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Shooting around 10:50pm Monday

We heard gun fire near Kimball and Montrose. I believe someone was shot on the 4400 block of N. Bernard. Does anyone have any details about this incident?

  • paul in jefferson jefferson park resident

    That's a big excuse, that's why Chicago is number1

  • nimblewitted busy grandma

    I'm not sure what you're trying to say here, a big excuse for what? You're too cryptic and enigmatic for my liking. Thanks for your comments.

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People walking dogs

keep your dog off my yard and out of my planting. If you want your dog to dig and tear up the outside do it in your yard. The outside is NOT a dog park. Walk your dog, pick up your poop and go home to wreck your yard. Show respect for the community. You do not have the “right” to be abusive and disrespectful to the community’s work to keep it looking nice because you can’t train fluffy. My yard is not open to your dog!

  • Bill 4500 N Wolcott 30 year plus resident

    Most folks in the Lincoln Square / North center are respectful and responsible pet owners ... HOWEVER many are NOT - Look at Welles Park - the new Nature Place - signs ups that read NO DOGS (because they have been digging and pooping in the news plants and walk...

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    Most folks in the Lincoln Square / North center are respectful and responsible pet owners ... HOWEVER many are NOT - Look at Welles Park - the new Nature Place - signs ups that read NO DOGS (because they have been digging and pooping in the news plants and walk way and folks not cleaning up after their pet) Every day folks let their dogs run free not only in the Nature Place but all over the park - MANY signs Must keep dogs on leash - - Feel bad for parents, kids, senior who step in the dog poop because of the rude pet owners! - On Wolcott one ore two owners every morning or after work not picking up after their dogs or leaving the bags on steps or fences - I wish I could post their photos on a wall of shame ...

  • exactly right - or tennis courts at Winnemac people use to play fetch with dogs and end up tearing up the court and netting.

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Northbound on Troy assault

To the man walking Southbound on Troy at around 1am. You threatened my daughter after she came home from work. You said some lewd comments and made obscene gestures. My girl is a tough cookie, but you just threatened the wrong girl! You promised you'd 'be around' and that you'd 'see' her again. You'll see me for sure if you come near or threaten anyone, especially my daughter, again. I'm reporting you to the police as well.

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People who don't deserve pets.

A few minutes ago, your little dog ran out. You shouted at him to come back. And when he did, whatever you did TO him, made him squeal not once but twice. I yelled at you for it and I hope you heard it. And I'm not the only one who witnessed this.

Whose fault is it that the dog ran down the block out of YOUR control? What did you do to the dog that made him squeal in pain? You sir, are a jerk.

  • rich retired teacher from Chicago Public Schools

    poor dog to be stuck with that owner

  • headsup not available

    when you hurt a dog - the dog learns to be afraid of you - is that the type of relationship you want to have with your dog? Treat a dog with love and respect - they will identify you as their pack leader and obey. Hurting them is not going to work. This owner needs to revisit their reason for owning a dog.

8 hours ago

SAT help needed

We are looking for a person who has a proven track record with helping our daughter improve her SAT scores. CV needed to show what you have done.
Thank you

3 days ago

Updated 17 hours ago

Any suggestions for recycling plastic ware from carry outs?

Somehow, we have ended up with dozens and dozens of pre-wrapped plastic cutlery sets, and a lot of individual ketchup packages. It's crazy! I don't want to contribute to the landfill problem we're facing, so I'm putting this out there. hoping for suggestions. We can mail them to where ever they can be put to use.

  • Water bottles may be single-use, but at least they're recyclable. They can also be refilled from the tap (I won't tell). However, I have a question about the carry-out containers from some restaurants, especially Chinese food. Does anyone know why many have no resin-code number (recycling symbol) on the container? Interestingly, the plastic lids do have a symbol, but not the main container. I hate to land-fill them, but the recycling companies will not accept them without the recycling symbol.

  • kara kmb

    Lakeview Pantry will accept them.

