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Edgewater Tacos 5624 N. Broadway is now open!

Hello! Im born and raised in Edgewater and my brother and I just opened up our taco shop. All our food is homemade, from the Horchata to our carnitas. We have been welcomed with open arms and invite you all to try our delicious food.

  • CookieMuffin Edgewater resident.

    Patricia, do you have Tacos al Pastor? Like the ones you find in Mexico City?! Please tell me you do. Tacos around here are not very good. :(

  • Aram- Minas TV & Video owner- Edgewater neighbor for 44 years

    awesome! best of luck to you and the family, we will stop by in the very near future!

5 days ago

Updated 42 hours ago

Reliable Carpet Cleaner

Looking for a reliable carpet cleaner. Prefer a local owner with one of those truck mounted machines if around. Want to make sure he/she knows their profession and doesn't come in and overly saturate carpets to the point it takes days to dry. Not looking for "cheap" just want quality work at a fair price.

  • Jen Baron JBaron

    Joe I'm not sure where Dan is located, he basically travels all over Chicago where needed. I've been using his services and referring him for years now.

  • Got it.

3 days ago

Updated 45 hours ago

Bathroom Contractor Recommendations

Wondering if anyone has any recommendations for a contractor for shower/tub tiling and installing new bathtub, toilet, vanity, and medicine cabinet. Thanks!

  • JMG

    Jude Reshoft does a lot of work in the neighborhood:

  • P

    Jude is awesome

Feb 10

Updated Feb 12

The Malibu Convenience Mart is closing at the end of the month.

They have been there for over 20 years and the landlord isn't letting them renew their lease. The owner has no idea why. The bank, dry cleaners, and other business in there have closed, not sure what the plan is.

  • This thread is quite conflicting and confusing. The store owners didnt have their lease renewed but didnt know why not? They didnt ask? They seem to be sweet but overpriced..yet throw in free items? Maybe if they didnt give away free things their prices would be lower.One person says its sad in there..another said bustling. Sarah are you the tenant there or is this someone elses report?

  • Sarahdonis Nearly 30 years in Edgewater; love RP & A'ville

    D, right??? IMHO, residents in either building who don’t know what is going on are not reading either newsletters nor postings.

Jan 30

Updated Feb 02

Is Loyola making RogersEdge progressive again?

Something strange going on around here.
What a field-day for LAZ
A thousand folks in the street.

Streaming songs and gif with emoj's.
Mostly spread, hate for one side
It's s time we stop, hey, turn that around.
Everybody fix whats going down.

  • Bruce_ Comment by TBD, whom you've muted

    It was inspired by the young woman texting and walking as she stepped onto Devon and into traffic.

  • Rob

    Thank you for the insight into your lyrics Bruce. I would not have gotten that meaning from them otherwise.

Jan 19

Updated Jan 26

Granite Person

Does anyone recommend a granite person with a shop near Ravenswood? Need to outfit a wet bar with a sink. Thank you in advance.

  • Ukirain2015 Uptown resident

    I vote for Quartz, I have chosen Quartz for all our developments for years because you get uniformity in color and it is indestructible as Deb said, additionally Quartz doesn’t stain. We we use Silestone from DTK Stoneworks, Dimitry is the owner and he personally comes out to measure and oversees the installation. Silestone has a large selection of beautiful Quartz and is less expensive than other Manufacturers.

  • HarleyGrrl Why YES! People actually DO live on Clark St!

    Thank you everyone for the quick education!

Jan 14

Updated Jan 15

Any News on New Andersonville Restaurants?

Anyone have updates/insight on when our new Andersonville restaurants are opening?
Hutch opened pretty quickly and we've already had a tasty dinner there!

Eagerly awating:
Octavio (old Acre/Ombra)
Furious Spoon (old Johnny Brown Bag)
Greek Place (old Sunshine Cafe)
Bakery (old Goddess and Baker)

And any news on possibilities for the spaces that were Brixton (I miss their steak tartare and chicken pate!) and Adriatica?

Jan 07

Updated Jan 08

Need a student or retiree Sundays Noon-4pm for dusting of merchandise and shelves plus sweeping.

Pay is $50. Job involves dusting of all shelves, merchandise and products used in treatments, dusting of celling fans, and thorough sweeping. Since this is all that is needed, no need for professional cleaning, so this is perfect for a student or retiree looking for a little extra cash. Location is a semi-basement, which means cobwebs and daddy long legs do show up, so the person has to be ok with removal of small cobwebs and the appearance of the occasional spider. Really pleasant environment, location is off of Montrose near Damen. If interested, please email danielasfacialstudio@gmail.com.

Dec 31

Updated Jan 01

Waterbed Store

Does anyone know of any Waterbed stores in the area? It appears as though our bed has sprung a leak.


  • @mke - my waterbed is from the mid90s. It's a limited edition model so I've taken care of it.

    @fabia - thank you. Do you know if a bicycle tire repair kit will work on a waterbed leak?

  • Spam Alert Don't be selling your used junk up in here, okay?

    Your Komodo Dragon clawed a hole in that water bed mattress? Am I right?
    You used to troll so hard. Where you been hiding?

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