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winnamac coyotes back or never left ?

Saw a coyote walking in front of chappell on Wed night (11th) about 11:30pm . I was walking on the sidewalk and coyote was inside the fence. Was a decent size. Looked at each other and just kept walking.

  • So cool, I never see them. My guess, because they are so good at hiding, is that they never left.

  • I see these coyotes all the time. I only worry when I see two together then I tend to walk a little faster in the opposite direction. They are eating all the rats so I’m good with them. 👌🏼

  • They are everywhere - they mostly come around at night - but some do walk around during the day - - I found a big round 'crushed' spot in the middle of my garden plants.....perhaps a coyote decided to take a nap - -

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Farewell Dear Neighbors

It’s been a good run here on Everyblock. May you all do well and be safe. Thank you for being caring neighbors.

  • Catbus Philosopher, Third-Class

    Having seen the conversations from other neighborhoods, I'm grateful that our share of trolls and racists was relatively low. Relatively.

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Motorcycle storage and service space on Berteau Ave between Wolcott Ave and Ravenswood Ave

Shared secure space in an industrial building for your motorcycle. Welder, drill press, air compressor and good assortment of tools available.

  • I need to rent a pneumatic wrench to loosen a nut on my water heater. Ya got one?

Jul 05

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Ravenswood newbie looking for monthly parking & tips

Hi, I'm moving to Ravenswood later this month and am looking for monthly parking.

Prefer covered

The closer to Lawrence & Hoyne the better

Also any insight on my new neighborhood would be greatly appreciated

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One last week for hyper-local snark. R.I.P. Everyblock.

I'll miss you Everyblock - and all you blockheads too.

  • djstranger

    It was fun! See ya Everyblock. Thanks for all the local news.

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Missing drone

My friend was flying their drone on Sunday, long story short it flew off without their GPS set and now it is missing. I know this is a long shot, but if anyone sees a white drone please let me know. Last seen around Lawrence and Ravenswood. Thanks!

Jul 11

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electrician needed

looking for an electrician to work on two exterior lights messed up by a handy man, so someone who knows how to install lights on timers, motion sensitive lights etc.

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Does anyone know what happened in the budlongwoods area on lincoln and Summerdale ? I saw police putting yellow tape on a condo property.

Jul 09

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Western Avenue

Hello all. We are new to Lincoln Square and are really enjoying the area and the community. Has anyone heard of any plans to resurface Western Avenue and perhaps new streetscaping? Compared to Lincoln, Lawrence (east of Western) and some other streets, Western Ave doesn't look so nice.

  • Jill H 38 years in Chicago, 19 in North Center

    There was a plan floated a couple of years ago to have sections of Ashland and Western be used for express buses, with center boarding islands. The plan would have significantly reduced parking on the street and the number of places where drivers could make left turns. It would also have increased driving times. Not surprisingly, businesses and residents pushed back on those features, and those plans seem to have gone away. I also think federal transit monies needed were not available, and probably won't be for the foreseeable future.

  • Years ago there were dividers down many of the main streets the city removed them. Daley put them back with plantings. They can be a safety hazard. We watched an emergency vehicle trapped on a street with concrete dividers. There was 4 lanes of bumper to bumper traffic and no way for the emergency vehicle to get through. Just food for thought.

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Neighbor Filling Up My Recycling Bins

One of the people who lives in the apartment/condo building across the alley from my house has decided he prefers to use my city-provided recycling bin to the recycling bins his building pays for. I know who it is because a) the recycling waste contained mail with his and his partner's name on it and b) my garage security camera took a video of him walking across the alley with his recycling over to my bins. If this were just...