4 days ago

Updated 20 hours ago

Moving Sale

I'm downsizing from a single-family home to an apartment and have a ton to sell. I tried the "letgo" app, that was a disaster. I couldn't participate in the Bowmanville Sidewalk Sale so now I'm reaching out on EveryBlock to see if anyone is interested in a ton of garden tools, chairs, hose/reel, etc. I also have a great Pro-Form treadmill, CycleOps wind trainer, queen futon and wood unfinished frame, shelving/cabinet, sofa table, etc. Text me if interested in finding out more and I'll be happy to share photos either here or in text. I may resort to a garage sale. 773-405-4210. I live in Bowmanville.

  • Catherine, my plants are outside in garden so likely not what you’re looking for and unfortunately, no recliner.

  • Catherine NO!

    Ok, thanks.

4 days ago

Updated 42 hours ago

Internet Service Providers

Moving to Albany Park from Rogers Park next week and need to get internet setup. What Internet Service Providers do you use? I currently have RCN and am sad that it is not available in my new area. I've already checked with AT&T and they can only provide 10MBPS. I need at least 50MBPS. Thank you.

  • We’ve had xfinity for several years w/o problems - except you do have to threaten to cancel every year or two

  • See if AT&T fiber is available at your new location. It's $80 a month, no taxes or fees. It's internet only but then you can get subsribe to Hulu, Netflix, YouTube TV and Amazon Prime TV etc. Won't need dish or cable.

    I have fiber and normally get 800mbps upload and download speeds, makes other providers feel like 4800 baud modem from 1980's.

5 days ago

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Looking for a mechanic for a tune up

I have a old 2004 honda civic in need of a tune up. Anyone have a mechanic that is trustworthy and reasonably priced?

  • Chicago_Resident_Since_1997 Lincoln Square Resident since 2007

    Ron at Speedline I highly recommend, and Ashland Tire, and for bodywork Gordy at Unibody is the best in Chicago, all 3 are awesome guys... fair, honest and make their money based on referrals because they possess integrity. Check the Yelp reviews and see for yourself.

  • Chicago_Resident_Since_1997 Lincoln Square Resident since 2007

    ...also, Ron said Jon at Uptown Auto Service 5745 N Broadway 773.561.6122 is the man to go to for bodywork in our neighborhood.

Jun 10

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Is this your cat?

He/She/They has been hanging around Lincoln Square (Leavitt & Wilson) for at least a month. Skittsh, doesn't let anyone near.

  • Bluebelle, I hope you find your cat!!

  • Anti Cruelty does. NOT ear tip pet cats brought in for spaying/neutering. Thats simply not true and if you think they do then reach out and ask them

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New Parent Child Care Recommendations

Hi Neighbors, I am a soon-to-be new parent (come November) in the Ravenswood area, and I am starting my research into nearby child care options. I'd appreciate any advice/recommendations you might be able to share to direct my research! I'm hoping to find a great option that won't break the bank. I know that's easier said than done and that I need to get on a waiting list sooner than later! Thanks for any recommendations or resources you can share.

  • RC4 is a great place it is small but has a playground and good teachers. They also have teachers who have worked there for a long time.

  • Jayme Tipre Jayme Tipre

    Congrats on the new arrival! My daughter has an in-home daycare and has for the past 5 years as she is raising her own children. Her background is early childhood development and the ages range from newborn to 5. We are located just east of Old Irving in the Independence Park area. If you would like further information, please contact me at jgtjet2@sbcglobal.net

Jun 08

Updated Jun 10

reporting building code violations

We have a condo board refusing to make necessary repairs to the building for code violations. Has anyone ever reported their own building for violations?

  • Could you clarify how they were withholding the assements? Their own assements? And they were suing the association? Wouldnt that mean suing the BODs? So suing themselves? So everyone on the board is from the family? This is quite confusing

  • future alderman future alderman

    and ridiculously convoluted----u say ravenswood but it sounds more like west rp. get a lawyer or rent me your unit

Jun 10

  • Permit issued for renovation/alteration


    5202 N. Oakley Ave. Issued June 8, 2018 Comment

Dec 31

Updated Jun 09

Waterbed Store

Does anyone know of any Waterbed stores in the area? It appears as though our bed has sprung a leak.


