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Archer ave & Francisco Safety Island

What alderman, city planner, or person was responsible for the safety Island installed at the intersection of Archer ave & Francisco?. This will impede the flow of the traffic on Archer and will create a real nice mess of traffic and air pollution during rush hour and winter driving. Why weren't residents notified of this? Was a permit issued for this waste of taxpayers money?

  • I agree. Since you put this in, maybe you can look at having people maybe not park during rush hour on Archer Ave. It amazes me that no one can go to the stop light and cross the street there.

  • Fellow Resident-Non PC liflong B.P. resident.

    When We were younger. We were taught to cross at the corners , look both ways etc. Now , People are entitled to just walk across anywhere the please and without looking !! And 'REMOVE the damned island We the People are speaking!!!! Dont let our gov become dictators !!!

  • cadraski Concerned life long resident of Brighton Park

    IDOT held a community meeting regarding it at the Brighton library at least 2 years ago. At that time they wanted to put it at Richmond which would have made traffic at Sacramento even worse. There were only 6 of us in attendance and I haven’t heard anything since. Those of us there were against the Island but they were adamant that it was going up but didn’t know where. We agreed that Francisco was a better spot over Richmond.

Oct 08

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Alley light not fixed as of June 2017 despite calling 311 3x and requesting service on-line 2x

I pay hefty Chicago/Cook County taxes and every year they increase-and yet, I can't get the city to fix the alley light. Twice I have seen it reported on-line with the status "closed". When I call 311 to complain they don't want to hear anything other than the address and click-they disconnect. Is this the norm? Does it usually take this long? Let's face it, our neighborhood is no longer safe and a dark alley is asking for trouble.

  • R Brighton Park

    @tpchallenger53-trust me, every election year I take these things in consideration. The last election I was on a mission to elect Cardenas out but he won by default secondary to nonexistent opposing candidates. That’s usually why we are stuck with these lazy and incompetent “civil servants”.

  • R Brighton Park

    @emj1900-Agree and feel the same frustration. This is why the goal is to move out of Chicago. Hard working middle class neighborhoods are neglected and ignored.

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    Is That Turkey Hazardous to Your Health?
    Have you ever wondered how long food really lasts after preparation? How about that turkey dinner? Do the mashed potatoes, a hearty root vegetable, last longer than cranberries? As American's work weeks increase, currently 47 hours a week, prepared food has become the new national dinner.

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Damen overpass

Does anyone remember what year the Damen avenue overpass was torn down. The one from 37th to 47th.

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  • Permit issued for electric wiring


    2747 W. Pershing Rd. Issued October 17, 2017 Comment

Oct 18

Found - Pitbull Puppy Mix!

I found a pitbull puppy mix at the Target on 45th and Pulaski. She is about 6-8 months old and 35-40 pounds. She is VERY sweet with people and well groomed. Posted on Lost Dogs IL. Wearing a small black collar with no tags and no microchip. Clipped tail and brown and white marbled paws. Please share!

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