Jul 07

Updated 3 days ago

Any good one person veterinarian offices on the north side?

The type where they don't have a revolving door of different vets coming and going and you never know who you are going to see or hear from each time you go there?


  • Alice East Lakeview

    Dr. Mitchell at Pets First on Broadway and Roscoe

  • vh

    Lincoln Park Dog and Cat at 2665 N. Lincoln has had the same two excellent vets forever: Dr. Susan Ferraro and Dr. Margaret Post. Dr. Sue took over the practice from her dad years ago. Even though I moved out of that neighborhood, I trust no one else with my dogs.

Jul 06

Updated 6 days ago

First Tattoo

Looking to get my very first tattoo and I have a couple requests.

1. It'll be a small-ish tattoo, so where is the best place on the body to get it?

2. Where are the best tattoo shops in the city?



  • Trap Stamps ( small of the back ) are cute.....if anywhere else - remember - if you are fortunate - one day you will be old and wrinkled.....age spots on your arms, upper chest, etc. anywhere the sun hits your body - - - I'm just sayin' . thick twice before you make the leap .......

  • Oh - someone gave me a thumbs down - I was not trying to be mean - I was trying to be informative...... one should think ahead if they plan to do anything to their body - - I have seen many tats that are beautiful - but they do change with age...... as do we

Jun 29

Updated Jul 01

Any recommendations for a top vet, esp for a perianal adenoma?

Thanks very much. Our 11 yr old Maltese has been dx'd with one of these. The biopsy hasn't come back so it might be worse (carcinoma) so we want to get him to the best vet and surgeon.

Jun 14

Updated Jun 15

Optometrist Referral

Hi, I am looking for an economical (exam/contacts/glasses) optometrist referral in the Lakeview/Roscoe Village/North Center/Southport Corridor areas or even downtown Loop. Thank you for your suggestions.

  • If you have a Costco membership, they have an optometrist on staff.

  • My husband and I see Dr. Weiler at Lakeview Eye Care and and really like him and his staff.

  • The team at North Center Eye Care on Irving Park are great. 200$ cheaper on my daily contact orders than anyone else who takes my insurance!

May 23

Updated May 24

Need someone to mount a flat screen TV

Hi neighbors
Can anyone suggest a person or company thathat can install a wall mount for a flash screen TV? Son’t Want to ruin my wall! Thanks!