  • Spam Alert Don't be selling your used junk up in here, okay?

    Your Komodo Dragon clawed a hole in that water bed mattress? Am I right?
    You used to troll so hard. Where you been hiding?

  • @Spam Alert,

    Either contribute to the thread or move along. You are nothing but a pot stirrer.

    @Fabia, found what I needed at WBB. They also had a racecar bed for sale. I bought it for Bruiser (my Akita/German Shepherd/Poodle mix).


Jun 05

Updated Jun 07

Nosy Neighbors

I walked into my kitchen early this morning to find my neighbor taking pictures inside my home. I made a lot of noise so she would realize I was home and awake but she didn't stop. I then got my phone camera and opened my door and snapped this shot of her. I think she is having a breakdown or just nothing better to do. I called the police to check up on her and she said she wanted to...

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I walked into my kitchen early this morning to find my neighbor taking pictures inside my home. I made a lot of noise so she would realize I was home and awake but she didn't stop. I then got my phone camera and opened my door and snapped this shot of her. I think she is having a breakdown or just nothing better to do. I called the police to check up on her and she said she wanted to take pictures of inside of my house since she doesn't like my artwork. She said she used to work for Hugh Heffner and it is totally fine to take photos of me inside my house. She said she knows the law and has the right. There is definitely lead in the water in this building. Police wrote a report on her but they actually took time to look it up to see if it was legal or not since such a gray area. I do feel bad for police in situations like this but they handled it very nicely. They educated her on the law and made some peace and wrote an incident report so she knows not to do this anymore. It is NOT legal to take pictures of people inside their house without their permission. It is a violation of my right to a privacy. They even had an app to look up the law. Thank you CPD for resolving without escalating! I can tell police are trying and getting more training.

  • My last post on this troll's threads; recognizing someone's disorientation in a photo is plain....lack of focus.....confused expression....etc. Maybe it was a selfie, but I really don't care. Byeeee...

  • Entertaining stuff as usual. I recall the epic thread about how a local school gave her kid a loaner shirt after his got dirty and OP was livid the shirt said ‘loaner’. oh the drama!!

Jun 07

Jun 06

Outstanding Nanny Available

My nanny of 2 years will be available starting in June. I am the mother of 5 and a former educator with high standards. Our nanny is wonderful. She also helps with light housekeeping. Her primary language is Spanish, but she communicates well using Google Translate. My youngest son is bilingual because of his fantastic nanny. In the 2 years she has worked for me she missed only 2 days of work do to illness. She is extremely reliable, trust worthy, punctual, loving and patient. I am happy to introduce her to a new family.

Jun 06

Help? Anyone know this car?

There was a '85 Toyota 4 Runner with MI plates and a for sale sign in the window parked on Francisco just south of Wilson. Even though it was there for a few days we procrastinated and did not call. The phone number on the sign had a (312) area code. We would love to talk with the owner if it is still for sale.

Jun 02

Updated Jun 05

Wilson Ave road work

1-2 months ago there was a ton of work being done on the pipes under Wilson Ave between Ravenswood and Damen. They’re gone now but they left the street a complete mess - uneven with large bumps and very difficult to drive across. It feels like my car is going to fall apart every time I go down that street. Does anyone know if they are finished or if they’re coming back to fix the crummy patch up job that’s there?

  • Tiger - thank you, that's very helpful!!

  • Jinthenorthside Part time student, Part time explorer

    I know live in albany park, and they did the same to our street last summer they just fixed it up two weeks ago. Re-did the road, side walks, and new grass. Hopefully that street will get the same luck!

Jun 05

Updated Jun 05

Training for children and parents on grooming

The only way to really stop this is by educating children, parents and law enforcement on the red flags. https://chicagotonight.wttw.com/2018/06/01/cps-failed-protect-students-sex-abuse-tribune-report. Please ask your LSC to mandate training at every age of your school to the KIDS & teachers.

