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Staubers Reopens as Lakeview Ace Hardware

I stopped in today to the old Staubers, which was sold to Lakeview Ace. The same staff folks are there, who have always been so neighborly and helpful. Just wanted you all to know they're back. I'm so glad. I'd much rather shop there than at a big box store.

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Does any organization or individual take books as a donation anymore? or should they just be thrown in the recycle bin for garbage collection?

  • I second the idea of OpenBooks. They sell the books in their bookstores and online. Any money they make goes to support their literacy programs for kids. It is a worthy cause and organization.

  • Julie Bean heavy coffee drinker

    Jones College Prep High School
    700 South State

    They collect books during the month of May to sell at the Printer's Row book fair. Proceeds benefit the Jones school library.

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Neighborly Litigation (Chadha v. NPES)

Many on this forum talk about litigating, be it for some unneighborly thing or other. Well, here is your chance to read the behind the scenes workings of the Chicago Way in its entirety (link below - get some popcorn and settle in) and VOTE.

This is the culmination of 7 years of attorney fees and a waste of our taxpayer-funded court's time/resources, in my opinion, of course.

Link: https://chadhavnpes.weebly.com/appeal-brief.html

    Appeal Brief

2 days ago

Updated 37 hours ago

Anytime Fitness North Center

Does anybody have an idea of when the Anytime Fitness on Rockwell will open? Their corporate website has no information.

  • Jane Spec North Center resident

    I'm wondering the same thing. I bet it will be right after the holidays when everyone makes their new years resolutions and are ready to pony up for a membership that will only get used in January :)

3 days ago

Updated 40 hours ago

Ravenswood and Irving Park

Hi all, the police and fire department just shut down Ravenswood north of Irving Park Rd (9:15pm Tuesday 11/14) anyone know why?

  • There was a fire in the uniform company in the 4100 block of Ravenswood.

  • I left 4043 Ravenswood at around 10 and saw four ambulances, two fire trucks, and the police car blocking Ravenswood at Irving. Its odd that something calling for that kind of response wasn't covered in the media.

46 hours ago

Nov 05

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Holy Sh*t, I'm standing last night on my porch around 10:45pm having my drinks before heading downtown to Gibson's, and this huge animal which I later learn to be a coyote, zipped at 100mph past my house east on Hutchinson.

2 days ago

    Protect Rental Property Assets with an LLC
    Real Estate has always been considered a safe investment since the supply is finite and the demand grows with the population. Even though we have seen some swings in the real estate market over the past decade, the theory still is held true by many.

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3 days ago

snow shoveler near Broadway and Wellington?

I'm looking for someone I can pay to shovel our front sidewalk this winter right around Broadway and Wellington. Anyone know anyone?

3 days ago

    The 22nd Annual Southport Holiday Stroll is December 1, 2017
    It's that time of year again! The Southport Holiday Stroll will be held on Friday, December 1, 2017 from 5:00 PM - 9:00 PM this year from Belmont to Irving Park Road. More information can be found here from the Lakeview Chamber of Commerce!

Jun 14 2012

Updated 3 days ago

Looking for mechanic for Prius near Lakeview

Does anyone know an honest and reasonable mechanic who works on Toyota Prius? I saw a Yelp listing for Motocare on Western but I don't know anything about them.

  • I've had really good luck with Nal's Auto Repair on Irving Park @ Ravenswood. Check out some reviews:

  • Jeff Avondale resident, avid cyclist

    Green Wheels Automotive Services,
    1540 N Western Ave, Chicago, IL 60622
    Auto dealership & mechanic specializing in electric cars & environmentally-oriented vehicles with good reviews

6 days ago

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Catalytic Converter Stolen

Hey neighbors, just letting you know that my catalytic converter was stolen off my Jeep parked on Mozart. I filed a police report, but I wanted you all to be on the lookout. There has been a wave of this crime on the NW side

  • MetroCyclist Food Crazy 9YR Inde Park/Albany Park Resident.

    Kittyhop in Logan Square, I was standing at my rear kitchen window while on an important phone call, when I saw the perpetrator inside my truck. I yelled out as loud as I could and pounded on my window, which startled both the customer service representative and the a-hole in...

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    Kittyhop in Logan Square, I was standing at my rear kitchen window while on an important phone call, when I saw the perpetrator inside my truck. I yelled out as loud as I could and pounded on my window, which startled both the customer service representative and the a-hole in my truck. I ran out my backdoor towards my truck when he ran down the alley while clutching his, what looked like, a gun peering out of his shirt. I had left my vehicle unlocked (not any more), just to avoid damage to my vehicle in situations like this.

