Apr 29

Updated May 01

2607 - 2611 N. Sheffield 1348 - 1358 W. Wellington 635 - 671 W. Division 1441 - 1491 N. Larrabee

Could anyone at this address please send the name of your builder? Our condo would like the same stairs. Thank you.

  • Andrew Carpenter Realtor Edgewater home owner and Chicago Reator

    After no responses to your previous set of posts I think it's safe to say that nobody knows the builders. Based on the address ranges I'm guessing these are buildings required to have a management company sign posted on the building. Give them a call and ask them about their contractor.

Apr 15

Who is the builder?

Does anyone know the name of the builder for the following homes? Our condo would like similar staircases. Thank you.

2607, 2609, 2611 N. Sheffield

1348 , 1350, 1352, 1354, 1356, 1358 W. Wellington

635 through 671 W. Division

1441 through 1491 N. Larrabee

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