Jun 27

Updated Jun 28

Male Tabby Cat Found

I came across this little guy near the Cullom/Paulina intersection who seems too friendly to be a stray. Taking him into the vet later to see if he is chipped but wanted to post on here to see if anyone recognizes the little guy.

He's not fixed, has 3 white paws, under 1 year old and extremely friendly.

  • I hope you find the owner! He looks like a real sweetie

May 26

Updated Jun 26

Did anyone lose their pet parakeet?

Spotted a small white and blue bird (parakeet?) in the bushes next to the Coonley Elementary School playground (Leavitt between Irving Park and Cuyler) this morning around 7am. Hope he/she finds their way back home!

  • Poor little guy

  • Parakeet update: spotted him again this morning in exactly the same place. This time he seemed to be hanging out with a gang of sparrows so at least he's got homies now.

  • oh nooo! I believe someone in my building has parakeets (on Berteau & Leavitt so not far from Coonley)...I will try to ask them. Poor little birdie

Jun 15

Updated Jun 18

Lost dog on Montrose in Albany Park

My wife just came across this dog on Montrose near lawndale. The dog had no collar and she was unable to catch it. Does anyone know this dog? I'm hoping he/she finds its' way home

  • Jinthenorthside Part time student, Part time explorer

    I have seen a dog that looks exactly like this! Lives in a house on Hamlin near Cullom.

May 27

Updated May 29

Found Yorkie near Belle Plaine & Lincoln

Found female Yorkie Friday evening near Belle Plaine & Lincoln. Microchipped but not registered to owner.

  • I saw a lost dog sign yesterday at Coonley Elem...looks like the same dog in the picture. I’ll grab the number on my run today and post it here.

  • Flyers are posted all over the neighborhood. Just walked by one but couldn't figure out how to upload the picture. Looks just like the Yorkie in your photo. The numbers listed are 773-459-6172 & 781-799-9750. Good luck

May 18

Updated May 20

Welles Park Dog Park?

Thinking Welles Park needs a dog park or signs can't let your dog off leash and someone to ticket. Every morning on baseball diamonds and today we have a party of 5 dogs off leash with owners chatting. Was hoping to cut through park but will go around.

  • I couldn't agree more Cubs. My dog is always on a leash and I deal with this at Winnemac park regularly. Dogs off leash approach my dog as I'm walking him and if they run up to us, he feels threatened. (His eyesight is not great anymore). I would much prefer there were a fence around the unofficial dog park that's formed there so we all can enjoy the park.

  • The police don't always coordinate with the Park District management. This problem has to be addressed with the park supervisor. If you don't know who that is, go to the Chicago Park District website and look it up or click on CONTACT US on the home page and leave your complaint there.