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One of the people who lives in the apartment/condo building across the alley from my house has decided he prefers to use my city-provided recycling bin to the recycling bins his building pays for. I know who it is because a) the recycling waste contained mail with his and his partner's name on it and b) my garage security camera took a video of him walking across the alley with his recycling over to my bins. If this were just a one time thing it would not be that big a deal but it seems to have become a regular habit. Our bins typically get full to the point of over-flowing before they get emptied every other week so we don't need other people's recycling waste in them. I tried posting a polite note on their back alley door and bins asking him to please use his own bins, but to no effect.

Any other suggestions for how to deal with this?

  • chizzleking -- Why 311? Wouldn't you want to call 911, to get the police out there in real time?

  • I don’t think 911 is necessary for stealing a cup of coffee from outside Over Easy but I do think it might be chizzleking slingshot worthy!

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Lost keys

I know this might be a longshot but my fiancé lost her keys last night during the 4th of July at Winnemac Park.

We were there for a few hours and left at 9:45 pm and were situated behind the largest diamond field just west of the parking lot, behind the 1st baseline.

The keys include a key fob and a LOTR keychain. Yes, it is a Legolas key chain exactly as pictured here (front and back). $20 reward if found. Thank you!

Jun 13

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People walking dogs

keep your dog off my yard and out of my planting. If you want your dog to dig and tear up the outside do it in your yard. The outside is NOT a dog park. Walk your dog, pick up your poop and go home to wreck your yard. Show respect for the community. You do not have the “right” to be abusive and disrespectful to the community’s work to keep it looking nice because you can’t train fluffy. My yard is not open to your dog!

  • Joeflatwoods, your axe has been grinded dear, put it back in your tool box for another post.

  • future alderman future alderman

    if every dog that walked on my landlords parkway had a "bad poop" by the end of ANY day humans would have to cross the street! everyone wants to say "it's hardly ever"-but when 300 dogs stop on your lawn EVERY DAY just 1% is TOO MUCH-and it's MUCH more than 1%---more like 10%

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Gas Bill

I am spending next few summers in Chicago, in an older 2 flat. Landlord pays then saves copies of utility bills till my return, just saw that Dec was $74, Jan was $156. I asked landlord to call ComEd to authorize me to question them, but in the meantime, I like to get other thoughts. I set the water heater to vacation and have radiator/steam heat set on very low. There are 2 dryers in basement but only one other person lives in the building who is barely home. I know it was very cold this year, but do those amounts seem high for a 2 bed apartment with no occupancy?

  • linda kathryn connelly Andersonville resident for 30 years

    Stay with Com Ed, the rest are scammers

  • Thanks a ton, great info, I will get detailed billing info, have it put in my name and will stay away from scammers.
    I now have educated steps to take!

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Found this sweet boy wandering alone, no tags, near Montrose and Pulaski. Is safe in a private home at Sunnyside and Springfield. Please help find his owners.

Jun 28

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Looking for a 2 bedroom apt. in Lincoln Square.

My bf, lab and I currently live in an Albany Park condo but we are outgrowing our 1 bed. Anyone know of a 2 bed in lincoln square or near the brownline? Our budget is up to $1,200 (which I know might be unrealistic, but hey you never know)

  • Look on Zumper and Apartments.com

  • It’s not a permanent solution but I’m trying to sublet my big 2 bedroom in Lincoln Square for 2 months from mid-August to mid-October for just about that price. 2 minutes from the western brown line.

Jun 28

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Free stuff now

Stereo equipment, Sony and Denon. New Stylus. Clay pots, wire baskets, stereo cabinet.

Jun 26

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Vicious Dog Alert

While walking my very mellow dog near Sunnyside and Artesian at 11pm tonight, a guy with three dogs lost control of them. They charged at and attacked my dog. One was a large, reddish-black German Shepherd Dog, the other two medium sized. The guy was about 25-30, wiry build, medium height. After a scary of minute of snarling and biting, I got my dog separated. The guy acted like his dogs had done nothing wrong, and when I complained, he threatened to drop his leashes and let his dogs attack mine again, and swore at me. My dog has an injured leg. Watch out for this guy!

