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  • Let's Have FUN and Learn a New Language!

    Mrs. Bago is asking for $629.40:
    My students need bilingual books and other interactive activities to be immersed in the Spanish language both at home and in the classroom through music, play, and literacy.
    De Diego Community Academy Comment

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Everyblock Logan Square Facebook Group

Since there has been some interest I created a group. There has been no response from the Logan Square Community Group to my request for membership.
So please sign up and continue to post my Everyblock friends!


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Jul 09

Jul 09

  • Building Kindergarten Mathematicians with Sumblox

    Mrs. Fitzgerald is asking for $429.33:
    My students need Sumblox. These math manipulatives will allow my kindergarteners to engage with math concepts such as number identification, sequencing numbers, addition and subtraction, and comparing numbers in a hands on way.
    De Diego Community Academy Comment

Jul 06

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Where can I get free large/medium boxes for moving?

We're moving soon and trying to save money on moving boxes. Where are some good places that offer free boxes for moving?

  • Soo

    I am unpacking and will have boxes available Sunday/Monday...

  • Em

    Karen and Soo where are you located? I would be interested in the boxes if you still have them!

Jul 08

Jul 08

Jul 08

Jul 07

Does any one know is the camera on Leavitt and Lemoyne works is on that light pole way on top.??

I hope I got into some encounters with some people trying to breaking to some vehicles but I drove them away I might be a Puerto Rican with tattoos but I'm a good neighborhood wash I love my community in my neighborhood has been here for 25 years 30 years Amen every one be safe..

Jul 07

  • Bailamos, Cantamos y Escuchamos!We Dance, Sing and Listen!

    Mrs. Bago is asking for $712.34:
    My students need exposure to the many languages from around the world. Through music and movement we will listen and move to multi cultural music, listen to stories in Spanish and act out our favorite stories.
    De Diego Community Academy Comment

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State Police Checks at Division and 94 on Fridays

Anyone know why the State Police are doing "random" car checks at the intersection and on ramp heading south onto I94? I have seen this on two different Friday afternoons now. They look at the people in the cars and tell certain cars to pull over under the highway underpass. Just wondering what is going on. Thanks!

  • The car may have matched a description used in a crime. Witnesses could have said it was a blue sedan headed on the kennedy...

  • Tim

    The fake news says it's ICE checkpoints.

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Jun 30

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What is going on with the factory on the 2700 block of armitage? I have not seen anyone working there for months.

  • Rick Stoneham Logan resident since 1984

    Probably a permit issue. I’ve been worried about the lake that formed on the site as a mosquito breeding pond. But yesterday saw workmen draining it. It looks like construction will start again but I’ve been wrong before. I have to look down on it every day.

  • They are awaiting a shipment of steel. The cost of steel went up due to the Trump tariffs and now the supplier can't honor the original quote.

    To clarify: They are delayed waiting for the shipment, the tariff thing is my own speculation. There were men in the yesterday working.

Jun 30

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Friendly feral near Belden/Central Park

We've had a black TNR cat slinking around our 'hood for about a year but he's been increasingly hanging out in our yard and on our porch. We like the little guy and don't mind--I'm just curious if he has a caretaker/has a colony he's part of.

  • They do seem to get attached to certain yards..even people..though they don't get close. Was there a pic?

  • You might be talking about our next door neighbor's cat - we're at Fullerton and Lawndale right behind The Little Pickle, and our elderly neighbor cares for a mostly feral black cat that he calls for named "Beady" (i.e., beady eyes). If you see a calico cat around it too sometimes, that is the other cat he cares for, but he much prefers the black one.

  • future alderman future alderman

    adopt him

Jun 29

Lost keys at the 606

Hey everyone, I lost some keys on the 606 trail on Monday, 6/25/18.
I was hoping if anyone has seen them and can return them. They are keys that have a blue buckle, it has two bottle openers ( one is a blue bud light, and the other is a picture of the Virgin Mary). Please help.

Jun 29

Chicago Loft-Style Homes For Sale

2300 W. Wabansia Avenue #338, $525,000 Photo: Redfin Corporation

This article has 4 other Chicago locations (Show)

633 S. Plymouth Court #609, $185,000 Photo: Redfin Corporation

2024 S. Wabash Avenue #604, $325,000 Photo: Zillow

525 N. Halsted Street #603, $379,000

375 W. Erie Street #410, $825,000 Photo: VHT Studios

    Chicago Loft-Style Homes For Sale
    Loft-style apartments-those which feature details like exposed ductwork, large windows, brick, open concept living, and other industrial charms - can be found all throughout Chicago. In 1996, the New York Times wrote an entire article devoted to the thriving loft condo conversions in River North.

Jun 29

Jun 28

  • Permit issued for renovation/alteration


    1632 N. Leavitt St. Issued June 26, 2018 Comment

Jun 28


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