Jan 07

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Seeking Plumber and Gas man referrals

Hi Neighbors,

We would like to install a washer and dryer and hope that some of you could recommend a plumber and a gas man who could get the job done right.

Thanks so much for your help.


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armed robbery 6600 on Rockwell

I just hear from a neighbor about an armed robbery yesterday (Wednesday) around 6:15-6:30pm. 2 black males in their 20's with handguns robbed a woman after she got out of her car. police were on the scene for several hours. that's all the information I have, just wanted to pass this on to my neighbors. We all need to be alert

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4 days ago

    Truth in Accounting
    Our Financial State of the Cities will be released on January 24th! The report will include the 75 most populated cities in the United States.

5 days ago

Laundry service?

We find ourselves without a washer and dryer for a couple of weeks. Rather than schlep to a laundromat, is there a service (preferably with pickup and delivery) anyone recommends?

Thank you!!

Jan 14

Jan 14

Jan 11

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Gunshots on corner of Francisco and Granville


Tonight at 11:35pm my husband and I heard approx 15 gunshots coming from Granville & Francisco. We called 911 and alerted them. Found out a bullet went through a woman's garden apt window on Francisco and multiple shell casings found.

Jan 11

Updated Jan 13

Free Artograph...

If you know what an Artograph is, you probably are an art teacher or an old-school graphic artist, and you know whether this device would benefit you or your students. It's a DB 300, principally designed as a drawing-board projector with a 3x enlargement or reduction, or 18x on a vertical surface. It weighs 40 pounds, uses two 150-watt photo enlarger lamps and pulls 115 volts and 3 amps. We have the original owner's manual. Free to a user who can make good use of this great teaching aid.

  • Hi Dan. I have a friend, not on Everyblock, that would LOVE to have this for her school. She's an art teacher. How can I have her contact you?

  • Dan Miller RP/WR resident since 1978

    Sorry, Diane. It was taken.

Jan 13

Jan 09

Updated Jan 12

Crying cat 😢

Hi neighbors, there is a a beautiful white with like brownish/grayish spots fluffy cat circling my house (birchwood and fargo) every day crying in the middle of the night, i say its because of the freezing temperatures. Ive tried to grab it but everytime i get close it runs away I cant even take a picture of it. Please if someone thinks this cat belongs to someone lets work on giving it back or help me find it a home. (Im working on grabbing it.) Lets not leave these poor cats out in the cold please lets Stelter them.

  • Thank you all.
    Diana thank you so much for your suggestions, I didn't know about that cat shelter. I will go tomorrow morning!!

    Tara O'Shea your kitten is gorgeous, it's not the same one I see around my house. I will keep my eyes open for your kitten!

  • Reach out to Treehouse @ Western and Touhy..there is a Facebook.group called "Chicago Community Cats"..you may want to join to see if anyone is misdingva colony cat..thanks for caring!

Dec 31

Updated Jan 11

Feral Kitten missing

I live on the 6400 block of Leavitt, and the feral cat that lives under our deck had two kittens who are approximately 4 months old. They have nearly identical markings, except one is short-haired with a pink nose, and the other is SO FLUFFY with a nose dot.

I've been feeding and sheltering all three in insulated heated outdoor cat cabins (and trying to TNR but that's another story). However, the short-haired kitten has not been seen for almost...

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I live on the 6400 block of Leavitt, and the feral cat that lives under our deck had two kittens who are approximately 4 months old. They have nearly identical markings, except one is short-haired with a pink nose, and the other is SO FLUFFY with a nose dot.

I've been feeding and sheltering all three in insulated heated outdoor cat cabins (and trying to TNR but that's another story). However, the short-haired kitten has not been seen for almost a week. Sorry I can't provide better photos, but I call this kitten "Ghost" for a reason. The first few weeks after they moved into the cat shelter in my backyard, Ghost was so freaked out by people that they would tear out of the yard like their fuzzy butt was on fire. However, after daily feeding, Ghost headed STRAIGHT for the food every time, and was inseparable from their much fluffier sibling.

However, I was away from Dec 16 to Dec 29, and had my friends and neighbours looking after them. However, they saw no sign of Ghost, only Shadow (because said kitten rarely if ever leaves their mother's side). With the sudden deadly drop in temps, I am really worried. If you live on or near the 6400 block of Leavitt, and you've seen this kitten in the last week, can you reply?

Here are videos from Dec 3rd, so you can see the kitten's markings more clearly:



Edited to add: sorry for the blurry close-up below, but the flap to the cat cabin was fogged up. The missing kitten is on the left.

  • Mute Truth is not determined by majority vote

    Another possible horror story reinforcing why cats dont belong outdoors. Thanks for doing what you could. hopefully someone is caring for the kitten.