    CPS Failed to Protect Students from Sex Abuse: Tribune Report
    Through repeated failures and mistakes, Chicago Public Schools failed to protect hundreds of students from sexual abuse and misconduct by its own employees, according to a bombshell report from the Chicago Tribune. The multi-part series " Betrayed " details how CPS used ineffective employee background checks, failed to alert authorities about sexual misconduct allegations and inflicted "psychological pain" on victims across hundreds of cases of abuse.

Jun 04

Updated Jun 05

10.45pm construction noise on Argyle and Seeley

Why are crews working at nearly 11pm with jackhammers and the like? I assumed that this wouldn’t be allowed. Can a complaint be filed with the Alderman?

  • Zonamiss All over the north side

    Yes. Pretty much anything can start with the Alderman's office, they will/should give you other instruction if it's something they don't handle.

  • Any construction work in the street after dark is pretty much due to an emergency and in those cases they don't need to wait until the daylight to start the work. You can complain to the alderman but won't go anywhere if the work was due to an emergency.

  • Chicago_Resident_Since_1997 Lincoln Square Resident since 2007

    They may just be doing it late for that exact reason, so residents can have showers in the morning, flush toilets, etc. City living can be loud, fair warning is given from the get-go.

Jun 03

Updated Jun 04

Good Handyman Referral

I need someone to indtall sliding closet door. Have all equipment needed, i just need them hung.

  • Shirley Concerned neighbor

    Sarah, what would be ur husband's charges. I already have a door installed, I just want it replaced with mirrored ones.

  • You can call him. His name is Dave. His number is 708-878-1005.

Jun 04

Jun 02

May 26

Updated Jun 02

Dirty Water

I am still getting dirty water when I turn my facets on after the water was turned off on Wolcottt. Also, one faucet is not even working.
Anybody else still having this issue?

  • Yes II had water everywhere except the bathroom sink. I called my building maintenance and they said others had problems too. He said there was a blockage in the line from the construction. He came and fixed the problem in just a few minutes.

  • I would recommend removing the tip off your faucet and clean out that part. There could be corroded small bits of metal stuck in the tip creating the dirty water.

  • Riro Hosana

    Thanks for your replies.

May 29

Updated Jun 01

Proposed “Water Park” at Montrose Beach (!!)

Copied with author’s permission from NextDoor:

First, thank you for your strong response to the Action Alert and the many letters and messages you are writing. I have just learned that the Illinois Department of Natural Resources (IDNR) has public notice on its website about the proposed inflatable water park that contains critical information we were not given by the Chicago Park District (CPD) and which corrects misleading information in the District’s proposal to Army Corps.
Note that the applicant...

Read full message…

Copied with author’s permission from NextDoor:

First, thank you for your strong response to the Action Alert and the many letters and messages you are writing. I have just learned that the Illinois Department of Natural Resources (IDNR) has public notice on its website about the proposed inflatable water park that contains critical information we were not given by the Chicago Park District (CPD) and which corrects misleading information in the District’s proposal to Army Corps.
Note that the applicant is a person named Etai Timna, of 400 E. San Marino Drive, Miami Beach, FL., 33139. The company is named Jorbasa LLC. That's right folks, your precious parkland and lake are up for grabs to an out of state developer.
IDNR has asked for public comments with a deadline of June 25th. Please forward your letters and messages to IDNR so they are aware of our strong opposition. (The contact is at the bottom of page 1 of the link.)

Another consideration you may wish to add in your comments is that the proposed "water park" does not have latrines. The structures need to be set at least 5 feet deep, which puts it off shore. The application does not tell us how access will be determined ("keep non-clients out"); remember, this is a private-pay concession. Restricted access, while alarming in itself in these public waters, is more alarming because it doesn't look like it is easy to get on and off to get to the shore-based restrooms. There are tremendously important operating details lacking in this notice. The Illinois EPA website doesn’t have a notice yet, but the project would probably require Section 401 water quality certification before being allowed in Lake Michigan.
IDNR website = dnr.illinois.gov

May 30

Updated Jun 01

Deer on Rascher Av this AM

Saw two does on Rascher and Rockwell at 730 this AM. called 911 and they called Animal Control. I tried to keep them sorta in the middle of the block for fear they would be run over. I had to leave after 20 mins. Does anyone know what happened?

