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Precast Concrete Company

Hello Lincoln Park neighbors. I am trying to find someone who works with precast concrete for outdoor applications. Our front stair treads are precast concrete (meaning they were created in the shop by pouring concrete into a form and then installed on-site once the concrete cured) and in need of repair or replacement. Any referrals to qualified and high-quality local vendors/contractors greatly appreciated.

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Theater events: 2014 dramedy 'Smart People' opens at Writers

...It opens at 7:30 p.m. Thursday, March 22, at the Greenhouse Theater Center, 2257 N. Lincoln Ave., Chicago. $25, $20. (773) 404-7336 or greenhousetheater.org...

...Isle," at 5 and 8 p.m. Sunday, March 18, at the Victory Gardens Theater, 2433 N. Lincoln Ave., Chicago. Ticket proceeds benefit Chicago Theatre Workshop. See chicagotheatreworkshop.org...

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...young Trixie lost at a laundromat. It runs through May 26 at the Apollo Theater, 2540 N. Lincoln Ave., Chicago. (773) 935-6100 or emeraldcitytheatre.com...

...production, in association with the National Performance Network, opens Friday, March 16, at Links Hall, 3111 N. Western Ave., Chicago. See walkabouttheater.org or linkshall.org...

...and illusion. Performances are Friday and Saturday, March 16-17, at the Cadillac Palace Theatre, 151 W. Randolph St., Chicago. (800) 775-2000 or broadwayinchicago.com or adamtrent.com...

...Derek Czaplewski with music and lyrics by Laura McKenzie. Previews begin Saturday, March 17, at 6912 N. Glenwood Ave., Chicago. The show opens Sunday, March 18. (773) 761-4477 or lifelinetheatre.com...

...each about 10 minutes long) showcasing both fictional and historical women. Performances take place at 4147 N. Broadway, Chicago. (800) 737-0984 or pridefilmsandplays.com...

...their friendship. The show runs through April 29 at Broadway Playhouse at Water Tower Place, 175 E. Chestnut St., Chicago. (800) 775-2000 or broadwainchicago.com...

...Poetry Slam winner, performs at 8 p.m. Tuesday, March 20, at The Den Theatre, 1331 N. Milwaukee Ave., Chicago. The Growing Concerns Poetry Collective, made up of actor McKenzie Chinn, poet and rapper...

...uncle. Artistic director Kayla Adams helms the production, which begins previews Wednesday, March 21, at 1376 W. Grand Ave., Chicago. The show stars Elizabeth Birnkrant as L'il Bit and Artistic Home co-founder...

...premiere, which begins previews at 8 p.m. Wednesday, March 21, at Strawdog Theatre Company, 1802 W. Berenice St., Chicago. The show opens Thursday, March 22. See chicagonordic.org...

...ends up working in a small-town Wisconsin diner. Performances take place at Stage 773, 1225 W. Belmont Ave., Chicago. Subscription information will be available at (773) 654-3103 or americanbluestheater.com...

    Theater events: 2014 dramedy 'Smart People' opens at Writers
    Four young professionals struggle with romance, identity and careers while navigating racial and sexual politics in "Smart People," Lydia R. Diamond's 2014 dramedy that "taps into the current cultural conversation" to examine the nature of prejudice. Hallie Gordon directs the Writers Theatre production, which is recommended for audiences 18 and older.

  • Rob

    Oh no... the troglodytes who don't go theater aren't going to the theater!

  • The Hammer Telling it like it is!

    That’s not very nice, Rob! You hurt my fee-fees!

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Walkway repair

Anyone know of folks who do great work with walkways between houses - including problems from water runoff that contributed to cracked and sunken cement?

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Mar 08

Where to cheer on your team in Chicago during March Madness

Gaslight (2450 N. Clark St. 773-929-7759)

Glascott’s Saloon (2158 N. Halsted St. 773-281-1205)

Crossroads Public House (2630 N. Clark St. 773-248-3900)

Lion Head Pub (2251 N. Lincoln Ave. 773-348-5100)

Gamekeepers (345 W. Armitage Ave. 773-549-0400)

Lincoln Station (2432 N. Lincoln Ave. 773-472-8100)

Ranalli’s (1925 N. Lincoln Ave. 312-642-4700)

Tobacco Road Tap Room (2249 N. Lincoln Ave. 773-661-6416)

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Houndstooth Saloon (3369 N. Clark St. 773-244-1166)

Waterhouse (3407 N. Paulina St. 773-871-1200)

Full Shilling (3724 N. Clark St. 773-248-3330)

Sully’s House (1501 N. Dayton St. 773-244-1234)

The Country Club (3462 N. Clark St. 773-975-2010)

