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Garage Break-ins

Good Morning Neighbors. Be on the look out for 2 gentlemen breaking in garages in the 8800 block of South Union Ave area. They were observed on Friday breaking in a neighbors garage and thank goodness the next door neighbor stopped them. But unfortunately they returned the next day.

If you see anything report it. We must not let these criminals tamper with our property and take items that do not belong to them.

Thank you

6 days ago

Updated 4 days ago

Shooting at 87th & Wood

My fiancée and I just bought a house on Wood in April; we heard the shooting today while working on the lawn. We were wondering how often shootings occur on this block. We love our new home and we look forward to getting to know our neighbors and the community — those shots were scary though! Want to help out however we can; also curious for any news regarding this particular incident. Thanks

  • I hope you called 911. Be sure to call 911 so they can be aware of things if this nature. There is an orgazatuib called West Beverly they are engaged in keeping the area safe, property being maintained. I do not know have their address, but call your alderman office and ask if they have their number. The area you live in is a quite area. Congratulations

  • Ian Westerfer Recently moved to the neighborhood

    Thanks for the info! I did call 911 right away; lots of folks must have been calling cause it took a minute for them to answer. Will contact alderman's office too. Thank you!

May 14

Updated May 15

Governor wants to bring back the death penalty to Illinois

Gov. Bruce Rauner announced today that he wants to bring back the death penalty for offenders who kill police officers.

While those in law enforcement applaud his proposal not everyone agrees.

"While I remain against the death penalty for anyone, this announcement enforces the racist mentality that some lives are more valuable than others," said Rev. Michael Pfleger, pastor of Sabina Church on the South Side. "When he puts police lives more valuable than the black and brown children then perhaps Gov. Rauner should be charged with a hate crime!"

  • emj1900 bp lifer

    Leave it to Father Faker......So, if he brings it back for all murderers, black, brown and white....would he still would complain....? Betcha he call it unconstitutional...

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