  • future alderman future alderman

    isn't there also a slight possibility of rabies or other things? you sorta havta assume these people don't vaccinate their dogs

  • If I didn't know the owner, I'd demand the dog tag numbers after an attack - photograph the tags, if possible. - esp. if the owner won't tell you their name / address. If not possible, I'd send photos of owner and dogs to local veterinarians to see if they can identify.

May 15

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Ravenswood Montessori School

I’m wondering if anyone has a review or opinion to share about Ravenswood Montessori School on Wilson. We are currently weighing our pre school options and we just moved very close to this school. But it seems new and I can’t find any reviews online. Any info would help. Thanks!!

  • robin in WRP I support a 28th Amendment 4Free & Fair Elections!

    Isn't Rogers Park Montessori also in Ravenswood?

  • I just came across this post. My son is at RMS in the 3-5 room and we LOVE it. He transitioned him there in February and the whole process was smooth. He is learning new things every day, you can tell that the teachers and administrators really care about the kids, and the communicate daily about what is happening in the classroom (something which not all school do).

Jun 23

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Know Chicago Law on Pet Excrement

Lincoln Square Residents, FYI, there are Chicago laws requiring pet owners to pick up after their dogs. Failing to cleanup pet feces is not only hugely inconsiderate, but also creates a serious public health hazard. The hazard created is so grave that dense urban areas such as Chicago and New York have enacted strict laws whereby merely walking a dog without means to pick up after the dog (e.g. a plastic bag) subjects the owner to stiff fines. This is...

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Lincoln Square Residents, FYI, there are Chicago laws requiring pet owners to pick up after their dogs. Failing to cleanup pet feces is not only hugely inconsiderate, but also creates a serious public health hazard. The hazard created is so grave that dense urban areas such as Chicago and New York have enacted strict laws whereby merely walking a dog without means to pick up after the dog (e.g. a plastic bag) subjects the owner to stiff fines. This is no joking matter.

Here is Chicago’s statute:

§ 7-12-420, Removal of excrement
“No person shall appear with a pet upon the public ways or within public places or upon the property of another, absent that person’s consent, without some means for the removal of excrement; nor shall any person fail to remove any excrement deposited by such pet.

Any person found to have been in violation of this section shall be fined not less than $50.00 nor more than $500.00 for each offense.”

Violations can be reported to the following authorities (1) Chicago Pilice Department, (2) Chicago Animal Care & Control, and/or (3) Chicago Department of Street and Sanitation. Any perceived violations should be reported to these authorities. It is simple and can be done anonymously. The authorities will investigate and if warranted, issue fines. They do so regularly.

Let’s keep Lincoln Square free of dog feces littered about! Remember § 7-12-420, Removal of Excrement...it is the LAW.

Lastly, thanks to all the responsible dog owners who follow the law and are good neighbors.

  • oldfashioned - (my favorite cocktail, BTW) - Well, but have you considered that maybe some folks ENJOY squabbling about dog poop? Why get upset about it? I kind of enjoy the random commentary. Dog poop and off-leash dogs in the summer, unshoveled walks and parking dibs in the winter - it's everyblock tradition. And after all, even you did stop by to comment!

  • Philip Independent Business owner ,47th. ward since 1968

    Well said Lethe

Jun 27

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  • Pursuing Purposeful Play

    Ms. Feldmann is asking for $300.28:
    My students need a variety of manipulatives in order to develop their fine motor skills, practice sharing & turn-taking, and unleash their creative sides! This includes Mini Magic Boards, Snap-Together Letter Blocks, Playstix, and Change-A-Sound Flipbooks.
    Budlong Elementary School
  • jeanniederman Retiree in Bville

    I have a box of unifix cubes you may have. Message me at rjniederman@cps.edu

Jun 25

Jun 21

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LOST CAT - last seen 6/19 at Rockwell and Gunnison

Hi neighbors, can you please keep an eye out for Tucker? He is a black and grey shorthair tabby. Thank you!