Theory (9 W. Hubbard St. 312-644-0004)

Graystone Tavern (3441 N. Sheffield Ave. 773-666-5450)

Joe’s Bar (940 W. Weed St. 312-337-3486)

Schoolyard Tavern & Grill (3258 N. Southport Ave. 773-528-8226)

Flagship (1622 W. Belmont Ave. 773-281-3805)

Ironside Bar & Galley (546 N. Wells St. 312-973-7792)

Kirkwood Bar (2934 N. Sheffield Ave. 773-770-0700)

Sluggers (3540 N. Clark St. 773-248-0055)

Clover Sports & Leisure (722 W. Grand Ave. 312-344-1934)

Four Shadows (2758 N. Ashland Ave. 773-248-9160)

Redmond’s Ale House (3358 N. Sheffield Ave. 773-404-2151)

Tavern on Little Fort (4128 N. Lincoln Ave. 773-360-1869)

Benchmark (1510 N. Wells St. 312-649-9640)

Lottie’s Pub (1925 W. Cortland St. 773-489-0738)

The Pony (1638 W. Belmont Ave. 773-828-5055)

Dark Horse Tap & Grille (3443 N. Sheffield Ave. 773-248-4400)

The Anthem (1725 W. Division St. 773-697-4804)

Corcoran’s Grill & Pub (1615 N. Wells St. 312-440-0885)

Hidden Shamrock (2723 N. Halsted St. 773-883-0304)

Higgins’ Tavern (3259 N. Racine Ave. 773-281-7637)

Hopsmith (15 W. Division St. 312-600-9816)

Mad River (2909 N. Sheffield Ave. 773-935-7500)

Municipal (216 W. Ohio St. 312-951-2125)

Sedgwick’s Bar & Grill (1935 N. Sedgwick St. 312-337-7900)

The Stretch (3485 N. Clark St. 773-755-3980)

Wild Goose (4265 N. Lincoln Ave. 773-281-7112)

Cork & Kerry at the Park (3259 S. Princeton Ave. 312-842-0769)

Commonwealth Tavern (2000 W. Roscoe St. 773-697-7965)

D4 (345 E. Ohio St. 312-624-8385)

Declan’s Irish Pub (1240 N. Wells St. 312-642-5522)

High Noon Saloon (1560 N. Milwaukee Ave. 773-227-9339)

Racine Plumbing (2642 N. Lincoln Ave. 773-871-1600)

The Atlantic (5062 N. Lincoln Ave. 773-506-7090)

The Irish Oak (3511 N. Clark St. 773-935-6669)

The Kerryman (661 N. Clark St. 312-335-8121)

McGee’s Tavern & Grille (950 W. Webster Ave. 773-549-8200)

The Butcher’s Tap (3553 N. Southport Ave. 773-325-0123)

Trophy Room (170 W. Ontario St. 312-600-6920)

Woodie’s Flat (1535 N. Wells St. 312-643-0093)

Cleos (1935 W. Chicago Ave. 312-243-5600)

Fireplace Inn (1448 N. Wells St. 312-664-5264)

Celtic Crown (2356 W. Cullom Ave. 773-588-1110)

Diag Bar and Grill (2856 N. Southport Ave. 773-404-8400)

Duffy’s (420 W. Diversey Pkwy. 773-549-9090)

Matilda (3101 N. Sheffield Ave. 773-883-4400)

Rockit Bar & Grill (22 W. Hubbard St. 312-645-6000)

WestEnd (1326 W. Madison St. 312-981-7100)

Derby (1224 W. Webster Ave. 773-248-0900)

Deuce’s & the Diamond Club (3505 N. Clark St. 773-644-5554)

Fatpour (2005 W. Division St. 773-698-8940)

Prost (2566 N. Lincoln Ave. 773-880-9900)

Stout Barrel House & Galley (642 N. Clark St. 312-475-1390)

Will’s Northwoods Inn (3030 N. Racine Ave. 773-528-4400)

Merkle’s Bar & Grill (3516 N. Clark St. 773-244-1025)

Hawkeye’s Bar & Grill (1458 W. Taylor St. 312-226-3951)

Links Taproom (1559 N. Milwaukee Ave. 773-360-7692)

Mac’s Wood Grilled (1801 W. Division St. 773-782-4400)

The Ogden (1659 W. Ogden Ave. 312-226-1888)

Tuman’s Tap & Grill (2159 W. Chicago Ave. 773-782-1400)

WhirlyBall (1825 W. Webster Ave. 773-486-7777)

    Where to cheer on your team in Chicago during March Madness
    March Madness is here, Chicago. If you're looking for a place to cheer on your alma mater or catch a game with like-minded fans if your team didn't make the cut, we have you covered. Here's where to eat, drink and be surrounded by fellow fans.

