starbucks! Anyone know???

  • Phill Unfair suspension without reason. No rules broken

    Starbucks is evil.

  • Jeffrey Littleton Local Uptown Artist #1

    It will be coffee or adult toy store or a yoga pants store or a head shop.....or a bank branch.

    Welcome to Lakeview.

Mar 27

Updated Mar 27

Yen's on Clark

Anyone know why Yen's on Clark closed permanently??

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