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Question about possible cougar sighting in Illinois.

If this or any other cougars get spotted again, why will it most likely be shot & killed? How many cougars have already been killed here? Like 3, 4?

Why can't we just (supervise our pets and then) turn a blind eye to it? I'm guessing there are probably even more cougars running around than we even know about. They are just doing their thing and trying to live. Why do we have to kill them?

30 hours ago

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Bad Gas

So apparently I've put "bad contaminated" gas in my car TWICE now...not returning to the same station as the first time...does anyone else experience this in our area?!

What stations do you trust...!? HELP!

  • Best steak burrito in Chicago is La Pasadita on Ashland near Division.
    There are other locations but I don't know if they are all serving the same fare.
    Closest one to you Eric is on Irving a bit west of California.

  • Mute Truth is not determined by majority vote

    I use mobil on irving pulaski for 6 years 2 different cars. A 2004 and a 2017. Always use the cheapest gas too. No problems.

3 days ago

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Where is a consignment store for vintage items?

Hi there, I have a couple of vintage fashion items and am looking for a consignment store. Not a consignment store for modern brand name clothing. Do you know of one?

23 hours ago

2 days ago

Jan 13

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Selling 2BR Condo, need wood floor type recommendation

We are selling our 2 Bedroom Condo in Lakeview. We plan to take out the existing wood floor in family room and also take out bedroom carpeting. We plan to replace with a new wood floor through out the unit. We plan to buy at Home Depot. What flooring sells the best these days? Looking for a reco to appeal to prospective buyer.

  • Yep depending on the condition, Rebuilding Exchange finds a new home for it in its original form or uses it to make furniture and supply their woodworking classes.

  • Thanks for all of the good info! The old flooring is a laminate wood. And there is a subfloor underneath.

Dec 18

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Free Uhaul Boxes

Approx 50 boxes (most a mix of small and medium boxes) available near School St and Ashland Ave Wens. or Thurs. morning. A handful of mediums brand new and the rest used only once, for our move this month. PM if interested. Will honor FCFS. Happy holidays everyone!

3 days ago

Updated 3 days ago

    VIDEO: Wicker Park Robbery Video Provides Another Learning Moment
    The latest North Side robbery alert from Chicago Police focuses on three incidents reported Friday in Wicker Park. But everyone can learn by watching surveillance video of one of the hold-ups. One of the best ways to train your gut instinct is to learn how street criminals operate. Around 12:45 p.m.
  • This is good advice, because most of us don't notice cars coming and going into alleys. They got a good look at the robber, he's probably a teen from one of the highschools, and I guess one of the teachers or principals will recognize him.

5 days ago

Updated 4 days ago

Robbery on 4300 block of Oakley

Did anyone hear about a robbery on Oakley tonight ? Around 7pm man hit over head with bottle and robbed ?

5 days ago

Updated 4 days ago

Cleaning service?

I’m looking for a cleaning person for my home. Ideally pay by the hour type as all of the services I see are pre-set with what they will do.

  • Emora67 North Center resident

    Clearly Clean charges by the hour 773.744.2334

Jan 14

WANTED: Art studio to rent in Northcenter

I live in the neighborhood and am looking for a small, affordable, heated space to rent for use on the weekends. I am a designer and just need a separate space outside my house to pursue my own art on the weekends.

Thank you!

Jan 09

Updated Jan 13

Drivers Chucking Objects At Your Car After You Honk At Them For Safety Reasons

Has anyone else experienced this? Ever since I moved here from Detroit, I started experiencing this...me honking at a person, because they are about to hit me, and them instantly getting pissed, when it's very obvious I was not in the wrong and just saying , "hey I'm here I don't think you see me! Ive had multiple people do this, almost get out of their car, one did once, screamed at me and threaten to beat me up...the last...

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Has anyone else experienced this? Ever since I moved here from Detroit, I started experiencing this...me honking at a person, because they are about to hit me, and them instantly getting pissed, when it's very obvious I was not in the wrong and just saying , "hey I'm here I don't think you see me! Ive had multiple people do this, almost get out of their car, one did once, screamed at me and threaten to beat me up...the last two people have just gotten in front of me anyways, then slowed down or pulled over...opened their window up and throw some hard object at my car.