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Mar 04

  • Permit issued for easy permit process

    miscellaneous brick replacement on the west wall at grade level only-(no structural work)- all work same as existing; subject to field inspections

    637 W. Fullerton Pkwy. Issued March 2, 2018 Comment

Feb 28

Updated Mar 03

Renting in Chicago: What will $1,800 get you?

2230 North Orchard St., #404 (Lincoln Park) Located at 2230 North Orchard St., here's a 1-bedroom, 1-bathroom apartment that's listed for $1,800/ month.

This article has 6 other Chicago locations (Show)

Inside 757 North Michigan Ave. | Photos: Zumper

221 E Cullerton St., #1027 (Near South Side) Listed at $1,800 / month, this 1-bedroom, 1-bathroom condo...

345 N LaSalle Dr., #703 (River North)

2800 North Orchard St., #310 (Lake View)

1615 North Winchester Ave., #3 (Wicker Park)

Fatal 8-vehicle crash closes intersection near Congress and Wells

    Renting in Chicago: What will $1,800 get you?
    Curious just how far your dollar goes in Chicago? We've rounded up the latest rental listings via rental site Zumper to get a sense of what to expect when it comes to finding housing in Chicago if you're on a budget of $1,800 / month. (Note: prices and availability are subject to change.)

  • funny; I used to live in that apartment on Winchester years and years ago. Pretty much the same except landlord added a dishwasher and did a sugar coat on the bathroom ... and raised then rent about 70% ;)

  • disclaimer at end of ABC7 'article' - "Hoodline offers data-driven analysis of local happenings and trends across cities. To make this work possible, we may include affiliate advertising links that earn us a commission in articles." - this is a paid AD, if EveryBlock is going to post such Advertising as a news article, should the disclaimer also to be posted?


    You can get more for less West of Kedzie by Humboldt Park! You will be surprised by what beautiful apartments are going for over here. Great neighbors welcome new people to move into a neighborhood that is getting better every day.

Mar 03

  • Permit issued for easy permit process

    replace drywall. flooring (wood/tile). replace plumbing fixtures- -(no structural work)- (NO ELECTRICAL WORK UNDER THIS PERMIT)- all work same as existing; subject to field inspections

    551 W. Fullerton Pkwy. Issued March 1, 2018 Comment
  • Permit issued for easy permit process


    2422 N. Orchard St. Issued March 1, 2018 Comment

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Mar 02

Mar 01

University of Chicago dorms among projects seeking city approval

The group will also consider a Lakefront Protection Ordinance application allowing a six-story, 35-unit development at 2317 N. Clark Street in Lincoln Park and a Planned Development application for a shopping center at 4635 W. Foster Avenue in Chicago’s North Mayfair neighborhood.

This article has 7 other Chicago locations (Show)

...University of Chicago to construct a 1,300-bed residence hall on the corner of Woodlawn Avenue and 61st Street is looking to take a key step forward this month. Known as the Woodlawn Residential...

Chicago City Clerk And elevation sketch of 1624 W. Division Street.

The Plan Commission will also vote on a nine-story apartment development at the corner of Sedgwick and Schiller in the Old Town neighborhood. Designed by Brininstool + Lynch, the transit-orientated plan would replace a vacant lot with 105 apartment units and 37 parking spaces.

Brininstool + Lynch 335 W. Schiller Street.

...Loop, the group will vote on a 10-story, 166-unit rental building proposed for 1220 W. Jackson Boulevard and a measure approving the conversion of the landmarked Church of the Epiphany into an...

...Church of the Epiphany into an event space. Meanwhile, a 21-story office tower at 360 N. Green Street from Sterling Bay and Gensler is back after being deferred at last month’s meeting...

The group will also consider a Lakefront Protection Ordinance application allowing a six-story, 35-unit development at 2317 N. Clark Street in Lincoln Park and a Planned Development application for a shopping center at 4635 W. Foster Avenue in Chicago’s North Mayfair neighborhood.

    University of Chicago dorms among projects seeking city approval
    A decade-long plan from the University of Chicago to construct a 1,300-bed residence hall on the corner of Woodlawn Avenue and 61st Street is looking to take a key step forward this month. Known as the Woodlawn Residential Commons, the multi-building complex is ready to seek approval from the City of Chicago ahead of a planned 2020 opening.

Feb 28

Feb 28

  • Permit issued for easy permit process

    Replace 3 windows at north elevation; replace drywall & tile; no structural work; all work same as existing; subject to field inspections

    548 W. Fullerton Pkwy. Issued February 26, 2018 Comment

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Feb 23


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