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Dibs are not only Unappreciated, but Also Illegal

Hey everyone, I know with the snow this year it's a real pain in the butt to dig your car out from the side of the road. But dibs are tacky, unhelpful, and make our beautiful neighborhood look like a dump. If everyone who dug out a spot left the spot, there would be a spot for everyone who needed one.

None of us own the streets in Chicago and none of us can claim ownership of a parking spot on these public ways. I don't even park on the street, but if I see dibs I unequivocally move them up onto the sidewalk in an unobtrusive area.

Be a good neighbor - don't place dibs.

  • Um...no. Then again, I doubt that they'd pitch a tent at a bus stop, which is what's in from of my condo building. But I would have let him/her pitch a tent in my yard. My neighbors wouldn't have liked it though.

    I've given money to the homeless, even gave a winter sleeping bag to one guy who was one of my regulars. He loved it.

  • Joe

    Homless DIBs under the bridge at Wilson and Lake Shore Drive should be removed by streets and sanitation. Lets be honest...DIBs and the homeless are kind of an unwanted sore on the streets of my city...but, I don’t mess with either.

Feb 09

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I'd like to thank the person who came down Central Park with a snowblower. We are old, as is our neighbor...this act of kindness is really appreciated.

  • jeanniederman Retiree in Bville

    I think "me" wasn't venting as much as pointing out that it would be nice if more than one neighbor said "Thank you". I also snow throw my block, part of the alley and the block behind me. I do this because it's the right thing to do ( especially for postal carriers) and it makes walking my dogs easier. Jane I do agree with you about the karma but a thanks from folks is always nice.

  • Me

    @JaneSpec... I’m perfectly fine and don’t need to simmer down. Just trying to give you some perspective as to why an entire block might not be cleaned.

Jan 04

Updated Jan 07

Baby Stuff Donation

Hey folks, I have accumulated a ton of baby stuff over the years ( 5 children ), Potty trainer, basinet, several fold up plans, bath tub, etc. I donate to the epilepsy foundation but they do not take baby stuff. Also, most of it is too big to box. Does anyone know who may take these items? They are all in excellent condition. Also, it would have to be a pick up. Thanks in advance for your help.

  • Ilene, I think I also have children's boots!!

  • Ron in Ravenswood Home Remodeler

    I Have an unused, brand new baby swing seat. Goodwill will not take it. Liability they say. Cannot just put it in the recycle bin. Someone can use it. Please e-mail me at gum006@yahoo.com. I will carry it to you. Live near Lawrence and Damen.

Jan 06

Free computer desk

Free computer desk is 20.5"deep x44.4" width x 30.25" high

Keyboard shelf extends but not as far as it should (about 1/2 way - can still use as is for a keyboard or can probably be fixed).

One side drawer above section that can house a computer tower.

Top of desk has some permanent marker scribbles on it thanks to my first child.

If interested, contact me at kflaminio@hotmail.com. Located at Belmont/California.

Dec 20

Updated Dec 21

Found iPhone

I found an iPhone on the 4300 block of N. Whipple on the sidewalk at approx. 10:15 tonight. Please contact me to ID it if it’s yours so I can get it back to you!

  • robin in WRP I support a 28th Amendment 4Free & Fair Elections!

    Is there a carrier name on the phone? The carrier can make sure it gets back to its owner

  • Update: phone’s owner has been found and reunited with their phone :)

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