It is very dumb, dangerous, and traumatizing.

I can't help but wonder ever what the other person is thinking.... especially since they usually have another person in the car watching them throw a temper tantrum baicslly...when they were in the wrong...

  • Eric Pepeson NW-side deplorable, based-stickman, commie-crusher

    I remember the good ole days when road rage on the northwest side was fun for the whole family. Not anymore, mooks and neighborhood cretin will just pull a gun out and shoot at you. Back in the day, hand gestures and well thought out expletives would suffice, now not so much.

  • LarryB Dog owner / wine sipper

    I'm hep to those vibrations daddy-o.....evil is as evil does..

Jan 13

  • Permit issued for easy permit process


    3616 N. Wolcott Ave. Issued January 10, 2018 Comment

Jan 13

Jan 11

Nov 15

Updated Jan 10

Neighborly Litigation (Chadha v. NPES)

Many on this forum talk about litigating, be it for some unneighborly thing or other. Well, here is your chance to read the behind the scenes workings of the Chicago Way in its entirety (link below - get some popcorn and settle in) and VOTE.

This is the culmination of 7 years of attorney fees and a waste of our taxpayer-funded court's time/resources, in my opinion, of course.

Link: https://chadhavnpes.weebly.com/appeal-brief.html

    Appeal Brief
  • Update: Chadha: 95; NPES: 84; Deadlocked: 33

  • Update: Chadha 129; NPES: 106; Deadlocked: 41 - And our "Progressive" Alderman of the 47th Ward had no qualms about being honored recently by the school that engaged in this.

Jan 10

Jan 10

Jan 07

Updated Jan 09


We have a situation. I have been specifically targeted for vandalism and it concerns me that it is related to the muggings of November 8th.
On January 4th at 9:52pm a car drove up and parked across the street from our house on Clarendon (exactly where the mugging and beating took place on November 8th). At 9:54:50pm a young man gets out of his car and walks down our street, at 9:55:45pm he returns to his car, at...

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We have a situation. I have been specifically targeted for vandalism and it concerns me that it is related to the muggings of November 8th.
On January 4th at 9:52pm a car drove up and parked across the street from our house on Clarendon (exactly where the mugging and beating took place on November 8th). At 9:54:50pm a young man gets out of his car and walks down our street, at 9:55:45pm he returns to his car, at 9:57:02pm he gets back out of his car, heads straight to my classic 1997 Camaro parked in front of my house on Hutchinson, pulls out a large knife tool, and destroys the passenger side of my Camaro. I have it all on tape but unfortunately he was well covered with hoodie including his face, and the cameras could not pick up the license plate number.
I have a strong suspicion that this is in retaliation from my involvement of the muggings.
I am in contact with the lead detective on the muggings case to see how to proceed.
Let's keep an eye out please.

  • Brian..its actually 60660Gal.
    Not 60657..but its okay..you can call me 606!

  • George F in Ravenswood displaced New Yorker

    No problem Mute. Knowledge is power, and forewarned is forearmed, and any other cliches that apply. BTW I consider something that is still cool after twenty years, and stands the test of time, a classic. Except maybe a Yugo.

Jan 06

Updated Jan 09

Breakroom / Finches / Ravinia Brewing

Does anyone know when Ravinia Brewing will open? That carcass of a store front is just sitting there.

  • I sent Ravinia a message and this is the response I got:
    I wish I had a better answer for you, but unfortunately there are a variety of issues to work through at the Montrose spot that continue to put timing and planning up in the air. It is a wonderful spot and a wonderful neighborhood which we are really hoping to make work - but some thing are simply out of our control. Keep checking back with us and hopefully we'll know more soon!

