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concern about safety

There is an urgent need for adequate lighting on the North side of the 606 at Bloomingdale and Western. The pavement is very uneven and dangerous to pedestrians. Also any traffic coming from the East trying to merge onto Western cannot see what's coming from northbound traffic on Western. There should be a way for cars to see what's coming on Western, in order to merge without blocking the crosswalk or entering Western since that's very dangerous to the moving cars on Western as well.

  • JeannyB Old Apartment renovator, architect,

    Unfortunately I don't live in the 32nd Ward although I have to be in that area quite often.I will try to contact Scott Waguespak and CDOT to look into this..There's already 2 stoplights on double staged corners of Wabansia and Western but either a stop sign and/or better lighting is a necessity. Right now for a motorist it's pretty much of a guessing game (especially during rush hour) and it's treacherous for a pedestrian just crossing Bloomingdale on the East side of Western. Here's hoping?

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Found Female Chihuahua

Found near the intersection of Honore and Wood Street yesterday (11/14) evening.

Please contact My Vet Animal Hospital if you recognize this little lady or if she belongs to you. (773)235-8387.

  • Ev

    So Hoping this girl might be Shayna missing from Skokie. Her family saw a camera video from where she was lost while with a sitter that showed she was picked up, so it's possible she ended up in Chicago. I did contact Shayna's mom and she is going to contact...

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    So Hoping this girl might be Shayna missing from Skokie. Her family saw a camera video from where she was lost while with a sitter that showed she was picked up, so it's possible she ended up in Chicago. I did contact Shayna's mom and she is going to contact you as she looks like her girl. She is not on facebook and I believe her grandson who lives in Texas is trying to help her set up a facebook account to comment on on the hospital's post. Her phone number: (224) 766-6566 https://www.facebook.com/LostFoundPetsChicagoIL/photos/a.1940701626149048.1073741828.1753317621554117/2028868947332315/?type=3&theater

  • Ev

    Thank you so much for posting as this lead to Shayna, missing from Skokie and she is back home with her mom tonight Sunday 11/19/2017. Your post helped me remember a lost post I saw from pawboost and the rest is history. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving, you gave Shayna and her family a Thanksgiving miracle!

  • Oh this is so great! How great you found the owner! I bet the family is so relieved. Thanks for taking her in, and to Ev for the followup. Thanks for letting us know how it turned out.

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Hit and Run last night

Last night (Friday) a little after 7:00pm my husband was hit by a car while crossing the street at California + Cortland. The police came, and he was taken to the hospital with a concussion, broken nose, and pretty badly beat up. We are grateful it wasn't worse. Regardless, the video from the liquor store wasn't enough to see a license plate. We think it was a red Ford SUV. If anyone saw anything could you let me know? Thank you!

  • krw

    And I am so sorry this happened to you and so glad its not worse. Take care.

  • Douglas Raul Williams Family history in Logan Square since 1970

    Positive thoughts to your family. If you get more information on the vehicle please post it.

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Boxes needed

Hi! Looking for boxes, I will pick them up! Thanks!

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Bike stolen (Fyxation Eastside champion with stripes)

Hi Neighbors, if you see this bike anywhere, please reach out. I love this bike, and it was stolen while I was getting married, super bogus. I recently replaced the fork, so the front does not have the stripes that the body has, making it unique. It was stolen from our basement laundry room in Logan Square near Unity Park. It has a black rack and a copper bell.

  • Achilles Flaneur ear witness

    Very sorry to hear about this and the timing is especially lousy. A number of everyblock neighbors had similar experiences earlier this year in this neighborhood,myself included. We think the thief used a credit card to jimmy the lock as there was no sign of forced entry and we had only a doorknob lock on our exterior basement door.
    i wish you luck in finding it and best wishes in your marriage.

  • Rob Lejman Chicago born and raised. North side.

    Thank you

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  • Permit issued for new construction


    2305 W. Wabansia Ave. Issued November 16, 2017 Comment

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Oct 27

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Electrician recommendation

Looking for an electrician to replace an outdoor outlet. Any recommendations? It's a small job.

  • robin in WRP I support a 28th Amendment 4Free & Fair Elections!

    Hi Tina - our family business is AIK Restoration & Repair. For scheduling, please send an email to aikrandr@yahoo.com https://www.yelp.com/biz/aik-restoration-and-repair-chicago?sort_by=rating_desc

  • Thanks, Robin. Someone is supposed to be coming out today to replace the outlet . If that falls through, I will contact ASAP -looking to have it done today, if possible

  • Not sure if you were able to get someone to take care of your outlet, we just had Aurora Electric come out and take care of some outdoor outlets by our patio and deck. They did a great job and the electrician that came to our home was very professional and respectful. Heck, our dog even liked him! Here is their site, www.AuroraElectricInc.com

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The Comedy Clubhouse's "Wishin Control" is a Critic's Pick.

The Comedy Clubhouse, that purple building on Ashland just south of North Ave, just opened with their Main Stage Theatrical, Wishin Control. It was reviewed this past weekend and got the critic's pick:


    Review: WISHIN' CONTROL at The Comedy Clubhouse | PerformInk
    By Jonald Jude Reyes When problems grow weary on a person's mind, sometimes the last string of hope is to just wish. "I wish I would win the lotto," or "I wish the right person would come along," or "I wish Kevin James would make another Mall Cop!"

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    Protect Rental Property Assets with an LLC
    Real Estate has always been considered a safe investment since the supply is finite and the demand grows with the population. Even though we have seen some swings in the real estate market over the past decade, the theory still is held true by many.

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Gunshots in Logan square?

At about 12:40am early Monday I hear what sounded like gunshots. 1 shot then followed by 7 after. Did anyone else hear this? I call 911 to be on the safe side I told them it sounded like it came from the direction of Diversey and Troy st.

  • bigbadron sorry.

    yeah, i'm trying to figure out what exactly happened. we just got back from a vacation and found out our car was hit. judging by the trajectory, it looks like the shots went north from Diversey. our neighbor said the shots were loud enough as if they were in the alley. regardless if the shots were from the alley or Diversey, the CBS story doesn't make sense. so either they messed up the report, or the guy who was shot was lying about what happened.

  • I’m so sorry your car was hit! The story had it wrong - The shots definitely happened on Troy, I think the guys were heading south, two cars shooting at eathother, as cars windows were shot out from the front and back.

Nov 14

Eric Fischer posted 24 photos to Flickr:


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