  • Jen Baron JBaron

    Bless you for caring about our wildlife! Sadly, there are lots of deer in the city that have little area to go to. But they are fairly smart so lets hope they found their way to momma.

  • Tomorrow is another day Happy resident of North Park Village

    There are quite a few deer in the North Park Village Nature Center, so the one by NIU was probably one of those. Are there are deer signs on Bryn Mawr? I know they are on Pulaski.

May 31

Found Dog

Saw this post on Next Door. I hope he finds his family.

May 29

Sirens tonight

Does anyone know what was going on around 7-9pm tonight? It sounded like sirens and more sirens maybe in Uptown near Andersonville?

May 28

Updated May 29

Cat found -- Winnemac and Ravenswood

Found a young kitty on Ravenswood Ave between Ainslie and Winnemac -- no tags or collar. (Leash in picture is borrowed.) if you are missing your very talkative little cat please contact us! Kitty is safe and indoors now.

  • AVille Cat Lady. Just want to clarify my initial comment. If all attempts to locate this kitty’s owner are exhausted without success, I would be interested in meeting and providing the cat with a home. I can furnish references from Feline Friends, an organization for which I have fostered cats over the last 5 years or so. I have adopted my current foster cat and would like a companion cat. And I do love Siamese personalities.

  • Heather Albany Park resident, condo owner, cyclist

    Not sure it is the same cat but worth checking out: https://chicago.everyblock.com/pets/may08-lost-cat-8631132/

May 29

Updated May 29

Refugee Family who Worked for US Army Needs

Family newly arrived in need of Rugs and Microwave
Father worked in Afghanistan for US army and just arrived last week.
Please help if you can!

Aug 11

Updated May 29


Lost Black and grey Cocker Spaniel. Bessie is 15 years old and completely deaf. Very Friendly.

  • Please call 312 835 9800 if you have found or seen Bessie! Any time day or night

  • Mary Jane
    I tried to contact you about microwave.

May 23

Updated May 27

Primary Care Doctor

Hello, I am asking for feedback on a primary care doctor in the Ravenswood/Linsoln Square area. Thank you in advance

  • Anne Rogers Park resident

    I was told to run the water for five minutes and then filter it before drinking. I don't know if this helps but I drink a lot of water and I'm not going to stop. The other alternative is bottled water in 5 gallon bottles that can be returned and refilled.

  • future alderman future alderman

    jack is NOT ok after having one's wisdom teeth pulled-otherwise-it's awesum

May 25

Updated May 27

Repairing a patio sliding door

In trying to replace a patio sliding door lock (the old lock is long gone), what would be a suggested way to get the right lock for it? I'm guessing taking pictures of where the lock should be, along with the door frame, but there's many different locks out there.

  • Why don’t you call a good locksmith

  • Bullies lock or amazing lock are two old ones that could help, do it yourself Clark Devon is great like Robin said but with pics have dimensions handy.

Jan 07

Updated May 26

Need a student or retiree Sundays Noon-4pm for dusting of merchandise and shelves plus sweeping.

Pay is $50. Job involves dusting of all shelves, merchandise and products used in treatments, dusting of celling fans, and thorough sweeping. Since this is all that is needed, no need for professional cleaning, so this is perfect for a student or retiree looking for a little extra cash. Location is a semi-basement, which means cobwebs and daddy long legs do show up, so the person has to be ok with removal of small cobwebs and the appearance of the occasional spider. Really pleasant environment, location is off of Montrose near Damen. If interested, please email danielasfacialstudio@gmail.com.

May 26

Big orange long haired cat, lost?

Could not get a picture but just saw a big, lonhaired, orange cat with white feet running up the west side of 4600 hermitage. 7:15 am.

May 25


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