Jan 11

Swim Lessons at NEIU start Jan. 16

Swim Lessons for Adults and Children begin Jan. 16 at NEIU Campus Recreation.

Openings for children or youth (ages 5 to 16) are available for:

Monday 6:30
Tuesday 6:30
Wednesday 5:45 and 6:30
Friday 5:15
Saturday 10:30 and 11:15

For adults:

Monday 7:15
Tuesday 7:15
Wednesday 7:15

For further information please see our website. https://neiu.edu/university-life/campus-recreation/aquatics

To see the full schedule and to register for swim lessons, follow this link https://apm.activecommunities.com/crneiu and search “youth swim lessons” or “adult swim lessons.”

    Aquatics | NEIU University Life
    Swimming is one of the best-all around workouts, involving nearly every major muscle group. Plus, water disperses heat more efficiently than air and cools the body, lowering your risk for overheating. And swimming offers up to 14% more resistance than exercising on land, providing an all-around great workout.

Jun 05 2016

Updated Jan 01

Foster/adoption Support Groups

Hi Neighbors! Does anyone know of any unofficial Foster and Adoption support groups? DCFS doesn't show any in this area (Albany Park/Irving Park). If you don't know of one, but are a foster or adoptive parent yourself, would you be interested in being a part of a support group? I am a foster parent in the process of adoption and would love to meet some other families in our neighborhood walking this road. Please pass on any information or interest! Thanks!

  • Thank you both for your response! I'm finding it's quite difficult to find and connect with other foster parents in the area. Either there aren't many, or they aren't on social media. I do have two close friends in the AP neighborhood who are going through this process as well, but I thought I'd reach out to locate and include others. :)

  • John AP 5 Year AP resident. LOVE it


    My wife and I just adopted internationally . The boys came home to us around thanksgiving .

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