  • Eric Pepeson NW-side deplorable, based-stickman, commie-crusher

    That's too bad, ya' know I always wanted to open up a nice restaurant & bar. That building would a make a good dirty neighborhood strip club with a nasty lunch buffet. Maybe put some of those slot machines in the back and patrons can also bet on the ponies with an OTB. Forget about all those fancy microbrews, only Schlitz or Old Style for a buck and a quarter each. It will be the classiest establishment on the NW side. Call it "Deplorables"

Jan 08

Updated Jan 09

Free mvmt shop opens in Old Dry Cleaner on Southport and Waveland

Free mvmt shop opens today at 3649 Southport, across from Jewel Osco. Free mvmt shop is a movement--based fitness pop-up. They will be in the neighborhood until May 1st offfering classes in cardio-dance, animal movement, shadowboxing, yoga, pilates, and conditioning for all skill and experience levels. They support a Different local Nonprofit each month with a percent of sales. Definitely an exciting addition to the Southport Corridor.

Jan 08

Updated Jan 09

Old issues of National Geographics

Howdy neighbors- I have about 5 years worth of magazines that I want to get rid of. Wondering if this is something a school wants or any crafty folks. 2006-2010 are the approximate years. They also have the fake leather book box that they are stored in.
Anyone... Anyone... Bueller? If not then I will just take them to the Village Disco...

  • Hi there! I would be happy to take some of the National Geographics off your hands. I send care packages to troops and those magazines are requested and very well received. Let me know if I could grab some. Thanks!

  • ElizabethB..how cool!!! (You , too!) Thanks for this!!!

Jan 06

Updated Jan 08

Breakfast/brunch suggestions for East Lakeview

I was so happy to find Horizon cafe after Melrose closed down last year for just a good, affordable breakfast with no frills. I was heartbroken to go out in the cold this morning for breakfast at Horizon to find it’s doors permanently closed.
Do any of you have good east Lakeview suggestions for breakfast/brunch? I’m not a huge fan of Anne Sathers or Stella’s Diner and Yolk tends to be a huge wait with sometimes a lack of space to hang out indoors while waiting.

  • Alice East Lakeview

    Wilde does a decent brunch

  • Thank you everyone for all of the wonderful suggestions :)

Jan 07

Updated Jan 08

Cleaning service

In search of a cleaning service fir an
air BNB

  • d3 NOH

    Did the city approve your license even without you living there? Did you have to appeal ?

  • D3 if you have any questions call Kirk at (224) 805-7412. SMA mechanical is a legitimate company. That is if you are referring to my comment about work that Rose Lloyd posted about.

Jan 08

Updated Jan 08

Neighbors, where can I get a zipper Pull (zipper mend) really quick

I have 24 hours to get a zipper pull. Where should I go, thanks. I looked online but would have to order it.

Jan 08

Fresh Start to Your Week: 1/8 – 1/10

CHIRP Radio’s First Time: First Strike @ Martyrs’, 3855 N Lincoln Ave., 8:00PM, All Ages

This article has 9 other Chicago locations (Show)

First Monday Jazz: Sam Trump @ Currency Exchange Café, 305 E Garfield Blvd., 7:00PM – 8:00PM, All Ages

Ohmme / Campdogzz / Quarter Mile Thunder @ Empty Bottle, 1035 N Western Ave., 8:30PM, 21+

Salonathon: I Do What I Want! @ Beauty Bar, 1444 W. Chicago Ave., 8:30PM, 21+

Laverne x Faux Co @ The Owl, 2521 N Milwaukee Ave., 9:00PM, 21+

The Moth StorySLAM: Ambition @ The Promontory, 5311 S Lake Park Ave., 6:00PM, 17+

A Scientist Walks into a Bar: Paleontology Post Jurassic Park @ The Hideout, 1474 N Milwaukee Ave., 6:30PM, 21+

Sun Storm: Bill MacKay & Tim Kinsella Residency @ Hideout, 1354 W Wabansia Ave., 9:00PM, 21+

Ancient Friends / Archie Powell & the Exports / Sunjacket @ Quenchers, 2401 N Western Ave., 9:00PM, 21+

Stars Align: Thomas Comerford and Julie Meckler @ The Whistler, 2421 N Milwaukee Ave., 9:30PM, 21+

    Fresh Start to Your Week: 1/8 - 1/10
    This week's curated list of events for the beginning of your week huge! Each day has four amazing sections ranging from concerts, talks, and storytellers ready to make your evening fun! Every show offers something unique and undoubtedly Chicagoan, so take advantage of the slightly less chilly weather and enjoy the first half of your...