  • WOW!!That is quite something...and yes, scary that he might have had a gun....

    (The guy from the service that jumped my car today had a gun in his belt..that ISN"T why I gave him a tip however...)< that's a joke...but he did have a gun..

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Updated 4 days ago

Where to look for stolen jewelry?

My engagement ring (a family heirloom) was stolen from my apartment by a burglar, and I realize that it's probably gone, but I'd still like to do my due diligence to try and find it. I've been looking at Craigslist, ebay, and some resale sites (offerup, facebook market). The detective assigned to our case looked through the pawn shop database but no luck.

Any other suggestions.

  • Chicago John North Center neighbor since 1989

    My heart goes out to you. Keep on searching. Offer a reward somehow. Good luck

4 days ago

6 days ago

Updated 5 days ago


A friend lost his dog Armitage LaPorte
Lukey, 5 year old male Shih Tzu
No collar, No chip
If you’ve seen him please
Call Ritilio 773 681-6597
If you call his name, he’ll come to you.
His family really misses him.
Thank you

Nov 10

Updated 5 days ago

Be careful out there today - streets and sidewalks glaze ice

I just returned from being out. I was east of Ashland Ave. at about Fullerton. The side streets and sidewalks are glaze ice. Cars are fishtailing and skidding trying to stop. I tried to stop at one intersection and forget it --- my car just kept going and stopped about the middle of the intersection. It was that way all the way until Western, where it's not so bad, but is still wet and looks icy in places.

Bicyclists are having a very hard time of it. They skid if they try to slow down or stop, and then when they put their foot down they slip.

So far the main streets are just slushy and are safer.

  • catlady for the love of cats, lets get along!

    oh man, thanks for the heads up Beeb! I am one who hates driving in the snow, yes i've lived here all my life but i still cannot do it lol. I shall be driving super slow this evening. Stay safe!

  • Buses were stuck on broadway.

  • Victor Perez small business owner

    If you're in need of snow and ice removal or preventive maintenance call
    312 885 1719
    Reasonably priced
    Quality assurance contracting services llc

Nov 09

Updated Nov 10

Spree of muggings early evening November 8th in Buena Park

CHICAGO - Residents of Chicago's Uptown neighborhood should be on guard after reports of three separate muggings that occurred in just 15 minutes Wednesday night.
The first robbery happened around 7:30 p.m. near West Buena and North Clarendon avenues. The victim said four males attacked him and ran east, toward Marine Drive.
Right after that, another man was reportedly beaten up and robbed in the 700-block of West Bittersweet Place.
Minutes later, the group reportedly beat a 50-year-old man to...

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CHICAGO - Residents of Chicago's Uptown neighborhood should be on guard after reports of three separate muggings that occurred in just 15 minutes Wednesday night.
The first robbery happened around 7:30 p.m. near West Buena and North Clarendon avenues. The victim said four males attacked him and ran east, toward Marine Drive.
Right after that, another man was reportedly beaten up and robbed in the 700-block of West Bittersweet Place.
Minutes later, the group reportedly beat a 50-year-old man to the ground, but he was not robbed. The attackers ran north on Clarendon. The victim was treated at a hospital.
There is surveillance video of one of the violent attacks. The robbers appear to be between 15-18 years old.
I have been in contact with the investigating officers of these incidents.
As I have recording cameras surrounding my estate on Hutchinson and Clarendon,
I will check to see if there is anything that can be helpful to police. I have reported this information to the police.

  • TS

    Thank you for getting involved and being vigilant. I'm not sure why this keeps happening, almost daily, but we see very little police presence in the area.

  • Thanks for your vigilance. My friend and his pregnant wife have a condo in that exact area, and I do worry about their safety going to/fro work, especially since it gets darker outside earlier.

  • Mute Mute Me

    " I'm not sure why this keeps happening"

    what has changed that would stop it from happening?

    "My friend and his pregnant wife have a condo in that exact area, and I do worry about their safety"

    im not sure if a pregnant woman would be seen as an easy target or just the opposite since if caught there are added charges.

    why would anyone want to raise children in that area? Hopefully they dont plan to stay long!

Nov 10

Nov 09

Nov 08

Did you attend the community meeting Tues Nov 7?

Our apartment building got the notice yesterday too late, but the address on the flyer was wrong: Meet at Broadway and Racine.

Nov 07

Nov 04

Updated Nov 06

Shots fired

Around 4:43am there were three shots fired...about 30sec later 2 more shots were fired by Small Bar. Police were looking around but haven't found anything. I heard the first three shots got up and the next two were shot. Couldnt see them but very loud.

