May 18

Updated 5 days ago

Welles Park Dog Park?

Thinking Welles Park needs a dog park or signs can't let your dog off leash and someone to ticket. Every morning on baseball diamonds and today we have a party of 5 dogs off leash with owners chatting. Was hoping to cut through park but will go around.

  • I couldn't agree more Cubs. My dog is always on a leash and I deal with this at Winnemac park regularly. Dogs off leash approach my dog as I'm walking him and if they run up to us, he feels threatened. (His eyesight is not great anymore). I would much prefer there were a fence around the unofficial dog park that's formed there so we all can enjoy the park.

  • The police don't always coordinate with the Park District management. This problem has to be addressed with the park supervisor. If you don't know who that is, go to the Chicago Park District website and look it up or click on CONTACT US on the home page and leave your complaint there.

May 14

Lost dog near Cullom and Troy

My neighbor found this dog near Cullom and Troy Ave, sat night around 5pm. The dog doesn’t have a collar or tags, so she took it to the police station to be scanned for a micro chip and it didn’t have one. The dog seems super friendly and calm. Wanted to share in case any of you have ever seen this dog around or may know who it’s owner is. Thanks

May 09

Updated May 09

A new cat in my house

A window was left open last night and a friendly young black cat has appeared. We're sure they have a family who's worried. Contact me ASAP to pick him/her up! 773-412-0437 We're near Diversey and Kedzie.

  • Well, he/she slipped out the back door (not raining now) and I can't manage to get them back in, so be on the lookout for the black cat with blue collar!

May 07

Updated May 07

Lost Cat

Our cat got out last night- Please reach out with any details or if you see him. His name is Byfuglien (Buff-Lin). 708 927 5884

Apr 12

Updated Apr 15

Lost Cat

My cat, Quincy, has been missing for about 2 days. We last saw him near Barry heading south on Kedzie. Any info is appreciated!

  • So glad to hear Quincy is home! And safe and sound!
    Those rascals! Always looking for an adventure, and sometimes they find one....!
    They scare the bejeezus out of us when they're missing, but it's too hard to scold them when they're found, because you're just so darned relieved to have them back.
    Glad he's home.

  • hooray, he is home.

Apr 09

Updated Apr 12

Found a small chihuahua in my backyard .

He has a small collar with no name. If he"s yours please contact me

  • BettyR Northcenter

    (Ms. Monty, I just noticed your profile picture. That puppy is too adorable!)

  • Please contact the staff person at the store at the corner of Winnemac and Western. Someone in his building is looking for a chihuahua!

Apr 11

Updated Apr 12

Dog collar found

Just found this in Eugene Park, next to the basketball court. I tried calling the phone #, but its not working. If anyone knows the dog or the owner please let me know. Thanks.

Apr 05

Updated Apr 09

Found Pug is Home Already

Thanks for the suggestions. Turns out one of my neighbors was dog sitting for a friend. Oscar the speed demon took off down the alley and went out of sight. He is now home safe with his dad sitter. Thanks again.

  • so glad he is home.

  • MetroCyclist Food Crazy 9YR Inde Park/Albany Park Resident.

    Glad to hear that Oscar made it home safely! This could easily happen to anyone. Nonetheless, it might be the last time that friend will be dog sitting!

Apr 05

Updated Apr 06


Hi, found Oscar wandering around Leavitt and Barry. Anyone know who he belongs to? He has a tag and I called the number on it but have not heard back from anyone. Thanks for any help.

  • krw

    Poor Pug. Either he's confused by the sitter and ran off, or the sitter is slacking. If I were the owner I would be freeking. Poor Oscar, but at least he's home.

  • Thanks for clearing that up......

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