Jan 08

BartShore posted 1 photo to Flickr:

Jan 06

Free computer desk

Free computer desk is 20.5"deep x44.4" width x 30.25" high

Keyboard shelf extends but not as far as it should (about 1/2 way - can still use as is for a keyboard or can probably be fixed).

One side drawer above section that can house a computer tower.

Top of desk has some permanent marker scribbles on it thanks to my first child.

If interested, contact me at kflaminio@hotmail.com. Located at Belmont/California.

Jan 05

Kikko needs a home

A month ago someone posted about the loss of their dog. I think a Pittie. This beautiful girl needs a loving Home and I thought of you. I am not a techie so I don’t know how to find your post and I have no idea how to add the Facebook post so I just took pictures and attached them. This was shared with Paw’s volunteers and I’m a volunteer. Thanks

Oct 16 2012

Updated Jan 04

Illinois Police Department call scam (?)

Has anyone recieved any calls from the Illinois Police Department asking for donations. At least once a year I receive a call from people claiming to be from the Illinois Police Department, in the calls they either ask for a donation to help fallen officers or in one call that I recieved recently, the person tried to sell me energy efficiency light bulbs (being that the proceeds benefit families of) As a senior citizen, I have always been aware of scams and have often wondered if this is such.

  • Always look up the Form 990 for not for profit charities. It is filed w/ the Secretary of State.

    The Illinois Police Association ends up giving less than 10% of money raised to police charities on a yearly basis.

    The also have high complaints with consumer groups about not removing phone numbers of those who request being removed.

  • nancy and d3. excellent suggestion. asking simply and politely for that org status can probably tell you all you need to know.

Dec 31

Updated Jan 02

Witness a hit and run at 3818 N. Kimball Avenue at 11:00am on 12/28/17?

Hello. Did anyone witness a car crash at 3818 N. Kimball Avenue at 11:00am on 12/28/17? My car was parked there and there was a hit and run. I obtained the police report and that report states that a witness saw a black Mercedes driven by older man hit two cars (including mine) and drive off. Security footage would also be great, of course.

  • Chris H Kimball Ave Homeowner

    Thank you very much for the response. I appreciate it. Does 11:00am sound right for the time of the crash?

  • MetroCyclist Food Crazy 9YR Inde Park/Albany Park Resident.

    Yes 11 am, that sounds about right.

Jan 01

Updated Jan 01

Lakeview -- are the stores open New Years day?

Hi everybody, I wasn't paying attention. Are Whole Foods, Jewel Walmart and other stores open today?

  • Check out websites. Almost all list their store hours on the holidays.

  • Yes...but you have to scour for the locations and there are varying hours with many; like Whole Paycheck (oops...Whole Foods). S0, I figure, just call the location.

Dec 28

Updated Dec 31

New to Lakeview

Hi there!
I’m new to the area and looking for suggestions of places in Lakeview to check out!


  • carly, you still with us?!

  • Gino Pinto Foursided Custom Framing Co-Owner

    Lots of great suggestions for food and drinks—all wonderful ideas! Also, don’t forget to check out the great selection of independent retail stores that are here year round...such as:
    Foursided - gifts and framing - 2939 N Broadway
    Foursided - cards and gifts - 2958 N Clark
    Inkling - 2917...

    Read full comment…

    Lots of great suggestions for food and drinks—all wonderful ideas! Also, don’t forget to check out the great selection of independent retail stores that are here year round...such as:
    Foursided - gifts and framing - 2939 N Broadway
    Foursided - cards and gifts - 2958 N Clark
    Inkling - 2917 N Clark
    Bittersweet - bakery and gifts - 1114 W Belmont
    Windy City Sweets - 3310 N Broadway
    Cram men’s clothing - 3331 N Broadway
    The Alley - Clothing - 3221 N Clark
    Ragstock - hip used clothing - 812 W Belmont
    Strange Cargo - clothing, etc - custom T-shirt’s - 3448 N Clark
    Hollywood Mirror - kitsch clothes and gifts - 812 W Belmont
    Red Balloon - children’s clothing - 3651 N Southport

    I’m sure I missed a few great independent stores in Lakeview, but this should give you a few places as you get to know this incredible neighborhood. Have fun!

