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Street repavement question

Anyone know what the deal is with 4800 and 4900 block of Warwick street repavement? They had signs up for no parking the 5th-11th. They broke up the street. When I returned home from a trip yesterday, the 13th, I was expecting a new paved street, however it was just how I left it. The signs are the old signs as well, so wondering why it stopped and when it will be finished.

  • You know how the city works. Look how long it took them to finish Cicero. Hopefully it will be done soon.

  • Agnes Groeper Major of Major

    We have suffered the repaving problem for years to get the 2400 and 2700 blocks of N Mango repaved. Would you believe they did 2500 and 2600 which were cement and skipped 2400 and 2700, Whoever repaved Schubert from Central to Austin should be sued, It was a bad job to start with and is already cracking up, We need more housewives in City government to clean up the mess Any volunteers?

  • Nessuno Government Blank Check.

    Oriole between Belmont and Forest Preserve Dr. is plain concrete and has lasted for years! Of course, they don't wanna build them all that way. There would be no busy work for the over paid city employees.

Jun 30

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Streets and Sanitation

I was wondering if anyone knows of how dispose of an old love seat with Streets and Sanitation in the 60630 district? Thanks!

  • Lisa New Portage Park Neighbor

    Thank you everyone for your advise :) I had called 311 and they gave me the number to my alderman's office for a pick up request but no one answered. I did read that a call is preferred but you may leave items out by your garbage on pick up day and they will dispose of it. My love seat was picked up today by Streets and Sanitation :) I appreciate their services!

  • I had some really old, half-dead bushes in front of my house cut down and the debris was left on the parkway. I went to the alderman's office (Ald. Villagas) to ask if the city would pick it up, as hauling it out to the alley would have been a monumental task for me. I received a call from the ward superintendent shortly thereafter, and a week later the debris was picked up. I thought I should post something positive for a change!

Jun 03

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City service

Is there a service that the city has to cut a seniors lawn I would but I could hardly cut my own.

May 20

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Local shredding events?

Any upcoming 45th or 38th ward shredding events scheduled?

  • joanie 25 year resident of JP

    The 39th Ward is the only one that I know of that is scheduled in the near future. June 16th, 9:00 to noon, at Colleti's, 5707 N. Central.

    The 45th Ward just had an event about a week ago. I haven't read anything about any upcoming shredding events in the 38th Ward.

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