  • correction - probably near 3000 N Albany - at Wellington, by the bar.

  • Wellington and Albany. Shots were fired again yesterday at 12:30pm. They found casings from the bullets.

Sep 27

Updated Nov 06

Injured goose

Does anyone know who to contact about a goose at belmont harbor missing a foot. It seems to be cast out of the group of geese all by itself.

I saw this yesterday but today saw just one in the water honking like it was in distress maybe the same one? Isnt it unusual for them to be aline?

  • @mute, try calling the alderman, when I needed help with rescuing the injured goose I contacted Tim Cullerton and he worked with me (through a series of emails) till it got helped, the dawn information I got, I got from him. he followed up with her to make sure the goose was taken care of.

  • Mute Mute Me

    Is fullerton the alderman at 3410 lsd?

Nov 04

Updated Nov 05

Smoke Detectors With Cameras!

I have to replace my smoke detectors, so I hopped on Amazon to see what they got. Boy, was I surprised to see how readily available smoke detectors with hidden cameras are! Creepy! Just a warning to all you renters out there. It you feel like someone's watching, they probably are!

Oct 31

Updated Nov 05

Stolen Dog at Addison/Damen

Stolen dog in North Center (Addison/Damen)! My colleague just got footage from a neighbor's home security of someone walking off with her dog - taken from her fenced in yard. If you live in the area please be on the look out for this sweet pup.

Nov 02

Updated Nov 05

Mail Boxes

Where have all the mail boxes gone in Lake View???

  • Actually the post office was honest this time. After work I walked around aND saw all the missing boxes back In my area of lakeview

  • Yves, thus far my weekend has been grand. Hope yours has been as well.

Nov 03

Updated Nov 05

Update on the Garbage pickups

All, when the garbage cans overflowed on Pine Grove/Sheridan/Marine Drive earlier this year, I wrote the aldermen and Streets and San. I got a lovely letter from Str & San:
"My office received a copy of your recent letter...Thank you for taing the time to report your concerns....the 46th Ward superintendent reported that the baskets at these locations will be serviced regularly.... and more frequently."

  • d3 NOH

    Does the ssa fund these?

  • I have received the same response to my complaints to Cappleman’s office in the early summer. A week later the garbage cans were overflowing again, and this continued all summer and into the fall.

  • Nora H 15 year Lakeview resident, member ELVN

    It seems a little better lately let’s all keep on this.

Nov 02

Updated Nov 04

Broken car window

A day late asking .... came out at 6:30 am to find my car window on driver's side had been busted in. Nothing stolen (not that there was anything), just really irritating. Wondering if anyone else in area had same experience? Happened on Francisco between Belmont & Elston.

  • Was this Halloween night?

  • Yes, unfortunately. I have lived in Chicago for 15 years .... 2.5 in this neighborhood and have never had any issues.

  • It was a group of neighborhood teenage kids who busted car windows on multiple vehicles with a baseball bat on Halloween night. If anyone else had their windows busted in the Avondale neighborhood or by the Target on Addison near Sacramento park send me a private message and I’ll pass along the information I have.

Oct 24

Updated Nov 04

Free upright piano

Story and Clark upright piano with piano bench. We moved and it doesn't fit in our new place unfortunately. Free to you - you'd just need to move it out. Currently located in North Center.

  • Dan27 Roscoe Village home owner

    I'd potentially be interested! Is this still available?

  • ERomi Ravenswood resident

    Apparently Every block doesn't have a way to send a PM.. odd. Ok well yes I think it is still available- the tenants who are living there now have actually been coordinating getting people in to see/try the piano. Can you email me and then I will put you in contact with them? Eileen.m.romito@gmail.com. Thanks!!

  • robin in WRP I support a 28th Amendment 4Free & Fair Elections!

    ER - it does; it is a matter of the user enabling the function. Click on the user name, and (if enabled) there will be a link on the right to send email

Nov 01

Updated Nov 03

Belmo t & Kedzie area

Does any one know who to talk with about cleaning up tbe under pass by Belmont & Kedzie.I walk every day to train & home.It is getting dirtier & dirtier each day.Someone dumped a load of clothes now you walk in street or over the pile. I have lived in area for 40 some years & this is the worst its ever been. Needs to be cleaned before bad weather starts.

Nov 03

    Time For Kids-Nonfiction Reading! | DonorsChoose.org project by Ms. Martinucci
    My students need TIME for Kids to be prepared for the world and for real world situations. I have 120 5th and 6th grade bilingual students. They are full of life and come in ready to learn!! All of my students receive free lunch. Their families struggle financially and asking them to...

