Aug 18

Updated Jun 20

Terrible Landlord

How do you deal with a landlord who does not want to make repairs he promised? We have given him a list, pictures, and he has seen for himself. HE STILL WILL NOT MAKE THE REPAIRS for the apartment to be liveable. What should I do?I just moved into the apartment late June! We are tired of begging him.

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    Call 311 and explain to thm what's going on. I did so 8yrs ago..they will send some one out to investigate..let you know about tenants rights..if they find anyth wrong they will get in touch with the landlord in give him or her a violation..and give thm a certain mount of time to fix the problems.PLEASE CALL 311!!!!

  • Update! WE MOVED OUT! He is by far the worst Landlord ever. He never made repairs and the apartment became run over with mice. I did everything thing you guys suggested and it just got worst. The electricity was old, mice were terrible. We would show him pictures and he just a trash landlord.

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