Feb 12

Thanks for clearing the sidewalks!

Thank you to the helpful neighbor who cleared the sidewalks with their snowblower on Wrightwood between St Louis and Drake. It really heped us out!

Feb 10

Updated Feb 12


Thanks to the "snow angel" of the west side of the 2700 block of Troy who shoveled my sidewalk on Friday!!!

  • Alex Webb LoganSquareAirbnb.com

    Amen to this. Some hero with a snow blower went down my block (west side of 2600 Troy) as well and has earned themselves a beer. Nicely done!

Jan 23

Updated Jan 24

Double Check Your Paycheck Withholding

As the new tax law adjusts tax brackets for 2018, withholding in your paycheck will likely adjust. Double check your withholding as you may need to adjust due to the changes to deductions and exemptions.


    Double Check Your Paycheck Tax Withholding
    In the next few weeks, you will likely see a little extra in your paycheck from work. This is due to the Tax Bill that was passed at the end of the year. Due to the reduced tax bracket rates, the Treasury Department has announced changes to the withholding tables that employers use to calculate the tax to be withheld for federal income taxes from your paycheck.
  • Please stop spamming your blog here. Taking 3 weeks off of doing so and then starting back up is still spamming.

  • Michael McDonough Resident of BelCragin

    Let the preparer tell you about your income tax. They've been schooled on all the new changes that have been made

Jan 02

Updated Jan 19

"do you speak english?" scam at armitage and calf. BP

awww. i hoped so much that it wasn't a scam, but it was. two days before xmas, frantic woman in a van, waves me over (i am gassing up at opposite pump) 'do you speak english?" yes. "thank god." story about dying dad in hospital, tank on e, needs gas, let me take your number and i'll pay you back. blah blah blah. i swiped my card for her on the pump and left. i knew it was probably a...

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awww. i hoped so much that it wasn't a scam, but it was. two days before xmas, frantic woman in a van, waves me over (i am gassing up at opposite pump) 'do you speak english?" yes. "thank god." story about dying dad in hospital, tank on e, needs gas, let me take your number and i'll pay you back. blah blah blah. i swiped my card for her on the pump and left. i knew it was probably a scam. thought, if she just charges the 30 bucks she really needs to get somewhere, it's legit. if she fills it up to 60, it's a scam. well, charge card showed 59 bucks. tonight, day after new years day, another woman (different, yet could have been the first one's mom- both were equally frantic and articulate...i admire their rehearsal skills if nothing else)in a suv waves me over (i'm on foot this time, but same gas station at calf and armitage.) "do you speak english -- thank god." same EXACT script. her mother's in northwestern, card is over-extended, blah blah blah. i guess word got around that it worked, so the scammers are working it. so adjust your need to respond (if any) accordingly. (by the way, i gave the second scammer the loose bills in my purse. it's a REALLY cold day, and she took the time to give me an education. that's always appreciated.)

  • If you were to tell the collection agencies/lawyers that this is your number now & to remove you from their call list that usually works. I had a similar situation with a phone number.

  • I keep a VoIP “land line” for unwanted calls. I never answer it unless it’s a known number in the caller ID. Well worth the $10 a month for the Ooma line. This is also the number I use for my primary number with grocery store rewards cards, etc. since I’m sure they sell the info. The scammers can call all they want.

Jan 03

Updated Jan 04

Understanding How Tax Brackets Work

A common misconception is that when you earn more and enter a new tax bracket, your whole income is then taxed at that new rate. This blog post will hopefully help you understand tax brackets a little better.


    Understanding Tax Brackets
    I have had a number of clients ask me if they should stop earning income to make sure they don't enter the next tax bracket as they fear it will affect their total tax liability. The fear comes from the belief that if they go from the 24% tax bracket to the 28% tax bracket, all of their income will now be taxed at 28%.
  • You are spamming several neighborhoods with your blog links. Please stop.

  • KPG Logan Square resident since 1987

    Bryan, it might be fine if you posted helpful info without attaching a link to your business, but it is obvious that this is not simply an "act of kindness" for my neighborhood when you're posting to multiple neighborhoods and attaching your calling card. If you want to advertise, then purchase some ad space.

Dec 29

Updated Jan 03

Breast Pump and Accessories (DONATION)


I would like to donate a Spectra Pump (closed system so OK for reuse) and tons of accessories for it as well as accessories for Advanced in Style Medela pump (I have the pump as well but it's not always recommended for re-use as it's open system). I have tons of Medela bottles as well.

Feel free to spread the word, since I'd love to help other moms in need, or if you happen to know of a shelter/place where I could take these, I'd greatly appreciate it.

All of these things have been purchased in 2017 and have been very well taken care of.


  • IG

    @C26, please private message me and we can schedule a pick up.

  • C26

    I emailed you.

Dec 31

Updated Jan 02

Free boxes for moving

Many boxes, including tall garment boxes and packing paper for wrapping breakables. If interested, private message me for preferred pickup time.

  • Keith Watson 23-year Logan Square resident, self-employed

    Yes, 3-3:30 pm today would be ok. Either leave your phone # in reply to this message, or send me a private message so not everyone on EB learns your phone # and the location.

  • 312-350-4410

Dec 27

Updated Dec 30

How the 20% Pass-Through Income Deduction may Affect You

The new tax bill has some trying to understand how the 20% deduction applies to pass-through income and whether it affects them. Before making any changes to become a sole proprietor, understand the deduction and speak to a tax professional to determine if it can be beneficial to you.


    The New 20% Deduction on Pass-Through income, What is It? And does it affect you?
    There are many intricacies of the new Tax Act that will be discussed and analyzed over the coming weeks and months. While some of the changes will allow for a tax reduction for "pass-through" entities, the complexities of the tax bill should be discussed with your tax advisor to make sure you understand how it affects you before you make any significant financial or employment changes.

Dec 28

You May Want to Make Year-End Charitable Donations

While many people are prepaying their property taxes, you may also want to look at making charitable contributions before the end of the year.


    Why You May Want to Make Year-End Charitable Donations
    The new tax law has been forecasted to result in $21 billion less in charitable giving in the coming year. As an estimated, 95% of Americans will now take the standard deduction rather than itemize, few will see a tax advantage for charitable giving in the coming years.

Dec 20

Updated Dec 23

Prepay 1st Installment of Property Tax Before Year End

You may want to pay the first installment of your property tax bill before the end of the year for a deduction on your 2017 federal taxes as you may not be able to utilize the deduction in 2018.


    Prepay your Property Taxes for 2017 Tax Deduction
    With the likely passage of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, it is estimated that the majority of taxpayers who currently itemize their deductions will take the standard deduction for the tax year 2018. The reason for this change will be capping of State and Local Tax and Property tax deductions at $10,000.

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