Oct 13

Updated Nov 02

Lawn service and snow removal

Looking for a responsible lawn service to mow a postage size lawn, provide spring and fall cleanup and, in the winter snowblow walks and shovel stairs. This is for a two flat near Montrose and Damien. Thanks!

Oct 02 2016

Updated Nov 02

Looking for at-home daycare for June 2017!

My wife and I live in Avondale and we are expecting our first child this coming June. We are looking for at-home daycare options. We noticed not all at-home daycare centers have websites for us to research. We have lived in the neighborhood for 2 years now, but don't know of all the options in the neighborhood. Any suggestions would be welcomed!

Oct 31

Updated Nov 01

Rental properties in Lake View

Hi! My husband and I are moving from DC to Chicago in April and are looking to rent in before buying. We've never worked with a broker before but think that may be our best option, since we'll only have a day or two to visit and find a place.

Does anyone have suggestions on a broker/agent? Thanks!


  • Hi Ami, I would be happy to help! I currently live in Lakeview and am also an agent with @ properties. Please feel free to send me an email (ashleydoran@atproperties.com) or give me a call (773-999-3086). Best of Luck!

  • Ami

    thanks everyone for all the feedback and contacts! we'll definitely be reaching out :)

Oct 30

Updated Nov 01

Saying hello!

Hi neighbors! I am a longtime Lakeview resident, but have just now joined Everyblock! Looking forward to meeting neighbors and participating in discussion. I live in the Southport Corridor (which Chicago Mag just declared the Unofficial Empanada District), work in the community as a realtor, and love frequenting our local businesses and restaurants!

Have a happy and safe halloween, and see you in the neighborhood!

  • Mr P Real Estate Broker

    Welcome, you'll love living near the Southport Corridor...

  • Cubbyguy Landlord and Tax Consultant

    Welcome Jen!

Oct 30

Updated Nov 01

Helicopter over Roscoe

What’s with the helicopter that has been over my house for the past 10 minutes, anyone know?

Oct 27

Updated Oct 31

The never ending Broadway Roscoe project has just been re-opened!

Just a couple of weeks after they finally completed the work, while leaving a messy trail of tar in our neighborhood after laying down the first coat, and finally laying down the asphalt top coat, they have just cut open 1/3 of the Southbound Street between about Roscoe and Aldine! I saw it coming last week when they made 4 saw cuts leaving a pile of dust blowing in the wind, and now they cut through the rebar and the mess and noise continues!
Alderman Tom Tunney, what happened?

  • Jeffrey Littleton 3rd Generation Uptown

    It needs a road mural.

  • Ed H. 5 year Lakeview resident

    I agree with Bus Pads. Seems like they are at, or very close to, CTA Bus stops. Looks like they also put in cross walks that look like brick (but really are just formed/colored concrete).

Oct 31


First timer, looking for recommendations nearby

Dec 11

Updated Oct 30

One day parking in Lakeview?

I have a friend who wants to come to the city (by car) and go to the museums, theaters, etc. and stay overnight. I live near Broadway/Waveland, in the heart of Wrigleyville and the parking is cost prohibitive. I looked at some of the garages and the one on Broadway charges $45 for 24 hours - ouch! Street parking is limited to 3 hours.
Would anyone know where someone could park for one day and overnight without paying with their life?
I also have relatives who want to visit.

  • the only answer here is spothero...it is simple, almost always significantly cheaper than regular charges and available spots all over city. Or she should plan to come on weekday mid morning and everywhere (except downtown or wrigleyville if cubs day game ) including edgewater you will find open free street parking. If either of those options dont work i suggest she use alternate form of transportation to get to the big city

  • Mute Mute Me

    Just offer someone who.lives there a couple bucks for a 24 hr parking pass. Why don't you go get some from your alderman office?

Oct 29

Oct 26

Updated Oct 28

The mailbox at W. Waveland and N. Marine Drive - missing mail

I want to know if anyone else drops packages off at that mailbox on the corner and the mail is never picked up or processed? I've had 2 packages missing in the past month that were never processed. Never made it to the PO to be processed. I have to file missing mail reports. Getting so I'm paranoid about dropping off packages at that box.

  • Mute Mute Me

    I thought if a post office was open on Sunday downtown there had to be one open elsewhere

  • Patty swmbo Uptown resident 30+ years

    Li Wright--
    Thank you for providing the specifics for everyone. I've found this p.o. convenient a few times a year for mailing holiday packages and the like. It's better than having to go downtown. Free parking is a bonus.


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