May 11

Updated 5 days ago

Exterminator needed for - MICE!

Can anyone recommend a good exterminator to get rid of mice?


  • Caralyn Rogers Park since 2015

    Cats are amazing little exterminators for all sorts of pests!! We used to have a cockroach problem in our apartment building, even with monthly exterminator treatments... but since we adopted two cats last year we haven't seen a single bug in our unit :)

    But yes, obviously don't get a cat if you don't want a cat.

  • We recently used Crow Pest control for a rodent problem. We're very happy with them.

Apr 14

Looking to rent a parking place/garage

Hey RP neighbors. I'm looking for a garage rental or parking space beginning May 1, near Albion and Clark. Thanks in advance for any leads you can offer. I'm a great tenant, always pay my rent on time - considerate - and a nice person who cares about the world and the people in it. Thanks in advance.

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