  • I'm so glad that he's home again, safe and sound

  • Frank Newbie

    I had a cat named Roscoe once. He somehow lost his collar/ID and ended up being brought in by a family a block away. After 6 months, I saw a cat in their window that looked like my Roscoe. He was glued looking at me as well. I rang the bell and no one was home. Later that night, I went back and Roscoe was home. The family treated him very well and let their kids come over and see him until he passed away a few years later.

Jun 24

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Any suggestions for recycling plastic ware from carry outs?

Somehow, we have ended up with dozens and dozens of pre-wrapped plastic cutlery sets, and a lot of individual ketchup packages. It's crazy! I don't want to contribute to the landfill problem we're facing, so I'm putting this out there. hoping for suggestions. We can mail them to where ever they can be put to use.

  • future alderman future alderman

    how silly-patrons of lakeview or any other food pantry don't need plastic utensils, we know how to get them from Starbucks

  • I ask for them not to include it and they do anyway. I have 3 large Ziploc backs one for each type of cutlery so I add them as they come in and use them for parties.

Jun 19

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SAT help needed

We are looking for a person who has a proven track record with helping our daughter improve her SAT scores. CV needed to show what you have done.
Thank you

Jun 17

Updated Jun 20

People who don't deserve pets.

A few minutes ago, your little dog ran out. You shouted at him to come back. And when he did, whatever you did TO him, made him squeal not once but twice. I yelled at you for it and I hope you heard it. And I'm not the only one who witnessed this.

Whose fault is it that the dog ran down the block out of YOUR control? What did you do to the dog that made him squeal in pain? You sir, are a jerk.

  • future alderman future alderman

    was it Rahm?

  • If you see him again - and he is cruel to the dog - call 911 ( YES ) - tell them to come at once.....do not let them connect you to animal control - you want an officer on the spot at once..... but use your judgement as to whether he is actually being cruel - we do not think anyone that is hurting their dog - should be allowed to continue to do it - it is against the law - -

Jun 20

Jun 20

Jun 18

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Shooting around 10:50pm Monday

We heard gun fire near Kimball and Montrose. I believe someone was shot on the 4400 block of N. Bernard. Does anyone have any details about this incident?

  • Chicago Tribune on June 19, 2018
    Most recently, a 30-year-old man was shot in the torso while sitting in a vehicle with two friends around 10:45 p.m. in the 3400 block of West Montrose Avenue in the Albany Park neighborhood on the Northwest Side, police said. The shooter had approached on foot.

  • nimblewitted busy grandma

    thanks for the info

Jun 14

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Northbound on Troy assault

To the man walking Southbound on Troy at around 1am. You threatened my daughter after she came home from work. You said some lewd comments and made obscene gestures. My girl is a tough cookie, but you just threatened the wrong girl! You promised you'd 'be around' and that you'd 'see' her again. You'll see me for sure if you come near or threaten anyone, especially my daughter, again. I'm reporting you to the police as well.

Jun 15

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Internet Service Providers

Moving to Albany Park from Rogers Park next week and need to get internet setup. What Internet Service Providers do you use? I currently have RCN and am sad that it is not available in my new area. I've already checked with AT&T and they can only provide 10MBPS. I need at least 50MBPS. Thank you.

  • We’ve had xfinity for several years w/o problems - except you do have to threaten to cancel every year or two

  • See if AT&T fiber is available at your new location. It's $80 a month, no taxes or fees. It's internet only but then you can get subsribe to Hulu, Netflix, YouTube TV and Amazon Prime TV etc. Won't need dish or cable.

    I have fiber and normally get 800mbps upload and download speeds, makes other providers feel like 4800 baud modem from 1980's.

Jun 17

  • Permit issued for renovation/alteration


    5310 N. Virginia Ave. Issued June 15, 2018 Comment


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