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Attention Dog Owners - Day Care Survey

Please take a moment to complete a brief, 8-item survey for dog owners. This survey, which should not take more than 5 minutes of your time, is designed to gauge our community's interest in and thoughts about daycare for dogs. Your personal information is not requested, and all responses are anonymous unless you choose to provide personally identifiable information. Thank you so much in advance for your time!


    Doggie Day Care Survey
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Nov 02

Oct 25

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Oct 21

Just moved in, have referrals

We just moved into Oriole Park and wanted to share great companies we've worked with in preparing our new home.

Movers: Golan's
Painters: Bernard Finnegan, LLC
Appliance Delivery/Haul Away: Costco

Oct 21

Oct 13

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John Juszynski - I found your Ventra U-Pass

Are you John Juszynski or do you know him? I found his student U-Pass Ventra card with his picture on it. I'd prefer to get it back to him than have him go through the trouble of replacing it. Can't find him on facebook.

Oct 12

Updated Oct 13

    Milo Ads Torn Down From CTA Platforms
    The following is an anonymous submission from local Chicago antifa regarding the recent posting of advertisements for Milo Yiannopoulos' bo...
  • Mute Mute Me

    This might be my favorite part.

    "Solidarity with all the GLBTQI folx out
    there "

    Do they not know milo is gay? When they preach solidarity with all gay folks out there don't they know that includes milo?!

Jun 16

Updated Oct 11

Jeff Park Affordable Housing Opponent John Garrido Caught Violating City Ethics Law

John Garrido (CPD Lt. John Garrido/Former losing 45th Ward aldermanic candidate John Garrido/Leading outspoken opponent of the Jefferson Park affordable housing project John Garrido/(Likely) fake EveryBlock name-user John Garrido) VIOLATED the city's Ethics ordinance, per a report released June 15,2017: See the list of names, John Garrido is number 28, on the list linked from this 6/15/17 City Press Release:
"June 15, 2017
Employees and Officials Who Did Not Timely File Statements of Financial Interests

Employees and Officials who violated the Ethics Ordinance for failure to timely file 2017 Statements of Financial Interests"

    City of Chicago :: Employees and Officials Who Did Not Timely File Statements of Financial Interests
    Businesses & Professionals Artists & Entertainers Builders Caregivers Contractors Cultural Organizations Developers Educators Existing Businesses Food Service Establishments
  • R.R. got my letter today I haven't done my ethics for this year. That's the city for you I'll do it when I have time.....Like you should give a f..... check your public record list see if you can match my name on the list every year..

  • those that live for free should not cast stone on those that work to live.

    like anyone else, no one is perfect... there are laws, penalties and fines in place for a reason, some stuff is bound to happen.

    just like some people can't work, some people miss deadlines, there are things in place to address these issues.

Oct 11

Oct 04

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Recycling Cans

Two groups of people, hours apart, walked down the alley today in the 6000 block of Waveland and stopped at my fence, talking. Both groups opened my blue can and looked inside, then walked away. Has anyone else seen this? I'm curious as to what they may have been looking for.

  • I bag my metal cans for the pickers as well. It's little effort for me and easier for them. It still gets recycled.

  • Thanks everyone, for your responses. If it had been one or two people each time, I might think they were looking for cans, but these were groups, as in six or seven people. I'll probably never know.

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Oct 06

Midnight Circus Volunteers-October 7 & 8

We can still use some volunteers in Oriole Park to help with Ushering, Concession Sales, and general help. Please sign up here if you can help. http://signup.com/go/QphyYux

    Midnight Circus Volunteers-October 7 & 8
    SignUp.com makes it easy to coordinate school events & classroom activities, fundraisers, snack schedules, potlucks & more!

Oct 05

Family-friendly show this weekend

Come to Oriole Park this weekend to see a Cirque du Soleil style show done by professionals. Kid friendly, no animals except the Ring Masters rescue dogs. Worth every dollar and all proceeds help improve our park.


    Midnight Circus Returns To Oriole Park For Benefit Shows This Weekend
    CHICAGO - The high-flying acrobatics of Midnight Circus in the Parks will return this weekend to Oriole Park, 5430 N. Olcott Ave., bringing four shows expected to raise thousands of dollars for the Norwood Park space.

Oct 03


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