  • Please see "Crying Cat" in today's postings. Good luck. Carol

Jan 11

Jan 10

The Family House brings Burmese cuisine to Chicago

2305 W. Devon

    The Family House brings Burmese cuisine to Chicago
    There's nothing quite as disconcerting as the sound of a microwave pinging in the middle of a quiet restaurant. On a polar December night on Devon Avenue, that very sound gave me concern for the condition of my mohinga, a hot, fish-based noodle soup from Burma, or Myanmar, as its military dictatorship renamed it in 1989.

Jan 10

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Missing Cat Ollie

Ollie ran away from our house today. He is a white American short haired cat and he has two different colored ears one black and one pink. He has black spots over his body has green eyes.

Jan 06

Jan 06

Jan 04

Updated Jan 05

Mt. Trashmore sledding prohibited!?

It's been years...decades rather since I've been there. I just read a story saying sledding is illegal on the big hill. Is this true? I know it's been unbearably cold, but has anyone been there recently? How are the sledding conditions?

  • Sledding is allowed on Cricket Hill. That's in Lincoln Park near Montrose Harbor and there's lots of free parking.

  • Warren Park has a sledding hill. Built for sledding.

Jan 04

Updated Jan 05

Looking for a handyman or reliable plumber?

Our regular handyman isn't available right now and we have a leaking toilet seal, slow drain, and some plaster work that needs to be done.

Thanks for your help.

Dec 27

Updated Jan 04

ONE-THIRD Of U.S. Homicide Spike Coming From 5 Chicago Neighborhoods

This is shocking! No, not our neighborhood...yet! But these criminals can easily travel.
And remember, Chicago has some of the toughest gun restrictive laws in the country so it isn't gun violence but people who don't care about laws using guns violently.


    ONE-THIRD Of U.S. Homicide Spike Coming From 5 Chicago Neighborhoods
    Murders in the U.S. rose nearly 9% last year, and one-third of that increase came from just a few neighborhoods in Chicago, according to a Wall Street Journal analysis of the FBI's annual 2016 publication, Crime in the United States.
  • Michael Archangel Truth is NOT whatever you can get away with!

    @Phill - You need to go back and read for content. What John Sebeck wrote was: "... I rather go out standing my ground with the weapon of choice...". To "go out" means to die. So my comment remains valid that the outcome is the same...dead is dead!

    Really, Phill, unless you completely misunderstood what was previously written, you are distorting the comments of another person and that is dishonest. Dishonesty is also uncivilized.

  • Phill Lucille, give me strength.

    Ohhhhhhh, you were being "snappy"?

Jan 03

Jan 01

Updated Jan 02

Found cat

I found a mid size, light orange cat in my garage today. The cat is friendly and I did feed it. Please help find its owner. Location is at Damen & Chase

  • Can you bring cat to local vet or shelter to see if it has microchip? Also, pls post on Lost Cats Illinois Facebook page, which gets a lot of traffic.

  • Yes.... pls run it by any vet & they will scan it for a chip. Just as above subscriber said. Facebook as well

Jan 01

Updated Jan 02

Out-of-staters recognize our financial problems more clearly than we do

This excerpt is from an editorial in a newspaper in Nevada, the Review-Journal.

"Illinois is a financial basket case — which is what you get when you combine political patronage with powerful public-sector unions that control leftist politicians. The state should be a case study for other jurisdictions on how not to conduct public policy. After all, who will pay the bills when the taxpayers flee?"

Surely, after decades of one-party rule in Springfield, Cook County and Chicago, we voters can do better this March in the primaries and in September in the general election.

  • The joy of living in a state controlled by Democrats for decades. The unfunded debt is worse in high tax Democrat controlled states...and tends to be be better in low tax Republican states.

Dec 31

    Gunfire erupts at birthday party inside West Rogers Park bar, injuring 4
    It was Tiana Harston's first time at American Ale House, an over-30 bar with Christmas lights hanging in the window and a green awning, on the Far North Side. She was there early Sunday to celebrate a friend's birthday. But uninvited guests slipped in, cutting the celebration short, she said.

Dec 31

Nov 03

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    State Sen. Silverstein resigns from Senate leadership team after sexual harassment allegation
    Illinois Senate President John Cullerton announced on Wednesday that Illinois State Senator Ira Silverstein has resigned from the Senate Democratic Leadership team after being accused of sexual harassment. Legislative activist Denise Rotheimer testified Tuesday in front of a senate panel that Ira Silverstein made inappropriate comments to her while the two worked together on legislation.
  • Phill Lucille, give me strength.

    And Democrats think they're "the good ones", "the resistance", SMH.

  • Michael McDonough Resident of BelCragin

    It really doesn't discriminate by democrat or republican it's all a matter of keeping oneself in check at all times in how you speak to or treat your fellow colleagues

Dec 29

Dec 28

Car Key Found

Range Rover key found this minding in the snow, on Campbell Ave. Text Milian to retrieve. (773) 251-5187.

Dec 28


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