Dec 30

Updated Dec 31

Police letting crazies loose


This statement in the article
"Police cannot arrest someone based on anonymous complaints" is new to me.

    Lakeview Man Brandishing Ax Claims He Did It Because Of Trump - And Cops Let Him Go
    A Lakeview man was released without charges Saturday evening after he told police that he took out his newly-purchased ax on a CTA bus "because of our current president." Multiple 911 callers reported seeing a white male in a blue and white plaid shirt carrying an ax or waving an ax on the street near the 1300 block of West Wellington shortly after 5 p.m.
  • This story makes no sense. Buying an ax from Menards is perfectly legal. Taking the bus with Menards purchases is perfectly legal. How does Trump fit into this story? Trump wants to subsidized coal. An ax is used for chopping wood. This man wants to heat his house using firewood instead of natural gas, something that would please Trump because clean energy is a goal for Libtards and others who hate 'Merica. And now you know the rest of the story...

  • BettyR Northcenter

    If the man with the ax did not do anything wrong and there is not a legitimate complaint against him, the police can’t do anything.

    Trump was in the story because allegedly the man with the ax brought up his name.

    Way to go off track, Mark Jones.

Dec 31

Frozen pipes or water main frozen?

I woke up this morning to no water in my house. Called a plumber for frozen pipes. Since I have no water at all they said I’d have to work with the city. 311 said they’d send someone out - no timeframe given. Has anyone dealt with a similar issue? I’d like to get an idea of what to expect.

Possibly related - I saw water spewing out of a sewer grate around the corner from me (Montrose & Western) last night. Also reported this to 311.

Dec 29

Updated Dec 31

Hit and run

Hi neighbors. Hit and run at 4135 n Drake. Dark 4 door suv was Nb drake but lost control, made a u turn and fled sb drake. At least 2 cars hit, 1 appears a total loss.

  • @bob, in that case, you incur the loss, depending on the amount of loss, you may be able to deduct something off of taxes.

    then your option is to find the responsible party and see if you can sue to recover losses incurred.

  • ward greenleaf Smokey and the Bandit, Hooper, Cannonball Run...

    Bob, you are them SOL!

Dec 31

Dec 30

  • Permit issued for easy permit process


    1802 W. Berenice Ave. Issued December 28, 2017 Comment

Dec 29

Why You May Want to Make Year-End Charitable Donations

While many people are prepaying their property taxes, you may also want to look at making charitable contributions before the end of the year rather than in 2018.


    Why You May Want to Make Year-End Charitable Donations
    The new tax law has been forecasted to result in $21 billion less in charitable giving in the coming year. As an estimated, 95% of Americans will now take the standard deduction rather than itemize, few will see a tax advantage for charitable giving in the coming years.

Dec 28

Homeless grey cat

Spotted near 2000 block of west Grace Street. Last seen headed toward Bradley Place.

Dec 28

How the 20% Pass-Through Income Deduction may Affect You

The new tax bill has many trying to understand how the 20% deduction applies to pass-through income and whether it affects them. Before making any changes in the new year, understand the deduction and speak to a tax professional to determine if it can be beneficial to you.


    The New 20% Deduction on Pass-Through income, What is It? And does it affect you?
    There are many intricacies of the new Tax Act that will be discussed and analyzed over the coming weeks and months. While some of the changes will allow for a tax reduction for "pass-through" entities, the complexities of the tax bill should be discussed with your tax advisor to make sure you understand how it affects you before you make any significant financial or employment changes.

Dec 25

Updated Dec 27

Plumbing ID help please

Hi, can anyone tell me what this is? It is a metal cover about four or five inches wide with a large nut and a small hole, that is connected to my bathroom's clean water supply. Thanks!

  • Phill Lucille, give me strength.

    Nice little tiles, they don't make those anymore.

  • Spam Alert, thanks, I have limited knowledge so assumed erroneously it was connected to the water supply. Philip and Johnson K, it does appear to be a drum trap. Thanks a lot everyone for the info and terminology!

Dec 27

Dec 24


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